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The longevity of a classic.

I love my Avalon. I am a somewhat aggressive driver - so it performance is greatly appreciated. Not your average soccer mom’s car! The luxury of my Avalon is great. My leather interior is easy clean and yet comfortable. My rear seats recline which is appreciated overlong drives. The pass thru in the back seat is my son’s favorite. We pack a snack bag & pack the trunk Accordingly. When he gets hungry he just grabs it through the pass thru. The only issues I have had with it are the transmission & the clip for the gas door lever. The transmission developed a whine in third gear. It had 88, 000 miles - but while under warranty I had the dealership check a gear changing issue. After a few calls to the dealership & corporate- the Toyota dealership that I had previously purchased 2 vehicles decided to step in & offered to provide the transmission if I would pay the labor at the dealership. I took & was thankful for the deal. The small lever for the gas door fell off one day while pumping gas. Without it the button inside the car does not work nor can you get the door open. At the time I checked with Toyota, I would have to purchase a new door & assembly. Around $300. So I gorilla glued the piece back on. Lasted about 4 years. Had to re-glue it last year.

- Debrah M

A vehicle worth it is price.

My 2007 Avalon is fully loaded. It is a metallic blue and beige leather interior. I enjoy how spacious the interior is and love the classy features along with the comfortable ride that it provides. I constantly receive compliments for the addition of tints with customized chrome rims. It holds it value and really enjoy the features of power windows, locks, CD, auxiliary input, sunroof, electric seats on both the driver and passenger front seats. The air vents available for the passengers who sit in rear of the vehicle are a touch of class. Let me not forget to mention the armrest and cup holders for those who sit in both the front and rear passengers along with the computer dash that provides all the information necessary for the comfort of the driver. I just love this car.

- Danny R

I drive a 2007 Toyota Avalon. I would classify it as a large luxury sedan.

We purchased my car used and was looking for a car that had plenty of room for our 3 kids, 2 of which are adult size. This car has plenty of room for everyone. The pull down armrest in the back seat is my son's favorite feature because he can hide his toys in the compartment. I like the push start button, though it took me a while to get used to it. I also like that it has seat position memory because my husband is nearly a foot taller than me. The dual climate is also a nice feature. Even though it is a larger car, I like to call it my boat, it picks up speed really good and does not feel weighed down like some cars I have driven in the past.

- Maggie B

The best features are the roominess and comfortable seating. Great family car.

The only real problem I have had with this car are the brakes. I have had two full sets of brakes put on the car and each time the braking is soft. The brakes have never failed. They were just soft. The service engine light has been on since I bought the car. It has had regular maintenance and it has been checked by several professionals. There is no valid reason for the light to be on continuously. I have no other complaints or issues. It is a good, comfortable, reliable car with plenty of space and legroom.

- Heidi H

Toyota Avalon's are amazing. Will not go back to another brand.

The drive is very smooth. A/c and heating work very excellent. You can travel up to 50 miles on empty. Spacious and comfortable. The radio is surround sound. The map helps me to find my destination if I am not able to use my phone for directions. Having automatic windows for both drivers and passenger side is helpful. The headlights are amazing, it helps you see very clearly in the dark. All around this is a very nice reliable family car.

- Bridget A

Toyota Avalon a car of great extras.

My Toyota Avalon is a wonderful car. It has a moonroof with is nice on a warm day. It has a cassette player and CD player. The Avalon has a shade that comes down in the rear window to keep the sun out if you have a person in rear that you want to keep sun off of. Or night headlights from reflecting. I really like that feature. Heated seats are also nice in this car or air conditioned seats as well. Overall I love this car.

- Julie V

Luxury, style that endures.

The size is perfect for a family. With lots of extras like reclining back seats. It is a reliable vehicle that requires very little upkeep. I have had the car ten years and just had one set of breaks and the air recharged. Lasts forever. Stylish still as it was ten years ago. Great gas mileage for the size car it is. Fits car seats great too with room still for passengers legs unlike other car makers.

- Virginia P

The 2007 Toyota Avalon is a very nice car for its price.

The 2007 Toyota Avalon is a nice car with leather and heated seats. It is a smooth ride and is surprisingly fast for its size. The turning radius is a bit large and takes some getting used to. If there was one thing I would change it would be the difficulty of parking. Overall it is a very nice car and I highly suggest it to someone looking for a smooth ride for cheap.

- Dave M

Toyota Avalon is reliable and comfortable.

My car works great! It is very comfortable and reliable. I enjoy taking road trips and traveling to new places, and I can always count on my car to get me there. I have never had to worry about it breaking down. It also has seat warmers for the driver and front passenger seats, which is great for those cold, early morning drives to work.

- Brittany B

Luxury vehicle with lots of storage.

The vehicle is incredibly comfortable and has extremely impressive storage. It is definitely a luxury vehicle for a standard price. The one issue I have had is that the lower plastic protector sheet has become detached several times, causing issues with the air conditioning as well as making an annoying noise when it scrapes the ground.

- Maggie J

Dream car! The nicest vehicle that I have ever bought.

Very few problems. Routine maintenance is about all that it requires. Smooth handling, comfy to drive, climate controls work well and surprisingly fast. The meters on the dashboard are great. It is nice to see the current gas mileage and how many miles I have remaining on my current tank. This car even looks good! Dream car!

- Russell E

Loving my Toyota Avalon still.

I have had my Toyota Avalon since December 2007 and love it. We bought it due to the wide door opening and room in the backseat. We have not had any major problems with the car and hopefully we will have this one for a long time! Proper care of the car, oil changes and regular maintenance upkeep have kept us running.

- Beth H

Great car, spacious rides amazing but take care of it.

I love my vehicle because it's great in gas. The maintenance isn't so bad on it either. But there are some downfalls to having this car. The sensor goes out frequently. Its very spacious and rides amazing. Another thing you have to worry about is the battery for some reason after a while the cables malfunction.

- Ashley S

My awesome Avalon amazes all.

My Avalon has been great. It is got a lot of get up and go. Very spacious. 5 adults fit comfortably with plenty of legroom. It gets about 25 miles to the gallon, more if you do not drive like me. The interior lights go off so no worry about battery draining. I just love it. I have had no problems out of it.

- Angela H

The car has tons of truck space. The back seat even recline a little.

I love everything about the car except the radio antenna. The antenna does not pick up many stations anymore. The car is very roomy and comfortable. The seats are great! I love the heated seat feature. The buttons on the steering wheel are convenient and the car still runs great at over 200,000 miles.

- Sheila S

The Toyota version of a Lexus — spacious and classy

It is comfortable as a driver, and it has plenty of room in the backseat for three passengers to ride comfortably as well. It drives smooth. Dislike that it wastes more gas than our secondary vehicle and that it is over 10 years old so it doesn't have the latest technology installed.

- Adriana R

Dream car. Smooth and reliable. My kind of vehicle. All the features I want.

Very reliable car. I bought it used and with a hundred thousand miles on it. Still runs smooth, great, looks good. I haven't done a single repair on it or replaced any parts. Excellent gas mileage on the highways! Best car I have ever owned. Dream car. I am glad that I bought this.

- Russell N

The car is very good looking even being it 11 years old it still looks good.

The Avalon is a very comfortable car. It is been very reliable approaching 200, 000 miles with no problem. I use it as my daily driver and for road trips. It has a large trunk so loading groceries is breeze. I did have a problem with the interior carpet didn't hold up well.

- Michael V

2007 Toyota Avalon xls keeps on going!

My Toyota Avalon gives me plenty of room inside for five passengers. The large truck space is plenty of room for strollers, luggage, toys and all kinds of things. By keeping the maintenance up-to-date my car is performing just like it did when we bought it eleven years ago.

- Ellen H

Luxury on a budget. Has pull down armrest/drink holder in back.

My Avalon is classy looking and very roomy. Has all the basic features, which is fine with me. Does have sunroof/moonroof, heated seats, and the back seats even recline. Looks almost identical to a Lexus and drives like a dream. No problems whatsoever with engine. Love it.

- Denise W

An interesting detail is the 6 CD player.

My Toyota Avalon has been a great running car. I have had to replace a few parts and always keep the oil change up to date. 2007 Toyota Avalon is a great running, long lasting car with many luxuries and comfort. The back seat is very comfortable for long trips.

- April F

Luxurious affordable vehicle, with extra detailed features.

My car was given to me as a gift just recently. Love the smooth drive, has every feature possible and more. Leather interior with heated seats, dual temperature control, both front and back seats, which I have never had before. Feels like a true luxury car.

- Joyce S

Loving our 2007 Toyota Avalon.

We bought the 2007 Toyota Avalon used. Cosmetically the only complaint I have is the dash. It is cracked all the way across. I have heard that was an issue with these models. The ride is very smooth and the 6 cylinder engine is quite peppy.

- Laura M

The interior is quiet and the leather seats are roomy and comfortable.

The Avalon is a nice comfortable ride. The front seats are roomy and the rear seat has plenty of room for three children or 2 adults. As long as we have kept up the regular maintenance schedule, we haven't had any problems.

- jonathan s

An interesting detail of my Toyota Avalon is that it rides like a luxury vehicle without the big cost. It also holds it value.

My Toyota Avalon is the next best thing to a luxury vehicle. A Lexus without the name and cost. I currently have 246,000 miles on my Toyota mad it is still running good. Just make reg. Oil changes and maintenance .

- Kim P

Great on gas mileage can take long trips.

Comfortable and roomy. Good on gas. Reliable nice style. Only thing I can complain about is the sunglass holder broke rather early was made of cheap plastic I never replaced. Other than that no other complaints.

- Lisa J

One of my favorite things about the car is the pick up speed on this thing. Getting onto the ramp via the highway step on the gas and this puppy is at 70 in no TIME

This is a really comfortable car. The seats are leather and adjustable. It has been reliable for about 11 years. It also has some serious GO! It can be fast when needed. Imagine the new models!

- steve s

Even though it looks like a car your grandma would drive it is very nice on the inside, has great interior lighting, and drives very smooth.

I like how smooth it is to drive. It also has seat warmers and a nice temperature control system. It is also nice and roomy for a car. My only complaint is that the previous owner scratched it up.

- Chloe P

It is comfortable, large, and reliable and has lasted a long time.

Older model, but very low mileage. Lots of bells and whistles for its' age. Very comfortable and intuitive. I wish it had a bluetooth hookup so I could do hands free phone calling.

- Aria H

Keep up with regular maintenance work to increase longevity of car life.

I love my car, it is a very comfy ride. The only major work that is needed are the brakes, a tire pressure sensor issue. Other than that my car is very reliable and affordable.

- Cheryl F

It is a smooth ride and 6 cylinder engine. Has given me very little maintenance, besides routine, in all these years.

The Avalon is roomy and rides really smoothly. The seating is extremely comfortable w heat or cold settings. The sun roof allows plenty if air to flow through. Beautiful car!

- Robin W

They should know not to judge the car by how small it looks on the outside.

I like that it is roomy and comfortable. I wish it had more of the current navigation and technology though. I have about 167k miles and hope it will continue to 200k miles.

- Mary F

That it is wonderful, it is worth every penny!

The car is great! It runs smoothly, I have no complaints. to get the oil change is not bad. The only problem I have is that it may ride funny sometimes but nothing to bad.

- Goss G

It is better than a BMW, and more affordable.

Luxurious, full bodied sedan, very ahead of its time. Is spacious and the leather seats accompany the wooden trim well. It's a limited version, newer versions are smaller.

- Edward V

It has to be one of the most reliable cars on the road.

I like It's reliability, It's features are great. It rides so comfortably. I also like It's handling. Not really anything I don't like about it.

- Andrew N

My Toyota is �Rockstar�. Bought in Escondido, ca, drove to SC, NY and back to ca.

Very reliable! Only had to change the alternator two months ago. 210, 000+. Very low maintenance. . ! I would definitely purchase this car again!

- Memory L

I love my Toyota Avalon. It is comfortable, reliable, and easy on gas.

Most comfortable vehicle I have ever had. Love the heated leather seats. The only thing we have replaced are tires. Really good gas mileage.

- Margaret A

Buying a Toyota and paying a higher price does not mean you are getting a better product

It is high priced does not lose much value, parts are expensive, pretty reliable, but once it gets to a certain age it starts to fall apart

- Lynne B

It is economical. I like the back up camera.

I really feel comfortable, and it drives good, the air conditioner leeks, and the cruise no longer works but it looks nice in and out;.

- Larry N

Comfortable to drive and is very roomy as well as good gas mileage.

Comfortable and drives smooth lots of room. Good gas mileage and it is reliable. Trunk is big too. I do not have any negative comments.

- Kelli B

It is a great car for space and it is built very sturdy. Good car for the money.

It has good gas mileage. It drives very smooth. It is very spacious. The truck is big enough to carry golf clubs and a small suitcase.

- Phillip H

Extremely comfortable for long distance driving.

Vehicle is larger than I would like. But is great for long distance driving. Wish it had a USB port and got better gas mileage.

- Debra S

Peppy, Agile, good mileage for a full size luxury car! Super fun to drive!!

Love this car, fun to drive. Only thing I don't like about it is that it isn't as comfortable on road trips as I would like.

- Sonja K

This car offers a comfortable ride.

This is a car with power and style. It gets great mileage, despite Its age. It is large and can hold family and friends.

- Mary S

It is a good manufactured vehicle in my opinion.

I like the size and overall comfort. I like that it is a six cylinder car. I like the car's reliability. No complaints.

- Owen C

Easy to maintain and less expensive to fix compared to others.

Comfortable for front and back seats. Safe. Looks good. Fun. Features are great - sunroof, leather, heated seats.

- Tanya C

It gets really good gas mileage.

I like my car because it handles good. It also gets good gas mileage. It is a good car to drive to work and back.

- trenton F

Very quiet, very little maintenance required.

Runs good, very little service required. What else do you want. Great gas mileage. No complaints. Very quiet.

- Walker P

My Precious Vehicle: beautiful color,spacious, comfortable ride, good gas mileage

My vehicle is a beautiful pea green, leather interior, woodgrain trim, spacious, gets good gas mileage

- Myrtis H

It is dependable and I have had no real serious problems with it.

My Avalon is a very comfortable ride. The ride is also very smooth. There is a lot of back seat space.

- Cynthia K

It's a very reliable car that gets great gas mileage. I've never had any major repairs.

I love the low cost of ownership. It's a very comfortable and smooth ride. It gets great gas mileage.

- Kevin P

Good on gas, comfortable for family trips, has ac seats

I live that it has heated and ac seats. Very comfortable for family vacation. Has large trunk.

- Melissa E

comfortable, good looking , quiet, toyota quality.

it has been a great car. just getting old. all the computer on it started to not working well.

- may b

Dependable and very comfortable. Well maintained on a regular basis

It has been very dependable and comfortable. I ordered it new with everything I wanted on it

- Pat G

Comfortable heated cooled seats. Plenty of legroom. Sunroof

Very comfortable . Very shiny. Makes passengers sleepy. Plenty of room in back seat

- Rebecca N

This car is super reliable and low cost maintenance. It looks very nice and spacious. It is very modern.

It's perfect for an upgraded sound system and its able to pick up the ladies

- Carlos M

Excellent condition Very nice and rides very nice.

Comfortable and nice ride. Would like better gas mileage

- JoAnn M

it is dependable and has lasted for over 11 years without fail

it has good mileage, good styling and is comfortable

- cynthia l

That Toyota is a great brand

It is dependable and gets great gas mileage

- Cynthia P