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My next car may not be a Subaru unless they start treating me right.

Redesigned in 2010, the outback has two major problems: the 2. 5 Liter engine fails repeatedly at about 150k, I have got a minimum of 300k from my last two Subaru's. The headlights, tail lights, brake lights, marker lights all fail constantly, causing adding time and money to either replace myself or pay someone, sometimes over $50 to replace a light. Past Subaru's were reliable to a fault; for instance I could install a high/low beam headlight in less than five minutes, now it is too difficult to do myself and too expensive to do once or twice a year. The cut gearing is a dog on the road, whining when if I need to speed up to merge with freeway traffic. The paddles on the steering wheel are a joke, because if I wanted the touch and feel of a manual transmission, I would get a performance car instead of a grocery getter.

- Benjamin C

Subaru outback: a reliable hatchback worth owning.

I have had this car for about a year now. I bought it used. It had around 81, 000 miles on it. So far it drives great. Handles very smoothly. Has a lot of space on the inside of the car for storage/tall people. The seat warmers are the best feature since I live in the north. The car has an excellent speaker system built in. I haven't ran into very many problems with it, but a couple wires in my driver side door went bad and caused the windows and door locks to stop working, and it is been a nagging problem for 2 months with my mechanic ordering in parts to fix it and it needing another part, a lot of having to find the time to get my car in for a couple hours, but other than this issue it is a car that I would recommend due to its reliability.

- Colin M

She's like a member of the family!

My 2010 Subaru outback is like a member of the family. I had an older outback before my current one and loved it just as much. It has required minimal upkeep. Even oil changes are not too bad, as I use synthetic oil and get 5000 miles per change. I live in a snowy climate and it drives like a tank in the winter, very reliable. Gas mileage is great. My only issue with it is I have difficulty with the tire sensors, as I think I have one tire or sensor that is faulty so I need to put air in them about once a month in order to get the light on the dash to turn off. However I think when I get new tires this will be resolved. Overall, I am in love with my outback.

- Maura S

This care can take you many places.

The Subaru outlook is very reliable however when it does need repairs they tend to be very expensive. The features I would most like to change are the placement of the vents (for heating and air conditioning and the addition of a full size spare tire. I would also love it if they made the headlights more accessible. You have to remove the bumper to get to them and since they are halogen, they can burn out quickly if they are touched. On the positive side it is very comfortable and has taken us may fun places. It is also a very safe care which is an important requirement for me. I would definitely consider buying another Subaru.

- Dawn M

safety endurance and reliability, always delivers to your expectations

it is really amazing car, had it for now 8 years and no complains! Subaru Outback is a good vehicle. Its base engine feels a little weak, but the available six-cylinder delivers a better driving experience. This wagon has good handling, and standard all-wheel drive means the Outback has good road grip and can even handle some light off-roading. The interior is spacious, and both rows of seats are comfortable and supportive. The Outback's infotainment system is user-friendly, and it has above-average cargo space

- neel j

Subaru outback for life!!

Burns oil, it is a pain to replace the headlights, go out often, tire pressure issues, . Love the size of it, good miles per gallon, great for my dog and passengers, able to sleep in it if needed, perfect for a bike rack, kayak rack, skis, etc. Love the all wheel drive, able to use off-road if needed, This is my second Subaru and I wouldn't consider buying something else. Hoping it'll last forever! As long as you maintain them and are aware of their issues, they are great cars! All cars have their own issues.

- Tina E

Comfort, style and reliability.

The Subaru outback is a great car for commuting, traveling and everyday use. Lots of room for camping gear, work supplies or groceries. There is a lot of passenger and trunk space. Very child pet friendly car. This vehicle is great for soccer moms, outdoorsy types and the everyday working person. Comfort and durability are trademarks of the Subaru brand. If you take care of this car, it will take care of you. Very little maintenance required, and the car will be on the road for years to come.

- Renee G

Sunroof Subaru, small commuter car, perfect for first time car.

Drives well, alright get up, gas is cheap about $40 dollars to fill the tank. Small enough to go in compact parking spaces, love all the extras I. E. Sunroof, AUX cord, touch screen navigation, has Bose speakers. Tires are relatively cheap. Problems with this car is the oil. I have to check on the level of oil every time I fill up because I guess this model the engine just eats the oil. If that could possibly be fixed this car would be perfect for any persons 18-30 good first car.

- Paula W

Subaru are reliable and dependable. I trust the brand and their commitment to sustainability and the earth.

I love my outback as it fits my lifestyle for outdoors and nature including plenty of room for my dog. It's been very reliable and I feel safe driving especially in snow because of the all wheel drive feature and on windy roads. The biggest problem I had was with the radiator but it was a quick fix only occurred just recently. This car is reliable has comfort features as the sports model with heated seats and convertible roof rack. It's amazing and I would recommend!

- Val C

The good old faithful outback.

The Subaru outback is definitely a reliable vehicle. It may not be the most pleasant thing aesthetically, but it does get the job done. The interior is spacious and comfortable. It's good for driving with a car full of people or stuff. Winter handling is a major plus for snowy days. The stock sound system is has decent quality and loudness. Also, I rarely need to get it serviced or run into issues. The gas mileage, however, could be much better!

- Austin A

How Subaru has made me pay twice as much as I did when purchasing through parts

At first Subaru is a great car brand but after about a 10 years of having this car I have paid more in parts to fix the dang thing then we spent on it! I have 7 other people in my family who also purchased Subaru's and they all have had the same experience. Your parts for your car are EXPENSIVE and most of the time the only distributor and maker of most Subaru parts is Subaru and they are money hungry. Better off just passing these models up

- Brooke L

The everlasting Subaru Outback...

The Subaru Outback is a 4-wheel drive & never gets stuck in any weather so it's excellent for the four Seasons of Ohio. It gets great gas mileage too. I also love how spacious it is & the back seat folds down which makes it so easy to haul bigger items. As far as breakdowns go, well, I've not had a major one yet & I bought the car new. The Subaru also holds its value too which is a great selling point. I will definitely buy another Subaru!


Subaru is a safe car, with AWD and good reliability.

I love my Subaru outback because I feel safe in it and it has plenty of room for my kids in the backseat and all of their gear in the trunk. It is all wheel drive so I feel safe in the winter, it also has cruise control so I feel safe on the highway. Things that I really like about it are the cruise control, the spaciousness, and the overall drivability. My only complaint is that I wish I had a sunroof, like my old car did.

- Natalie C

Amazingly safe car, great for teens and families.

Very reliable car. It rarely breaks down, I've never needed to take it in for emergency transmission or engine trouble. The only issues I've had were battery related and my own fault. Reliable, great breaks have saved me a few times. Amazing turning power, picks up speed well, and great gas mileage. The interior seats are fabric and not leather, so the seats are never hot in the summer. It's very easy to keep clean.

- Teresa W

I bought a Subaru for a safe and dependable vehicle that doesn't break the bank to buy.

I like that Subaru vehicles are dependable. I like that they spend more time focusing on making a good running car rather than on all the extra fancy things. Complaint: Headlights have an issue and although they will replace the headlights for for free, I am still burdened with paying for the labor. I worry that Subaru has gotten so big and so popular that the Subaru of the past is going to the dogs.

- Mary W

Strong car, faulty transmission.

The car drives really well. We have had issues with electric though, power windows have gone out, lights go out easily, speakers etc.. Another issue is the transmission, or torque converter, it has gone out and been replaced and we still have issue with it. The really good this is Subaru has always been amazing to work with. The replaced the transmission for free and have never given us a hard time.

- Ashley R

Dog Friendly, Kid Friendly, Big Tank

It has a really big tank so it can drive for a while before running out of gas. It is big enough for a family with a couple kids, but then it gets to crowded the more kids you have. I really like how dog friendly the car and commercials are. Sometimes when it rains water leaks through the back window and it makes the car smell not that great. Other than that, it is pretty good.

- Rebecca S

Safety first is the most important part of the car.

This car seems to hate bumps in the road, but drives very smoothly other than that. It is easy to navigate the inside of the vehicle, and for a smaller car it is very spacious. I would buy this car over and over again if I could. Anytime I drive it, I feel extremely safe and protected- as if I got into a crash, I would have a chance of getting out of it safe and unharmed.

- Amanda P

You must drive this outback Subaru the most sporty luxury car around.

Great in the snow and heavy rain. Hauls all most anything. Great smooth ride. Nice roomy for babies, children, teens and adults. Love the back for storage of storage and dogs to. Easy for new drivers to drive. The safety features alone make you feel safe. Love the heated seats. Love the color of the car to. . The best SUV I have ever owned. Great family car. Great on gas.

- Miranda L

Subaru is the best mountain car.

I have no issues with my Subaru. It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. The paddle shifters really make it a powerful vehicle, when traveling through mountain passes and in the snow. The only thing I do not like is that I have to frequently change the oil because there is a flaw in the oil pan design. Subaru needs to fix this, if they have not already.

- Amy S

User friendly and super affordable.

Super safe and great in snow. Does wonderful on gas and affordable to fill up. Car is parking friendly and it is easy to park downtown or busy streets as well as compact parking spaces. Subaru also does great with space inside and when going snowboarding, the option to put ski racks is wonderful. Subaru interior is cloth, so it is easy to maintain and clean.

- Alina M

Very tough vehicle - has done great repeatedly driving over rough roads of my commute

This car has done great driving over the dirt road to where I live for many years. It has great carrying capacity. I can fit almost anything in it. It is starting to show Its age and needs more frequent service over the last couple of years. I also am beginning to dislike how low it is to the ground - harder to get in and out of with my back

- Amber C

The car does not alert you when you need an oil change or have a flat tire which can be kind of inconvenient if you are not car savvy

Have had this car for over a year and have no real issues. the car drives smoothly and accelerates nicely. i really enjoy the 4wd which is nice for when i go camping in the mountains. the hatchback is also convenient for when carrying heavy and large loads as well as having passengers. the heated seats are a nice touch for the winter months

- kevin p

Subaru is reliable and would tell you best brand to buy if you drive a lot

It has its problems but it takes wear and tear well I live by Subaru wouldn't have any other car. It's all wheel drive so great in all types of weather. Can take high mileage and not be breaking down all the time I drive a lot so it's important to have a great car. Little higher price to fix but they hold value even with high mileage

- Laurie L

Good vehicle safety and mechanical wise.

I love safety it provides and ease of getting in and out. We have had very few maintenance issues other than at 102000 miles the radiator leak started going into head gasket. A common problem at that mileage. We do not have adequate storage in back for wheelchair and walker. Our next vehicle will have more room for storage.

- Wanda K

I love my Subaru outback! Best car in the whole world.

This car is very reliable, very safe, gorgeous to look at, overall it is my dream car. It drives really nicely, with quick pick up and good braking. It is luxurious yet sporty. I am a new mom and this car is perfect for my family. It has so much room inside and all the amenities are great. The best car I have ever owned.

- Laura O

Great all around reliable vehicle!

I have not had any problems with it and I have owned it for almost 2 years. I love the ability to carry a lot of gear for skiing, camping, and other outdoor activities. The all-wheel drive ability of this vehicle allows me to drive through snow which is very important in Wisconsin. Overall I am very pleased with my car.

- Justin A

Low maintenance high mileage

Subaru Outback is a nice dependable family car. In upgraded from an Impreza to outback for the added trunk space, plus it is easier to get the kids in and out of a car when it sits a little higher. Gets between 22 and 28 miles per gallon. It's an easy drive that has not require much maintenance in the time I've had it.

- Kevin B

Subaru Outback: reliable, comfortable and fun

I just received this Outback, but it's been driven by family since it was purchased new 10 years ago. It had never needed any maintenance besides the general routine maintenance that all cars receive. It is very reliable! The all-wheel drive is very helpful in the snow. It's very comfortable for passengers and drivers

- Heather H

This is a good ski country car.

We have not experienced any problems with the car yet. It is comfortable and has an easy to drive manual transmission. Good visibility and lots of space in the back seat. Can stow a lot of stuff in the back of the vehicle. I recommend this car to anyone who needs to haul a lot of stuff, like skiing equipment.

- Loretta C

The perfect, reliable, and comfortable car for you.

I love my car so much. Very reliable and perfect for a college student. The car is in great condition and I do see myself buying other subaru's in the future. They are safe cars, and that makes me feel better about driving long distances. I will recommend buying a Subaru to everyone, you will not be disappointed.

- Molly M

The Fuel efficiency for the type of vehicle a n d its handling in different weather conditions.

I like the Awd feature, the ability to fold down the seats and put more things in the back. (Trunk space) and how it sits slightly higher on the road. What I don't like is that technology is changing so fast that the nav. Display and connectivity to your ph. Is not there which is different from the newer models.

- Rich F

Subaru hits it out of the park again

I'm having a 4 Wheel Drive for when we go up in the mountains is comforting. I like it warning Me of low tire pressure. It does have a backup camera. It is useful to see appropriately how many miles I can go before filling up the gas tank. It does not feel like a big car to me but it has lots of space!!

- Allison S

Awesome car with great safety.

I love this car. The driver seat is fully adjustable, the entertainment system is comprehensive, and there is enough room the trunk to fit anything we need. The only downside is how quickly the timing belt gives out. Other than that it is a safe and comfortable vehicle for both off road and city traffic.

- Kate L

Save time and money! Buy a Subaru!

Love my Ubu! Runs greats! Normal maintenance is kept up and no other issues! Decent gas mileage, good pick-up when needed and lots of space!! Holds a lot of cargo, lots of legroom in the backseat and my dogs love it too!! Handles great off road as well as on the highway. Highly recommend Subaru!!

- Lori L

Easy and comfortable to drive.

I was hit from behind, small dent in my bumper, car that hit me was smashed. Very safe and comfortable for my family to travel in. Good trunk space for groceries and cargo. It has seat warmers which I love in the winter and warms up/defrosts fairly quick on winter days and drives great in the snow.

- Jenny H

Comfort and Space, BAD Dealerships, HEADLIGHTS BLOW

headlights blowing constantly. Drive shaft issues. spark plug issues. It does have lots of space and is comfortable for our entire family to fit in. dealerships are jokes, and they screwed us when buying this car. Wrote Subaru and never heard back from them. Will NOT be buying another one.

- Amanda J

Avoid if you or your passenger is of slight build as the passenger side air bag may not activate while you drive.

The worst features are the passenger side airbag (does not always turn on for all passengers - this is due to the bladder system which responds regularly only to certain body types) and the air conditioning (which can barely be felt - and we do not like the car to be freezing so this says a lot).

- Amanda G

good and reliable car for the money

I love the car. Great for long drives with a smooth ride. The car has a lot of space and room for many passengers. I have had this car for many years and have never had any performance issues. Very reliable. Not to many extra features but it has everything you need without the bells and whistles.

- Walker D

Super reliable and good in the snow.

I love my vehicle. Very comfortable pretty roomy have not had any maintenance problems just normal oil changes and things like that. I would recommend to anyone I do not think I will ever go with another brand/company. Great people to work with and supper nice and help you with whatever you need.

- Kansas D

Best car for a busy life!

I love my car for its reliability, it is a great car for road trips and winter drives. It is comfortable even for 5 people. I love the heated seats. Unless I am moving big furniture, almost anything can fit in there. I have owned Subaru before and have never had a reason to not trust their cars!

- Lauren P

Outback: A car made for the outdoors

We've had our outback for years. It's great for tough terrain and uneven roads. Our Subie got us through a flood and wildfire, and we frequently use it for camping and fieldwork. Overall it has held up well and we've only really had to replace the battery (only thing I wish they would improve).

- Maria V

Great all weather car. Fits 3 kids two adults and two large dogs great.

Great reliable car. I live in a very snowy area, and have safely and comfortably driven all winter with three kids in tow. Fits our two large dogs and kids all comfortably. No problems with anything so far. My family is rough on cars and it still looks in great condition for owning it 9 years

- Adrianne B

It is reliable and comfortable to drive for long periods of time.

I like the controls for the Bluetooth & radio on the steering wheel, driver?s seat is comfortable & has lots of adjustment options, easy to put down the back seats & extend the hatch area. The ac is not powerful enough, cannot adjust the volume of the Bluetooth, electronics wear out fast.

- Carmen M

Not your father's Subaru. .

Since 2000 Subaru quit making reliable vehicles. They have very expensive repairs just after warranty expires, like with in 5k miles. I like AWD and wagon. Layout of interior is nice, I have owned 3. This is my last Subaru. I will be considering other AWD vehicles from here on out.

- Judy D

Safest car. Great for families as well as couples.

Very safe, safest car for many years in survey! All wheel drive good driving on snow. My 4th Subaru driven all four over 250,000 miles. Love that the back seats comes down, more cargo space. I only wish they had brighter headlights. Once you own a Subaru you will never want another car.

- Helen H

Great family car/road trip car

It's really great for road trips! The trunk has tons of storage space, the car is large and comfortable enough for passengers, the mileage is decent, and the car can handle tons of different terrains. I haven't had any major problems and think it is a very reliable car! Looks great too.

- Mane M

Subaru for you and your family.

I was in a very bad 4 car accident, I am pretty sure I would have died or been seriously injured had I not been in a Subaru, I got another one after because I love the comfort. I have never had any major issues that costs me a lot of money. I love the storage space provided as well.

- Andrea B

Great family car and reliable

I had no issues up to 120,000 miles. Then I needed to do some maintenance. Timing belt, tune up, etc. it is a very reliable car and has been a joy to ride. Great space for toting groceries, travel bags, etc. kids do well in it and is definitely a family vehicle. Highly recommended.

- Daniel M

Reliable and handles well in bad weather, great for area that get snow in winter since it is AWD.

It handles well in snow, and has had no major problems. I miss having a cassette player, but I guess probably no newer cars have them. I would like a little better gas mileage, but have had cars that got worse. The color is nice - medium blue. Storage/hauling capacity is great.

- Cheryllynn D

Dependable and comfortable.

I have owned and driven many vehicles over the years and this car has been the best. I have had no mechanical issues since I have had this car and I do not have any qualms about getting in this car and going anywhere. It is comfortable to drive and does everything I need it to do.

- Patti S

Subaru outback is wonderful.

My 2010 Subaru outback is a great mid size SUV. Has heated front seats, leather seats all around, spacious trunk space. Room to fit driver and four passengers comfortably. Comes with radio/cd player. Mine did not come with Bluetooth capabilities. Overall it is a great family car.

- James V

One thing I would like to see is more technology in the cars standard.

The Subaru Outback is a great car. All wheel drive, it is got the pick up you need to get on la freeways, the room for four passengers comfortably, with room for cargo to boot. Really no problems other than that we've been run into four times now -minor accidents not our fault.

- Christopher M

It's safety ratings and the four wheel drive make me feel confident on the road.

I have had nothing but great experiences with my Subaru Outback. It's never broken down or cause me any major issues. It is really efficient when it comes to loading up. It has wonderful trunk space. I love the cruise control and the safety rating of it! Plus it's a cute SUV!

- Courtney C

We love camping in our Subaru.

Great car! Feels grounded while driving on curvy roads. We lay down the backseats for camping, fits two adults plus our 40lb dog, but tightly. There is a black strap in between the back seats enabling you to lay the seat down. We have had difficulty locating the black strap.

- Meg H

Vehicular love of my life

The only issues I had with my Subaru Outback were recalls on parts that required me to find a dealer and go to get it fixed. This happened twice. The first I can't remember, but the second was an airbag recall, which was sort of scary. Other than that, basic maintenance.

- Julia S

Subaru needs to fix their headlight issue

I love my Subaru. However, I have replaced the light bulbs on this thing at least four times a year since I bought it. Apparently there's an issue with the electrical outlet that makes it surge and blow the headlights. However, it's not dangerous, so there's no recall.

- Kara C

The Subaru Outback is a great family car!

I'm a fan of the outback - including the drivetrain, all wheel drive, standard features and great gas mileage. Drawbacks are there isn't as much room inside as my previous SUV nor is the engine as powerful. Overall this is a great car just not a roomy family car.

- Abigail L

Really great car that lasts a long time.

The car drives really smooth and has a tight steering wheel which is nice. The only thing with my car is the headlights and the tail lights all seem to go out once a year. Other than that it doesn't give me problems. The gas mileage is pretty good as well.

- Kirsten G

You get a good bang for your buck. Relatively inexpensive for a quality product.

The only problems involved in this car were from car accidents and mechanic misuse. Has always been reliable, has good gas mileage and heated seats are a bonus. Car also has good cargo space. Is not too big or too small, a good size for ordinary driving.

- Georgia B

It is safe. Safety should be the top priority when searching for your next car. It is perfect for a family with children that are young, school aged, or grown up.

The Subaru Outback is great on gas. It's also the perfect size car for our small family. I also really love having a navigation system and a sunroof in the car. Overall the Subaru Outback is a safe car and that is something that is very important to me.


Not feeling the love, Subaru.

2. 5 liter aluminum engine is a dog, I have replaced the engine twice, this is the worst Subaru I have ever owned. Headlights burn, tail lights, brake lights, all burn out frequently, cvt transmission has no get-up and go. It has enough cup holders.

- Benjamin C

Even though it is a Japanese car it is made in the USA.

I love all wheel drive. I t handles turns very well. I know that it will run for over 200,000 miles as long as I maintain it. I hate the back seat cup holder. They break very easy. It is best not to use it. If you use it is in the way and breaks.

- Ann B

The subaru gets really good traction we had no difficulty through the winter in driving up our steep road.

Love it because it comfortably seats five has great traction on our slippery and sometimes icy driveway. Runs well, pretty fuel efficient. And I really love the way the dash sits. I don't like the seats too much but they are fine.

- Annika A

The headlights burned out way too often. Other than that, Subaru is the 4WD expert!

It was fairly reliable when I bought it used 5 years ago. There was a recall because it kept stalling and the headlights keep burning out. Rotors have gone, muffler is going, broken pipes on the bottom. I no longer want this car.

- Marti F

Functional. Economical. Sporty. Roomy. All Wheel Drive.

All wheel drive makes me feel safe on slick roads. Good gas mileage. Plenty of room in the back for a surfboard or groceries or my bike. Solid handling. Decent power. Good resale value. What's not to love about a Subaru?

- Brian L

Super safe as a whole, interior is interesting.

Basically my car is very inconsistent; as a whole, it is a stellar, great, and fantastic car. However, it occasionally shuts down, and the battery life is completely atrocious (like hands down the worst battery life).

- Sophia A

It's safe and reliable. Also it drives in the mountains well

I love my Subaru Outback. It's the safest car on the market for my little one, tons of safety features for her. It's also very comfortable up front, with many options. It drives great and even gets good hasn't mileage

- Andrea H

Outstanding Outback. Our favorite thing about our car is that it is all-round functional. We travel and are able to put all our gear in the back while still having comfortable seating for our family.

We really haven't had any problems with or Outback. We had one issue with the seat switch that moves it forward and backwards, it got stuck all the way forward but when we took it in they fixed it quickly and easily.

- Lindsay K

Subaru Outbacks are the best!

This vehicle is spacious for our family, seats fold, can for luggage and our Dog in back, too. Option of putting ski/bike racks on top. Sunroof. Good gas mileage. All in all its our favorite vehicle we've owned!

- Lindsay H

It's green, it looks like nearly every other Subaru out there, and I love it!

I don't like that it is bulky. But it drives wonderfully, even in the snow, and I can haul more in it than most pickup trucks. It has a manual transmission that makes it more reliable, and I get almost 32 mpg.

- Kelly W

Love my outback in the mountains of colorado.

I love my Subaru outback. We have two of them. Living in the mountains of colorado it handles great in the winter. Maintenance is easy and cost of ownership is low. Plus they hold their value and last forever!

- Tanya M

It lasts a long time and it's a safe car to give to your kids

I like it because it allows me the freedom to get from place to place. I also like the safety features. If it was more fuel efficient, had a backup camera, and had parking assist it would be my dream car

- Vince G

Its has a very safe feeling to it when driving both highway and backroads.

Very comfortable to travel on long road trips and locally. Great on gas mileage. The parts to move the seats up and back in the front are very cheaply made though and I'm constantly getting them fixed.

- Denise R

It is DEPENDABLE and Comfortable.

I LOVE my Subaru it is extremely dependable. We have had it for 7 years and never had an issue at all. Just regular oil changes and new tires. If I ever have to get another vehicle it will be a Subaru!

- Tammy F

CVS axles wear out fast I would go with the automatic option.

I love the heated seats and sunroof. It also has leather interior. It is a manual so if you have to stop and go a lot its a pain but I do love my car it's comfortable to drive and I have lots of room.

- Shirley D

It is remarkably reliable and easy to maintain. It is also fuel efficient.

I've had my car for more than eight years. It drives as well now as it did when I bought it. I have never had to take it to the shop for service except for planned maintenance (tires, brakes, etc).

- Sara C

SUV made for a large family.

Drives smooth and very comfortable ride with 5 kids in the car. The only complaint at this time is the sensor malfunctions from time to time to make it appear as though a door is open when it is not.

- Meghan L

all wheel drive and drive performance is fantastic

I love driving this car. It handles beautifully, feels very safe. It also gets decent gas mileage. Love the sunroof, control panel is easy to read and accessible. Plenty of room for my friends.

- Kaila L

It is convenient and makes traveling with kids super easy.

I like the size and hatchback. It is very functional... I dislike that you have to take off the front wheel to change the front headlight, that headlights go out often, and that it burns oil..

- Christian G

It is a joy to drive and is durable.

It looks good and is very easy to drive. It has a comfortable ride and a good amount of room. It is built strong and feels safe. I just wish I could get a little better gas mileage out of it.

- cynthia H

It needs a new muffler, but i will probably sell it rather than sink any more $.

I love 4 wheel drive. I dislike how it is aging. There were two or three factory recalls, headlights, transmission problem, and airbags. Plus more stuff keeps failing, bearings, brakes, etc.

- Martin F

It's very safe and reliable.

I like the AWD and high clearance. It's easy to drive. It's a great car for the outdoors. I'm not a big fan of the color. The smaller engine doesn't do that well in the mountains.

- Lynnette L

This car is reliable and comfortable. It's good in all kinds of weather and even with higher mileage it runs very well.

I have a Subaru Outback . I love the way it drives. It is very comfortable inside, the car has a moon roof and rack for camping. It is good in all weather and I feel it's affordable.

- Lynette M

If you live in snow country this is the car you should bug. It will be reliable and very safe for you and your family.

It has been very safe and reliable the entire time we have had it. We hope it continues to be for many more years. It performs very well in the snow and we feel very safe in it.

- Debbie E

My car has very good gas mileage and gives lots of space.

I love my car because it has really good gas mileage and it will last me for a good time. My car is big enough to add things in it, but it's not too big that I can barely park it.

- Robin S

It does amazing in bad weather and we can haul just about anything we need in the back.

We bought this car 2 weeks before a major snow storm and I can't express enough how well it does in the snow and just bad weather in general. No complaints, we love our Subaru

- Tom S

It's a great car for the adventurous

It is a great vehicle for everyday use. Very spacious trunk as well as a great ride. The only thing I dislike is that as my family grows I need more room than the car allows.

- Alicia Z

The it is a very safe car to drive, it is easy to drive and does not break down.

I like the mileage, size, and ease of getting to a parking spot. I don't like the panel on the driver's seat of the car as it never stay on especially if you wear boots,

- Mist w

I'm a big outdoorsman, so no matter what the weather or environment throws my way, I know my Subaru can handle it.

Great in the snow and has incredible storage space. It needs constant repairs, but as long as you have a good Subaru dealer, they'll usually replace things for cheap.

- John C

It's not really a car, but an SUV built to go places you might not think it can.

I love my Subie because it goes anywhere.It's comfy and has lots of room. I hate it because it is a stick shift. I didn't want that but couldn't pass up the deal.

- Kathy H

It's a practical vehicle. Worth the money

Handles nice, comfortable, decent gas mileage for an AWD, practical, lots of nice things on the car compared to other vehicles in Its class. No major complaints

- Meadow A

I have never had any issues with it and would recommend it to any small family.

It is reliable, safe and versatile. The gas mileage is also really good for the size. With my growing family, I wish I could put in a third row for the kids.

- Amy G

Subarus are big and roomy and have lots of space for hauling stuff.

My Subaru has a large cargo area and plenty of room to haul kids and camping gear. There is lots of legroom for times when there are adults in the back seat.

- Noelle L

Great family vehicle, comfortable and dependable.

Love my vehicle. The outback is very comfortable which is a big deal for my family. It has great features, navigation along with Bluetooth also has sunroof.

- Amy Y

it is reliable and comfortable. i expect it to last, and would be happy to replace it with a newer version.

i love its endurance. it is reliable in snow, and reliable mechanically in general. i wish the doors had child safety locks and an updated sound system.

- Chris V

The Subaru Outback has lots of legroom and is very roomy and spacious.

I really like how big and roomy the Subaru Outback is. It has a large cargo area with lots of space for hauling groceries, camping gear and kids items.

- Noelle L

It gets great gas mileage.

It is comfortable, gets good gas mileage, roomy and compact. It is too old. It has high mileage. It has a great ride. It costs too much to maintain.

- Keith O

Low maintenance, good gas mileage.

Comfortable to both drive and ride. Plenty of cargo space. Good gas mileage and low maintenance. Many comfort features, heated seats, leather seats.

- Susan O

Gets great gas mileage. Over 40 miles per gallon on the highway. And 35.

I like packing it up and going on road trips and camping trips. I get great gas mileage. I can fit up to 4 other people in it. It has a moonroof.

- Angie T

Safety and very reliable over the years very pleased overall

It's been very reliable and safe. We live up a canyon in snow country and it is like a snowmobile for us. Wish it got better gas mileage though.

- Bob E

Excellent reliability and foul weather performance.

Likes: reliability, comfort, all weather performance.... Dislikes: slightly underpowered, gas mileage, persistent hatchback water leak..

- Robert J

Not as much cargo room as you might think a car of its type would have.

Like: generally reliable.. Dislike: expensive to maintain. The rear bearings have died twice, and those b.C were expensive repairs..

- Marc W

Great gas mileage! Safest vehicle to have specially with children

All wheel drive wonderful on gas rated one of the best crash test vehicles to be the safest vehicle to have specially with children

- Kandice M

The fuel isn't the worst. And it's semi dependable

It's not the worst on fuel. It's not bad in the snow but it's not the worst. But had on going problems even with annual maintenance

- John B

Subaru has some of the top safety ratings, so this is a perfect vehicle for people who are concerned about safety, especially those with families.

I love my subaru outback. It's great for long road trips, is comfortable, good for off roading, and spacious for my small family.

- Elsie W

It gets me ANYwhere. It may look like a soccer mom car but it leaves others in the dust when it's snowing hard.

Love that it gets me up the driveway in snow. Has lots of room in the back. Not stylish at all. I put too many scrapes on it.

- Susan H

I have had more compliments on this car than any other I have driven.

Good gas mileage. Ample carrying space as well as comfortable riding. Good reliable transportation.... I have no complaints..

- Susan H

Outback probably not the greatest for short people.

Had some shaking in the steering column but was fixed by dealership. Love the size for hauling people and garden supplies.

- Donna W

Good value and dependable.

Good value, safe, economical and dependable.... Needs a louder horn, foldable side mirrors. It could be a tad larger too..

- Yvonne V

Very new car owner but loving this one

I've only recently begun driving this car. I absolutely love how it runs. It's very reliable to get me where I need to go.

- Sierra S

It is spacious and has great visibility and feels safe.

Pretty great. I would recommend it. Great storage space and good for trips. But the keys broke, but probably an easy fix.

- Rain M

It has plenty of seats. It can fit multiple people.

I like the size for traveling. It's a little clunky to park. I like the room for passengers. I wish it was better on gas

- Steve F

You will pay a ton in car repairs. Do not buy these cars.

It's constantly in the garage needing repairs. I will never buy another of these cars. It constantly leaves us stranded.

- Nicole L

I feel very safe driving this car make and model. I would buy another one.

It has lots of extras. It has plenty of room for people and for cargo. It drives very smoothly in all types of weather.

- kris j

Great car! Would recommend!

I love this car- it has been very reliable and durable. I have never had it break down in the 8 years I have driven it.

- Jesse M

Perfect for snowy/icy weather.

No problems. Excellent reliability and good trunk space. Love the moonroof and battery has not died once for 8 years.

- Mark T

Most trouble free auto I have ever owned and in my 68 years of auto ownership I've owned quite a few.

The Subaru is very reliable. It performs well in rain and snow and provides a comfortable ride. I have no complaints.

- Robert J

Very reliable - no major issues in seven years.

Car is comfortable, car is reliable, automobile corners well. Like color of interior, engine runs smooth and quiet.

- Debi H

Heard seat are a plus in new England winters!!

Great Drive.. very reliable.. great on gas.. nice family car ... love my car! Reasonable room..drives very smooth

- Lisa K

It is safe and drives well on the snow.

Like the space in the car without having to drive a large car. I dislike that parts are expense and hard to get.

- Amanda G

It is very well built and high quality. Would recommend it to any of my family.

I like my car because it has all wheel drive for the winter. I also like that it is easy and cheap to maintain.

- Michael C

The color was only made in 2010- it has all the features that I love. It has over 100,000 miles

The color is unique- a pale light blue! Love the trunk space. Love that I can easily find it in a parking lot!

- Lisa P

I love my Subaru and will most likely never have another vehicle. The only problem I had was one that was typical and covered by the warranty which was the transmission replacement.

It is safe for children, rides smoothly, has plenty of storage space, is great on gas and is low maintenance.

- Laura B

Economical to maintain and drive.

Like transmission like gas mileage like all wheel drive like body design dislike size overall like automatic.

- Colleen J

It gives a very good fuel efficiency.

The vehicle drives comfortably. The car gives a very good fuel efficiency. It is affordable and reliable.

- Mohamed A

Keep an eye on the timing belt. Especially when the car hits 100, 000 miles.

I have no complaints with my vehicle. It is fantastic. I would recommend it to everyone. Very reliable.

- Jenna W

It makes me feel safe driving it, it has all of the safety features and air bags

I love my car, it drives very smoothly, is great for camping and has maintained its value over time.

- Tali Z

It's great in the snow. Maintenance is affordable at the dealer.

love the all wheel drive and the size. Comfortable. decent gas mileage. No significant complaints

- Claudin M

This car has high safety ratings.

Likes- heated seats, good gas mileage, Bluetooth connection, heaters quickly. Dislike- little small.

- Ray W

The safety features and performance statistics. Also, gas mileage.

It's dependable. I like the ride, holds the road. Comfortable. Like being up higher than a sedan.

- Sue M

Safety and no frills. The Outback is a great midsize SUV with a solid performance track record and holds its value.

Very reliable car, good on mileage and one of the safest cars on the market still to this day.

- Diego P

Dependable and problem free

Love the size and ease of driving. Great for our active lifestyle with our kids and dog.

- Jen D

it's all wheel drive and does good in the snow and the rain

no complaints the milage the space the way it drives the performance in winter or summer

- kenneth a

It's super dependable and I feel very safe when driving.

It's roomy enough for my family of four and most everything we need to transport.

- Jennifer S

Like that it's ranked highly in safety. Love the comfort: heated leather seats, six disc cd changer. Like the spacious hatch.

That it is ranked highly in safety. As a parent that is very important to me

- Brandy G

It handles well in all weather conditions and gets good gas mileage.

I like that it is big enough to fit all my gear and has all wheel drive.

- Jill H

Very reliable great gas mileage. Great family cars

Gets around great in snow and Ice. Has plenty of room. Great gas mileage

- Megan H

That is a nice car that is reliable.

I like that is comfortable, doesn't use too much gas. It's reliable.

- Jimena V

I have a blue 2010 subaru outback that I love. It is versatile, great in all types of weather, and smooth. I wish it had a sunroof.

How safe it is to drive in bad weather due to its all wheel drive

- Alicia S

Will run for at least 25000 miles

Great Function. Great performance. A little tight in cab space

- Rob C

I like that it tells me when I'm saving gas. I don't like that if I want to switch out the transmission fluid I have to take it to the shop, because they can get very expensive.

It's reliable. It's spacious. And it's made for all terrain

- Lourdes C

Subaru Outback has an excellent safety and economy record.

Love my Subaru Outback. Good ride, gas mileage and handling

- Jack F

very reliable, built to last

Reliable, fuel efficient, 4 wheel drive. No complaints

- Tim H

I like the trunk space, gas mileage, heated seats and the way it drives. I don't like the automatic seat on the passenger side... it kept getting stuck back when someone talk would sit there and now it's stuck in the far back position and the battery is dead.

It's the perfect combination between a car and an SUV.

- Andrea A

I love my car. It's a smooth ride

Reliable and comfortable. Enough room but not too big

- Linda E

with all-wheel drive, it is very safe.

It is safe, dependable, and easy to handle.

- Anita h

Most comfortable car I have ever driven.

- April L