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Excellent purchase decision

I think the reliability, gas mileage and everyday driving is excellent. The Prius has very low maintenance costs. I will definitely consider buying another Prius or Toyota for my next car purchase. My Prius is older so I look forward to the new safety and convenience features the newer models now come with standard.

- Jennifer L

Prius- old, but reliable.

Have had to replace the hybrid battery which was very expensive. Pretty good car otherwise. Doesn't get great gas mileage anymore, likely due to the age of the car, but just withstood a cross country trip, so still doing ok. Would consider buying another Prius in the future

- Ginger M

It's a hybrid - runs on gas but has electric feature.

I love the gas mileage. I love the amount of truck and space inside the cabin. I love the open view of the road and behind. I love that it is 4 doors only thing I do not like is that dog hairs are really hard to remove from the upholstery.

- Peggy C

Being a hybrid and a small car, it saves greatly on gas.

This is the best car I have ever had. I love that it's great on gas. It's comfortable and has what I need. My only complaint is that it doesn't pick up speed very well.

- Jeannine G

Great gas mileage, extremely reliable.

The best thing about this vehicle is the miles per gallon. It is also extremely reliable and I have had to make minimal repairs in the 10 years I have owned it.

- Kathryn T

Reliable hot wheels vehicle!

The Toyota Prius 2002 that I have is not necessarily the most comfortable vehicle but I love how great it is on gas; and it is an extremely reliable vehicle.

- Nicole M

My little blue gas saving machine

It's 17 years old and still goes from point A to B. Can't complain too much about that. Zero power in the mountains though. You floor it you hold 40mph

- Danielle R

It gets really great gas mileage and is very dependable. With proper upkeep they last for many years.

My Prius rides as smooth as a luxury car. Comes standard with everything you could ever want. Gets great gas mileage. Plenty of headroom and legroom.

- Andy J

Gas mileage-after 16 years, still gets 40-50 mpg HW and 30-35 city.

Well made car. Small outside, roomy inside. Great on gas. Holds the road and has good pick up. Can easily park it and maneuver through small spaces.

- Noelle C

It's a hybrid, which saves you money on gas for driving in traffic, or local driving, also good on highway driving though.

I love the hybrid features! Amazing on fuel efficiency/cost! I wish I had modern stereo and accessories though. It is getting to be very dated.

- Kristina R

It gets great mileage and is easy to take care of. I've had to replace the bank of batteries, but the cost was much lower than I expected.

It's a hybrid. Gets great mileage and is environmentally desirable. I expect it to keep going to well over 250,000 miles. Easy to maintain.

- Corinne B

Old car cannot be driven anymore.

It is a 12+ year old car with a lot of body damage and was just totaled. Vehicle cannot be driven anymore was in accident.

- Natalie K

It is very dependable and fun to drive.

It gets great gas mileage. It is got plenty of room. Has all of the features I want. The price was very affordable.

- Andrew J

That the car is one of the first Prius 16 years ago. I drive about 45 miles on 1 gallon. So the car is cheap on gas.

I like it. It does 45 miles on a gallon, so it's cheap on gas.It is old ,but it is still driving with no problems..

- Kees B

It runs smoothly and it's a nice, quiet, reliable car

My vehicle is comfortable compact and reliable. But one major downside is how expensive it is to replace parts.

- Paula R

It has very good fuel efficiency.

Loud noise from outside when driving fast. Small na ovation screen. No CD player.

- nick A

The Prius is a great car.

It gets great gas mileage. Only complaints is it's age. Love the Prius.

- John N