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Toyota lover. Love the performance, ride, dependability, and the brand.

I have been an owner of a Toyota for over 14 years. I had my Camry for 12 years. I decided to upgrade to an Avalon and I love it. The performance is excellent. I can get to 60 mph in seconds and out of the way of traffic. The ride is very comfortable and quiet. It feels like a luxury ride with the heat and cool leather seats and cruise control. I love the light indicator that tells me my tires are low, which helps with gas mileage and performance/ride of the car to perform at its optimal level. I like the slickline of the car and the sunroof. It is a nice ride.

- Susan J

As a driver and owner, I appreciate the reliability and economy of owning this car.

What I like: reliability, fuel economy, ease of repairs, luxury accommodations, size for my family, ergonomics of interior and design of functions like controls, navigation, stereo, etc. What I dislike: I miss features that were included in my suburban that are not available for this car: 4WD, towing capacity, cargo space for trips or projects involving large transport (diy, furniture rehab, etc). I live in an area that is often snowy or icy in the winter and may consider purchasing another truck to replace or supplement the Toyota.

- Amanda J

It gets up and goes and is a great highway machine.

It is a nice, smooth ride. It is built very well, meaning dense, not cheap. It has a lot of luxury features, and a lot of space. It is powerful. However, this particular year is known to have a defect with the headlights going out at random times. You have to turn them off and on again all the time. The problem progressively gets worse, and I hear it is an expensive fix. There are also 7 different open recalls for this year and model!

- Tiffany H

The 2008 Toyota is a very comfortable, smooth, and fun vehicle to drive.

The 2008 Toyota Avalon is very dependable. It provides a nice quiet and smooth ride. It is equipped with a v-6 engine that provides power when needed. For comfort it has hot and cold controls for both front seats. Dual controls for heat and air conditioning. It is also equipped with an a stereo with a multi disc mp3 player. It also has power windows and power locks as well as a sunroof. It is a very comfortable and fun car to drive.

- Thomas S

Awesome Toyota Avalon with excellent responsiveness.

My car is very comfortable, has a smooth ride, heated seats, classic look, and is sea green. I seldom need to have the car maintained, but do change the oil regularly. The car is very responsive ands can easily have three passengers in the back seat which semi reclines. There are bucket seats in the front. This car is extremely reliable and responsive when needing to speed up or slow down and handles well in rain and snow.

- Nancy R

Dependable car, few issues.

It is a dependable car, to say the least. We bought it used and it had quite a lot of miles already on it, but it is running just fine for us. The only issue that we have had is that the steering wheel shakes when we brake and it sometimes makes a loud squealing noise when the air conditioner is on when we turn the car on. I would recommend this car.

- Brittany D

Perfect performance and satisfaction.

My 2008 Avalon has never disappointed me. I have over 250, 000 miles on it and still runs like a champ. Will up and go as soon as you press the gas and stop just as soon as you press the brake. Never had any problems with the way it ran. Leather interior still looks just as good as when I bought it. Seat coolers and warmers are such a nice feature!

- Erika W

Toyota is extremely dependable.

Really easy to steer and drive. Comfortable on very long road trips. Great gas mileage and keeping the oil and oil filter changed every 3, 500 miles allows the excellent built engine to last for years. It has never required more than scheduled and normal maintenance so therefore it is fairly inexpensive to own and operate.

- Ralph H

This Toyota was the first non American vehicle I have owned.

I like the comfort of the smooth ride and it is quite with very little road noise. I have had very few problems. I feel though that I might like a truck or SUV for my next purchase. I am not crazy with the low profile of the Avalon. I prefer to ride higher for better rode sight.

- Harold D

Comfortable and safe vehicle.

Roomy interior. Smooth ride. Safe and dependable. Gets good gas mileage. Powerful engine. Attractive and sleek. The ac is cold with many temperature options. The breaks work very well and the vehicles handles beautifully. The speakers are crisp. The drink holder is convenient.

- Lisa P

This is our third Avalon and our least favorite of the three.

I love the styling and comfortable size and ride of this Avalon sedan. I also love the sunroof and other luxury interior accessories. It also has an extremely comfortable ride. I dislike that we have had to repair several engine parts in the few years we have had this car

- Marguerite B

This car is a real joy to own.

No problems just scheduled maintenance. It is beautiful, 6 speeds leather interior thick carpet 40 miles to the gallon. Living in the mountains, it gets hot and really cold and my Avalon s heater and air-conditioning works great. There is nothing I do not like about it.

- Michael E

My car has lasted for a while. It is strong and sturdy, and I feel safe driving.

I love my vehicle, however it is slightly wider than I would like. I am considering buying a newer model of the same make, because they indicate when cars drive in your blind spot, and they have a camera for backing up. I really like that my car has cruise control.

- Anna C

My awesome Avalon is the best passenger car Toyota makes!

No problems with my Toyota Avalon is extremely reliable and comfortable. Excellent gas mileage and safety features. I would recommend my car to anyone. It handles beautifully. Mine offers deluxe features including air conditioned seats and surround sound system.

- Cathy M

It has warning and alerts that notify you when even the slightest thing is wrong.

I highly recommend the Toyota Avalon its an economical luxury vehicle. It has great handling, smooth ride perfectly balanced. It has heated seats which are great in the winter and can also be used to soothe a hurting back.

- Tam H

Toyotas are Reliable and Value Holding, low maintenance cars. They are worth the cost even used because they hold their value.

I have had the vehicle since 2011 and it has been a very reliable car. It has need minimum repairs, just regularly maintenance. I love Toyotas because they keep their value and they are very good and reliable cars.

- Timothy J

My first new car!!! I was able to even pay it off very quickly.

I love my car but at 150,000 miles my transmission started slipping. After have 2 opinions I had to get a new transmission. I was told that they see that often. Toyotas are supposed to last much longer then that!!!

- Stephanie G

Toyotas are extremely reliable.

My Toyota Avalon is a high performance low mileage car with luxury features that make driving a pleasure. Fully loaded with beautiful leather interior, excellent gas mileage averages 21 miles per gallon.

- Catherine M

2008 Gold Toyota Avalon that we purchased to accommodate our growing family.

The Avalon that we purchased was used but it is absolutely reliable. All of the vehicles we own are Toyota. We have not had any problems with our vehicles and I would recommend Toyotas to anyone.

- Stephanie V

Its very spacious and luxurious.

It's a very spacious vehicle. The comfort level of driving is amazing. I has minimal problems and maintenance is affordable. You get the luxury of a full size sedan within a low budget range.

- Edward J

The most important thing others should know about my car is the acceleration power.

These are the things I love about my car: 1. The large trunk 2. The horsepower 3. The luxurious interior 4. The heated seats 5. The ability for 3 people to seat comfortably in the back seat

- Roberta G

I really like the car. It is a sedan and that was one reason I bought it. It is a comfortable ride for distance travel, However I was used to a Ford Explorer before this car and miss some of the features offered by the Explorer, as I am an outdoor enthusiast and camp and fish. The Avalon has been trouble free and very comfortable. I feel Toyota makes quality vehicles.

It is a quality vehicle and rides smoothly. There is very little road noise and the car has many features such as hands free phone use and many operational feature on the steering column.

- Harold D

Toyotas have a great track record of being dependable for a very long time. My car has several more years in her.

Smooth ride, decent gas mileage, dependable. I dislike that the sun shade gets stuck often because the fuse is constantly blowing. The cost to replace the part is crazy expensive!

- Kimber R

Toyota Avalon and the issue with headlights.

It's a great car if taken care of. The only problem we've had was with the headlights. After a certain amount of time, the LED lights will go out and it can be an expensive repair.

- Toya D

It has keyless entry, which I love. It is very reliable

It drives very quietly. It has been very reliable. it is comfortable. I wish the Nav system screen would come on automatically, instead of having to press a button to activate it.

- karon m

The Avalon is really reliable and comfortable to drive.

I like that it is reliable and nice to drive. It's a good size and comfortable and gets good gas mileage. I dislike that it doesn't have built in gps or Apple talk.

- Janelle P

Comfortable, Good mileage Sedan

It is very comfortable. It gets great Gas mileage. It looks really good. However, the road feel is a bit too soft as is the response from the brakes.

- Leigh H

Toyota Avalon 2008 great car

Love my car! Great miles per gallon! Smooth driving. Have not had any problems with the car besides the battery dying from being left on.

- Catrina T

Handles well, electronics are excellent.

Very reliable. Car has excellent room, especially in second seat. Plan on keeping another 5 years. Will likely buy another Avalon

- Larry L

Nice car with some problems.

I enjoy the seat coolers and heaters. The car handles well, however I've experienced problems with the water pump and transmission.

- Lance G

It is a reliable car l. Has electric brakes and heated seats.

I like the color. I like the size. I dislike how many miles are on it. I dislike how much money it costs to fill up the gas tank.

- Jess M

It is very dependable and rides very smoothly. It is also very good on gas. I get great mileage.

I wish it had a navigation system. Also it would be nice if it had memory seats, since my spouse also drives the car.

- Marge C

It gets a lot of attention. I don't know why? Because it's black? Big shiny grille? I don't know.

I bought my Avalon used. It's my second one. Great car. Rear brakes wear out very quickly. Nice ride otherwise.

- Brian H

Smooth luxury vehicle made for everyone

Extremely reliable and durable car. Smooth drive as well as fast acceleration. Very roomy and big trunk space.

- Meg W

It has a sunroof and its fully loaded.

I love how it drives on the highway. I love the style of the car It's a special edition. It great on gas.

- Alicia B

Comfort and ease of driving

Love the comfort and all the features..heated seats, sunroof, audio system and the ease of handling.

- Ann H

It's so smooth it almost drives itself.

I love the way it handles. It has good responsiveness and drives smoothly. I have no complaints.

- Patrick S

Great car.A powerful engine. That gets very good gas mileage

The car is very nice looking ,with excellent pick up . Nice interior Poor radio reception.

- Anthony G


A quality-built full size sedan more than 10 years old. No problems during that time.

- Jim B

It is a good looking, comfortable riding car and easy to drive

It is Comfortable and easy to drive. It gets fairly good mileage. I feel safe in it.

- Janet L

dependable just never breaks down, roomy tilt seats in the back

it has never broke down on me. 200,000 miles window wipers make to much noise

- sigurd s

It is a car that can fulfill anybody's needs. It's a good starter car.

I like the color. I like the features in the car. I like that it is reliable.

- Maria R

it's a Toyota! Long lasting, high quality

great car, smooth driving, no maintenance problems, would buy another one

- John F

it has never broken down with 200,000 miles on it very comfortable and dependable

200,000miles and it has never broken down very spacious and comfortable

- sigurd T

It has never broken down after 200,000 miles

It has never broke down. Very comfortable. smooth ride. Lots of room

- sigurd M

i like the fact that my car gets great gas mileage.

i like everything. accept the seats. i don't like the headrests.

- elizabeth p

The car is very reliable. I have never had any issues with it

It is a great car with lots of space. Love the luxury aspects.

- Donnica C

I like that it has a lot of room and it is somewhat good on gas. The upkeep is really easy and economically efficient as well. What I dislike is that certain compartments like the AC messes up easily and costs a lot to fix.

This car is suitable for anything such as traveling and moving


Great gas mileage and plenty of interior space

Good gas economy. It's paid for already. Easy to drive

- Don P

retained value at low cost

reliable, roomy, retains value. stylish, sound

- james T