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Perfect for any sized family!

2002 Toyota Highlander

I love my Toyota highlander! It is always reliable, I can always count on it to get me to where I need to go! It is good on gas and it fills for an affordable price. I use my car a lot for nannying and babysitting kids. I love this car because it is spacious and fits car seats as well as other children comfortably. It is easy to clean, I vacuum it myself and it never takes more than 30 minutes. You are drawn to the Toyota highlander for its functional, family-friendly nature, frugal gas mileage, consistently good reliability, high resale value, and standard advanced safety features. The Toyota highlander is a great midsize SUV. The highlander provides a comfortable and quiet ride. It sports a handsome interior and a long list of standard safety features. Its available v6 engine scoots the eight-seat SUV around confidently. For its mixture of quality and value, we named the highlander a finalist for our 2018 best 3-row SUV for the money award. It is not perfect, though. The highlander's four-cylinder base engine is a little light on power, and though passenger space is sufficient – the third row is cramped for adults. The current highlander generation has been on sale since 2014. You can save money by shopping for a used model, but if you are interested in the highlander’s advanced safety features, the 2017-and-newer models are your best bet. A 2017 refresh added the Toyota safety sense package to the highlander’s standard features. I bought mine used for 4,000 and do not regret it!

- Ashlyn D

Reliability and comfort all in one.

2002 Toyota Highlander

My car is super reliable!! I bought it used. I have never had like any problems with it. The only thing that has ever happened was that a screw came loose once, but that was an easy fix. Great car. My car is very spacious. I can fit all of my stuff in it. When I moved to college, everything I needed fit in it. The only thing I dislike about my car is that it is a 5 seater and not a 7 seater. Everyone loves my car. The sound system is really good too. My far is super safe too. The gas it gets is not the greatest, but better than some. The trunk space is really great too. I would not trade my car at all. It is reliable and easy to take care of.

- Alyssa W

Highlander is a good family car or for college students with plenty of space.

2002 Toyota Highlander

I truly love driving my highlander. I feel that I do not need to force the car, and when I drive long distances I am very comfortable. I have kept my car in good condition including the interior, exterior, and maintenance on the engine. One issue that I had run into since owning the car has been, the check engine light will come on even when there is not a problem. However, my mechanic has been very helpful to keep my car running well. This is a great car for families with lots of room and good stereo system. My highlander has been through tough weather conditions, but I have never experienced a problem with the way the car drives.

- Moira L

2002 Toyota Highlander Review

2002 Toyota Highlander

It's a satisfactory if unexceptional choice with a spacious cabin, good build quality, and efficient engines. Driving enthusiasts won't find the Highlander to be gratifying, but its smooth ride and muted dynamics will appeal to most everyone else. A host of active safety technologies gives the Highlander bonus points among the safety conscious, but those who value in-cabin infotainment technology may find its offerings lacking. The Highlander sells itself on its good value and long-term durability, and to some buyers those things are worth more than gizmos and corner-carving prowess.

- Kyle M

Toyota highlander is a reliable vehicle if maintained.

2002 Toyota Highlander

We bought it used, but still no performance or reliability issues. A fuse needs replaced, I have not looked yet to see where this might be or if I need non-standard fuses to fix. This is before they redesigned the console between driver and passenger, the redesign was really needed! I wish it had more hidden cargo cubbies of a larger size in the rear. The ones provided are very small, too small for big screwdriver or bottle of antifreeze, for example. Otherwise, I think this is a decent car. Oh, and I generally prefer gm vehicles.

- Lori R

Black Toyota highlander from 2002.

2002 Toyota Highlander Limited

My car is black exterior with tan leather interior. The car has heated seats in the front. There are also heated mirrors on the vehicle. The car has 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive and esc snow. The truck has a spare tire in the back and cloth interior. There has been once accident which left a dent in the front, right side of the car, just over the front wheel. The car is very bad at acceleration and there are constant noises coming from my car.

- Mackenzie F

Improved driving position for bad backs!

2002 Toyota Highlander

I have only had this car for a few months, but it is my first SUV and I love the driving position - up high and sat in a very upright position, it is great for my back! The inside is roomy without it being too big to park. The trunk is great for all our family needs, including weekly shopping and twice annual camping trips. I have yet to spend too much on maintenance, so time will tell on that.

- Michelle G

It is an overall reliable, comfortable vehicle.

2002 Toyota Highlander

I love the interior color and comfort of my car. My driver's seat is fully adjustable and that is a huge help with me and my boyfriend, since he is much taller than me. I also love the sunroof, it has multiple settings, and it automatically shuts itself when I turn off the car. It is very reliable, I haven't had any issues with the way it drives. It handles great on ice and snow.

- Katie M

Great Vehicle for Young Drivers

2002 Toyota Highlander Base

The vehicle runs really well in the winter, especially throughout the snow. The seats are comfortable and the blind spots are minimal. The gas mileage is fairly decent and there are hardly ever problems in the engine compartment. I love all of the space in the back of the car and especially when the seats can be folded down. It makes moving much easier.

- Cece A

I know I can always count on my Toyota Highlander to get me where I need to go.

2002 Toyota Highlander Base

My Toyota Highlander has been an amazing SUV. The only issue we've had that reoccurs is with the brakes and parts around them. We've had to replace them multiple times, not just the brake pads from normal wear. We've had this issue with our other Toyota's as well, but I still believe they're the most reliable and long-lasting vehicles.

- Stacie L

Reliability and endurance.

2002 Toyota Highlander Limited

I do not have any problems with the vehicle. But I think the maintenance cost is a little high for Toyota vehicles. The SUV vehicle rides smooth as a car. The gas cost is reasonable for a SUV. This vehicle has been very reliable over the years. I plan to keep this vehicle as a second car when I purchase another vehicle in a few years.

- Suzanne S

It's lasted a long time with minimal investment into repairs.

2002 Toyota Highlander

It's been extremely reliable. I have almost 300,000. One thing I don't like is that there's an air hose that is not very visible when getting the oil changed and it's not replaced which causes the check engine light to come on, which then requires another trip to the mechanic. I have to remember to tell them every time

- Stephanie L

Durability through hell and back.

2002 Toyota Highlander

Been in three car accidents. Bumper fell off only on third one. Currently zip tied on. Check engine light has been on for four years. Still unchecked and car runs fine car is super durable. Been through hell and back and still running like a charm. I mean, the car is 16 years old and the only thing broken is the horn.

- Kimberly N

Middle row can lean back all the way, which is great when I'm travelling.

2002 Toyota Highlander Base

Paint is a greenish color I've had this car for about 2 yrs, the paint is somehow peeling off. Other than that is a good car. Hasn't given me any issues. It alerts me when I get a low tire pressure right away. The only bad thing about it is that it has a tiny trunk after you use the third row, not much trunk space.

- Blanca N

Family friendly, weather reliable and great on the road.

2002 Toyota Highlander

It is a great family car. Great for our family road trips or soccer games. It is very spacious and comfortable. It does not have all those extra complicated gadgets I just need my music to rides. I feel very safe when I am driving. I live in a state where it rains and snows a lot and it is great! Basic but perfect.

- Margarita C

Quality, comfort and class

2002 Toyota Highlander Base

Looks great, feels stable and grounded while driving, good visibility from drivers seat, comfortable, controls within drivers reach, holds lots of cargo and even more when back seat is folded flat, decent gas mileage. Con: check engine light issues in last 4 yrs-minor emissions leaks, gas cap issues are irritating

- Wendy D

Longevity at it's finest!

2002 Toyota Highlander Base

Mileage is currently at 226k. Other than a few windows not working, and needing coolant every few months, as long as the oil is changed when it's supposed to, the car runs great. Drives very smooth. We did have to have the AC unit sent out to get rebuilt, but that was just last year (2018) and the car is a 2002.

- Jessica P

Highlander is the SUV to by any year I didn't go wrong on this buy.

2002 Toyota Highlander Limited

I like driving my 2002 highlander everywhere everyday it really a great SUV my family love it reliable I will buy another one if I had the money I had the SUV for a few years now and I haven't really spend a lot of money on maintenant. I think if your wanting to buy a SUV buy a highlander it is a great SUV.

- Jorge L

Reliable Toyota Highlander

2002 Toyota Highlander Base

I love my Toyota Highlander! It has been so reliable even for a 2002. It drives really great and provides comfort for me and the family. I haven't had any issues with my vehicle other than the normal wear and tear of an older vehicle. I would recommend Highlander's to anyone who is considering a midsize SUV

- Ali M

Very spacious and comfortable.

2002 Toyota Highlander

I love how spacious it is. It is an easy vehicle to drive. I can load up the kids and still have plenty of space for the stroller and groceries. I really haven't had many problems with it. Other than regular oil and tire changes. I think the only thing we had to replace is the alternator. It's a great SUV!

- Rachel W

The vehicle as a very spacious interior and a large storage space in the trunk.

2002 Toyota Highlander Limited

The vehicle is very reliable considering it's age. Sometimes the steering will lock up if I shift feeds too quickly and it's very easy to hydroplane in rain but I think that's mostly my tires. Overall I'm very impressed with the vehicle's performance as it still runs well depicted being over 15 years old.

- Jay L

The sizing is perfect for those who want a SUV without getting a huge vehicle.

2002 Toyota Highlander

This was my 4th car that I ever owned. I went through cars almost at 1 per year before this car, and have since owned my Toyota Highlander for 5 and a half years. The size is perfect for someone who wants an SUV without getting a huge vehicle. It has been very reliable and no major problems.

- Frances S

2002 Toyota highlander - old, but kicks butt!

2002 Toyota Highlander

Although my Toyota highlander is old, it still rides well and even survived a bad accident. This SUV is very sturdy and did not get much damage in the accident. Most importantly, no one was hurt in the vehicle. I would highly recommend a Toyota highlander - expensive, but worth the price.

- Alison L

Perfect for first time car owner.

2002 Toyota Highlander

My only issue is it does not have a console like other cars, so I do not have any cup holders. Other than that, it runs fine and has kept up great, no mechanical issues. The seats and everything is very comfortable and fits me really well. It has a lot of space without it being too big.

- Mai S

Great, Reliable work SUV.

2002 Toyota Highlander Base

Great reliable vehicle. Great gas mileage, and decent features. Turns extremely well for an SUV. Not a vehicle that will draw attention but looks okay. Stock stereo system is pretty good too, nice base. Decent off road capabilities too, I can always drive it on to my work sites.

- Travis R

The family car that lasts forever

2002 Toyota Highlander Limited

Toyota Highlander with 154,000 miles, runs very well. Requires the basic general maintenance only. Had trouble passing CA smog last year, ended up costing $600. One window won't roll down. Fits five with good amount of room in the back for luggage, groceries, or dog.

- Cher R

There�s really nothing interesting about my car. It�s just like any other car.

2002 Toyota Highlander Base

Seems like if one thing goes wrong with it then something else goes wrong with it. But it has a lot of room in it. Another downfall is that it has no cup holders in the front. It has a big trunk. The back seats are comfortable and you have a lot of room in the back.

- Amber B

My workhorse, best car ever owned.

2002 Toyota Highlander Limited

No problems. Best car I have ever bought. It has 290,000 miles. I drive it 75 miles round trip to work still and my new BMW rests in the garage. It's awesome. I have replaced the air conditioning and the transmission. All of the rest of the work has been maintenance.

- Sheri M

It has almost 160,000 miles on it and I expect to have it for another 2-3 years. It's a Toyota so I have confidence it will last over 200,000 miles.

2002 Toyota Highlander

I like Toyotas, but it seems like a sensor is going bad on a regular basis. I realize my vehicle is 16 years old, but I didn't know that there were so many sensors in vehicles today. I do like the way it drives and the way the seats fit my body.

- Kathy S

Strong, durable, I feel safe in it!

2002 Toyota Highlander

Toyota highlander. This is my 3rd Toyota, because of its durability and length of time it continues to drive well and hold up without many issues. I just had the belts fixed. . . After 120, 000 miles. . . That's not too bad!

- Mary M

This car is very reliable for everyday transportation.

2002 Toyota Highlander

The car is pretty decent. Pros: It runs smoothly, has a decent sound system, as very roomy. Cons: Not the best on gas, road noise is louder than other cars, has some big blind spots when it comes to seeing smaller cars.

- Eric S

I think that others should know about my car is that it has low gas mileage, and still works even though it is a 2002 model.

2002 Toyota Highlander

I bought this vehicle from my mother since she was moving on to another car. It still functions properly, and I have no complaints. Additionally, my car has not broken down since I bought it, and is still comfortable.

- Frank W

It is a dependable, comfortable car that fits a family, a couple, or just 1 person.

2002 Toyota Highlander

I love that I can fold the seats down and get just about anything in the back. It has great gas mileage. I don't like that it has digital tire sensors which are easily broken and expensive to fix.

- Brittany C

Long lasting and still like a charm

2002 Toyota Highlander

Dependable and durable. It is 16 years old and still rides like a new one and the maintenance has been problem free. The resale value is still good so others now the value of this vehicle.

- Kim D

It has lots of space for passengers as well as cargo.

2002 Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander is very reliable vehicle. I am driving it for more than 16 years and drove for 100,000 miles and I do not have any mechanical problems other than regular maintenance.

- Kanu S

2002 Toyota Highlander: oldie but a goodie.

2002 Toyota Highlander

The drive of my Highlander is really great. Its older so it lacks some of the new technology I like to have. That's such a miracle or thing, though, and everything else is wonderful.

- Leah M

My car is dependable and easy to drive. I get good gas mileage and I feel safe.

2002 Toyota Highlander

I like my Toyota because it handles very well and I get good gas mileage. It's roomy and has adequate passenger space. I like the size of my vehicle rather than a sedan.

- Kathleen K

They last if you do the maintenance like oil changes etc.

2002 Toyota Highlander

I have had it for 15 years. It has lots of bumps and bruises but also has 240, 000 miles and is still going strong. Great car! I'd buy another if I could afford it.

- Leigh M

It is so comfortable to drive and ride in.

2002 Toyota Highlander

It just needs a little more leg room for the driver's seat. Being 6'7" makes it difficult for me to find a comfortable vehicle to drive. Otherwise it is perfect.

- Steve S

People should know that this SUV is very sturdy and can get through any type of weather with ease.

2002 Toyota Highlander

I have had this SUV for many years now and absolutely love it. Yes, parts had to be replaced over time, but the durability of the vehicle is wonderful.

- Alison L

Total dependability of all systems.

2002 Toyota Highlander

Smooth ride. Comfortable seats. Plenty of room for passengers. . Lots of room to transport groceries, luggage, boxes etc. Would like better mileage.

- Joan R

My SUV truck is decent on gasoline.

2002 Toyota Highlander

A/c needs fixing and a fuel hose and sensor needs replacing, my seats are worn but she is very reliable and has plenty of room,

- Lisa G

I do not know never think about these things.

2002 Toyota Highlander

It is old so it has the normal things cars has needs a little work a paint job it has a oil leak brakes and tires are good.

- Jason L

It has the best quality and best price.

2002 Toyota Highlander

I love that my highlander is big enough for my family and it gets very good gas mileage. It is also very easy to work on.

- Amanda M

Has no major problems, if maintained regularly will last several years.

2002 Toyota Highlander

Reliable have had no problems. This is my second Toyota and I would not purchase any other make vehicle in the future.

- Pat A

It handles very well on the road and a very comfortable ride when driving.

2002 Toyota Highlander

It is very spacious, good on gas. It is very family oriented. It has a very spacious back to load and unload easily.

- Amy M

Again, just average not that great but not the worst either.

2002 Toyota Highlander

No complaints it's a great car. It's reliable and gets me where I need to go. It's spacious as well as nice looking.

- Megan J

Has 4 wheel drive. Love the fact that I can go almost anywhere with it.

2002 Toyota Highlander

I love my car I wish it was bigger cause I hail my goats to fair back and forth places so wishing it was bigger.

- Dana L

This is a great car and would get another

2002 Toyota Highlander

My highlander is all wheel drive which I love. The vehicle is getting older but has ALWAYS been super reliable

- Kaden D

My highlander is a great family car.

2002 Toyota Highlander

I like that my vehicle has a sunroof. I love that my car has a big trunk. I am grateful that it is easy on gas.

- Heather J

drives like new even with It's age

2002 Toyota Highlander

I like that it sits higher off the road then a car no complaints just the right size not to big handles great

- sandra A

Good car takes me to point a to b and z

2002 Toyota Highlander

Good reliable vehicle I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a used or new one. Toyota is the best

- Edward T

perform regular maintenance like oil and fluid changes, it will last a long time.

2002 Toyota Highlander

good fuel economy. smooth ride for a suv. very dependable. only regular maintenance and wear and tear.

- glen L

Great value and longevity

2002 Toyota Highlander

Very reliable, minimal maintenance though check engine light trips often as the years have gone by.


It has no 3rd row seating, and gas mileage could be improved.

2002 Toyota Highlander

It's big, but I'd like a 3rd row seating. Is comfortable. Could get better gas mileage though.

- Sara H

It's a lifer. Can last a Long time.

2002 Toyota Highlander

I like how long my vehicle has lasted. I like it's safety and strength. I don't like it's age.

- Lauren G

low maintenance I have had it for 3 years and did not need any major repairs

2002 Toyota Highlander

I like that it sits higher than cars great setting an space very nice driving

- sandra l

the feeling of being very secure while driving around or on a trip

2002 Toyota Highlander

I like its turning radius./ gas mileage. / and its comfort for long drives

- judy r

This is a Very reliable vehicle that requires minimal maintenance.

2002 Toyota Highlander

Rides like a car. Very reliable. Very few problems. Comfortable.

- Linda H

How reliable it is and how cheap parts to the car are if any need to be replaced

2002 Toyota Highlander

I like in leather interior seats, size of the trunk, and speakers

- Calea B