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My 10 year old reliable Prius.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

The prius has been incredibly reliable and economical! My daughter bought it new and never experienced any difficulties while she drove it both for work and pleasure. I inherited the vehicle at about 60,000 miles and in the last 5-7 years I have driven another 100,000 miles on it. The vehicle fills up with less than $30. And the mileage per gallon is impressive. It is convenient on road trips due to its gas efficiency. This vehicle has only required regular maintenance. Two problems have developed since I hit 150,000 miles on the odometer. First, occasionally the light on the dashboard turns off even when the car is running. Second, when the dashboard light goes off I can expect that I will experience difficulty in turn the car off! This has occurred at least six times in the past year. Each time this has happened, I google 'what to do if your a prius does not turn off.' apparently, this is an occurring issue with other prius owners as you will find a few tutorials from other prius owners who have experienced this problem and have recorded their remedies for possible solutions. Overall, in spite of these recent inconveniences, I do recommend the Toyota prius abc ha do not noted that recent models are more jazzy and sporty-looking- a big more appealing than my early model.

- Gloria J

Reliable, Low Maintenance, Great Performance

2007 Toyota Prius Touring

I love having a Prius. It is 12 years old now, but you would never know. The battery performance hasn't declined in the time I've had the car. I save a lot of money on gas which is vital these days. I've only had two issues with the car in the four years I have had it. The front grill cover broke off and one of the tire sensors doesn't work anymore. I could get them fixed, but I tend to do the absolute minimum. I get oil changed and if a light comes on I take it in. It is a nice low maintenance car and I find it comfortable. The back up camera has saved my life many times. It is the go to moving car. There is ample storage with the hatchback and availability to put seats down. I never feel crammed in. Overall it is a comfortable, reliable car with only aesthetic issues.

- Victoria H

Prius is a reliable vehicle that will last you for years!

2007 Toyota Prius Touring

The Prius really is an amazing vehicle. I bought it for the gas mileage, its reliability, long life span, and comfort. I have used my Prius to drive very long distances and had zero problems. The version I have has a backup camera and leather seats which are very comfortable. I have also used my vehicle to move three time and it is much bigger than it seems! I've been able to fit my bookcase, dressers, large tables, etc. The only problems with the Prius is the high cost of parts. The special HUD headlight can cost as much as $125, and replacing them is a complicated process as the mechanic has to remove several things to have gain access to the headlight.

- Ana C

Overall a great vehicle, with a few very specific problems.

2007 Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is great on gas, and gets great mileage. It is also surprisingly good in winter weather. The one downfall of the Toyota Prius is that there are kind of blind spots with the way the windshield is set up on both the left and right side, so sometimes it makes it hard to see pedestrians at crosswalks. Also the back windshield wiper is not the best because it only is mounted on one side. The last thing with the Prius that is slightly sub par is hell low to the ground it is so it makes driving on rough road difficult and definitely requires you to slow down when you go over speedbumps.

- Isabel F

This Car is Eco-Friendly and Cute

2007 Toyota Prius Base

On the negative side, the dashboard of my Prius will sometimes not turn on (you can't see your speedometer, how much gas you have, mileage, and the back up cam doesn't turn on) and will not turn back on until the battery resets. Or it will turn back on randomly. The ac/heater is broken from no fault of mine, and the back of the car where you open the trunk is broken as well. On the positive side, this thing has lasted a long time. Everything else works fine and is pretty reliable! The console works fine, the seats are comfortable, sound system isn't TERRIBLE, and overall the car is cute.

- Meg M

My vehicle is a 2007 Toyota Prius, which is a hybrid hatchback.

2007 Toyota Prius

I absolutely love my car. The gas mileage is great and it got me across the country with little to no problems. My biggest qualms with my car would be the lack of power - it had difficulty going up mountains - and how quickly it speeds up (gotten multiple tickets due to this). The cost of repairing a hybrid is also an annoying factor of my car, however, after having to drive a non-hybrid rental I have decided I would much rather have a hybrid and save more on gas. I am ensuring that the next car I buy will be a hybrid or a fully electric car.

- Chloe B

An interesting detail of our Prius is the comfort of driving long distances.

2007 Toyota Prius Touring

Great gas mileage, we get 44 miles to a gallon. Very comfortable interior. Plenty of streaming room. With a hatchback easy to open door, we can haul all sorts of stuff you wouldn't normally think would fit. The car's performance is wonderful, not in the slightest sluggish. The interior is high tech. I can plug in my iPhone and take calls or play podcasts. And did I tell you how stylishly elegant the Prius is? Well if I didn't let me tell you it is as elegant as they come with the sky blue color and the wonderfully comfortable seats and stuff.

- Lon O

Toyota Prius: The car that will not stop performing

2007 Toyota Prius Base

My Prius is very reliable. I acquired it at 124,000 miles. It currently has 327,000 miles. The battery is fine. I just replaced the rear brakes at a cost of under $400. My gas mileage has stayed between 38-44 mpg - depending on the season. The better mileage occurs in warmer months. Overall, it is a very dependable car. It has a somewhat stiff ride, much different than say the Toyota Avalon. However, the real draw to the Prius, is its great mileage and ease of care. Aside from brakes, tires, and oil changes, I have done nothing to this car.

- Nathaniel G

The 2007 Toyota Prius is a quiet and reliable ride.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

This car is very reliable! I love how quiet it is when the gas engine goes off. I love power windows and locks. The headlights have issues with going out and are difficult to get to in order to replace. The sensor on the back hatch is the only way to open it and on this model, that sucks. The pressure has gone down on the things that help push up the hatch, so I have to use my hand to push it up. Also, the covering over the sensor got all gummy and messed up the sensor. Those two things are the only things I don't like about the car.

- Carrie R

My favorite detail about this car is the gas mileage.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love my car! It barely presents any problems, it is comfortable, great on gas, and the perfect size for me. The gear shift and parking shifts are automatic and very easy to operate. The gas mileage is amazing, I get 43-45 mpg, and I only pay about $25 for a full tank of gas. The only downside to this car is that it does not have an auxiliary outlet for me to listen to music, although a radio transmitter is not too much work to use. I love how the Prius is a hatchback which makes the car very spacious.

- Hannah E

Great gas mileage and can get a lot of miles out of the 2007 Prius

2007 Toyota Prius Base

My car gets great gas mileage as a hybrid, roughly 40 mpg even though it is nearly 12 years old. It doesn't require much maintenance, though there has been trouble with the battery for the main computer in the car. The smart fob is nice but very annoying if you lose it because it's expensive to replace. The 2007 Prius is quite reliable, I'm at over 100,000 miles and it is still doing well. The car is comfortable and it has a back-up camera and a lot of space because of the hatchback trunk.

- Jane W

That it uses both gas and electricity to help to cut down on the carbon footprint you leave on the earth. I really love this car. Easy to drive.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love the low gas use. It is a small car but it carries a load of wood great. I do not like the outside trunk key pressure pad. It is hard to get it to open and feels like hot weather makes it like putty. But all in all, it is a great little car, very comfortable. I am 4'11 and my sweetie is 6'5 and we both fit into it with no problem. We have taken many vacations in it and it is a very comfortable ride. I highly recommend this car to anyone looking for a great car.

- Sue O

One of a kind 2007, Toyota Prius.

2007 Toyota Prius

One of a kind Prius. Eco-friendly. Gas saver. Can give you the most of your mileage. Quiet, comfortable. Back seats are very spacious; a lot of legroom. Has backup camera and a navigational map system. Sound system is amazing. Some maintenance parts may be extremely expensive to fix, but so far our vehicle has had general maintenance. We haven't had any breakdown issues. Back trunk is very spacious as well, beneficial for carrying bulk items, vacationing, etc.

- Karla G

This car is user-friendly and shows you via touchscreen how to do everything.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

Best thing is the savings on gas! It is very user-friendly, compact, and has a touch-screen to view backing up, radio stations, and temperature. It has many safety features such as beeping when seat belt is not fastened and air bags. Also it is so easy to push the button to startup and is very quiet even people cannot hear it is on. It only opens doors when you possess the key. It does not turn on until you step on the brake which prevents car theft.

- Jennifer V

The little Prius can pack a lot in!

2007 Toyota Prius

Or being a small car, I have tons space four hauling things. I like the gas mileage. One thing that I have a problem with is that the speedometer reflects up on my windshield right in my line of vision at night. That makes it difficult to drive at night! But this is an older model. Also the headlights to be replaced are very expensive, like $300 each. But after 11 years I finally have to change one. I have 160, 000 miles and have had little problems.

- Janice L

Happy Prius owner: my Prius has saved my tons in gas expenses.

2007 Toyota Prius

My car get incredible mileage. With a short commute I can go a month on a single tank of gas. On longer home, a 3 hour trip barely burns half a tank. My car also has fantastic get up and go. My old always made nervous when merging onto the highway because it would take time getting up to speed, but my car now zips along beautifully. It is also quite spacious for a small Prius and I was able to fit a number of boxes in the back when I was moving.

- Ashley B

2007 Toyota Prius highlight The driver has to manually turn on the headlights.

2007 Toyota Prius

I have a Toyota 2007 Prius. It is quite comfortable. The driver side seat is nice and roomy. I get about 42 miles per gallon. The hatchback is roomy and holds about 4 suitcases. It also has a cover that a person can "hide" items. A couple of problems: at night the dashboard lights reflect off the windshield which is somewhat distracting. The backup camera does not have guidelines. I also do not understand why the headlights are not automatic on.

- Jim P

I have been very pleased with the performance, mpg and reliability of my Prius. It has more power than expected and also gets better gas mileage than listed when I drive conservatively.

2007 Toyota Prius

It cost less to buy gas on Toyota Prius and it runs some on gas and sometime it drives on electricity. It has a camera in the back when you reverse the car. It also gave air bags and it is a very safe car. It has a nice trunk and more room in the back. Moreover, it also have dark windows so people can't see in but we can see out. It also takes a lot less money to take care off. Overall, it was great and wonderful and I really like my new car.

- Henry N

great gas mileage, not very spacious

2007 Toyota Prius Base

The best thing about the car is the gas mileage. Mine currently gets 39.5 mile to the gallon. The worst thing is how much it cost to replace the battery. We are a family of 4. It is big enough but with a newborn and all the stuff that has to carried around any time we leave the house the trunk could be bigger. This car is best for a big city. As long as you stay at 45 mph or below it runs of the battery anything above that runs off of gas.

- Amber J

The Toyota Prius is a game changer for anyone trying to budget better--you'll save a ridiculous amount of money on gas thanks to the hybrid engine while also having peace of mind that you won't run out of electricity if you had an electric only engine. I went from $120/mo in gas to $30 in an average month.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love that my car gets amazing gas mileage and I love the rear navigation camera for backing up. I also love that the side mirrors fold in as my driveway is tight. I dislike, however, that the side mirrors aren't quite large enough and thus I have a really big blind spot on both sides. I also don't like that the back seat does not fold down at all which limits cargo capacity compared to my prior car which was a smaller SUV.

- Malea B

I love my Toyota Prius would not trade it for another car.

2007 Toyota Prius Touring

I absolutely love my Toyota Prius, it is 100% reliable. I have not had any problems with it all I ever had to replace were the tires. It is very comfortable and roomy surprisingly for how small it is. It is very good on gas too $20 and it is filled up and it takes a while to get to e. The radio is loud and clear and driving it is super comfortable. It is super easy to switch lanes and get in and out of parking spaces.

- Jeanette R

Prius grief is the title of my answer.

2007 Toyota Prius

I like the mileage that I get with my 2007 Toyota Prius, about 40-45 mpg. Last evening the check engine/abs/tpms/brake warning lights and symbols appeared on my dash. Instead of going to my chiropractor for an adjustment, I drove the Prius to tires plus. I got there by about 5:30 pm and told them my problem. They did a free partial diagnostic scan on the car. They said to take the car to a Toyota dealer for repairs.

- Patricia K

It is a hybrid and great gas mileage.

2007 Toyota Prius

I have a Toyota Prius. I love my Prius. It is a hybrid. It is really good on gas. You get more mileage in the city and traffic because the slower you drive you are using the battery instead of gas. I have had it for 11 years and until recently I only had to have minimum work done to it. The bad thing is it has two batteries and one battery is really expensive. It is very reliable. Performance and comfort is great.

- Jeanette F

Great on Gas, Great For Commuting, but Boring to Drive.

2007 Toyota Prius

The Prius is great on gas, if you don't mind driving a boring car. It's not fun to drive at all. Since it's 11 years old now, it also isn't the quietest ride and it doesn't have all the bells and whistles like newer cars like Automatic Headlights, Heated Seats, etc. It's gutless, so you have to floor it to go up hills. It has been reliable so far, but if the main battery ever goes, it will be expensive to fix.

- Greg T

Great basic hybrid for small families.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love the ease and comfort of the Toyota Prius. It also has more storage space that I had originally anticipated, allowing me to store lots of groceries and even a large jogging stroller (folded up obviously). I enjoy seeing the fuel economy listed on the easy to use and read dashboard display, however I do think it lacks some of the technology found in newer Prius versions (Bluetooth audio, etc.).

- Nikki T

Prius, my city parking hero.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

With all the driving I do, I love the gas mileage of my Prius. I definitely cut down on the cost of my commute. Although the seats are pretty comfy, on longer trips or when I have been driving a lot, I do need more lumbar support. While it took me a while to get a good spatial sense of the front of the car, the back-up camera has been clutch from day one when parallel parking, especially in cities.

- Erin C

Spacious hatchback makes for great road-tripping car!

2007 Toyota Prius

I love my Prius for travel. It's a great commuting and travel vehicle for work, obviously because of the gas, but it's also great for road trips due to the space. I can carry a lot of friends and luggage in the spacious hatchback. I've been slept in the back of it with the back row of seats down. It comfortable fits two people, as long as you're not much taller than five foot and a half or so.

- Ashley P

LOVE our Prius - very few issues!

2007 Toyota Prius Base

I love our Prius! We used it when we moved from Alaska to Georgia. We've put 70,000 miles on it after buying it used, and it's still doing so great! The only problems we've had with it - we had to replace the primary battery which is crazy expensive (hybrid vehicle). The gas gauge also seems to just be an estimate. We've run out of gas multiple times because it gets so inconsistent at times.

- Lauren M

2007 Toyota Prius: still going strong 12 years later.

2007 Toyota Prius

Very comfortable, easy to drive. Holds up well on long road trips and still runs well despite being twelve years old with 150, 000 miles on it. The keyless driving function does not work consistently anymore, and I do need to manually unlock the car instead of pressing the unlock button. It still gets excellent gas mileage, especially on the hilly highways of the Midwest.

- Gwen D

The future of transportation.

2007 Toyota Prius

Fun, efficient, comfortable, trendy, spacious. I like driving my Toyota because it is a smooth drive. I also find that it is easy for myself and others to get in and out of the car. The odometer is digital which makes for a trendy feel, but also allows for a clear and large readout for the meters on the dash. The engine is in the front and the battery is in the back.

- Ben R

2nd gen Prius still on the road

2007 Toyota Prius Touring

Great gas mileage. Gets me to where I'm going reliably. Relatively low maintenance for the vehicle. Some of the parts are expensive to repair. Some of the general maintenance is difficult to perform yourself. Things like the headlights in this model year is an involved process. That being said, the general maintenance for this vehicle should not be ignored.

- Tim T

It is boring but practical.

2007 Toyota Prius Touring

Financially the cars has been a great decision, sure it is boring and not that attractive, but it's a tool not toy. Compared to our last vehicle, a Subaru Forester we spend $40-$50 less a month on fuel and so far have spent less on maintenance. It's is practical and has great space inside for the size of car and utilizes every inch for storage.

- Raymond S

Really great gas mileage really ugly car

2007 Toyota Prius Base

It has been a reliable vehicle but it is very ugly. The speedometer is way far away in the dashboard and the whole design of the car is just super funky. I bought this car from my little sister for a really good price which is the reason that I am driving it. Also I have had this vehicle for 4 months and I have filled it up twice with gasoline

- Haley J

Hybrids - The Gas Reliable Car

2007 Toyota Prius Base

Hybrid - saves on gas and reliable no breakdowns. I have owned this car for over 4 years and have had no problems. It is comfortable, leather interior and seats, and it is good on gas. I have synthetic oil changes once every 6 months and have had the tires for a long time with no problem. Toyota has great customer service and reliability.

- Jonathan C

Love my Prius! A comfortable and practical choice.

2007 Toyota Prius

Very reliable, quiet and comfortable. The backup camera gives excellent visibility at night and in rainy or foggy conditions. There is room for 4 adults comfortably. The cargo area is spacious. I plan to keep this car for at least 2 more years. I feel good knowing that the emissions from my vehicle are much lower than most other cars.

- Rebecca R

Priuses are very nice for driving around town as they are great on gas and zippy.

2007 Toyota Prius

This car is very spacious if you ever need to put something like a bike in the back. Just put the seats down. The car is zippy which can be nice when driving around town but on freeways it gets shaky when going fast. If you accelerate too hard the car stalls for a moment. This car does not have an AUX cord which is very inconvenient.

- Kate E

So much cargo space and amazing gas mileage!

2007 Toyota Prius

When idling for a long time, like in heavy traffic, especially with the a/c on the hybrid battery depleted the charge and makes the gas motor come on. It is annoying when this happens. Otherwise, I really love everything about this car. It is got a lot more cargo space than most smaller vehicles and I cannot beat the gas mileage!

- Shawn E

Great vehicle, dependable, worth the money spent for it, gas saver, enjoyable.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

Only issues I have with my car is the temperature control valve acts up and the touchscreen stopped working, otherwise a great car and great on gas considering it is a hybrid, I really enjoy driving it and the quality of the radio sound is good for factory. It has been one of the best cars I have ever had the opportunity to own.

- Belle W

A reliable, long-time friend.

2007 Toyota Prius

It has been an extremely reliable and dependable car. It is never had any major problems and is over ten years old with more than 200, 000 miles on it. It is comfortable and surprisingly roomy inside with everything in a convenient location. It is an extremely smooth ride and saves me lots of money on gas with an amazing 49 mpg.

- Haley B

Cute does not always mean comfortable or practical.

2007 Toyota Prius

My car is supposed to have power steering but it is extremely difficult for me to turn the wheels asI had a stroke in the early months of 2007 which affected my left arm.Also the front seat is difficult for me to adjust the seat so I can get in to the car easily without having to adjust the seat while driving which is not safe

- Addie P

It gets 40-47 miles to the gallon and because it's hybrid, the engine sometimes shuts off.

2007 Toyota Prius

I like the gas mileage and the reliability. I dislike the fact that I'm putting quite a few miles on it. It doesn't seem to have the smoothest ride when I hit potholes or am driving on bumpy roads. But overall, it's a very nice, reliable car and don't regret buying at all. Because of it, I will likely buy a Toyota again!

- Phebe C

It is reliable, practical, gas efficient, a good value for resale purposes.

2007 Toyota Prius

I bought my Toyota Pis with 115,000 miles on it & I intend to get over 350,000 miles. It has very little maintenance issues and is just the right size for hauling groceries or a bike. I average 47 miles to the gal. It looks new since the Prius styles have not changed much over the years. The back-up camera is a big help.

- Laurie K

Frugal on gas - this is what I like most about my Prius.

2007 Toyota Prius

After the dealer had taken care of all the recalls, it is been smooth sailing for me. I have had replaced nearly everything (i.e.., the start-up battery) that needed to be eventually replaced once the car reached 50k miles. I normally only have to fill up the gas tank about 1. 5 to 2 months, once! I love saving $ on gas!

- Theodore G

11 years old, 194000 miles, 46.2 MPG and still going strong!

2007 Toyota Prius

My Prius is 11 years old and I love it! I'm still getting 46.2 MPG, and I have 194,000 miles on it. Average yearly repairs are around $1000, which is still less than I'd be paying for a new car. Lots of storage space. v comfortable. Only problem is that the headlights need to be replaced about ev. 3 years. annoying

- daphne b

Great gas mileage, great size. Perfect for long commutes.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

I love my car. The gas mileage is great and is runs really well for having 202k miles on it. The car is small yet spacious. It rides very comfortably. The only complaint is the vent placement, it seems like the back of the car isn't adequately cooled. The tank is very cheap to fill and lasts for about 400 miles.

- Callie O

Dependable with lots of room.

2007 Toyota Prius

All problems were small and covered under warranty for first5-6 years. Now we are experiencing the out of warranty problems which are more expensive. Car runs quiet, almost too quiet- people don't hear you coming. Plenty of room with back seats down for lots of luggage, all your beach gear or one very large dog.

- Debbie H

It is a beautiful red, aesthetically pleasing car with amazing mileage.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

Amazing gas mileage, comfortable yet small car. Fits five people total and has a hatchback where the seats fold down. The looks of this car are aesthetically appealing and you can fit in virtually any parking spot. This is a car I am proud to own and drive because there is less of a footprint on the environment.

- Kirsten B

Gas mileage is fantastic and the reliability is also fantastic.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

I love my Prius. The performance and reliability have been excellent. The car is comfortable enough for a small car and we have two big dogs that we transport as well. Love the gas mileage and would buy Prius again! I think the body style is nice and we have a nice size trunk for all the shopping we need to do.

- Brenda E

Lots of room when the seats are folded down.

2007 Toyota Prius

No problems for first 8 years. Now 11 years old, over 100k, just starting to show signs of wear and parts needing replacement. Putting seats down, give you plenty of room for lots of luggage, coolers etc. Or room for German shepherd to get comfortable. Great on mileage. Fun car. Accelerates quickly when needed.

- Debbie H

Great gas mileage for an economy car!

2007 Toyota Prius

It gets great mileage, on the average 45 mpg. It has been very reliable, and very comfortable, and has great cargo area. I am not crazy about the body style, it kind of looks like a spaceship to me. We have had this car for almost two years now, and plan on getting a newer model Prius on our next purchase.

- Sharon O

The best bang for your buck.

2007 Toyota Prius

The 2007 Prius is overall a good car is you do not care about speed or looks. The gas mileage you get it great, and it's a reliable car. The only issue I have is that its FWD, resulting in lots of slipping whenever the road is wet. The car can also struggle sometimes going up steeper inclined roads, ~>6%.

- Zach B

Like I said before, my car is extremely spacious and durable.

2007 Toyota Prius

It is an awesome car, it has a lot of space and it drives very well. The color is white on the outside and the interior is gray and black. Whenever my friends ride with me, they are more than comfortable and this makes me happy. All the problems have been fixed, all I can say is my car is very durable.

- Naomi A

Definite must buy. Money saver!

2007 Toyota Prius Base

My Toyota Prius has been an amazing car! I've owned it for about a year now and all the maintenance I've had to do is change the oil twice. My gas bill use to be $150 a month with my previous vehicle now I spend maybe $50 in gas every month. And I get 42 miles to the gallon! Definitely a great buy.

- Mack M

Good on gas and equipped with GPS.

2007 Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is a money saver when it comes to gas. It gets about 60 miles per gallon in town and that is because it's half electric. It's very comfortable and roomy. It's a quiet fast running car. It comes equipped with GPS and this feature alone makes the car worth all the money I paid for it.

- James L

It is so gas efficient. I commute and I only have to fill up every few weeks.

2007 Toyota Prius

I find that every time I go to get my oil change I have to fix something else. It is never more than a few hundred dollars and I understand things need to be replaced since my car is over ten years old. Also oil changes happen very frequently. I save a lot of money on gas though so it evens out.

- Emily T

Fairly reliable car, could use some improvement

2007 Toyota Prius Base

My Prius is mostly reliable, but sometimes the wires that connect to the screens on the dash don't let up. That can get frustrating. I also think that the seats are extremely uncomfortable. They literally curve the exact opposite way that the spine curves. I do appreciate the AC/heating system.

- Rachel S

Good choice in a car. Special if you travel long distance is on gas.

2007 Toyota Prius

I like the vehicle easy to drive. Get good gas miles per tank I average almost 350 to 400 miles. It is comfortable to drive. The maintainers is take care. The back seat lay down where have room to load some stuff. Run great you never hear the motor. Only thing have to do just get in and drive.

- Louie K

Excellent buy! Fuel efficient and comfortable.

2007 Toyota Prius

My car is safe and comfortable. The fuel efficiency is absolutely fantastic. I am able to drive 6 hours on a single tank of gas, which is great for me. I love that I have a car that I like that is also friendlier to the environment. I bought my car used this summer, and I couldn't be happier.

- Alyse S

Mountain woman loves her Prius.

2007 Toyota Prius

It is extremely reliable. I haven't had a single problem with it that would break my bank in any way. The gas mileage is great and I do not have to change the oil as often. It is a comfortable drive/ride for people. I live in the mountains so my only complaint is the performance in the snow.

- Emily J

Love my reliable and problem free Prius.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love everything about my Prius. Average gas mileage is about 45 mpg. When new it was closer to 60. It is comfortable and easy to maneuver when parking. It is s perfect size for me. The only negative is that I will not drive it on the freeway when it is super windy, like 45 mph and higher.

- Barb L

Smooth and tight steering. Efficient gas mileage for long distance travel.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

Wish it had wireless/Bluetooth to play music off my phone. Speaker are great. Best cruise control of any vehicle I've driven. The steering is sensitive. The car is light so it gets blown around a lot by fast cars driving past and wind on the interstate. Smooth drive. Wonderful gas mileage.

- Courtney L

It is a great car, I am quite happy with it.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

This car is very reliable. It's comfortable and good looking. There are also great features like the GPS, info screen, maintenance schedules and things of the like. The sound system is also great, sound quality is top notch. The fog lights are a great added feature. Cannot really complain.

- Brian B

This car gets over 40 mpg.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

Excellent on gas good steering control and is durable. This car easy cheap to fix and can run over 300k in miles. I has over 40 mpg and run smooth. It is comfortable and spacious and the back folds and for more added space. I would recommend this car for anyone that drive long distances.

- winston G

Prius is ok, not great - small and lacks longevity, but efficient.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

It seems to have problems as it gets older - needs jump-starting often, etc. And the a/c/heat does not work well (issue with it not being gas powered). It is small but comfortably fits our family of three (with car seat) and I love the gas mileage. Overall, it is ok. Would not buy again.

- Ashley S

The Prius is a great hybrid car!

2007 Toyota Prius

I have had this car for 11 years and it has over 140, 000 miles. I have only had to do routine maintenance. It gets @ 48 miles to the gallon as it is a hybrid. I have been able to pack tons of stuff easily in the hatchback. We love this car. . We own 2 Prius because we like them so much!

- Penny D

Grey Toyota Prius has great gas mileage, storage space, and room within the car

2007 Toyota Prius Base

The gas mileage I get with my Prius is amazing since I am a commuter student to college. It has caused me no problems so far, so it is very reliable. It actually contains a lot of storage space in the trunk. It has a very sleek design and many compartments inside that are convenient.

- Abby C

Great mileage and very eco-friendly.

2007 Toyota Prius

I have a 2007 Toyota Prius and I love how eco-friendly it is! Great gas mileage and it is been very reliable throughout the years I have had it. The upkeep can be pricey but the overall car is amazing. I am riding this car until the wheels fall off. And then possibly getting anyone!

- Cashmere C

The good little car, that will take you anywhere you want to go.

2007 Toyota Prius

The Prius is a unique hybrid car. Until recently it was a rare thing to see this type of car on the road, but now they are everywhere, and for good reason. They run forever, are comfortable and have all the amenities of a modern automobile. I recommend it to anyone who will listen.

- Allan B

Best car I have ever owned.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

The most amazing car I have ever owned. Very little upkeep. Very few repairs needed. I would buy this car again. The car is comfortable to ride in and to drive. It is also nice to look at and can carry five people very comfortably. Even people with long legs fit nicely in the back.

- Harriet E

It gets great gas mileage!

2007 Toyota Prius

I got this car through a used car salesman, and he definitely didn't tell me about all of the computer issues it had when it got super hot outside. I think that if we replace the computer inside the car, it will be a good little car, but until then, I am not the biggest fan of it.

- Heaven P

A very reliable hybrid car

2007 Toyota Prius Base

This has been a very reliable car. The only drawback I have noticed is the cost of replacing headlights which is the only recurring problem I have had. I had heard there would be a problem with the batteries but with more than 100,000 miles and 10 years they have not failed yet.

- Dorothy B

Prius worth having. Auto has value.

2007 Toyota Prius

The only thing I do not like is the site lines, front and rear. Great gas mileage and easy to handle. Have had very little issues with the car. Easy to find parking spaces and to my surprise the back seat has room. I would purchase another Prius if and when this car is finished.

- Paul M

Prius. The truth from a real person like you

2007 Toyota Prius Touring

Reliable car with little need to stop at a gas station and fill up. Good mileage. Maintained easily and low cost to do so. I think it is a good car. The only thing that maybe is going to be a little item for some, would be the lack of features. It could better bells and whistles.

- Rob G

The battery is expensive to replace an my car has had it run out several times.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

The tailgate does not open anymore. Otherwise it's a great car. A lot of plastic parts that can break . it's quiet efficient on gas and reliable. The technology is hard to understand how to fix parts yourself. Its is a great car though. I would recommend this car to a friend.

- John J

I like my Toyota Prius for mileage and reliability.

2007 Toyota Prius

Purchased new and have had no problems with it. Currently has 138,000 miles. A lot more space than people realize. Average 50 miles per gallon. Daughters borrow it to go on vacation because of gas mileage and space. Very comfortable and rides good. I have it serviced regularly.

- Fred P

Great Car! Listen for extra beeps in your Prius! They mean something.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

I really like my Prius. The only issue I've ever had was when the battery got low in the key fob. When it gets low, when you turn your car off there will be beep. That beep means the battery is getting low. I learned the hard way. It handles well, and gets great gas mileage.

- Marianne D

Make sure you turn the car off correctly before leaving it. If it beeps at you as you get out, turn it on and back off again... otherwise you'll come back to a dead auxiliary battery.

2007 Toyota Prius

My car gets fantastic gas mileage. It also is very roomy inside and comfortable for road trips. Maintenance costs have been relatively low over the lifetime of the vehicle. The only issue I've had is driving in the snow when too many inches fall in a short amount of time.

- R W

The mileage on fuel is fantastic as well as the smoothness of the ride.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

Very liable car, and very comfortable. The village is fantastic and.Very family friendly. When giving people rides, the nice sleek look has people complaining all the time. The display is easy to see and makes things look much classier. And again the mileage is phenomenal!

- Sarah W

It's reliability is awesome. I have saved a lot of money simply by staying on top of the car's general maintenance.

2007 Toyota Prius

I bought it 12 years ago brand new. It is wonderful on gas mileage. Used to be in the upper 40s per gallon but now it is low 40s. I have had almost no repairs necessary. I only wish there were separate air conditioner vents in the back. It gets very hot in the summertime.

- Heath S

This car has amazing gas mileage!

2007 Toyota Prius

My Toyota Prius is a very reliable car and has great gas mileage. My favorite thing about it is how little money I spend on gasoline. The car has a lot of trunk and storage space and can comfortably fit 5 people. I've had my car for 10 years now, and it still works great.

- Henley C

Great dependable car with good cargo space that can withstand winter driving

2007 Toyota Prius

Great Car! The car has good gas mileage and has been very dependable. The car is very good in snow and ice and a lot of stuff fits in the back. The only bad thing is that the gas level is hard to gage as the bars do not give a good idea of how far you have left to drive

- Cherub S

This car get awesome gas mileage, and has a lot of space that is versatile for lots of passengers or equipment

2007 Toyota Prius

I drive a grey Toyota Prius. I like the space inside, it has room for plenty of passengers and/ or material. I like the miles per gallon that it gets since it is my commuting vehicle. I don't like the faux leather seating as it gets too hot in the sun and has worn down.

- Steven c

Very reliable and great gas mileage

2007 Toyota Prius Base

I love my Prius. It is a very reliable car and I rarely have problems with it. I only have to get gas once a week or once every other week because the gas mileage is so great. It's the perfect size for city driving. I feel very safe when I am in the car driving as well

- Madison W

I wanted a car with space and like the size of the vehicle with the seats down.

2007 Toyota Prius Touring

I bought the Prius three months ago used and have ran into no issues with it since owning it. It's over 128,000 miles but runs well and I don't foresee any future issues. I've taken it on road trips and it had enough room to camp in the back of it with the seats down.

- Madison H

A Prius is an amazingly Gas Efficient and low maintenance vehicle

2007 Toyota Prius

I love that it is fuel efficient and doesn't require extra maintenance. It's easy to drive and navigate and parallel park! Only complaint is that the hatchback makes it completely see through and the trunk isn't a safe space to store things while at work or the store

- Kinsey G

It runs great, gets superb gas mileage and is reliable.

2007 Toyota Prius

I purchased the car pre-owned with less than 50k miles in 2010 and it has been a champ! Very few repairs that were not routine and mostly came up due to age and mileage of vehicle. It is still nice looking, though the seats have taken some wear with 2 small doggies.

- Kelly D

Saves money gas, runs on electric and gas.

2007 Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius drives like a dream; very good gas mileage and stirring power. The seats are comfortable and fold back; the car itself runs on electric and gasoline, so very good on the environment. The engine runs quietly and efficiently and barely makes noise.

- Michael B

Has a backup camera. The trunk is a lot bigger than expected.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love this car, great gas mileage and very comfortable. The only thing I would change is the there is no seat adjuster, you can adjust forward or backwards but not up or down. I am tall so this is a bit annoying but all the other great features make up for it.

- Christine U

I love my Toyota prius and here is why.

2007 Toyota Prius

This car is very comfortable to drive. Great on gas! Has given me no trouble. Very responsive! I would recommend this car to anyone and I will definitely buy another prius. If you get a chance to test drive this car, take it! I get 35 to 40 miles to the gallon.

- Caroline E

Great mpg and dependable even approaching 200k on the odometer.

2007 Toyota Prius

I bought my car used at around 160, 000 miles. Within a few months I have already put about 20, 000 miles on it and it still works amazingly well. The original battery is still going strong, and we haven't had to replace anything. I get great gas mileage, too!

- Jordan L

Great for family, plus one little dog.

2007 Toyota Prius

So easy to drive around town and easy to park. Good gas mileage. Perfect size for my family of 4 plus dog. Trunk size is just right for a weekend trip or a day out shopping. 2-3 Big boxes fit in the trunk. I really like the keyless entry and keyless ignition.

- J G

I still have to fill up as often as before but I spend half of what I paid before.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love the great gas mileage and the fact that I only pay half of what I used to pay. I love the way the car handles; pick up and braking is excellent. I love the practicality and versatility of the interior. I love the multiple storage spots for everything.

- Val L

Great Vehicle for Long-Term Planning

2007 Toyota Prius

I love my Prius. After 7 years of use, I still get a great gas mileage. The vehicle doesn't require much maintenance and it has not shown any mechanical problems, nor has it need to get repaired. I definitely recommend this vehicle as a long-term investment.

- Alvaro V

It gets really great gas mileage and it's good for the environment

2007 Toyota Prius

I love that it's a hybrid so it's got really great gas mileage. It has lots of pep when you step on the gas. One of the biggest things I really don't like is that it's really hard to see out of clearly. It has several blind spots the way the front is angled.

- cindy v

This car is extremely reliable and has very low maintenance costs.

2007 Toyota Prius

I have had a great experience wit my Toyota Prius. I get great gas mileage- about 39 mpg. As well, it has been very reliable. I have owned this vehicle for 6 years now and have had no issues with it. At over 200, 000 miles that is much better than expected.

- Abigail B

Great gas mileage and reliable car.

2007 Toyota Prius

I like my Prius due to Its reliability, functionality, and economy. It is a hatchback so it allows me to haul large loads (for me) when needed. Great gas mileage and low ownership costs are a plus. I wish it was newer with some additional safety features.

- John H

Saves on gas money and easy on maintenance.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

Very reliable. Runs smooth. Saves on gas money. Comfortable for long drives. Great commuter vehicle. Hybrid so excellent for the environment. Very light maintenance needed. Cloth interior. Does use oil and does go through tires a bit. Spacious hatch area.

- Matt S

The car is in very good condition.

2007 Toyota Prius Touring

My car is a 2007 Toyota Prius, it is has new spark plugs, but the gas mileage has been not very good lately, new tires and brakes were changed not to long ago it is a dark grey color. Nice leg room inside up front, and but and back seat is not very big,

- Dawn J

The best car I loved the most.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

It a nice vehicle, very comfortable. It is the best car I ever drive. Fuel efficient, less maintenance. Leather seats. Upgraded interiors, there are minor problems with interiors. Best resale value. Better value for money. Nice model by Toyota company.

- Thomas T

You just put gas in it and drive it like a regular gasoline engine car.

2007 Toyota Prius

Love having a hybrid. It's quiet, environmentally friendly and gets good gas mileage. However having owned a 1991 Honda civic which consistently got 40+ mpg, I can say I'm a little disappointed that my Prius doesn't get better mileage than it does.

- Libby M

The car is fuel efficient but it is not without issues.

2007 Toyota Prius

The front lights just shut off and Toyota does not consider it to be a manufacturer's defect. There are hundreds of forums online with owners complaining about the same issue, people have gotten there lights replaced and the issue has continued.

- Anwar Y

The one most important thing that others should know about my car is that it gets great gas mileage at around 43 miles/gal.

2007 Toyota Prius

I really like how dependable my Prius is plus it is economical on gas since it is a hybrid. My car is already 11 years old and I have only had one minor issue with it. It is a great car and my husband and I have no plans of getting rid of it.

- Melissa R

I really enjoy that this car has been very economical to drive.

2007 Toyota Prius

Love the fact that I average 40 mpg! It is also very quiet. I had the exact same car but the touring model and that was even better. I haven't noticed a lot of mechanical issues, and don't have the same upkeep PMs like a regular car.

- Rosalind C

Hybrid: saves a person SO much money: it is a gas saver!

2007 Toyota Prius

I hate driving cars, but as cars goes, this Prius is great. It saves me lots of money as it is a hybrid. i get 40-45 miles per gallon, and since I drive an hour each way, it saves me money. Looks don't matter; practicality does!

- Heather C

Excellent MPG and inexpensive!

2007 Toyota Prius

I have only had my vehicle about 3 months, and I have experienced no problems with it whatsoever! I enjoy the features for why I purchased the vehicle which were of a compact size, and excellent gas mileage at 48 miles per gallon!

- Jeremy C

An interesting detail about the car is that the car has excellent mileage, we have driven all over town moving furniture for days without refilling the gas.

2007 Toyota Prius

The car has been unreliable in the 4 months or so we have had it. Many of the issues I have ran into are very pricey to fix, other than this huge issue the car has fantastic mileage. Working in the right direction.

- Amanda R

My car is energy efficient and has lots of space for a vehicle of its size.

2007 Toyota Prius

My car is a hybrid and I really love how quiet it is. It also has automatic traction control and an energy consumption monitor, which is really cool. I also like that it is a hatchback and it is very spacious.

- Caitlyn P

It has great gas mileage! It is a perfect all around vehicle for driving around the city; $20.00 every two weeks for gas.

2007 Toyota Prius

Overall, vehicle runs great - great gas mileage, gets around town perfectly, and I've rarely had maintenance concerns with it. However, I wish I could take it outside the city more - it has too low clearance.

- Kyle G

Toyota's are awesome. I bought this vehicle when my daughter was in college and doing her internship. We drove 200 miles everyday for 3 months. Very dependable.

2007 Toyota Prius

To fill up tank it cost me less than $20.00 every 2 weeks. I have 162000 miles on this vehicle and still have not done anything but regular maintenance. Love this vehicle. This is the 3 Toyota U have owned.

- Anna B

Awesome options and great miles per gallon.

2007 Toyota Prius

My Prius has a CD player, an AM and FM radio that I can choose presets for. It has a Auxiliary jack and headphones like jack too. It gets great Miles per Gallon, though I don't know how many specifically.

- Marisela C

The Prius offers a great way to maximize your mileage without sacrificing range.

2007 Toyota Prius

The Prius is great for ease of driving: it's uncomplicated and has very few issues with maintenance. Mileage is the biggest plus. The big drawback is that, at least with early models, the car lacks power.

- Barton S

Batteries has 2 small battery in the back of car had to replace 3 times large battery replaced one time Can not keep anything plugged in to battery charger it will drain battery Have a Camera I want to set in car it drains to much battery

2007 Toyota Prius

I take the car to the dealer for maintenance pay high prices wish there was more hybrid maintenance places for the work I need now that the car is older feel like I am learning along with the dealership

- Donna I

The Mighty Little Machine

2007 Toyota Prius

The best thing about this car is the gas mileage you get out of it. It's great for when I have to go grocery shopping. It is a very dependable car and would definitely get another one in the future.

- Mary P

Why the Toyota Prius is amazing!

2007 Toyota Prius

I absolutely love my Prius. It's energy-efficient since it's a hybrid. Also saves up a lot on gas. My 2007 Prius literally has everything cars now have, so it was a car of the future when I got it.

- Ibis A

It's a dependable vehicle that is built for high mileage.

2007 Toyota Prius

I like the high mileage per gallon the Prius gets. I don't like that it doesn't have a distance-to-empty feature or a way to pop the hatchback from inside the car. I like the multi-disc CD player.

- Mitch P

The car performs consistently.

2007 Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is very well designed. The interior is easy to maneuver within and spacious. The controls are well placed and intuitive to operate. The gas mileage is outstanding and consistent.

- Joe D

General review 2007 Prius

2007 Toyota Prius

The Prius is a very reliable car with great gas mileage. I have had no major issues with the car and no major repairs. It is comfortable for a compact car. It does not have a very powerful engine

- Erin S

Prius gets amazing gas mileage while still toting a lot of stuff around town.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love almost everything about my prius. It gets really good gas mileage while still having a lot of cargo room. It doesn't accelerate very easily, but that's usually only an issue on on-ramps.

- Gen A

People should know that all the talk about it being a "killer" car were false. It is a great car, entirely safe.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love everything about my Prius. Great gas mileage, the cargo cover for the trunk area, the get-up and go it has. I love the color, a gorgeous red. There is nothing I dislike about my Prius!

- Carolyn B

Prius is a great comfortable, gas-efficient first car.

2007 Toyota Prius

The Prius is a really well-rounded car. It gets great mileage and it's comfortable to drive. One thing I don't like is that it rides low to the ground so you feel a lot of bumps in the road.

- rahel b

It is fuel efficient, and quiet.

2007 Toyota Prius

My vehicle is the first Prius they offered to the public. I am no longer allowed to drive so my best friend, who does not live with me has to be my chauffeur. It is a wee bit humiliating.

- Tim C

Toyota Prius is the most reliable car with the best gas mileage

2007 Toyota Prius

I like the gas mileage. It has very low maintenance needs. I only had to replace struts. Otherwise I have only required general maintenance. The size of the vehicle is a little small.

- Christopher V

Prius' are really great and get good gas mileage but you shouldn't get it if you think it's better for the environment.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love the gas mileage that this car gets but what I don't like is the way it goes up hills. It can't handle a large grade which makes it hard to drive long and different terrains.

- Michael A

Mileage runs between 45 and 50 mpg for me. Depending on how acceleration aggressive the driver is, mileage can decrease substantially.

2007 Toyota Prius

Acceleration rate is probably too low for most people but I can work with it. Great gas mileage and high reliability. Cab is quite comfortable even for folks of 6 feet or taller.

- Alan B

My air conditioning is temperamental. Even so, I love it.

2007 Toyota Prius

I like that the car is energy efficient. I like that the car doesn't have leather seats because they would burn my behind on hot Texas days. I dislike that repairs are expensive.

- Roberta E

It's not very economical. Has some electrical issues.

2007 Toyota Prius

I like the gas mileage, dislike how ugly it is. People make fun of me for driving a grandma car but it never gives me problems, runs on not much gas, and is a beast in the snow.

- Brian F

They should know that the Toyota Prius is amazing with gas mileage.

2007 Toyota Prius

Very nice and compact car. A few cons to this vehicle would be the following: less movement on freeway when it's windy, and the display screen could use multiple improvements.

- Holly S

The car is well designed and gets reliable great gas mileage.

2007 Toyota Prius

My vehicle is very reliable. I've had this vehicle for over 10 years. The car is comfortable and well designed. The interior space is very good. The gas mileage is excellent.


It is a good value for the price, it will save you money in gas and it is comfortable for the whole family.

2007 Toyota Prius

I appreciate the comfort of my Toyota Prius. It has plenty of space for adults to travel. It has plenty of space for groceries and other items. It gets amazing gas mileage.

- Deni B

Prius has a great fuel efficiency rating getting an average of 45 miles per gallon

2007 Toyota Prius

I just recently got the Prius. It gets great gas mileage around 45 miles per gallon. It is a bit loud but not too bad. Although small it fits my family of 4 comfortably.

- Angel S

It gets great mileage and will last a long time as a result.

2007 Toyota Prius

I like that it's fuel efficient and that the engine very quiet. However, I wish it supported Bluetooth audio, and there are several annoying recurring rattles in the car.

- Tristan B

The golden bullet who likes to move

2007 Toyota Prius

It is a great car for work. Has saves me so much money on gas. Would not trade it in for anything else. Its low profile helps me stay on the road during windy conditions.

- Chris G

They can easily go 500k miles.

2007 Toyota Prius

I am so impressed with the Prius. It has 150k miles and still going strong. We wash the interior, keep up with maintenance and give a little gas and she’s good to go!

- Rachel W

Pros and cons of Prius: functions well, but some annoyances.

2007 Toyota Prius

Acceleration and brakes are very responsive. Gas mileage is also good. Windshield wipers get very noisy in rain and the back windshield is obscured by the brake light.

- Bryan H

It is a hybrid with great gas mileage that will save you money.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love the fact that it is a hybrid. It has great gas mileage and is awesome for what I need it for. I am used to driving in the snow, so I think it does fairly well.

- Jennifer P

The gas mileage absolutely rocks!

2007 Toyota Prius

The gas mileage is phenomenal. The turning radius is awesome. It's easy to park. The only complaint I have is that the visibility out the back window is pretty poor.

- Susan S

Red Prius Gets Me Everywhere On Little Gas Money

2007 Toyota Prius

It's a red prius. It gets great gas mileage and I don't have to fill it up so often. I like the screen it has to help me back up and check the power on the engine.

- Thomas R

Worth the money saved on gas!!

2007 Toyota Prius

Car runs great, I have to fill the tank about once a month. My only issue is how long it takes to warm up during the winter, and that it doesn't have heated seats.

- William L

It only has. 10 gallon tank for gas and a gallon lasts more than 40 miles

2007 Toyota Prius

Repairs can be pricey depending on what needs to be fixed, i.e. to replace a headlight because water got in it and shorted the electronics was more than $1,000.

- Ann G

With a hybrid you get better gas mileage driving in town then highway.

2007 Toyota Prius

Comfortable and gets great gas mileage. No complaints about it. This is the second one I have purchased. When gas prices are high, a hybrid is the are to have.

- Anita W

It is a hybrid car which gets excellent gas mileage.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love the gas mileage. It is easy to drive, to maneuver and to park. My favorite part is the hatchback and vast cargo capacity - I can carry almost anything.

- Rio S

It is a hybrid and gets great gas mileage.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love that it is fuel efficient. It is a comfortable ride with plenty of room for four passengers. Being a hatchback it is convenient for carrying items.

- Daniel D

I think it has a great balance between economy and drive ability.

2007 Toyota Prius

Love the gas economy and reliability. The hatchback is wonderful for groceries and transporting other small items. I like that it is ecologically friendly.

- Monica M

Prius Racing Number ONE!!

2007 Toyota Prius

I love the way my Prius drives and the excellent fuel efficiency. It's just unfortunate I've been in 2 accidents that damaged it. At least it's repaired.

- Jerry D

If you have to drive a lot, this car is amazing because you don't have to spend a lot to go many miles.

2007 Toyota Prius

My biggest dislike is that it is loud when driving. I love it's small size and gas mileage. I like to spend less on gas and do better for the environment.

- Madeline K

It is a hybrid and it saves the earth

2007 Toyota Prius

i like that my vehicle is good for the environment. when i drive it, i feel like i am making a positive impact on the earth. i also like that it is quiet.

- samar L

It lives up to It's mileage claims but not to It's reliability claims.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love that it is fuel efficient. I hate that it is often unreliable. I hate that any repairs needed are often expensive. It has been that way for years.

- Justin B

It is very economical, a hybrid.

2007 Toyota Prius

I like that it is fuel efficient. I like that it is small. It fits into small parking spaces. It has a smooth ride. Not too crazy about the body style.

- Sharon O

You can drive from Delaware to north Carolina and back on 60. 00.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love that it is a hybrid and gets great gas mileage. I dislike how the dashboard reflects on the windshield at night. Makes harder to drive at night.

- Rebecca M

It is very easy to drive and a smooth ride.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love how easy it is to drive. I also love how good it is on gas. It is spacious and there is lots of storage in the trunk. I have no complaints.

- Cory R

Expect steering to have issues, electrical issues, and abs system issues.

2007 Toyota Prius

I like the fact that it is easy on gas mileage that is a plus. I do not like the fact that it has so many mechanical issues and so many recalls.

- Kayla D

The car will last for years if you keep up with maintenance. I have not had to make a car payment in 7 years thanks to the reliability of this car.

2007 Toyota Prius

Reliable car, great gas mileage. I have had the car for 11 years, it has over 330k miles on it. I drive 120 miles per day round trip for work.

- Emily C

Gas is great with this car.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love my car because it is good on gas but I hate that my trunk is see through. I cannot keep my purse in my car because it can easily be seen.

- Jackie M

It's surprisingly stable to drive in the winter on snow and ice.

2007 Toyota Prius

I find it comfortable to sit in and drive. There is a lot of room to transport stuff if you but the backseat down. The gas mileage is terrific.

- Alison s

The gas mileage is amazing and you can feel good about saving the environment.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love the gas mileage. I love the turn radius. Do not like the fact the car costs a lot for maintenance and has had issues with the locks.

- Andy p

My car is available to take people to appointments as long as I am driving,

2007 Toyota Prius

My car is a hybrid, which uses little gasoline. It is large enough to seat four portly people. It is reliable and needs little maintenance,

- Allie M

Great gas mileage, and also I've never had to replace the hybrid battery in 198k miles.

2007 Toyota Prius

Great on gas mileage, roomy, has just enough get up and go to fight through traffic. I wish it had bluetooth, it wasn't standard in 2007.

- Eric W

The prius is actually a really great sized car. You can fold down the back seats and because its a hatchback you can fit a lot in.

2007 Toyota Prius

My vehicle runs really well. It gets great gas mileage about 50 miles per gallon. I like the back up camera feature for parallel parking.

- Jordan K

Great gas mileage, no issues.

2007 Toyota Prius

I don't really have any issues with my car. I'm happy with it just the way it is. I especially like the gas mileage I can get out of it.

- Daniel M

It is hybrid and is environmentally better.

2007 Toyota Prius

I like that it is a hybrid car, but it is old. Also, there is a lot broken about it, but it saves money on gas. The trunk is hatchback.

- Bob R

Absolutely dependable!!! A few minor faults, but OH! WOW!

2007 Toyota Prius

235K miles and never a major repair or replacement. Extremely dependable and efficient. Avg. 44 mpg. LOVE this car. Hate the seats.

- Paul G

It should be run often to ensure battery health.

2007 Toyota Prius

Like the gas mileage. Also find it a generally all around good vehicle. Other than the large battery is seems pretty easy to work on.

- Jonathan M

Great gas mileage! Over 270, 000 miles.

2007 Toyota Prius

Great gas mileage. Seats are not that comfortable for long distance trips. We've had very few problems and it continues to run well.

- Cheryl W

Amazing gas mileage and very low maintenance in all respects.

2007 Toyota Prius

I really like the gas mileage. Also has an amazing set of factory brakes that lasted forever. It's very rough in the wind at times.

- Brad K

My car runs on a battery and the engine. Once the battery starts to die the engine kicks in and charges the battery.

2007 Toyota Prius

My vehicle drives very nice. It is really good on gas and the earth. It drives very smoothly and I am highly impressed with my car.

- Tara V

That it's comfortable and easy to drive. And even though it's getting old, it still has a lot of life.

2007 Toyota Prius

I like everything about it. You can fit a lot in it. It never breaks down and it gets great mileage. And I like the backup camera.

- Kathryn A

It saves money on gas in the long run if you are traveling a lot.

2007 Toyota Prius

My prius my commuter vehicle to travel to my job Monday through Friday. It is a dependable a gas saving vehicle. It fits my needs.

- Juan O

The car is a Hybrid and has very good gas mileage and saves a lot of $ on gas

2007 Toyota Prius

Likes - hybrid saves on gas, doesn't break down, reasonable to maintain Dislikes - I wish it was awd and that it had a moonroof

- J L

the gas mileage is amazing and its simplicity works for a great commuter car.

2007 Toyota Prius

The reliability is great and the gas mileage is even better, nice cheap simple car for someone who doesn't care much about cars.

- richard g

I love getting the great gas mileage. Even though it is over 10 years old.

2007 Toyota Prius

Had no issues so far other than the fuel canister. Do the necessary maintenance when due and there should not be any problem s.

- John M

Gas mileage is great. 500 miles to tank.

2007 Toyota Prius

Love the gas mileage. Just easy to handle. Easy to drive. Wish I had leather seats and a newer year. Just love the look of it.

- Cynthia R

I should say "it is good for the environment," but in reality, I bought it because it SAVES ME MONEY.

2007 Toyota Prius

Love the gas mileage. Love the surprising amount of space inside, wish it was a little newer, afraid of the battery going out

- Jonathan B

Car handles so well, great gas mileage

2007 Toyota Prius

It is a great car. Awesome gas mileage, handles well. I think the interior is comfortable and that the seats are comfortable.

- Kelsey K

It is great on gas mileage.

2007 Toyota Prius

I like that it saves me money on gas but I hate that the trunk is not an actual trunk so I cannot leave my purse in the car.

- Jacqueline M

The low maintenance. The lithium batteries are original.

2007 Toyota Prius

No problems. Very reliable. Never had a time up, new brakes. Replaced 2 regular batteries, tire sensors and the back latch.

- Patti W

It's a small compact car but it has a Hatchback for loading things

2007 Toyota Prius

I had a lot of issues with changing oil but the car was very good on gas because it has an electric motor and a regular one

- Julian B

Great vehicle, money saver.

2007 Toyota Prius

Have not had any troubles with the vehicle. Great mileage and reliability. Only required regular maintenance and upkeep.

- Dennis C

My Prius is a reliable smooth ride, with the features and gas mileage we all need!

2007 Toyota Prius

I love the fuel efficiency. Love the backup cam. Love the smooth ride, and high tech features. The breaks are incredible!

- Darla A

I'm a big fan of the Prius. My 2007 has over 230,000 and is still running like a champ! I use it mostly for my hour-long round-trip daily commutes so I really only have to fill it once every 3-4 months which is pretty awesome. The only problem is the hybrid battery, which can be expensive to replace. So far it's lasted for a long, long time but once it goes, I'll probably end up selling and upgrading to a newer prius model. Overall, long-lasting, great performance, great gas mileage- highly recommend!

2007 Toyota Prius

Over 230,000 miles and still going strong! Great gas mileage and lots of space: I'm sold on the prius- it's a great car!

- Kaitlin D

It is good for the environment and gets great gas mileage.

2007 Toyota Prius

I like my Toyota Prius because it is easy to drive. It has good trunk space for groceries. It has amazing gas mileage.

- Kelly G

Toyotas are the best buys.

2007 Toyota Prius

It is a Prius. The most dependable car on the road. It could use a bit more leg room, but otherwise it is a nice ride.

- Allan B

Comfortable and Smooth Ride

2007 Toyota Prius

As a passenger I would say that this vehicle drives smoothly, is comfortable and quiet and gets me where I need to go.

- Lis H

It's good for the environment and really saves on gas.

2007 Toyota Prius

It's really reliable and is great on saving gas. I've never had problems with it and it's inexpensive to fill up gas.

- Carly S

The Prius gets great gas mileage and is a fantastic commuter car.

2007 Toyota Prius

My car gets great gas mileage. It is reliable and easy to park due to the size. I wish it had a larger cargo space.

- Kelly S

Great on gas, easy to fill up a stations.

2007 Toyota Prius

Excellent gas mileage; handles good. Small vehicle. Poor visibility out of front and rear windows. Reliable vehicle.

- Paul M

It gets great mileage. I spend a lot less on gas than with my last car.

2007 Toyota Prius

I like the fuel efficiency. It gets about 40 mpg. I always take this car on road trips. It's nice and roomy inside.

- Erin A

The car gets great gas mileage. Cannot be beat. Little iffy in the winter snow.

2007 Toyota Prius

Gas mileage is awesome. Easy to drive. Quiet, good air conditioning and heater. Could be a little more comfortable.

- Mary E

It gets awesome gas mileage if you drive it the right way.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love the reliability of my Prius. I love the hatchback. It is the perfect car for commuting and long road trips.

- Brian P

The mileage is not as good as Toyota claims it is.

2007 Toyota Prius

It's comfortable. There is plenty of interior room. The gas mileage is pretty good. I don't like the hatchback

- Roslyn R

It is durable and will last a very long time

2007 Toyota Prius

My Prius is very reliable. I plan on keeping it for over 300,000 miles. It is very efficient. I enjoy driving it.

- John B

It does well for long trips.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love the gas saving engine. I dislike the price of the battery. I believe it is roomy with great air dynamics.

- Nikita A

It gets great gas milages

2007 Toyota Prius

I like the gas mileage. I like the quietness of the ride. I like It's size. I don't like the cost of the parts

- Barbara L

Its looks good and its fast and good gas mileage.

2007 Toyota Prius

It is a hybrid with great mpg. It is got many electric issues though, and that is frustrating. It is powerful.

- Quin B

That you do get 45+ miles per gallon and it has no problems with acceleration

2007 Toyota Prius

Great Very fuel efficient and fun to drive. Only complaint is the starter battery began to fail within 2 years

- Karen B

That I love my car and that my wife and I share the car.

2007 Toyota Prius

It is extremely fuel efficient. Does not break down. My 6'2" and 6'4" kids fit comfortably in the back seat.

- Jodi K

The Cruz get great gas mileage. Very inexpensive to travel cross country.

2007 Toyota Prius

The Prius has very good gas mileage and a surprising amount of room. It is too noisy on the highway however.

- Marty B

Economically helpful because my car gets great gas mileage.

2007 Toyota Prius

Gas usage. Easy to get around town. Roomy for groceries. Fairly good sound system. Light colored interior.

- Nanci B

Amazing gas mileage and comfy car that fits in small spaces.

2007 Toyota Prius

Love the gas mileage. I don't always understand the info the screen gives. Tire low air light is always on.

- Hannah M

It's still running but I'm afraid it could go at any time

2007 Toyota Prius

The battery is still good but the electrical systems work inconsistently. The radio and trunk don't work.

- Richard F

It's very quiet! this leads to less stress on longer trips.

2007 Toyota Prius

The best MPG, I love having to barely ever go to the gas station (1 time per month, or every other month?)

- Ben C

It gets Great Gas Mileage Can go long distances before it needs fuel.

2007 Toyota Prius

Love the gas mileage. Wish it was a little larger. Love that I don't have to find a plug in to charge it.

- Jill N

amazing savings on gas, it is for those who want to just drive and forget about spending big on maintenance and gas

2007 Toyota Prius

it sips gas like tea, it saves a lot on gas, the gas mileage is amazing and the maintenance costs are low

- jf L

My red Prius has good mileage and is easy to park.

2007 Toyota Prius

It is a hybrid. It has high mileage, which I like. It is easy to park. It is red, and I like red cars.

- Gaius G

It is very low to the ground and clearance in snow is not the greatest.

2007 Toyota Prius

Love the gas mileage, I drive 40 minutes each way to work each way. I can full my tank only once a week!

- Sarah P

It's not for really tall people. It gets really good gas mileage

2007 Toyota Prius

Like the gas mileage and ease of care. Don't like that it's so small. Don't like that it's not a truck.

- Dust H

Environmentally sound and gets incredible gas mileage.

2007 Toyota Prius

Very roomy. Great gas mileage. Technologically advanced. Dislike faulty headlight and charging ports.

- Steven H

It is a reliable vehicle.

2007 Toyota Prius

excellent mileage. Reliable with no service problems. starts right up every morning and every evening

- jim B

You only have to buy gas once a month (or less if you're careful)

2007 Toyota Prius

I love the gas mileage, the safety features, and the storage. The display system is kind of annoying

- Anna E

I love everything about my Prius! It is so good on gas, easy to drive and saves the environment! The only downside is the battery cost $5,000 to replace when it goes dead. Which has happened twice in the 5 years I have owned the car

2007 Toyota Prius

Look up the cost to replace battery! Make sure you know how long ago the previous owner replaced it!

- ava h

Great mileage, especially for an 11 year old model.

2007 Toyota Prius

Love the color (red), the size, the mileage. Unfortunately, I had to replace the $3000+ battery.

- Diane s

Hey, did you know hybrid cars get great gas mileage?

2007 Toyota Prius

I love my Prius. It is fun to drive. My favorite thing about it is driving past the gas station!

- B B

Don't listen to the naysayers. This car is awesome!

2007 Toyota Prius

Love the mileage, the safety and reliability. I do wish it had more legroom but it's worth it.

- Mike G

it is quiet and gets good gas mileage

2007 Toyota Prius

I like the fuel efficiency and comfort while driving. I wish it was a sportier looking vehicle

- laura S

Although it has a very unorthodox look, it is very roomy and gets great mileage. If you want a car than make the best use of the fuel you feed it, look no further.

2007 Toyota Prius

It gets fantastic mileage! Seriously, even with me using the AC, I can still get over 40 mpg!

- Michael R

It gets great gas, and it can fit almost anywhere.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love the driveability. I love the style. I love the ease of use. I love the gas mileage.

- Lisa T

It gives a great gas mileage, low emission and very comfortable

2007 Toyota Prius

Runs very well, comfortable and gives a great gas mileage. Low maintenance, very good car

- Nabanita H

Fuel efficiency is the best part of this Prius and also reverse camera

2007 Toyota Prius

Great mileage, fuel efficiency, it's lightweight not good in freeways or windy seasons

- Muhammad K

It gets very good gas mileage.

2007 Toyota Prius

It gets good mileage. It needs paint job. It is silver. It has lasted a long time.

- Lin E

The Prius gets the best gas mileage around

2007 Toyota Prius

I like the great gas mileage and It's small enough for me but holds everything need.

- Terrie H

My car is super reliable, never lets me down. It gets 48-49 mpg even after 170,000 miles. The seating is very comfy and you can carry a lot of cargo. Visibility is good.the hybrid battery lasted 135,000 miles

2007 Toyota Prius

A Prius is. A great, economical and reliable car, you really can't go wrong with one

- Allison W

It's a great vehicle for commuting. The gas mileage as good and I've had no major issues. The car is light and doesn't handle very well in the wind, particularly at higher speeds. The gas engine turns on more frequently than I would like, particularly when I first turn on the vehicle. Once I've driven for a while, it seems to run the gas engine less.

2007 Toyota Prius

The car is a great way to save money on gas, especially if you drive a lot in town.

- Gail N

It's a hybrid and can take the hov lane. It's good for the environment too. It's four door.

2007 Toyota Prius

That it is good for the environment. It can take the hov lane because of that.

- Miki J

I like that it's a hybrid and I save on gas. It's small and easy to drive. Easy to maintain.

2007 Toyota Prius

It is very fuel efficient. I don't have to fuel up often and save a lot on gas.

- Therese W

Low emissions is one of the great features of this car.

2007 Toyota Prius

Mileage and reliability are great. Local dealers for service are hit or miss.

- Stephen n

It has been mostly reliable. Had to replace the battery which was expensive.

2007 Toyota Prius

Good fuel economy. Fairly nice ride. Battery replacement was expensive.

- Tom J

Great gas mileage and surprisingly spacious

2007 Toyota Prius

Great gas mileage! Very reliable with only routine maintenance required.

- Robbie X

Saves money on gas for the life of the car

2007 Toyota Prius

This is one of the best cars I ever had. Only problem is the battery

- Ryan B

miles per gallon is great Love the hybrid

2007 Toyota Prius

I love the the fuel efficiency I hate how it handles in snow and ice

- Holly P

They gas mileage it gets is great and worth every penny.

2007 Toyota Prius

My car is a hybrid. It saves gas. It is very roomy for the size.

- Deborah R

It is good on gas mileage

2007 Toyota Prius

It is quiet running. It is great on gas mileage. It is dependable.

- Steve S

I like it because it is reliable, save gas. I dislike because it look beat up now. The paint need work, some dent here and there.

2007 Toyota Prius

It is very Reliable low maintenance necessary. It is always on.

- Diana S

It's a great car that I can depend on and has lasted me a long time.

2007 Toyota Prius

It's is dependable and comfortable and gets great gas mileage.

- Megan K

Great gasoline consumer. Hybrid vehicle. Low cost to operate

2007 Toyota Prius

Great mileage. Low cost to operate. Comfortable and high tech

- Erica C

It is a gas/ electric hybrid that helps you save money on gas

2007 Toyota Prius

It's a great car with great gas mileage. It has great safety

- Beth J

The only important thing people should know which most ready do is that it's really good on gas

2007 Toyota Prius

It's good on gas. Too small for a family, expensive to fix.

- Holly B

gas mileage that you get. And that it lasts forever

2007 Toyota Prius

I really have no complaints. Great gas mileage and reliable

- tim b

The gas mileage is very good.

2007 Toyota Prius

Great gas mileage and little maintenance. Have no dislikes

- Jim R

No power to go up mountain passes.

2007 Toyota Prius

Good gas mileage, low maintenance and holds a lot in back.

- David G

I have 230k on my car in 11 years and I have zero complaints.i love my car, it's been very dependable. Comfortable and roomy

2007 Toyota Prius

Mileage per gallon! Perfect for road trips and comfortable

- Karen W

I can park almost anywhere.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love the mpg. I love the hatchback. It is very green.

- Jo S

I like that it is a hybrid. I like that it has good gas mileage. I don't like that the battery is expensive to replace.

2007 Toyota Prius

It is a hybrid and it reduces environmental pollution.

- Jeville J

My Prius is a gas/electric hybrid, and it has always worked extremely well. It gets great gas mileage and produces fewer emissions than other cars.

2007 Toyota Prius

it's a hybrid engine, and it gets great gas mileage

- Jane D

Good for the environment compared to some other cars

2007 Toyota Prius

Good gas mileage,, very few issues, runs very quiet

- Jennifer L

Saves on gas..economical!!

2007 Toyota Prius

good on gas. can't get around in snow easily

- Kelly E

Great gas mileage. Great drivability.

2007 Toyota Prius

I love the gas mileage and maneuverability

- Lisa P

It is better for the environment because it is hybrid, so it uses less gas, and that also saves you money. It is a win for everyone!

2007 Toyota Prius

It is clean. It is quiet. It is reliable.

- Kevin C

The mileage is great and it's fun to see how many miles you can squeak out of a gallon.

2007 Toyota Prius

Like the mileage, but the car needs pep.

- Ellie E

Reliable and cheap to maintain.

2007 Toyota Prius Base

- Trish B

I really like the shape of my car, it is so cute and compact.

2007 Toyota Prius

- Joie L