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Toyota 4runner / best brand on the market for reliability for years to come.

The Toyota brand is one that my family and I choose because it is a reliable brand. The comfortability of this vehicle is something that I love not only because I know that I can rely and depend on always being on the road and never breaking down, but because it is a comfortable ride with great features inside and out. My Toyota has the ability to adjust seating on both the driver side and passenger side that allows you to easily move the seats to support your back and legs. This helps on long road trips. I love that have the capability of listening to the radio, a CD, or to stream my music via Bluetooth. And one of my favorite features of my vehicle is that I can speak on the phone hands free via my Bluetooth capabilities. This is not the first Toyota I have owned and I know that it is one of the most reliable brands that will remain in my family for decades to come.

- Deborah A

The Toyota 4runner is built for durability and all-terrain capability.

Love the car Toyota 4runner. I love the interior and color. Love the red threading in the seats. Love how the back window rolls down. Love the comfort of the seats and very spacious. The middle console is easy to use. I feel like it is the top of the line and good value. It will last a long time and be dependable for the years to come. Also, safe and affordable without breaking the bank. However I wish the car had a sunroof, but with it being a trd pro it is not ideal for off roading. I would also put a better sound system in the car and the option to put a third row that could fold down in the back seat.

- Tara H

The 4 runner runs and looks good. Great for small family and pets.

It has a ruff ride. I've had problems with my tail light going out. Not enough room if you up size your family and want to go on trips. It's good for a small family. If your wanting a 4runner get a 4x4 they seem like they are better than the 2 wheel drive one. They come in 3rd row seating which is nice to run across town with extra kids not for adults though. Not enough room for adults to sit or bring any baggage to put in back after the 3rd row seating is up. Good engine. All in all it's a great SUV I have just ran into problems.

- Kristina R

Sadly, there is no button to automatically close the back hatch.

I love my 4Runner! It is reliable, not too bad on gas and can tow our small fishing boat! We also had the rack put on top so we could put our kayak on top, too! My only gripe about my particular car is that the lighter/charger doesn't work so I can never charge my phone in the car. I had it looked at early on and they said it worked fine for them which I no longer believe, but oh well! As for the 4Runners in general, I just wish there was a button to close the back hatch, it's pretty heavy and hard for people to close.

- Marcy R

Has many good things but some should be changed.

The seat warmers are really nice and help keep me warm in the winter time but the car's brakes squeak a lot to where it gets annoying every time we try to back up, but that can always be fixed. Also the back row does not have charger ports so if you want to charge your phone you can to bring it to the front which gets annoying because I always have friends with me who want to use their phone but it is about to die so they can not use their phone while charging it.

- Kendall D

Best purchase I have ever made!

I love the durability of the 4Runner. I live on a dirt road that gets muddy and a lot of potholes. My 4Runner is built to withstand and make it through. I love the amount of room it offers as well. I can fold down the seats and load everything I need. I love the sunroof. I also like the automatic door steps. It helps my friends that are shorter and or older in getting in and out of the car.

- Jacque C

I Love my Toyota! By far the best vehicle I've ever owned!!

I absolutely love my 4Runner. The vehicle provides a smooth and fun ride. It's comfortable for all passengers and has all the features you need. My 4Runner has been so reliable and has never failed me. Aside from normal wear and tear on battery and tires I haven't had any issues with my vehicle. I'm extremely pleased with the quality of Toyota!

- Kimberly G

Toyota 4-runner girl for life.

It is extremely reliable. It rides nicely, and is extremely comfortable and spacious, especially on long car rides. I can fit the dogs, my kids, and our friends if necessary. I like being able to drive the vehicle out onto the beach or taking it off-roading, and I also like that everything is automatic. Seats, mirrors, the whole nine.

- Lisa B

I really love my (new-to-me) Toyota 4Runner!

I enjoy the amount of cargo space, as it is a nice upgrade from the Toyota Highlander I owned previously. The included XM satellite radio is awesome, and I gladly paid for a subscription after my free trial period ended. I also like the lighted cargo hold door and the lights on the exterior mirrors that glow when you unlock the car.

- Afton T

The perfect SUV for someone wanting something reliable.

The 4runner is an incredibly reliable car. Mine is now over 105, 000 miles and. It runs just as good as the day I bought it, even with me being late for oil changes by a couple hundred miles at times. The only drawback is it does not necessarily get good gas mileage but it makes up for it by offering a smooth ride.

- Griffin W

Powerful and pretty. What else could you need?

This is a very reliable vehicle that has all the features I want and is also all wheel and 4 wheel drive. I love the 3rd row seat that ticks away nicely and the sound system is awesome. Heated leather seats and a sunroof just make it even better. This may be a big vehicle but it can accelerate like a race car.

- Sharon Z

It's a four door very roomy vehicle. Great for family trips.

Of course it an all wheel drive. Very safe for the winter. Very reliable and spacious for the family. Its a 3 row seating. I also enjoy the electronics as in the TV. It's very occupying for not just my child but his children as well. I also like that it's big but not intimidating when it comes to transporting.

- April B

Highlights of the 4runner.

The vehicle is rough and seats are uncomfortable! Very dependable! Fair gas mileage! Has enough from for our family! Love that the back slides out for easier use! Back seats recline a bit for comfort! The trail addition is awesome if you are into climbing and off-roading! I would recommend it!

- Amy C

My 4runner has plenty of room!

I absolutely love my 4runner. It provides plenty of room for my family of 4. It has a big, spacious trunk. It drives smoothly. It is great for trips because it provides plenty of room for all the luggage. My only complaint is that I wish I would have gotten one with a built in DVD player,

- Courtney S

High off the ground and fun to road trip in.

Great! Love the design and durability. Reliability for sure. Comfort- drives like a truck.problems- none. Performance has been great. We have traveled back and forth across country several times. It hasn't broken down on us. We travel with our dog so be has plenty of space in the back.

- Valerie W

My vehicle lasted me for almost 3 years.

My car is getting old. It makes loud sound. The seats are comfortable, it has good ac and heater. I would love to upgrade to the new Toyota soon. My car is reliable and it does not shut down on me while driving. I love driving during bad road condition because it can take the snow.

- Shay A

There is little upkeep required. YOu just need to do the basic checks when you hit the mileage and buy tires when needed.

Love the way it drives and how it looks on the road even though it is 6 years old. It is very stylish. Also I have had no mechanical issues besides the basics to keep it running. Wish it had better gas mileage and it had the features where it beeped when getting close to cars.

- Shauna G

It has leather seats with heated and cool seats! I love that feature!

I think the 4Runner is perfect vehicle for a family! Kids have plenty of room in the back seat and there is plenty of room up front, too!! I think it gets good gas mileage for an SUV! I am very happy with the purchase we made years ago! I will always drive 4runners from now on!!

- Christin S

Comfort and reliability for all occasions

I have had no issues with my vehicle other than the routine maintenance. I would highly recommend a Toyota 4Runner. The comfort and stability is fantastic. The car is also great in the rain and snow, I've had no issues at all in any kind of weather related conditions.

- Mal L

Reliable and durable! Does not get much better than this!

Vehicle is very reliable. Only maintenance (other than routine) that I had to perform was replacing the brake rotors and the struts. Other than that, the 4runner has performed well since I have owned it, almost 6 years. Definitely works great for going off-road.

- Cody M

It is a great car if you maintain it.

I love the size of the vehicle(I am 6'5, so a large vehicle is a must!), the control, interior, color and condition of it after 6 years. The only downside is the amount of money I spend on gas, as my commute to work is pretty far so I spend $60 a week on gas.

- Thomas C

It gets great gas mileage and is easy to maintain.

It has a very comfortable and roomy interior. I love the way that it runs and how fast it accelerates. It looks great and does not have many issues that arise. All of the Toyotas I have ever owned have never given me any trouble.

- Jeffrey J

That it is great for all types of driving: mountain, highway and city.

I love the size, not too bit and not too small. I like that I can pop up the 3rd row if I need extra seating or leave it down for cargo room. I dislike the technology (iPod/bluetooth)! It does not consistently work.

- Lauren P

Built to last. Toyota 4runner.

Excellent ride. Very smooth. Car has nice acceleration. Fair on gas mileage. Sleek finish and very stylish despite being a model from 6 years ago. 3rd row is tight but worth it for extra passengers. Good storage.

- Chris C

Toyota 4Runner is great!!

Love our 4Runner and all Toyota vehicles. Very sharp looking on the outside but family friendly and stylish on the inside. Love the moon roof and 3 row seat... although I wish the 3rd row was a bit bigger.

- Nate Z

It is a good size, fun, and able to get into spaces that bigger cars can not.

I love how comfortable it is and how slick it looks. It gets decent enough gas mileage. I love how high it sits.. I do not like how easy the window chips. We've replaced it a few times since we've got it..

- Katherine M

Spacious, reliable, and comfy.

My car is large enough for camping gear. It's also strong enough to pull a large boat, which is great! Downside is fuel efficiency. It's good for an SUV, but could be better

- Lana J

It is the perfect size for a busy family without being overly bulky. It has luxuries but nothing extravagant.

I like the size of my vehicle. It allows me the space to transport my kids and their stuff; but it is not too big where I struggle getting it parked. It is safe and secure.

- Savannah S

It does not seem to use a lot of gas.

I like the look of it and the smooth drive. However, I do not think the pickup is wonderful. I also think that there are a few blind spots. I prefer Honda's!.

- Lisa B

I feel my daughter is safe in it.

This car is roomy, no issues. It is aesthetically pleasing and easy to get my 2 year old in. It also runs very smoothly, which helps on my 45 minute commute.

- Haley M

It is reliable and extremely safe in an accident.

I like that it is big, very safe, and higher up than most other cars on the freeway. I dislike the gas mileage and that it is not the fastest at breaking.

- Rachel F

It is a quality vehicle with good resale value.

I like that it is a big SUV and it has good resale value. I like that I sit up higher than other vehicles and it gets good gas mileage for the size.

- Darlene J

The reliability is awesome!

I love the features my vehicle has such as backup camera and tailgate package. The tailgate package allows for more entertainment options at games.

- Trina B

My car is my main means of travel. For work I am required to get there regardless of the weather, and my 4runner has done just that.

I love my 4runner because it has always been reliable and gotten me through some tough weather. Got a great deal on it, and it has great features.

- Hafsa M

It makes me feel incredibly safe.

I love the comfortable ride. I like that it is high up enough for me to feel safe. I dislike that it is much wider than my previous older model.

- Amanda H

It's been a workhorse for me, never let me down

It's getting old and starting to break down but it has been a very reliable functional car for me. Especially for surf trips and music gigs.

- Sawyer W

A good reliable vehicle for families

Comfortable and very reliable. Performs as expected. Because it is older, it lacks some features available now, and it has some blind spots

- Tessie E

It is extremely reliable.

It is as reliable as the sun rising in the east. Maintenance has been minimal. Repairs have been minimal. Goes through brakes too quickly.

- Jill S

It has 4 wheel drive and it is very good in driving in snow.

Smooth ride, leather seats, very comfortable seating. Lots of legroom. Do not like the running board and the cargo door is not automatic.

- Carol J

Car is very reliable great on long trips.

Comfortable ride and plenty of space. Able to manage small loads as well as larger loads from repair store. Maintenance schedule not bad.

- Christina C

Toyotas never die! It might cost more to begin with, but it won't let you down.

I love my 4runner because it is dependable. It doesn't break down on me. It gets me through the colorado snow and keeps my family safe

- Kelly W

The resale is great, if they are taken care of and regular maintenance is done. .

It rides well. I feel safe when I am driving or riding as a passenger. It fits my whole family. I do wish it got better gas mileage.

- Kristen G

I will last you a very long time. They say it doesn't break in until 100,000 miles

It's a fantastic car that can handle just about anything thrown at it. I do wish it had automatic settings for different drivers.

- Lisa M

Dependable and Satisfying

I like my 4Runner quite a bit. I find it very reliable and haven't had any issues with it. I find the performance acceptable.

- Sam B

An interesting detail is the color of my car.

The performance was great at first but since the car is getting a built old, the performance is not as great as it used to be.

- Nikki L

Spacious & reliable vehicle

I have had no problems with my car so far. It has been extremely reliable. It is also very comfortable with plenty of space.

- Joy H

Most durable and dependable SUV on the market!

Extremely dependable car. Also very low maintenance costs. And it's a smooth ride for not just a SUV, but for any car.

- Andy S

It has been very reliable, comfortable & spacious.

My car is extremely comfortable and spacious. It has been very reliable so far. I like that it has 4 wheel drive.

- Joy H

Best all around vehicle never going back!

Love my 4Runner. Haven't had any issues with it. It has 4 wheel drive which is great for off roading in the wood!

- Amy M

Reliable, and great resale value.

Reliable, runs smooth. Low maintenance. Easy upkeep. Affordable. Great resale value. Safe. Decent fuel economy.

- Janice B

Great dependable and affordable car.

I love the room I have in my 4Runner. I love the way it drives. It is a great car for my family of four.

- Carley C

Seats are comfortable and you can see very well from the inside of the vehicle

I like how it rides, how it sits up high, the seats are very comfortable. The pick-up could be better.

- Samuel B

It has great reliability. Toyota is a great product.

I love the reliability. The size is nice and it has some nice features. Not much I don't like about it.

- Jodie K

It doesn't get great gas mileage in the city and not very roomie.

I like that I sit up high and is comfortable. Dislike not having as much room as I did in my minivan.

- Janna R

I love the way it looks. It has a great sporty feel and it has great handling on the road

The room and the sportiness of the vehicle. I get good gas mileage. And I love the color.

- Sharon B

It's hard to find a feature you don't love about the car

I love the accessibility of the vehicle, I don't like that it only has 2 cup holders

- Lauren F

It is rugged and low maintenance.

4runner is reliable. It gets good gas mileage. Excellent handing on off roading.

- Keith R

HAs been a good car very little maintenance needs

just a good ride and it stays in style even though It's an older vehicle

- jan k

The space is very good considering the size

I love my Toyota it is the best vehicle I've had yet

- Kaitoe D

Good dependable family car. Can fit all your vacation belonging and still have room for the family.

It's roomy and fairly comfortable. It's dependable.

- Carlene T