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If you want a good car with good track record, great mileage and reliability, and you don't mind spending more for the privilege, this is an excellent car.

Overall the Prius has been an excellent vehicle, generally reliable and efficient and definitely good mileage. With regular maintenance, you can expect to go well over 100,000 miles before more serious repairs are needed, which is good for a small car. I put the first 100,000 miles in the first 4 years, and have only needed major repairs on the A/C ( evaporator core, not the compressor ) when it was about 7.5 years old, and ~130,000 miles, which apparently is not unusual for small cars. Thanks next major repair was the ABS and braking system which had to be rebuilt/replaced at about 9 years, and ~160,000 miles. Mileage after 10 years is not what it used to be, ( averages more like 30 to 40 mpg these days instead of the original 40 to 50 ) which is also not surprising due to the age of the hybrid battery system mainly.

- Samuel O

I'm not trading it in until it quits, and my next car is going to also be a Prius--hopefully a Prime!

I love the reliability-9 years and no issues. I love the gas mileage; I feel smug stopping at gas stations for refreshments and potty break and saying no when they ask "any fuel?" I love that when I fill my tank for the next 300-350 miles it's only 7-8 gallons. I love the handling and the acceleration. I've passed plenty of expensive cars with showoffs dudes revving their engines because the electric motor really knows what torque is. I love that it can fit 4 people and luggage or 3 people and a christmas tree or whatever. No complaints.

- Elizabeth B

Economic, Comfortable, and Functional!

My Toyota Prius is a very comfortable and economical car. I average about 43 MPG and that amounts to saving at the pump. It is an easy car to drive and is perfect for running errands or a long road trip with just a couple people. I don't try to cram all three of my kids in the car often, that's a recipe for squabbling, but for just one or two people there is plenty of room. I also can fold a seat down and have been able to move some big/long items despite the small size of the car. Reliability and performance have been great!

- Laura C

Toyota Prius - pretty awesome, reliable hybrid.

The Prius has great fuel economy, so fill ups are infrequent. It is relatively quiet and has great safety features such as side-impact airbags. There are two adjustable front seats and three in back, all are comfortable and easy to clean. It is a hatchback, so carrying large/unusually shaped objects is manageable, especially with the fold down seat ability. The trunk is bigger than one would expect. The car opens remotely with key fob, which is so convenient. There are power locks and power windows. Overall, very reliable.


This car is so great even my boyfriend drives it.

I love my Prius, it is so efficient and I feel safe in the car for the size. It is performance is what I need in a busy city as well as for traveling and being on the road a lot. The seats could work on comfort however everything else inside the car is fantastic. The only real concern I have had is how they do not do well during the winter if you do not have a warm garage, often times my Prius dashboard lights wouldn't turn on because of how cold affects them so much.

- Maria L

Affordable and reliable auto.

Affordable, great gas mileage, durable interior, large cargo space, roomy back seat, foldable seats in back provide great storage possibilities, comfortable drivers seat, electronics tell you when you need air in tires. Paint has held up well in extreme climate conditions sitting outdoors. Changing tire is easy. Console space is immense. Air conditioning is fabulous and quick to cool. Need heated seats cause takes a long time to warm up in extreme winter conditions.

- Elizabeth S

The Prius is a luxurious, mid-price vehicle with an abundance of features.

Absolutely love the Prius. Great gas mileage, slick interior, good performance. I have never had any trouble with it, and it is always on top of it is game with warning lights (only about low tire pressure so far!). The backup camera is a big help. I have got the map services which is a nice feature, unfortunately GPS updates cost quite a bit of money, but when you consider that this GPS cannot be stolen unless your entire car goes, it is a pretty great inclusion.

- Brian M

Perfect size for single young person.

I love my Prius because it gets great gas mileage obviously. I like having a small car that maneuvers easily and can fit in tight spaces. It is small but not cramped, although I think it would be cramped for someone over 6 feet tall. My only real complaint is that the dash is super dim. It can be difficult to see if you have poor eyesight, even when the brightness is turned up all the way. Overall it is probably my favorite vehicle of the 4 that I driven.

- Jill W

Toyota Prius: the ins and outs of being a tree hugger.

My car is very reliable, comfortable and relatively easy to drive. The low gas mileage and it being ecologically friendly is a definite plus. Now in California you have to buy a newer model hybrid to be permitted to drive in the hov lane on the freeway. This is a potential reason to not get a hybrid. Also my only other problem with my car is that the wheelbase is low. I am disabled so it is not easy for me to get in or out of.

- Christopher T

Great gas mileage hardly have to worry about filling up.

Great car for people who have a long commute. Gas mileage is unbeatable and I don't have to worry about getting gas all the time. Smooth quiet ride. In the time that I have owned this vehicle no major maintenance has been needs. I plan to drive this car for a least another 10 years. The seats are comfortable for times you have to just sit in traffic. Sound system is great and love the Bluetooth feature for hands free driving.

- Nicole A

Prius: more than just great mileage.

My Prius has been very reliable. While it has the highest level interior that was available, it really is not high quality. The gas mileage is the main advantage of a Prius. 40 plus mpg means I drive it instead of my other, newer vehicle for routine trips. The hatchback make transporting item easy to get in and out of the Prius. The interior of the Prius is larger than most respect for a smaller car.

- Kyle G

Imagine what you can fit in a hatchback!

Mileage is great on long trips. Seats are more than comfortable for those long trips even with an elderly person in the passenger seat. The convenience of the hatchback with fold-down 2nd row seats make loading and unloading a dream. Everyone is always amazed by what I am able to get in my hatchback that they cannot even dream of getting into their trunks even with their seats folded down.

- Marcy G

Prius costs be sure to always get warranty.

Repairs can be costly. Has 2 batteries which also can be very costly to replace. Be sure to purchase extended warranties if purchasing one. But overall great reliable car and saves on gas costs tremendously! We were hesitant at first, but I recommend repairs be done at the Toyota dealership as you want them done correctly and warrantied to avoid further expenses in the future.

- Sharon A

Review of 2009 Prius. Great car that gets good mileage. Easy and fun to drive.

I get great mileage. Save money on gas. It is easy to drive. Responds well to the road, has good pick up even though only 4 cylinders. No major problem except for maintenance, brakes and tires. I have over 105,000 miles. Hatch back is great for moving objects. Lots of room for packages. Even though the car is a 2009, it has a backup camera for safety while backing up.

- Elaine K

2009 Toyota Prius - The Good and Bad

Gas mileage is great! Wonderful commuter car. Sufficient interior space for passengers and storage. Even with an extended warranty, the costs of upkeep has been relatively high. Every 5 months when I go in for an oil change and tire rotation, there is always a list of items needed - some parts up to $900 each. The primary battery for the car is $2000.

- Ashley M

It has great gas mileage.

I have owned my Prius for 8 years. I have had almost no problems with it aside from normal wear and tear. It is extremely comfortable to get in and out of and ride in. It is very quiet. I can always count on it to get me were I need to go both long and short distances. It has all the comforts I need installed for maximize my enjoyment of the drive.

- Heather S

Everyone should consider a Toyota Prius. It is the best car we have owned.

Our Toyota Prius has been one of the best purchases we made as a couple. Though it is my primary car, we use it as the family travel vehicle. Gas mileage aside, (and it is pretty great), we love how it drives. It is a smooth ride and a safe ride. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new car. Have recommended it to family and friends.

- Betty W

Toyota Prius - dependable and economical for seniors and small families.

It is comfortable, quiet and has a dashboard with all the necessary information you might need and notifies me if there are any problems with the cat's performance. Best of all is that I average 45 miles to the gallon. I have replaced the 12 volt battery but worry how long the main battery will last, as it will cost $2000-$3000 to replace.

- Sandra J

The Prius is a very comfortable, economically friendly, and affordable car.

The Prius is one of the most comfortable cars I've ever driven. I'm only 5' tall but I don't feel too short when driving the Prius. The gas mileage is wonderful and you feel good driving it because it's economically friendly. So far we have had no problems and have been told that if taken care of a Prius can go for well over 500000 miles.

- Cheyenne K

It is a hybrid car, and that there are 2 batteries-a regular battery and a hybrid battery.

I like the Toyota Prius because it is fuel efficient and good for the environment. Because of this, i don't spend much money on fuel. The car is also generally pretty quiet, which is nice. Because it is a hybrid, it takes a lot of work to accelerate. Additionally, the gas tank is small. Also, not everyone knows how to service the car.

- Jennifer A

Great gas mileage! Super comfortable! Great in inclimate weather.

I love the great gas mileage. There's surprisingly more room inside than you would think--we can travel with four adults in the car rather comfortably. The only issue I've had is with the CD player--i got a disc "jammed" in the player and no one has been able to fix it, because the whole dash would have to come off.

- Tracy B

Toyota Prius is as green as it get with less money 😉.

I drive a Toyota Prius 2009. It is an excellent city car. The maintenance is affordable and I love it because it is a hybrid kind of car, so go green (slightly). The bad thing is that if you leave it for too long in cold and do not drive it the battery goes down very fast and sometimes it takes time to turn it on.

- Olga C

2009 Prius is mostly awesome.

My 2009 Prius has been mostly great; however, the 2009 models are known to burn oil when car has around 100, 000 miles on it. My Prius has just over 150, 000 miles on it and I have to add about a quart of oil to my Prius about every 1000 miles. Other than that, it has a very reliable and fun vehicle to drive.

- Luther S

Excellent gas mileage. Design creates some blind spots when driving.

Smoothest car I have owned, great gas mileage. Sometimes struggles in mountainous regions but great touring and commuting vehicle. Holding up good after 9 years with little maintenance. No major repairs besides regular checkups, tires, and oil changes. Headlights are a little difficult to change manually.

- Mike G

Economical, but not strong engine.

I like my car Toyota Prius 2009. It is very economical, about 38 mile per gallon. I like that car is hatchback. I can put long items in the car. Also, two people can sleep in the car, if put down back seats. What I do not like is that it not very powerful. It is very slow and hard to drive in mountains.

- Luba K

Great gas mileage for Prius, which is a hybrid.

Great gas mileage and is spacious enough to carry around people and luggage. I like the style and outer appearance of car as well with new technology such as seat warmers included. The car itself is really good because it saves me money which I definitely appreciate as a person who enjoys saving money.

- Nicole L

It's a great around town car that's easy on gas and fun to drive!

I like how fuel-efficient my vehicle is. I can easily go a week and a half between fill-ups. It's also amazingly spacious inside, as I can haul a large number of bigger items without much difficulty. The only thing I dislike is that I can't do many repairs on it myself due to the way it was built

- Bill m

The Prius can actually look pretty cool when you tint the windows.

The computer that controls the hybrid engine went out and cost a tone to replace. The base model is not that comfortable, it is also not very impressive as far as the interior is concerned. It is super reliable, drives very smoothly, and is fun to drive. I just wish that the interior was upgraded.

- Kenneth H

It is a hybrid and it helps me save money on gas.

When the vehicle is overheated or not parked in a shady and cool area, the a/c will delay. Sometimes the delay lasts for a couple of minutes, sometimes almost an hour. The length of time varies, but it will eventually turn on. It only blows cold or cool air. It does not seem to blow hot air.

- Megan B

My Prius is the best, and I love the gas mileage so much.

My Prius has always been very reliable, and has not had many problems over the years. The only problem I have really experienced is a problem with the battery. The battery would stop working temporarily at random, during which time I could not start the car with the push button Start.

- Eric W

My car is extremely gas friendly.

I just got my Toyota Prius inspected and registered in the state of pa. For the past 7 months or so it was New Jersey inspected and registered. It had a huge crack in the middle of the windshield that my partner and I couldn't fix until recently. Overall it is extremely gas efficient.

- Francis B

2009 Toyota Prius review - great car.

I love driving my Prius. It had been very reliable and had good gas mileage. It is fun to drive even if it is not very fast. We got it used but it had a lot of features including Bluetooth and GPS. I would recommend others to buy this car. I haven't had any engine or battery problems.

- Blake G

Great interior and very spacious inside. Cruise control. Leather interior.

Reliable, has cruise control, great ac, drives well, comfortable, hybrid so great mpg. Has leather interior. I love it. Has keyless ignition. Low maintenance costs. It has a high safety rating and that was really important to me. I just change oil every 4, 000 miles and that is it.

- Rafael Y

Great gas mileage. Easy to drive and park.

If you do not drive it for awhile the battery dies easily and is challenging to change. Other than that it is great. Easy to drive, great gas mileage and very reliable. It is very small so making is easy. I can for 2 car seats in it even though it is small. The hatchback is handy.

- Ann A

We have always owned Fords. Love the way it drives.

I like that it does not cost much to fill up the tank and that it has great gas mileage... I do not like how the shape of the car does not let me see a lot of things behind and to the sides of the car... I also do not like how sometimes I cannot tell if the car is on or off..

- Nadia L

The most important thing other should know about the 2009 Toyota Prius is that is gets great gas mileage and is very inexpensive to fill up.

My vehicle is a 2009 Toyota Prius. I like that this is a hybrid vehicle, so it gets very good gas mileage compared to regular cars. I also like that it is very dependable and safe. The only thing I dislike about the Prius is that the styling is not necessarily my favorite.

- Sam M

Efficient little workhorse.

Low maintenance, and all repairs so far have been routine: tires, new starter battery, replacing light bulbs, etc. Surprisingly good cargo space—we once slid a door into the back with the back seats folded down, which stunned the carry out help at the hardware store.

- Cathy C

47 miles to the gallon. Reverse vision on dashboard.

It's a comfortable fit for a hatchback. It gets about 47 miles to the gallon. It is not a loud car. When you come to a stop, it will shut off to save gas. Airbags are a plus. It has reverse vision on dashboard, so you can see when backing up. My Prius is very quiet.

- Elisabeth P

Prius is a lame car to be stuck with.

I have had a lot of weird problems with my car and it costs a lot of money to repair every time. The touch screen died and the auxiliary battery died as well. Also, it is super hard to jump the car when the battery dies. Everyone thinks it is funny I drive a Prius.

- Lindsey S

Great gas mileage and plenty of room and great ride.

150, 000 plus miles and virtually no problems. Great gas mileage comfortable to drive and plenty of room. A little worried about the battery cause it is expensive. The amplifier on the stereo system has gone out. I have been told it is common in this year vehicle.

- Robert W

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it's a car that's better for the environment and for your wallet.

I like that my car is a hybrid so it's better for the environment than a regular car. I also like that my car doesn't use as much gas because gas can get expensive. Another reason why I like my car is because it's been reliable and fits my lifestyle perfectly.

- Rosemary A

My trustworthy compact vehicle.

My vehicle performed very well and is very reliable with great safety features for the children. Very easy on gas plus like I said I hardly ever has issues with the transmission or engine alternator seems to be working just fine never had a problem with it.

- Mark T

The most important thing is the good gas mileage.

My favorite thing about a Prius is the gas mileage. I end up paying roughly around $20 each time I fill up, and I only have to fill the tank about every week and a half. It runs on battery when the car is not in motion so you know you are never wasting gas.

- Kimberly F

It has low gas mileage but does not like ethanol gas.

I love the gas mileage. It is a comfortable car to drive or ride in as a passenger. I do not like it being so small because of accidents, but that is the only thing i do not like. It is a great car with over 200,000 miles and still runs like it is new.

- Janice S

My car has cool features like push to start, keyless entry, and backup camera.

Saves me money on gas, smooth ride, reliable, never any problems. I really like that it tells me how much energy and gas that I am using at any given time and that all of the features are user-friendly. I also like the hatchback style of the vehicle.

- Meghan M

I love my Prius. I do not think I will buy any other car soon.

The gas mileage is great! The interior is very spacious. Plenty of legroom. The trunk has plenty of room where I can pack lots of groceries. The dashboard lets me know of any problem in plenty of time. It is very dependable, with proper upkeep done.

- Deborah J

Would buy again (and again).

My 2009 Toyota Prius is now 9 years old and has never had a single problem. I maintain it with regular tune-ups and washings. It gets 45 mph. There was a recall on something I do not remember but it was small and taken care of by the dealer quickly.

- J S

That the gas mileage/price you pay for gas can't be beat.

Love the gas mileage. Like the size and ability to get around. Very easy to drive, pretty low maintenance car. Only a handful of times I wish it were bigger to transport bigger items. Can be a pain to drive on windy days, as it gets blown around.

- Beth W

Amazing mileage and surprisingly spacious for a small vehicle.

I adore my prius!! It gets AMAZING mileage and even though we purchased it at 125k miles, it's still going strong after 3 years and now 185k miles. Never ever had to replace anything major. Very impressed! Plan to get another Prius when it dies.

- Justina G

It has great gas mileage - around 45 mpg.

I love my 2009 Prius. I average around 43-47 mpg, depending on whether or not I am cranking the a/c or heat. I have had some trouble with keeping the mass air flow sensor cleaner which makes my check engine light randomly come on.

- Meredith F

I think the electric issues are something to be addressed. Must read the manual.

I don't know much about cars but I do know that vehicle is silent, economic, reliable and comfortable. I highly recommend anyone to choose that model. It does has a few problems with the electric part but it can be fixed, I thing.

- Tai C

Gets great gas mileage without sacrificing power.

Great car. Very quiet, good gas mileage. Higher off the ground than my last car, but still compact. Hatchback is very useful. Hasn't had many mechanical problems, but I'm not looking forward to replacing the main battery.

- Sim L

It handles incredibly well and has great speed for a gas sipping car.

I love the gas mileage, on average of 49 mpg. It rides fantastically on any road. Control is great, size is great, storage is nice. I can't complain about much besides price of maintenance on occasion which isn't its fault.

- Taylor L

great ride. Very smooth and lots of room in the back seat.

Love the gas mileage. Love that you can run the air conditioner in the summer and it doesn't change your gas mileage. Love that it's a very roomy back seat. Dislike is that in the winter the gas mileage goes way down.

- jan b

It's a car that gets great mileage so it's good for commuting.

I like that my vehicle get good mileage. However, in the last few years, the MPG has gone down, presumably because the car is older. My car is also not as powerful but I'm willing to sacrifice that for the better MPG.

- Lorraine L

It is a good car but has to be in the shop a lot.

I like that the Toyota prius is a durable, no-fuss car that can get me from point a to point b without guzzling gas and money. I dislike that some features of the car can only be serviced at Toyota service centers.

- Amanda M

2009 Prius Quick Summary. Purchased Use

The Prius does okay. It is good on gas and has decent acceleration. I am not a fan of a hatchback, but the rear seats fold down which is great. Do like that the battery will drain when car is not moving.

- Cher P

Repairs are infrequent, but pricey through the dealership. There is a blind spot on the driver's side so do turn your head to check on the freeway.

Find it comfortable, fuel efficient, very handleable, and I would buy another in a quick minute. Cleans easily, I can haul furniture and props in the roomy back area. Dog has room to lay down comfortably

- Jennifer L

She's the most dependable car I've owned; I love her as much as I loved my first Saturn.

She's a hard-worker, taking me up and down the east coast every year. She's a hybrid, so there are all the benefits that come with that. Since she was originally a fleet car, she's without any USB ports.

- Tracy J

Quiet, roomy and great on gas.

The Prius is roomy, love the hatch and it holds lots of cargo. The ride is smooth and quiet. Accelerates a little slow, but cruises along nicely once you get over 50mph. Great on gas, average 51 mpg.

- fran l

The Prius gets about an average of 45 miles per gallon!

It gets great mileage, even after almost 10 years. It is comfortable and seats up to five people comfortably. I like the hatchback for transport, and the ability to lay the seats down for more space.

- wendy m

It will save you money at the pump.

I love the fuel efficiency of my vehicle, which saves me money when I get gas. I have no complaints about my vehicle and will likely stay loyal to it unless electric cars become more affordable.

- Kevin S

You have to be careful on how you drive it because it affects the gas mileage. There's a certain way to drive it. You have to try not to use the gas pedal too much.

It's easy and fun to drive. The things I don't like are the price it costs to fix it and that it's just a base model. It doesn't have an aux cord or bluetooth. It's good on gas mileage.

- Mikayla R

That it is environmentally friendly and that you save money on gas.

I have a Toyota Prius. I like the gas mileage and being able to use the carpool lane. I am disabled and I dislike the wheel base because it is hard for me to get in and out of my car.

- Chris T

This is a great car if you're looking for a reliable mode of transportation with good gas mileage.

My vehicle has very good gas mileage, which I love. It is a little difficult to work on. However, it has had very few problems. Overall, it runs very smoothly and is a good car.

- Rose O

The Money Saving Car On A Budget

The 2009 Toyota Prius is a great car if your always on the go. It's good on gas and has enough power when going uphill including a special button to press when going downhill.

- Genesis S

Low gas mileage, and easy to drive.

Like everything, gas mileage and quiet comfort. . Dislike there is no all wheel drive. And the computer screen does not work to the touch and is ridiculously expensive to fix.

- Rachel L

Great gas mileage. The hybrid battery works wonderfully.

My car has been in sun and snow. She handles great in the snow. And does great in the rain and sun. She's a wonderful car. Very gas efficient. 45 mpg. Excellent vehicle.

- Amy C

Hybrid cars get excellent gas mileage and maintenance has been minimal.

Gas mileage averages 48 mpg with summer tires and 40 mpg with studded winter tires. It has a large trunk space. It is just the right size. I enjoy driving my Prius.

- Dena L

It is a wagon that wakes the space that has the comfort and the style is elegant.

Since I bought it, everything went well, it did not give me problems, only the lights were ruined, but my family members say they love mi car and they bay da same car.

- Maria M

White Prius from 2009, got it pre owned, never had trouble

The car drives well, but is light enough for there to be mild inconvenience in strong winds. Handles well, right turns, good brakes, has not needed any large repairs

- Matthew S

The Prius is spacious, gas efficient, but watch out for the battery!

I love the fact that it is gas efficient, however, I have encountered battery problems. To replace the battery cells or the entire battery it can be very expensive.

- Ilene R

The mpg of the vehicle is really good and saves a lot of gas.

The mpg of the vehicle is just amazing. And the car never breakdown. One thing I do not like the car is the speed of escalation, other than that, no other dislike.

- Stephen T

Prius is a great car for la living, with its gas mileage and hybrid nature.

The car is comfortable, reliable, good gas mileage. The hatchback is great for storage, and this car is easy to drive. Occasionally struggles on steep/ long roads.

- Alex R

It has amazing cargo room.

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage and doesn't pollute the air as much as regular cars. The only thing I would change are the seats, they are uncomfortable.

- Sherry B

The Toyota Prius is just a phenomenal car.

I love the reliability and design. I appreciate the intelligence that went into the engineering. Love the fuel efficiency. Nothing I dislike about it at all.

- Jerry s

If your commute is over an hour.

Very reliably, great on gas, exceptional as a far distance commuter vehicle. It is not fancy and updated with all the new features, but it does the job.

- Ricardo R

Great gas mileage and a great around town car, plus good for road trips

I love the gas mileage and that it's better for the environment. It cruises really nicely but doesn't have great pickup. And the cargo room is great.

- Rachel S

That it had great gas mileage and is a really dependable car.

The main thing that I love about my car is the gas mileage. It is great to be able to only fill up once a week. The built in Bluetooth is nice also.

- Alan H

This car has a lot of features but power isn't one of them.

The Prius is a pretty nice car. The technology features where ahead of its time when I bought it. The power and handling are a bit weak.

- Shane O

It gets great gas mileage.

It gets great gas mileage. It is small, but has enough room for my family of 4. It can hold just as much stuff as my husband's larger car.

- CLare t

The car is roomy, reliable, and great on gas!

The car is roomy, reliable, and great on gas! The car is roomy, reliable, and great on gas! The car is roomy, reliable, and great on gas!

- Jason S

It gets great gas mileage.

I love the color and that it gets great gas mileage. It is a nice, cute size. Sometimes I wish the hatchback/trunk area was a bit bigger.

- Ashley K

They should know that it's a Toyota and it'll last for a very long time. It has a 3 cylinder engine and gets amazing MPG.

I love my car because it get awesome gas mileage. It's a small car so it'll fit just about anywhere and it has a ton of leg room inside.

- Shawn C

It has amazing gas mileage & doesn't cost much more than a Toyota Corolla.

Great gas mileage, never had to take it in the garage for anything apart from regular maintenance like oil change. Definitely recommend!

- Marianne S

One interesting detail is that there is no circular meter but instead a digital number that shows your speed.

My 2009 Prius has wonderful gas mileage and is a comfortable car to drive. The acceleration is better than any other car I've driven.

- Nicole W

It gets great gas mileage.

It gets great mileage. It's been pretty durable. It's easy to park in tight urban environments, especially with the backup camera.

- Richard G

It helps with my eco footprint

I like the fuel efficiency. I also like that it is very quiet. There isn't much I don't like except maybe the size of the back seat

- Sarah J

A great car for a modern working family

Very reliable, great gas mileage and lots of extra space for when I need to bring musical equipment or take family members places.

- Cody L

The gas mileage is awesome in town.

I like the gas mileage, the back up camera, the surprisingly roomy interior. I wish I had another key and a simpler way to park.

- Brent H

You cannot beat hybrid/electric cars for mileage!.

I love the mileage, first and foremost. It is roomier than we ever imagined it would be. I feel safe and like my family is safe.

- Megan B

It has more space than it looks. Family of three fits car seat just fine.

Prius hybrid was best choice I made. Not many used hybrid were optional here. Would love to get one of the larger plugin Prius.

- Matthew W

The keyless entry can drain the battery quickly, and then it is a major hassle to open the car to get at the battery to recharge it.

Love the great gas mileage, but it is relatively small, road noise is annoying and the small battery does not last very long.

- Betty A

It's a Prius so I'm not going to be speeding on the freeway. Please pass me on your left.

I like saving on gas expenses specially on road trips. It's also a smooth and quiet drive every time. Maintenance on is fair.

- Jolorie A

It is large enough for a big family.

The vehicle is old but works well. Smooth driving and low maintenance. Good control as well. Oil change is needed frequently.

- Hayden L

My prius is very reliable. It is also great on gas.

fuel economy of this vehicle in incredible and reliability of my prius is tops. never have to do anything to this car

- jaye s

This is a very very reliable car. It's got a bit of a rough ride.

Excellent car saves money through less gas being used. Bad side: battery can only be replaced with a Toyota battery.

- Jill L

It is very fuel efficient.

It has excellent fuel efficiency. The quality of Toyota vehicles is very high. The maintenance cost is reasonable.

- Anthony V

Amazingly good gas mileage.

Awesome gas mileage. Very low maintenance needed. Great for road trips with satellite radio and navigation system.

- Emily S

It is very reliable and dependable.

It has been problem free and reliable since I bought it. It has good gas mileage. It is not that attractive a car.

- Annette S

Comfortable seating. Easy to handle.

Easy to drive. Excellent mileage. Roomy inside. Comfortable drive. Very reliable. Very stylish. Very dependable.

- Susan B

Pretty reliable, no major issues with the car. It does not have a true trunk, so that is disappointing

I like it is god on gas. do not like that the battery dies when stalled in traffic. If it is hot, can't use ac

- cynthia p

It is a hybrid so it has a good resale value and does not use much gas.

Good gas mileage because it is a hybrid. It's pick up is not so good. Plus the shock absorbers are really bad.

- Carly J

Low maintenance, but repairs can be extremely pricey.

Great gas mileage. Better for long distance than stop-and-go traffic. Replacing a battery is VERY expensive.

- Carrie B

Toyota Priuses are very well made and we have avoided many of the problems we've had with previous cars.

I like that it has been reliable. We've had very few problems with it. It also gets excellent gas mileage.

- Tracy O

It's very very reliable. I will purchase another one when the times comes to look at getting a new vehicle.

I love the great gas mileage that it gets and in the years that I've had it, it has needed zero repairs.

- Sue E

It is a hybrid and is good for the environment and the world.

I like that it is a hybrid. I like that it does not use much gas. I do not like the bumpy ride it gives.

- Bev F

The gas mileage is excellent. I can drive about 350 miles per tankful.

It's blue. It gets super gas mileage! The field of vision isn't great. The paint is beginning to chip.

- Gggg B

It gets very good gas mileage.

It gets great gas mileage. I like the hatchback feature. I like the 4 doors. It has good cargo space.

- Be B

It's Hybrid! We get between 32-40 miles to the gallon

The cat is great. It runs well and is safe. We have over 225,000 miles on it, so it eats through oil.

- Ellen S

Very reliable and great gas mileage

Great value, minimal environmental impact, reliable, but at 200000 miles need the batteries replaced

- Janey T

It looks small but easily rides 4 people comfortably and smooth ride.

Very easy to drive and comfortable to ride. It has so many conveniences and great get up and go.

- Juliann K

It is very Reliable. It gets great mileage. Has everything I need.

Great mileage and very peppy! Gets over 40 miles per gallon and I only fill up every two weeks.

- Beth B

It is SO fuel efficient! I get up to 50 mpg! And it is good for the environment.

It's great for mileage! I love having a hybrid vehicle! The traction inn snow is not good.

- Kaite P

The gas mileage of the Prius is really great. The mileage is better for city driving.

I drive a Prius. The Prius is gold. The color is ugly, but the gas mileage is great.

- Jay J

Good car, good exterior, interior a little lacking.

I like the hybrid aspect of the prius, but the interior isn't as good as I wished.

- Plasma S

That it is a hybrid and gets great gas mileage.

I like that it is a hybrid. I like the fact that it is still in good condition.

- Mark d

Gets great gas mileage and has plenty of room

Gets great gas mileage. There's plenty of room for a small car. Very reliable

- Chris S

The car gets excellent gas mileage which makes it easy to pass up gas stations for long periods of time.

I like the size and configuration. I really like the gas mileage it gives.

- Janet B

I like the gas mileage and how quiet it is. I do not like how it sounds like it's straining to get up a hill. I hate how expensive it is to maintain when something breaks.I also find that when something goes wrong, the part is not replaced, but I have to replace the entire section of where the broken part is.

It is fuel efficient and saves on the harmful emissions to the planet

- animi l

The great gas mileage it gets. Extremely pleasing.

The gas mileage. Bigger than you would expect. Expensive to repair.

- Vicki L

Good on gas and use electric and does good on miles

Saves on gas Miles are good and runs great use both gas and electric

- Dorothy L

great on gas picks up speed very quickly easy maintenance

great gas mileage.rides very rough .it is roomy seats four easily.

- gary F

I love the gas mileage and the dramatically lower amount I spend on gas.

I love the gas milage, the size of the car, and the storage space.

- Rhonda W

It is very comfortable for a small car. The gas mileage is amazing

I love the gas mileage. It is also very roomy for a small car!

- Amy S

Reliable small car that saves a lot of gas and money for you!

Gas economy Reliability Has a lot of room for a compact car

- Olga N

Fuel efficiency and environmentally friendly. Smooth ride

needs bluetooth technology installed. gps installation top

- Tini N

The Prius has great gas mileage and is very low maintenance.

There are blind spots when backing up or changing lanes.

- Joanne G

ts fun to drive. A bit small. Wish it had more space.

Prius is mighty tough. Can go up hills but not too fast.

- Jen B

it's the perfect size for me and it doesn't eat tons of gas

great gas mileage since it's a hybrid, fun to drive

- Debbie F

dependable and reliable vehicle for all conditions

quality car. great mileage. very sporty and quick

- Eric B

reasonably priced compared to other hybrids in massachusetts

It is reliable, energy efficient,and comfortable.

- beverly C

This is a hybrid car that runs on gas and electricity.

It is a great car and I would recommend it.

- Jacki J