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The joys of owning a Toyota Prius!!

I love my Toyota Prius 2012 due to it is excellent reliability. Although it is not the most beautiful vehicle, the gas mileage is impeccable. One problem that I would state is the amount of blind spots in the vehicle, specifically when backing up. The performance is great. After 6 years I am finally just needing to get the brakes replaced, but nothing else big has needed to be done. The comfort is pretty decent. My husband and I drove it across country with little complaints. We eventually put in a lumbar pad to make it a bit more comfortable. The features include: push start, automatic locks, windows, inability to lock the keys in the vehicle. . The list goes on.

- Sarah G

2012 Prius Plug-in Review

Our Prius is the original Prius Plug In. It gets about 10 miles of electric power which is enough to run my errands. When it runs out of EV power, it runs on regular unleaded gas (no premium gas needed) and gets about 50 miles to the gallon. It's comfortable to drive and ride in. We've kept up with the maintenance and haven't had any issues with it in the five years we've had it. The only negative is it doesn't have a spare tire and there is no place to store one. We bought one that we keep in the back seat when we go on road trips just in case. We are frequent roadtrippers. We love our Prius and have no regrets with our purchase.

- Lori R

Why I love my Prius. The Prius is the perfect commuter vehicle.

I love my 2012 Toyota Prius. It is comfortable, performs well on the road and has low maintenance. Initially I did not want to get a Prius because I felt it was not as an interesting choice however a friend convinced me to get one because I want to drive for Lyft. Right away I could feel it was a good decision. This particular car, I picked up in Florida and drove across country to California. It gets about 40 miles to the gallon. I have been driving my Prius for about 3 years now. I take to Toyota for regular oil changes and maintenance. The scheduled maintenances can run a bit high I must admit but I feel safe.

- Darren C

2012 Prius -- economical plugin is fun to drive, reliable, and features-rich.

No problems, great performance and mileage, extremely reliable, very comfortable front seats and comfortable back seats with good legroom. Love the air-conditioning system, defrosters, and ability to control/target airflow. Left and right rear corners can be blind spots if you are not careful. Rear wiper blade should cover more glass than it does (Imho). Needs more USB connection. Excellent cup holder sizes. All buttons well located. Need a glare control or screen shade for front navigation window, cannot read it on a sunny day. It would be nice to know how much mileage loss is incurred by certain options.

- Tamara T

Pros and cons of owning and operating a 2012 Prius.

Pros: the gas mileage is consistently 50 miles per gallon; the engine is so quiet that people do not even hear the car approaching; there is plenty of legroom for all passengers; the back seats can be folded down to allow for an expanded hatchback load; there is little maintenance; a prius holds a high resale value. Cons: the doors of the prius do not stay open on their own and will close on you when you are entering and exiting the vehicle; there can be limited visibility out of the rear window due to the design; when there is maintenance, it can be expensive.

- L.A. B

Prius - good but weak spots.

It is a great, solid, reliable car. The back window is ridiculously small and hard to see through, but it has a backup cam, which I find hard to adjust to. The interior is also crazy dark. If you drop something at night and turn on the interior light, it is still impossible to see anything. Overall, I think the backseat and hatch are very roomy. I have fit a surprising amount of furniture in my car. Gas mileage is good but I do not see a huge difference between the echo and the Prius. Even though the echo was not a hybrid.

- Joey H

A hybrid Prius is a wonderful gas saver and great for the environment.

I love driving a Prius because it gets awesome mileage. Average mileage is between 40 and 50 mpg. I also have a sunroof, solar roof, and satellite radio which makes driving in my car very enjoyable. The seats are comfortable and the engine is super quiet. You cannot hear the engine when the car is on. Also, I love the keyless system. It is a hybrid but you need to drive at a moderate speed in order to get the best mpg and you cannot accelerate quickly because it is not good for the car.

- Julie F

Awesome little car- but one big downside.

The car drives extremely well, the gas mileage is wonderful and it does better on the highway than our 2009 Prius. However, my biggest complaint is the seats. Every single person who drives it notices the very uncomfortable seats, and always complains of back pain as they try to stretch out their backs while driving. Our 2009 Prius has wonderfully comfortable seats however, so this wasn't something we expected. Other than that, it is an amazing car and one I am very happy to have.

- Tori T

Prius is not only the most reliable vehicle I have owned, but also the comfortable.

We have owned the car for over 6 years and have only had to change the tires and oil. I have never had an issue with the car, it is perhaps the most reliable car I have ever owned. The car is comfortable, gets great fuel mileage, and actually is quite fast (although nobody believes it). The technology is severely lacking, although there are basics like bluetooth and seat warmers. I do wish that it was a plug-in, but overall I really love my car.

- Bob B

The reliable and affordable Prius.

The Prius is an extremely fuel efficient car. For someone who lives in Los Angeles and drives a lot, I believe this saves me a lot of money in the long run. The car itself is also very comfortable. There is a lot of space inside and the back seats are both fully adjustable. They can also be dropped to open up space making this a great car to use for road trips or moving. It has been a very reliable car with few problems over the years of usage.

- Max L

My Prius is actually cool.

I love the technology and features my car offers. My Prius came equipped with a solar powered sunroof that cools my car and a back up camera that has great quality. I have had this car for a year and a half and have not yet had any problems, they only maintenance required has been regular oil changes (which are required less frequently than many other cars). Though it is slower to accelerate (as expected) I overall love my car.

- Kieran M

The greatest little car in the world.

I love my Prius. It has everything you could ever want in a car. The air conditioner is the bomb. It gets so cold I have a blanket in the car. Depending on how you drive, the gas mileage is to die for. When I drive the car I get between 80 and 90 mpg. My husband on the other hand only gets between 35 and 40 mpg. We have had this car for 6 years and except for the required maintenance we have not had one problem with that car.

- Cheryl A

Great car with amazing mileage.

My Prius gets excellent mileage, 45-65 mpg depending on where and how long I drive. I have had it for a few years after buying it used, and still no problems. It takes regular gas and usually costs in the low $20s to fill and get over 300 miles on. The only downside is that it does not pick up very quickly on the acceleration, but that is to be expected. The trade-off is worth it to get the mileage. It is comfortable to boot.

- Sara C

Toyota Prius gets great gas mileage.

I love my 2012 Toyota Prius. The gas mileage is great! I consistently get around 46 to 48 miles per gallon. It only costs me around $23 to fill it up from empty! I bought it because my kids are at two different schools across the county and I have not regretted it! I do not think I will ever get a different type of car. I love the automatic windows and the radio it has in it is amazing! I love my Prius!

- Meredith T

Great all around versatile vehicle.

A smooth driving nondescript vehicle. Quiet yet responsive. Great gas mileage. Every trip that I drive is like a game to try to optimize both performance and sustainability. It has been a supremely reliable comfortable ride for all aspects of driving including commuting, pleasure trips, and long haul. Couldn't be any happier with the reliability performance and overall satisfaction with my Toyota Prius.

- Rachael B

Dual power gas saving car that works!

The Prius has been very helpful when it comes to gas consumption. It has quite enough storage space in the hatch for trips and groceries. I like the 2 storage compartments in front. We have had the car for six years and have had one sensor issue that was mostly covered by the plan we got when we bought the car. It alerts us when we need an oil change or more air in the tires.

- Elizabeth F

The Prius is an excellent automobile. Think green.

Our priority is gas mileage and the Prius is great for that. It is roomy enough for moderate hauling and is a most comfortable ride. Using the car's heater adversely affects gas mileage more than the ac does. This Prius is a gen3. We owned a gen2 as well and it was a far superior vehicle. I would heartily recommend a used gen2 over a brand, spanking new gen3 any day.

- Cindy W

Highly recommend Toyota Prius.

My Toyota Prius has over 200, 000 miles and is still running very well with no “extra” repairs other than regular maintenance. It is surprisingly roomy with the hatchback - I have traveled comfortably around the country for three week stretches with three other adults and a dog. The only feature I would change is the beeping alert when the car is put in reverse.

- Mary B

It has awesome mileage. If your tired of high gas prices this is the car.

I love that the most I have ever paid for gas to fill up is $20. The car is very quiet you don't hear it running. There is a lot of room inside when you fold the backseat down. You only need to have the oil changed once a year. The car is a great for around town driving, but could use better seats for longer drives. It is not real comfortable for distance driving.

- Tina W

Amazing -- save for a few things

I love everything except: the shield under the front of the car pops loose all the time. The right wheel well shield ripped off. The brake pads do not need to be replaced often but when they do it is expensive -- like 600 bucks expensive. Lastly there's a recall that Toyota knows about but does not have a solution for so that is terrifying.

- Annie N

Great commuter car with minimal maintenance issues

I bought this car used two years ago and it's been great. I haven't had any problems as long as I use premium gas, and the reminder to get an oil change regularly is helpful. I really only use it to commute to work a few towns away, but I did take it on a road trip to another state and the efficient gas mileage helps keep my budget in check.

- Amber S

The Toyota Prius gets great gas mileage. The mileage varies with the outside temperature but even at its worst, the mpg are far greater than I've ever had with any other car.

It gets great gas mileage. So far it has needed no repairs other than regular oil changes. It is a comfortable car to drive. It's a decent looking car. It's relatively small so it is easy to maneuver. My biggest complaint about the car is that it is difficult to see behind me or to see the lane to my right when I am trying to change lanes.

- Mike G

Hybrid performance totally outshines.

The Prius overall is a great car. Its hybrid performance serves to help the environment as well as the driver by saving a tremendous amount of gas. It drives very smoothly and is extremely quiet. It is a bit jerky, and the steering wheel is very tight, and, at times, it can make some weird noises, but all in all, it is a great car.

- Emerson E

Prius is fuel efficient, environmentally friendly. 51 mpg city, 48 highway.

It is great on gas. I like it is simplicity. It is not luxurious but comfortable. Room enough for 2 car seats for grandkids. Runs well, reliable, I keep it clean with regular upkeep. You can forget to shut off power if you are not paying attention. Size is good for parking. Backup signals are a good safety feature. I like it a lot.

- Barbara G

Buy a Toyota they are great economy vehicles.

It is great on gas. It's easy to park. It is prices below 20 thousand. It is easy to find parts for repair. You can take it anywhere to have it fixed. It is does not need too much servicing. You can drive without worry because it is a safe car. You can purchase economy gas, you do not have to put premium grade gas in it.

- J H

The Prius is a hybrid model from Toyota that us reliable and safe.

This car is very reliable and low maintenance. The gas mileage is definitely worth the extra money you have to spend for the synthetic oil changes. Lots of great features and very reliable. The ride is so smooth you can hardly tell when it switches from the engine to the electric battery as opposed to earlier models.

- Hannah K

I like the mileage the car gets, the best around.

The upholstery is cheap. The whole thing is made of cheap plastic. No sensation of quality, luxury, or comfort. The mileage is the main redeeming factor, and it is a big one. That is the main reason I like the car so much. But it is so easy to ding up and scratch the paint that I do not want to ever get another one.

- Elijah A

Quality of Toyota is a family car from mom to daughter you can pass it down.

I love my Prius great gas mileage and good with oil changes. Only have to get one every 5000 miles due to synthetic oil not much cost with maintenance. Will probably buy another if this one dies. Daughter will be driving soon will probably give her my old one has only 60, 000 miles on it by the time she is driving.

- Dawn C

A car that seemingly lasts forever.

I have had no problems with my Toyota Prius. It has excellent gas mileage and is very roomy on the inside despite its small look from the outside. I have owned the vehicle since 2013 and have had no major issues with the vehicle. Just normal maintenance, tires, brakes and oil changes. Very satisfied with my Prius.

- Joe B

One interesting detail about the prius is that there's a secret back compartment to hold extra stuff. It's great for holding board games when going on a trip and the rest of the trunk is full.

I love this prius. It's very smooth riding and charging the battery is great. I was able to change a flat tire in less than twenty minutes, that's a very wonderful thing indeed! I hope you too will get the prius because it is such a fantastic car to have, no doubt. My car is white, so you should get a silver one.

- Sally B

A smart and responsible purchase!

Pretty reliable. The only thing I have had to repair was the battery. It is very affordable to drive and the gas mileage will hopefully pay for the car. I only have to fill the tank every two months and that currently only costs around $20. I much more responsible vehicle than what I have previously purchased.

- Haley C

Commuter Prius. Great gas mileage.

I have thoroughly enjoyed driving and commuting in my Toyota Prius. This car has been exactly what I needed for having a fuel efficient option to get to work. I get approximately 48 miles per gallon and drive about 80 miles per day. This car has been reliable and performs great with regular servicing.

- Clay G

Easy on the planet and on my wallet.

I truly love my Toyota Prius. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. It is great for the environment and great for my wallet. If I have to fill up the tank, I usually am only spending about $27 and I love that. It is perfect for people who have to commute for work and want a fuel efficient vehicle.

- Maddie A

A small, lightweight vehicle with great mileage.

It does amazing on gas, has Bluetooth and in car calling, haven't had many problems, has great mileage, is simple to figure out, the back seats can be put down for more room. Has a rear view camera. Makes an audible backup sound inside the car. Can change the setting from kilometers to miles per hour.

- Ashley D

Extremely durable and reliable with great gas mileage.

This is a great car. My family has had it for many years now. This car saved us a lot of money with it is great gas mileage. With having a commute of two hours both ways everyday this car is super reliable. I managed to rack up over 200,000 miles on it and it is still running almost as good as new.

- Kate N

Great gas mileage: 50-55 miles/ gallon.

Love my Toyota Prius. It is comfortable, easy to handle, gets 50-55 miles per gallon of gas. Love the hatch back. It holds so much if needed. No issue in the 6 years we have owned the car. Easy to take care of. Love the fact that it recharges itself. Cannot say enough about what a great car it is.

- Betty W

great on gas highway i get 52 miles per gallon in town 43 mpg

the car is mechanically sound but the ride is very rough the interior of the cad is very poorly made things have fallen apart like the armrest on the door the glove box between the seats i have over 115000 miles on the car and have not replaced any major mechanical items just the breaks once

- patricia b

Best car for environmentally conscious people in a dry climate.

I get great gas mileage. It takes some getting used to having a keyless ignition and a button to park, but otherwise it is easy to drive. It does not do well in any precipitation, but better tires can increase the traction. I love how I can change the driving mode for increased gas mileage.

- Kali S

Satisfaction and ecological responsibility in one car.

My Toyota Prius is reliable, easy to maintain and gets excellent gas mileage. The only things I do not like about it are that it has very little ground clearance in the front and is a tight fit for five passengers. It has good storage space for a small car and the back seats fold down.

- Candice B

The Prius gets great gas mileage which is great for your gas budget as well as the environment.

I drive a 2012 Toyota Prius that is a sea foam green color and is a hybrid. I get great gas mileage and it is easy to maintain. There are a lot of scratches on the bumper as the car sits low to the ground and in the city parking on the street It's easy to hit the bumper on curbs etc.

- Rebekah J

The gas mileage is the main purpose.

The cruise control bumps when disengaging. The easy to use console display, especially the different electric usage screens. The rear seat is roomy and comfortable. The rear view camera helps when going in reverse. The color camera is clear and Focused helping in avoiding obstacles.

- Stanley K

Fuel efficiency is important for today's drivers.

Gas mileage is my main concern and my Prius offers that. I have a long commute to and from work and fuel efficiency is key to my needs. For a small car, there is ample leg room for all involved. We have a local Toyota dealership in the area and they have offered excellent service.

- Deb F

Reliable, great gas mileage, and good for long trips.

The problems would be the computer dashboard. It has great gas mileage. It runs very well not too many issues. It is roomy. It has over 100 thousand miles and very well, still running. The on screen dashboard gives mileage info which helps. It also tells battery info and map info.

- Bill N

How great the Prius is after 3 yrs.

Best vehicle for saving gas money. The power in the car takes a little while to get use to. By far the best car I have seen. It's great handling and breaks makes it your go-to car. I average about 350-400 miles per tank. Each tank is about $23-$28 (could increase from gas prices).

- Tom T

Toyota Prius: gas saving time.

I think the car is fantastic. The gas efficiency is perfect and the car has some power to it. Granted, there is not a lot of power, but it gets me to where I want to go. It is a compact car so parking is perfect in cities where there is tight parking. The car is perfect for me!

- Calvin T

Can use either battery or gasoline depending on speed and other factors.

Extremely reliable. I love the fact that the car is a hybrid - it saves on gas because it can switch between battery and gasoline. When you coast or break it recharges the battery. I have had Toyotas before and always found them reliable and relatively inexpensive to maintain.

- Nancy M

Great fuel mileage and low maintenance.

Great gas mileage which is between 45-50 mph blind spots when backing up. In the last 5 years I have basically only spent money on tires. Low maintenance. It is not the most comfortable car for road trips but it is so economical and can easily fit 4. Adults plus light luggage.

- Rebecca B

Real world Prius. For real world people.

Best car ever bought. Very satisfied. Will buy another in the future. Would recommend to others. Appreciate the improvements that Toyota continues to make. Not the dweeb car that everyone thinks it is. If Toyota keeps that prices competitive, they will continue to have a hit.

- Melvin A

This car is comfortable, great for cargo and the mileage is great.

I have had no problems with the car. It rides smoothly at 45 and at 79. Seats are thick and comfortable. The best feature is the gas mileage. The rear seat folds down and you can really pack things in. Because the hatchback is shaped very narrow, large items fit right in.

- Janet F

Love my Prius! I am looking for another one for my daughter.

I love my Prius! Toyota’s are built to last. I was concerned that it was small but it is very comfortable and there is plenty of storage room. The gas mileage is great! We've gone on several road trips since we purchased it and have been very happy with its performance.

- Shannon S

Awesome Hybrid Car: Save on Gas

My Prius is pretty decent car for a daily use. I am not a racer and use car for daily chores including home work commute and prius being environment friendly and good on mileage makes me feel good about the car. Also being from toyota family, it is less maintenance prone

- Sac N

For the best performing car with great mileage and minimal maintenance, buy the Prius.

My Prius gets great mileage because it is a hybrid. It goes very fast giving the speed needed to pass cars or merge into traffic. The Prius is excellent on curves and corners due to how low it sits. It has a lot of space for a small space, but could always use more.

- Connie G

My Prius gets great gas mileage.

My Prius gets great gas mileage, it is roomy, it handles well, I have had few maintenance problems, if buying again I would get more features, I do not like that it beeps when backing up. I love the hatchback feature and drop down seats. I can move large items easily.

- Kris F

Great car for lots of daily travel

This car gets great gas mileage (nearly 400 miles on each 11 gal fill up). My husband drives 100+ miles each day and it runs smoothly. There is just enough room for two car seats and all the gear we need to travel for a weekend with a family of 4 (with 2 small kids).

- Erin G

My vehicle is hybrid and uses electric and gas to run.

My vehicle is a great car. It is very comfortable and very easy to use. It has great gas mileage and easy to take care of and maintain. I've had no problems with it so far. I've had my vehicle for over two years and driven many thousand miles and it has done amazing.

- Katie T

Amazing investment for anyone.

The Prius is a great car! Reliable, efficient and comfortable. The gas mileage is unbelievable! At 130, 000 miles I still get over 50 mpg. For someone who drives long distances, this is the car for you. When this one finally dies, my next car will be a Prius too!

- Alp M

Prius is a nice car, it is easy to drive and saves gas

Prius has a nice ride, is comfortable, and has great fuel economy. I dislike the center console, which gets in my way if I want to get to the passenger side floor. Also dislike that the backup camera screen is not recessed, so that the sun blocks out the picture.

- ursula b

The Toyota Prius sounds like a spaceship, but it is a hybrid which I guess makes it pretty cool.

I like the color of my car -- it is seafoam green. I also like that the car has a Bluetooth system making it easy to listen to music from my mobile device. I like that the controls inside the car are fairly easy. I do not like how "boxy" the shape of the car is.

- Michelle N

Excellent hybrid for excellent gas mileage

I love that it uses very little gas! It drives well and is quiet and responsive. I wish it were more attractive, though - my old 2009 was better looking than my 2012, and the new ones are hideous. I'd love if it were a plug-in, but maybe my next car will be.

- Toni M

It may not be a flashy or cool car, but it is reliable and gas-efficient, which I think is more valuable.

In owning my car for 6 years now, I've found it to be really reliable - I haven't had to have any repairs at all. It has helped me save a lot on gas money, and I think it's a very reliable and comfortable car. It has built in navigation which is also useful.

- kataie t

These are great cars as long as nothing goes wrong.

It has had several recalls which are inconvenient to leave at the dealership and they do not give a rental car. I do like the gas mileage since I can plug it in. I currently have to spend $4, 000 for a new master cylinder and brakes which is very expensive.

- Rebecca R

Prius: safe, reliable, and money saving.

I really like my Prius. It gets great gas mileage and has save me a lot of money every month. The Prius also has a surprising amount of storage for how small it looks. I trust the safety features of the Prius to keep me and my family safe while on the road.

- Cory L

Good mpg for the price of gas I like this car a lot.

Good mpg the well-rounded, fuel-efficient 2018 Toyota Prius earns a spot in the top third of our compact car rankings. It has a large cargo hold and a long features list, but tight rear seats and sluggish highway passing power keep it from ranking higher.

- Ashton P

It is a hybrid! It is functional yet cute, gets great gas mileage, and uses less gas which helps the environment.

I love that my Prius is a hybrid, so I get better gas mileage and am slightly helping the environment. It is small yet comfortable. I sometimes dislike how common the car is. It feels like so many people have a Prius. I wish it was a little more unique.

- Chelsea P

Great amenities in a simple package.

The mileage is amazing and the car is small, but has a great amount of space for transporting large items. I love the comfort of the seats and the control panel on the dashboard. I get almost 50 miles to the gallon and only fill up every three weeks.

- Cheryl N

Prius vehicles are great, safe family cars. Toyota is a reliable brand and it saves you on gas.

Prius is really big on saving gas. I drove a lot in a short amount of time, about 200,000 miles already and it is still working great. I don't have to get oil changes as much either. It's surprisingly spacious for looking small from the outside.

- Jennifer G

The great gas mileage and smooth handling of the car on the road.

What I like the most is the gas mileage I get and the smooth ride and handling. What I like least is the storage capacity, you have to understand that I had a truck before I got the prius. I can't pick up and carry large loads like I use to.

- Richard S

It really does get outstanding mpg.

I love the fuel mileage it gets because it saves me money. I love the solar powered fan that keeps the interior from becoming overwhelmingly hot even in the summer. I like the stereo system that produces great sound with little power used.

- James E

The most important thing about the Toyota Prius is that it gets the best gas mileage of any car that I've ever owned.

I love that it is a small vehicle, yet it has a lot of room. The best thing about the Toyota Prius is that it gets amazing gas mileage. I also love that it is small enough to get into tight spots, turn around easy and maneuvers well.

- Veronica J

The 2012 Toyota Prius is wonderful.

I love the 2012 Toyota Prius. It drives smoothly. All it is functions are self-explanatory and I love the power button. Also, since I have the hunchback, not only does it have a lot of trunk space but the car itself is very spacious.

- Bk K

It's a hybrid and the gas mileage is the best feature!

We love our Prius as a family. The gas mileage is wonderful as we do a lot of traveling for my daughter's modeling career. There is ample leg room for us to stretch out on long trips and room to take friends with us if we want to.

- Heather G

Hybrid car extends fuel efficiency to the maximum.

Got my Toyota Prius to replace my Ford Taurus that died after 10+ years. I love the Prius for its space as well at its gas mileage. The hybrid engine makes it extremely fuel efficient and the engine is very quiet when idle.

- Christine F

The Prius and its energy.

The Prius is a well working car, with affordable energy. My tank can be filled with $20 and last 4 days without having to refill. The gas is a little slow to reacting, as is the break. But over all the Prius is a great car.

- Michelle R

The car get me 45 miles per gallon on average but can easily do 50+.

The car is the best for long travels. It save me a lot of money on gas and is low maintenance. Only downside I could say about my car is that it is slow but I guess that is also why it is able to save so much in gas.

- Guo Y

It gets at least 50 mpg especially when driving locally.

I love the amazing gas mileage I get. I'm able to use a single tank of gas a week even though my commute is 40 miles each way. One thing that is not as likeable is the lack of acceleration when starting from a stop.

- Nicole R

44 Miles per hour. It saves so much on fuel costs

All about the fuel efficiency. I went from getting max of 15 MPH to 44 MPH. It's comfortable, stylish enough, and low maintenance. I suppose on the dislike side, it could be quieter inside, but minor complaint.

- Merr C

It gets great gas mileage.

I love my Prius for the excellent gas mileage. I don't love that my front bumper continues to come loose because it's too low in the front and if you bump into a parking stop, it causes the bumper to pop off.

- Marie K

Should that BIG battery "go out" it can be recharged rather than replaced for less than half the price of a new battery.

I love the average miles per gallon of this car, it's the second Prius I've owned. It's can take steep grades and keep up in fast traffic with ease. Not a high performance car, but certainly meets my needs.

- Margaret N

The car gets incredible mileage and is low maintenance

The car is easy to drive and gets amazing mileage. I don't like the trunk being narrow from the slope of the hatch, it makes larger items hard to fit. Overall though I would buy this model of car again.


Toyota Prius: Roomy and Economical

I love my Prius and would buy another one in the future. It is roomy, with the seats down, I've transported a 7 foot long desk. And of course it gets great gas mileage. I highly recommend the Prius!

- Amy F

My car is a hybrid and great on gas

I love having a hybrid. I wish it had more pick up, but i take the fuel economy over most anything else. I enjoy how the car drives, but i don't like the beep that happens when it is in reverse.

- Alyssa K

It's hybrid so I get amazing gas mileage all the time.

I really enjoy the hybrid function and how quiet the motor is. The music functions are perfect for my needs. The way that it handles all weather is wonderful. This car has never let me down.

- Samantha H

Fuel Mileage is almost as good as advertised. resent trip while crossing West Texas speed limit 80 MPH got 49,7 MPG

Fuel Mileage. Fuel Mileage, Fuel Mileage. Handles well on road, more room than most realize. no complaints or dislikes. wish an upgraded seat option were available for driver and passenger.

- Jimmie J

MPH matters more than anything! Hybrids are the best of both worlds.

LOVE the mpg of my hybrid. There are somethings that are lacking though, the touchscreen isn't very responsive, the backup camera isn't very clear, just little things that could be better.

- Wendy R

Gas mileage is fantastic. Small tank but goes at least 450 miles

Screen for in dash radio / nav difficult to see when sun is present. Left driver side armrest falling apart. Poor insulation so others outside vehicle can listen to Bluetooth communication

- Anthony L

It is fuel efficient since it is a hybrid. It makes use of the energy generated by the moving wheels. It has good technology

It is a gray Toyota Prius 2012. I like that It has a dashboard screen and that it has rear-view camera and bluetooth capability. I also like fuel efficiency. I don't like its appearance.

- Philip S

Great cost of ownership. Low maintenance and good mpg.

Like the economy, comfortable, convenient nav system, roomy trunk with split seats can carry a lot. Dislike blind spots in front, how low to the ground (curbs, bumps can be an issue).

- Mary M

It is the most comfortable car I've ever had, both inside and the way it drives.

My car has been very reliable, with very few problems. My left blinker has gone out once. Very comfortable for me and my fiance. Basic features is all I need to be happy. I love it.

- Hannah B

Many incentives to buy and a dependable car that should last a long time. Out third Prius, and we still drive all of them.

Plugin vehicle costs little as we have solar panels, have an HOV sticker, great mileage, and received tax credits, and the smartest car to buy for the price. Drives great and roomy.

- justo a

It's hybrid and gas efficient

I love that it's a hybrid. The gas mileage is really good and it drives smoothly. I also really like that it's a hatchback and the way the storage works. It's been a great purchase!

- Asher B

It gets great gas mileage; especially on trips or longer drives; which saves a lot of money!

It gets GREAT gas mileage. It's large enough to hold all our gear for traveling/camping and to lay out our sleeping bags in it if the weather is bad. I don't have any complaints.

- Deb O

Being eco-conscious is COOL and every car can do it

I love that it is a hybrid vehicle, is a well made car from a reputable company that lasts a long time without catastrophic failures. I love the style of its exterior and interior.

- Ruth T

The Air conditioning sucks but the gas is so great

The Prius is a really good car. The gas is amazing. It runs really smoothly and a great car. The only thing that would be bad is the air conditioning you can't feel it in the back

- Nunya B

I drive 100+ miles almost every day and it costs me less to fill for one month than my other car which is rarely driven (100 miles per month).

The gas mileage is great, I drive 100+ miles a day. I wish it had more cargo space as it is a family car abs hard to travel for long times with small kids and all their gear.

- Peter G

They are very underrated.

Although the gas tank is small, I can go at total of 450 miles on around 8 gallons. It is not one of those cars you want to take on a big family vacation because of space.

- Jessica J

Heat only runs off gas engine, so not true electric vehicle in the Northeast winter.

Vehicle is a prius plug-in. Excellent gas mileage w/ no range anxiety. Comfortable to ride. Electric range is only about 10 miles on a charge - would like at least 30.

- Alan C

there's not many cars out there that are better on gas

I love the gas mileage and also the fact that the car drives smooth and doesn't make noise. Didn't have any trouble with it yet and it has more space than people think

- Mark B

Great gas mileage while still having good power for highway driving

Very comfortable, good leg room for a tall family, awesome gas mileage, reliable, good visibility, love the hatchback for easy loading, family friendly, cost efficient

- Bronwen J

It's a lot more spacious than you think it would be.

It gets great gas mileage and handles well. I haven't had any major issues with it in the time I've had it. Despite it being a hybrid, it's relatively easy to repair.

- Miguel Z

Toyota means reliability to most people, the Prius is that and fuel efficient.

I love my Prius. I use it mainly for work so I greatly appreciate that it is awesome on gas and is very reliable. As an added bonus, it can hold quite a bit of cargo.

- Andrew S

Obviously Excellent Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy, great value and incentives from dealership. Poor console layout (not designed for Florida sunshine) which has apparently been addressed in newer models.

- Peter p

Affordable, efficient, and all around a decent car if owned by a decent driver

If you can drive it well it is a great car on size, speed (if you are not the type to want speeding tickets) and very fuel efficient, I can usually get it to 46 mpg

- Vladimir R

Love my Prius 50 mpg city driving!

Love the Prius, gets 50 mpg. Comfortable to drive. Fits 5 ADULTS without feeling cramped. Trunk is amazing. With hatchback, and seats down can haul almost anything.

- kristi p

It is a Hybrid and environmental friendly, comfortable vehicle.

I don't like that it is so small it is hard to see around cars parked on the street. I like that it uses very little gas if any. It is very quiet and comfortable.

- Joseph C

It is amazing gas mileage and makes me feel better about the environment.

The only thing that I don't like is the headlight malfunction. Most headlights get condensation in them and then the bulb burns out. Other then that I love my car.

- Jessica V

It gets great gas mileage and is good for the environment.

I like the fact that it gets great gas mileage. I also like the ability to put the seats down to carry large items. It does have poor visibility for blind spots.

- Karen S

It is safe and reliable, the gas is good, you will own the car forever.

I like how it runs smoothly and the gas mileage is good. I do not like some of the old features that are outdated. Sometimes it makes noises but is overall good.

- Karen G

It is a hybrid vehicle and can use EV only.

My Toyota Prius is fuel efficient that really saves me on gas money versus any other vehicle I've ever owned. very reliably and fits my family of 4 comfortably.

- Pablo G

The Prius gets very good gas mileage, so you don't have to stop to fill up eru often.

The hybrid saves us money on gas. The ride is nice. It's a lot of room for luggage or hauling things. I can easily get a wheelchair in and out of the hatchback.

- Nancy H

Very economical to use and there is more than enough power to drive around.

Good mileage, fun to drive, no mechanical problems, suits our needs. There are many cars like our on the road, means it is a very popular car. We love our car.

- Marcelo R

Toyota Prius gets great gas mileage, and still is fun to drive.

I love the gas mileage. It is also pretty comfortable. I do not like the cost of parts from Toyota. I wish they put the defrost control on the steering wheel.

- Tim P

Most people think the car us small. It is very spacious and accommodating.

I like the gas mileage. We have a large family with lots of activities, it fits more stuff than meets the eye. Maintenance is easy and can be done on our own.

- Megan W

It is a hybrid car that is the leading seller in California.

My vehicle is environmentally friendly. It has decent space and style. I do not like the lack of air vents in the back seat. It also lacks power at times.

- Edward H

Great fuel economy for commuters who travel to and from work at least 20 miles!

I like that it doesn't consume a lot of gas. I like that it is quiet. I like the overall look. The only thing I'd like different is to have a bit more space.

- Skip M

It's ok it's not the best car but it still works.

There is no vent in the back seat so when it's the summer time it can get really hot back there. When it floods the car is really low so it's kinda scary.

- Emily M

Perfect car for anyone who drives

I have had no problems with it so far, it has been reliable, comfortable, and easy to drive. The mileage is awesome. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

- Gillian E

It is economical and gets great gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage and the fact that I only fill up every two weeks. However, I'm not particularly impressed with the design and the lack of power.

- Dubaliel b

The gas mileage is so amazing. I do not see how i'll ever get a different vehicle.

I love the gas mileage and the size of the car. I dislike the size of the gas tank, I wish it was larger so that more miles could be traveled per tank.

- Jessie J

I buy gas for my car every other month or less, and it's great.

Pros: great gas mileage, nice sound system, comfortable, dependable when driven regularly Cons: 12v battery dies during longer periods of inactivity.

- Alisa D

It's a lot of car in what seems like a small package

Love the gas mileage. It has a tight turning radius. Big enough for my family but not a huge vehicle. Better for the environment than gas only cars.

- dia c

Superior gas mileage. Could not ask to get more miles per gallon.

I like everything about my vehicle with the exception of my windows. I plan on getting them tinted very soon, it gets very hot in the summer months.

- Sandy H

Mileage is great, very low maintenance.

Very reliable, no problems 114, 000 miles to date, change oil regularly with no other maintenance, only problem is car jumps when you hit a pothole.

- Marvin K

This Car Offers Great Gas Mileage

I'm tall (6'4") but I fit in the car comfortably. The gas mileage is great (35 - 50 mpg) being a hybrid autoSome repair items can be very expensive.

- Timothy H

Toyota Prius reliable with good gas mileage.

The Prius is a reliable car that gets good gas mileage. Have not had any problems with this car so far. The satellite radio is very good to have.

- Richard Y

Great gas mileage, little maintenance, I expect this car to last 200,000 miles. Owning this car won't cost you an arm and a leg!

Love the gas mileage and reliability of this vehicle. Very little maintenance required. Change the oil, rotate the tires, change the filters., etc.

- Velvet W

The Toyota Prius is an excellent car for short drives and commuting locally. However, I maintenance is expensive over time.

Initially I loved my Prius, and enjoyed the hybrid features. However, I have found that it does restrict longer drives and maintenance is costly.

- Zannah C

Toyota Prius Review Very Reliable

Been great! Very reliable. Only regular oil changes and tires for maintaining. Also changed windshield wipers one time. That's it. 130k miles

- Angela S

Don't judge a car by looks alone. It might not be the most stylish car on the road but it's a solid car for what I paid.

You can't beat the mileage. The power under the hood is a little lax compared to most cars but I'll trade a higher MPG over looks any day.

- Dave T

It's a hybrid therefore it is fuel efficient.

I like that it is fuel efficient. I do not like that it is powder blue. I like that it has Bluetooth. I do not like that people hate it.

- Alexandra D

Forget what the stereotype jokes all say about the Prius. The slightly higher price tag saves you at the gas pump. I love it.

I love getting 45 MPG, as it makes for inexpensive vacations. I find it roomy for someone of my size. It has minimal blind spot issues.

- Michael W

Dependable and low operating cost.

Great on mileage and low maintenance cost. Plenty of features to make the commute to work enjoyable. Good space for the size of vehicle.

- Sean r

Great gas mileage and reliable

Great car. Great mileage. REcently changed the batter but that is all the work I've ever had to do on it minus tires and oil changes.

- Leslie C

It is compact and fuel efficient. It is great for parking in Los Angeles.

I like the fuel efficiency. I like how compact my care is. I dislike how not powerful it is. It could be more smoother on the drive.

- Calvin S

It gets 50+ miles to the gallon of gas. It is also pretty good in snow, for a smaller 2 wheel drive vehicle.

It is extremely reliable. performs well and is comfortable. It also gets great gas mileage. There is nothing about it I do not like.

- Alyssa F




Well made and worth every penny.

It is an electric car with a gas engine; fuel efficient. It is a low maintenance vehicle. Very comfortable. Quiet; does not rattle.

- Stephen M

Prius is amazing and awesome

The vehicle is very comfortable, has a lot of tech perks including a backup camera and built in gps. Best car i have ever owned.

- Chance R

The almost perfect car almost.

Gas mileage is superior. A bit small when on a long trip also seems to have a lot of windows. So tinted windows would be my nice.

- Sandy H

That it is fuel efficient and made by a good manufacturer.

I love the fuel efficiency. I love the amount of storage provided by the hatchback. I dislike that there are several blind spots.

- Christal K

People should know that the Toyota Prius gets awesome mileage.

Love the gas mileage. Love how it handles. Love how roomy it is and how many things you can haul since the back seats come down.

- Rebecca J

It has great gas mileage but is so low to the ground that you can damage it by hitting bumps or snow

It gets great gas mileage. However, it has a big bar in the rear window that blocks your view. And it is too low to the ground.

- Molly B

The back seats lay completely flat which gives nice room for storage.

Good gas mileage, reliable car. No complaints. It has good safety ratings and has good space. The seats fold all the way down.

- Eden M

It is a hybrid car and saves us a ton of money on gas.

Very reliable car. We have never had any problems with it. We love the gas mileage it saves us. Very comfortable and stylish.

- Erica H

It's a pretty good car. But it makes weird noises.

It sometimes can make weird noises. I had to get it fixed many times but I can still live with that car for another 2 years.

- Joel L

Great value, performance, look- maybe not for a young family of four.

The gas mileage is deteriorating at quick rate. It is hard to sit in the passenger seat with the car seats for our children.

- Chelsea B

The Toyota Prius is energy efficient with about 50 mpg

The Toyota Prius has really good mileage (about 50 miles per gallon). It has a smooth and quiet engine. It's very reliable.

- Michelle S

It makes NO noise, sounds when backing up. It can be dangerous when people neither see nor hear me in a parking lot.

My prius is reliable. I love how long I can drive on a tank of gasoline. My built in nav system and sirius radio are great.

- Judy N

It will save you a lot of money on gas!

I love my hybrid car. It saves me a ton on gas and it's good for the environment. I have no complaints about my hybrid car.

- Daniel W

I have a center screen for Bluetooth.

My car is great for reliability and has one of the smallest cost ownerships. I get great gas mileage and the car is quiet.

- Kiara S

It is a great day to day vehicle and it will save you money.

I dislike that the car is too low profile and there is a of road noise. I like the room interior. I like the gas mileage.

- Lori M

Hybrid car still getting outstanding mileage.

My car has over 60000 miles and is reliable and run smoothly. Still getting over 48 miles to the gallon. No complaints.

- Karla S

I love that it is a hybrid. The hatchback trunk makes it seem like there is more space. The center console is different.

It gets the best gas mileage when doing highway travel. In town it still gets good mileage, just not as good as highway.

- Leeah S

You get a lot of mileage for your gas.

It saves me gas. It is small but spacious. It is comfortable to drive. I do not have any thing that makes me dislike it.

- Jennifer M

Great value, and great reliable car.

Its so fast and quiet. I love that it operates on electric power. Driving feels like a game to get that battery charged.

- Rae B

It defiantly saves me gas money, it is roomy. I owned it for 4 years and never had an issue with it

I love the Mileage it gives, its roomy. My only complaint is that the front seats are not too comfortable for long trips

- Kenya B

The most important thing about my Prius is that it gets really good gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage. I like that it helps the environment. I don't like the body style. I don't like the horsepower.

- Dana G

The gas mileage is very good, weather you are driving in the city or on the highway.

My vehicle gets awesome gas mileage. It is very quiet. I also love the fact that it is a comfortable riding vehicle.

- Susan C

You are able to get crazy good gas mileage and maintenance is low key.

It has horrible acceleration but I absolutely love the gas mileage I get. I'm able to go 1-2 weeks without filling up

- Nicole S

It is very fuel efficient and gets almost 500 miles per tank of gas

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage and is nice to drive. The car can also hold 4 people comfortably and luggage

- Courtney G

Great on gas and roomy enough for trips

The car is amazing on gas. I love being able to drive more for less. There is plenty of room for storage in the back.

- Jackie E

I save a lot of money on gas. Since my car is a Prius.

No complaints. Only problem I run into is getting an oil change here and there. Also the parts are expensive to fix.

- Ayah A

It is very spacious inside.

Like the gas mileage and it has a lot of room inside and very reliable. I am very surprised how much pick up it has.

- Doug C

Great mileage AC could be better

The AC in the back seat is almost non-existent, but the gas mileage is amazing and it's comfortable for long drives

- Jean G

It is a comfortable and economical auto. Roomy and efficient.

Comfortable and roomy with great mileage. A pleasure to own and know I save money on gas. Quiet and well crafted.

- Roxanne H

It is hybrid and electric.

It is hybrid and I like everything about it. It is small car but very smooth and it is perfect for a small family.

- Sharon K

Great on gas and has plenty of room for the whole pack.

I like the hatchback. Great on gas. Very spacious. Great for a dog owner or outdoors person. Love the power mode.

- Whitney S

This car gets great mileage.

I like that it is hybrid and gets great mileage. I do not like the fake engine noises and the small gloveboxes.

- Alexandra T

The gas mileage is awesome, can go a long distance before filling up the tank

I love the gas mileage, the color, the moon roof, the touch screen. I dislike how low the car is to the ground.

- shobhna n

It is reliable and does well in the winter.

Love that it 'saves on gas. Love that it is environmentally friendly. Love that it gets me where I need to go.

- Kristin P

It has amazing gas mileage. Sometimes I can get up to 75 miles per gallon

I don't really have any complaints. I love my car. It gets great gas mileage. It's easy to drive and maintain.

- Brittany S

It's a hybrid so gets amazing gas mileage and extremely comfortable!

No problems, performs great, very reliable, extremely comfortable and is a hybrid so gets amazing gas mileage!

- Archie S

This is a good car to keep down your gas costs, since it is a hybrid.

I love the Eco-mode, but also that I can take it off and it will zoom around. It is a fun, yet practical car.

- Susan R

Everyone needs a new Prius!

I have had no problems with my prius. I love this car. I get between 47-50 mpg regularly. Comfy and quiet!

- tara l

You need to use premium gas in it, and replace with fully synthetic oil.

The acceleration is low, but once it gets going it is better. It is very comfortable. And the seats are nice.

- Tyler G

Gas mileage and range is fantastic. Car has more interior room than you'd expect judging from the outside.

Lots of cargo space with hatchback trunk. Can hear more rattles interior of car compared to luxury vehicles.

- Jia T

Sleek design along with an environmentally conscious engine.

Feel great about helping the environment and do it while in style and comfort. The Prius has been excellent.

- Jackie S

I love my Toyota Prius because it is an earth-friendly, reliable car. I get at least 45-50 miles per gallon and mostly drive on ECO. I have no problem driving up and down hills, while traveling through national parks. It's performance is awesome on snow and gravel roads. And the best part, if I run out of gas the car will run solely on the ION battery for several miles!

I can get 50 miles per gallon and the engine switches between gas and ION battery to save cost of gasoline.

- Irma R

It has a back up mirror and seat warmers

This car gets me where I need to go, I don't understand how to use the electronically functional dashboard.

- Kendall H

2012 Toyota Prius II - A commuter's dream.

Great gas mileage, has held up pretty well. Not a lot of maintenance required. Easy to clean. Drives well.

- matt f

Good gas mileage and good reliable car.

Good gas mileage. Expensive insurance. Good reliable car. Lots of room for a small car. Good resale value.

- Melissa B

It's very reliable, gets great gas mileage, seats 5 people very comfortably, excellent for road trips!

No problems, performs great, very reliable, extremely comfortable and it's a hybrid so great gas mileage!

- Arthur S

others should know how good it is at the mpg game.

I like that it saves money with good mpg, but the inside is cheap but worth the money and plus smells bad

- Hannah l

Depending on the driving conditions, it is able to attain tremendous mpg.

The Prius gets excellent mileage. And it has been very dependable. I wish it had a bit more cargo space.

- Quimby e

Great gas mileage that they would get if they drove a prius

My car is in good condition. I love the gas mileage I save. My only dislike is sometimes lack of power

- jen r

It gets 50 mpg and I only have to buy gas once or twice a month.

No complaints. I love the gas mileage, the technology, and the silent cabin. I wish it was all electric.

- Larry H

I get great gas mileage with the car.

I like everything about my car. Great gas mileage, very comfortable, economical and great sound system.

- Dean H

reliable dependable very fuel efficient would buy another one

fuel efficiency reliable dependable don't like the color would like heated seats but great fuel mileage

- mary A

Comfortable and great miles per gallon!

I love the gas mileage. I drive about 500 miles a week and only fill up once. Affordable used vehicle.

- Kacey B

Its last a long time and its still working hard since its a Toyota

Great gas since its a hybrid. Love the look of the car and fan of Toyota. Don't like how its too small

- stacy d

I love it but it is low riding and I can get stuck in snow easily.

If I put premium gas in I usually get 50mpg. I have not had issues with the car but keep it tuned up.

- Ellen A

Good mileage, safe gas, comfort, roomer, big trunk

Performance good, comfort, roomer, big trunk, safe gas, low maintenance. The problems is less power,

- Vidha R

it's roomier than it looks and can store a lot in the trunk

it has great gas mileage. it has enough room in the back seats. i haven't had any issues with it

- d l

The car has great mileage per gallon

I have a 2012 Prius 3. I getabout 42 mpg. I am able to fit a surprising number of things in it.

- Eve l

It has great mileage and it will save you a lot of money. It took half the amount of fuel compared to gasoline engine to go the same distant.

It has excellent mileage. It does not require a lot of maintenance. It is also easy to handle.

- hoa d

It has a couple of high tech options and the interior is really nice to be in.

It has a decent amount of gas mileage. The car interior is nice. I dislike the noise though.

- Cole T

How great the fuel efficiency is and how well it handles in winter

I like how fuel efficient it is. I like how it handles in winter. I dislike the back window.

- Ryan W

The car is comfortable, fuel efficient and practical.

I like that it's compact but spacious, saves money on gas, saves energy, uses less fuel.

- pam m

It is highly gas efficient.

I love the high gas mileage. Also, it runs quietly. It can carry all of my work stuff.

- S B

relatively good gas mileage

low consumption on gas; relatively high gas mileage; relatively quiet ride; smooth ride

- Alex W

I haven't had any problems with my Prius. I love saving on gas, I average 40-50 mpg. It is pretty roomy too, our family of 4 drove from NY to FL for vacation with no problem!

Gas mileage will depend on how you drive. Not everyone will get great mileage from it.

- Marce B

My car is a Hybrid. Uses gas and Battery when needed.

I Love my Prius. I get great gas mileage. I will keep it until it will not go anymore.

- Charlotte G

It is very reliable, I have never had a problem with it

It is a hybrid so great fuel economy, easy to drive, easy to park- I will buy another

- Bro L

good gas mileage, good for driving long distances

love the fuel efficiency and storage capacity, wish it had a little more horsepower

- max S

it gets great gas mileage and has the green stickers.

it is an electric plug-in car. it gets good gas mileage and has the green stickers

- michael n

he body style is sleek for a small car. There is plenty of room in the individual seating areas. It is unbelievable what you can haul in this little car! The fuel economy is fantastic. we get over 50 mpg on the highway which is most of our driving. It is so easy to park when running errands for the day. Visibility from inside the car is great. we are very happy with it. So much so we are looking for another one!

The Prius is a small sporty vehicle with great fuel economy and good cabein room.

- sandra t

I would prefer if the visibility was better, especially when trying to look at my blind spots. The pillars are in the way. I also don't like the horizontal spoiler in the middle of the rear liftback.

Fuel efficiency and reliability make the Toyota Prius a good car for the value.

- Helen B

It gets great gas mileage. It is good for the environment.

It's a great car. It has great gas mileage. It does have a lot of road noise.

- Shannon H

It is not a gas guzzler and does not run while stopped at signals

great mileage and runs great no complaints a much better car than I expected

- steven l

hybrid! the fuel savings is why i wanted this car

i love the energy efficiency, but the back window is awful and needs a camera

- Robyn W

It does really well in the snow because of how heavy it is

It's fuel efficient. It's quiet to drive and has an excellent turning radius

- Ryan D

Gas mileage is incredible. The car is driving and it's using both electric and gas. The battery is constantly on while driving.

It is a hybrid. The gas mileage is extremely affordable. It's a white car.

- Daya G

That I get over 50 mpg, average of city and highway.

I love the mileage I get. I don't like the design - too many blind spots.

- Robert W

it saves gas. only fill once every 10-14 days! buy one and hug a tree

saves on gas! don't like the hugh console in the middle of the front seat

- lanie f

this vehicle's gas economy is top notch - durable, too

great economy vehicle. no flair or style. millions of them, everywhere.

- Holger N

The best because of it is well worth the investment.

I Love the gas mileage. I Love the keyless ignition. I Love the color.

- Joanna J

It's super energy efficient, and gets great gas mileage, both in city and highway. It's a lot faster than people think.

Energy efficient is a positive. Great on gas mileage. Needs an update.

- CJ F

Good car for the price. Good gas mileage for city and leiser traveling.

Better fuel efficiency. Not many blind spots. keyless feature is nice.

- kevin R

it gets 50 miles to a gallon of gas

It's comfortable drives like a sports car. It's small, easy to park.

- gary B

I like that my vehicle is very fuel efficient. I spend about half as much in gasoline as I used to on my old car. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is a bit hard to brake smoothly in it.

You will save a lot of money on gasoline if you buy a Toyota Prius.

- Sabreena S

The Prius gets great gas mileage and is comfortable on long tips.

I love getting 46 mpg! We travel a lot and it is very comfortable.

- Linda E

more room to cart things than you would think

Gas mileage - roomy for a small car- heated seats -safety features

- Wendy B

it hasn't broken down yet and i drive it but not everyday

it is a prius. it is red. i do not like the color but it will do

- ken c

Gas mileage is excellent More roomy than it appears Good value for the money

Gas mileage Good pick up and go Radio is good Inside spacious

- Lurinda G

Expensive to buy but cheap to drive

Using air lowers gas mileage. Best at 50.mph . Easy to drive

- Lina R

I've only owned my Prius just over a month, but had major surgery the week after I bought it. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted, the Prius III, for the navigation system and backup camera. So far, I LOVE the gas mileage, it's fun to watch the computer screen and adjust my driving as I go. I am looking forward to doing some Prius camping ... yes, it's a thing!

My Prius III gets Excellent Gas Mileage and is fun to drive!

- Kathy H

The fuel savings and the money saved over time that is good

Like the hybrid technology but the system in it is outdated

- Nicholas A

Its is very reliable and the fuel economy is as expected.

I love the reliability and fuel economy. It always works.

- Raymond G

It gets great gas mileage but the batteries are quite expensive

it gets good gas mileage is comfortable and fun to drive

- Kara D

Very economic. Not flashy but has Bluetooth and a lot of wonderful features.

Great mileage. Good space for groceries and car seats.

- Anna M

Good for the planet. Doesn't use much gas

I love that It's hybrid. Don't like the rear window

- Robyn D

I like the gas mileage. i like the amount of storage for the size of the vehicle. I like the look of it, until they changed it in 2016.

It has a decent about of power for a hybrid vehicle

- jen b

Great mileage all the time and very reliable and good power

Great mileage. Very reliable low maintenance costs

- Christine C

It's kind of slow in the efficient mode.

Performance is good. Mileage efficiency is nice.

- Sam R

great gas mileage and range

great gas mileage. being a hybrid slow pickup

- bruce B

gas mileage, reliable, fun to own

great gas mileage, reliable, low cost to own

- joe R