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Love it or leave it legacy.

The gas mileage is phenomenal. I love the different interior light color features also. The AWD feature is top notch for a sports car. I am able to drive past other 4 wheel drive vehicles in inclement weather with ease. The vehicle has more than enough cargo storage in the trunk region for trips. The seats are comfortable and the seat warmers are so relaxing. I supposedly have a function where I can set my screen saver with personal photos but I have been unsuccessful at this time still 2 years post purchase. I do wish the rear of the car had it is own air conditioning vents. It seems like my arm always freezes so the kids can be cool. The only other complaint I have is if the key is in the vehicle only the driver side door can be opened from the outside. It must be a safety feature but it makes it difficult if you are in a rush and forgot something. I have gone through a set of tires already and the car only has 40, 000 miles on it. My driver's side window also malfunctioned while under warranty. They didn't repair it stated it was just a button that sticks, unfortunately now it does make a noise when used.

- Krystal E

Safe and flawless legacy has it all.

My legacy has proven very comfortable on long trips and increasingly good gas mileage. I have had this vehicle for a year and a half and have had no issues and no need for repairs. Especially like the safety features including the warning if straying out of lane, automatically slowing me down if I get too close to the car in front of me, and very broad and clear back up camera. The heated seats are a great feature as they are instantly warm when turned on so that you have some comfort before the car warms up to desired temperature.

- Sally B

Great safety features gives me a confident feeling driving.

The steering is 'loose' meaning it wanders a bit. In addition I still have a problem using all the bells and whistles on the car. Trouble using the radio selection buttons. I love the automatic safety features such as blind spot notification, warning when too close to vehicle in front, or if vehicle in front moved forward and I didn't. Love automatic bright light function when on the highway.

- Sherry W

Love the spaciousness, the extra features and the all wheel drive.

I love my 2017 Subaru Legacy. It's quiet, great on gas and goes like a tank through the snow. Very spacious leg and head room and I find it comfortable to drive. I have had it for over 2 years with no mechanical issues or problems. My model is equipped with "eyesight" which if I purchased the car again, I wouldn't bother with that feature. Overall, a wonderful car that I am very happy with!

- Jennifer O

Top-line safety features.

I love the backup assist cameras and the blind spot protection. I also have starlink in case of emergencies. My car is very comfortable to drive/ride in and gets good gas mileage. I have bluetooth connectivity with my phone that works well. The customer service with Subaru is also excellent. I have no complaints and love my car!

- anna H

Lots of safety features Lots of tech Comfy Nice.

The Subaru Legacy we have has almost every kind of add on possible. It has the eyesight system which is a more advanced adaptive cruise control. It had blind spot monitoring systems. It has Bluetooth capability so you cannot take phone calls hands free. It has a steel bar frame around the cab which is just extra peace of mind.

- Travis G

2017 Subaru Legacy with winter package.

I have had no problems with my vehicle. It gets up to speed nicely and has really great performance for the size of engine. It is 100% reliable and I love the touch screen. There are controls on the steering wheel that make it easy to answer phone calls and change music easily. Overall I love my car and give it a 10/10.

- Danielle C

Helps you to drive safely.

No problems here. This car has all the bells and whistles and drives like a dream. I especially like the warnings I.E. Following too close or the vehicle ahead has moved. I also like the warning if I am drifting out of my lane. And of course the side view mirrors alert me of someone in my blind spot.

- Mary Ann H

Subaru legacy 2017 best car ever.

My Subaru legacy is the best car ever. It has great performance and features. As well it has great support for eyesight as I am blind in one eye. The seats are comfortable enough to drive over 10 hours and it is very great. The only downside is there is no front camera just back camera.

- Katherine W

All around fuel efficient, affordable vehicle with the right features.

It is amazingly comfortable. Efficient on gas. I appreciate all of the features. I love my sunroof. AWD makes it a great all weather vehicle. The trunk is bigger than expected and can hold a lot of items. Very sleek and modern look. Very dependable vehicle. Recommend it to anyone.

- Renee W

She does very well in the snow. She also drives mountains well.

I love my car, she is very nice. The AWD comes in handy where I live. She gets good gas mileage. I now wish I had gotten the one with more power, but only because I met and married a car guy since so I now know more of what makes a car fun. She is very reliable though

- Katherine S

Subaru legacy is very dependable and reliable vehicle in all weather.

I love my Subaru legacy. It is very reliable and dependable. I live in the snow belt and the all wheel drive has been great during all types of whether. I have had no problems with the snow! I also love the heated seats and dual settings of heating and cooling.

- Candace C

Subaru legacy what you might want to know.

It gets great gas mileage. It is comfortable to ride in whether in front or back seat. Plenty of trunk space. Eyesight is a great feature. The only thing we are not crazy about is the heater. It does not feel like it blows on feet like other cars have.

- Virginia P

The car gets great mileage and it does not feel as big as some other full sized sedans.

I love the look of the car. I was not even planning on purchasing this car. I was on my way to purchase another make and model and saw it on the lot and asked to drive it. Outside of the silly center radio touch screen, i love everything about it.

- carrie s

the safety features that are there to protect you and others if something should happen.

There are only good things to say about my car. The mileage is not the most fantastic but it is better than most. The safety awards that it has won make me feel that if there is a accident my chances are better than average to walk away.

- Dennis K

I love my Subaru Legacy and being a part of the Subaru family.

I like the reliability, safety, styling, and resale value. I know it will keep my family safe and has AWD, which helps with rain and snow. There are some minor sounds and wind noise that I could do without, but love the car overall.

- Eric M

It is great on gas and very dependable.

I like size, navi, safety features like stay in lane and eyesight. I like the cannon room and the roomy interior. I like that they added cup holders and storage for back seat. I dislike the pickup, I feel it could be a bit faster.

- Darby S

All wheel drive & great gas mileage

All wheel drive in Colorado where the roads get really slippery during the winter is great. It also has good gas mileage, which is said to be average of 29 but I'm getting 31 miles per gallon average (calculated by vehicle).

- James Y

Safety features are some of the best there are. Great family car

The safety features are great. Let's me know if I go out of my lane, when someone is in my blind spot, when a vehicle is a certain distance in front of me and will even stop itself before hitting something in front of me.

- Tami K

I love my Subaru! Great gas mileage!

I love my legacy. It drives like a dream. Feels like a sports car. It is very good on gas, uses very little. The interior is roomy even though it is a relatively small car. I think I will always buy a Subaru from now on!

- Deb D

The Subaru Legacy is extremely reliable. It Gets You Through the snow easily too. It's fun to drive and gets you where you need to go

I love my Subaru Legacy. It is extremely reliable. We have owned Subarus for the past 23 years. This was my fourth one and I trade it in a 1995 for it. They are durable, reliable, fun to drive and great in the snow.

- Liz T

The thing others should know about my car is it/s small & has power.

My vehicle is very spacious and looks very luxurious. I do not like the Audio system in the vehicle, the pandora app has a lot of issues. My back up camera is also not the best, I have problems with it turning off.

- Gabrielle M

needs more advancements like side mirror sensors and beeping on the backup camera

I don't think i have had it all seasons enough to really rte it but it runs great and smooth takes corners great, gas is awesome! does great in rain unlike my caliber. Waiting to see how it gets me through winter

- Samantha S

That it is super smart for a reasonable price, this is hard to come by!

I love how it drives in the snow! I love how smart it is, so much technology built into it. Only thing I don't like is that takes forever to go into drive after being in reverse, there is a big hesitation.

- Teri S

The eyesight system advantages with the lane departure feature and adaptive cruise control.

I like the comfortable seats, rides well, the eyesight system is great. It gets very good gas mileage with enough power to perform when needed. The only thing I would change is to increase the tire size.

- Dennis M

that it has lots of new technology that makes it safer

I love the adaptive cruise control in the car, I also like the lights in the mirror that tell you if someone is in your blind spot. i only thing i don't like is the trunk is smaller than i am used to

- matt b

Top rated for safety features, such as eyesight, lane change detection and backup camera

I am in love with my Subaru Legacy. It has top rated safety features such as eye sight, which helps detect cars around me and slow me down or prevent me from switching a lane if a car is detected.

- Stacy S

Subaru makes wonderful cars.

It's a great car, efficient, a bit sporty, but also very utilitarian. I wish I'd gotten the 3.6 6 instead of the 2.5 4, but at the time we were a bit short on money so I took the cheaper option.

- Ray B

That my car is fast and fun to drive.

I love the smooth ride and the all wheel drive. It is roomy for 5 people and make longer trips to the mountains enjoyable. I haven't found anything I truly dislike about this vehicle.

- David A

For it is age and mileage couldn't beat the cost.

I like the gas mileage, drive is quiet and smooth and the fold down seat makes it very roomy.... Do not like that I have to open the trunk to pull the lever to put seats down.

- Denise E

Great gas mileage. Takes on slick winter conditions with ease.

My car handles very well in all weather and has great gas mileage. My only complaint is that the driver's seat is a little uncomfortable on my back after long drives.

- Cynthia M

It is the best car money can buy.

I love everything about my Legacy. It has all the safety features I need as the smart technologies that I love. It's a comfortable ride with a very roomy interior.

- Diahn W

Love my first Subaru. It was a great but

Great car. My daily driver. I love all of the features included. Not thrilled with the maintenance cost. Touch screen and voice interaction with apple built in.

- Jason T

Great gas mileage, very little power. Getting uphill can be embarrassing sometimes.

Looks great. Has a lot of features. However, it does not have good acceleration or power. I might get something with a v6 next time. Or a powerful electric car.

- Justin B

It is safe and reliable but still comfortable and fun to drive.

I like that it is all wheel drive but still a sedan. I like that it has a big screen for the radio. I like that it had heated seats and a backup camera.

- Coby B

It will stop the vehicle so it won't hit something. Has beeper that lets you know when you get out of your driving lane.

I like the safety features, I like the way it drives and I like the gas mileage it gets. The main thing I dislike about it is how small it is inside.

- Margaret H

That it has great safety features

It's a family sedan but has good speed and pickup. Has great safety features including automatic braking. Nice exterior and interior. No complaints.

- Mike E

Awd is the best feature and my air conditioning is like a tundra.

I love the rear back up camera. I like the Bluetooth. I love the all wheel drive because i live in a back roads area and need it for the winter time.

- Vanessa P

It pretty much drives itself, when put on cruise control.

I love that it's easy to navigate And the gps. One thing I don't like is that it's small(my last several vehicles were suv's. I love the sleek look.

- Thelma R

Has a high safety rating.

Has a luxury feel though not as pricey as the others. Is AWD so gets me through the snow and bad weather. Has a lot of the latest technology.

- Cynthia P

It has a a lot of safety and technological features.

I enjoy the safety features and size. I also enjoy the technological features. The navigation system is horrible and routinely gets me lost.

- steve T

The safety features are great!

I like the safety features that are included in my Subaru. The rear view camera is very helpful. It has a good ride and gets good mileage.

- Denise R

It's affordable luxury - it's a high-quality vehicle at an affordable price point.

Zero complaints, I love this car. It's beautiful and very comfortable and spacious. The NAV works well, and the car drives very smoothly.

- Melissa M

It is reliable. Because of Subaru's reputation, Im very comfortable going on long trips and not worrying if something is going to happen

I love the pick up my subaru has. It's comfortable, reliable, and spacious, however, I wish the gas mileage was better. I average 30 mpg.

- Angela J

Amazing family car! Has plenty room, comfy, and rides smooth.

Love it! Has heated seats. Get great gas mileage. The only thing I really don't like is the lock dont automatically lock when I drive.

- Jessie M

It is a great quality car with good safety.

I like that it is safe. I like that it is reliable. I do not like that it I spot fast. Finally, I do like that it gets good mileage.

- Andrew D

The one thing that others should know about my car is that it is amazing!

I like the reliability and durability of the Subaru products. This is my third Subaru. Living in the midwest I love the AWD feature.

- Linda P

Excellent performance, mileage.

The car handles well, gas mileage is good, the dealership addresses all points when service is due, plus reminds me when needed.

- Laurie K

It is very roomy and a great family car.

I like the room that I have. I can easily pack all the stuff I need to go on vacation. There is really nothing that I dislike.

- Matt A

All the awesome safety features

great AWD vehicle with excellent fuel economy and just the right amount of pep. Also has a roomy interior and spacious trunk

- Eric T

That 4 wheel drive is standard, which is amazing in the winter.

I love all of the included safety features, especially the lane assist and backup camera. Nothing I dislike about this car!.

- Laura L

Great safety features with ethn Eyesight system.

Love it. Great safety features. Very comfortable to drive. No issues with it, so feel it is very reliable. Lots of room.

- Donn J

The best part about the car is the safety features.

I like the safety features, my car has eyesight. Also I like that there is lots of legroom and all wheel drive for winter.

- Elizabeth M

It is top rated for safety.

I like that it has all-wheel drive and safety features that prevent accidents by using cameras to detect other vehicles.

- Cindy w

Drives great and is reliable. Smooth driving on any terrain with the AWD

Great car with a smooth drive v I would recommend it to anyone. Handling is great, stereo is good and over all great car

- Christopher L

Safety is one of the most important things I like about my car.

I don't have any complaints about my vehicle. I love how it drives in the snow. It is very reliable and comfortable.

- Ariel O

Reliable, excellent, safe.

Subaru legacy is a wonderful, great, and excellent car. Safety features are the best. Very reliable and functional

- Hooi B

Adaptive Cruise Control makes commuting so much easier.

Handles great. Comfortable seats. Has adaptive cruise control which is a feature I won't be able to live without.

- Jacob C

Back up camera is the best feature due to the fact it gives you warnings when a car or person is near.

All the safety features on the car. This is my 3rd Subaru. I don't have any complaints about my Subaru Legacy.

- June C

This car handles well and gets good gas mileage. You will love driving this car

Handles well. Big trunk. Front end is low so that is a drawback. Spacious back seat. rear view mirror is nice

- Sue C

The safe feeling you have driving it. Just know that the car will keep you safe

I love how good it is with gas and all the safety features what I don't like is the manual option for driving

- Nancy A

It is comfortable for long drives and has many features.

I dislike the mileage on my vehicle. It has adequate space. I wish it could go longer without an oil change.

- Malik W

Very comfortable and handles great in the snow. Also a very sturdy car.

It's very comfortable and very sturdy. I'm pretty sure it would hold up better than others in an accident!

- Melanie A

It is super safe, it lets me know when a car is moving in front of next to me or whether I am going over the line.

I speed and the i-sight that is on it.love the color, the back up camera and the monitor that shows the

- Beverley S

Safety features and add ons.

I love the durability and reliability of the brand Subaru. The safety features are a huge plus for me.

- Tiffany S

It's great for rough weather.

I like that it is all wheel drive and really holds the road. There is not anything I dislike about it.

- Janice S

Subaru Legacy feels very safe and it holds the road.

The vehicle is not comfortable to drive. The vehicle feels very safe. The radio reception is terrible.

- Sue S

Safety and great ride. Handles great and is very comfortable

Great vehicle....wonderful in the snow, no mechanical problems. Safe, reliable and very comfortable

- Mary D

It is paid off. It is ta very comfortable ride.

I have only had the vehicle for a few months. I love the safety features. I love the way it drives.

- Nina P

It's the perfect car. Good gas mileage too.

I love Subaru. I love how the car handles. I love the look of the car. I will only buy a Subaru

- Heather G

Good gas mileage for an AWD car

Great gas mileage for an AWD. Love the eyesight feature. Dislike the depreciation in value.

- Jennifer B

Has rear view camera to view when backing up

Good on mileage and very comfortable riding inside. Easy to park for mid sedan vehicle.

- Paul R

The vehicle has great value for the price. The vehicle seems very well made and have had no mechanical issues with it.

Holds the road in all weather. It is very dependable. It gets very good gas mileage.

- Jeffrey S

AWD rocks. You should drive this in the winter. This car gets us anywhere in bad weather.

I love the AWD. It is a totally reliable car and great in snow. Good dealership too.

- John A

It is a very safe car. It has alerts to let you know when you are not in your lane. It also brakes if a car is too close in front of you

I like how it feels like a luxury car but costs much less. It is also very safe

- Jennifer R

It is very, very comfortable and solid- drives like a much more expensive luxury vehicle

It is very comfortable, has all the gimmicks we wanted and gets great mileage

- Cliff F

it is the safest option when it comes to a reliable car.

i like the fact it is safe. i like that it is gray. i like that it is cool.

- andrew d

It is a good brand that will last for years

Like that it is reliable, gets good gas mileage and a smooth quiet ride.

- Justin Y

Lot of safety features. Good gas mileage. Stylish. Good. Aloe and dependable, even in bad weather. No complaints.

Very safe and reliable. Good gas mileage. Great value for the money.

- Donna P

dependable automobile, makes you feel safe, winter driving is not an issue

smooth ride, sleek look, dependable, good in winter, good gas mileage

- Lori S

safety equipments, gas mileage and how it works. what's the advantages and disadvantages of the model car

like the safety features, the design and style and how engine works

- mary c

it is all wheel drive and it is awesome in the snow

i love my subaru. it is great in the snow . it has great features.

- jim V

Subaru Legacy fits me like a glove. It handles great and the navigation system is extremely helpful.

I love the way it handles and rides and all the navigation system

- Toni G

There is plenty of of room in the vehicle and in the trunk. The car handles well in rain and snow. Wish is it get a little better gas mileage.

I will be buying another Legacy because it's a quality car.

- Sam W

Great car--have had Subarus over 40 years--dependable

Love Subarus for over 40 years--no complaints--great car

- J D

my car is reliable. It is very comfortable to drive & I feel safe being in it.

good pick up reliable nice looking car good reputation

- joanne b

Good crash/safety rankings. Good safety features. Well made.

Great in snow. Good safety features. Good gas mileage.

- Mark A

a lot of safety features and very smooth riding car

great smooth ride; fun to drive; feel safe driving it

- dia m

low maintenance very low cost

good fuel economy great in snow great in all weather

- joe S

all wheel drive, attractive and fuel conscious car. not ideal for a long drives but will do the job if need it.

night noise inside, low overhead for passenger doors

- max s

Great In Winter. One of the safest cars you will ever own. Rides like a Cadillac.

Features. Safety. Smooth Ride. All Wheel Drive.

- David B

this car is unique and the car you can trust

Good and modern car, I feel safe in this car.

- frank O

it feels very safe and handles very well

it is safe, has good pickup and looks sharp

- dave B