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Toyota Highlander: Still going strong even in the teen years!

2006 Toyota Highlander w/3rd Row

Our Toyota Highlander has been an amazing family vehicle for a family with young children and pets. We routinely take long road trips, typically between 5 and 10 hours duration in addition to this being a daily use vehicle commuting to and from work. Front passengers have plenty of legroom (5'6'' and 6' feet tall) even with rear facing children's car seats. Our 3rd row passengers have been primarily children under the age of 10 and they have fit for small trips around town. While the 3rd row is in use, the cargo area is narrow but tall. An umbrella stroller and couple of duffle bags will fit well. Day errands like picking up groceries, putting bicycles in and out, dog cages (medium to large size) all fit well in the cargo area when 3rd row is not in use. We would like to have automatic lift gate, but that is not available in the base model. The Highlander is easy for passengers to enter and exit the vehicle. Seats are cloth and wipe easily with spills, even with children's spills. We have zero stains, pilling, rips or tears in the Highlander, even with over 165,000 miles! Routine and simple care is all that has been required to keep this vehicle running smoothly. We have put new tires, new brakes, windshield wipers and completed oil changes on time. The Highlander runs smoothly, cold A/C, heat. The rear controls work for back seat passengers, although the temperature dial moves easily and needs to be checked by an adult from time to time. Overall, we would highly recommend this model/make vehicle. It has served our family well and will continue to do so even over 200,000 miles!

- Susan S

Durable Toyota highlander.

2006 Toyota Highlander

The car is about 12 years old. It still works perfectly after a few part changes. If you keep it well maintained, the car should last for a really long time. Ac system works really well. I would say it works better than the new luxury cars. The air flow is very strong and cold. The Toyota highlander is a good investment for long-term use. There are no major problems that can not be fixed with a part change. The cost of maintaining it is not high either. It is a reliable car. In terms of size, it is spacious and comfortable to sit in. It is an older car so it does not have new features such as a back camera, sensors, Bluetooth connection, or AUX cable, but it is still a very functional car if you just need to drive. It has a CD and cassette input and of course radio use. Everything works fine. The only things that have been changed are the tires, brake, lights, and ac filter. I highly recommend the Toyota highlander. Newer models of it is still being sold with the newer functions included. There are upgrades available for it such as adding a spoiler, a GPS system, leather seats, and a sunroof. How long a car lasts will depend on how often it is used and how it is used. Maintenance is also key. Lower mileage and higher maintenance will keep the car in top shape like a new car but without the new add-on functions.

- Ky C

The economical and durability of the Toyota Highlander

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

The Toyota Highlander has plenty of legroom in the back plenty of room front plenty of room for your head and lots of storage in the back it's a comfortable ride and drives well. Over the last couple years and I've had it I have not had to do too much for repairs and it's a 2006. I have use this vehicle on many cross country trips and I have never had any complaints about how well it handles and the comfortability of it. When it comes to repairs on the vehicle the cost of it is bad about my grade I haven't had to spend too much but I haven't had it to be super cheap. The Toyota highlander is also one of the economical SUVs on the market with roughly gas estimate of 20 miles per gallon. I have thoroughly enjoyed this vehicle of the years I've had to buy another one I would I love Toyotas have a study economical and in the last for a long time.

- Melinda C

Reliability and Maximum Space

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

I love my Highlander, that is why I have been driving it for so many years. It has the body of an SUV but it drives just like a car. I have moved people, hauled inventory for jewelry show set ups and carried multiple bicycles. All with ease. The back seats drop down to facilitate this. You can even just put one seat down. I have cloth seats which believe it or not are easy to clean. But what I love most about my Highlander is its reliability. Never once has it left me stranded. I've always kept up on the regular maintenance and outside of that I have had very few repair bills. None of them emergency to where I was stranded. When you are a woman driving alone this is a very important feature. And to top it off my vehicle is comfortable and seats five people.

- Judy D

My SUV is spacious but can fit into compact space.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Overall I really like my Toyota highlander. It seems to be a easy and quiet ride. It has been very reliable. Sometimes the performance is not as good as I would like. It is very comfortable and smooth ride. I like that I can see above most other cars. I have had to replace a radiator and the air conditioning unit before I thought it should have been replaced. I would have like to have had a sunroof. The mileage is not as good as the newer cars. I wish it had navigation and backup features. It is a very stylish car and many people think it is a late model SUV. I like the wood grain in the paneling in the front. The front grill has had some deterioration of the paint. Also the headlights are beginning to show some wear and tear.

- Marty E

Reliable, safe, plenty of seating and storage. Saves on gas!

2006 Toyota Highlander LTD Hybrid

The highlander hybrid performs mostly beautifully. The city gas mileage is better than highway gas mileage as the engine actually shuts off when stopped and runs off of battery. It drives very quietly. Interior is leather with heated front seats. It also offers the option of adding two additional seats in the very back. The back seats can scoot forwards or backwards and can offer the option of putting one, two, or all three seats down for more trunk space. Brakes are extremely sensitive. Battery lasts forever (haven't had to replace it at all). Downsides: no USB port for plugging in iPhones, no in-car navigation system, the maintenance light does not indicate what needs to be looked at.

- Kate T

It is very reliable. I like Toyota's and I will never go to another car.

2006 Toyota Highlander

My highlander is a very reliable vehicle. I have had it for 4 years and I have not had any problems with it. Besides the normal wear and tear changing 1 set of tires and normal oil changes every 3, 000 miles. It is been an amazing SUV. It has plenty of room in the back for 2 adults and a car seat. It also can haul a good bit too. You can lay the seats down in the back so you can have almost the whole SUV's space to pack as much as possible. The ride is quiet and smooth. I am a shorter person and I do not have any trouble seeing out of the SUV. My spouse is on the taller side and he fits just fine headspace wise too. I will always buy a Toyota I have never owned anything else.

- Stacy F

Why I would choose this vehicle over and over.

2006 Toyota Highlander Limited w/3rd Row

I am in love with my Toyota highlander. Its a 2006 but still feels very modern and performs excellent! First off, it has comfort and fits my family well. Its beautiful inside and we love the wood grain option, not to mention the navigation really comes in handy. I owned another highlander and was in a bad accident. My vehicle was totaled yet the impact was small and we all felt extremely blessed in how safe we were. I was so impressed with how the Toyota handled the crash that I went out in search for the exact make model and year. I will only pursue a Toyota till proven otherwise. So, if you ask me, my 06 Toyota highlander gets a 10 out of 10

- Heather D

208k miles and still riding hard!!

2006 Toyota Highlander w/3rd Row

I love my highlander. It drives so well, I have a v6 model so it really has that power behind it to do whatever I need it to do. It is very reliable and is still in great shape at 208k miles, I wouldn't be surprised if I made it to 250k. It is really comfortable and spacious inside, with a 3rd row of seats. I've gone through several moves fitting all of my furniture, beds, couches, in the back of that truck! I really haven't had any major problems with it, aside from routine maintenance. I will definitely be looking at getting another highlander for my next car, and I love that they are available in hybrid now for better gas mileage.

- Lauren M

When I bought it, it had the most safety features of any mid-size SUV. Twelve years later, I am most impressed with its durability. It has needed tires, oil changes, a battery, one belt and headlight bulbs. For 12 years, that is very minimal maintenance.

2006 Toyota Highlander

It is 12 years old and has only needed minimal maintenance. When I bought it, I was frequently transporting elderly, ill family members who lived in remote areas. The all-wheel drive allowed me to access their homes. This vehicle replaced a Toyota Rav-4, my relatives all felt it was too small and cramped. They all loved the space they had in the Highlander. After they were gone and as my husband aged and became ill, the Highlander could hold my walker, my husband's wheelchair and groceries! Now that it is just me, I do not need all-wheel drive or as much space, so I will replace it with something smaller, better gas mileage.

- Kathleen T

Toyota highlander review so comfortable and great space.

2006 Toyota Highlander

The Toyota highlander is a wonderful car and feels very safe. I love how you feel like you are sitting up high and not low to the ground like when driving a car. It is a very spacious car that allows me to get my two kids in and out very easily. It fits their car seats in perfectly and they hook into the built in car seat hooks in the seats. The third row is a tight fit if you are an adult but for children it is just the right size. For the most part I keep that third row down so I can utilize the trunk space. I love how it drives because it is a smooth ride especially for a larger vehicle.

- Vanessa B

Toyota highlander - very reliable vehicle!

2006 Toyota Highlander

I love my Toyota highlander! I bought it new 12 years ago and have been the only owner. It has almost 300, 000 miles on it now and has been a very low maintenance vehicle. The only things that I have had to replace on it outside of routine maintenance have been the alternator, an oxygen sensor, and recently a stop light switch. All other components have had no issues despite the high mileage. I have loved this car, it is very comfortable and dependable. When I do eventually have to replace it, I will definitely go with another Toyota highlander!

- Amy C

Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2006 Honest Review

2006 Toyota Highlander LTD Hybrid

This car has had issues with braking. When the brake is pressed, sometimes it lags or sometimes it accelerates the car a bit. The car itself is quite comfortable and spacious. It can handle a good amount of terrain. It's nice that it's not huge and hefty, it's a good medium size SUV. I feel like the hybrid does not do much for it however. My gas mileage isn't as great as I would have hoped for. It shows when the engine is using the battery and it does not utilize it as frequently as I would've thought. This may be because it's an older hybrid.

- Rebecca L

Big trunk, optional third row, and minimal work needed.

2006 Toyota Highlander

This is a pretty reliable vehicle. I really like the fact that it has an optional third row. This has come in pretty handy when needed to carpool a decent amount of people. Along with this I like the fact that you can put all of the back seats down and have enough space to transport some pretty big things like a small couch or a bookshelf. I wish the car did a little bit better on gas mileage, but for its age I feel like it still does pretty well. It recently needed some work done on it, but it really has not had any major problems.

- Jonah S

The great thing about the Toyota highlander is the incredible amount of storage.

2006 Toyota Highlander

The 2006 Toyota highlander is a very reliable car. I have had no problem with the engine and have done periodic maintenance like changing oil and replacing brakes. The car runs smoothly and cools down and heats up very fast. It is very reliable in the snow with its all wheel drive. It has many compartments for storage and the center console has room for beverages and storing CDs and tape media. It has a great deal of storage in the back and has the ability to fold down the back seats for extra storage and handling if need be.

- William M

2006 Toyota Highlander - 3rd row

2006 Toyota Highlander Limited w/3rd Row

The comfort and reliability are awesome. I have 179,000 miles on this vehicle and only recently replaced rear wheel bearings. I do follow the recommended every 5000 miles service. The only issue I have had is the handling in snow. I was assured by the dealer that all wheel drive will get me anywhere I need to go. I said I go to construction sites weekly. Unfortunately this vehicle does not go through snow like my jeep used to with 4x4. I do not like or appreciate all wheel drive. Even my husband agrees.

- Heidi K

2006 high-mileage Toyota Highlander

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

My car has been very reliable. In the years I've owned it, I've taken it on a cross-country road trip - and back, as well as many other smaller road trips multiple times a year. It currently has 250,000 miles on it and it's still purring. I've had to replace the brakes/brake pads, and the tires, but otherwise it's held up well. The only issue I've had (and not fixed because of the expense) is that the AC hasn't worked for a year. The heat is fine. But the AC no longer blows cold air. It's just basically a fan.

- Allison F

2006 Toyota highlander hybrid is a reliable vehicle with many functions.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I have had my vehicle for almost 6 years. The engine runs great. I like the built in navigation system, however you cannot input info while driving except to suspend it. The lumbar support is a comfort feature I like, however, the passenger side does not have this feature. It is a reliable vehicle. I wish there was more information or gauge on how much hybrid battery life there is. I t is my understanding that if the large hybrid battery fails, the car just stops where it is. This seems dangerous if driving.

- Danielle D

Really thankful with my Toyota highlander.

2006 Toyota Highlander

My Toyota highlander is really reliable. I have never had a problem during on the road drive. You can really rely on this brand. Really trustworthy. Very comfortable to drive. You do not have to worry even if you drive in a long trip. We always use it to drop and pick up my son in school for about 400 miles drive 4 times a year (he is a college student). So far until now I never spend too much money for repair, I was so happy with this car. I highly recommend this brand.

- Roland M

2006 Toyota Highlander w/ third row seats

2006 Toyota Highlander w/3rd Row

This car has been extremely reliable. The seats are very comfortable and the third row really comes in handy when traveling with a group of people. There is a button labeled 'SNOW ETC' and for driving in the winter at slow speeds when the roads get really icy is such a help. The only problems I've ever had with this car are with the brakes and alignment. Obviously it is getting pretty old in age (13 years) so I'm surprised I haven't run into more issues.

- Ashley B

Great to travel in, hold a lot, no blind spots, lay-down seats, automatic.

2006 Toyota Highlander LTD

This older Highlander is very comfortable riding. There are no blind spots, it has been very reliable and always ready to go. The only problems that I have, as with an older model, the vehicle shakes when going over 70mph. Although this could be that my vehicle has 255,000 miles on it and something needs replacing or fixed. I believe this vehicle can still be driven until the wheels fall off... very reliable and not a gas guzzler.

- Kim M

Love my 06 . Toyota highlander!

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

Approaching 250,000 miles on my Toyota highlander. Have had hardly any repairs outside of regular maintenance. The ride is smooth and quiet. We drive lots of highway miles to visit grandchildren and this car has been very comfortable on the road and always reliable. Cargo area well designed, fits a lot. Third row seating easy to set up when needed. Will keep driving for quite some time, and will replace eventually with the same vehicle.

- Cynthia D

The most important thing about the Highlander is how dependable this vehicle has been. It is an extremely well built SUV

2006 Toyota Highlander

This Toyota Highlander has been great. I purchased it in 2006 and it now has over 193,000 miles on it. It has a 4 cylinder engine and gets good gas mileage. What I like best about it is how dependable it has been. I never worry about being stranded. I do wish it was a little larger and had a little more power. It would be great if it could get 30 miles per gallon. I would love to have a new version of the Highlander in the near future.

- Coby G

2006 Toyota Highlander in excellent condition

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

It has had great overall performance and reliability. The transmission did have to be replaced about three years ago but other than that it has been a great vehicle. The windows have issues rolling up and down but that is not a big deal for me. There are cup holders, ice cold AC and comfortable seats. There are no real luxury features such as Bluetooth or a USB/aux cord which is something that I would love for in another model.

- Morgan S

This SUV is easy to drive but very protective

2006 Toyota Highlander Limited w/3rd Row

This vehicle is very nice. It is an SUV which makes me feel very safe while driving. It has a seat capacity of eight allowing many people to fit in the car. There is a third row for extra seats but it can collapse to make more trunk space. Toyota is a very reliable car company and my car is no different. I feel very safe driving in it and being around it. Although it is an SUV it is not very large or difficult to drive.

- Ashley L

It's gas efficient and with regular maintenance, it will last for years.

2006 Toyota Highlander

So far I have no problems. The car has over a hundred thousand miles and is super reliable, the only thing that's gone wrong has been general maintenance issues. So I would say it's reliable. It's comfortable and easy to drive, plus gets great gas mileage since it's a hybrid. I hold a lot of stuff, including three or four big Hounds in the back seat without any issues. I definitely buy another one.

- Stephanie G

Benefit of a older car or SUV

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

SUV/Transportation/Cargo capability/Gas mileage not a concern, rive under 5k yearly/not cost effective to buy an expensive new vehicle to depreciate in my driveway/ Another issue is that I do not like the design of newer vehicles/The specific issue with newer cars or SUVS is that the gap between the hood and fender can be seen from the side, I prefer the OLD SCHOOL design with the gap on the top.

- Fred R

Good and bad reviews of the Toyota highlander hybrid.

2006 Toyota Highlander

It didn't have back up camera and handsfree when the Prius did so they had the capability. There also was not a USB port. They had a outdated radio that had a tape player so that was useless. Other then these things I loved the vehicle. The room was great the third row of seats was great for carpooling. It was a hybrid so the gas was good. Very quiet and driving was a pleasure.

- Nathan T

It is a good all-around vehicle

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

It has run well for almost 200,000 miles. Has only needed routine maintenance so far. It is easy to drive. It is the four wheel drive version and it handles well in bad weather. The gas mileage is decent for an SUV. It runs on regular grade gasoline. It also has decent size inside. Those three combined plus it is a comfortable ride, make it a good vehicle to take on long trips.

- Carl L

Love everything but the power

2006 Toyota Highlander Base Hybrid

Since it is an SUV and a 4 cylinder it is a pretty weak car. The pick up is not very good and it makes loud noises. The stereo system is pretty good for it being an old car. It is spacious and comfortable. I have moved in and out of college with it and been able to fit all of my things in it perfectly. I would say the speed and power of the car and my main problems with it.

- Jackie G

AWD, third-row seats, good gas mileage, a real workhorse for an SUV.

2006 Toyota Highlander Limited w/3rd Row

The Highlander is the perfect car. It is reliable, comfortable, flexible. It has third row seats, AWD, cover to hide what is in the boot, moonroof. The car is old so much as been rebuilt on it. Will probably go for at least another 100,000 miles. Great for suburban living, and also out on the ranch. This car has done it all. Low maintenance considering its age.

- Deb E

Great mid sized SUV with the perfect amount of power and reliability.

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

The car does not get great gas mileage, but it is approaching 175,000 miles and the worst thing that is gone wrong is an o2 sensor failing and the exhaust rusting a bit. Overall it is a great vehicle, does well in inclement weather, and has enough power to do what I need it to do. It has plenty of cargo room and I have used it for a lot camping trips or extended trips.

- Ryan M

Fuel efficient people hauling machine. Gets lots of people and their stuff from point a to point b

2006 Toyota Highlander

It's an hybrid that has pretty good gas mileage for the size of the vehicle. It has a third row of seating when you need it, and can haul a decent amount of stuff for the 2 kids. The older body style also was 1.5 feet shorter than current models and that helps with parking in urban garages. I dislike that it's electronics are dated, but they are also very reliable.

- Josh d

Highlander 2006 really great car.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I love the Highlander. You are higher up than in a car and can see better at intersections and the roadway ahead. Newer versions are more roomy than my vehicle, but fits me well. The handling is great. I have 3 rows, but those sitting in the 3rd row must be very short or not have legs. lol. I'd buy another Highlander when in the market to replace mine.

- Kathy L

Terrible support by Toyota for a wonderful auto.

2006 Toyota Highlander

My daughter totaled my vehicle and I was treated so badly at Toyota's repair shop that I hate Toyota now. My auto had damage to the upholstery and was filthy when it was returned. A portable charger was gone from my car and Toyota took no responsibility for any of the above. The highlander itself has been a wonderful ride - dependable and lovely to drive.

- Julie M

I get better gas mileage with this newer, larger vehicle.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I love that I am driving a car that is good for the environment. I got my Toyota highlander hybrid used, and I feel like it is a really great value. I have already driven it thousands of miles and the ride is comfortable. It is not so big that one would have trouble maneuvering it if new to owning a larger vehicle. I can get up to 30 miles per gallon.

- Pamela D

Highlander: going to the dogs.

2006 Toyota Highlander LTD Hybrid

My Toyota highlander SUV has six cylinders, and has lots of pep. It saves me money because it gets great mileage for commuting in stop and go traffic. It is great for camping, hauling wood, and giving rides to two 60 plus pound dogs. It is been extremely reliable and safe. I would highly consider making a more recent model of this very same vehicle.

- Kat B

Toyota Highlander is a Great first car

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

I love my car, I have not had any problems with my car and I have had it for 4 years now. It is 100% reliable. It is my first car and it is a really good first car to have. It is Very safe and comfortable. I did replace my stereo for one with Bluetooth so I could have hands free calling but besides that I have not modified anything in the car

- Sydney P

Toyota Highlander - there can be only one!

2006 Toyota Highlander

This is the second Highlander I have owned and I love everything about them. It drives like a car but has the room inside to do so much more. Extremely reliable and fairly good on gas for being an SUV. Would definitely buy another one, donated my last Highlander to a friend with 250,000 miles on it and it still runs like a dream for her.

- Mark G

I love the sunroof it was one of the main reasons I chose this car!

2006 Toyota Highlander

I have a problem with the battery I have replaced it 4 times within the last 3 years. However I do not like it is turn radius it is very wide I would like it to be a little sharper. I have also replaced the radio because it one it came with sucked. I also have had problems with the windows getting stuck and not being able to roll them up.

- Olivia S

Must have family vehicle!

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

We did not get the third row seating option (because we would likely not need it) and we love all the space we have in the back. Our dog, groceries, bags for trips, and my husband's music equipment go back there with ease. This vehicle is easy to maneuver, is reliable, provides us with the space we need, and isn't to big for me to drive!

- Dawn G

My Reliable Highlander (with the stinky A/C)

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

Don't like the cloth seats and wish we had gotten the third row seating, but it's been incredibly reliable. However, I do not like the amount of road noise that we have to endure, regardless of the brand of tires we have put on it over the years. The air conditioning has also developed a bad smell that is difficult to get rid of.


Toyota quiet. Smooth, comfortable ride.

2006 Toyota Highlander

The Toyota highlander is a quiet driving vehicle that gets decent mile per gallon. The back seat window has come off the track. There is no sound at startup so be aware of anyone nearby. They won't hear you. The seats are comfy with an arm that comes down on drivers side and passengers. Backseat has pull down cup holder in middle.

- Sandy L

Overall a good SUV. Lots of room for passengers

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

Trac system goes out suspension is bad. Fuel economy is not go. Overall it is a very nice vehicle. Nice for off road. Good in winter driving snow ice and rain. Jas a lot of power for mountain driving. Lot of room for passengers a cargo rack to tie stuff down a tow hitch to pull trailers high clearance. A good radio. Leather seats

- Robin H

it has seating for 8 people if the trunk seats are utilized.

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

it lasts quite a long time, however now it has car window issues such as loose glass and leaking water from rain. It drives smoothly and is durable in tough terrain; such as snow, rain, sleet, dirt, rocks etc. It seats a lot of people and the trunk has extra seating that can be brought down to add more space for the trunk space.

- Amira E

A moderately sized SUV with comfortable and reliable features.

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

Transmission issues. Comfortable, reliable, spacious, good for steep uphill drives. Transmission issues only showed up after 5 years of purchasing it as a used car. Reasonable size and nice marbling interior. Does not have Bluetooth connection, must purchase an auxiliary tape and connect to the phone for audio. No rear camera.

- Rhonda D

That its very reliable but also needs tires.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I like the fact that I have a vehicle of my own for starters. I live in Cleveland, Ohio an I am, m glad it passed the echeck this year. The only real disappointment I have is whenever it needs work it cost a pretty penny to get fixed. My only real complaint would be the year of my vehicle, I could definitely use an upgrade.

- Raymond G

Super Clean and nice to look at

2006 Toyota Highlander LTD

My SUV is super reliable, not prone to breaking down. I love the beige/champagne color. The leather driver's seat is very comfortable and shows a bit of wear. The front seat belts do not choke me like newer cars do. For a car with 190,000 miles, the majority of them on the highway, it looks and performs spectacularly.

- Veronica B

It is very smooth compared to other vehicles even though it sits up very high.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Car is great for being over 12 years old. My sister crashed it once and it is still in great condition, after repairs. Gas mileage is great and I drive a lot and rarely have to refill my gas tank. I love the inside, it is very nice and it also has very great for being a car that sits up high, nice for long car rides.

- Zach M

A reliable car that can take you anywhere.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I really like the sun roof that my car comes with it is easy to use. I also have not had many car problems with this except for like a few minor things but I have learned it's better to keep your car up to date with maintenance then to wait till the very last moment to try and fix it because by then it's too late.

- Olivia S

Great car for long road trips!

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

No service issues with the car. Handles great. Comfortable to drive. Easy to enter/exit. Receive excellent service for maintenance. Good sound system. Tire warning light does not work properly and can't be reset to function correctly. Love the interior layout. Like the fold down seat and cargo room this creates.

- Ron P

Greatest purchase by far in a SUV. By far my best vehicles for a family.

2006 Toyota Highlander Base Hybrid

Great performance with a hybrid. Currently at 280.000 miles and going strong. Body great. Engine has great pick up at high speed, very roomy and great for long distance trips. Seats fold down for great storage and help with transportation. Great selection of colors and a cold weather package available.

- Theresa S

I put an aftermarket tow package on the vehicle and it performs excellently.

2006 Toyota Highlander

It is very comfortable vehicle leather seats it tows a trailer really well but it does not get the best gas mileage. It does not have any blind spots. Very comfortable climate control sunroof power mirrors power windows power door locks I would highly recommend it to anybody looking to buy one.

- Aaron L

Comfy easy to drive 4-wheel drive with ok gas mileage.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I like the 4-wheel drive on the Toyota highlander. The gas mileage is ok. It is very spacey and roomy. Very surprising that it fits 8 people but it does. My biggest complaint is that it didn't come for a hook up for an AUX cord so I have to use radio Bluetooth for music, which is not ideal.

- Lena P

TOYOTA HYBRID The great gas mileage is about the only interesting thing. This is our first hybrid and I don't think it will be our last.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Love the gas mileage this vehicle gets. It is a Hybrid and having this type saves a lot on gas. We live in the country and it is a least 20 miles to the closest store. We have had a problem with the paint chipping in the front part of the hood. Really is about the only drawback on this SUV.

- Wendy P

Highlander- standard, reliable but not a luxury vehicle.

2006 Toyota Highlander Limited w/3rd Row

Very reliable vehicle, have had no major issues with it, have been good about keeping up the maintenance on it though. It is not the most comfortable car I have ridden in however. The third row seat is not really usable. It is a nightmare to get in and out of. I never use it for seating.

- Rhonda L

Has a CD player, cars these days do not have one.

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

Since its old there is a few problems sometimes with the engine, or my car somethings make weird noises. The performance is excellent still run smoothly, nothing wrong with it. Reliability and comfort is a 10/10. Features, it does not have a aux cord but it has a CD player which I love.

- Bella C

Excellent car always reliable always ready to go.

2006 Toyota Highlander Base Hybrid

Excellent car drives wonderful never gives me any kind of problem at all did change water pump when first purchased but no problems since. Have went out of state on several occasions and has been excellent car would recommend Toyota highlander to anyone looking for a very reliable auto.

- Jimmy B

Very reliable and long-lasting.

2006 Toyota Highlander

It is a really big car, lots of seating and a third row. The third row has its own a/c controls. There are two car charging ports. There is am/FM radio and a CD and tape player. It is a little big and kind of hard to turn when learning how to drive. But it is held up for over 10 years.

- Lily H

Very comfy and roomy, I love it!

2006 Toyota Highlander Base Hybrid

After almost 160000 miles, only the basic services have been done. Brakes, tires, oil, struts, bearings. The only bad thing is we were never notified of a recall for the a computer part that is connected with the breaks, so the breaks randomly go out but it is not that big of a deal.

- Mary S

Family Car through 13 years

2006 Toyota Highlander

The car has been in my family since it came from the manufactures. It has been in one car accident and barely got damaged. The reliability is great and I loved the interior, however after 13 years of use some of the leather has cracked. The gas mileage is alright but could be better.

- Kyleigh M

It always runs on empty for an inordinate amount of time

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

My vehicle has been ever since I acquired it been reliable low maintenance always reliable and never temperamental. It has always performed regardless of the elements or MY temperament the gas mileage has been satisfactory even to the extent of stretching it to the next gas pump

- Sandy A

The hybrid system gives it power/speed and makes it more fuel efficient.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I like the 4 wheel drive, fuel efficiency, power, large seating capacity, handling capability and reliability of the vehicle. I also like the look and color of the vehicle. My only complaint is that it does not have Bluetooth capability or an option to connect phones for music.

- Isabella V

It�s Gold and It Is Mine. Period.

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

I've had no major problems. Maintenance is pretty cheap if you stay on top of things. It's an older model but it still has its charm. There's a sunroof, cassette/CD player. 4 wheel drive. Downfall, does have a V6 engine so gas is always a concern. Other than that, it's great

- Jojo C

Visibility in this SUV is great.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Very nice and spacious vehicle. This vehicle sets up and the visibility is amazing as well as it is easier to get in and out of. . The back windshield wiper is very helpful as well as the back seats folding down when needed. The thermostat is great it will maintain the temp.

- Kimberly M

Still going after 147, 000 miles!

2006 Toyota Highlander

Always great on gas, very reliable, 146, 000 miles on it and still going, comfortable for long trips, easy to get in and out of, seats 4-5 comfortably, handles well in city or on highway - even in the mountains. We're looking forward to buying a new one when the time comes.

- Nancy L

I bought an aftermarket tow package and it pulls the trailer very well.

2006 Toyota Highlander

It is an excellent vehicle, highly reliable, good, I feel economy, very comfortable and efficient. Leather seats, sunroof, traction control, are all very desirable and see features of this vehicle. It is only started and it takes very minimum maintenance to keep it running.

- Aaron L

A reliable family work horse.

2006 Toyota Highlander

This has been a very reliable vehicle. Great for hauling kids and stuff. It is comfortable for long road trips. As long as you do regular maintenance, it will run for a long time. We haven't had any major repairs or problems. It has proven to be a real work horse for us.

- Karen M

Good reliable SUV Quiet running vehicle worth the money.

2006 Toyota Highlander

You can't hear the vehicle running when started. It gets good mileage. There's plenty of seat room and a cup holder where needed. Front seats have pull down armrest. We currently have rear window off track issue. The SUV is very reliable and no other issues as yet.

- Sandy L

Very quiet, reliable, and rides nice.

2006 Toyota Highlander LTD Hybrid

I like that it is reliable. On freeway I get 22 mph and in town 19 mph. Car rides nice and I like that I can lay down the back two bench seats and carry lots of items. When I start the car, you cannot hear the engine. I have over 211,000 miles and it runs great.

- Cathy F

Sturdy and reliable big back storage space

2006 Toyota Highlander Base

No major issues. Little wear and tear. Not so good gas mileage. Drives smoothly and radio is decent. Good car for getting to and from where you need to be or 2 to 8 hour drives. Overall not a bad car at all and very reliable for me to drive on a regular basis

- Daniel P

It gets good gas mileage for being an SUV. It has just been a wonderful car so.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I love most everything about it. It is a great car. I haven't had any major issues out of it. It is very reliable. I do not like how small the third row seats are, but I don't use them that often. I also wish it had air in the back. It has heat, just no air.

- Jessica L

It is economical on gas and also roomy.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I like the vehicle in that it is economical on gas. It is also very roomy and easy to handle. The only drawback is that the trunk has to be manually opened instead of automatic opening. The acceleration also is not very powerful but once it goes it is fine.

- Jennifer J

Outfitted vehicle with a receiver tows a trailer well plenty of power stability.

2006 Toyota Highlander

It is extremely reliable always starts and runs the heater in the air-conditioner work excellent the ride is smooth the visibility is excellent. It is very comfortable and roomy. It has excellent cargo carrying capacity. I will definitely buy another one.

- Aaron L

Toyota Highlander is my vehicle and I recommend it to anyone looking to buy

2006 Toyota Highlander

Truck is just what I need. Runs great and good on gas. Has power and has the room I need for kids and groceries. Never really had any major problems with it. Has been a great and reliable vehicle since I have owned it. Has air, CD changer, sunroof etc....

- Eric B

Good overall, disappointing gas mileage for hybrid.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I enjoy the third row pop up seat to haul extra kids around without having the larger SUV size. Overall it has performed well. The major disappointment with it has been the fuel efficiency. I expected more from a hybrid. We usually only get 22-24 mpg.

- Kari B

The car is very reliable with very few maintenance problems.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Car has over 146,000 miles on it, and I have had very few problems with it. Has plenty of room, and a very nice interior. Even though the car is 12 years old, the leather seats, interior and exterior are in great shape. I would buy this car again.

- Sandra L

My car has a leather interior, great sound system, is comfortable and safe.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I really do not have many complaints about my car at all. The only thing that I can think of is that the check engine light and vsc does seem to come on frequently but then goes away on its own. That may be just a specific problem with my car, though.

- Bailey S

Car review for Toyota highlander.

2006 Toyota Highlander

It is a great car. Hardly know its running because its so quiet. Has excellent brakes and great stopping power. Would absolutely buy this vehicle again and again. Started out as a vehicle for my wife but found that I enjoyed driving it just as much.

- Ian H

Toyotas are GREAT! They're dependable and reliable, comfortable and safe, fun to drive and look good!

2006 Toyota Highlander

It's big enough that I feel like I'm in a big vehicle, but small enough that I don't have trouble parking or maneuvering. It can haul small stuff and fits my family of 3 perfectly. It's comfortable for traveling and practical for everyday use.

- Lynn W

It is a hybrid which gets better gas mileage which is better for the environment.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I like that my car is a hybrid. It is easy to drive and very comfortable. It is roomy and can hold 7 people with the fold up seat in the back. I really do not dislike anything but I do wish it had a built in gps and a back up mirror..

- Helene E

This Toyota Highlander has been a trouble free car for 12 years.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Great car. Gets good mileage. Perfect size for my needs. Has had no mechanical problems, just regular service. My only complaint is that there are no rear air vents and front vents do not have great adjustments.

- DD H

That the car is a good car and reliable, this is shown in the large number of them you see on the streets.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I like that the car has a lot if storage space in it, since I like to store a lot of stuff in my car. All though the fuel efficiency could be better I am fine with it since I don't drive long distance often.

- Joseph C

it's been reliable. It's responds well and is a pleasure to drive.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I like the way it rides, smooth and comfortable. I like the looks of it. The tire pressure gauge keeps lighting up and I've had it to the shop several times. Could use a little more room for baggage etc.

- Tom C

The AWD and hybrid engine are awesome for all weather and travel but the miles/gallon is not as amazing as you would like in a hybrid.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I truly love my vehicle for Its versatility and hybrid drive. The car is getting old though and starting to nickel and dime me. Unfortunate that cars only last so long despite taking decent care of them.

- Thomas C

We can fit everyone (7 seats) and yet have a fully functional all wheel vehicle.

2006 Toyota Highlander

This is the first Toyota that I have owned and I have been very impressed with the overall structural integrity of the vehicle. I bought it used and have had to do nothing but regular maintenance on it.

- Don H

Highlander is a very safe vehicle and I feel my family is always protected and travel in style!

2006 Toyota Highlander

I love everything about my Highlander. It is comfortable, stable, sure footed with all wheel drive it never slips and it gets what I feel to be good gas mileage. It has some miles on it but looks new.

- Wes A

This car has good gas mileage for the size, we love the third row seats.

2006 Toyota Highlander

We love our Toyota Highlander. It has a lot of space and the 3rd row seat has made things so much more convenient when we have additional passengers. It has good gas mileage, and has run very well.

- Alison V

It is very economical to run.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I love the 4 cyl because it saves on gas. I love that my highlander is roomy, easy to drive and reliable. My only complaint is that the paint job is starting to flake but then it is getting old.

- Nancy S

It was one of the first hybrid SUVs made and is a solid car that needs little fuss

2006 Toyota Highlander

I like that my car is a hybrid. That it is reliable and hasn't given me any hassle over the years. I like that is was able to transport my family to all their activities throughout the years.

- Doane B

This car is extremely reliable. We've had it since, well, 2006, and it's in very good shape

2006 Toyota Highlander

I love the size, for starters. It's not too big or too small. It has run smoothly for many years. I like that it still has old fashioned buttons rather than everything being on a touch screen

- Rachel H

Great family car. Plenty of room

2006 Toyota Highlander

Very dependable care. Normal wear and tear. Ours is a hybrid which really does help on gas prices but does make maintenance a little more expensive. Over 200,000 miles and still runs great!

- Cori W

It has heated seats! It also has a third row.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I love how comfortable it is and the heated seats. I also love having a third room. My biggest complaint would be how my trunk space basically disappears when I put my third row up.

- Alice M

It is roomy and comfortable to fit 4 people no problem and as plenty of cargo space.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I like the Gas Mileage it gets, it has easy access to get in and out of and to load cargo. It has a good Radio and Heater/AC system. I like the color of the exterior and interior.

- B L

It is safe, has lots of space and reliable transportation for us.

2006 Toyota Highlander

It fits my family's needs, it drives smooth, great space for our active homeschool lifestyle. It feels safe. The third row of seating allows us to have more friends in the car.

- Lynda M

If you want reliability, choose Toyota.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I love its reliability. It has had very few repairs needed, considering its age and mileage. The one thing I dislike is that the few repairs its needed have been expensive.

- Colin J

Reliable and will have a positive statement about you.

2006 Toyota Highlander

My Toyota gets good gas mileage, is roomy, dependable and a comfort to drive. I am so pleased with it that when I purchase a new one I will go to the Toyota dealer first.

- Shirley A

Many trips with the highlander to take my daughter to. College.

2006 Toyota Highlander

My highlander has just what I need. This car has good service. Easy driving. Has made some long distance travel. Love the car. Hope it lasts some. More years for service.

- Dorothy M

Longevity is very common as my last vehicle was a Nissan and it lasted 20 years.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I love the way it drives and for a 12 year old vehicle the exterior and interior is still immaculate. This is my first Toyota and so far have nothing to complain about.

- Chad R

Great car for family living in the mountains.

2006 Toyota Highlander

We love our Highlander. We had to upgrade to a larger vehicle and this fit us really well. It drives great in the winters we have here and is very fuel efficient.

- Keith H

My favorite vehicle--so hardy!

2006 Toyota Highlander

In 12 years, the only problem I have had is the AC, which has only this year began to leak. Otherwise, it is perfect. Comfortable, perfect size, rides great.

- ciji b

Toyota's keep going on & on. I love my Toyota highlander.

2006 Toyota Highlander

No complaints. I do not dislike anything about it... I guess I could say I do not like the fact that an unknown person scraped my car & did not leave a note..

- Pam C

After all these years, it still had a good solid ride and doesn't squeak or sound like its rattling.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I like the solid ride and the fact Toyota vehicles retain more of their value than the Chevrolet I had. I like SUVs in general because of the line of sight.

- RM R

Not nearly as comfortable as earlier models and hard to figure out (and inconvenient) how to get "warning" symbol to turn off. i.e.: oil change is done, but light remains on until you fumble through and the book or research how to turn it off.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Decent gas mileage for an SUV. Doesn't have heated seats or steering wheel. Recirculation for vents does not stay on when pushed. Have to continually push it.

- Sue P

It's a hybrid car. Runs on gas and battery

2006 Toyota Highlander

Great gas mileage for an suv. Very reliable. The only thing I don't like is that it rarely needs repair but when it does parts and labor are very expensive

- Patty T

It is a guzzler of gas. At one point it was getting 11 miles to the gallon.

2006 Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander is overall a well-rounded car, it handles well and offers three rows of seating. It does not have a built-in Aux or USB pass through.

- Justin V

My car is dependable and has decent gas mileage on long trips.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I like the color. I like the third row of seats. It gets me where I want to go. I do not like the dents on the sides where people have banged their doors.

- Kay C

The most important thing is that it is very long-standing and works very well.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I like how much this car saves me on gas, and the quality of the car. I do not think I dislike anything about the car except maybe the appearance of it.

- Gwendolyn M

Toyota keeps on going across 3 states and countless miles

2006 Toyota Highlander

Reliable car that has made it through 3 states and countless miles. As long as you take care of it, it will take care of you. No major repairs to fix.

- Kate V

It's been very reliable. No major repairs required.

2006 Toyota Highlander

It's a good quality car, and has given us no major issues. I'm tall, and wish it had a bit more leg room. Otherwise, one of the best we've owned.

- Jeff M

Gas is good. I have a 4 cylinder.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Love it. Highlanders are amazing. Good on gas and love how spacious it is. Mine is an older model so I do wish it had all the up to date features.

- Camille F

My car is a four wheel drive.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I like how much room it has. I like that it has a 3rd row seat that can fold down. I don't like that it doesn't have air vents for the middle row.

- Mary P

Best handling vehicle I've ever driven.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Love all the features, easily accessible, seats fold and are removable. Child safety locks, am/fm stereo with CD player. Rides like a dream.

- James J

Toyota's are very good cars.

2006 Toyota Highlander

No car problems everything work well. Whoever had it before I did kept it up well. I love it its has a lot of space. It also have a 3rd row seat.

- First Name S

It's not sporty or fast but dependable

2006 Toyota Highlander

I like that it is dependable and has lasted a long time. Fuel efficiency is reasonable even though it is old. Parts are still widely available.

- po shan R

Sporty, fun, dependable, affordable

2006 Toyota Highlander

There have been no real issues with my highlander. It's been a reliable car. I would prefer better gas mileage but overall it's a good car.

- Susie K

It's a very reliable and dependable vehicle. Toyota is great at working out any issues that arise.

2006 Toyota Highlander

My car has lasted a very long time. It's 12 years old and I am just now starting to give Minot issues related to age. Very dependable car!

- Sarah M

It is very reliable and safe.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Things I like: good gas mileage, very reliable, comfortable ride, good features (heated seats, good sound system). Nothing I dislike!!

- Amanda H

2006 Toyota Highlander is the best car

2006 Toyota Highlander

The toyota highlander is a very reliable car and it is extremely easy to drive. This was my first car and I refuse to get rid of it.

- Leanna R

It feels safe and is reliable.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I dislike that it has problems with the admissions system and poor gas mileage, I like hat it has 4 wheel drive and is comfortable.

- Kylie H

It jump high in the sky and I love it so much.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Runs great.. Had no major problems since I had it.. Dislike the size, needs to be bigger.. Been wrecked twice and stills run great.

- Becky M

It gets really good gas mileage And has never really had to be in the shop for repairs

2006 Toyota Highlander

It is reliable and has a small engine so it gets great gas mileage. The interior has stood up well considering the age of the car.

- Brenda D

Has good gas mileage between 25-30 miles per gallon.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Parts need to be replaced consistently but has good gas mileage. Reliable for daily use. Gives an indication when problems occur.

- Jack O

It is bigger on the inside than it appears and gets good mileage for its size.

2006 Toyota Highlander

The Highlander has a large and roomy interior with plenty of trunk space. The gas mileage is fairly good for the size of the car.

- Patricia C

It's awesome. Great for a family. Safe and comfortable.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Love it. Comfortable, reliable, dependable. Great on gas. Has many safety features. Anti Lock brakes, traction control. Air bags

- Dawn U

It drives well. I like driving it. It is reliable.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I like the color. I like the height. I like the reliability. I dislike the way it slides on ice. I dislike the number of seats.

- Lisa M

It is in great shape & still runs well after more than 200,000 miles.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I love it because it gets decent gas mileage (hybrid) and it has not had many issues. 200,000 miles and still going strong!

- April K

It is worth the purchase.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I love that it is been extremely reliable, always starts, the only negative I have on the vehicle is that it is not a 4x4.

- Richard O

Like the energizer bunny. Keeps going and going!

2006 Toyota Highlander

It has been very reliable, rides comfortable and has held up well interior and exterior. I wish it had more cup holders.

- Jill C

No air vents in the back seats it gets very hot in there

2006 Toyota Highlander

Stains and also no air conditioning in the back only front which does not Give much air in the back it needs improvements

- Alma D

The car is paid for and easy to maintain. It has less than 100,00.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Like the roominess and easy to drive and it is economical on gas.... Do not like that there is no automatic trunk opener.

- Jennifer J

The mpg is fantastic and it runs smoothly.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I love the mpg. The size is perfect. It's a hybrid. Only downfall is when batteries go out it's expensive replacing them.

- Amber M

It is a very reliable vehicle.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Very reliable car. Have had it for years. The heat shield around the muffler is rattling, but besides that, no problems.

- Samuel G

My car is very reliable. It may not have any bells/whistles but I like it.

2006 Toyota Highlander

The only issue I have with my car is the gas mileage. Everything works the way it is suppose to. No complaints about it.

- Danielle G

I can count on it to be dependable.

2006 Toyota Highlander

It has never broken down. It carries anything I ever need to jam into it. It is comfortable, economical and looks good.

- Thea R

It gets great gas mileage and has a lot of great safety features.

2006 Toyota Highlander

It's a hybrid SUV so it saves a ton on gas and is very roomy.... No complaints. Had it for over a year with no issues.

- Nick O

It's paid for and looks good despite its age.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Good size to park and get through traffic. Good interior room. Very reliable. Good mileage for an SUV. Has aged well.

- David G

That it is long lasting and a great family car for those that need the space

2006 Toyota Highlander

I really love my highlander! We've done minimum work to it in the few years and it really gets us where we get to go!

- Sarah M

It is dependable and runs when you need it to.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Like the mileage and energy saving. Like the color. Dislike the limited space. Do not like the very small 3rd seat.

- Manuel B

Toyota: Very Reliable! No issues even after over 100,000 miles!

2006 Toyota Highlander

Toyota is very reliable. As long as you keep up on the maintenance. Comfortable seating. Plenty of room for travel.

- Sher R

Great on gas and very dependable.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I have 125, 000 miles and I have had no major problems with this car. It has been very reliable and great on gas.

- Amy W

It is very dependable. I've driven it nearly 300,000 miles.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I like that it's a hybrid. It gets great gas mileage for a three row SUV. I love the dependability of a Toyota.

- Tina S

My car has 3rd row seats, it is an excellent car to take on vacation.

2006 Toyota Highlander

My car is not much but it gets me where I need to go with no difficulties. And I also pay for it on my own!

- Kayla C

Very reliable and dependable hardly in the shop other than routine maintenance.

2006 Toyota Highlander

The storage and hauling ability. The ride is not smooth and gas mileage is so-so. The reliability is great.

- James S

They last and are reliable if you do the maintenance.

2006 Toyota Highlander

It has over 22000 miles and we are old friends. It has all the room I need for my trips and is comfortable.

- Deb N

AWD with six-cylinder engine. Looks very sporty for 2007 model SUV. Great gas mileage and low maintenance. Has third bench seat for two more passengers.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Sporty looking for a small SUV. Is all wheel drive 6 cylinder for good mileage. Very highly rated used car.

- Robert G

Great reliability, comfort and lots of space to take kids and all their sports equipment with us

2006 Toyota Highlander

Car is well built, performs well and has provided years of service with a minimal amount of major repairs

- rm e

Great gas mileage gets almost 400 miles per tank.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I like how it drives but when there's a problem with the engine, it is very difficult to find new parts.

- Fritz L

Nothing particular. It is just a regular Toyota Highlander.

2006 Toyota Highlander

looks cool to me. Economic. Not very gas-consuming. Having been with me for more than 10 years. Love it.

- Feng Z

It may be old but is reliable and still looks great. I'm very happy with it.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I love that it is a hybrid and drives smoothly. It has room for my family and we feel safe driving it.

- Amanda S

that is is a hybrid and is very quiet

2006 Toyota Highlander

gets good gas mileage. has trouble in snow because there is no four wheel drive, only traction control.

- Car E

Never saw a mechanic in 12 years, just regular maintenance.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Twelve year old car, 223,000 miles and absolutely no maintenance issues. Can't ask for anything more.

- Debbie K

its reliable. i've never had any problems with it.

2006 Toyota Highlander

i love the size. i love the comfort level. i'd love to get better gas mileage but wouldn't we all :)

- brooke l

It's a hybrid SUV that efficient and very comfortable to drive!

2006 Toyota Highlander

I Love the ride, it fits me. Love the visibility. Appreciate that it's an energy efficient hybrid!

- Pat D

I feel that everyone should have a cadillac ifs it is sporty and fun to drive.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Beautiful styling and color has AWD. Six-cylinder (good mileage). Third bench seat. No complaints.

- Robert G

Although it's been used for more than 5 years now, it still runs pretty good, in my opinion. I like how roomy it is and gives me enough control when I'm driving, parking, turning, and etc.

2006 Toyota Highlander

The toyota highlander is a pretty reliable car and should make anyone feel comfortable to drive.

- Jenny T

How spacious it is, it is a reliable car. Family vehicle

2006 Toyota Highlander

I love how spacious my vehicle is. I like that is durable has low mileage. I love my Toyota.

- Miriam R

It is reliable and will last 10+ years! A lot of families have this car.

2006 Toyota Highlander

It is safe and reliable. It is a regular car; not fancy but has lasted us well for 12 years!

- dana l

It is reliable, quiet, dependable and gets good mileage.

2006 Toyota Highlander

It is reliable, has good gas mileage and quiet. Too small interior and poor paint job.

- Manuel R

It's bad on gas but has been very reliable. Parts for repairs are expensive though.

2006 Toyota Highlander

My suv is old and the interior is in poor condition. Also gets very poor gas mileage.

- Tina A

Safety, Reliability, how economical it is. Price is also very important

2006 Toyota Highlander

It is nice reliable car. Convenient to drive. But it uses too much gasoline per ML

- Jenny K

when 4 wheel drive is needed, it automatically kicks in

2006 Toyota Highlander

it's a hybrid so it uses little gas, handles very well in the snow, has a 3rd seat

- Cathy M

I love the structure body, good gas mileage and it hugs the curves while driving. I have over 170, 000 miles had my inspection, my SUV can go another 100,000. Yes. Great suv.

2006 Toyota Highlander

It's dependable, in any type of weather, it won't let you down. I won't trade it.

- Vanessa S

I like that it is an SUV. I like that it is a hybrid and Limited. I don't like that it is really small inside.

2006 Toyota Highlander

It is a pretty good car. It is a hybrid so it's good on gas. It's easy to drive.

- Rubi G

It has 302,000 miles on it and is 12 years old.

2006 Toyota Highlander

My 2006 hybrid Toyota Highlander has 302,000 miles on it. It is an amazing SUV.

- Deborah B

I love having a vehicle that is paid off and no money is owed.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Very reliable. Hybrid battery has had a very good life. Love our Toyota.

- Janet M

I love the four wheel drive and how drives in all kinds of road conditions without any issues. I love the comfy seating. The one thing I dislike is there is no cup holders in front for the driver.

2006 Toyota Highlander

That it's a family car and get my kids to the places that they need to be.

- Tasha C

Dependable. Has never just broken down for no reason.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Hybrid. Roomy, but not too big. Can park in a compact car parking space.

- Oroma N

It's a great car. Completely reliable, minimal repairs. Really happy that we bought it 11 years ago.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Reliable, comfortable, nearly 300 thousand miles and still happy with it

- Elizabeth G

The Toyota has been a great vehicle over the years.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Lasted a long time. Very little maintenance required. Drives smoothly.

- Susan H

It's lasted forever and is in great shape. I'm hoping I can get to 1,000,000 miles.

2006 Toyota Highlander

I love my SUV. I've owned it since 2006 and have over 300,000 miles.

- Deborah S

It's the best car I have ever had. It's easy to get around in and it's roomy on the inside.

2006 Toyota Highlander

It is dependable Good gas mileage Easy to maneuver Comfortable ride

- Ann P


2006 Toyota Highlander



It's reliable, has lots of features, good gas mileage

2006 Toyota Highlander

Wish it was bigger. Higher up. More suv like. Needs bigger tires.

- Shelly B

I love my vehicle for many ready. Mainly because it is a very practical family vehicle. It serves all the purposes it works for my family.

2006 Toyota Highlander

My favorite thing is Gas mileage. It's just a good family car.

- Casey C

It's paid for easy to keep up, runs quietly, is the one I prefer to drive.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Don't have any dislikes Love the comfort, gas mileage, style

- Sandi T

Great engine, power. Smooth ride. Tint. Seats 10

2006 Toyota Highlander

None, windows, wipers, little wipers. Digital controls

- Starla B

My Highlander has 203,000 miles on it and I had it in for non-scheduled maintenance for the first time just a few weeks ago. I love that it is a hybrid and easier on the environment. The size fits my needs perfectly and it knows how to handle Minnesota winter roads.

2006 Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander is a dependable car for many miles

- Karen N

Reliable transportation. Great family vehicle. Good on gas.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Third row seating is nice. It goes thru brakes too fast.

- Linda L

It drives well, is reliable, and is fuel efficient.

2006 Toyota Highlander

Looks good. Drives well and accelerates quickly. Roomy

- Laura T

it's a hybrid, seats 7 passengers, gas saver

2006 Toyota Highlander

saves gas, dependable, reliable roomy sporty luxurious

- benny c

I love it and when it's time to get a newer vehicle it will most likely be another Highlander

2006 Toyota Highlander

I feel Toyota's keep their value and are dependable

- kim y

It is a HYBRID and gets great mileage

2006 Toyota Highlander

It is a hybrid. Great gas mileage. Large and roomy

- Tom B