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My 4runner is well-crafted, reliable, comfortable and versatile vehicle..

The 4runner is and will always be my dream car. While my Toyota 4runner is not the fastest SUV on the market, it is incredibly reliable. It is spacious, extremely versatile and is truly a pleasant vehicle to drive. It does not feel like I am driving a minivan or truck like some other SUVs and there is not a ton of road noise. One of my favorite features is how the back window rolls all the way down. Another one of my favorite features is the four wheel drive components are typical of Toyota, and work flawlessly, and are aided by electronic actuated traction assist, traction control on/off buttons and decline traction assist. Overall, it is my favorite vehicle and will buy a new one again when my current one is passed down to an heir. The only downside to my 4runner is that there is not third row seating, however, that does not bother me as my dog fits comfortably in the backseat. This is the perfect car for anyone looking for a reliable SUV that can also do some fun stuff on the side. I feel confident that my 4runner will last well over 200k miles.

- Robert E

Overall great function and comfort.

The 4runner is extremely reliable. I have had it for 3 years and put about 70,000 on it. We provide regular maintenance and have had zero issues. It is comfortable and fits two car seats nicely. The storage is great in the back and has an optional third row that can be unfolded. The trunk space is very tight when the third row is up though. I do not like that it does not have automatic headlights, and I wish it had electric back hatch open and close capabilities. The back hatch is very hard for me to reach and very heavy and difficult to pull down and close. It has a sporty look and feel as opposed to some SUVs that resemble minivans. It was a pricey vehicle considering I could've gotten a luxury SUV for around the same price, but it is durable and holds its value well. Overall I love the vehicle but would like an upgraded version more.

- Hannah M

The Toyota is a kid friendly and reliable vehicle.

The Toyota 4runner is a great SUV especially if you have kids. Mine does not have the 3rd row seating which I originally wanted, however I have heard that it is pointless as there is not much room left in the back. The space that I do have is perfect for a stroller or grocery shopping. I am expecting my second child in a few months and both kids will fit perfectly in the back seat with plenty of room to spare. Although Toyotas aren't loaded with the latest and greatest technology- what they do come with is tried and true and functions well. In purchasing a Toyota, you can be confident that you will have a safe and reliable ride for years to come!

- Page W

4runner an acceptable alternative to a pickup truck.

I purchased the 4runner as a replacement for a pickup truck, based on its record of reliability and to save on gas usage.. The Toyota has fewer options than the truck, but has enough for me. The SUV is reliable, and when recalled for the takata airbag valve the service was provided within a day. Gas mileage is a bit disappointing, under 16 mpg, but towing capability is acceptable, and an acceptable trade-off. Body and interior have held up well; this vehicle lives outdoors year round in the ny snowbelt. With 4 wheel drive, I can get around very nicely, including on unplowed roads. Road noise is a negative.

- Cheryl H

Quiet ride, with all the power you could ask for.

I love my 4runner! It is roomy, comfortable and capable. It runs nicely off-road, and is a very quiet ride on the freeway. It has plenty of power and tows nicely. I find the seats very comfortable. The backseat is roomy, even with a car seat. The backseat is capable of reclining, which is really nice on long road trips. My only minor complaints is that there is not a lot of storage nooks near the driver's seat - enough to get the job done, but not as much as I would like. I am also not found of the built in Toyota computer system. The maps are out of date, and the voice recognition is weak.

- Miranda J

4 runners are fun, reliable, safe, and sporty.

Very reliable. Rides high above traffic to give the driver a good view of the road, drives like a truck ( is a bumpy & bouncy ride) has woven seats with leather trim, review backup camera. Mine has the 3rd row seats which are much too small and provide no leg room and are a waste of space... Do not get this feature. Good sound system, very safe, room for 5 adults comfortably. Rather high up & is difficult to get into for shorter people. Good amt. Of storage space in back when the 3rd row is folded down. Not very quite when traveling on the road or the freeway.

- Shannon J

Great SUV, but lacking automatic trunk door.

I love almost everything about my 4runner. My one real complaint is that it is not even an option to get a 4runner with the capability to open and close the trunk door automatically with a button. Losing that feature was a downgrade from my prior vehicle that was 3 years older!! Getting a new car should mean getting more features than your last car, not losing features. I do not know of any other SUV that requires a manual trunk door. I could understand if it wasn't a basic feature and required an upgrade, but it simply was not even an option when I purchased it.

- Crystal H

Big sturdy stylish family cop car

I love it ! it's a good family car! The size is perfect there's a lot of charging ports for everyone. It has Bluetooth and hands free wireless calling. You can play music through your phone. Also the back seats recline back if you wanted to sleep making it a little more comfortable. A lot of space in the trunk for a stroller and couple bags of groceries or shopping bags. The back seat can also be broken down for more room if you were to go furniture shopping and it's also great to fit a baby car seat.

- Stephanie M

The perfect all around vehicle

The Toyota 4Runner is the perfect vehicle. Not one complaint. We are an adventurous family. The 4Runner seats 7 if we need it during the week for family date nights and trips to the grocery store and school. Then turns into our off-road machine on the weekends! There's almost nowhere we can't go. It is highly capable on trails even when it came stock from the dealer. Classy interior beautiful aggressive looking exterior features. So smooth on trails the jeeps can't keep up! Very fun yet practical

- Brooke S

Overall great vehicle for our family.

Love the exterior look, the technology/ touchscreen/graphics could be improved, the GPS can be frustrating and I find myself using phone GPS more often. We recently experienced a loud high pitched noise when traveling above 50mph and taking foot off the gas pedal, we were told that this is normal for this vehicle, not cool! Toyota was great to work with though, they evaluated or vehicle and determined that ours was indeed louder than it should be. The fixed the part and we no longer hear it.

- Tanya L

Great safety features and reliability along with lots of cargo space!

I love my 4runner. Bought it new in 2016 and have had zero problems with it! We have been faithful about oil changes and tire rotations. We have the limited with the 3rd row seat. Perfect for extra passengers or if not they fold down for cargo space. It handles great in tight turns and we love the safety features of roll bars and side airbags. The heated/cooling seats are a perfect feature for St. Louis crazy weather. overall I would give it a 10/10!

- Lyn T

Great sporty ride for an active family with pets

Love the ride, the comfort, the safety, the technology and features. We were able to do some custom upgrades and add accessories to make the vehicle uniquely our own, but we fully trust the quality and safety of this vehicle. And we love that it perfectly fits our family, our dog kennels, and all our gear! We had some problems with the back seat cover coming off, but the dealer figured it out after multiple tries and we haven't had any issues since!

- Cecilia O

Great family car for around town or on the trail

Owned my 4runner just over a year and love it so far. Gas mileage is what you would expect from an SUV.. plenty of room for family and travel needs. Not sure how common this is in this model, but my biggest complaint is an annoying 'squeak' coming from somewhere on nearly every bump. Dealership has yet to identify the source to be able to address it. Just a minor inconvenience. Otherwise performance and satisfaction have been excellent.

- Robert R

Perfect vehicle for an active, outdoorsy family.

Great GPS navigation and screen features. Bluetooth and XM radio capabilities. I love that it has an ac adapter in the back when the 3rd row is down for blowing up air mattresses while camping. Seat heaters are perfect for cool mornings. The ac and heater both kick in quickly which is great for impatient kiddos. We've taken this hiking, camping, around town and on long trips. It is comfortable, reliable and the perfect family vehicle.

- Kelli M

The lack of rear comfort controls makes sitting in the back seat uncomfortable.

I love my 4runner because it gets around really well in harsh winter conditions, it is comfortable, has many amenities such as navigation and Bluetooth, it has a lot of room for storage in the rear. I have always trusted the Toyota brand and have driven many Toyota’s. The one thing I really do not like is the lack of rear comfort controls. There is one air vent in the back of the in-between console (in the front seat).

- Kate M

2016 4Runner is a winner, but there�s room for improvement

The performance with fuel economy is tough. It gets roughly 17 to the gallon and today, that gets expensive. Additionally when I shift from reverse to drive sometimes it clicks into a strange error gear and quickly gets out of it, but the car hiccups and gives an error message. The gate is heavy and does not have an automatic lift, which would be key, and the vehicle is high for my kids- floorboard should be standard.

- Kelly C

I absolutely love the heated seats!

I love my 4Runner! I had a 2005 4Runner before I bought this one and had it for over 10 years. The newer one drives almost identically to the older one which I really like. It was hardly any adjustment at all to get used to driving the new one. I love having a third row to be able to have my parents ride with us when we go on vacation together. It really helps when driving around in busy vacation spots.

- Mindy P

Great family vehicle for work and play.

Purchased my Toyota 4runner in may 2018. Used vehicle (2016). Purchased for cross country work relocation. Our family of 4 fit very well for the long trip. We towed a 24 foot trailer with our Toyota 4runner. I especially like t by as t it was fully equipped so we road in comfort on our cross country move. I really recommend this vehicle for the comfort and reliability that this vehicle has.

- Mt T

Best off road four wheel drive sport utility vehicle!

Automatic locks on my front doors stopped working all of a sudden. It began with the front driver side door in November 2018, followed by the front passenger side door in February 2019. Aside from those issues, it has been a great vehicle. I drive back and forth between Washington state and New Mexico several times a year and it has been incredibly reliable during harsh winter months.

- Dave P

Great for long road trips.

I have zero complaints about my 4runner. It is very practical, not too heavy on gas, drives great and is very roomy. Also, if you are looking to tow a uhaul trailer, it can do that as well. I have taken my 4runner on long road trips from south Florida all the way to the mountains of northeast Alabama and was comfortable the entire time. I would highly recommend a 4runner to anyone.

- Brian E

This is the best SUV on the market!

I love the size of the vehicle, not too big, not too small. There is a third row of seating that folds completely into the floor when not in use. So it takes up no extra space. This makes for a very large cargo area. The only thing that I wish this vehicle had was an automatic back gate. Sometimes it is difficult to shut the back gate when your hands are full of groceries.

- Tara W

Third row seats are the best ever in my 2016 4runner!

Love my 2016 4Runner! Handles great and rides comfortably. The third row seat is easy to set up and convenient. When it folds down, there is a ton of cargo room. The built in navigation is phenomenal! Touch screen is easy to use. The rear sliding glass was not something I thought I would use, but I surprisingly use it more often than not. Seats are very comfortable.

- Heather T

Best vehicle I have had so far

My 4Runner is almost three years old and so far I have only had one issue. I have gotten my services done on time and the only thing I have had to get fixed is the rear phone charging outlet. This was a simple fix that Toyota dealership corrected at a service appointment. Otherwise it has been a very comfortable and reliable vehicle so far. I love my 4Runner

- Catherine J

Will roll over mountains!

Comfort is top! Love it the seats just hug you. Dependability is amazing, owned Toyota for years never been stranded. The features on the limited are amazing. I love the heated and cooled seats. Also plenty of plugins for all those devices that need charging. And performance is like none other it has some major get up and go and pulling power.

- Brittany H

Best car I have ever owned!

I am in love with my Toyota 4runner! Makes everyday life easier from driving to the grocery store to going on road trips! The space is wonderful! I can load up the back with items or put up my third row seating to make it more comfortable for my guest. I have had no issues with this vehicle thus far and I have been driving it for two years!

- Tiffany M

4Runners are very reliable and have a great resale value...

I love so many things about my 4runner! It's roomy, I love the back window that rolls down...I also love the power and the comfort. It has a great navigation system and Bluetooth capability! The ONLY thing I would change is the mpg. I currently get less than 18 mpg. Luckily I don't do a lot of driving other than to work and around town!

- Regina P

Great Car for Camping Trips

The car is great but the gas mileage is terrible. The car definitely does its job and is extremely safe to drive. Great interior with all the bells and whistles. The back seats can be converted downwards to create more cargo space if needed. The 4-Wheel drive is really helpful when going up mountains for winter trips and camping trips.

- Jackie T

The big boxy car is still a great vehicle

I overall like the design of the car. IT has a very boxy shape which a lot of SUV no longer have. The ride for me is smooth and I think it handles turns well. The overall performance of the car, fits the needs I have and I have no complaints. I think the biggest problem that I have potentially with the car is how fast the parts rust up

- Sam M

It is a reliable car, as all Toyota's are. The car should last well over 100,000 miles since our old ones did.

Size is great for family of 5 and two dogs. 4WD works well as we have tested off-roaring and up steep hills. Would like more space in the third row seats. This SUV is not super eco-friendly as I generally only get 15 mpg on streets and 17 highway. Voice recognition works as well as a phone does. Needs A/C vents in rear seating.

- Kathleen A

Very comfortable and Versatile.

I have no problems with my vehicle. The only downfall that I do not like is that my vehicle does not have third row seating. I love the look of my vehicle. It is very comfortable to drive and has a sunroof which is an added benefit. One more detail that I enjoy is that the vehicle has s hatch window that will roll down as well.

- Amanda D

The gas mileage is as advertised. This is my second 4runner and it has yet to disappoint me.

Never had any problems with my 4runner. The performance is great. This is a very reliable vehicle. It's my second time owning a 4runner. Doubt I will ever drive anything else. It's comfy to drive and ride in. Love all the features. The back up camera is a major plus for me. Also the ability to connect my phone through bluetooth

- Kiona P

It has been the perfect car for me.

I have no complaints about the car. I just bought it pre-owned a few months ago and it was absolutely perfect. The off roading capability is flawless. I have taken it on many trips and the tires last forever and the gas mileage I a little low but it's all I need. It is the perfect combination of practical and comfortable.

- Tyler S

4Runner is a great choice!

My 4Runner has a rear window that goes down...it is one of my favorite features. Handles great in the weather, which we get a lot of here in Rochester. It is a special color (Blizzard Pearl) and I get a ton of compliments on it. The seats are leather which mark easy, but overall I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

- brandy c

Loyalty to Toyota and a short review of my Toyota 4runner

I love the space inside my Toyota 4-runner and its ability to drive strong even over long distances. There have been minor issues like the seat belt buckle all of a sudden not working but it was an easy fix. I also love the broad and tough look of it.I have always loved Toyota and remain loyal to this brand to this day.

- War W

The most reliable vehicle will full comfort.

I've always owned Toyota vehicles. So far I've had no problems with them. As long as you keep up on the maintenance you have no worries. I like my 4 runner because it has a lot of room and as someone with back pain, comfort is a must and I find it extremely comfortable. I can drive for hours with no pain. Love it.

- Lora R

Toyota 4runner trd pro limited.

I love my 4Runner! Works great in Colorado weather! Very reliable have never had any issues. If you can get one I'd highly suggest doing so! Works great for all my family's needs! Weather grocery shopping or dance class in the snow, my 4Runner gets me there and handles whatever weather I may need to get through.

- Jessie C

Sturdy vehicle, stylish inside and out.

I love the stylish exterior and interior of the vehicle. It is a sturdy and reliable vehicle and made for driving in all seasons. The only complaint would be gas mileage. I had one 20 years ago and the current vehicle gets the same as the old vehicle. I would have hoped they could improved that within 20 years.

- Susan B

Perfect SUV for singles or families

It's great! I've never had any issues (with regular maintenance). The navigation system is easy to use, the interior of the car is very nice, and it's the perfect size. Not too big that it's difficult to Park/Drive certain places, but big enough to fit everything you would need. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Morgan D

Stylish and functional family car

Absolutely love my 4Runner. We haven't had any service issues since we purchased it which is a breath of fresh air. It drives well, it's roomy, and functional. The seats lay flat so I am able to haul just about anything. No road or weather condition is off limits. It has been perfect for my growing family!

- Tiffany G

SUV details for the 4runner

We love our 4Runner. Having the third row seat option is great. It allows for fold down option so there's plenty of room for luggage when we travel. We love how smooth the ride is even though it is considered SUV. The backup camera is perfect for me since I'm short and it can be difficult to see sometimes.

- Anna T

The car is very very dependable. I have had no major issues with it in 87000 miles.

I like the truck like feel, it makes me feel safe. The 4runner performs well in all types of weather that occurs in my area. The one thing I would change is I feel like the technology in the car could have been better updated. The user interface seems dated compared to even older cars in the same class.

- Dave M

Our new, exciting Toyota 4runner, that fits our little family perfectly.

Our 4runner is fairly new to us, but over all we have loved it! We have been wanting a family friendly cars that we can also take out on adventures and this was perfect. It also has a ton of room and is super comfortable for our little family. Also gas mileage is not too bad for the size of the 4runner.

- Kori W

Off road Rig meets Road Warrior

Extremely reliable, comfortable ride, very customizable, The only issue I have with the 4Runner is the fuel economy. The engine is a little undersized for the type and weight of the vehicle. Other than that, the off-road capabilities are tremendous and it is a wonderful driving experience all year long.

- Parker C

Toyota 4Runner: great car and very reliable.

I have not had any problems with my 4Runner. I have only had to do the required maintenance every so many miles. I love everything about this car. I love the size and the space that the 4Runner has to offer. I also like its all-terrain capabilities. I had all-terrain tires put on when I purchased it.

- Shea C

We love everything about our Toyota.

We bought the limited edition 4runner and it was the best decision we ever made. I haven't had much problems so far. The features on the car are amazing! My kids love the sunroof. The 3rd row makes it perfect for our growing family. Toyotas are definitely reliable, but I just wish it had more power.

- Mary O

The best SUV out there for you!

My vehicle, Toyota 4runner, is a great SUV. I feel comfortable in it because I sit high and can see everything over the hood. The interior is extremely comfortable with cloth interior and easy to read controls and such. The car does extremely well in any type of weather, example snow, ice, and rain.

- Amy B

The perfect sized vehicle

I love my 4Runner and would not purchase any other vehicle. It is the perfect size, I don't like driving small cars but am a small person so big suvs are too much. The exterior and interior of my vehicle are beautiful. I also have had zero problems with any one I have owned over the past 6 years.

- Larisa S

Probably waste of money!!

There us no air flow in the back seat area. My baby gets too hot in the summertime. I like the sporty looks and dependability of the vehicle. It has a good resale value. The rims are too big and squeal when you turn even though it looks good. I probably wouldn't buy it again as much as it cost.

- Holly M

Smooth, comfortable ride, great for long road trips.

Love the interior, comfortable leather seats that have heat control, sunroof, backup camera, GPS, a menu that includes an address/phone book, preset directions, restaurant, entertainment, shopping suggestions. Easy to drive, smooth ride. Subscription available for satellite radio and onstar.

- Shelly G

Review for Toyota 4Runner XLE.

Toyota 4runner XLE is a good choice for your car purchase. It is safe, stable and good inner design for family. I have purchased this car for 3 years, it performed very well, no any problem occurs so far. I would like to recommend this car to anyone who are searching for buying a new car.

- Rex C

Love it every part of the inside and the outside of the car.

Love the space inside the car the seat are very comfortable and the trunk is very spacious the only thing is the gas tank is not a little expensive to get to full usually depends on the gas prices love the touch screen board it has satellite radio let me connect with the Pandora app.

- Jennifer M

Love that it sits high like a truck and the back glass rolls down

Vehicle is roomy inside. Stylish on the outside. Sits up high like a truck but has luxurious features on the interior for comfort. Back glass rolls all the way down. Leather interior, back up camera, Bluetooth, third row seat. Love it! This is my third 4Runner and vehicle of choice!

- Kristin M

Great family vehicle. The entire family can comfortably travel

I own a 2016 Toyota 4Runner. I'm totally IN love with it. It's super comfy. I can fit 2 car seats on the second row and still have plenty of room. In the back I can fit my double stroller and all my groceries. I haven't had any mechanical issues. I have kept up with the maintenance.

- Maria J

Toyota pride - has is sitting up high and not missing any of the action!

I really feel connected to the Toyota family. My Toyota 4Runner is safe, spacious, & fun! Third row seating mean we can bring friend along! Takes only $40 to fill the tank and off we go! My teens cannot wait for their turn to drive it! Even our dog loves going for rides on Sundays.

- Amanda C

Simple SUV that is reliable but missing some of the nicer features & needs a v8.

This vehicle is underpowered and really needs a v8. I also feel like it is missing some bells and whistles that other vehicles in a similar price point have. I like how the vehicle looks and drives (under than being underpowered) and I appreciate the durability and resale value.

- Rachel D

This is why I buy Toyota vehicles.

I purchase a 4runner after owning two Tacoma. I like having the 4runner as it has much more capability than the Tacoma. I purchase Toyota’s because of their reliability, capability, dependability, and customer service. I will likely buy to Toyota’s for the rest of my life.

- Kill E

It is a very reliable car. I feel that it is safe for my family. I can fit car seats in there with ample room for everyone

I love the look, drive, feel, and pretty much everything about my 4Runner. The only thing I dislike is that the trunk is slightly slanted. When I put groceries in the back everything falls out when I open the trunk. I have lost several gallons of milk because of this feature.

- Cami P

4Runner is the best and easy nice drive.

So comfy to ride in perfect for us. Safety is great love the color and the style and the tires love the weather mats that come with it navigation systems hands free on calling Bluetooth virus XM come with phone Chargers and lifetime oil changes smooth ride very quiet ride.

- Tina W

Trustworthy suv for kids and dogs

It's amazing for a family and we have two Great Danes that if comfortably in the back. We haven't had any problems and it being a Toyota pretty inexpensive to upkeep. The gas would be the only downside and even that isn't as bad as some suv. Overall a great reliable car!

- Kristina M

4Runner limited. Very pleased owner.

My 4Runner rides very comfortably and performs well, zips around town easily with good gas mileage but still is roomy for a small SUV. It is a limited edition so it has all of the bells and whistles with a large screen display for GPS and music. The sound system is great.

- Heather D

Good off road performance

very good SUV for mix of on-road off-road activities, good towing capacity, not much new technologies installed. Outside of backup camera, it has pretty much nothing. No front or back sensors, no keyless start. Within this price range comparable SUVs are much more loaded

- Kevin A

Toyota 4Runner had plenty of room for the whole family.

The Toyota 4Runner is highly dependable and had plenty of cargo space. The heated seats are very helpful in the winter. Back up camera is a must and this one works great! The back seats fold down allowing for even more space. The v6 had great get up and go in the highway.

- Jessica H

Toyota 4runner. Bluetooth problem ls.

The only thing is sometimes the Bluetooth of the vehicle and my iPhone do not always work when making calls when making a call the Bluetooth will completely shut down and have to reboot then it will work. This does not happen every time but will happen a few times a week.

- Susan C

Highly recommend considering this SUV

Reliable, safe, fuel-efficient, sharp-looking and roomy. We have never regretted the purchase. We particularly enjoy the sun roof, which has never leaked. Highly recommend this SUV if you have children because there is plenty of room for their friends to ride comfortably.

- Kimi D

Love the room my 4Runner offers

Love how spacious my 4Runner is for my growing family! Third row seating was a must and this doesn't disappoint! The 4x4 is perfect for anyone who lives in the mountains, perfect for snow conditions! Love that there is still room in the back when the third row is in use!

- Becky H

Excellent 4runner - everyone should have one.

My vehicle is great!! No problems with anything. Very reliable, and very comfortable. Rides great smooth, features are great love the navigation and Sirius radio. Lots of room and great for travel. Perfect family car. Backseat is roomy and has enough room for car seats.

- Jessica C

It is a good quality vehicle with high safety standards.

I like the my vehicle is reliable and Has a roomy interior. It has many safety features that makes me feels safe when traveling either alone or with my family. I also like that it has many current features, like built-in GPS to help me get from location to the next.,

- Bonnie F

Great for traveling. Great off road truck.

I love my truck is great for traveling long trips is durable, spacious and I can count on it not to break down. Is great in the city too. Great on gas for a truck. Have a great off road system is used in the snow and it was great. Definitely recommend my truck anyone.

- Theo I

Wonderful SUV that drives like a car

It is a great car that has never had any issues. The seats could be a bit more comfortable, but the features are wonderful. The seat heaters heat up very quickly, which is great in the winter. Very reliable SUV that drives great. I would recommend this car to anyone!

- Kaitlyn C

I call my car black beauty.

The air doesn't circulate in the back seat area. I like the sporty look and the dependability of it. The gas mileage is not that good either. It's only around sixteen to 17 most of the time. I probably will not buy another one even though it has a high resale value.

- Heather M

The 4Runner eats snow. No problem with nearly a foot of snow on the ground.

My Toyota 4Runner is extremely reliable--in the first 43,000 miles I've had no issues. It performs well and is comfortable. Creature comforts include heated seats, XM satellite radio. My only problem with it is the ride. It's very stiff with a lot of body roll.

- Patti L

Off road or highway ready. Dependable and rugged mixed with beauty and luxury.

The gas mileage is not great but this is a dependable vehicle that will be more than enough vehicle on and off the road. It is spacious and has a high towing capacity. The trd pro trim allows traversing through any terrain and the sleek features are drool worthy.

- Bronwyn S

The 4Runner is a great car.

My car is very reliable, it is very comfortable, it looks nice and has great features, love the auto back window. Love the back cargo area. The truck looks nice. I know that it will last forever. Toyota’s need very little maintenance and get very high mileage.

- Tina K

We can talk it camping and hiking, while also using it everyday around town.

I love my vehicle! The only negative is the lack of options. Such as DVD package for kids in the back. It is super easy to drive around town. It is also comfortable for long distance traveling. Perfect for a family of four. Even has a third row if needed.

- Ashley B

Reliable 4Runner, plenty of space

Very reliable vehicle. Handles well in wet weather conditions. Would prefer more rear air then just two small vents. Backup camera is very helpful and a nice feature to have. I perform regularly scheduled maintenance and have had no problems with the vehicle.

- Brittany J

Green and modest but a strong car in every condition

It has a lot of power and good fuel cost. It works in all conditions and is a modest car and won't shine a light on you compared to other people. You can also strap something to the roof such as a roof box or surfboard. It also can last many years reliably

- Evan K

2016 4Runner limited edition

I love my 4Runner! This is the first one I've bought and it's perfect. There's lots of space and it's very comfortable. It's easy to learn how everything works. I've driven it on the beach and the 4 wheel drive works great. Definitely recommend this vehicle!

- Lindsey S

Comfortable, spacious, reliable car.

I absolutely love this car. Very spacious, comfortable, great with kids and dogs. I have always driven Toyota and have been very impressed with reliability. My current car does have leather and navigation and it is a bonus to everything the car has to offer.

- Jenna H

The 4runners have been one of my favorite vehicles and their safety features are a plus!

My whole family owns Toyota vehicles. This is my third Toyota 4Runner. The main reason we have chosen to stay with Toyota is the safety features, my oldest daughter walked away from a very bad accident in her Toyota Tacoma. We will always own these vehicles

- Michelle J

My Toyota 4Runner is a beast.

No problems yet. Pulls out 22 foot pontoon boat easily. Very comfortable and the features in the limited edition leave nothing wanted. I have plowed through drifts and up and down hills during really bad snow storms and can always get to work on time.

- Nancy D

It is an excellent choice of vehicle for a family who wants more protection than a car can provide as well as a little more room. and the people at the dealership in sales and service dept. they take great care of my vehicle.

!. I like the look of the vehicle. 2. turns like a pro. 3. has plenty of room for a family of 5 4. i'm sold on toyotas for their durability and long life. - you want to keep a vehicle for 250,000 miles - buy a toyota. 5. 5 star crash ratings.

- Pam C

Comfort and style really says it all when it comes to the Toyota 4runner

My 4runner is amazing! With 3rd row seat capabilities, heated and cooled seats, built in navigation, and overall comfort, you can't go wrong with it! Gas mileage is average, and it fits my family perfectly with plenty of room for 2 car seats.

- Anna H

The back window of 4Runner SUVs roll down, making it easy to carry cargo with extra length.

I love my 4Runner. It has been a very reliable car, and since owning it I have not had any major problems. The seats are very comfortable, even on long car rides and commutes. I love having a sunroof, heated seats, and tons of cargo space.

- Kacy M

4runner - great but service department is not.

I love my 4runner - recently at 29, 000 miles it started leaking oil and all engine gaskets had to be replaced. It is a comfortable ride and enjoy it. The only thing I dislike is the dealership service department does not seem competent.

- Amber A

Interior detail- I feel very safe and secure in this vehicle.

Toyota 4runner- I wish it had third row seating. I love how high up it sits, easy viewing. It is a very reliable vehicle, no issues at all. It is not an extremely comfy, luxury vehicles, but the ruggedness is part of the appeal,

- Rhonda R

If you do regular maintenance, the Toyota is a great vehicle and will run and look good for a long time.

I like the way it handles and drives. It's also a very nice looking vehicle the v6 gets good gas mileage, I had a v8. I dislike the amount of space, for trunk. Even though the seats fold down. I had more room in my last vehicle.

- Sandra S

Very reliable and very comfortable.

Not enough room for more than 2 kids. It is very comfortable - love the heated and cooling seats. Came with the hitch - a bonus! Love that it is remote keyless entry. Very happy with car but do need a little bit more room.

- Jennifer L

It retains its value, and offers multiple safety features to ensure a nice ride.

I love my 4Runner. It is sturdy, and handles fantastic on my one lane road. I feel safe in it, and it doesn't give the feel of being top heavy. It is also good on gas for a 4WD vehicle, and offers up plenty of space.

- Kassie S

It is an extraordinary vehicle, comfortable, safe, reliable

It has 5 seats, medium size, automatic transmission four speeds, large cargo space, comfortable, it is quite safe, has great strength in its engine, and is very comfortable and comfortable to travel as a family,

- Elisabeth J

It's reliable and gets good gas mileage.

I love how it looks. It's sporty looking but I would still consider it a "Mom car". It gets pretty good mileage for an suv. The only thing I don't like is the back seat air vents barely keep it cool back there.

- Elise R

Versatile car that can go anywhere you want in comfort.

Love the size up from the ground. Love the style of the body. Love the leather interior, love the heated and air conditioned seats. lots of power, handles well on the road. Wish it got better gas mileage though

- Heather S

Toyota 4runners are the best SUV’s on the market!

My 4runner is a very smooth ride. You can hardly tell when you go over bumps. It is excellent in the snow and off-roading in the mountains. It has a lot of legroom and space in the back for dogs.

- Nicole K

My 4-runner runs great, is safe and fits all of my family's needs.

It runs like a truck, fits my kids and dogs but isn't too big for them to get into. It's safe and has a tow hitch in case anyone hits us from behind. It is good for resale and they last forever

- Kate T

It's different and really nice and will really hold Its value over time.

I love the look of it and the performance. It is also very safe and reliable. I have the TRD Pro model and I get compliments on it all the time because it's different than other standard SUVs.

- J S

It is reliable and an all around fun vehicle to own.

I like the interior, the features it has quality of the vehicle. What I dislike about it, is the voice command does not understand what you are asking it, no matter how much you calibrate it.

- Heather B

Safe, reliable, comfortable, fun to drive and will last forever

It is comfortable and a smooth ride. It is not unique so I don't worry about theft. I wish the radio system was more user friendly and would let me set up a connection to my phone completely

- Jen W

Beautiful and smooth driving

It's super reliable, drives smooth. I have not had any problems with it. The only complaint is there is not a lot of room when using the 3rd row seats and it's hard to get into the 3rd row.

- Debbie S

It is super comfortable and comfortable it is soft when handling

It is an excellent vehicle since it gives me the security and space that I need to be able to take my whole family with a lot of comfort, its profitability is appropriate for the vehicle

- Hanson S

Very reliable, easy to maintain.

Like how it sounds when you turn if off, sounds like a supercharger winding down. Like the good visibility, very little blind spots. Good power, but also has good gas mileage.

- Nic S

Love the way it drives - smooth! Love the back window that rolls down for our dogs. No other SUV offers this.

Love that it is smaller than most SUVs but still big enough to get our family of 5 around and a couple of friends. I love the back window that rolls down for our dogs too.

- Renee M

It's dependable and keeps Its value over time

The 4Runner has the perfect riding height. The drive is smooth and great on the trails. It's comfortable and had all the bells and whistles I need. Very reliable vehicle.

- Stuart Y

4Runner is reliable and spacious

Drives smoothly and has lots of room with the third row. No trunk space if the third row is up. Reliable car, should last many years. Gas mileage is average for an SUV.

- Kathleen A

Very Highly reliable vehicle

Love the car, which is actually a truck Very useful to haul stuff but is very comfortable for driving. It's red color make it stand out from the mob Very reliable

- Phil G

4Runner great for families

This is my second 4Runner that I have owned. It is a very dependable, safe vehicle. It, also, has the flexibility of a third row which makes it a great family car.

- Renee N

One most important thing others should know about my car is that it drives well.

I love my SUV. I love how it drives and how accomplished I feel when I am in the vehicle. I dislike that I have trouble getting in the car because it is so high.

- Gina S

The Navigation system and backup camera are an awesome addition

Really enjoying this suv with 4 wheel drive, heated leather seats and an awesome towing package for my boat. It gets decent gas mileage and is extremely stylish

- Martin Y

The Perfect Package Vehicle

This vehicle is extremely reliable and dependable. It can handle all weather conditions with ease and has an abundant amount of storage for any shopping trip.

- Angela M

For it being 13 years old it runs very well and smooth. Fits my family well.

Gas mileage is bad, otherwise it is perfect vehicle for and my lifestyle. It could have more individual upgrade options rather than later just lump packages.

- Ryan F

The third row is not worth the extra money..no access to get to the seats and do not fit car seats.

Third row is not a complete row to fit car seats. Good gas mileage. Ample cargo space when third row is stored. Built in navigation is amazing and accurate.

- Morgan K

Pros and Cons of the Toyota Four Runner

I have a 2016 white four runner. I love the sporty look and how it never seems to go out of style. I do not like the fact that there is no third row seat.

- carrye I

A lot of room. Big enough trunk for storage. Good on gas.

I like the size of the vehicle. The trunk is a perfect size. It drives very smooth. Enough room for car seat and 2 others in the back. Drives like a truck.

- Melissa D

It's roomy and has enough space for a family. I feel it's safe to drive and reliable.

I like that it's higher than a sedan. It has a lot of room for my whole family and there's good trunk space. My husband hates to wash it because it's big.

- Cori G

4runners are timeless and always will never go out of style.

I love that my 4runner is sporty and higher off the ground than my previous (Buick enclave). My only complaint is that there is not a third row of seats.

- Carrie I

Holds its value really well, don't bother buying used, you'll pay too much.

I love my truck. It's comfortable, durable, strong, sexy, and I love driving it. Only complaint is that it doesn't have climate control or cooled seats.

- Sarah C

Lots of room and great in snow and mud. You can lock in down in 4 high or 4 low.

I love my Toyota 4runner because it has 4 wheel drive, very comfortable seats, enough room for 7 people. It's good on gas, great in snow, sits up high.

- Victoria S

It drives amazing and is very smooth.

Toyota’s are very reliable. I love the way they love. It is the only vehicle I will buy. They are versatile and work very well for me and my family.

- April R

It is a very dependable vehicle and its safe. I like the way it drives.

I dislike the front grill - it doesn't seem that secure. I like the space in the vehicle. The only complaint is I'm not sure about the gas mileage.

- stephanie a

The 4Runner is great for people that love outdoors and appreciate safety. Great for animals and families.

Great vehicle all the way around, haven't experienced any problems. Only thing I would like is a beep to let me know how close I am when reversing.

- Angela C

The gas mileage the 4runner gets.

I absolutely love my 4runner. I love the space that it offers. I also love the gas mileage it gets for its size. I love the body style as well.

- Melissa H

It is a rest vehicle with little mechanical issues.

Love the look and the color. Gets decent gas mileage for SUV. Do not like the turn radius. Also do not like the lack of air vents in the back.

- Amanda A

It is a very reliable vehicle.

It drives like a truck. I wish it had better gas mileage. Toyotas are very reliable vehicles. It is more comfortable for my growing children.

- Susan D

I cannot think of a single thing.

I like the features like the hatchback but dislike how big it is, and wish that was smaller and had an easier to navigate phone integration.

- Betty L

Best for us for 4 wheel drive and high clearance.

I love the reliability of my car. My last one had almost 200,000 miles and all we did was routine maintenance and new tires a occasionally.

- Lisa D

cool comfortable y seguro ideal para all family

very good vehicle confortable y securite excelente confort y seguro total terreno coll and carrosse fotte y technology ultimate generation

- oscar w

White, 4 wheel drive SR5, leather seats

I have had absolutely no problems out of my car. It is dependable and I love the comfort of my car. Drive great in all weather conditions.

- Alexa H

The 4runner is an all around awesome vehicle to own.

It looks and drives perfectly. The 4runner has the feel of a truck but the smooth ride and driving sense of a car. It's a great vehicle!

- Greg W

As i said before great driving and great on gas

My 4runner is very reliability, it runs like a dream. I have had no problems with it, very comfortable and i really enjoy driving it.

- Rose C

the off road performance is great, the on road performance is still pretty good.

i like the styling of the 4runner. i do wish it had a little more engine power. I like the aftermarket accessories available for it.

- ray b

Has ability to fit 7 but if u have a baby car seat only 6 comfortably.

Love the size of our vehicle, perfect for our family size. Love how it looks and how smooth it drives! No complaints on suv at all!

- Megan C

It's comfort and ride are great for short distances and long road trips

I like the room that my vehicle has. I like the ride and performance of the vehicle. I also like the fact I can take it off road.

- Jason P

How comfortable and roomy it is to travel with kids in.

I love my vehicle because it rides so smoothly. It also looks sporty and is comfortable. I couldn't imagine driving anything else.

- Michelle L

It is very roomy and comfortable.

Overall pretty good. It could get a little better gas mileage though. It is perfect for families. Not sure what else to say really.

- Christy B

We love our Toyota 4Runner. Toyota's are simple yet yet other enough conveniences to make use happy. We appreciate the 4/20/40 split in the middle which allows our kids to easily access the back.

Our vehicle is very reliable. We have almost 60k miles on it and it has yet to be into the shop for something maintenance related.

- Mary M

The interior is quite nice.

The car is very reliable with a very nice interior. The only problem is the gas mileage. Overall, it has been a great car to have.

- Ashley T

It is comfortable and luxurious at the same time

It is an excellent vehicle, I often recommend it to my friends and family. It has a great engine and an excellent interior design

- Stephen O

It is reliable and never let's us down.

No problems. Runs perfectly. Love this car! Can do anything. Only problem is poos air conditioning in the back seat for the kids.

- Cor M

I love the fact that us very sporty yet it is really and truly a gas saver it is.

I love everything about it I am gonna keep it for life so if there is one thing I can say is that I love it and hope you get one.

- A M

How dependable the car is.

There are no dislikes about my vehicle... I like that the rear window rolls down and that all windows are one touch up and down..

- Chelsea H

It is a sporty look and has been great maintenance wise.

Love the size of the SUV. Not to big and not to small. Wish it had more upgrades in it. For an SUV not bad in gas mileage either.

- Crystal J

It feels safe when I'm driving it. I can see out above cars and feel like I can alter my speed quickly.

I love that it has optional 3rd row seating! I do wish that the back seats had seat heaters and coolers, like the front ones do.

- Sarah B

The 4Runner is fast and smooth on the road.

The Toyota 4Runner is spacious & efficient; however, the bluetooth is awful, and the there is no automatic button for the trunk.

- Sandra R

Love my 2016 Four Runner - Great Car

Love this car- perfect size for SUV- only problem is back windshield wiper has stopped working - everything else has been great

- Carla K

I feel safe when I drive it.

I love it. I have heated, leather seats-but it still drives like a truck. I love the 3rd row seats. The entune system is great.

- Jennifer B

Big space for family of four.

Run well, gas saving, more space. The 4 runner is very good for family. The seats are comfortable. They fit our family's need.

- Anna N

Extremely Reliable Vehicle.

Vehicle is very reliable and gets decent gas mileage. It is roomy so I can haul things as needed and it has a nice appearance.

- Dan T

Just as good if not better than Hondas or Toyotas.

It drives really well. It has enough room for our family. I like their body shape and the color. I love that it has a sunroof.

- Emily S

It is kind of hard at tImes, because it had bad blind sports towards the back making it difficult to see where other cars are.

I like that it is easy to drive. Very smooth, and has a lot of great features. Back up camera is a plus, along with the GPS

- Amanda G

The 4Runner is tons of fun to drive on and off-road. And you look good doing it.

I love that it fits our family of 4 and all our belongings. Great mommobile without looking like one. Not very gas efficient.

- Amanda v

Great vehicle easy to drive and looks great.

Great vehicle - great mpg - easy to drive - love driving it to and from work - looks great - all together wonderful vehicle.

- Jessica B

My car is one of the top models.

I love that it is spacious (has 3rd row). It feels safe to drive. But, I do not like that it does not have much speed power.

- Mary Jane O

It is very comfortable and extremely safe as a family vehicle.Dogs and kids ride comfortably.

I love that the 4runner has third row seating that can fold down.I love the look of the body.It is a very safe family car.

- Alisha G

Has one of the highest resale values of any car on the road.

Very comfortable ride. A little underpowered but very off-road capable. No problems with any components reliability wise.

- Jamie I

Toyota's are known to last a very long time. It is a wonderful family vehicle.

I love my vehicle. It has been a very reliable SUV so far. It has plenty of room for my family and gets good gas mileage.

- Lindsay T

Great in winter weather, especially 4 wheel drive.

I love that the 4runner is great in winter weather. There is a ton of room. Does not feel like I am driving a huge truck.

- Liz S

This car does will take a while to climb a hill.

I like the fact that this vehicle is a 4x4, but I do not like how high it is. The air conditioning could be better, too.

- Laura O

The limited edition is the best.

I love all the features it has in it. I love the size of it. I also love the mobility. It fits my needs, and is amazing.

- Caitlin W

A very good truck would recommend. Comfortable and quiet

It's a great truck that is super quiet on the highways and very comfortable. Though there's not much grip on the tires.

- Jeffery R

Dependable and Pretty! In Love!

Love, Love, Love my Toyota 4Runner! It's dependable and safe! I love the way it handles! I wouldn't own anything else!

- Lisa W

love every piece of my vehicle. safe, fun, perfect size. looks amazing. I wish I could purchase the limited edition!

it is super safe to drive anywhere. I know it will protect me in the worst of accidents if I ever have to endure one.

- mandi l

It has lots of great space. Lots of space in the trunk for grocery shopping.

Love the way my truck rides, hate how much it costs for an oil change. No big issues with the vehicle since I got it.

- Melanie S

Gas mileage is outstanding!

I do not like that I do not have heated seats. I like that there is a backup camera. I like the size of the vehicle.

- Kristina T

The resale value is good It holds its value for a long time.

It drives really nice it's comfortable. It's. Very reliable. Lots of room. The interior is good quality. Not cheap.

- Susan F

Very comfortable and fuel efficient, good family vehicle

Great family vehicle , very comfortable and fuel efficient, best vehicle I've driven definitely. I would recommend

- Nadia S

Dependability, great ride, longevity.

I love everything about my car; if I could change anything, I would have the full navigation system and a sunroof.

- Laura M

It's a awesome value if wanting a suv

Love the sporty look and tough exterior along with the comfortable ride. I don't like the small third row seating.

- Jimmy G

is a great vehicle and have good quality

is a great vehicle, very safe and i like so much drive it, have very comfort interior. and have excellent quality

- jhon F

Will run through anything. Snow rain.

I like the heavy duty construction and the power. Also like the reliability and comfort. Also it looks very good.

- Ted A

It is faster and it is comfortable

the car is black and it is faster. It has a good motor and I can go to wherever I want with it. It is comfortable

- Cameron J

It's safety standards are excellent. I always feel safe driving it.

I love my Toyota 4runner. It is safe and reliable. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a great suv!

- Sarah E

It is very comfortable to drive.

Very sporty. Very comfortable. It fits a good many people and I am very used to the reliability that it offers.

- Natalie H

Best Off Road SUV Ever Made

I love my SUV. I just had new 35" tires put on and a new grill guard. I think this is my favorite purchase ever

- Amiee C

Love how it looks, very cool

Love it! Solid vehicle looks great, good road handling and I feel safe on the road. Toyota service is also good

- Kim A

Looks, stability, easy repair, safety, reliability, make

Very sturdy, strong, stable vehicle. Large truck based SUV, great family car and has huge body, adding safety.

- Mia L

My car is very comfortable and has a lot of power. I like very much.

My vehicle is very good, with an excellent and very comfortable performance, it is a luxury car. Is very good.

- Andrew S

Will never not buy a toyota again!

This car is so comfortable to drive! Big trunk - perfect for hauling around stuff for work and personal items.

- Lauren S

It is a great car of excellent quality with a high performance engine

It is an excellent car, it has a great comfort and efficient motor, capable of being used in any type of area

- Jose U

it is a big car and it is faster

the car is big. it is comfortable, it has a good motor and it is faster. i can go to whatever i want with it

- kith s

Its safe, drives smooth and its very roomy and has good storage

Runs smooth, I've never had any problems with it. I have the 3rd row and it's so nice to fit my kids friends

- amy Y

It has third row seating.

It has third row seating. Very safe as a family vehicle. Drives well. Wish it could be more fuel efficient.

- Henry G




It's amazing. You need to buy one! The Bluetooth and gas mileage is awesome! The three rows are amazing

I love my vehicles three rows. I love how well it runs and does for me. I love the style and color of it.

- Melinda S

Automatic features that make it safe to drive. 4 wheel drive very accessible.

Easy to drive. Feel safe driving the car, a lot of knobs and switches that are a little confusing for me.

- Mary W

I think the overall body of the vehicle

I think the vehicle is good for my size. It rugged how i like it. The height of the vehicle nice as well

- Selwyn J

It drives well and easy to navigate. The leather seats are comfortable.

My SUV has third row seat capabilities. It has so much room which is great when taking long road trips.

- Kayshia B

My car has four wheel drive.

I love that it is easy to see out of. I love that it is four wheel drive. It is also very comfortable.

- Wade H

It is got 3 seats and can hold a lot of people.

I like how high it is off the ground and how sporty. I do not like the gas mileage and the tank size.

- Chelsea C

rugged look with a lot of room

excellent drive with 3 rows, lots of room. with low maintenance fee plus high resale value over time

- vuong l

2016 4Runner Nautical Blue

Very reliable, decent mileage for a SUV, very dependable, extremely comfortable, lots of cargo space

- Tiffany J

everything for me is important when it is pending very

good of my car I love everything since I bought it I feel committed to keep it in good condition

- brillet n

Get out of my way. No roads are needed. This thing is capable of going anywhere

It's rugged. It's stylish. It's capable and at the same time is incredibly comfortable

- Cher K

Comfort and only comfort is the best thing about the car.

The comfort is great. I love the pickup. Stoppage is awesome. It's too long for me.

- Adhiraj D

User friendly, easy to maneuver. Very smooth ride.

Roomy, comfortable, smooth ride, looks good would like climate control for rear seats

- Crystal W

I love my suv. I purchased a used sr5, and it has everything I need, and nothing extra. Extremely comfortable heated leather seats, navy system and a sunroof. I also love that the back seats fold in multiple configurations, giving me plenty of cargo space when needed. My only dislike is that it is not push to start or remote start. They key for this vehicle is identical to my 2007 Camry. So not very advanced.

It has so much more room inside than you would think. So comfortable in every seat.

- Alicia B

What is of a recognized brand and has a good engine with great power

It is a vehicle that I like for its power and comfort when handing and internet

- Michael N

It rides smooth for a SUV, drives great. Comfortable ride.

I like the smooth ride. I like that it is 4 wheel drive. It is easy to drive.

- Angie G




Good Reliability and driving comfort, looks great and affordable

Good mileage, clean running, lots of space, comfortable, high resale value.

- sherry j

There is a middle range option with higher end finishes at a lower price

I really like the safety and the handling of the vehicle. It feels solid.

- Mary W

it is good truck with yellow trim so people will like it

I own a toyota forerunner. It a strong truck. No bad things.. good all

- Jonas R

It is very spacious and very reliable and always responds well

It is very spacious and very reliable and always responds well

- taylor k

I like the body style and the way it drives. I like the amount of space it has. I wish gas mileage was better.

Its durability, great design, and it is a well made vehicle.

- Bethany T

There is plenty of cargo room in the back. The middle seats are comfortable and roomy. The car handles very well, even on wet roads.

Plenty of room for the family, even my full grown children

- Terri S

The sound system is very loud so you should cover your ears!

I love the sunroof. I also like that it has tons of roon.

- Wanda B

I love that I ride high, can see way in front of me. I feel very safe. I like having a navigation system and bluetooth. I like the ability to seat up to seven people. No complaints

I feel safe while I am driving with my grandchildren.

- Jackie H

I love the reliability, the handling and the way it rides. It handles very well and it gives me great confidence and pride. I have owned Toyota's for over 30 years,

That the Toyota brand is very reliable and durable.

- Paricia G

Rides well. Very classy looking. Perfect for my family

Very comfortable riding, not bumpy or uncomfortable

- Gena M

I love that it has enough room for a family of 4. The ride is smooth, although I do notice it to be loud inside the cabin (road noise). For this size vehicle with power I get great gas mileage.

Great gas mileage without sacrificing engine power.

- Celena U