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Toyota highlander 2007. Roomy enough to haul a complete patio set!

A great car in every way. It is reliable, roomy, and has fairly good gas mileage for a SUV. The only mechanical issue I have had is with the radiator. I had to replace it about 5-6 years ago, but I think that was my error in parking too close to a clothes basket in my garage. The only real problem is with the tire gage. It seems to be permanently on. Other than those two issues I have had no problems and we have taken this highlander on two long (5000-6000 mile) trips. It handles beautifully and is very comfortable to drive. The adjustable table driver's seat allows you to raise the seat and that gives you a better view of your surroundings. I am considering buying another one in the future. I think that is the best recommendation that you can give anything. I have great confidence in this vehicle and still take it on out of town trips even though it is almost twelve years old. The paint job still looks great too and believe me I am not one to wax a vehicle. The Toyota highlander is a great car and u would recommend it to anyone.

- Diane B

Safe and practical yet stylish family vehicle.

I love my highlander. It is a smooth ride. I have great visibility. I feel it is safe for my children with side curtain airbags. O have had no issues handling in the rain or snow. I utilize the 3rd row seating when family is in town. When that is down there is ample cargo space. I haul groceries, soccer stuff etc. with no problem. My only complaint would be rattling sounds such as from the closed glove compartment but that is probably just due to age. I have had no major issues with the vehicle in the years I have owned it. I would highly recommend highlander’s to anybody.

- Andrea G

The car is very spacious despite how small it may appear.

I acquired the vehicle used, but in incredibly good condition except for the brakes, which had to be replaced for a few grand. Obtained for about $11,000. Very comfortable and responsive to drive, no issues while driving. As of now, I have driven 40,000 miles in the car with little to no issues. The third row is not very comfortable to sit in, however when folded down it creates a substantial amount of trunk space. For a 4-5 seater SUV, very relaxing to drive and reliable. Any if all repair costs are minimal as it is a Toyota, and I am sure to get several more years out of the car.

- Francis C

Very comfortable for long trips.

I love this SUV. The only problem I have is that the navigation system is very out of date. It is not possible to update this myself or to have my normal mechanic update it for me. It would also be nice if the backseat was also heated. It is excellent for long trips, seats are very comfortable. It would have been nice to have an additional cup holder on the front doors. You only have two cupholders in the front while the middle seat has four. Overall it gets excellent gas mileage and is a very comfortable automobile to drive.

- Tara M

Large enough to have room for 5 people comfortably and a smooth driving car.

I like my car a lot. It drives like a car yet feels like a SUV. I have been a Toyota buyer for many years. My husband prefers them as well. I am a very nervous driver and the highlander's size helps me feel safer than the Camry I owned prior to the highlander. When I am ready to purchase another car it will be another highlander. Probably one or two years old. The last car I bought new was a fully loaded 2003 Camry that I gave to my daughter who is about to pass it down to my granddaughter. It still drives like a charm.

- Debbie A

Perfect for active people on the go.

This SUV is a pretty basic model but fairly roomy inside. It has decent gas mileage for a 6 cylinder. I purchased this vehicle used at 70,000 miles and have driven another 75, 000 since owning it. I am just. Now experiencing some slight irregular shifting in the transmission (automatic) and a slight leak in the front differential. History shows that the latter is a.Common problem for the highlanders. It runs smoothly and quietly otherwise and has been reliable. It's everything I would expect from an import.

- Annie A

The perks to a Toyota Highlander!

My car is super comfortable and affordable. It's a hybrid so it that's an extra perk. They can last over 300,000 miles with minimal problems and gas milage is also good. Along with it being hybrid, I have the limited edition which includes leather interior, heated seats, automatic, 4 wheel drive, a sunroof and a small three row seat. The car can fit 7 people (5 comfortably)! I drive a lot for school so this car is the perfect vehicle to purchase for it. By far the best decision I made was buying this car!

- Corinne P

Once the third row seat is up, then there is no more room for stuff in the back.

I really like my car because it's an all-wheel drive so I can take it anywhere especially up to the mountains during winter season. I can bring my whole family and still has a lot of space except when I have to use the third row seat, then I don't have a space for bags and luggages. It takes too much gas so it very expensive. Lastly, the break is always a problem for me. There are times when I had to really step on the break just to make it work.

- April B

It is reliable, comfortable and safe. It doesn't look like I'm trying to impress anyone, it looks like I'm living a reasonable and rational life.

We tried out several SUV's to make sure my husbands long legs would fit comfortably. This is the only model we found that doesn't cut into the drivers side leg area next to the console. I love the visibility of the Highlander compared to other SUVs. I feel safe, comfortable and it can do anything I need it to. The amount of room to haul stuff is awesome and yet it isn't too huge to drive. I would definitely want another.

- Cindy H

Holds trade in value and a good around SUV.

I love a Toyota, I had a 2005 I liked much more than the 2007, hit a deer with it, so had to get another one, it has been a good car, but prefer the 2005 model better. Holds up good for our rural area. The 4 wheel drive works better than most other SUV, it is reliable and tuff, the interior is comfortable and exterior is appealing, gas mileage is acceptable considering the size and age. It handles high mileage well.

- Sandy S

For a SUV it has a nice ride.

This is our second pre owned highlander. The first was a 2002. The biggest issue with it was defective heat/air that Toyota refused to recognize or compensate for. We drove it to 315, 000 miles. It was still running when we traded for a 2007 limited. The 2007 did require some transmission work shortly after purchase. $3, 000. Other than that we're a around 190, 000 miles and doing well.

- Veda S

Although it is an automatic and a hybrid, it has a form of a low gear.

On the negative side, we do not like the small third row seat. There is not a lot of storage room behind the third row seat. We do like it because it is a hybrid and gets better gas mileage. It is strong enough to pull a trailer. We use the tow package for a custom bike rack. It is strong enough to pull a trailer. We use the tow package for custom bike rack.

- Jared I

It's a very comfortable source of transportation.It gets decent gas mileage and it it spacious.

The Toyota Highlander is a very reliable vehicle.I have had any major mechanical issues with it. Its spacious and handles well on the road. If I had anything negative to say about it it I would have to say it's hard to see out the back side so its difficult to see other vehicles in the blind spots so you have to be very careful in that situation.

- Brian G

Excellent, safe, comfortable vehicle.

I have had no serious issues with this car. It is very comfortable, even when driving long distances. I am 6 feet tall and have plenty of leg room and ceiling clearance. I have one complaint about the cloth seats; if I spill even water on them it leaves a huge stain ring that are very difficult to get out but other than that the interior is fine.

- Bailey W

This is my first SUV and everything about it is comfortable and affordable.

My highlander is the best for reliability, performance, comfort and appearance. I love the audio sound, the three rows of seats, the slim body and the large trunk space. It is kept up very well control I have had it for 12 years with infrequent issues other than regular oil changes and maintenance. It is given me really good value over the years.

- Deb M

The ability to push down the seats to make more trunk space is awesome.

I have had this car for a while so it is definitely my baby! I will most likely get the newer version of the highlander when I am ready to buy again. It is comfortable and is definitely a good car to have when I am shopping at target and when my friends need help moving. I feel safe in a bigger car but the mid-size SUV is not too big either.

- Sierra S

Toyota's are built to last.

Every vehicle that I have purchased from Toyota has been extremely reliable. My current vehicle is 10+ years old with over 130, 000 miles and I could not be happier with it. Routine maintenance is the only work that has been done on my vehicle. It is comfortable to drive/ride in and has the perfect amount of space to fit my needs.

- Stephanie A

It is a great car. The engine is over ten years old and still runs great!

I love this car. It has plenty of space for my family, my dog and myself. It rides great and has great pickup for a 4 cylinder. The seats are very comfortable, even when on a road trip. They resemble lounge chairs. I have had no mechanical issues. I change the oil when the light comes on and she keeps running like a charm!

- Annie T

Toyota highlander very fun to drive.

I like my car for the most part. I am currently having some brake issues that are not cheap to fix. It is the only major problem I have had so far. It is pretty good on gas. Spacious for a smaller SUV. Smooth ride, love the features it has like heated seats and a CD changer so I do not have to change the CDs all the time.

- Courtney W

Wonderful vehicle just wish it were bigger for our family

I have a 2007 light silver Toyota Highlander. It is extremely reliable and wonderful on gas mileage. Very roomy and drives smoothly. The only part that doesn't currently fit my family well is that I would love to have the fold up third row seating that some Highlander's have and I will be buying a car with third row soon.

- Sierra H

Toyota Highlander: old reliable.

My car runs great, is very reliable, and is very comfortable. I do wish it got better gas mileage. Even though it is eleven years old, it still looks pretty good. It has almost 200, 000 miles on it (taken two trips from Missouri to Florida and one to Colorado, plus numerous shorter trips), but still keeps trucking along.

- Denise T

Love this highlander. Very comfortable vehicle.

I love my highlander. This vehicle is very easy to drive and find parking for. It is not a bulky SUV, it size it is perfect for my family of 5. And sometimes we can even fit a friend or two. It is very spacious inside and when we travel, my children can be comfortable while taking a nap. I surely love this vehicle.

- Michelle P

Oh what a feeling to drive a 2007 Toyota highlander.

Sometimes the windscreen fogs too much despite of turning on the defog controls. The acceleration has been affected I believe due to the age and the need to perform a fuel injection cleaning. Really prefer to drive a manual transmission vehicle as the acceleration is superior to the automatic or cut transmission.

- Sammy K

Third Row seating, Leather, 6 cylinder with enough power to get up the hills

This vehicle has been very reliable. I was rear ended and the bumper and tailgate held up pretty well considering I was stopped. White is my preferred car color that does not show dirt. The third row seating has come in handy several times and it has enough cargo space for most of, if not all, my needs.

- Chad H

Highlanders are the best!

The highlander is just the right size for our family of four. Having the 3rd row has been great, however the kids have almost outgrown the 3rd row so it does not get used often. The car runs great and we have no complaints on it is reliability. I also love that I can have my Toyoda sticker on the back.

- Sally W

The best car/SUV I have ever owned.

I love the height. It is reliable, gets good gas mileage, very comfortable, has a third seat, it is easy to drive. I have had very few mechanical repairs. The ones I have had have been primarily minor. When I replace this one, I will most likely purchase another highlander. My daughter also owns one.

- Gayle A

Toyota has the best cars!

I believe Toyota’s are the best cars for reliability! My car runs great and I have never had any issues with it the three years that I have had it. My dad had it two years before I did and he never had any problems either! There are a little over 200, 000 miles on it and it is still running well!

- Haley B

My Toyota is the best vehicle suited to me.

The highlander is roomy, comfortable with more than enough room to carry 5 people and groceries or packages. Fuel economy is good, rides like a car and is stylish. It is dependable, easy to maintain and inexpensive to maintain. It lasts a long time even with high mileage and rides very smoothly.

- Debbie H

it holds the market value

the highlander is a very reliable vehicle. I have not had any major problems with this suv. The highlander is roomy and has plenty storage in the back. This suv seats 4 very nice however it can seat 5. this vehicle is nice looking, it lasts al long time and it retains the market value.

- Jeanie k

A comfortable versatility.

The Toyota highlander hybrid is a very versatile and comfortable vehicle for any use. The inside of the vehicle is basically all weather. The vehicle is very easy to control in all weather. Because it is a highlander hybrid, it is very fuel efficient, as heat and ac do not drain fuel.

- Chin I

Toyota - reliable & sound.

Toyota has a reputation for building a solid, reliable vehicle. It also has the reputation of running well past the 200, 000 mile mark. I have 150, 000 on my Toyota and it runs like a top. Maintenance costs are a little high, but it is because I take it to the dealer to be serviced.

- Kay S

Haven't had to make to make little to no repairs.

No breakdowns besides normal wear and tear. Mainly have tire issues. I buy tires every other month. And wish it had aux connection. Sunroof for some reason tends to not shut all the way and when it rains I get a puddle on my passenger floor which makes my vehicle have a bad odor.

- Anthony L

Great SUV. I am a truck man but I really like this vehicle.

I love my highlander. It drives smooth and it sharp looking. I wish it had a hitch to tow and a switch to show its in four wheel drive. I love all the compartments. I also wish it had more cup holders up front. The seats are comfortable and there's plenty room for everything.

- Anthony S

Roomy, comfortable, built to last!

It is an SUV, so I am up higher on the road. This gives me a better view. It rides like a car, not a truck, so it's very comfortable. There is plenty of room inside, and I like the style of the outside. It's been a great car - I've had it for 11 years, with minimal problems.

- Deborah P

Toyota highlander the 200, 000 mile car.

My Toyota is like every other Toyota, just reached 200, 000 miles and works perfect still. Reliable and no major issues. Gets the job done. Plenty of space to deliver and ship anything that needs to be moved. Has been driven for thousands of miles straight and has no issues.

- Andrew N

Love the dependability my Toyota gives me.

I have had my Toyota for over 10 years and never had any problems or issues with it. I do have the normal maintenance that comes along with the car but it has never given me any problems. My Toyota I have been dependable and all types of weather including snow ice and rain.

- Nancy P

Toyota highlander is the best.

This car runs smoothly. It has over 250, 000 miles on it and with some work still runs like new. I bought this used and have little to no issues with it. Make sure you change the oil often. The sound system is not the best but with the right AUX cord, it sounds decent.

- Angela B

A gentle giant that lumbers about the highway.

The Toyota highlander is a spacious and comfortable vehicle, with plenty of room for passengers and luggage. However, it consumes gasoline quickly, and does not accelerate efficiently. Overall, it is a decent family car that will last a while, and is very dependable.

- Hale W

Toyota Highlander is loud as heck.

I love many features about my Toyota Highlander- we have the hybrid model and I really like the few extra miles it adds to your fuel efficiency. I will say, however, that it's a REALLY noisy car. Maybe the model is just older and an updated version might be nice.

- Nikki J

I love my Toyota highlander!

I purchased my Toyota highlander almost ten years ago. I absolutely love it. The vehicle has been reliable and other than the routine maintenance, we have had no visits to the mechanic. This is my 2nd Toyota and I would not buy anything else. Highly recommended.

- Stephanie C

Performance has been outstanding and mileage has been very good.

It has been and excellent vehicle, with excellent reliability (until recently, due to age), comfort and performance have been excellent. I believe the key to my happiness with this highlander is because I have had regular scheduled maintenance check ups.

- Mw K

Best vehicle i've owned yet.

Wonderful vehicle but I am not pleased with the gas mileage. Being a hybrid I should be getting better than 26 mpg. Very comfortable vehicle to travel in. Very quick acceleration whenever you need. The leather package in this vehicle is top of the line.

- Sue K

My car is efficient and convenient for almost all average activities that people participate it.

It's the perfect size for daily activities and road trips. It gets decent gas mileage. It is quiet and smooth, and easy to drive. Only complaint is the clearance, only because I would prefer higher clearance given the roads that I occasionally drive.

- Lilah H

They are expensive but worth the money.

My Toyota highlander hybrid is amazing. It is 11 years old and runs like a champ. Never a problem with it. I would definitely buy one again. Runs smooth, love the heated seats, leather seats are comfortable to sit in even on long trips.

- Jessica S

My highlander runs great, no problems.

I have had my car since 2007 and have not even 70000 miles on it. I have replace my brakes once, and tires twice. I have never had to have it serviced, minus the normal maintenance. Drives great, fits my family of 5 and then some.

- Shanna R

Most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

I have only done routine maintenance on this vehicle. the only replacement part was a set of wheel bearings. I am at almost 148,000 miles and could not be more satisfied with a vehicle as I am with my Toyota Highlander Hybrid.

- Robert S

If taken care of, this vehicle has the potential of lasting a very long time and it also holds its value quite well.

The car is very reliable even with 188,000 miles. I am the third owner of the vehicle and it has been well taken care of. I like the size of the vehicle as it is not as big as some SUVs but also more comfortable than a car.

- Laura S

It's not the prettiest, the newest and it doesn't have the most gadgets...but I've owned it for years and it's been great to me.

I am a huge Toyota fan. I love the dependability of my SUV. I've only ever had regular maintenance done on it and it's coming up on 200K miles. Great resale value and very safe as well. I plan to buy another one eventually.

- Liz M

It is a toyota, so it is dependable and will last many years

Very dependable, good motor and transmission, fun to drive, and overall great vehicle. As for any four wheel drive, it is ok on gas, have never had any major issues, it's only the base model so doesn't have much styling.

- John M

That I runs smoothly and it is fuel efficient.

We have had this SUV for 11 years and we have not had any problems, my husband has the car taken care of by the dealer and we do regular maintenance on the car so the car still look like he just took it off the lot.

- Bernadette I

It's great the gas mileage is just as good as when I bought it new

I don't like that it has a governor on it without telling me or that it has a gps locator on it without telling me other than that I love my truck it's great. great on gas no recalls no breakdowns love my truck

- Jill T

I believe the most important thing about the older version of the Toyota Highlander is that it's best suited for a small family.

I love my SUV because it is family friendly, safe to drive and is reliable. Since I now have 3 children and no third row, I do wish there was more room in the vehicle and better air flow in the 2nd row seats.

- karen p

Trouble free My highlander is trouble free, I am considering another new highlander.

Trouble free, requires maintenance . Regular wash and wax ,clear coat flaking off. Good miles per gallon, many trips of 555 miles mostly freeway driving. No trouble. Always passes smog test required by DMV.

- James T

Great family car for small family

This car is a great size for our family of four. So far, it has been dependable with very few tune-up requirements. It has been easy to find replacement parts and make affordable repairs when necessary.

- Deborah F

Just the fact that I feel it is a safer car than most small cars. You can see better and you feel more secure

No complaints. I sit up nice and high so that I can see everything. It is bigger than a small SUV but smaller than a truck. I actually feel surrounded by my car. I really do not have any dislikes

- Judith A

VERY reliable, fun to drive, excellent car for the money, toyota quality.

Car has had no problems... had to replace the rear shocks over the past 10 years! Only needs oil changes and it just keeps on going, very roomy and can tow a trailer, boat with ease. I have the V6.

- Paul V

A very reliable SUV. I would buy again.

I have had very few issues with my car or taking it into a Toyota dealer to service my SUV. It rides like a car and is great in snow and rain. I would buy another highlander when I am ready.

- Pete M

My Toyota Highlander is a very dependable vehicle and I highly recommend it to anyone who is in need of a midsize SUV,

I have owned my vehicle for 3 years and I have to say that I am very happy with it. I have had to only do normal maintenance and have no issues with it. It makes sense though, it's a Toyota!

- Ralph S

Very reliable, even with over 180,000 mi. I have only made a few major repairs.

It is very durable. I feel safe driving, even in bad weather conditions. It gets about 20 mpg. I like the look too; it is does not look too rugged but does not look like a sissy car either.

- Valerie S

It is a great size for families with plenty of room for people and equipment.

I like the size of the vehicle it has an additional row of seating which has been beneficial. I like the body style it has clean lines and a comfortable interior. I have no complaints.

- Jenny N

Love the 3rd row option and heated seats for the wintertime.

My Toyota Highlander has been great for the past 11 years but the engine has recently died on me. It's been a reliable family car. Great size SUV with the option of 3rd row seating.

- Dung N

Durable dependability in a small package.

The Toyota Highlander is a great 4x4 vehicle. It is more compact than many SUVs and handles more like a sedan. My vehicle is over 10 years old and I have not seen any major issues.

- Marcia M

It is a very reliable car. It is safe, roomy, and gets good gas mileage

I really like the way it handles on the road. I feel safe in it. I also like how much space I have in the vehicle, it makes it really good for trips and when I have friends over.

- Jordan H

I love the car but it has a high rollover risk.

I love the room, low maintenance and low gas mileage. I dislike that my car didn't come with auxiliary for my radio system and I cannot change my phone when the car is shut off.

- Sharon B

Toyota's last a long time. They continue to work even if they have a very high mileage as long as you take care of it very well. Great car to have if you are on a budget.

I like that it doesn't cost me a lot of money to get anything done to the car. It's very reliable. And I love that it can last us a long time even if we didn't take care of it.

- Carmen R

It is reliable. It is extremely comfortable! It drives really well!

I love the way it drives. How smooth the engine runs. I also love the amenities it came with, including heated seats. The only con is that it needs a lot of costly repairs.

- Jeremy L

It is ultra reliable and has saved us so much money by never requiring repairs

This vehicle has been 100% reliable and only ever required regular maintenance. No major repairs. Oil changes, brakes, tires and a battery. Would buy again in a heartbeat

- Julie w

The city/highway mileage statement is incorrect for the hybrid. The batteries are ridiculously expensive to replace.

I don't like that it's a hybrid and has never gotten the average mileage for city and highway as stated when purchased. I do like the handling of the vehicle though.

- Lisa w

My car is very reliable and I am very fond of my car.

It is a very reliable car. It is also a hybrid, which means I do not have to fill it up with gas very often. The main thing I dislike about it is its turning radius.

- Ally B

It is in great condition and it is reliable.

Toyotas are extremely reliable and last forever. It is the perfect size for me. No complaints other than costing too much to maintain, but that is true for all cars.

- Kay S

there is no trunk. there is enough room to carry stuff, but not with security.

its a vehicle. easy to get into or out of. gas mileage is good. handling and acceleration are ok. every time i want to go to the store, this vehicle takes me there

- doug g

It is very reliable. I see them on the road everywhere.

It is a 6 cylinder and I have owned 8's in the past. It is been reliable, but is due for service. It is a Toyota and I am still paying for it would be the reality.

- Chad H

It is a very reliable car. We love our Toyota vehicles!

We love this compact SUV. It works great to fit a larger group of people, or haul small pieces of furniture, and yet doesn't feel to big for our small family.

- Dorothy B

That the safety is more like 5 star as we have previously survived including going upside down

Comfortable. Needs better gas mileage. Safety is top on this car. Been in car accident before and survived in the same model different car though of course

- Kat H

My vehicle has enough room for myself and two kids. Very comfy.

This vehicle use to be great at first. Now it's giving problem after problem. I do on the other hand love the amount of space. Very roomy and comfortable.

- Seeta G

Fuel efficient: the highlander is fuel efficient.

The Toyota highlander is a dependable and reliable vehicle. It performance is good and it handles well. I have had zero problems with owning this vehicle.

- Diana W

saves on gass- awesome option for someone looking for that 3rd row vehicle that is NOT a van, but not a giant gas guzzler.

like that the highlander comes in a hybrid. Dislike the model i have because it does not have climate control to care for the people beyond front seats.

- Jessica W

Car is reliable and if regular routine maintenance is followed there are no major repairs.

I like the way it drives. Car has a cloth interior which I do not like and would never get again. There is not enough console space between front seats.

- ann g

It provides a very smooth ride. It also gets pretty decent gas mileage.

I like the size of the Highlander. It is just the right size for a small family. I also like how quiet it is. I also think that it drives really smooth.

- Sara M

My vehicle is a green toyota highlander

Myself vehicle is reliable guaranteed to work which is why I love this car as if it were my child which is why I think my vehicle is one of the best

- Kenith L

My vehicle is perfect for my family of 5 to travel around in daily and on road trips.

my 2007 Toyota Highlander is a real gas saver. it is also really roomy inside with third row seat for up to 8 passengers. it is also a reliable car.

- andy y

all wheel drive for rural people, seats seven people

car has been great but he interior hasn't held up as well after 200 thousand miles. the transmission is barely hanging in. not as good as my sequoia

- Betty M

Great vehicle for long trips. Very comfortable. My kids ride comfortably.

I like my vehicle because it's very easy to drive and park. I also like that my family fits perfectly. We have enough space for toys and backpacks.

- Michelle P

Love my highlander. It drives like a Camry with convenience of an SUV.

It drives like a Camry but I have the convenience of a sub-SUV. I also have longevity of ownership beyond payment payoff because it is a Toyota.

- Carole K

The car has a lot of space for passengers, elbow room, foot room, and room for packages.

I really like my car. I especially like the third road seating providing 7 seats. I like how the third row seats fold down for more trunk room.

- Robin S

Other than oil changes and tires it has required very little maintainis over the last 10 years.

I love my highlander. It has been extremely reliable and I plan to keep it for many more years. I would highly recommend highlanders to others.

- Rachael M

It has been worth the money i paid for it both in gas savings and cost of upkeep

I like that my vehicle is a Hybrid. I feel safe in my vehicle and it has been mechanically sound, not costing me much in upkeep over the years.

- Kare R

It lasts for a very long time and can endure all kinds of weather scenarios.

I love my highlander. It not only gets good gas mileage but it also is a comfy ride. One thing I do not like is that the windows break easily.

- Addison Z

That Toyota is extremely dependable and has a high safety rating.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive and that I can get just about anywhere I want to go but I do not like that the gas mileage is not economical.

- L M

It is over 10 years old but runs really well. I love the leather seats; easy to clean. I wish the speakers were better quality.

I don't like how their is a strong suction when just opening one window; it goes away when opening multiple windows. I like everything else.

- renae k

Comfortable in seating and in the ride.

Like the exterior look, like the roominess inside. Like the leather. Wish it had the more modern features like backup camera and USB ports.

- Barb f

It can barely function and it requires repairs quite often

Issues often each month whether it's the engine or wheels. There's never any issues with the rear and brakes don't always properly function

- Ryan W

The car is the perfect size for families and great to store things and move

I really like the size of the car, it is great to have the third row of seats in the back. It is also a good height so you are not too low

- Meghan M

Great SUV. Love the lumbar support in driver side seat, also seat adjustment.

2007 Toyota highlander. Very reliable, great gas mileage. Comfortably seats 5 passengers. With regular maintenance it has run beautifully.

- Susan W

The Highlander is very reliable and has the perfect amount of space for a family.

I love the size of the Highlander, it's not too big or too small. Reliable. Great for trips, enough room. 3rd row is also very nice

- Shawna R

I think that it's very comfortable to drive , and easy to park because it's not a bulky car.

I love that is very comfortable to drive. I also like that my whole family fits in it. But I would like to upgrade to a newer model.

- Mishelle C

My Toyota highlander is very dependable.

My Toyota highlander is very reliable and comfortable. I like the height of it - not too low to ground, it has been very dependable.

- Patricia P

it is a hybrid and therefore is better for the environment .

i like the high ride of this suv. I can load large items and lift them out easily. the hybrid system is better for the environment.

- gail a

Rides good. Seats are comfortable for myself and children. Reliable car overall

Runs great. Just purchased it so I don't have a lot to say about it. Good safety features and go room inside for my three children

- Shannon L

Safe car, very dependable, good reputation.

Comfortable, reliable, good miles per gallon.. I like the car period next car will be for sure Toyota.. I do not like the price.

- Dina B

Reliability and safety cannot be beat. Easy to maintain.

Comfortable; fuel efficient for its size; low maintenance requirements. It is, however, a little too large for my current needs.

- Archie S

265k miles and still running strong!

Great room, great ride. Very reliable, I have over 265k miles on it and it is still running strong! Would definitely buy again.

- Deana D

it's a good reliable car. will outlast harsh weather as its put up with snow in my state of wisconsin

Good overall car. It's not the most up to date doesnt have an aux. but other than just convince stuff it's a good reliable car.

- jacob a

That it is reliable, with very few repairs for being so old.

For being this old, this has been a very reliable vehicle. It is very good driving in all the snow that we get in the winter.

- Beverley M

It's a good car, bad on gas but it has a bit of an alloy body not as much as my RAV4 did.

I don't like my Highlander because it's too big for me. I had a RAV4 before this car and I like it a lot better and I miss it.

- Jay L

It has nearly 200,000 miles on it and still runs great.

It still looks good after 10 years of ownership. It's reliable and gets decent mileage. It's the perfect size for our family.

- Denise T

Emissions is 1/4 what normal SUV is because of the hybrid engine.

Best SUV ever put on American roads. Never a real maint problem ever. Good gas mileage and great emissions being a hybrid.

- Rob M

blue 3 row seating sunroof

it is a Toyota highlander it has 100000 miles and it has a sunroof and has great air conditioning and it has 3rd row seating

- brittin e

It's got airbags. In the front and curtain airbags also.

Its sleek and sharp. It drives so smooth. Its comfortable. Wish it had better gas mileage. It's really roomy on the inside.

- Michael M

Great gas mileage, plenty of room and I love a lot of the upgrades, like the heated seats.

Love the gas mileage. It also has a third row that is optional, that I have, which is wonderful. But it is getting old.

- Terri C

How it drives and handles the road.

I love that it is big and I can fit a lot of stuff in it. It rides really nice and I can drive 20 hours with no problem.

- Ashley G

It is a hybrid and gets good gas mileage

My Highlander is a hybrid vehicle. I saved for several years to be able to afford it. It gets good gas mileage for a SUV

- Lee b

Nice roomy and smooth ride.

Love my Vehicle! It is very roomy, but not too big. It is good on gas. I have never had any real issues with my car.

- Elizabeth B

I have very, very little trouble maintenance wise.

I have not complaints. The mileage is find (could be better). I have great success with lack of excessive maintenance.

- Michael H

it is reliable and long lasting, it is very dependable

It has been very reliable and gets decent gas mileage. It is just big enough for my family. It is a great vehicle.

- Bethany H

Toyota make high quality trustworthy vehicles.

It is reliable car made from a trustworthy brand.. It is the perfect size for my lifestyle.. It is low maintenance..

- Stephanie Q

SUV has extra outlets in the rear compartment.

The driver side seat has a lumbar, adjustable seat also on driver side. Great mileage. Great pick up for 4 cylinder.

- Susan W

The Highlander gets good fuel mileage and is fun to drive.

The Highlander is a good size for our family. I like that it gets good fuel mileage. I love to drive my Highlander.

- Amy H

Comfortable to ride in. It has so room. Great driving on the road.

My vehicle has never give me any problems. It is comfortable to ride in. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

- Linda H

The highlander feels very solid and safe.

Like how comfortable. I like the size. I like the dependability. I dislike the amount of room in 3rd row seating.

- Stephanie S

I feel safe in my car and confident that it will get me where i need to go

It is very dependable Roomy enough for 5 passengers Fuel Economy is awesome I sit high enough to see all traffic

- Donna J

It is very reliable and will take you far-drove it to New York and back from Wisconsin and had no problems.

It is a very reliable vehicle that hasn't had many problems which means I haven't had to spend much money on it.

- Mark B

After almost 12 years, it runs as well as it did in the beginning.

Generally I love it. It is getting older so it lacks modern conveniences. I wish the gas mileage was better.

- Tammy B

Love my highlander hybrid

I love the comfort and ease of driving my Highlander. it's the perfect car for 1 person to up to 5 people.

- Beth W

It's one of the safest cars on the market.

Reliability, gas mileage, easy to drive, comfort. No temperature reading, no backup camera, cloth seats..

- Gayle R

Highlander is a great SUV for family with 2/3 kids.

It is just getting older and needing some repairs. Love the 3rd row, love space, all the basic features.

- Chinelle B

Lasts a very long time. Very affordable

I don't dislike anything. I just think it's time for a new car because that one is already a little old.

- Aliosha R

Highlanders are dependable! They don't require a lot of maintenance and have cargo room.

It is very dependable and comfortable to drive. I don't like the cloth seat covers but that's about it.

- Lee R

It is the right size, economical and environmentally friendly.

I love this car. It's a hybrid Suv. It's exactly the right size, not too big but not too small either.

- Ste M

I have had the Highlander for 11 years and it has been very reliable and held up extremely well. The only issue we have had is with the AC recently. We need to fix it every summer the last couple years but once charged it works all summer. The SUV is large enough for a family of 5 and has a hidden third row of seats in the back. It also is large in the back and can hold a lot of luggage etc for long trips.

The Toyota Highlander is safe and reliable and holds up well even after many years of heavy driving.

- Jennifer H

Reliable and safe, roomy for car seats, perfect size

Everything is electronic, and I am not a fan of that. I like how reliable it is as a car though.

- Nicole P

It has requires little maintenance. It has over 155000 miles and still runs great.

I like that it is easy to see out of the back windows. It's easy to park. It fits my lifestyle.

- Carey W

It is a nice car to drive

Like the way it drives and the handling is great. I dislike the way it consumes lots of gas

- Don E

The Toyota Highlander is reliable and comfortable.

Very reliable vehicle. It has not required any major repairs. I also like how roomy it is.

- Marci H

We are proud that it has no problems and is in good shape. It's old, but it runs very well.

I like that it is good on gas. The seats are comfortable. I love the third row option.

- Kathryn C

I don't know. This is a strange question. What is the point of this?

I like the size and safety and the comfort. The cost of filling it up with gas.

- Kat M

Reliable and dependable best car ever owned. Bought with 30000 miles have only had to general maintenance on this auto

I have 114000 miles have had no trouble with it . Have third row seat love it

- Kim S

ALL wheel drive and great on gas. Very comfortable

I love the way it rides. Very comfortable. Great on gas goes good in the snow

- Heather A

Safety, its very important because it has sensors that help driving better.

I love 3rd seat row for our family. What i like the rear door its automatic.

- Jose T

Dependable family car that lasts if you take care of it.

It's dependable, gets good mileage for an SUV and has run for a long time.

- Josh h

good all around adaptable vehicle, seats fold down for additional cargo room numerous configurations depending on any needs at the time

runs great, plenty of power, has a third row seat, gets good gas mileage

- vernon w