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Even with a few minor issues, I would still rate my 2015 Subaru Legacy a 4.8/5.

I love this car. It's very spacious inside and has anything you could ask for including: heated seats, touch screen, sunroof/moonroof, large trunk, backup camera etc. One issue I've run into is that during the winter, the door to my gas cap tends to freeze shut. It's very frustrating and I usually have to pry it open and use wd40 on it. I'm sure there are great products out there to help with this issue though. Besides that, it's not the best at taking really sharp turns. You also still have to make sure you have decent snow tires in the winter if you live where it snows, the all wheel drive is nice but not enough for a safe/smooth ride in the ice. Out of 5, I would rate this car a 4.8. Subaru's are made to last for a long time and I plan to hold onto it for quite awhile, there's nothing else I could really ask for in a vehicle. Very sharp looking, the blind spots aren't bad either. The windshield and window defroster works very fast, so it's definitely great to have during rain/fog or snow.

- Sara F

Best car I have driven to date.

My Subaru legacy was the very first brand of vehicle that I bought. At first I was very hesitant, as I had never driven a Subaru before. But the minute I got behind a vehicle I was in love. It is got great get up and go, it is got that tight, well put together feel. We bought the car in 2014 and have not had one problem with it. The only thing that I would say negative, is the cloth seats. I never again will buy cloth seats. Especially not in a light color. They stain easy- just from the color of my jeans. Other than that, once this car is done being paid for, we will be purchasing another Subaru and giving out and the old one.

- Naomi M

Smooth riding, gas saving, eyesight and adaptive cruise control.

This is my first sedan since college and I'm in my 40s. I was apprehensive about not purchasing another SUV but had heard good things about a Subaru and loved the looks of the Legacy. 5 years and 130,000 miles later, we have yet to do anything but routine maintenance. Reliability is only one of the best selling features. My Subaru has eyesight and adaptive cruise control. It truly feels like the car is almost driving itself at times. My only complaint is there is quite a bit of road noise.

- Matthew S

The car full of gadgets and gizmos

I really enjoy driving the Legacy. When driving it k feel very safe and the car has a nice sturdy feeling. There are a lot of added functions like the sensors and driving assistance. My only problem with the car is that sometimes the driving assistance tools malfunction and it's a bit tricky to find out what's wrong on your own. Sometimes it goes away but other times it stops working and I have to take it to the shop. This does not happen often at all so it is not much of a problem.

- Michelle M

2015 Subaru Legacy quirks and driving performance

I absolutely love my Subaru Legacy. I've had no problems driving it through tough rain and snow conditions. The driving performance is great. One thing that bothers me is that the back defrost leaves about 4-5' undefrosted at the top. Also the radio only syncs with the song listed if it's an apple connection (e.g. iTunes or Apple Music); it does not sync the changing songs to Pandora or iTunes. The Bluetooth connection is sometimes spotty and has a rattling sound on the other end.

- Rebecca B

Subaru legacy lives up to the name.

My vehicle is wonderful, I have no issues with it whatsoever. It is great in all conditions and it is incredibly comfortable to drive. I love taking it on road trips. I also feel incredibly safe in my vehicle. I would say that the only problem I have experienced is my tire pressure is often said to be low because of the computers in the tires, but it is only down by 1 psi, luckily the car does not beep or ding to remind you constantly so it really is not much of a bother.

- A P

It's somewhat beefy, but powerful.

The Legacy is a great car. It has a lot of power and speed and is fun to drive. The only complaint I have is that through the dealership fixed all defects (there have been 4), they tried weaseling around it and would return the car with missing bolts and untouched (same dust, no fingerprints). I was still under warranty when I decided to stop going for the included lifetime oil changes and maintenance because there is only one Subaru dealership in town.

- Britani H

Basic car with no extra charm.

A great car for driving in the snow and on the ice. Handles well without a lot of slippage. The problems with this car is blinker, lights, paddle shifters are not lit so you cannot see anything at night. This drives me crazy. When you use the button on the key to open the trunk, most of the time the trunk does not pop open. Rear defroster is constantly breaking. Water drips from the trunk and drips over the camera. So you cannot backup clearly.

- Joy M

Subaru legacy 2015, mostly pros, few cons.

The 2015 Subaru legacy is a great vehicle. It handles very smoothly, the shock absorbers cannot handle big potholes, but that is not usually that big of an issue. The exterior looks super; we get a lot of compliments about the legacy. The interior is comfortable. The back up camera has saved us from accidents several times. We wish there was a built-in GPS & a front camera. Also, the lane-change warning thing would be nice, too.

- Diane C

Comfortable and stylish large sedan built for being on the road.

The legacy has been a dependable vehicle and I have enjoyed owning it. It is a larger sedan which makes it great for shopping needs. It is very comfortable to drive and it has a lot of a features that I enjoy like heated seats and Bluetooth. I have had minimal problems with it mechanically. The only downside to the car is our expanding family - I believe we will need a van or SUV in the future. I do love this car though.

- Sarah C

Love my Subaru legacy and you will too.

This vehicle is amazing. Spacious and has many great features. Good for a family, has great cargo room and rides smooth on the highway. The AWD is amazing in the winter - love it! I have the limited that has read cam, lane departure alert, and lets you set your cruise and adjusts to the people ahead of you. Also has auto braking, to prevent crash - this is a feature that is nice but yet can get a little knit picky.

- Beth N

The love and adventures of a Legacy

I have only had the vehicle for 3 months. I am the second owner with vehicle purchased at 72,000 miles. Having put 18,000 miles on in my 3 months, I love this car. Easy to maintain, comfortable, and good mileage for being an AWD. The technology offered on this mid trim is impressive. I do wish I had navigation but I can do without. I have Bluetooth and all the other necessities

- Chris S

My Subaru legacy is the best!

I love my Subaru legacy! It is my second one and when it is time for me to get a new car, I will probably get another. The car is extremely safe, drives well in all conditions and looks great. I have received so many compliments on the car. It is small enough to park wherever I want but large enough to accommodate five people comfortably with a huge trunk for lots of shopping!

- Jeanne S

Affordable and reliable what every car buyer needs.

I love our Subaru Legacy from the year 2015 it is spacious, fuel efficient, and has plenty of airbags. It is perfect for families. The technology is high class for being a great price. Affordable and reliable what every car buyer needs. I love how even the trunk space is also spacious even the trunk door has an emergency release in case of rare but possible entrapment.

- Jessica M

All-wheel drive under 25 mph and automatically engaged all-wheel drive in slick conditions. Very safe!

The Subaru Legacy really is a great car that fits my needs perfectly. I have not had any problems with it after a year of driving it. I have taken it on multiple road trips and it has never let me down! It is comfortable, steady and controllable, and it has pretty good gas mileage as well! It's really a terrific car, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

- Jordan S

AWD AND good gas mileage to boot

The car gets great gas mileage, 33+/gallon and handles like a dream because of the all wheel drive. Electronic parking brake is the only ding since it quit working and the fix is over $800 to fix. Subaru is known to last a long time and retain much of its' value. I have owned five other Subarus in various models and will continue to do so if at all possible.

- Roger I

Great car! Everyone should own a Subaru!

The Legacy is a smooth and comfortable vehicle. The responsiveness and handling are phenomenal. I feel one hundred percent safe on the road. The options available are useful, not just luxuries. The fuel efficiency is superb! I have not had any negative experiences with this car. I recommend this car to anyone in the market for a new or previously owned car.

- David C

Great Subaru legacy for our family.

The Subaru legacy is a great car. It rides smooth and handles great. It is very reliable and we have not had any mechanical problems. The car is very nice looking. It gets great gas mileage. This four cylinder has enough power. The price of this car was well worth it. With rebates and discounts that the dealer was offering at the time.

- Jacqueline N

Roomy Interior yet powerful engine with sporty exterior and insane reliability

I love almost everything about my car. It has a spacious interior and is very reliable. One complaint is that it does not have automatic locking doors when the vehicle is put into drive. The auto start does not always work perfectly and the engine turns off when the door is opened. It would be better if the engine remained on.

- Angela B

Comfortable, Affordable, Attractive

the Subaru Legacy is the perfect family car. it's comfortable, has great gas mileage, a million plus safety features, and a great modern look. If I could go back and buy a different car for the same price, I wouldn't. I Subaru as a brand and everything that they stand for, and their model of legacy is the perfect fit to my needs

- morgan W

Highly recommend, I love my Subaru and all it is features.

I absolutely love this vehicle. It is dependable, spacious, and has a lot of features for extra comfort. I love the backup camera on this car, it adds ease to backing into and out of parking spots. I have only had to have routine maintenance done on this vehicle, I am very happy with the soundness Subaru vehicles have to offer.

- Mercedes I

Great reliable vehicle with luxury style to the car

My Subaru Legacy is by far the best and most favorite car I've owned and drove. Rides smooth even when picking up speed and is very reliable on gas. My favorite features of the vehicle I would have to say is the navigation system and the rear view camera. I've had the car for over a year and It's yet to give me any problems.

- Andres G

It's a great car with better gas mileage than one would expect!

I love that it is AWD and roomy. The trunk is nice and big plus there is lots of room inside. I am not a fan of the windshield wipers as they stop at a weird spot on the driver side. I also don't like the column on the side of the windshield for the drivers side as it makes a strange blindspot that can be a bit of a pain

- Ashlee M

Thanks to the all wheel drive, it sticks to the road really well.

I love my Subaru legacy! It handles really well, has good pep, and it never lets me down. The seat warmers are awesome. The only thing I do not like so much is the defogger--it often struggles to really clear up the inside of the windshield, especially in very rainy situations. Otherwise, it is a great vehicle.

- Roman F

The Subaru Legacy is reliable, comfortable and stylish.

It's extremely comfortable. I really enjoy the interface for the cruise control. The ability to connect my phone via wifi is great. It has a very smooth ride and I enjoy the 6-cylinder power and ability to accelerate quickly. The rear window defroster is fairly slow compared to the 2000 model I had previously.

- Daniel G

Perfect in the snow and rain.

I bought the car based on it is reputation of being safe and doing well in cold weather and snow. It has been perfect. I can easily continue driving when it is cold snow and ice when other cars are stuck in the same conditions. Loved it so much when we needed a second car we went back to the same dealership.

- Holly C

Subaru Legacy can handle just about anything!

My Legacy is an extremely safe car that can handle all the road elements. I have taken it in the desert, through rain storms and over the mountains in white-out conditions. Every single situation it has proven to be a top notch, safe and reliable vehicle. This is my first Subaru but will not be my last.

- Nistassa T

The Subaru legacy is reliable and durable.

Sometimes has trouble starting, music quality and radio are not great. On the positive side, it is smooth and drives very well in the snow. My version of it is not the limited so its does not have a sunroof or leather seats. For my next car I will be getting the limited version of the Subaru legacy.

- Kelsey S

Trustworthy and comfortable.

Very reliable, great in snow because it has 4 wheel drive; however makes it worse on gas mileage, has a large amount of trunk space for a car, very comfortable on the inside with heated seats, backup camera, and touch screen, Bluetooth, takes a higher quality oil so oil changes cost slightly more.


Really great in the snow and has a smooth drive.

Love the car. Has great pickup. Smooth ride. Comfortable seating. All wheel drive. Is not so good on gas mileage because it has a big engine and big wheels. It has blind detector lights and backup warning, navigation and CD player. Beautiful leather seats; high quality leather. It is a great car.

- Marilyn H

Reliable, comfortable and great on gas.

This is a very reliable car. I drove it 75+ miles each way to work, 3x/week for 10 months and never gave a thought to whether it would start or break down. It is got a very comfortable ride and is good on gas. The interior is comfortable, but not luxurious. I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

- Amy B

Subaru good car. Seat moves very easy.

My son shares his car with me he is over 6 feet and I am 5 feet. The seat is very easy to move so we are both comfortable when driving. I like the backing up screen very handy. The back can easily take 3 of my grandkids when we go out. I can not think of anything I do not like in or on the car.

- Diane M

A reliable car.

This is one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned. I can literally go anywhere rain, snow whatever. We have drove over 1000 miles and the room and comfortable is amazing. I wouldn't mind upgrading to be able to have the newest safety features, and maybe a sudden model to have more room.

- Tina W

Great gas mileage. High safety. And great road trip vehicle.

I am a current college student and in the national guard. This car gets great gas mileage which is nice. It is also what I would consider a good first car. As it is a Subaru it has a high crash safety rating. It is a good road trip car as well. Plenty of cabin space and a huge truck for bags.

- Spencer W

Subaru Legacy - all around great car.

In the four years since we bought the car, there's been almost no maintenance needed outside of the routine. It's more than comfortable to drive long distances. Having the adaptive cruise control is a lifesaver in city traffic. Driving in snow is nothing as the all wheel drive is amazing

- Cord L

Subaru Legacy for the win.

I love this car so much. It has so much space and looks amazing. I love the 4 wheel drive, which makes it feel very safe. The overall look is what got me to buy, as well as all of the great features. Hands down, I like the touch screen and rear-view camera, it really comes in handy.

- Shelly W

Reliable and great on gas.

Gas mileage is incredible, and it handles well in the snow and ice which is important for the long winters where I live. Well designed in terms of consoles and layout. Have yet to have any problems with it that I need to visit a garage for an I have had it for a year and a half.

- Katie O

Sporty reliable family car.

Very reliable, smooth riding, comfortable seating, trunk space is big enough for stroller, I love the seat warmers, built in GPS, sunroof, and Bluetooth connection capability. Sleek, sporty exterior is a plus. I am able to use it as a commuter car as well as the family car.

- Lori M

I wish I picked something else.

I do not like the drive of the car. Sometimes the car does not start, and I need to wait about 10 minutes for it to do anything. Seats are not the best for comfort. I only like the sound of the speakers, but sometimes that crackle. Not very good on gas either.

- J L

Safety features and gas mileage.

My Subaru is an amazing vehicle. It is dependable, it has a high safety rating, it gets great gas mileage, it is comfortable, it has a good number of safety feature, and it looks good. I depend on my. Vehicle and it is perfect. I would 100% by another Subaru.

- A M

Performance of a Subaru!!

No problems. Car handles better than any car I have ever driven. The interior features are great. From music to the navigation. Car is comfortable, has heated seats, moonroof and even heated windshield wipers. I couldn't ask for anything more. Awesome Subaru.

- Mike M

Fuel efficient Subaru Legacy

I couldn't say enough great things about my Legacy. Not only is it super fuel efficient but it has given me zero issues since I bought it a year ago. It's sporty and really fun and easy to drive. I recommend it to anyone looking to buy a all wheel drive car.

- Ari G

I feel really safe when driving my vehicle.

Love the fact that it is a all wheel drive, has INSight technology and fuels efficiency is fantastic. Not completely satisfied with navigation system, voice command function, basically most of the bells and whistles technology is a little sub par.

- John M

The outstanding safety features in this vehicle are not only great for you, but also your most precious cargo.

The safety features in this vehicle are outstanding. It's a total mom vehicle with plenty of room for two car seats. I love the adaptive cruise control. I do wish the car had a bigger trunk where I could take a double stroller with me.

- Kimberly A

It's good in the snow and on icy roads.

we used to have an Outback, which i liked better. I like that the sedan gets better gas mileage, but the hatchback in the outback was more convenient. sometimes I feel like the seats are uncomfortable, especially on a longer trip.

- Karen R

Subaru's hold their value very well.

There is nothing I do not like about my vehicle. I love that it is all wheel drive and is great for the winter time. It is also very spacious, and still gets great gas mileage. It is a cute car and full of upgrades at a low cost.

- Kiley S

That you get a lot of car for your money. If really has good pick up.

Very reliable car. Low maintenance and reasonable gas mileage. Although I had originally planned to by a hybrid for more gas efficiency, the excellent pricing of this care made if difficult to resist. I'm glad I choose this car.

- George B

It is very low maintenance, mostly routine, though not inexpensive to repair.

Reliability, looks/styling, gas mileage, low maintenance,. Comfortable, so much fun to drive and very nimble in traffic. The sound system is excellent for most anything I listen to. I do not dislike anything about this car.

- Tracey T

Four wheel drive and very reliable.

It has a very spacious interior design and drives smoothly. At times it feels like the engine is not as strong as how I would like it to be. I feel like the Subaru legacy is also good on fuel and it lasts a good 2 weeks.

- Mary X

The tires that came with it lasted me over 70, 000 miles.

The vehicle has been great overall. Major problem I have is it is loud. Some people driving in the passenger seat ask me if there is something wrong but I had it checked out and nobody seems to find the problem.

- Maria M

Nice car, runs well and dependable.

I'm a rather young driver so the camera feature and indications of incoming cars very much helps me feel at ease. Runs well and is a dependable car. Roomy in the back despite its size and comfortable to drive.

- Rati P

It is a good size, easy to handle, and it is a Subaru.

I like the size, the back up mirror, the sun roof and adjustable seat. I do not like that the adjustable seat does not adjust up and that the trunk really does not have a place to put my hand to lift it.

- Margaret T

it has all wheel drive that is great in all types of weather condition.

I love the all four wheel drive. It drives smoothly. Great mileage and fuel efficiency. My only dislike with the car is that it attracts dumb people to ding, scratch, and bang on the exterior of my car.

- oanh n

It gets great gas mileage.

I like that it gets great mileage. It sits a little too low to the ground since I had surgery so it is a little hard getting in and out of the car. I like the backup camera but wish it had a GPS also.

- Vickie F

Driveable and Reliable in Winter

The ride is nice and smooth. The biggest thing about the car that is important to me is the reliability and driveability in the snow. I know it will get me through snow and ice without much trouble.

- Sarah H

It's a very safe and reliable car, I feel very secure driving it.

I love how it drives, it's very smooth. I also love that it's all wheel drive so its makes me feel safe driving in bad weather. I would ideally like more trunk space. I also miss having a sunroof.

- Marg D

The all wheel drive is my favorite thing about this car.

This is a company car that I have. It is all wheel drive and gets around very well in the snow. I have not had any problems with it a all. I keep up with the oil changes and other maintenance.

- Dana C

Very reliable vehicle! Just keep up on regular maintenance

Our Subaru Legacy 2015 has been a very reliable vehicle. We have not had any issues. We are sure to provide regular maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations! Highly recommend this car

- Laura L

It has radar to let you know if there's a vehicle in your blind spot. I find this very helpful. I also love the backup camera.

I love the safety features of my car and the all wheel drive for wet and snowy conditions. I did have some minor problems such as the gas tank flap broke and the battery died unexpectedly.

- Art S

While it's a nice car, oil issues seems to be problem.

It's a nice riding car, however, there have been problems. They eyesight goes out all the time. The oil isn't supposed to be changed until every 6,000 miles but always have to put some in

- Brian B

It has all the eyesight buttons on it to help with blind spots and driving.

Just got my car a few months ago, upgraded. It is very comfortable, and the AWD is very smooth. Easy to control, love the options it comes with. Cannot wait to see how it does in the snow.

- Valerie J

Safety feature electronic eyes.

My car is very comfortable driving long distance. I have electronic eyes. It tells me if I am going out of my lane. How close cars are in front of me and slow the car down if needed.

- Darlene T

Great Vehicle! Although some minor issues.

It's a very reliable vehicle. That being said, it's battery is quite weak and if you run the air conditioning while on idle for a while the battery might die on your next turn over.

- Benjamin B

Quiet ride, great in the snow, dependable

Great to drive, long lasting car with minimal problems, quiet ride, tight steering, i have owned Subaru for 15 yrs and in the Northeast, you can't beat it in the snow.

- John C

It's got top safety ratings. You can drive feeling comfortable that in an emergency situation, you have a good car.

Love how I feel safe driving it. It is roomy inside for a Sudan. Runs smooth and has Ample trunk space. The manufacturer tires are horrible though, easily exploding.

- Steph A

The all wheel drive is absolutely worth it.

I love the all wheel drive. I feel incredibly safe in my car. I have the navigation system which is great. The screen is one of the best looking ones I have seen.

- Amber B

The most important thing about my car is the safety features that are included.

I love the safety features that are included in the vehicle. The car gets great gas mileage. I love the color and the interior design of the Subaru Legacy.

- David B

It is handles well in snow.

I like that it is all wheel drive and handles well in snow. I dislike that temperature changes seem to cause the front windshield to develop small cracks.

- Marcy B

There are children in the car. It is my first new car

Body of car and how it is put together very poorly manufactured entire bumper was held on by a plastic tab one side breaks have to replace entire bumper.

- Kerry W

Subaru for Long Lasting Enjoyment

I've had my car for 3 years and it runs well, has never given me problems and as long as you keep on on maintenance, should last you a good long time.

- Alisa C

Roomy, quick, handles great in the snow and it look pretty.

My only dislike would be that I can not charge my phone while my car is off, and I can't roll the windows up once the car is turned off as well.

- Dayna W

The way it handles in bad weather and the maintenance is pretty limited on monthly checks and the oil changes are every 6 thousand miles

Love the car the seats could be a little more comfortable the leather is kinda hard and not enough lumbar support other then that i love the car

- Karen G

Excellent family car with great gas mileage and AWD for the snowy months.

LOVE the great gas mileage, roomy interior, comfortable, huge trunk. Only dislike is the clearance on it. My next vehicle will be a bit taller.

- Cheri C

All the safety features it has.

I love the safety features. I love the look of this car. I love how it is all wheel drive and goes great in the snow. No dislikes come to mind.

- Taylor R

A sedan that has AWD without having to pay the luxury premium.

A fun and agile car to drive. Clean interior, seats (mostly headrest) could be a bit softer. Incredible gas mileage, but at the cost of power.

- Eric J

Love my car. It is comfortable.

I see no problems with it. The car is very comfortable to drive. I love the backup camera. All the ability to plug in phone and other stuff.

- Diane M

Handles better than any car I have ever driven.

Very comfortable. Driving it handles very well. No performance or reliability issues. Features are great, especially blind spot detection.

- Mike M

Reliable and safe car rated #3 in Consumer Reports

I like blind spot warning even though it is not perfect. Automatic distance adjustment from front vehicle in cruise control is very good.

- Atsuko D

Safety features are most important. I like to know what all my alarms mean and to know that the car has high safety ratings.

I enjoy my Subaru. It is very reliable and safe. I never have problems with it and it is easy to understand when it needs new oil/gas/etc

- Rachel D

It is dependable. I have had very little mechanical issues with it.

It has a nice smooth ride. It does well in the snow. It is a little big for me, as I prefer a smaller vehicle. Not really any complaints.

- Michelle K

Her name is Betty and she is like an old lady.

I like it because it is a Subaru. It is reliable and gets good gas mileage. I dislike it because of the color and the interior is dirty.

- Ashley F

I seem to get a lot of miles for the gas used. Handles good in bad weather.

I am comfortable driving it, it has a smooth ride. It is not a gas guzzler. The trunk is roomer. It has been low cost for maintenance.

- Carole M

Many safety features and good in snow.

The color is pearl, not white like I wanted. I like the blind spot alert feature. Remote starter only works when up close to vehicle.

- Toni W

Very dependable, good fuel for economy, safety.

Like: good fuel economy, comfortable, safe, and navigation system.... Dislike: visibility could be better, there are blind spots.

- Barb S

It is one of the safest cars out there, in my opinion!

It is a very smooth drive, and the safety features are extremely helpful. The eyesight is great to have, as is the backup camera.

- Jill B

Safety and gas mileage got long distance driving.

I have had no problems. Great gas mileage, looks great, comfortable, drives well, great in the snow and a great safety rating.

- Sydney M

The multiple safety features.

I like the eyesight safety option. The backup camera is very useful. Lane and blind spot detectors are great safety features.

- Melissa L



- pauline c

I live in a place where I have to have 4 wheel drive. My legacy is a car that gives me the 4 wheel drive capabilities of an SUV, but has great gas mileage. I love it.

It's really just a car, but I still love it. I put a lot of miles on it but it still runs great and is super reliable.

- Julia B

Subaru Love. All round great model

The Legacy is a great car model, excellent handling, no performance issues. Only defect I've had is a gas door issue.

- Elvia G

Safe vehicle, good repair history.

Like the performance in snow, good gas mileage, comfortable. Seats. Dislike the dashboard controls, light interior.

- Mary Y

Like all Subarus, the Legacy is among the highest-ranked cars in its class: reliable, safe, and fun to drive.

The AWD makes driving so much easier. It's reliable and durable. I think my next Subaru will be a smaller Forester.

- Dennis N

All wheel drive and goes great in the snow.

Good quality car. Subaru’s are reliable and last forever. They require low maintenance and are affordable.

- Melinda M

The car is reliable and very comfortable. It has very good gas mileage.

This car is comfortable and reliable. It is attractive and easy to maintain. It allows too much road noise.

- Larry B

The Subaru Legacy is great car

It's a great car. It gets great gas mileage. The maintenance costs are very low. It's extremely reliable

- Justin P

Excellent safety features with a very modern design.

The vehicle has excellent safety features. The response is very good. The reliability is also very good.

- Ed C

it's a car. it's got headlights.

it's a good car. i like it. it's got all those cool features and is good in the snow and other weather

- mike k

It has AWD and is an automatic transmission.

It is a great AWD car that is roomy for passengers and rides very smooth! I would highly recommend it!

- Caleb C

Comfortable and Efficient

Very easy to handle, and has many convenient features. Excellent gas mileage and quite comfortable.

- Larry B

I finally own it, it's great work car. I've put it thru a lot and it's been good to me but expensive to maintain

I love subarus and this one is nice, but I have had a lot of mechanical issues with it.

- Allan H

It is one of the safest cars out there. I would not drive any other make.

It is very safe and reliable. It drives good in the snow. And i don't dislike anything.

- Chr H

the dependability of the car, especially the drive train

is a very dependable car. Engine continues to run smoothly. The gas mileage is good.

- bev N

Car provides great value from both operation and maintenance perspectives

Great gas mileage, comfortable and safe - no problems in the 34 months of ownership

- Jon J

Safety ratings are the best. The car is reliable and very safe.

Love the functionality of this car. Operates like an SUV but drives like a car.

- L S

It has all wheel drive and gets good fuel economy.

Good fuel economy. Good safety ratings and features. Large enough for my family

- Robert M

I has great gas mileage It also has a great pickup and is a great driving vehicle and is safe for kids to be in It is a great family car..

I like the 4 wheel drive. I like that I have a hands free phone situation

- robert r

VERY SAFE and easy to navigate. Good looking. Moderately priced. Inexpensive to service.

Very sporty. Very comfortable. Very, very SAFE. High tech. Great on gas.

- mark c

It's got a great safety rating. And it's fun to drive.

I like the safety. I like the way it rides. I like how it looks.

- Amy P

It is an all wheel drive sedan, giving better winter driveability without excessive loss in gas mileage.

I like that it gets decent gas mileage and is all wheel drive.

- Michael J

Has four airbags in front

Good gas mileage, safety features, comfort fo leg length

- Michael M

Engine rated very high for performance. It also rates high for safety. And the all-wheel drive is good for winter driving.

It is safe and has good value. Is priced affordably.

- Joe J

The high safety rating it has.

Smooth ride, good gas mileage, and it is safe.

- Kevin D