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Take Care of it and it Will Take Care Of You

As long as things are checked ok, caught early and routinely handled maintenance wise, reliability is pretty good. Not a performer by any stretch but does a solid job going from point a to b, especially in the snow with good tires. Pretty dated regarding features with it being a '01 but being able to hold a full size spare helps in the rare occasion you need it.

- Maurice B

A reliable 18 year old car

My car has about 177000 miles on it at present I have maintained it replacing worn parts like motor mounts, transmission seals, regular oil changes and a purchase of tires last year. Several years ago, one of my sons who owns a body shop, painted it at a low cost so that it looks like a new car. This car has been very dependable and has served us well.

- Ernst B

Toyota highlander, reliable and dependable.

I've had no major problems with my highlander. Have had to fix driver window. The power window became loose. Have also had to fix spring on button for heated seat. There have been no major problems. It had been very reliable. Gas mileage runs 18 to 24 mph in city and highway. Leather seats are standard. Very comfortable drive with plenty of legroom.

- Karen L

Toyota highland, great everything car.

It is great, reliable and can handle anything thrown at it. Very comfortable for long drives and can handle any weather being an SUV. Its big enough that it makes it easy to get car seats in and out as well as young children. Has a lot of trunk and storage space makes is easy for moving and camping with. Can handle well with tow capability.

- Kimberly I

Best car I have ever owned!

I love my 2001 Toyota highlander. It is a very good car, and it has been driven for years. I have to have it serviced soon, but other than that it requires almost no maintenance. It is a very smooth ride, and lots of people ask me if I want to sell it to them. You do not hear that very often with such an old car. I absolutely recommend it.

- Wendy C

Toyota Highlander - a loyal and ideal vehicle

Toyota's are very reliable cars and are low maintenance. I've never had any major problems with my car and I've had it for about 5 years now. I love how spacious it is and it drives very smooth. It's the perfect size for traveling with my dog and fitting everything I need for a road trip. I feel safe and confident on the road in this car.

- Shelby R

Toyota's treasure. This highlander SUV is a extremely reliable car.

Toyota's highlander is a very reliable SUV. Ours has over 200, 000 miles and the mechanic said it should last another 200, 000. It is champagne in color and is comfortable. It has the basic features such as a radio and DVD player. It has a little dent on the driver's front side, but that just adds to its charm.

- Patricia R

Functionality of the Toyota highlander.

The Toyota highlander is a great option for a smaller SUV. It is an all wheel drive vehicle with a traction control option. Includes power seats and windows, as well as a sliding run roof. The hatch in the back provides for great extra storage and the second row seating folds down for more room as well.

- Taylor O

Family considering an SUV when driving a car

Reliable, I have about 220k miles. The drive is smooth with average road noise for the most part it is quieter. The handling isn't good when it comes to hard corning. The fuel mileage is decent about 25 miles to a gallon. But the room is a lot bigger than a car. It's not bad.

- Si X

Toyota reliability - classic reputation.

Great reliability. I have had this vehicle for 16 years and no major mechanical problems. General maintenance, oil changed, etc. And this vehicle will last to antique status. This is a limited model, leather seats, loaded electronics. Back seats fold down for extra storage space.

- Carl H

Great family car, minor issues.

I have had an issue with the fuel pump in this car two times, but other than that. . . I love how this car drives. It feels safe and is pretty reliable. I can fit a ton of gear, kids and dogs in this car. Our family of 4 and one dog can travel comfortably in this car.

- Kirsten C

Age is a huge factor in the fact that this car is both a hot and cold issue for me. Though I don't complain too much because it does what it needs to do and gets me to where I need to go.

The vehicle itself is quite old. It does require a lot more maintenance than it used to. There has been a lot of wear and tear over the years, and I have had to buy spare parts for it on the regular for the past couple of months. But that is to be expected with age.

- Tiffany A

I love it every part of it the exterior and the interior.

I love my car. It is the first generation and I love the interior set up. I love the color I love the reliability and the comfort. My 17-year-old car has just over 160, 000 miles on it which means I do not drive it a lot. It is been very easy to keep it running.

- Kris H

Toyota is the car of the future.

I purchased this vehicle new in 2001. I took a chance, as it was a new model right off the assembly line. I was willing to do so, as I had prior experience with Toyota. Made the right choice. Still running well and have no desire to trade it in as yet.

- Allan B

It's okay, it gets me from a to b. Was given to me by parents, used to be the family car.

The vehicle has around 200,000 miles, a broken back windshield wiper, several body scratches, faded paint on the hood roof, and top of doors. Engines kinda loud, could run better, lacking center console and passenger light.

- Ivann E

The newer versions are much better! They have all of the bells and whistles and do not cost as much as Honda. It has great gas mileage and is not a dreaded minivan!

My Highlander is old, yes, but I LOVE THIS CAR!! It is wonderful for 2-3 carseats and still has a huge back storage. It is 4 wheel drive in the snow and has a sunroof for "cool" driving through our canyon! LOVE THIS CAR!!

- Sarah T

It can safely drive throughout the winter months.

No complaints. Vehicle runs like a sewing machine. No major maintenance issues. Has 147,000 miles. I purchased it new. If I get a new vehicle it will be because of safety features not on my 18 year old Toyota.

- George S

It fit to our family, it's not old fashion, it's very convenience when the whole family take vacation out of town

Over 17 years purchased this vehicle We always following the guideline to maintenance: oil change; tune up; alignment..... so, it still has a good condition, we love this car, nothing to dislike

- Nhan R

It's reliable and roomy. I've never had anything major go wrong with it.

I like that my highlander is roomy. You have plenty of room in the backseat. My biggest complaint is the cup holders attached to the driver's seat. Whey aren't sturdy and got broken very quickly.

- Melody T

Extremely reliable vehicle

This car has been great so far. Being that it is nearly 20 years old, it has held up extremely well. There have not been any mechanical problems, only minor cosmetic or electrical problems.

- Lauren K

It is reliable and paid off. It helps me get everything I need to achieve in my day done quickly and efficiently.

I love the suv style and ease of getting my daughter in and out. I do wish it was newer and had more technology functions. I also wish the outside was not as beat up.

- Tiffany S

Family car in size it's big, spacious and perfect for parents with more than one child.

I love the trunk size and the size in general. it's big enough to fit more than one car seat. I like the it's not low to the ground like compact car are.

- Citlalli R

It might look bad, but it still runs like a champ.

I dislike that is an older vehicle and does not have fully modern technology. I would like to have a vehicle with newer tech such as a backup camera.

- Derrick M

family car, durable and easy to drive

I like that it's durable. I don't like that it doesn't have modern conveniences such as sensitivity to car/anything nearby, but it's an older car

- Brenda B

Bad gas mileage but otherwise a very reliable family car.

It is the first model highlander has some special features most don't. It's very comfortable to ride in. Gas mileage is horrible though!!

- Emily S

Comfort to ride in you set up high and see the road good . Easy to put grocery in the back of it ,and the best car you can buy

I love you .it has been a good car don't have any trouble with it ,get me where I need to go .easy on gas I would not have anything else

- Jan L

will last a very long time, if you continue to take care of it.

best car i've ever had, most dependable, enjoyable ride, great for long distance driving and it has a great name - highlander

- chris r

That I've only driven it with only 70,000 miles on it.

It's roomy and I sit high. Gas mileage not that great but that's ok. The recalls on some models were a bit annoying.

- Carrie C

It does not always start right away.

I like that it runs well. I like that it picks up speed fairly well. I do not like that it is not always reliable.

- Miranda A

This has been a great vehicle.

Very reliable, have had very few problems. Am thinking of buying a new one in 2020. Can't beat a good product.


It may be old but it still rides well.

I love how smooth it rides. Never had any mechanical issues with it. No complaints about this vehicle.

- Carl H

It's a badass car, it look nice and gets me where I need to go.

The vehicle is Very sturdy. It is very reliable. Easy to fix. I dislike the MPGs

- Jasmine G

it's a small suv that fits 7 people. has 4 wheel drive

it has 4 wheel drive. the size is perfect. it runs great for an older car.

- kristi m

Handles well, sits up off the ground

Drives well. Not many mechanical problems

- Sharon M