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My vehicle is reliable, trustworthy, and all around a very amazing car.

I have a 2002 Toyota Avalon. It is a wonderful reliable car, which is very convenient in today's society. The car drive excellent on the highway, great gas mileage with many luxury additions. Heated and cooled leather seats with remote adjusting. Remote sunroof with a state of the art stereo system, one of my favorite features might I add. This car is definitely a main attraction fresh from the show room. Wood grain cover across the dashboard and door panels. Aluminum rims, chrome center pieces, grill, outside door trim and light trims. Gets top speed with very little hesitation, gear shift is amazing. Definitely a great car to for a bachelor as well as a marital car. It is actually quite big on the inside of the car, fits 2 over sized individuals in the front seats comfortably, 4 people comfortably in the backseat. Spare tire is in the truck safely guarded as well the CD changer. Spare tire is definitely exceptional. Tape player and auxiliary accessible. Music sound adjustable in many different ways. This car is complete with state of the art airbags system flourish through the entire car. Dashboard has many string features such as gas mileage, oil mileage, tire pressure alert, door alerts, seat belt alerts, motor issue alerts and beautiful neon lights to bright up the night time.

- Michael W

It has 210 horsepower! The doors automatically lock when you put it in gear.

It's one of my favorite cars ever. So roomy and comfortable. Power everything, with pre-set settings on driver seat for 3 separate drivers-also adjusts mirrors as well. I love how if you need to lay down in the front seats, they lay all the way back. It gets great gas mileage and we have had no problems out of it for 2 years-despite when we bought it the check engine light was on and remains on to this day! The only real problem we have had is the sunroof drains get clogged really easy and the water backs up into our floorboards... like STANDING water. But that was easy enough to correct. It has a very large trunk with seats that fold down in the back for extra large items. Lots of storage compartments and charging ports.

- Paula T

Forever reliable Toyota Avalon.

My car has reached over 280, 000 miles and has had no serious problems. With regular maintenance (which is affordable for this Toyota Avalon), it will last for many years. It is a reliable, safe car. It is a little larger than compact, but it is been great even in the most crowded san francisco bay area cities. I love the seat warmers, the moon roof, and the variety of music playing capability (it has cassette and CD player - plus AUX if you get the right cassette for that). There is a very spacious trunk. It is a spacious 5-seater all around. Also comes with great compartments, cup holders, and wide signal screens.

- Amani J

Reliable and Stylish: A Smart Investment

This is a great, reliable, and affordable-to-drive car. I have put over 200,000 miles on it, and it still drives wonderfully. I wish that the gas mileage was a little bit better, but I can't complain. I can usually get by putting $20 a week in my car, as long as I don't drive for long distances. The seats are very comfortable, the speakers work great, and the heating/air in the car couldn't be better. I am very happy with this purchase, and I am looking to get another Toyota when I need to replace this car.

- Carson C

The space and reliability of the car is outstanding.

I enjoy the size of my car. It has plenty of space not only in the cab but also the trunk. It gets pretty good gas mileage. When I have to do repairs, which is not often because it is a very reliable car, the parts are not expensive and I've been able to do the repairs on my own and I have little mechanical knowledge. I do appreciate the sensors that tell me when my lights go out that way I can keep them changed and working. I have a older model of the Avalon and I definitely recommend it.

- Hillary D

Great family vehicle, perfect size for babies and plenty of room.

Great fuel economy, comfortable, safe, reliable. I bought this originally because my wife was pregnant. We need a bigger safer car than we had. It ended up having leather, lots of different power options including moonroof! Once the windows were tinted it was a heart baby vehicle. I would absolutely recommend getting a Toyota Avalon. Probably one of the most reliable vehicles on the planet. Had almost 200k miles when I bought it. Still running strong.

- Michael B

Cruising around town in a great, smooth driving white car.

A great purchase, the seats are comfortable but may be cold in winter! But heat and cooling is great and goes throughout the car. Roomy and a lot of space. The brakes work great! The radio can get pretty loud and that is good because I like to listen to my music loud but you have to watch out so you do not blow the speakers, but bass is great. The car runs great and I would consider buying another one but maybe instead of white, maybe black.

- Jayden W

Old Toyotas are still great cars!

My vehicle has not given me any problems and the six cylinder engine has turned out to be quite powerful and quick. It has been very reliable and has an luxury interior with options including a jbl sound system with a six disc CD player, am - FM radio and tape deck. It has air conditioning, power steering and brakes, power windows, power sunroof and a power trunk release.

- Thomas W

Very dependable great on gas and a great ride

I've had my vehicle for a few years and have had nothing to complain about until my engine blew but that was from a faulty radiator hose and after it was fix I've had no problems changing the oil, brakes,spark plugs and coil packs are all easy with no specialty tools needed it has been a great vehicle and I plan on keeping it even after I buy a new vehicle

- David R

The sunroof definitely gives the Toyota Avalon an attractive look .

It's a great car have never had any major issues. Drives very smooth on the highway and accelerates great. Very comfortable leather interior and exterior has kept its shine the paint is of good quality.It definitely has made it my #1 choice of vehicle and if I could afford to buy a new or used Toyota brand vehicles I wouldn't hesitate to buy one.

- Jose G

It also features a trunk button on the dash near the steering wheel.

The 2002 Toyota Avalon is a great car. It has leather seat, is very spacious, and is incredibly comfortable. It runs smoothly. The steering wheel is smooth to turn. The front window is wide so you are able to see without something prohibiting your view. It also comes with a car charger port, two side compartments, a CD player, and a tape player.

- Allison J

I love my 2002 Toyota Avalon

I love my Toyota Avalon! It's been a wonderful vehicle. It gets great gas mileage. I use it to travel and get back and forth to work. It needs very little work. I have had the vehicle for three years and have only had it worked on twice. Though it is seventeen years old, it's the most reliable vehicle that I have ever owned. I love Toyota!

- Rebecca R

Avalon is a safe and comfortable car.

I really like the extra features of heated seats, leather seats. I like the large trunk as it can hold a walker and still have room for groceries. There was very little maintenance until after 180, 00 miles. The pass through from the trunk to the back seat is handy for long objects like rakes and wood from the hardware store.

- Annette H

I think the new Avalon's are smaller and from people who've gotten newer models most say they like the comfort of the older ones better. But it is a good car

It is a very comfortable car with leather seats and a sun roof. It drives nicely. The only thing I have issues with is the check engine light constantly going on and each time the mechanic thinks his diagnosed the problem and fixed it , it doesn't last for more than a very very short while and it's on again very frustrating

- d'vorah R

Worth the money and reliable Toyota. I love it.

It is a really good car. It is been running since 2002 without a problem. They only problem is one of the belts makes a squeak sometimes. It is when I turn on the air conditioning in the summer. We've had the belt tightened, and that'll fix it for a bit. Overall I love this car. It is reliable, which is important to me.

- Adrian S

Toyota makes well made vehicles that are reliable, dependable and they have fantastic safety ratings.

I bought my Toyota Avalon after having my Honda Civic repossessed. Being without a vehicle for a couple of months with having small children was very challenging. I live the spaciousness of the interior of my vehicle and that is is reliable. Given its age there are some mechanical issues but that is to be expected.

- Nicolette E

Review of 2002 Toyota Avalon.

This vehicle has been, and continues to be a great car. We do keep our vehicles well maintained and we have had very few repairs on this vehicle. The appearance is still very good - both inside and outside - and it drives and rides like it did when it was new. The next car we purchase will be another Avalon.

- Judy W

Toyota is a little out of style.

My Toyota is a bit out of date. It has an old radio with a cassette and I cannot plug in an AUX cord. It has comfortable seating and it has 2 TVs inside which I can watch movies with if I have the CD's. The car can fit 9 people and it is a big car that is good for road trips as it can fit a lot.

- Isabella L

My car, the Toyota Avalon, review

I love my car, I think it works great. The air conditioning is very good and even though the car is an old model, from 2002, it works perfectly and is in good condition. The car drives very smoothly and has no problems besides the steering wheel making noises. The interior of the car is great.

- Hannah K

The Toyota Avalon has leather seats the heat up. It has a sunroof.

No problems still in running condition. I do need a new tape deck or stereo. CD's stuck in the factory stereo. Tires are good. I just installed a new car battery. I also installed new windshield wipers. The black paint on the front of the car is chipping. The car could use a new paint job.

- Samuel W

Toyota keeps on going regardless of its age.

This is a very reliable car. We have very few repairs, just regular maintenance. To say it is comfortable is an understatement. It is a dream to drive and like riding in your favorite recliner! We are not even aware we are driving an older vehicle. It is luxurious and still very stylish.

- Connie S

Trouble free and comfortable.

Over 240000 miles with no major problems. Purchased used about 6 yrs ago with 135000 miles on it. Use mobile one synthetic oil and fram filter and change @6000 miles. Change timing belt every 90000 miles. Runs great and very comfortable. Even the back seats have great room and comfort.

- Henry V

2002 Toyota Avalon it is a really great sturdy vehicle.

The 2002 Toyota Avalon that I have has no problems it is sturdy and runs pretty smooth it is reliable it is really comfortable and has a CD and cassette sound system has a an outlet to plug in devices and a great sunroof I highly recommend this car to anyone interested in a new car.

- David P

My car is white, 2002 Toyota Avalon. I love it drives fine.

My car is very reliability, the seats are very comfortable but the check engine light is on and I do not know why. It has the basic features and has a 4 wheel drive. My car is perfect for me and my basic needs. It takes me to and from all the places I need and that is what matters.

- Lauren H

5 years later and I have no issues with the car!

I've had the car for about 5 years. I bought it used. There was only 1 owner before me. The Previous owner never drove it. In the time I've had it I've only had to do repairs once. The car has held up well. No issues driving. It is very spacious inside. It's been a great purchase

- Dee W

Reliable and comfortable car with a smooth ride and useful features.

It has been extremely reliable even for its age. This car is one of the most comfortable I have ever driven. The ride is very smooth. It has decent tech features without going overboard. It is an lox's which was the top feature for that year. The car feels sturdy when driving.

- Vanessa L

Great car for young adult, lot of space

Really love my Avalon. Very dependable, comfortable with leather seats, still runs great for a 2003. Only downside is fuel efficiency, but it is an older car. It is a great car for the value and will run forever, as long as you keep it in good shape. Car is very roomy as well.

- Will B

Avalon..dependable meets smooth

Love the gas mileage!! The dependability and smooth ride. It is so quiet I sometimes have to check to make sure it is running. The trunk is roomy. On the flip side...the seats are not as comfortable as they could be..and the headroom seems minimal and very noticeable

- Peggy T

Toyota: Dependable Used Car.

I bought my car used. It has not had many problems since I bought it. I did have to replace the alternator. I was told that it had the original one on it. I love my car. I had not been sold on Toyota before. However, now that I own one. I am totally in love with it.

- Connie T

Great car really great on gas and drive so smooth.

This is a great car great on gas! Been on a few out of town trips and it never gave me any problems. It's a very comfortable car as well. The seat are nice and big and lots of legroom. Love the how it drives so smooth. Also really love the nice sleek look to it.

- Anastasia G

Wide windshield, which helps with visibility.

It rocks, but it is getting old. The car is incredibly comfortable, but it is having more and more problems as it is getting older. The car has been with me since I got my driver's license, so it is incredibly sentimental to me. Go Toyota! These cars rock.

- Chloe J

It is big and roomy - hauls lots.

My Avalon is very comfortable and extremely reliable. It is a beautiful color (desert sand) and has attractive silver and gold trim. It drives like a dream, too, and also gets great mileage. There is nothing about it that I dislike. No complaints.

- Carole R

Has had a lot of issues, but it's roomy.

My car has had a ton of issues in the last year or so, but that is probably just because it is so old. It doesn't get great gas mileage, but the seats are roomy, so it's pretty good for road trips.

- Nathan M

It is definitely a luxury vehicle.

I like the roomy interior with the fax leather seats. Its handles well and rides smoothly, even for being as old as it is. My only complaint is that it's like 16 years old and I want a newer model.

- Aaron J

This is a car that was built to last. We haven't experienced any major recalls, defects or malfunctions. I would highly recommend Toyota to everyone!

I love my Avalon for its style functionality, etc. This car is very reliable and really dependable. It's great quality and very roomy. Our passengers always comment on how roomy the back is.

- Thelma L

The 6 CD changer is jammed.

My Avalon has stood the test of time. It still runs well. I've taken care of my car. It's a 2002 which was purchased used in 2006. It's 2018. I really don't want to part with it.

- Samuel B

Luxury Toyota Avalon 2002

Toyota Avalon is very spacious, comfortable leather seats. Runs very well for its 2002 age. Recent issues with the stereo, but as it is original it may need to be replaced soon.

- Leslie G

Comfortable, lots of room.

No complaints, great driving, comfortable car. Soft riding, very stable ride, at high and low speed. The interior is all leather, looks very nice, easy to clean and maintain.

- Don W

The Toyota Avalon is a reliable car that requires only minimal upkeep to run well for years.

It is a good and reliable car for it's age. I wish that it got better gas mileage. I also wish that it had an aux port, but that was not standard in older cars.

- Kate L

That it runs great, economically great and is reliable.

I like 5hat it is spacious, has a good gas mileage, and easy to drive. The only thing I dislike is that the radio doesn't have an AUX input option.

- Alexis S

It is very reliable and comfortable. It drives well, has a lot of room inside and in the trunk, and is easy.

I don't like how huge it is, it is sometimes hard to park and maneuver. I do like how spacious it is and the stereo is great. It is also reliable

- Emily B

I believe Mileage is definitely very important for everyone.

My car has amazing gas mileage. It has very comfortable seats and it is perfect in every way. I own 2 avalons different years but same model.

- lizeth M

Toyota vehicles are GREAT and everyone should have one!

I love my car. I've had very little to no problems with it. I would recommend a Toyota to anyone and everyone because they are great cars!

- Kristal W

Very good gas mileage! Love it!.

While I like the vehicle gas miles and size, do not like the color or the shape of the seats. Otherwise this car is great for around town.

- Ca B

Very dependable. Runs great.

Rides very nice. Handles real well. Very dependable. Very little maintenance needed. Now has over 200, 000 miles on it and runs great.

- Steven M

The car gets great gas mileage. The car is well built.

Good gas mileage. The car is well built and sturdy. The avalon has a lot of built-in features. The car drives smoothly on the road.

- Kimberly S

It is durable. My car is 16 years old and feels like it is only a few years old.

I get great mileage. It performs well. It is very comfortable. Low maintenance requirements. Handles beautifully. No complaints.

- Kat T

Overall a quality vehicle

My vehicle gets me from place to place, it runs smoothly but it does not have the modern technology that other cars have today.

- Daniel S

Reliable, easy to drive, smooth.

This car has been great. always starts. I love that it has dual controlled heat and air for both the driver and passenger!

- Sandra P

It drives very quiet on the highway. It's not a gas guzzler.

I bought my car brand new in 2001 and I have had no problems with it. I took it from New York to Florida. No complaints.

- Dave S

It doesn't need a lot of maintenance.

I like the way it drives. It gets good gas mileage. It's very dependable. Only think I dislike is no AUX in the radio.

- Holly S

Black Avalon 4 door sedan.

Great car. Runs perfect. 232000 still runs. Leaks oil. Dependable. It was a gift from my aunt from Winnebago Illinois.

- Justin F

It's very dependable, durable and comfortable. With regular maintenance the car will last you a long time.

I love the durability of my car, although I can buy a brand new car I still drive this one. No complaints so far.

- Doruk S

The car rides smooth and is reliable.

The car rides very smoothly. The car has good acceleration. The car has a good mpg or miles per gallon.

- Bob C

Dependable, trustworthy vehicle.

I haven't had any trouble with my Avalon. Only normal maintenance. It drives good and is very dependable.

- Holly H

Great dependable car that lasts.

I have had this car since I went to college and it has been extremely reliable and great for my needs.

- Ajs S

It is spacious and equipped to seat 8.

Its has a smooth ride. Great on gas I have no issues to list...This car reliable transportation car.

- James B

I love it. It has many miles on it and still drives beautifully.

It is a luxury car that you can depend on. The Toyota name is to be trusted.

- robin s

Safety features on my car

I love my vehicle due to safety features, good gas mileage and stylish

- Tai E

I have driven it over 100,000 miles and had very few problems.

It is a reliable and long lasting vehicle. It is luxurious and roomy.

- S P

Amazing car! Never had any mechanical issues, everyone always fits comfortably inside.

Always reliable, comfortable ride, spacious interior and safe!

- Rachel L

It is a safe and comfortable ride! It shows no signs of breakdown. Great durability

I wish it was better on gas mileage. Other than that I love it

- Tiffany H

Drives smooth even though it is 16 years old

Still drives great and in great condition

- Kristen S