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Toyota solara is a great recreational vehicle not good as a main vehicle.

My car is very sporty it is great during good weather. It has great take off and road performance. It is horrible on gas. It is horrible in the rain it leaks because it is convertible. I have had to replace that alternator twice since I have had it so I do not know if that is a common problem or not. Other than that it is been a great reliable car. My car is via luxury edition so it has all the I did things you would want in a car the Bluetooth the seat warmers all that and it is wonderful if I was going to buy this car all over again I would make sure I had it all equipped but the same things that this one has.

- Jessica P

Toyota Solara 2007 review.

All in all this is a great car. It gets very good gas mileage and just the usual repairs that come through the years. The exception was I was constantly losing oil and it ended up being a bad cylinder ring. It was under warranty when it first started but the dealer gave us the runaround. They prolonged it until it was beyond the warranty. In the end the dealer ended up paying most of the cost. We spoke to Toyota headquarters and they allow one quart of oil for every 600 miles on a brand new engine!! So be careful with Toyota. As much as I liked this car it has me turned off on the brand.

- Stacey E

The best sporty looking car without the cost.

My 2007 Toyota Solara is a red, two door sports edition and perfect for my current lifestyle and traveling needs. My Solara is affordable, has good gas mileage, reliable, comfortable, looks sporty, basic maintenance keeps it running smoothly with no problems. I couldn't have picked a better car for myself. Even with 110, 000 miles it continues to run like a dream. I would highly recommend this car to anyone!

- Katie K

The vehicle drives long distances. This car is dependable.

Has oil consumption problem. Other than that it is a reliable car. It is comfortable, and classy. At more than 155, 000 mile its running well. The vehicle is taken to a Toyota dealership where it gets proper maintenance follow up. So far this maintenance has really worked to have this car on the road even though it has a great deal of driven mileage.

- Luis R

That it is well made and dependable.

I like the design and overall quality of the vehicle. It is well made, dependable and requires only routine maintenance. Toyota has been quick to notify me of recalls and made it painless to take of the repair. I dislike how quickly the plastic lens covers that fit over the headlights become cloudy and discolored.

- Leigh B

Sporty body but comfortable and large enough to fit family.

My Solara is very comfortable the seats are very well insulated with heating and positioning. Love the curtain tilt steering will performance has been great because it is been well maintained the only thing I dislike is the led tail lights because if a bulb burns out you have to replace the whole assembly.

- Stephanie C

It is super pretty. Great for a daughter or a wife.

This is a pretty good vehicle, especially perfect for a kid going to and from school - but will definitely get you from point A to point Be, or just wherever you need to go. A pretty, and reliable vehicle that you'll likely still get some compliments on. Definitely not for bigger people though.

- Steven P

Convertible tops do not last forever.

This is a convertible Solara. I love the car, it drives smoothly & have never had mechanical issues. I love the design. It is a 2007 model. I am looking for a new car at this time because the canvas of the convertible top has started fraying & the back window has become loose in spots.

- Melissa M

Great reliability, low maintenance!

I have had my Toyota Solara for 6 years now and have had zero problems. I regularly maintain and feel it continues to drive well with good reliability. I also love the look of this car. It is sleek and I get lots of compliments on how nice it looks, even now that it is 10 years old.

- Jamie H

Toyota Camry Solara best car purchase ever made.

Reliable, comfortable, classy. Great gas mileage. Leather seats are heated. Ac, electric seats and windows. Rag top is low maintenance. Radio, DVD player conveniently situated. Love this car! One minor drawback: limited vision field through rear window, which is very small.

- Gigi K

Reliability. Toyota is your driving vehicle for today's lifestyle.

My vehicle is very comfortable, reliable in cold weather and economical in terms of gas expense. It is a very safe car for teenagers or any one to drive. One of the things that might be problematic with Toyota cars, is the electric system if maintenance is not up to date.

- Elena A

Convertible with heated seats.

Well, they do not make the solar anymore, but I love that it is a convertible and has heated seats. Drives well, pretty reliable and sleek. Leather seats, good factory speakers. It has a really big trunk too. The back seat is pretty roomy even though it only has 2 doors.

- Ken M

2007 Toyota Solara convertible.

I wish that Toyota still made this model. I have thoroughly enjoyed owning & driving this vehicle. It has been trouble free & has had no major problems. It is fun to drive & I like that it is a v6. For a car of its age it has all the best features that Toyota offered.

- Diane K

The pros and cons of the Toyota solara

The Toyota solara convertible is an extremely well thought out and reliable vehicle. The trunk space and legroom are ample and the controls are well placed. However, the front seats have had issues with substantial wearing and the locks have never seemed work well.

- Mary W

Awesome Toyota great brand to own love Toyota brand

I brought my car new in 2007 and still driving it today it have it every day wear and tear brakes alternative rock replaced the comfort of seat are great I love my car its have over 200,00 miles on its I have replaced ties on this car about 5 times in 12 years

- Kathy P P

It is a convertible, so very fun to drive.

I have had my car for 10 years and I have had very few problems with it in this time. I love driving it with the top down during nice weather in the spring and fall. The only problem is that when it rains really heavy the top leaks a little around the edges.

- Jane K

No problems

This is an amazing auto. I would like to buy American made but this one fit my needs and has turned out to be one of my more successful purchases. No problems until recently. I am too old to drive a new car so will have it painted and keep it in good repair.

- Elizabeth N

It will last forever because it's well made!

I love that it's a Toyota because Toyota's last forever and I haven't had any problems with this car at all even though I now have more than 100K miles on it. I love that it's white because dirt doesn't show up and I love that it's a convertible.

- karen O

It is very dependable, it has never broken down or had any engine trouble.

I like that the car is very durable, I am not afraid I will get hurt while driving it. I also like that it is a dependable vehicle, it has never given me any trouble while driving. The only thing I dislike about this car is how long it is.

- Nicole C

The built in alarm system that will not allow anyone to steal the car.

I like my Solara because of the comfortable seats, the moon roof, the radio system along with DVD player, and how the panel fore warns me of maintenance. I am only worried about the age and the cost of major items when they break down.

- Jacki P

The convertible Toyota Solara!

It has good performance but does not handle very well. It is a convertible so the chassis is weak and flexes a lot, and that makes a lot of noise. So far it has been very reliable and it will go anywhere I want to go.

- Dario F

Overall the car is great. Size is good for a family. Loads of trunk space too.

The car is fairly reliable. It is aging, but still runs great. The car is comfortable and the driver's seat adjusts in just about every position to get comfortable. The pick up could be better.

- Andi D

Toyota Camry Solara: Two doors

I do not like that the vehicle only has two doors. I know that this is obviously one of the main features and parts of the car, but I would not recommend it to a college student.

- Kali F

My car is old, but mechanically sound. It's got 175000 miles, so maintenance is catching up. It's paid for, so it helps with cash flow nonetheless. I wish it had more current technology like bluetooth and backup screens.

Fun to drive and really reliable. It's also a very popular model that Toyota has not sought to continue. You see lots of them on the road here, especially convertibles like mine.

- Kathy F

I own it and I'm it's sole driver and it's up to date on all it's maintenance

Love it, it's dependable, reliable. It has great gas mileage. I love the color and the fact that it's just a two door. It's easy to drive and park.

- Cindy G

Toyota RAV4 is a great, reliable car

Love my car, have never had any major problems and still running strong. Toyota's are great cars, I will most likely get another rav4 in the future

- Jennifer H

Reliable, great gas mileage, sleek look!

I have had my car for 6 years and have never had any issues with it. If well maintained, this car is reliable and will last you a lifetime!

- Jaime H

That it gets great gas mileage.

I like that my vehicle runs great. I also like that it gets great gas mileage, and is comfortable. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Charlotte B

Safe to drive, solid car.

I like how reliable it is. I have 125,000 miles and haven't had frequent repairs. It has a smooth ride.. The gas mileages good..

- Charlotte J

It is a convertible and is fun to drive with the top down in nice weather.

It is fun to drive. It has also been one of the most dependable cars I have had in years. I am keeping this one for a long time.

- Katherine K

It dependable but only 2 doors not good for a family

My car is reliable and every roomy. The issue I had other normal brakes and oil changes the sensor on tires had to be replaced.

- Nicole L

It's comfortable ,gets great gas mileage. The turbo had problems.

I love the gas mileage that the car gets, it comfortable and diets my grandkids well. We have had problems with the turbo.

- Jennifer J

It does not have a sunroof, the type gauges do not tell the pressure amount.

It is a great older car. I did buy it used, and have needed to replace some things. Overall it is a safe and reliable car.

- Veronica C

It's a convertible and rides smoothly.

It is a beautiful and stylish car. It drives well and fairly good on gas. It is made for two to travel and see the sights!

- Dennis S

It's a wonderful car! With comfort and style I drive it proudly!

This car has style, reliability and comfort. With its smooth ride and good mileage it's a keeper that I'm still proud of!

- Debra J

It drives beautifully and looks great particularly as a convertible

First I like that it's a convertible. Second,it drives very well and I've had almost no mechanical problems with it.

- Jonathan W

It's red, so it's unique.

I like the car because it's paid for. I'm not as crazy about it being two doors as I was before. Uses too much gas

- Lisa M

A car that will last a long time for starting out

It runs pretty smooth, one year the spark plugs went out and the fuel line was leaking so I had to replace them.

- anna H

It is old, but has been well maintained. Still has speed. Burns oil.

Difficult to get into back seat. I have spent a lot of money on repairs in the last two years. It now burns oil.

- Cynthia G

It gets great highway mileage and its a study and consistent vehicle.

Great gas mileage. Mediocre storage. Expensive to repair. Easy handling. Hard to tinker on. Good radio and ac.

- Aaron B

The vehicle is safe and dependable. I would recommend anyone to purchase from a reputable dealer.

It's a 4 cylinder, does not much start up power. It's drives smoothly, and hugs the road for sharp turns.

- Lil S

I haven't had to put much money into replacing parts.

Minimal mechanical problems. It drives well. And it is a comfortable car. Not a fan of the blind spots.

- Raquel S

it makes me feel safe while driving

what i like about my car is it It's easy to drive good with gas per mile fun car to drive

- jay w

It's roomy, sporty, and MINE!

It's a convertible. It's black. It's paid off. Love this car! NO complaints

- Diana A

Functional reliable and fun

Love the convertible. Dislike the gas mileage. Durable, safe and reliable

- Nicole T

It's reliable and safe, go on gas mileage. Easy to drive.

Love the smooth ride and handles bends very well. no complaints

- Marie S

I love having a convertible. I feel free when I can put the top down. It has been a very dependable car. The gas mileage is good as well. I really like how it looks as well. I do have a blind spot on each side where the top meets the back window.

It's a four passenger convertible that is really fun to drive.

- Cathy D

It's a reliable vehicle. I'd buy it again if I had to choose.

I like the convertible top. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Emily A

That if you take care of the basic essentials on the car it will last many years

The car has excellent room and great on gas mileage.

- Shavonza H