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Outstanding vehicle, highly recommended.

I love this car! It is my first SUV style vehicle and I love riding up high. The suspension and shocks are great, leading to a smooth ride. It handles much more like a car than a truck, which is a huge plus. I have the tan leather interior and I have been really pleased with the durability and ease of cleaning the seats. I have 2 kids, so they always make a mess, but things wipe up easily. I have had the car almost 4 years and I am still on my original breaks. I live in the Midwest and do not need snow tires! The standard tires paired with the all wheel drive really helps handle all types of weather. I have had no mechanical problems or issues with the car in my entire ownership of the car. My original tires lasted about 3.5 years. I think one of the only things that bugs me is that the gas door release it is on the floor. Since I am short, I have to open the door to pop the gas door, even if someone else is filling the tank. Oh, other tiny thing is I wish the all weather floor mats had more reinforcement where they hook to the floor, as my driver's side holes have ripped out. . I adore this car. It was absolutely worth the years I had wait to own it.

- Diana S

Subaru is a great, reliable family car that I highly recommend!

Problems would include rear camera constantly easily covered so hard to see out of, no real room for a trash can easily accessible for the driver that my kids cannot get into, and the glasses holder on the top middle broke the day I bought the car. Performance I would say is amazing because it is great in bad winter weather, easy to steer even in bad mud since I live on a dirt road, and starts even when it is 0 degrees outside. Reliable is great. I never have to worry about it not starting. It is very comfortable with the heated seats, cloth material, and easy to change positions of the seat. Features I love from the truck being able to be opened automatically, heated seats, rear camera, the line markers that tell you if you are crossing the lines, and how my phone can connect to the car. Overall I love my Subaru! Excellent for a small growing family!

- Megan J

A great car, but could use some ergonomic detail improvements.

I really loved my Outback in the beginning when we first bought it. I love the feel of how it drives, and the space/storage capacity is fantastic. Our daughter plays a large instrument, so we needed the room to transport it. There were a few things I began to notice over time, though. The steering is hard, and I began to get achy in my arms. I guess I have gotten used to that by now, but there is also a ergonomic issue with the seats. I think the seats were made for a man. The lumbar support is in the wrong place. I need to use a combination of pillows to support my back. We also needed to use the warranty one time to replace the horn which went out completely on us. A small thing, but important. All in all, I still really like my Subaru.

- Mary D

Why I love it and hate it.

The Outback allows for a very smooth comfortable ride. A friend is almost 6 feet tall and finds the vehicle provides enough room. Being a wagon, it is the perfect height to load bags and boxes in the back without the need of a stepstool. Two issues. One is the position of the hazard button. In the heat of the summer your easy pass can fall down and hit the hazard button, leaving your hazards to flash until you turn them off. The other is the position of the light switch in the back. With the hatch up and loading bags and boxes, it is easy to hit the light button to the "on" position, which means if it is daytime you won't see that the light is on until you go out at night, possible running your battery down.

- Carrie M

The touchscreen works flawlessly and even displays song album covers when playing.

The car is spacious especially with having to keep a stroller with us all the time. The trunk allows space for the stroller plus everything else that we need. The touch screen allows for easy access to the car's radio, information, cell phone options etc. The middle console has an additional USB port and the lid to close it has a little divet to allow for the cord not to be kinked when in use. The bluetooth enabled options are amazing allowing you to switch between songs on one of my phone's apps with the steering wheel. This car was perfectly designed and the back up camera and heated seats are definitely a plus.

- Kimberly U

Like my "sue" (Subaru) she is comfortable, dependable and looks good.

Traded in a Jeep for my Subaru. My "sue" is a much more comfortable riding vehicle, also quieter. Especially like the in car phone which keeps my eyes on the road, and not wondering who is calling while I am driving. It also allows me hands free dialing if I find it necessary to make a call while driving. The only complaint I have about this car is the size of the clock and the outside temp. They are difficult to see at a quick glance. If wishes were possible, I would make them as big as the temp control readings. Overall "sue" is a good fit for me. Would definitely look at a new one on next trade.

- Jean B

2015 Subaru Outback: an amazing car at a very reasonable price

First of all, the car looks beautiful. The shape and contour is very sleek. The first thing I noticed when I got inside the car was how incredible the steering wheel and dashboard looks and feels. It looks like a car that costs three times as much. It is also very comfortable, although it can sometimes take a long time to adjust the seat to a comfortable position. Performance is excellent. It is not the quickest at acceleration, but the engine feels and sounds very powerful. Overall, I have had no major complaints with this car, and no mechanical issues as of 65,000 miles.

- Josh L

Review of 2015 Subaru outback.

Excellent gas mileage. Great comfortable smooth ride. Car burns a bit of oil but that is characterized of Subaru vehicle. The back liftgate does not function properly when it rains or anything else gets in the way for the sensor to mistakenly think it is a person instead. Car uses synthetic os20w oil, so oil changes are less frequent. however, one should know the oil level needs topping off usually around 1300 miles before the next regulatory scheduled oil change. Overall this vehicle is personally highly recommended and very dependable. I rate it a 10 out of 10.

- Ronnie N

My car is the safest car on the road and it will last forever!

My outback Subaru is the best vehicle I have ever owned. Even though it is a 2015, I am not looking around at newer models, searching for my next car. It is reliable and I can trust it to provide excellent service. It is extremely comfortable on long trips I take each summer. The gas mileage is very good and at least 27 miles per gallon in city driving and 28 to 29 on long trips. The only time the car sees the mechanic is for regular maintenance. Most important of all its great features is how safe I feel in the car. Subaru has the safest cars on the road!

- Vivian P

The adventure of the outback.

I love my outback! When I moved out west I was looking for a safe car with all wheel drive that would allow me to safely navigate the mountains. In a year I have not had any issues, and I bought it used! I love how easy it is to make the back seat/trunk area into a place to sleep/camp! Super easy to clean, as the back has a plastic cover for the floor. Overall, you could not pick a safer, more reliable car with any Subaru but the outback gives you so much space!

- Lauren K

2015 Subaru outback 2. 5!!

We love Subaru! We are on our 6th Subaru and love the outback the best so far! The only downfall is that when we went camping, our tent was near the car, and storing the car keys in the tent, the key fob was constantly talking to the car’s computer, draining out battery. We needed to get a jump and went to the dealership to get it all checked out. Now we know! Do not leave your key fob within 15 feet of the car.

- Danielle E

Gets very good gas mileage. I'm averaging 28 miles per gallon with mostly in town, stop and go traffic.

Love the way it drives, very smooth. Gets excellent gas mileage even with just in town driving. I like the interior setup. The dash and controls and camera are all very convenient. The digital clock is very small but otherwise everything is really nice. I have a wheel bearing going out, which is a bit concerning at only 40,000 miles. But otherwise I've had no problems and really enjoy the car.

- Joleyne K

Opinion of the outback.

I love everything about my Subaru except the seat and headrest. Even with all the adjustment options I cannot find comfort with the adjustments. I have now brought gel seat pads that help. Still have a hard time with the head rest jutting forward. Some of the amazing features that I love is the turning radius this car has. It drives well on the freeway and has great gas economy.

- Rene H

Happy loyal Subaru customer.

My Subaru is the sixth Subaru I have owned. We love it. We also have Subaru #7which my husband drives. My first Subaru was a 1980 hatchback. I loved that car. I have never had a Subaru let me down. During the blizzards our Subaru has driven my family to work and never had a problem. It plows through snow like a snowplow. Get a Subaru. You will never be disappointed.

- Lucille B

The Subaru outback: a good family car.

I enjoy the space in the backseat of my vehicle. We have plenty of room for our car seats as well as for hauling items in the trunk. I enjoy the heated seats in the winter. However, the battery that was factory installed quickly ran out of power. We needed to be jump started several times. Now that we purchased a new, larger battery our car is much more reliable.

- Candy P

It's a good value but I think it's important to pay for the bigger engine in order to have sufficient power.

The car gets pretty good mileage, has ample cargo space and reasonably good power. The interior isn't luxurious but it's adequate. Technology is generally good but there are too many gadgets/buttons for my liking. My biggest problem is that the car isn't as rugged as they advertise. I hit a pothole on a dirt road going 20 mph and did $3000 worth of damage.

- Jeff K

Overall,I do like this vehicle.

I wish I had seat positions that locked per driver. I love how it handles in the snow. The cup holders could be bigger especially on the doors. The gas and brake pedals are too far forward and I had to add extensions on each to make it comfortable to drive. The trunk space is great and so is the built in roof rack. The back seats fold down very easily too.

- Stephanie C

I love my Subaru outback!

I love my Subaru outback for many reasons. First, I am short, 5' 2" and I have no problem seeing out of the vehicle. It handles well and is quite comfortable. It gets great gas mileage and is very roomy. I love all the bells and whistles, from heated front and back seats to the sunroof and large hatch/hauling area. The large backup camera is a huge plus!

- Tamara R

It is comfortable and versatile for by myself or with my family.

It is comfortable to drive, makes me feel better about buying from a brand that is helping make the world better. It is able to go everywhere we want to go, off road, hiking, biking, etc. Only complaints is that the side view mirrors do not have a setting that go with the driver seat settings and do not tilt down automatically when in reverse

- Laurel B

Backup cameras and other sensors work great, so it's a very safe car

I like how smooth it drives and having a hatchback/wagon style trunk without having to get a larger suv. My only issue has been a quirk where occasionally the key gets stuck and won't come out of the ignition, but a friend told me her Subaru did the same thing and you just have to put it in gear and back in park again to get it to release.

- Emily W

Subaru: best adventure vehicle.

I absolutely love my Subaru. It has performed well in all types of weather. It performs well off-road and handles my trips and adventures. It is a very sturdy vehicle and I would recommend Subaru to anyone with a busy, outdoorsy lifestyle. However, I do have the tan fabric seats and they do tend to stain with darker clothing fabric.

- Georgia S

Big enough but compact features.

I love the size!! Still get 5 people in car along with space in the back for my bales of hay! All wheel drive gives me confidence in all weather. It is big enough for me to get in and out of nicely yet I can still reach the other front seat while sitting. The console has just the right amount of instruments -not too many to overwhelm.

- Bonnie C

It is well designed and executed, and reliable, as well as cute, a great value.

The outback replaced a minivan so it feels petite and nimble. The eyesight safety package is not that bossy but it makes us better drivers. I had always put on my turn signal to change lanes but my husband did not. The outback nags him if he does not signal. We have found no flaws in design or finishing. There is nothing to dislike.

- Mary M

Great family friendly car!

Very reliable! Would recommend any Subaru vehicle to anyone! They are wonderful in all weather conditions! Great for a medium sized family! Great for taking short trips, very roomy hatch. Smooth ride, very low road noise. Came with Sirius XM which is a great alternative to local radio stations that play the same music all the time!

- Erin B

2015 Subaru outback car review.

It drives very nicely and is quite comfortable. The back has a lot of space and the rear seats fold down easily to make even more room. My biggest issue is that the latch system for installing car seats does not allow for them to be installed in the rear middle space, which is the safest place, so we had to install it on the side.

- Brittany K

Subaru Outback: a review.

Car has very good oil mileage and is very durable. Have had it for a few years. I have had to have it checked on a few times for minor repairs, which cost a lot. Would not recommend if you do not like having to go to repair shops often. Pretty expensive car to keep up with but it is very good with mileage and is dependable.

- James W

It's considered to be one of the safest vehicles around and it's also very comfortable. To top it all off, it's amazing on gas!

I just recently bought my certified pre-owned 2015 Subaru Outback and I am in love with it! It is the perfect size for me it's a SUV on the smaller side but it has plenty of room for comfort and for storage. It's such a smooth ride and in the almost 10 months that I've had it I have yet to have any problems with it.

- Amanda R

Highly recommend this car.

I absolutely love my Subaru. My favorite feature is the mileage. I get approximately 28 mpg with a mix of city and highway driving. It is comfortable and spacious. In two years I have put 121, 000 miles on it and have only had to replace one part, which is really good for that amount of miles in such a short time!

- Julia H

My car is sleek, attractive and reliable.

I love my car, it is so comfortable and drives so beautifully. However, the Bluetooth does not work on my phone but works on other people's phones and the key gets stuck in the ignition a lot of the time. It's also not great on gas. Other than that, the car is so stylish and I get compliments on it every day!

- Mariam A

Subaru's are very reliable. They are around for a long time and there is not a lot of maintenance for the car.

I have had my Subaru for a little over 3 years now and I have not had any big mechanic issues with it. I have had to change the battery once and replace breaks but that is it. I drive a lot too. I put a lot of wear and tear on the car because of my job and it still runs like it is brand new. Very reliable.

- Brandon C

The car comes with durable plastic mats--perfect for the Colorado weather.

I wish it had quicker acceleration, the touch stereo sometimes freezes, I like the fuel efficiency, it has ample room, the seats could be a bit more comfortable, perfect for having a dog, the power liftgate is convenient, but can be picky and get confused easily, and is touchy when packing the car full.

- Kendall M

When I turn a corner a light comes on my headlight and it shows me how to turn.

My Subaru is perfect. I have had no mechanical problems since I bought the car. I get good gas mileage. The only problem is my radio is not very good. The ride is comfortable. I will always buy a four-door car. The next car I buy will be a Subaru. And my Subaru was made in the united states of America.

- Lois S

That it's a Subaru and handles very well in all weather conditions.

I am a huge Subaru fan. My lady vehicle was a Subaru and my next will almost definitely be a Subaru. My vehicle drives and handles very well on the road, no matter the weather conditions. I also really like all the extra little features that came with the car. There isn't much that I dislike about it.

- Adam K

Subaru outback: Vermont's vehicle of choice.

The confidence of the extra height of the chasse, all-wheel-drive, large trunk space, and built-in roof-rack make it the perfect car for Vermont activities during all seasons. The gas-mileage and smoothness of the ride actually help make getting from place to place a treat instead of a chore.

- Christopher K

Comfort, reliability, and safety.

I absolutely love my Subaru outback 3. 6r limited, I drove every SUV crossover they have on the market and nothing even comes close to comparing to the comfort and reliability of this car. I love all the safety features, such as blind spot detectors, lane detectors, and the eyesight feature.

- Amy K

Rear view mirror insufficiency.

It is difficult to see a vehicle behind one when trying to pass it. Side view mirrors are insufficient, as is the rear vision mirror. It is not possible to purchase a substitute or supplementary mirror to assist in the vision of cars coming from the rear to the right side of the vehicle.

- Virginia D

It is one of the most safest automobiles you can own.

This is the third Subaru I have purchased. The buying experience was quite pleasant and I simply love my Subaru! It consistently receives the highest ratings from the IIHS and I feel very safe driving it, no matter what the weather or road conditions. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Elaine P

Good car, but want a little more.

Reliable, good on gas. Just do not care for the noise that comes from operating the car... Sounds cheap or that it is not made very well. Lots of clunking and road noise. Other than that, it performs very well and does what I expect it to. I probably would consider a different vehicle.

- Tricia D

Good basic vehicle that will suit your mom needs.

This car is great. It is a perfect mom-mobile. It has the perfect amount of space. It looks nice and basic as to not draw attention. It gets great gas mileage. Only problem is it is a bit slow on the get up and go on the transmission. All in all a great car though. Love Subaru�s!

- Kelley L

It's a great, functional, spacious family car that gets good gas mileage.

I like the interior space, especially the large amount of cargo space that still leaves plenty of room for passengers. I like the gas mileage that it gets. My only complaint is that the engine isn't incredibly powerful, but that doesn't bother me much during my typical driving.

- Beth G

Nice car for the price but issues arriving only at 36000 miles.

Good car but having some issues that shouldn't be at only 36000 miles so starting to think I shouldn't have bought a Subaru. Going to take it back to the dealer and get them to look at it again! They seem to be trying to get out of covering stuff. Not happy about that at all.

- Elisa P

Love our 2015 Subaru Outback

My Outback was a replacement vehicle for a 2011 Outback under the lemon law. I have had no issues with my vehicle other than the screen has lines across it and you are unable to see the screen which is also a GPS. I also do not like that the doors do not automatically lock.

- Jennifer R

Safety and Reliable. Has lane departure and back view screen is great.

the reason we pick Subaru is because of it safety and reliability and performs really well. for a wagon base SUV, I wish this model could be little more higher like their forester and the trunk space is small and narrow, will not accommodate golf bag with golf clubs.

- Mai W

What a wonderful drive in the outback.

The outback is wonderful and reliable. It handles well in the snow. It is comfortable for long trips. The fold down seats in the back make moving items easy. I enjoy using the heated seats in the winter and after a long day driving home. The sunroof adds a nice touch.

- Nicole E

Subaru, the mountain peoples car.

My Subaru is a good running car, strong, reliable, comfortable. Interior has a great design and all the options are great and useful. I am still getting gusto the centrifugal clutch system. I have been a Subaru owner for the last 22 years and over all I am pleased.

- Andrew S

I love my Subaru Outback.

I love the driving and handling. I take it on off-road adventures and the space for my gear is essential. It also has a high enough clearance for the majority of off-road paths taken. Gas mileage and tank size is also a plus. I highly recommend the Subaru Outback.

- Nikki S

I drive it. I don't really like it but it has a reputation of reliability and dependability behind it. I am still paying for it sadly. I also don't like It's color.

I used to love Subaru, but they went larger now I think they are too big and bulky. I would rather drive my smart car it fits me better. I find the Subaru is reliable but it feels like gunboat in size now. I have had a few of them but they were smaller back then.

- JoAnne P

The Subaru Outback has the highest safety rating in its class.

I love the safety features and the comfort of my car. I don't like that I have a limited amount of USB charging ports because I have kids and they need chargers plugged in for long trips. I love that my car handles really well in the winter because of the AWD.

- Susan C

Good looking, safe, and reliable. What more could you ask for?

The 2015 Subaru Outback is a good looking and reliable car. It is comfortable and easy to drive. The radio could use some improvement and it does lack a little in power, but if you want a safe, reliable, and comfortable car, don't hesitate to give it a shot.

- Jeremy B

How long l have that one car 1999 still running good. I think they have one car.

I love everything about my car including the safety features, the all-wheel-drive capabilities, and the space inside. The only downside would be the reduced towing capacity. I'd love to bring an r-pod with me but I think it exceeds the towing capacity.

- Brandy A

It is a great/safe family car.

We haven't had any problems with our car. We were in an accident and we were not hurt. The car is perfect for our family of four dog. When we travel on vacation we place a rooftop carrier on top and it makes packing and fitting everyone in much easier.

- Amanda M

It is very reliable. I can trust it in bad weather.

Very reliable. Utilitarian inside and wish I had purchased the more upscale version since it wasn't to much more in cost. Most people say a Subaru last forever, so we will see but right now it is low cost and low maintenance after three years.

- Wanda D

This wagon has good handling, and standard all-wheel drive means the Outback has good road grip and can even handle some light off-roading.

The 2018 Subaru Outback finishes in the top half of our wagon rankings. It has a spacious interior and is relatively capable on- and off-road. It's less upscale than some other wagons, but it has almost everything you'd want in a family car.

- Abby A

It's all-wheel drive and transmission characteristics.

Our Subaru Outback has all-wheel drive and a continuously variable transmission. Accordingly, the driver and passengers do not feel any shifting as the car accelerates. It has seating for five and is configured like a station wagon.

- robert m

The safety features like Eyesight are state of the art yet very affordable.

I love the roominess inside, the cargo capacity, the adjustable seats so that I can see more. The ride is smooth and the safety features and fuel economy are great. I wish it was more connected but that came in later model years.

- Robin S

It's a fantastic family car for kids and pets. Provides a comfortable and safe ride for long drives and road trips.

I like that it is comfortable, and has many extra features to make life easier like back up camera, satellite radio,navigation etc. It is also very safe and comfortable for long drives. I do not love the body shape or color.

- Sarah G

The Subaru Tale which is telling why I like my Subaru so much.

This is my second Subaru. I did own a Forester and this time I bought a Outback. This car drives very smoothly and is a workhorse for me. I can put the two seats down and have a large area to carry just about anything.

- Linda W

It is reliable, fuel efficient, and easy to drive.

I love that my vehicle is high off the ground so I can really see everything around me as I drive. I love the red color and I think it's a nice big car without being bulky like minivans. I also love the backup camera.

- Francesca J

They are superb cars for the money.

I love that it will last forever-not my first Subaru. The newer bodies are stylish and look very high end. My one complaint is that it is near impossible to change a headlight bulb without the tire off of the car.

- Rob K

Handles well on all road conditions.

I love my Subaru! It is reliable, easy to maneuver and park, and handles well on icy roads. It can hold a surprising amount of stuff because the back seat folds down level with the trunk. Well worth the investment!

- Michelle E

It is extremely reliable and comfortable.

I love this car. I wish it was a little quieter on the interior but overall great for what I use it for. Subaru should sell cars with the hitch; I got an after market on and have noticed most people do the same

- Mallory W

The safety features are not flawless, the driver still needs to be alert.

I like driving it because it has great safety features, is up-to-date and is fun to drive. I do not like how the navigation works, and that it does not interact with my iPhone, only android or droid phones.

- Linda N

It is reliable and a lot of Subaru's last a long time.

I love my vehicle because it is reliable. I have not had to do huge repairs to it yet. The only thing would be the glitch in the tire pressure alert. It will say my tire pressure is low even when it's not.

- Anna D

The car is great is snow and very comfortable. I love that it is safe for my child.

I love how the vehicle handles and the options it has. I hate that I cannot use the nav system while driving, even if there is a passenger in the vehicle. The voice command does not work well at all.

- Elaine W

It has a great safety rating.

Gets around good in the snow. I just feel safe in it. I love everything about it with the exception of two things; the black interior and it is kind of noisy inside when traveling down the highway.

- Rhonda M

Most reliable you will find for the money.

I recently bought an outback not really knowing anything. The 5 door outback is not only spacious but heated seats. The bells and whistles are a pain but has taught me to be a much better driver.

- James F

It's safe and built to last.

I love that I can trust my car to keep me safe. I'm a nurse so it's important that I can make it to the hospital regardless of the weather. It also has a built-in GPS, which I definitely need.

- Steph H

Subaru outback. The unofficial car of Vermont - for real!

Love my outback. Has all the bells and whistles. Handles very well in summer and winter. I live in northern VT where we have had lots of ice and snow. Handles well in all with its 4 wheel drive.

- Johanna C

It meets our needs and is easy to drive.

I like the comfort of the vehicle. I like the color. I like most things about the vehicle. There is nothing that I really dislike other that it does not have as much cargo space as a van.

- Linsa C

It is extremely safe. I was t-boned by a car in the driver's side and the door never hit me. I was completely safe.

I love the ride of this vehicle, the safety, the size, and the rearview camera. I love the automatic windows. I really like the cargo area, and power opening and closing of the hatch door.

- Samantha B

It's good on gas, and has a hybrid engine, which helps with gas efficiency.

We love our Subaru! The leather interior stays really clean and is easy to wipe down when we travel. They sports rack on top has also been good for carrying outdoor equipment, like kayaks.


It has lots of safety features. Alerts you when a stopped car is in front of you, when you veer out of your lane, when a car is in your blind spot etc

It's easy to maneuver. The safety features are helpful. It has decent storage but could be more. The Nav system is awful and not user friendly at all. Driving wise though, the car is great

- Steph D

Comfortable, reliable, and safe

I enjoy how reliable my vehicle is and how it can handle any weather. I also like how it is comfortable for a tall person like myself. The one thing it could improve on is gas mileage.

- David F

Gets great gas mileage which surely helps when filling up at the gas station.

I love that it is up to date with technology and Bluetooth services. Access to series xm has made listening to the radio more than enjoyable. It drives great, and gas mileage is nice.

- Anna C

I feel safe when driving the car. That is priceless.

I love the car. It gets good gas mileage and is fun to drive. It has Sirius radio and a well planned interior. Subaru has very good safety ratings. The car also uses regular gasoline.

- Claudia H

It's the best vehicle we've ever owned! Very reliable, all wheel drive is amazing, very comfortable, eyesight is a must for safety these days and helps more than you know! Locking gas flap! An all over perfect vehicle. For the price of the outback you get most of if not more than much more expensive luxury brands. Awesome in the snow by the way, and plenty powerful!! Nothing else comes close in this price range!!

The safety features are absolutely incredible. Including the very helpful eyesight technology which provides an extra sense of security for today's cringeworthy driving experience!!

- Jonathan N

The safety record is great and it handles wonderfully in the snow.

I love that my car is safe, and has good safety ratings. The car is extremely comfortable for short and long drives. It is a good size for my, my husband our stuff and our pups.

- Jacquie W

It's a great, reliable vehicle for everyone, especially families.

I feel safer in my Subaru Outback. I'm very familiar with the way it operates since I've had outbacks for over 20 years. It handles well in snow . It is roomy and can carry a lot.

- Debbie K

I really like the reliability.

I've had absolutely no problems with my vehicle. The maintenance is very low, gas can be a bit pricey, but it does get a surprising amount of gas mileage for being a 2.5 L engine.

- Eric B

It has one of the highest safety ratings.

I love my Subaru outback. I have not had any issues with it at all. I love that Subaru has high safety ratings and if I need parts the people are very helpful at the dealership.

- Taylor H

It has four wheel drive, but is not an SUV. So it's great for driving in snow, even if you don't want an suv

It is easy to drive, I love the safety features and the trunk space. I wish the backseat had a bit more room. It was difficult finding a car seat that could fit in the backseat.

- Amy R

Even in a foot plus snow you'll never know. The car takes care of you.

Best vehicle I have ever owned, no terrain is an problem, Subaru has a great customer service department that will take care of you. The safety features are incredibly amazing!

- Kate K

As a mom of young kids, I feel safe driving with them in it during really rough weather.

It handles well in snow & general inclement weather. I love that it's all wheel drive & a smooth ride; and that it fits 3 kids in the back. I can't think of anything I dislike.

- Elizabeth B

Great, reliable family car.

This car is very reliable and has been working great for me for 8 months now. It does get a little testy sometimes when idling and prefers to be moving, but has never stalled.

- Crystal V

Excellent quality and safety features included with this car.

I love the safety features on my Outback. The size is perfect and the service I get from the dealership is wonderful. I also love the touchscreen and navigation features.

- Ani M

Be prepared for recalls. There have been a lot in recent years for the Outbacks.

Overall the Subaru Outback is a decent car. It has had 3 recalls in 3 years however, including the emergency brake and battery. I'm not sure I would buy another Subaru.

- Jenn S

How safe the Outback feels driving is really important. It's high enough off the ground and feels sturdily built.

I love the amount of space in the Outback and how comfortable it is to drive. I feel very safe and enjoy the additional features. The back fits anything we need to move.

- Fallyn D

It's very comfortable and for the price lots of options that you find in more expensive brands.

It has great gas mileage. It has a lot of upgrades for the price. It's very pretty color and design. I like 6 CD player but apparently that has been phased out in cars.

- Pat J

Reliability and safety components. This car handles well in all situations.

This is my fourth Subaru Outback. I love the way it handles, the fuel economy, and It's just what I need. Only complaint is that the clock is this model is too small.

- Judy W

Great all around vehicle, reliable, fun, and sporty. A fun car to drive

I love my Subaru. It has been reliable with no mechanical issues beyond typical wear and tear. It is great for hauling things and I love to take it camping

- Audra W

It is economical and still a little sporty.

Love the safety, the comfort, the room in back and the sunroof. Could use more pickup speed wise. I love the low prices associated with upkeep on the vehicle.

- Lee M

That it is a safe car to drive and holds its value better than most cars.

The vehicle is just the right size for my family and very safe. I am able to travel up the mountains with ease due to AWD. The gas mileage is also very good.

- Katy Y

It is great for mountain families who like to save money on gas

It is great in snow, hauls my kids and dog and can handle our mountain drives. I wish it was more powerful but I am thrilled about the gas mileage it gets

- jill r

Feel safe in a reliable car

It is reliable, has many safety features. Lts you know if you wander to far either way . slows if you get too close to car ahead of you. Good gas mileage.

- Sandra G

My Subaru is all wheel drive which is good for all kinds of weather and is very safe.

My car drives well in all weather conditions. It is easy to drive. It is kid friendly. It has a spacious trunk for all sport equipment and beach chairs.

- Lisa B

Safety ratings are awesome they are well built to stand up in accidents.

It is a great car good gas mileage and dependable feel safe driving and it is 4 wheel drive for ice and snow possibilities as I live out in the country.

- Tracy A

It is a safe vehicle and comfortable to be in.

I love my Outback, i feel safe in it, it looks good and it is practical and roomy. My only complaint is that on the driver's seat the leather cracked.

- Nancy C

It has a fantastic safety record.

It is reliable and a pleasure to drive. I do not like the nav system or iPhone integration. The setup is confusing and the systems are sometimes buggy.

- Lauren W

The AWD system can handle sand, dirt, rocks, and road so well.

I love the 4wd system. It's super capable and I can drive it anywhere. It's got a nice interior and exterior. However, it doesn't drive all that well.

- Eli K

My Outback has a good safety rating and it is reliable.

My car is safe and get decent fuel economy. It is comfortable and easy to drive. It could have a little more pick up and go, but it does fine.

- Kathy P

Oil change every 6, 000 miles. No more no less.

Very nice car, good gas mileage! Only problem is rough a idle. Wheel bearing worn down very early in ownership. Once repaired, rain like new.

- John C

The safety features are amazing in my car and I feel that my family is always protected

Safety, reliability, space, gas mileage Dislike that have a couple things that aren't working on it and dealers can't tell me what is wrong

- Christine P

It has everything you need and the space for your family

I like the space and ability to fit everything my family needs. I wish it got better mileage with gas. It has a lot of great useful features.

- Maureen B

A Safe Car With Great Gas Mileage That's Perfect For Growing Families

I like that my car gets really good gas mileage. I also like that it is newer than my previous car. In addition, I like that it is very safe.

- Heather S

I love my Outback. We have had no issues with the car. It's been on multiple cross country trips and gotten excellent gas mileage. It's the first car I've owned that I can ride in all day long and still be comfortable at the end of the day.

I'd have to say that the most important thing about my Outback is it's comfort. We've had both young and old take trips, it cradles us all.

- Carol C

Safety features are amazing.

When u set cruise control the car drives itself. The number of safety features is unbelievable. The hands free phone and radio is wonderful.

- Dorothy H

Best compact SUV for a family of 4.

I love that my Subaru is a perfect size for my family, easy to drive, easy to maintain, affordable, looks cute. It is the ideal family car.

- Chelsea T

It is easy to keep it clean.

It has room to fit everything our family needs on road trips. It still looks stylish at almost 4 years old. I feel very protected in it.

- Aimee G

Subaru's are safe cars and very reliable. Our Outback has been great for our family.

We love our Subaru. It can fit all of us comfortably including the dog! We took it on a long road trip and felt very safe the entire trip.

- Rebecca C

Safe and stylish with comfortable interior.

It is very comfortable even for someone 6 feet 4 inches tall. There are many good safety features including many for back seat occupants.

- Jamie E

The car handles well in the rain

The car is fun to drive. It's gets good gas mileage. The engine noise is a little loud. I recently had to have the transmission changed.

- Garrick H

2015 Subaru Outback. Outstanding vehicle

Very comfortable and excellent mileage. Excellent rideability. No problems with car. Very comfortable on long travels and short rides.

- Charles J

my car will go anywhere i want it too, especially the snow and mud.

I love the color, the power and comfort. I dislike the fuel economy, i got the bigger motor and it chugs gas. other than that i love it.

- Dave H

Rated one of the safest cars to own. Feel safe when driving.

Very comfortable to ride in/drive. It is roomy in the back seat. Good for traveling, plenty of room. Visibility out of windows is fine.

- Victoria M

Handles well and safe to drive.

Reliable. Good resale value. Many safety features. Comfortable interior. Manual control integrated and easy to use. Good gas mileage.

- Elaine C

The Subaru Outback is a very versatile vehicle, good for people in many different life stages.

My vehicle is fast, economic, and practical. It is also fun to drive. The only thing I dislike is that it doesn't have a sunroof

- Kate H

Subarus are known for their resale value and their dependability

Thr ride, the mpg, the comfort, the design. It is high off of the ground and easy to get into. It is comfortable for long trips.

- Robert M

Has all the features you'd want/need.

It could get better gas mileage..... It is cheap to work on.. It has room for my dogs.. It ages well.. Has a great turn radius.

- Jon R

The safety on this car is one of the best and voted one of the best.

Comfortable smooth ride. Spacious. Luxury car. Good for travel to lake Tahoe or going through mud terrain. Very fun for trips.

- Alicia S

All gadgets, heated seats, backup camera.

Heated seats in the back! Smooth driving! Nice sleek shell. Love the black color. Roof rack is nice plus the ski rack is too.

- Peyton H

That when you are in the car whether driving it or being a passenger you will love how it handles.

I love the way it drives. Very comfortable ride whether a passenger or the drive. Very good on gas. Solid make and reliable.

- Debra B

I love the fact that it starts when I put the key in

The problems are fine. The performance is good, the reliability is good, the comfort is good, and the the features are good.

- Jeffrey B

The Subaru Outback is a tremendous value for a station wagon

A very comfortable car. Great value for the money spent. Minimal maintenance required fo the first three years of ownership

- Nels B

It is very safe in the winter snow and ice and doesn't slide all over.

It gets great gas mileage. My car is a beautiful shade of blue. The car is easy to load and can hold everything I need.

- Gerianne S

It has an amazing safety rating.

I love that I can take my outback anywhere. I do not like that it is so loud. I love that it have adaptive cruise control.

- Josh J

It is very safe and easy to drive.

Easy to see out of. Great amount of cargo space. Great on snow and ice. Drives smoothly. Rides quietly. Comfortable seats.

- Jennifer S

The space the space in it is fantastic

I love the all wheel drive. The look and detail. But I don't like that it is very easy to leave the car unlocked overnight

- Brandon G

Safe and comfortable, good for family.

It has a lot of room and drives well. My biggest complaint is that you cannot install a car seat in the middle position.

- Brittany S

The safety factors are huge. The eyesight adaptive cruise control, side view mirror obstacle indicator, airbags and seatbelts are all amazing features.

I love the size. It hold all of our gear for weekend trips. I can pack my stuff, my son and my dog with room to spare.

- Jaime G

It's great for outdoor adventures. Enough room to bring along friends and family.

Great, reliable car. No issues to date. Smooth drive and easy maintenance. Dependable on trips and easy on the road.

- Leo H

Good value for the price paid.

A good value for the money. Easy to service. Inexpensive to operate. Good handling. Wish it had a bit more power.

- Nelson B

It's environmentally friendly and built tough and strong.

It has bluetooth and air conditioning. It's like an ox with a motor and can plow through multiple feet of snow.

- Nicole K

It's a very safe car and fun to drive

It's comfortable, safe and fun to drive. It's a car for the whole family to enjoy and it cost less to maintain.

- inday b

it is pretty economic and you can fill the tank with 30 bucks a week

the vehicle is very good and helpful. it has a big inside space and a good trunk and it is also pretty economic

- Anna P

It shakes a lot with any strong winds

I like the design of the car. I do not like the fact that you feel the wind on the car, which makes it vibrate

- mike p

Great family car for short or long distances

My Subaru is reliable and great for the family, whether it be running local errands or taking a long road trip.

- Kristin Y

Have many features that I had included. To make it convent

My vehicle is very reliable. Haven't had any major problems just regular maintenance. Gets me through the snow.

- Cynthia R

The Outback has one of the best resale numbers than any other in its class.

I love the interior space. The Outback is very comfortable. It also gets great mileage. I have no complaints


Reliable. Fuel economy. Safe to drive.

Excellent vehicle. No problems. Holds my family and business samples. Runs very well in all types of weather.

- Jeffrey K

Provides ease of mind knowing that Subaru is one of the top rated safety brands.

The cruise control with eyesight is very helpful with the amount that I travel on the interstate every week.

- Erin K

Reliable transportation for winter

Generally speaking it works well but has had a few minor issues. It is a comfortable ride with good mileage.

- Michael M

It drives smoothly and we all feel safe inside. Probably buy another Subaru

I like the way it drives and many things about it. I just wished it was a little higher and more spacious.

- refuse R

The gas mileage is good and it is just an all around great car.

No complaints. Love everything about my Subaru. I love the gas mileage and also my eyesight that is in it.

- Olivia O

It is a very comfortable ride.

No problems, good on gas, smooth ride, few repairs. Great size for family of four. Great storage in back.

- Judi R

Life living in a ski town.

The 3.6R engine is great for climbing mountains. Lots of room for road trips. We love our Subaru Outback!

- Brooke W

Great car, great features, very reliable.

Great car for everything. It handles great in snow and rain. I haven't had any maintenance issues at all.

- Carol E

Durability dependability, mpg, features, comfort, price, going through snow.

Great vehicle. Can't wait to try it out in the snow. Only problem might be location of rear view mirror.

- Rodney S

Great value in a vehicle.

Handles great. Gets really good mileage. 27-28 mpg combined city and highway. Keeps its value very well.

- Cheryl B

How safe I feel driving it.

It has a large cargo space, lots of legroom, very gas efficient for the size. Love the safety features.

- Annie U

It has good amount of space in the back.

I like the size of the car, the trunk space. It first two car seats easily. I dislike the cup holders.

- Emily B

2015 premium Subaru outback.

Bought used with a dented door but dealer has not called with info on new door being in to repair it.

- Derek R

Safety that I feel safe every time

I like the safety of it and I like to he look of my Subaru. I don't like that it doesn't have a nav.

- Kelsey k

Subaru makes the best cars. Look it up. They get great reviews in Consumer Reports.

It's been a great vehicle. Handles snow very well. Gets good gas mileage. Hauls a lot of cargo.

- Eric S

SUbaru car will last forever and be reliable. Good resale value as well

Subaru reliability, styling, functionality are all great. Only real complaints are infotainment

- no s

It is functional and gets good gas mileage. I love my car.

I like the heated seats in front and back. I also like the sunroof and the built in navigation.

- Erin H

The superior safety rating.

The safety rating is great. Love the heated seats. The backup camera I could not live without.

- Amy G

It's one of the safest cars on the road today. Subaru's have among the highest resale values.

It is safe and reliable. It's comfortable. I have two large dogs and they travel comfortably.

- Katherine B

It is the safest car and great for family. Compare to the other vehicles, price is better.

Love the stability on snow. It has the intuitive cruise control and eyesight. I love them.

- Sue L

It's good for winter driving. Drives well in the snow.

I like that it is very good for winter driving. It is fun to drive. I like the look of it.

- Rhonda W

Subarus last forever, so they are a good investment.

I like the size. I don't really like the nav system. I expect it to last for a long time.

- Stephanie D

It has many safety features.

This car has many safety features. It is of high quality. It should last a long time.

- Susie W

My car is very reliable and rarely has any problems other than the normal maintenance. My husband has put this car through the ringer with accidentally draining the engine oil, sinking the car in muddy water to the point of flooding the lower part of the floors, and the mileage we put on it; yet it is very resilient. I recommend this vehicle for any one that wants a reliable, safe, determined vehicle.

This is a very safe vehicle with the safety features put into the car using EyeSight.

- Brittany S

It is good in the snow! And has a lot of storage space.

I like the storage space. I like the snow handling. I like the off road handling.

- Jason L

The Eyesight Technology which provides the driver with proper spacing and distance between vehicles.

Great power on acceleration. Love the eyesight technology. Comfortable seats.

- Mace M

It is a safe car and will keep your family safe as well.

Love that it's good in the snow. It's a safe car that I feel confident driving

- Cindy Y

It is a great vehicle for a large family and animals

Pros: All wheel drive. Roomy. Great look. Heated seats. Con: No remote start

- Sheila R

Reliable, safe and most maintenance free

Nice overall rde. Good reliability. No major issues in 3 years and 60k miles

- None C

Great car for a family who likes the outdoor activities like skiing, fishing, hiking, surfing, and biking. The car has great handling.

Good handling and decent power. The seats are not as comfortable as a Volvo

- Ella C

does very well in snow/ice

Gets good gas mileage, wagon so can haul stuff, does very well in snow/ice

- William S

Versatile for city, mountain, highway and everything in between.

Like the hauling capacity. Dislike the radio connection to Android apps.


Its safe and dependable, comfortable and easy to maintain.

Acceleration is slightly sluggish due to weight. Needs a larger engine.

- Deron W

I love how safe my car is. I love the design. I love the way it drives.

This car not only looks good, but is so safe! It's top rated in safety.

- Leah F

Buy the parking system upgrade. It is big enough that having the back up video and beep sound would help me park.

Reliable. Good gas mileage. Safe. Expensive for a minimal features.

- Karen S

Subaru is by far the leader in safety and reliability.

I love the safety features and drivability. I will always buy Subaru.

- Kelley K

I do not like that it doesn't alert you when lights are left on or just turn off automatically. My car has died several times due to this.

It is safe and has a very high safety rating, which is why I like it.

- Tiffany L

The safety aspects of the car are excellent. Engine hesitation

Engine hesitates. Good gasoline mileage. Great safety systems.

- Don C

Low maintenance. That is the most important . Tired of typing more than needed

Car mileage. Good Handling. Design. Top Value. Very reliable.

- Peter P

AWD and a V6 are the best things about my car. It is perfect for the mountains.

I love my Subaru. It has great features. Rides like a dream.

- chris g

Safety features that the car has.

Gives warning signals, too close, etc. Easy open rear door.

- David C

It is very reliable, requires little maintenance, and is enjoyable to drive.

Requires little maintenance, comfortable, has good mileage

- Tom T

It is reliable and I love it and it's the most important thing i have.

I love the brand. I love the feel. I love how it handles.

- Don W

has incredible safety features like back up camera, and reactive cruise control

the car is very reliable. great in the snow. solid ride.

- Marcy K

It is safe. Reliable I like it pretty well. Decent color

I like that it is safe. I dislike that it is a bit slow

- Brigid M

My car is durable and has lots of storage space for my needs.

I like my vehicle because it drive smooth and it's 4wd.

- Ray B

it's one of the safest car in the market today and will last long

its reliable and cost less to maintain. No complaints

- Emma T

This vehicle is good for daily duties and it is big inside that you can carry car seats easily. It also have a good and big trunk which is good for when you have to take short road trip.

It is very economic and does it 32 miles per liter

- Anna P

that it is a subaru. very good car.

great car .plenty of room. very dependable.

- al W

Subaru is a reliable stable comfortable car.

- Marilyn D

Love my Subaru despite its electrical issues.

- Katy W

- Joyce L