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Compact yet roomy car with convenient hatchback and excellent fuel economy.

My car averages about 38 or so mpg in city. I can usually get up to 50 average on the highway. The car comes with a handy screen at eye level with the speedometer that tells you how much gas you use. I love this feature! And when you put gas in, you can adjust the price per gallon and the car will tell you how much it cost to make even the smallest trip. The settings and everything are super easy to figure out without having to read the manual for everything. There are 2 screens. One for your engine and mpg readout. The other is the radio and other add on features. My car did not come with GPS, but you can have that added into the car. The only downside to that is the cost of upgrading the GPS every year can add up quickly. The seats in the car also fold down very nicely, and you'll be amazed at how much you can actually fit in the Prius! On long road trips I like to lay down the seats and make a bed in the back. Since the car charges its hybrid battery automatically, you can have the car on for a good amount of time and use very little gas. Since the key is a fob and does not actually go in anything to start the car, they can be expensive to replace. But I have never had to, and it's really easy to change the battery yourself. If you leave the car on and start walking away the car beeps at you to let you know. You can also unlock the car by touching the door handle with the key in your pocket or purse. The car starts different, but once you get used to it, "normal" cars will feel weird to you.

- Cassandra S

Prius will last you years with no major compromises.

I think the 2015 Toyota Prius is a great car. I have had it for 3 years now and have about 30, 000 miles. The only things that have needed to get replaced is some filters (a/c, window cleaner) and window wipers. The brakes are still brand new and tires are at about 60%. I have been told that Priuses tend to eat through tires because of the way the brakes work to charge the battery, but my tires are doing surprisingly good. The brakes can last forever. I love the hatchback trunk; it makes it feel so roomy and you can store a lot of things back there. The only negatives I can think of are the body material dents really easily if you are in a crash and the headlights could be brighter in my opinion.

- Sarah G

The Prius saves on gas and handles well - a great car for everyday commuting.

It handles well, it's comfortable, and I like the driver-comfort features (heated seats, steering wheel controls, AC is good). It does not handle well in the snow at all though. The driver-assist that kicks in when the car slips in slippery conditions messes up my usual driving method. I wish there was a way to override that. My daughter (3) likes the car too. She says it's comfy and she can hear her music good in the back seat. I like that it's a hybrid and I get better MPG than other cars. I wish the seats were not fake leather. I park in a surface lot and when I get back to my car after a full summer day of work, it burns my butt/thighs to sit on those seats with my work skirts on...

- Laura G

Comfort, space and economical all in one package!

This is my second Prius because I loved my first one so much. I had it for 9 years and this one for 4, so far. Both have been reliable with only routine maintenance being necessary. While they appear to be small vehicles, the Prius is actually very roomy, both for passengers and with excellent space for transporting other items, especially with the hatchback. I have actually won bets on how much I could fit in it. Of course, the gas mileage is one of the best features! I get an average of at least 45 mpg, so gas goes pretty far. So between that and the reliability, this car costs me next to nothing to run. Thank you Toyota!

- Kari M

My car. Popular with consumers because of its style and all unique features.

I really like my car because it has been very reliable. I have not had any problems with my 2015 Prius since I got it. This is my second Prius, my first one was totaled by a flood we had in Virginia beach/Norfolk some years ago. The only problem I have had is that people keep running into my car and a rock hit my windshield so I had my windshield replaced. This car has a many features that I have never had before. It tells me the temperature outside, a camera for backing up. You cannot lock yourself out of the car because the car will not lock if you leave the keys in the car. The alarm sounds off.

- Marie E

Fantastic Prius with amazing gas mileage!

Love the vehicle but would like a little more comfort. The gas mileage is fantastic and it is very easy to drive and get in and out of small places. The car seats four adults comfortably but is a little tight with five people. The hatch back holds all the groceries I want and you can lay the back seats down to carry large items. I like the cover in the back, especially when we travel because we can slide the cover over our luggage and no one can see in. The cover is also removable and can lay in the back when you want to lay the back seats down.

- Judy H

Feeling fancy without the price tag!

We love our Prius. Normal wear and tear, only need it to be in the shop for basic oil changes and tire rotations. Absolutely love the gas mileage that we get! It is a nice looking car too. One selfish reason why I love the Prius is that no one can tell what economic status you are! Everyone has a Prius, fancy rich people to poor college students. It is a great priced car and it really works for our family. Love the fact that the trunk is open, makes it super roomy. We can fit a lot of stuff in our Prius when we lower the back seats. Amazing!

- Mckenna G

The perfect ride for me! Gas mileage is awesome.

I love my car! The gas mileage was the main concern when looking to purchase. It has been very dependable. Love driving it as it has enough power when I need it, such as passing on the interstate. I love the backup camera and the Bluetooth features. I also like the shifter position. I looked at some newer models of Prius but was really turned off by the relocation of the shifter. Like my 2015 much better. Also no complaints with the hatchback storage and those fold down seats are awesome. No complaints at all. I love driving my car.

- Jackie S

Amazing, Comfortable and Reliable Toyota Prius

This Prius is amazing! Best car I could have ever purchased. I travel a long distance to work everyday, and the gas mileage is great. I have never paid more than $30 for gas. The performance is great. It is half gas/ half hybrid, so I can charge it for up to 15 miles. I can either put the car on eco-mode or power mode when going up hills. The reliability is outstanding. Brakes are good, car is push start. Very comfortable; 4 seater, cushioned and warm seats, air conditioned. Includes touch screen radio, Bluetooth and more.

- Crystal M

Dependable, practical, and all around great vehicle.

My Prius has a great gas mileage and I can often go a couple of weeks before filling up my tank, even with driving very regularly. It is comfortable and compact while still having space to comfortably fit 4-5 people and plenty in the trunk. I absolutely love it. Some of the best features are the automatic locks- when you walk up to the car with your keys in your bag it opens up automatically, keyless start up and the automatic Bluetooth connection. The car also allows you to connect multiple phones on bluetooth.

- Caitlin S

All the bells and whistles!

This car has had virtually no problems. It has a comfortable driver seat, and a fairly comfortable rear seat. With the fold down seats, the interior is nearly doubled for carrying almost anything. The rear camera is great when parking or in reverse. Navigation is standard as are USB ports as well as the " cigarette lighter" types of outlets. Cruise control, automatic headlights and an attractive dash are all standard as well. And the gas mileage is amazing. On a recent trip from Rhode island, I averaged 51 mpg.

- Virginia Q

A economical and comfortable car to drive

But I like best about my car is how efficient and economical it is to use. I only have to fill my car with gas once or twice a month. It's stylish and is spacious enough inside to be comfortable for traveling on longer trips my car also has all the features that you would expect from a newer model car such as dual front and side airbags, a Bluetooth connected stereo system, and cruise control. I also like the hatchback opening in the rear which makes it easier for loading groceries and other purchased items.

- Cheryl C

My fuel-efficient, comfortable 2015 Prius is the right car for me.

I have had my car for over three years and it is great! I have never had any problems with it and it has amazing fuel efficiency. It is comfortable, quiet, and has enough space to fit my friends and family and all of the things I lug around. While I primarily drive around the city (and it is perfect for that), my car has been reliable even when I go to the desert or mountains. The car also handles well. My only wish would be that it would have front and side sensors to detect when you are close to something.

- Karin B

The amazing Toyota Prius three.

I love my 2015 Toyota Prius three! Because it is a hybrid, tie is an eco friendly car. The Prius has excellent fuel economy, and spacious cargo area. It offers a quiet and comfortable ride. It is a comfortable car that comfortably seats five. It is well equipped with power windows, power lock doors, smart key entry, back-up camera, cruise control, rear child safety locks, many airbags, power outlets, CD player, illuminated glove box, air conditioning cup holders, and more.

- Terri C

Double check that your car is off, I have left it on a couple of times by mistake.

It is a bit noisy inside the cabin. High pitched noise common to hybrids is annoying to me but other people do not seem to notice it. I like the button that allows you get a bit of power which is helpful when trying to pass or maneuver an exit/entry ramp. I could use more space for my phone, coffee, mug, etc. in front cabin but it is not too bad. Other than that, I love the car and like saving on gas and hope that Toyota lives up to its name in terms of reliability.

- Rebecca B

It is a pretty spacious, gas saving vehicle. Good small distance travel vehicle.

I absolutely love my Prius! The gas mileage is great! I love that I can put in the amount I spend a gallon in gas and it tells me my savings per gallon. It has virtually no blind spots and the back up camera helps that even more! It is very different to drive than a regular manual car, so definitely do not go on a big road trip until you are used to driving it because you'll actually use more gas than you need to. Totally worth the value in my opinion!

- Rebekah J

Its very economic and has a comfortable seats.

My Toyota Prius is very reliable because is a hybrid car it helps me save a lot on gasoline. I love that it has an economy option to drive it and a power mode that allows me to drive more faster in the freeway. Its sits are very comfortable. The one thing that I do not like is that the shape of the back of the truck does not allow me to have a very good view for my mirror to see lane changes its very limited have to use more my review mirror.

- Sarah G

Prius: Runs forever on a tank & you�ll be amazed what you can haul in it

I love my Prius! First time I filled it up I couldn't help but send a picture to my Mom.. went 500 miles on a 10 gallon fill up & it was less than $20! Drives like a dream. Handles extremely well in all weather. Driven it through white out conditions & always had control. Has a ton of trunk space. People look at me with disbelief when I roll up with something large & surprise when it fits right in! Would recommend it to anyone.

- Liz L

Great vehicle, low gas mileage!

Our Toyota Prius has paid for itself as far as gas mileage is concerned. It is one of the best cars I have ever driven. Has been very low maintenance. Handles well. My only concern is in the winter time when the computer takes over. I know how to handle the vehicle going uphill on an icy day better than my Prius. Unfortunately sometimes the vehicle will take several attempts to complete the process. But all in all a great vehicle!

- Diane P

A good car - but in hindsight, a plug in might be better.

Problems - Bluetooth connectivity with pixel xl is not exactly consistent. Gas mileage is not as good as it was hyped to be. Also there is no automatic trunk open mechanism which sucks. Performance - I think it accelerates well for a hybrid, it is roomy, easy to maintain. Reliability - haven't had any problems for the past 3. 5 years. Comfort/features - push start, automatic window adjustments, miles to empty gas notification.

- Dana N

Gas mileage so good you may forget how to pump.

I've loved the Prius from the moment we got it. My husband and I share the car for and we have to get gas so infrequently were often surprised by the cost of the gas. It is been so long since we pulled into a gas station we honestly forget what the price was previously. We've never had a problem with the vehicle, though it did take some time to figure out the onboard computer. It is also super quiet. That shocked us at first.

- Melissa M

The brakes on the car work exceptionally well.

The Prius is a reliable car that is easy to maintain. The car drives well in the city as well as on freeways. The gas mileage is excellent at around 52 miles a gallon. Areas of improvement: it would be helpful if the base of the car was higher since it hits the speed bumps and when parking the car. I would like to see the see some creativity in being able to see the what cars are behind me from the rear-view mirror.

- Glenn S

The Prius saves you money and gives you plenty of room!

I love my Prius. I drive a lot for work, and I love taking road trips, so the Prius has saved me tons of money on gas. It's also surprisingly spacious because of the ability to lower the back seat entirely. The only real issue I have with it is how low to the ground it is. In a city, it's constantly hitting the ground when leaving a driveway or parking lot. I'd love if it were just a little higher off the ground.

- Mariah G

2015 Toyota prius. 43-50 mpg. Roomy. Great quick pick up of speed.

The Prius is roomy enough for tall men but comfortable for small women also. Seat can be raised or lowered. Being a hatchback I have been able to load 3 6ft tables and transport to my house. I avg between 43-50 mpg. Great pick up to get on freeway. Has power button for extra quick speed. Haven't had any problems other than normal maintenance. The sunroof has a solar panel also. Not sure how exactly that works.

- Marilyn C

Reliable at reasonable cost, with nice styling and interior comfort

Quiet, excellent gas mileage, easy to drive, plenty of space, comfortable, reliable and well made. Controls are easy to read and easy to use. This is my second Prius - both are easy and low cost to maintain. The only drawbacks I can point to are limited color choice (which doesn't bother me) and slight blocked vision on driver side about half way up the front window (due mostly to my short stature).

- Janet K

Great gas mileage and very reliable

I really enjoy my Prius. It gets about 45 mpg in the hot Arizona summers and 50+ in the winter. It does not need much more than standard maintenance. We have never had a recall, which is in stark contrast to the Chevy we own. I have never had a performance issue and I rarely have to use the power option. The only thing that is difficult is finding a sun visor big enough for the front window.

- Amber K

Pearl white 2015 Prius, can go to Las Vegas, around Las Vegas, and back on one full tank of gas. Depending on the stay amount, of course.

It's a pearl white 2015. The performance and reliability of the vehicle is up to par and haven't had a problem yet. The comfort level of this vehicle is really comfortable and can take up to 4 passengers, 5 including the driver. A lot of trunk space for bigger items and the back seats can fold down to give more room for other items. Features are really basic, unless you get a certain model after 2.

- Maree t

Prius 2015 Review on upgrade features (seat warmer, leather interior)

great on gas, comfortable (I'm 5ft tall), features are average, but I'm a simple person and wouldn't change much, I would like to also have seat coolers as well, the car only has seat warmers, the 2015 Prius radio is touch screen but the graphics are very mediocre, the passenger seat doesn't have the same features as the driver seat for adjustments, it would be nice to have this on both seats

- Jasmine B

People should know how great a Hybrid is. It does not mean I am some geek. It means we care about the planet. Everyone should try one. This is a fun car with purpose.

My vehicle is great! I had an old Mercedes-Benz convertible and thought I would never give it up. But my need to help the environment got me into the Prius which I love. It is a true economy car but it helps me give back to the planet and lessens our expenditures on fuel. This is the car that commutes...the Mercedes-Benz is now our vacation fun car. Call it the best of both worlds!

- David R

50 miles per gallon. Most likely more I drive with a heavy foot.

Average 50 miles per gallon and I don't baby it. The ride is very comfy. The Prius has surprising pick up for a small car. The hatchback with the seat back pushed down is also more space than one would expect. Have moved my kids back and forth with the car. Also handles very well. Have not had much trouble with the snow, however I do have 4 snow tires and don't drive like a nut.

- Ray K

This car has fantastic gas mileage and minimal maintenance requirements.

I love my Prius. It gets fantastic gas mileage and it is roomy enough that I can fit lots of equipment of materials in it. It is comfortable in the front and back for passengers. The gps is OK, has some routing issues, but eventually gets me where I want to go. Maintenance has been minimal and the dealer I used is so good I bought a second car from them a year later.

- Elisabeth M

The most important thing about the Prius is the great gas mileage and the longevity of the engine.

We love our Prius, it has great gas mileage and the trunk is really roomy for this size car. One downside is that it takes a more expensive oil for oil changes, but not a huge deal breaker. I love how comfortable the interior is, the driver's seat has electric controls and electric lumbar support which I love! And the heated seats are nice when we get cold weather.

- Rebecca W

Go more places on less gas.

I love the gas mileage the Prius gets. Also, It's a comfortable ride and the dashboard layout is good. On the negative, the car makes weird noises - I know it's the hybrid system, but I don't like it. The split window in the back is annoying and dangerous and should be redesigned. And finally, when in PARK the car lunges when transitioning from battery to engine.

- Greg F

Comfortable but not customizable.

The car gets great gas mileage which is perfect for commuting. It rides very smoothly and quietly. It is spacious and comfortable to both ride and drive in. I do not like the computer system for the radio and Bluetooth. It is often faulty. There are also some automatic settings that you cannot change (such as the back up beep) that I wish were more customizable.

- Brian B

Can cause future problem.

The vehicle is okay I just hate that in certain streets because it is short off the ground it gets scratched or does not fit in a certain parking or when coming out of a certain entrance the underneath of the car gets scratched. Therefore causing it to replace the oil container because it got a leak or having to change the brakes because they got busted etc.

- Lourdes U

2015 Toyota Prius - 4 stars.

The gas mileage is great and really helped us save money on our Minnesota to California move. The back-up cam is handy, too. Just wish it was easier to find a replacement cargo cover and that our model had a sunroof. I wish it was easier to use some of the smart-car features or that it was possible to update the car software to work with google assistant.

- Ben Z

It's so reliable! Maintenance is easy, and I can rely on excellent mileage.

I love the mileage that I get - often over 50 on the highway! It's very comfortable to drive, and the air conditioning and radio are efficient. Also, it's a beautiful shade of blue, called Sea Foam! I drive it a lot because I work out of town on contracts for my job. I have no complaints about the Prius except that the engine is not especially powerful.

- Martha B

batteries self charge on the Prius. It is a Hybrid car, so it runs on gas and electric. Dual system under the hood. Does not plug in for a charge.

Always gets around 50 mpg or better. very easy car to drive. has lots of pep and really moves quickly in all electric mode. Use the Prius to haul bigger items that will not fit in my Impala or my Pontiac G6 thanks to the hatchback and rear seats that fold down. Easily holds 5 passengers. Have taken two trips with 4 people and luggage comfortably.

- David K

Prius is very fuel efficient.

The Prius is very fuel efficient. I get between 45 and 50 miles to the gallon. I haven't has any problems with battery life, so I do not know how much a replacement would cost. My 6'2" son remarked that it had more headroom than he expected. The only problem is up hill with 3 or more adults in the car. The more weight the less pull.

- Linda L

I love GPS, runs smoothly is very dependable has a lot of zip.

I think that the visibility on the car is really poor. The windows are not big enough to get a real good view of the cars around you. There could be more storage in the back of the car. I do not feel that the gas mileage as is as good as Toyota told you it is. I feel that the gas mileage is about the same as any small compact car.

- Barbara N

It gets industry best mpg and leads to huge gas savings.

I love the miles per gallon that the vehicle provides, and the gas savings as a result. In the summers, on 9 gallons I can travel for 500 or more miles, and it saves a lot of money. A dislike, if I have to point something out, is the acceleration - slow to accelerate. But, I would sacrifice that for the good mpg and savings.

- milos b

I love my Prius! And so will you!

The 2015 Toyota Prius is a great reliable car! It is efficient on gas which is a wonderful option for any commuter. The trunk space is surprising for a compact car. The car runs great and accelerates smoothly. Everything from the functionality, look, performance and space is an optimal option for an individual or small family.

- Eman K

You will save BIG at the gas station. Buy a certified, pre-owned Prius for the best deal. You will have a great car without the crazy insurance cost.

It isn't the cutest car around but I smile every time I infrequently go to the gas station! I had a previous Prius that actually got better gas mileage than the newer one and it had more "extras: but a man crashed into me and totaled the car. I have no complaints other than the extras which isn't really about the car at all.

- Belinda P

It has met every advertised note put forward and in reality has exceeded most of them!

There is nothing I dislike about the vehicle! It does everything it was advertised to do and why I first purchased it. My 2015 is the second I have owned and it replaced my 2010 Prius. It is reliable, efficient and economical. If and when I replace my current Prius, it is almost 100 % I will replace it with another Prius!

- Russ H

Great gas mileage bad for tall people.

Not good performance in bad weather like snow ice rain or windy not a car for tall or big people or with long legs great gas mileage if you drive a lot for work or every day life in my truck it $200. 00 to visit my family one way to visit my family in Missouri in the present I can get there and back for less than a $100. 00.

- Patrick C

Versatile: city and commuting.

It is been reliable so far, it has not given me many issues. Gas mileage is great so it is a great commuter car. It also has great brakes, it is definitely handy a couple times when people cut in front of you. Overall it is a great car whether you are driving around in town or commuting to another town for work or school.

- Jamie D

Best car I have ever driven.

I bought this car in October 2018. I absolutely love it. The gas mileage is great, and I haven't had any issues with it whatsoever. It is comfortable and fits my style perfectly. Mine also came with remote start which is amazing, especially in New York during the winter. Would absolutely buy another one in a heartbeat.

- Allie L

Green, hybrid, great gas mileage, conserves more fuel when you want it to, and a little more power when you don't

I love this car! It gets great gas mileage, as it is a hybrid. It has a lot of get up and go, if you turn off the ECO button, which it conserves more fuel. It has a lot of room inside, and you can fold down the seat and haul stuff. It is a very pretty bright red. The only thing I don't like is it does not have a trunk

- Lucy W

I love my red Prius that I call Ruby.

I love the rear view camera and the line through the back window is perfectly placed to keep the cars headlights out of my way. You can see without being blinded. I also love the money I save on gas with this car being a hybrid. The power mode feature is extremely helpful when needing to go through busy city traffic.

- Whitney C

Perfect for families and for road trips.

It doesn't lock up if there's key inside. And it's really quiet so sometimes old people get scared because they don't hear the car. The seat heater is slow. The seats are really comfortable and warm (really cold when it's cold to). The car is not too big and not too small perfect for road trips and as a family car.

- Jennifer H

Family and wallet approved.

This car really saves me on gas. Drives very smoothly and it is so quiet you hardly know it is on. It is got the press to start which is a great feature. The body style is also very sleek. It is more spacious than you would think. I have one car seat and two kids for in the back just fine with plenty of legroom.

- Sherry W

Fuel-efficient, midsize car.

The Toyota Prius is a reliable and fuel-efficient car. Given the high cost of gas, the fuel-efficiency is a very cost-efficient feature, with added environmental benefits. It handles well, is easy to navigate, and is a very reasonably priced car. Additionally, it is a nice size--neither too small nor too large.

- Lina L

Prius perks for the person on the go!

It is roomy, very comfy, performs well! Nice spacious hatchback area, not a gas hog, get real good gas mileage. Accelerates well, goes well snow, rain, etc. Good radio, hooks up phone easy, nice spots to put sunglasses, phones, snacks. Easy gas area to fill up. Also dashboard cool, easy use hands free phone.

- Jennifer P

Reliable commuter car and great mpg

This car is very reliable and is a great car for commuting long distances. I drive long distances to work and it gets great gas mileage. I bought the car new and I haven't had any problems with it for the 80,000 miles that I've driven so far. The car has a good sound system for listening to the radio with.

- Matt Q

Great if you are looking to save on gas!

My little Prius is awesome. I say little because it is a small vehicle but I have a spare and two kids, I also do a carpool once a week for 2 other kids to soccer so it can accommodate a family. I love how little gas it uses. I hardly ever have to fill up and when I do it only costs me like twenty bucks!

- Megan G

New 2015 Toyota Prius review

My Prius is a 2015 model, there are no problems except it burns gas rather quickly for a Prius. I use to own a 2009 Prius and never had this problem. Not sure what the problem is but other than that, the car is extremely reliable and gives me no problems. Everyone always comments how silent the car is.

- Marissa M

My Prius is my dream car!

My Prius is a dream car. It drives like a dream. I find it really comfortable and have been told by passengers that the rear seats are comfortable, too. The audio system is good-not a basic system, but a step or two up. The controls on the steering wheel are very handy. The heating and a/c work great.

- Mary F

It is an aqua Toyota Prius. It is very silent when it is at a stop sign or red light.

I love that my car has Bluetooth, I like that I can talk on the phone in my car wirelessly. I do not like the layout of the inside so much. I would prefer it have arm rests. I also would like a sun roof. I also like the color of my car. It is like an aqua color which I think is very unique to Toyota.

- Andy I

Good things really do come in small packages.

I love my Prius. $20 fills the tank and I hardly have to stop and get gas. Love the look of the interior, very ahead of its time, great design. To be such a small car it has tons of leg room as well which is great being that I'm a new mom. It's also a very smooth ride, and the sound system is great!!

- Bree O

Prius passenger perfect!!

I love my Prius, it gets great mileage for travel and city too. It has never had a problem, if fact the only thing I have replaced is the battery in the key. It is comfortable, could be a little roomier, but the hatch back is a real bonus. In addition the Prius parks easily and has zip when needed.

- Nadine F

I like my Toyota Prius car.

I really love my car because the miles is very huge amount. It is very economical car run by electric and gas. And most of all it really save money. I like my car because it features and technology are really hi tech and very easy to use. The battery is too small and it is easy to fix the problem.

- Matt T

Long-term money savings because of the great gas mileage.

I purchased my vehicle because of it's great gas mileage. It's lived up to my expectations. I've had very few problems with it. Because of the gas mileage, my family members constantly want to borrow my car when going on roadtrips. They are amazed at the small amount of money I spend on fuel.

- James R

Safe, economical, and fuel efficient and pretty too.

Never had a problem and this is my third Prius. Obviously I am thrilled with fuel efficiency from both a financial and environmental standpoint. I totaled my last Prius and thanks to the car's safety features, I walked away without a scratch. My Prius feels roomy and performs well I love it.

- Billie B

Fantastic vehicle. I love it so much.

I absolutely love the gas mileage, but the tires spin on any wet ground, no matter how good my tires are. This vehicle's hubcaps pop off easily. I ended up taking them all off so that my car does not look jenky. I love everything else about it! I get 37 mpg on a bad day- 55 on a good day.

- Megan P

The mph we average is 55, which is a huge benefit for our finances.

I love the back up camera in my Prius. I like the hatchback which allows us to pack our needs comfortably in for trips. I like the brake-assist gear capability. However, I do not like the tan/white colored seats, that stain too easily. The average gas mileage we get is 55 and helps a lot.

- Goldie H

It is a hybrid car, which is cool all by itself. Need I say more.

The only thing that happen was a clog in the a/c tubing that leaked water all over the floors of car. Easy fix, but now left with a mildew smell in car which is an easy fix as well but do not have the money right now for a detail. Other than this love the car and have had no other issues.

- Michelle L

It's a hybrid and very quiet which takes awhile to get used to.

I like the technology and the gas mileage. I also like the hatchback feature so I can put the seats down and it will hold my bike. It's easy to drive and a great color: Barcelona red metallic. My previous car was a mustang convertible and I do miss driving a fast car with the top down.

- Sally B

Prius is a great car for great gas mileage.

Good little car for gas mileage and very smart vehicle. I like the keyless entry and lock by just touching the door handle. The green color is nice as well and the constant display showing miles per gallon on the dashboard. The Toyota brand is supportive and the car was very well built.

- Mark E

Toyota Prius 4, grey four door

Just hate the beeping! Never had an issue with the cars reliability. I don't have any issues with the car itself. Great car! I've been driving it non-stop! Good gas mileage! The beeping when you're backing up is excessive to say the least, and when I don't put my seatbelt on right away!

- Kate H

Prius is a small vehicle.

I am not a fan of the Prius. It does it's job and it drives okay. Acceleration Is slow and takes time to get up to speed. The car is small and I have a hard time putting a car seat in and out. But it's a safe car. And the small is also a plus because it fits in tighter parking spaces.

- Zippy Z

My Prius. Great gas mileage and very reliable.

I have had no problems with my Prius. It is comfortable and reliable. It gets great gas mileage and gets me where I want to go with no problems. I can carry quite a bit of things in the back I really like my Prius. It is small enough that it is easy to park and turns on a dime.

- J Z

Has a lot of acceleration despite being a hybrid.

Love the economy, ease of handling, size, safety features. Great navigation. Comfortable on long trips. Would like stop assist, power seats on passenger side, a little more room in the trunk, memory seats on both sides, remote ignition, free satellite radio, free navigation updates.

- Bonnie T

Reliable and good gas mileage.

The car is spacious and comfy, and it is been reliable for me so far. I commute to school and work so the gas mileage alone was reason to buy this car. I haven't had any issues with it so far. I would highly recommend this car to anyone who is asking around and looking to buy a car.

- Jamie D

It is a turquoise color that I love!

My Prius saves a ton of gas, and is very reliable. I got a great deal from capitol Toyota in Salem, and have not regretted it since. If you keep the car on eco mode it saves a lot of gas. I have owned the car for two years and have not any mechanical issues with it. I love this car.

- Katie D

What I like about my Prius.

Really great mileage. . Quick speeding up. . Quiet car. . When you park hot summer days will not get hot too much inside the car. It is really nice on specially at florida. I like all electronic my nissan leaf but it is limited to go so this prius gives me options to go far.

- Hiro M

Prius car is fun, problem- free and economical

Awesome gas mileage - huge perk. Wonderful performance' low maintenance. Sharp car that is fun and economical to drive. Car is surprisingly roomy on inside. Car drives and rides well. We have had zero problems with this vehicle and would not hesitate to purchase a Prius again.

- Jill B

Horsepower on Prius is not good.

It drives very smooth. The horsepower is lacking. There are three modes, EV, Eco and power mode. The miles per gallon ratio is higher than most cars. A full tank has 430 miles on it. The trunk is slightly big. The car is good to drive in the rain. It's not good in the snow.

- Sean G

Reliable eco friendly car.

I like that it is environmentally friendly and I can drive so far without stopping for gas. We haven't had any problems with it - very reliable, easy to drive, comfortable. The hatchback is convenient for transporting larger things. The back up camera is great for parking.

- Lauren R

Great car, great mileage. Worth a second look.

Amazing gas mileage, dependable and stylish. I am always surprising people with how great it really is, once they take a ride or drive it themselves. I would definitely purchase another Prius again. And Toyota is my favorite brand of vehicle. Never any concerns or issues.

- Wendi S

Reliable and Fuel Efficient

I leased my Prius brand new in 2015 and loved it so much I decided to buy it when the term of the lease was over. It is reliable and efficient, and does well in the winter if you weight the back down. I would recommend to it to anyone looking for a fuel efficient vehicle.

- Virginia E

Good on Gas and Saving money.

It is very cost efficient on gas. I spend about 50 dollar a month on gas. It has Very roomy trunk. The only complaint that I have is that when driving on freeway, the car is very light especially during windy season. And other issue is it is not good to drive up the hill.

- Linda S

The car gets over 500 miles per gallon and takes little to fill.

The car has not had any problems. The car drives very well and gets great gas mileage. One disappointing item is the car is a little noisy. The seats are a little under padded so you feel every little bump. The dash is very visible and easy to view with no obstruction.

- Tim W

The Prius a car that you will love over time.

It is a very easy car to drive and requires generally low maintenance. Most people think that Prius' do not go fast or are a waste of money, but it saves a lot of money in the long run. It is comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time and has good navigation.

- Parker S




Love driving my Prius Plug-in!

Fun to drive! Love the great gas mileage! Summer months give greater mileage. Quiet, comfortable, easy to drive! Love this car! Just drove from NY to Florida and back! Hardly needed to stop for gas! Not the best drive in the snow, but all other conditions are fine.

- Sherry H

The perfect car for traveling.

I love my Prius. This is the second one I have owned. It is reliable and you cannot beat the gas mileage. The performance is great. The seats could be more convertible with more cushion and space on the driver's side. I would like a better radio and sound system.

- Vicki H

Great fuel efficiency and perfect for both long and short trips.

Very comfortable to sit in, very comfortable to drive, great gas mileage, very few mechanical problems, , perfect vehicle for long distance trips, very convenient for short trips also. I am a great believer in fuel efficiency and this vehicle greatly pleases me.

- Armand F

Efficient and comfortable.

The Toyota Prius is a very reliable and efficient vehicle. If your primary goal is finding a car that will get you where you need to go as efficiently as possible, this is the car for you. Additionally the car is very comfortable and the interior is quite sleek.

- Samuel G

It is great on gas mileage.

My Prius is great on gas and is very reliable. The only issue is that it has a hard time speeding up but unless you are driving up mountains all the time it is not a real issue for surface streets. It is very comfortable and roomy inside. Fits everything I need.

- Brittany C

This is a great car with good mileage.

Easy to drive! It really saves on gas consumption. It does not have really any blinds spots on this model. This model body shape was discontinued and the last year before the current body style. Breaks are very responsive. Love this car and highly recommend it.

- Nat K

That it is a hybrid (has to motors one gas and one electric) so it is super efficient and lower pollution levels that a only gas running car.

I love the fuel economy as I regularly get around 49-50 miles per gallon. It has been very dependable as I already have close to 50K miles on the car. It looks like a small car from the outside but inside it is very spacious so I can pack many things into it.

- Frank H

Gas saver with long distance

The only problem I have surfaced with the car that I bought used was that it needed a maintenance on the cooling performance on the hybrid battery and the dealership was charging me a ridiculous amount. The car nonetheless is great and I save so much on gas

- Ana G

Perfect for everyday use or even a quick trip to Vegas

Overall I have enjoyed my car. I get really great gas mileage.I drive about 400 miles a week and only have to put gas in once a week. As long as am care with keeping my MPG above 45 am good for the week. No really issues have come up> Great family vehicle.

- MaryLou B

Good car that releases less emissions that a car using gasoline.

I like the Prius more than anything due to the fact that it uses less fuel. I can get good mileage with the car. That was important since I wanted something that released less emissions into the environment. It has good power and acceleration for a hybrid.

- Jen S

great car, but needs better soundproofing

I really love saving money on gas/mileage. And it's very reliable, comfortably fitting 4 adults. But the only flaw is that I can hear the outside and car engine noise when driving at higher speeds when I'm on the freeway or even city streets above 45 mph.

- Kim C

Great gas mileage, comfortable car. Love my Prius.

This is the 2nd Prius for our family. 1st one ran great for 8 years and we traded for the second. Very reliable and comfortable for a compact car. Have never had to do anything on either other than routine maintenance. Gas mileage averages about 45 mpg.

- Diane R

Very reliable. Great gas mileage. Fits a lot of cargo for small car.

Very reliable. No problems at all. None. This is my second Prius. I only gave it a 4 and not a 5 due to size. It does fit a lot for its size. Saved a ton of money on gas by owning a Prius, as opposed to, a standard sedan or SUV. I highly recommend Prii.

- Lana W

The dashboard display shows how the hybrid system operates.

The Prius is a wonderful automobile. Amazing gas mileage (40-50 mpg). I wanted this auto from the time it was introduced to the auto market and am so happy and satisfied with it. If I had to choose another automobile, the Prius would be my first choice.

- Bobbie G

Perfect beginners vehicle.

I love my car. I drive 30 miles to work everyday and I still only fill my tank every 2 weeks. I have never had a problem with the engine or otherwise. It's been a reliable car. You can also fit a good amount of stuff in the car. It is a very roomy car.

- Corinne A

Toyota Prius is an affordable, functional, gas-sipping choice for a car.

Great gas mileage, low maintenance costs, comfortable for around town driving, great cargo space for size of car. Performance ok for type of car it is. Wish it was not so low to the ground. Not really comfortable for long trips. A lot of highway noise.

- Kathleen A

Excellent gas mileage and reliability.

Extreme good reliability, backseat a little bumpy, I miss the cup holder on back of front seat divider, rarely needs service, love my sunroof and fans that cool when car is off. Map could be easier to program, even the dealership is not sure about it.

- Laura R

Things I like and dislike about the 2015 Toyota Prius.

The Prius is very fuel efficient. It is also good for transporting things because the seats fold down and provide an nice storage area. I do not like the seats in the front of the car. They are too sloped and seem to put too much pressure on my spine.

- Peter B

Very affordable, stylish & comfortable.

The corolla is great on gas, I also like the backup feature, also like the informative dashboard. The body style is also very nice! The sleek design and comfortable seating with large back seats are also a plus. The large trunk is great for traveling.

- Sheila M

The mileage, gas is very expensive this car makes my rides affordable

The vehicle is nice, has great features and handles nicely, haven't had an issue with maintenance and the mileage is way better than any other vehicle I have ever earned. I would highly recommend this vehicle for anyone on the market for a new ride

- James A

The gas mileage is amazing.

The navigation interface is very intuitive. It rides really smooth, the gas mileage is amazing, the seats are very comfortable. It looks very polished, the sound system of great. Storage in this car is amazing, you can fit so much in the hatch back.

- Maureen S

Hybrid technology saves money on gas because I only do it once or twice a month

I like that I only have to get gas once or twice a month. I don't like that Toyota builds in failures so I have to keep coming back to them for service. The dealership and the service center are both very sketch and make me regret buying a Toyota.

- Lauren F

The hybrid nature of the Toyota Prius gives it excellent mileage and cuts down gas costs in an economy with high and fluctuating price per gallon.

The mileage is great. However, the repairs can be costly if critical systems fail. The brakes, inverter, and brake fluid pumps are expensive. Always take the car in for maintenance to prevent larger problems from happening and you should be fine.

- Torrance L

Outstanding gas mileage. At times 55 mpg even on the highway.

The obvious pros is gas mileage. So far the maintenance has only been that of a routine fashion. On the negative side is the noise level while driving on the highways. Additionally., the back seat area is somewhat small, although not surprising.

- Ram R

2015 Toyota Prius: best car ever.

Best car ever. Has great fuel economy (average 40-50 mpg), has a fantastic turning radius/handling, and a lot of cargo space. Does not have as many features as newer models but still has a decent amount (Audio system, touchscreen, Bluetooth).

- Ryan W

Toyota Prius: my favorite!

I love my Toyota Prius! The gas mileage alone is enough to make Toyota the only brand of car I want to buy! It is surprisingly roomy, has great add-on technology available like built-in GPS, and is the best hybrid car I could ask for.

- Tiffany B

My car is not for everyone especially if you care about speed.

My vehicle is very comfortable and offers a very flexible gas mileage which is essential for where I work. The suspension is superb but at high velocities, the stability of the car diminishes. Over all it is a very fun car to drive.

- Michael H

Great, dependable, stylish car.

Great gas mileage, smooth ride. Its dependable and despite being rear-ended (and repaired) shows no signs of any rumbling or shaking. My only complaint is that it has only one cigarette port that we need to plug in phone chargers.

- Nadine N

Reliability. You will not have to worry about if your car will fail. It's nice to have peace of mind.

I love that it's reliable vehicle. Irs energy efficient which is especially nice since I have a long commute. I love that it has built-in navigation and bluetooth connectivity. I wish it was compatible with the apple car stuff.

- Marie K

The best little car on the highway.

The Prius is one of the best cars on the market. Amazing gas mileage, super compact, but surprisingly spacious on the inside. My family has always had a Prius since 2001 and the newer models are even better than the original.

- Amy I

The fuel mileage the Prius gets, being over 45 miles to the gallon for in-town trips and over 50 on highway trips.

I love the fuel mileage I get from my Prius. I wish the car was a little larger inside. I wish my car had a sunroof. The ease of driving and parking my Prius makes me love the car even with the two things I feel are missing.

- Melody W

It gets great mileage, averaging in the mid to upper 50s for most trips

Love the gas mileage.like the style and color. Dislike the low front, which scratches easily. I also dislike the navigation system. It's not intuitive, often does not take the best route, and is very expensive to update.

- Michelle K

It still requires oil changes and maintenance. The car harnesses energy from the brakes. The vehicle is most efficient in areas that have speed limits around or below 45 mph

The car is amazing on fuel. It is very spacious and runs quietly. The Prius doubles as a generator, so the car is fantastic for camping trips. The car is actually better than a real generator because it runs quietly.

- Robert S

The Prius is very reliable for it is gas mileage and comfortable ride.

Recently drove to Elmira, NY from south Carolina had only to fill up for gas once on the way up. Great savings on gas. The tire light is great also when you have a low tire pressure before you have major problems.

- Lisa G

Obviously the low cost of fueling / maintenance and the 'greenness".

It is a commuter car with great mpg. What I don't like is the lack of power, interior design has some flaws, and the ubiquity of similar cars in my area. Luckily I have a more fun sports car to use in addition.

- raymond h

Great gas mileage. Gets you to places without breaking the bank.

Not remarkable. The car gets me to places just fine, but it's weak and doesn't have great sound insulation. It also lacks a lot of the modern safety features like adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist.

- Carl C

The Toyota Prius is great for the environment and saves so much money on gas.

The Toyota Prius has never caused me any problems in the three years that I have owned and been driving it. I love that it is a hybrid car, which is great for the environment and saves so much money on gas.

- Leah S

This car is wonderful because you save money and the environment.

My car isn't very flashy but it is very fuel efficient. I am glad that it is better for the environment than traditional cars. I think hybrid vehicles should become more commonly adopted in the near future.

- Albert C

It is a very gas efficient car.

I like the car I have. It serves its purpose well and is comfortable. As a taller person it is a little hard to get in, but then it is fine. It gets really good gas mileage and I save a lot over time.

- Ethan E

The Prius is a great financial investment because Toyota makes cars to last.

My Prius is the car I've been waiting for! The gas mileage is 50 miles to the gallon aon most trips. This comes from n handy as my husband and I are retired and need to save on financial transactions.

- Cathy T

Phenomenal gas mileage, but there's a catch...

The gas mileage is great. The throttle response is terrible. The brake feel and stopping power are excellent. It's very roomy for a small car. It's made by Toyota, so I know it will last a long time.

- Chris W

It fits me and my family perfectly.

Environmentally friendly. Economical to drive. Only need to fill up once every 3. Weeks. Wish there was a back hatch release inside the car and that there was a way to automatically close the hatch.

- Robin V

why you should buy a prius

prius has an excellent fuel economy as it switches back and forth to fuel tank and battery. the battery is charged by using the brake and moving again. but the engine is weak and the body is cheap.

- Ash y

Fuel efficiency is great but not enough room for a large person.

Not enough leg room. the gear shifter is in an awkward place taking up too much space next to the driver's seat. can't control the fan speed from the steering wheel buttons which is really annoying.

- george k

Why Prius? This car is comfortable, reliable and inexpensive

The Prius is a true blessing when it comes to filling the gas tank. Also, I am 6' 4" tall and I appreciate any car that I fit in comfortably. I fit in the Prius better than many full sized cars.

- Timothy H

It's a hybrid! You will save money on gas wherever you are.

I absolutely love the fact that I save a ton of money on gas. I was not a fan of the design so much but now I don't even care. When one drives as much as I do, saving money on gas is important.

- Ingrid R

The gas mileage is amazing.

The horsepower is garbage, so you don't speed up very fast. The 0-60 time is 12. 6 seconds, which is very slow. The gas mileage is phenomenal, and it only takes me between $25-$27 to fill up!

- Makayla B

A Toyota Prius is an Ideal Car

I love my Toyota Prius. It rides very smooth and the gas mileage is amazing. The only minor problem might be visibility out the back window, but that is easily fixed with the back up camera.

- Malia G

It gets great gas mileage.

I like that it costs very little to run. I can fill the tank with less than half the gas of my old car and go twice as far. It do could do a much better job at handling on the road though.

- Suz D

It works well and is very comfortable.

It's comfortable and gives me good gas mileage. I like the features and I play my songs on it. My dislike is that it's getting older, but I can't afford to get a new car right now.

- Fran P

Very quite, smooth gas efficiency and eco-friendly perks.

Eco-friendly therefore very affordable in terms of gas. Prius is quite, smooth and perform really well. But it is not cheap however if you consider the gas cost it make it fair deal.

- Sammy J

The phenomenal gas mileage at an affordable price.

I absolutely love the gas mileage I get. The handling is great. Comfortable ride. However I find this vehicle jinxed as it has been involved in three accidents, none was I at fault.

- Armand G

The Toyota Prius gets 50 miles to the gallon and its battery charge lasts for a long time.

It has high quality and economical gas mileage and consumption. It's also very spacious for both passengers and cargo. However, its design creates unusual blind spots while driving.

- Nick P

Great car, would recommend to anyone.

Car is great have had for three years have had no issues. Only one that the hubcaps roll off alone. Lost all of them with in 6 months of driving the car. Everything else is good.

- Leo J

Great distance at a good price.

The gas mileage is phenomenal. I can go two weeks on a tank of gas. The air conditioner is excellent and the headlights provide great lighting at night. It is relatively quiet.

- Vera E

Great in the winter months.

I love saving money on gas every time I fill up. I love the size and features of my car. I do not care for the loss of power in the motor of the vehicle because it is a hybrid.

- Cynthia C

It is a hybrid vehicle and it has more power than you would think.

This is my second Prius. It is an amazing car that gets great gas mileage. It might not be the sexiest car but I know that when I am driving if I am doing good for the planet.

- Michael Z

It gets good mileage and is easy to maintain.

I like that it is a hybrid and does not cost much in gas. I like that it is easy to drive and operate the controls. I do not like that it feels a little cheaply made inside.

- Angelique E

White exterior, grey interior, hatchback, hybrid, navigation system, apps included, Siriusxm satellite radio, incredible mileage vehicle

I love the gas mileage, very reliable, no real issues. But it lacks in performance and power. It is very light in weight so it is a little scary in windy and rainy weather.

- Cynthia C

It's a hybrid — it doesn't pick up speed well but the environmental impact makes it worth it

Energy efficient and less impact on environment. It was used so makes me feel good about the purchase. The car is very low to the ground which presents challenges at times.

- Tabitha R

It is bigger than you think it is.

I love the Prius, it is roomy inside, it is gets 50+ mpg and it is been super reliable. I do wish it had more interior options but overall it is the best car I have driven.

- Brian S

Toyota makes reliable cars!

My car is fun to drive and handles well. I like that it gets great gas mileage and helps the environment. I am always surprised how much room it has. I have no complaints!

- Maria M

How little I spend on gas and how quiet my car is when I'm driving it.

I save a lot of money on gas which is nice. The car is more spacious than I imagined it would be. Driving is a much calmer experience than it was before I owned this car.

- Connor R

Great car! A hybrid, economical, family favorite you will love!

Fast, quiet motors, a hybrid, and economical. Also comes in many colors. Also Bluetooth and phone connected for ease of listening to music, and taking calls on the go.

- Ro C

I love my Prius' dashboard controls.

I love the look of it, the gas mileage, I love that I can control the dashboard display from the steering wheel, stream audio wirelessly from my phone to my speakers.

- David D

It is extremely fuel efficient.

My Prius is fuel efficient. It is spacious yet small enough to park in tight spaces. It does not look very fancy; however, it gets me where I need to go effectively.

- Alyssa C

The car needs gas to run and does not need to be plugged in.

I love the gas mileage I get with the vehicle. It is small and compact which makes it easy to find parking spots. It has lots of trunk space for such a small car.

- Crystal B

You can fit a lot in it by folding the backseat down. I have loaded all kinds of furniture in it.

I love the versatility, gas mileage, and dependability, I dislike how tight the backseat is with a carseat, and that there are no luxury upgrades like heated seats.

- Anne K

It is a car that is environmentally GREAT - less gas used and far fewer emissions that pollute our earth.

I enjoy driving my Prius. I love how much I can get into it, including my bike. I really appreciate the wonderful gas mileage I get which is over what I expected.

- Diane f

Practical vehicle for daily use. Cannot beat affordable maintenance with Toyota.

Vehicle is comfortable, spacious, and practical with fuel. The only uncomfortable thing is the power of acceleration and the sound that goes through the windows.

- Kat C

It is Hybrid. You can plug it in but the charged part is only for about 15 miles. After it uses it up, it uses gas.

I have been using my Prius for my long commute to work everyday. It is very reliable and fuel efficient. I have not had any problems at all in the last 3 years.

- Dianne C

Roomy, nice, reliable, lots of extras. Good for big families.

I like how roomy it is despite being compact and fuel-efficient. I like how easy it is to drive. I dislike how it looks so round and cute. It could be sleeker.

- Erin A

It is an economical choice

I purchased my car because I drive a lot for work and it gets excellent gas mileage. It is great for driving around the city. It is spacious and feels safe.

- Hannah W

It has the best gas mileage and has been a very dependable car.

I like that my vehicle gets great gas mileage. It has been very dependable. It is not very comfortable for long distance and the interior shows spots.

- Alice W

It is great with gas mileage and quiet, but low to the ground.

I like how gas efficient it is. I like the Bluetooth technology and backup cameras. I do not like how low the windshield is, which frequently gets hit.

- Lauren G

The car is surprisingly spacious inside and the gas mileage is great.

I love the gas mileage of my car. I do not like how my car handles in the snow. I wish the car had a little get up and go when I am getting on onramps.

- Judy S

Great gas mileage and takes very little gas to fill the tank.

No problems, car runs great and is fun to drive. Great car mileage and great comfort. It is a very good looking car and surprisingly has great pickup.

- Tom B

The best gas mileage for a vehicle I have ever owned.

I love my Prius. It is comfortable, roomy, great commuter, and economical. The cons are it doesn't have enough room to transport larger purchases.

- Staci B

Prius gets great mileage, is roomy, and has backup cam

I love the backup camera and the great gas mileage. It's also roomy and quiet. Some people get annoyed by the backup alarm, but I find it helpful.

- jessica p

It gets great mileage and it's a hybrid. It's carbon footprint is lower than gasoline fueled vehicles

I love my Prius. It's the second one I've owned. I like that it's so good for the environment. The only problem is that it has so many gadgets

- Rena C

Prius Gets Great Gas Mileage

I like the prius for it's gas mileage while driving in traffic. I drive over 60 miles round trip to work and I only spend $20-25 in gas per week.

- Caroline W

Mileage and comfort. I love the connectivity to Bluetooth maintenance updates.

Problems are. Noise transfer inside. How low to the ground it is and how easy it is to damage the bumper and undercarriage. Poor air circulation.

- Leah G

I feel very safe driving it.

I love that it is fuel efficient. The brakes are not super and I dislike the back wiper or whatever that bar is. It is hard to see out the back.

- Sharon C

Great gas mileage for the Kia forte.

I get around 55 miles per gallon. I love driving this car. A very stylish vehicle. This is my third Prius and I will drive a Prius from now on.

- Carla W

It is a reliable environmentally friendly car.

I haven't had any major problems with my Prius. It is reliable, safe, and the gas mileage is obviously great. Plus I like the look of the 2015.

- Lauren B

Great gas mileage at an affordable price and storage space

I absolutely love the gas mileage I get with this hybrid. Very satisfied with the smooth ride. Also very satisfied with the cost of ownership

- Armand F

It's efficient, reliable, inexpensive to maintain.

Dislike the lack of power seats in the base model and the automatic unlocking of truck in same model. Love the gas mileage and reliability.

- Bec S

It is reliable if you take good care of it.

It really is good on gas. And I have never had amy car problems. But it has very little "pick up" when trying to accelerate up a big hill.

- Samantha M

Gas mileage is great and it is reliable.

It has great gas mileage. It is very reliable. There is nothing I do not like about the vehicle. Great color options and very comfortable.

- Stephanie C

The Toyota Prius gets me where I need to go in rain, snow and sleet. It comfortably fits my family.

I like my Prius. It is just the right size, reliable and great on gas. Only complaint I would have is that it doesn't look like a Mustang!

- Pat S

Good mileage, fun to drive.

Love the mileage, performance, easy of maintenance, and handling. Only thing I do not like is the low front end. Easy to hit curbs, etc.

- Karen k

We love our Prius car with great reviews

Great little car, very good gas mileage, I average over 52 miles per gallon. It is a smart car as well that needs very little maintenance

- Mark K

That is is more reliable than it is environmental.

It is a Prius, it is reliable, economical, and looks pretty. IT is different from other hybrids, sends a message, and is super reliable.

- kel c

It has very high gas mileage due to its hybrid engine.

I like the high gas mileage. I like the reliability of my car. I like the spacious interior. I have trouble with side view blind spots.

- Jamie L

Fuel economy should be the best seller for this vehicle. Beats most others on the road both for mileage and reliability.

Fuel economy is superb .. 52 MPG. Ride is smooth. Handles well. Vehicle is just a bit small for me, but I still would not give it up.

- Ed F

It is paid for its mine it is easy to care for runs well.

That I do not have remote start is a problem in the ny winters. Love the fold down seats in the back, and I do not have any complaints.

- Stephanie G

It is efficient and has more interior room than you think.

It is fuel efficient. I like the way it drives. It could stand to have a little more power in accelerating from a stop or going uphill.

- Jeff R

My Toyota is Awesome! Sleek, fuel efficient and fun!

I like my car for it's smart looks. It is fuel efficient and gets good mileage. Since I had this car, I only had to do minor repairs!

- Kenneth L

fuel efficiency , that you can go a long way without stopping for gas

it is very fuel efficient. it has a very light weight so when windy it is somewhat dangerous. the exterior of the car is not attractive

- sara s

It has great gas mileage.

It does not have enough storage/trunk space for my needs. Love the gas mileage. Connecting to incoming phone calls is always a problem,

- Gail C

It gets very good gas mileage. Less than $200 to go cross country.

I do not like driving it in the mountains. I do not like 4 cylinder for same reason. I love the gas mileage. I like the self charging.

- Karen K

It is a hybrid so you don't have to plug it in to charge it in order to drive.

Love the gas mileage. It is comfortable on long trips. I am able to pack a lot of items due to hatch back and fold down back seats.

- Judy S

I only fill up the car once a month.

I like the gas mileage. I do not like the safety features. I want to upgrade to get more safety features probably in a year or two.

- Mike E

Pretty economical, gas wise. Has pretty good pep.

I have not had any major problems with car. Mileage is not to bad, wish could be more. Should be all wheel drive, for winter driving.

- Gabby T

It is very eco friendly, quiet, has a good back up camera and user friendly.

I love the mpg. I love that it has a lighter footprint than a traditional car. I do not like that my car seat takes up so much room.

- Sara A

The car seems to have been built good. It is everything my daughter expected.

I like the sleek design an color and the gas mileage and cost effectiveness. I wish the engine was more powerful when accelerating.

- Pamela F

It's a hybrid vehicle not a regular gas engine car

It is a hybrid vehicle. It has a good mpg. Toyota makes cars that last for a lot of years. I like saving fuel when driving locally.

- Alan C

I love all the dashboard displays and ways to see how i'm using the gas

I love having the prius, the gas mileage for the highways for the city we live in is great. it also has a surprising amount of room

- alysia S

Qualifies as a clean vehicle so I can travel in the HOV lanes. Rarely needs maintenance

Love the fuel economy. Wish it had more storage space (for example on the doors for maps, etc.) Do not like the console - awkward,

- Jane F

The car has more space than you would thing.

I really like the gas mileage that I am able to get in the city. It has a nice interior and is surprisingly fast in non echo mode.

- Thomas S

I love my Prius. It gives me no problems.

I have had no problems with my Prius. This is my second one. I love the great gas mileage. The car is comfortable for me to drive.

- Leslie N

Amazing fuel efficiency and lower carbon footprint than traditional cars.

Great, compact efficient vehicle that I only have to fill up once a month or so. Great service from the local Toyota dealership.

- Kat J

The car is comfortable to drive.

Good fuel efficiency and comfort is great about the Prius. The car is very high quality. The electronic features are also good.

- Scott F

It gets great gas mileage. Twice as much as my prior vehicle.

I love my Prius! It's dependable and gets great gas mileage. There is plenty of room for my passengers and the stuff I carry.

- joan B

Great on gas, so far I have had nothing go wrong with this car.

Headlight problems, I understand there’s a recall for this issue, I have yet to take it in for inspection at the dealership.

- Josie M

It's a hybrid vehicle that doesn't need external charging

It is very gas efficient. Toyota makes cars that last for many years. It is very spacious. Hybrid helps me save fuel locally.

- Alan w

The Hybrid environment friendly car

My Toyota Prius is an Hybrid vehicle which is environment friendly and light on my pocket with respect to fuel and mileage.

- Roshan C

Great gas mileage and better for the environment than a gas guzzler.

I love that it is better for the environment than a lot of cars. No complaints, although I would love an electric hybrid.

- Oliver S

It a great alternative than the gas guzzlers out there.

The toyota prius is a great vehicle because you save at least 1 extra trip to the gas station. It's a very modern vehicle.

- Nancy C

Run of the mill Prius. Easy to drive.

Comfortable, fuel efficient, user friendly, fun to drive, easy to maneuver, only fuel up once a week, handles weather well

- Liz J

great gas mileage..with the price of gas 50 mpg is very attractive

Great gas mileage , very reliable , small and easy to park.not a attractive vehicle , safety in a collision is a concern

- Randy B

Terrific gas mileage when gas is so expensive.

Like great gas mileage. Like comfort. Like adjustable seats. Like low maintenance needs. Dislike bar across back window.

- Kathleen K

What can your Prius handle?

Comfortable, great gas mileage, amazing capacity, extremely reliable, versatile, can hold 4 butcher hogs cut and wrapped

- Dawn R

The only important thing is that the car is really good on gas.

I like that it's very good on gas.. I dislike the way the car is shaped.. I also dislike how long it take to take off..

- Chas T

The car's great gas mileage.

I love the mileage. The car is very quiet. The car looks sharp. The car also has a lot of room and is very comfortable.

- Anne Marie T

Quiet, unassuming vehicle is Reliable and fuel-efficient

I love how fuel efficient it is. It is quiet and reliable, and gets me where I need to go without any fuss or hassle.

- Kara S

my prius gets great gas mileage and drives like a dream.

I love the fuel economy. I also love the way it drives. I hate the center console though. It's like a flying buttress

- Janet D

Fun car to drive with lots of room inside.

Great mileage, comfortable seating, fun to drive, good in snow, reliable, good air conditioning, lots of cargo room.

- Sue C

I get 45-50 mpg routinely.

The gas mileage is amazing, it is comfortable, handles well, and large enough for all my needs without being bulky.

- Anna H

The Toyota Prius gets the best gas mileage of any car on the market.

My vehicle is a great gas saver. I like the way it looks. The dealership takes really good care of their customers.

- Tery S

A reliable and comfortable vehicle.

The car is extremely reliable as I have had no performance issues since purchasing. The car is mildly comfortable.

- Brian p

It is great on gas and even though it is a four cylinder it has great pick up.

I love the fuel economy. I also love how quiet it runs. I really cannot think of anything i do not like about it.

- Joyce Q

Good car, great mileage, semi-comfortable.

Good gas mileage best for errands around town. No good in the wind, especially on the freeway or on steep hills.

- Mary M

Great gas mileage and is really great for road trips.

Great fuel economy. Really bad blind spots though. Mostly like it, but not as good as the Subaru I used to have.

- kevin s

Its a toyota. It's made to last. Toyota's can go for many miles without any major repairs. That is why we always get a toyota

It is small and looks nice. It gets great gas mileage and we haven't had any major repairs that need to be done

- Sandy S

Gas! Can save you a lot of cash. Can easily pay for itself.

I love that my Prius is so cost effective. It is trendy and has great mileage. The car is so spacious as well!

- Claudia B

Good car for kids to learn how to drive in it. It's easy to maneuver as well.

It is a hybrid which is good because less gas. I like how it has a camera. I hate how long it takes to excel.

- Cooleen S

It is reliable and a good family car. Great for road trips.

I like the fuel efficiency, spaciousness, reliability, speaker system and comfort..... I dislike the color..

- J J

Toyota Prius great performance.

Great gas mileage and performance, it is reliable and dependable for long distance as well as short trips. ;

- Deborah O

Perfect size for a short individual who drives a lot with frequent passengers.

The car is fuel efficient. We take a lot of trips and save on gas. We also love the space for trunk storage.

- Megan R

That it environmentally friendly.

I like that it saves me money on gas. Also that it is emitting less pollution. Its environmentally friendly.

- Vanessa K

Offers exceptional gas mileage.

Gas mileage is great. Maybe $20.00 a month. Carries lots of cargo and groceries when the rear seat is down.

- Christopher S

It feels safe and drives great.

I love my prius because it is better for the environment, drives like a dream, safe, and has great control.

- Peggy H

The gas is the best part.

The gas mileage is what i like. I get 50 or more miles to the gallon in the highway. I have no complaints.

- Michaela B

Great gas mileage and roomy.

It gets great gas mileage. The gps does not show the speed limit. The seat are very comfortable and roomy.

- Phillip R

It has excellent fuel economy, and it is very dependable.

I love the great gas mileage. I wish that there was more interior space. I would also like comfier seats.

- Laura C

It uses gas and battery power.

I love the size and gas mileage. It is perfect for me and my two young daughters. I feel safe driving it.

- Lori U

Great gas mileage and makes budgeting for fuel expenses easy

I love the gas mileage The reliability the comfort of the seats It is an ugly car it is not a quiet ride

- T A

It is very good with gas and helps you save money on constantly filling the tank.

It runs smooth and is easy to drive, it was the first car I drove when I was learning how to drive. Yeah.

- Amanda P

Best miles per gallon out of any car - currently getting 48 miles per gallon.

It is a hybrid and I love getting the great gas mileage. Very roomy interior, nice looking. No complaints

- Chris N

Efficiency, practicality. The car is a winner all around.

Love efficiency, performance, comfort, features, and response. I like my car. Not a big fun of the color.

- Joe I

It's roomier on the inside than it appears from the outside.

No complaints. Quality vehicle with good gas mileage. No major repairs needed to date. Easy to maintain.

- Doug D

Toyota Prius gets great gas mileage

I love the Toyota Prius because it is a hybrid and gets great gas mileage of around 45 miles per gallon.

- Kevin D

Saved a lot of gas and it runs very well

I like it very because it's hybrid. I save a lot of gas using this car. I love the size and everything.

- Michelle G

Mama loves her Prius a whole lot!

I love the gas mileage and the energy efficiency. Plus its cute, and gets me into small parking spots!

- Marie S

never needs anything but normal maintenance. Should last up to 300,000 miles

never has any problems, great miles per gallon. love the chart that tells you your mileage per gallon.

- deb l

My vehicle is great on mileage

My car is great on gas mileage, it's bad when windy the car swerves. The car doesn't make much noise.

- Vanessa C

Great gas mileage not good in bad weather.

Great gas mileage if you travel a lot not good in icy, or snowy conditions, or rainy, or bad weather.

- Patrick C

It is my only vehicle I really like it.

I have only had the car a month. It feels like I may need to get out and push when driving up a hill.

- Autumn T

I love the gas mileage, color and trunk area. Only complaint is that I wish I had a more upgraded control panel. My previous car alerted me when I was low on gas and this model does not alert me.

It's amazing! Gas mileage is a dream! Get as much on a 10 gallon tank as my Altima did on 17 gallons.

- Kelly K

The Toyota Prius gets almost 50 mpg.

It can get about 500 miles on a 12 gallon tank. It is the perfect city car. It is great for a family.

- Logan D

You will spend less money on gas.

I like the gas mileage and the practicality of the car. But, I dislike the appearance of the vehicle.

- Violette L

It's a very sensible choice.

I like the fuel economy. I like the reliability. I like driving a car with such a good reputation.

- Kevin C

A very comfortable ride with great gas mileage! I was super surprised at how much I love this car!

The gas mileage is amazing! Plenty of space for a family of 4. The cargo space in the back is huge!

- Leigh A

The hatchback has a lot of room

Very reliable, leather heated seats, drives very well. Love the gas mileage, 50 plus on long trips.

- Rebecca E

It is not a car for short people as you cannot see the end of the car.

Love the fuel economy! Hate that it is too low to the ground and I cannot see the end of the car.

- Lisa k

Great gas mileage, easy to handle and drive.

Like, high mpg. Color and features within the vehicle. Dislike, when windows are open it vibrates.

- Debbie O

It is environmentally friendly and it is wallet friendly as well.

I like that it saves me in gas. I also like how spacious it is but i dislike the back up camera.

- Vanesa K

Great Gas Mileage and Eco Friendly!

I love my Prius! It gets great gas mileage! There isn't one thing that I do not like about it!

- leah M

It is very efficient, spacious, economical. It is better for the environment.

I love this car. It is very economical to drive. It has more than ample room for everything

- Cheryl S

The gas mileage is amazing. I drove from new jersey to chicago on 1 tank of gas. My one complaint is why are the USB ports not on the main dashboard. IT IS MADDENING TO FUMBLE AROUND INSIDE THE CONSOLE every time i want to plugin the USB. other than that I love it.

IT is good on gas. It is good for the environment. AMERICA NEEDS TO USE LESS GAS!!!!!!!!!

- John W

Great gas mileage and easy maintenance at minimal costs

It has very Good gas mileage. And it has good space inside. And prices are not expensive

- Wendz H

Fuel economy is the most important feature of all my vehicle's features.

It has excellent fuel economy, a great navigation system, and an enjoyable sound system

- Rebecca P

It is a car that uses both gas and electricity

It is a hybrid car that saves me gas money, and with the technology, I can drive safely

- Kai H

It's reliable and has not given me a ton of problems.

I like the great gas mileage. I like the way it looks. I don't like the small backseat.

- Taryn H

Has many blind spots. May want to consider PRIUS with a better rear view and side view which minimizes blind spots

Prius is fuel efficient. However, not much pick up and go. Prius has many blind spots

- Amy Q

If you're looking for a car that is not a gas guzzler, the prius will not disappoint.

My car is very great on gas! I really appreciate that it has the solar package as well.

- Ta M

fuel efficiency and safety

I like the size fuel efficiency and safety. this car fits me better than any other car

- j k

The gas mileage is really great. It gives an average of 41 miles per gallon

The car gives very good Gas mileage The car is Easy to handle The car is Easy to park.

- Ashis S

It's a hybrid car so it runs on gas and electric.

I like how it's a hybrid car. It doesn't cost as much gas to run like a normal car.

- Kelley G

Nothing at all. I love my car. It is small but classy! I even love my Trump in 2020 bumper sticker I have on it.

Great on Gas. Great ride. Looks great. Amazing pick up speed. Comfortable on trips.

- Ava W

safe and reliable. Easy to drive and park in the city.

I love the gas mileage I get. I don't like the size and it isn't very comfortable.

- gw w

Toyota is very reliable.i like that.

I like Toyota. They are very safe. They are very reliable. They are the best!

- Brymond w

Gets 55 MPG and a fun car to drive and safe to operate.

Safe car with excellent gas mileage and have had zero problems with the car.

- Judith H

It is a hybrid and uses electricity and gas.

The Toyota Prius gets great gas mileage, is affordable, and drives easily.

- Kevin o

good gas mileage and makes a statement that you care about the environment

Fuel efficient, leaves very little carbon footprint, good price reliable

- rose m

Gets 55 MPG and requires little maintenance and is fun to drive.

Great gas mileage and a dependable car that is good for the environment

- Joseph H

It gets fantastic gas mileage.

Love the ride and the gas mileage. very comfortable car. No complaints.

- Cindy M

It gets 60 mpg and lasts forever!

The gas mileage is great, but it's not that comfortable on long trips.

- Jason D

I try to be green and the car offers great mileage. Less air pollution

Good mileage & easy to drive. I like it a lot since I commute to work

- Lily C

Great gas mileage and it doesn't cost much to fill the tank. I love how quietly it runs and it's very small so easy to get around in. Great storage space and haven't had any problems with the car in general. No complaints.

It gets great gas mileage and it's a hybrid car, good for the city.

- Jennifer I

It is dependable and reliable and it is a fantastic car.

It gets great gas mileage and drives great but it is a little old.

- Nicole B

The car is very gas economy car No complaint at all

Gas saver 1 gallon drive 48 miles average Good commute car to work

- Anne L

Enjoy the hybrid vehicle for its fuel efficiency and environmental impact. It is comfortable with plenty of room for my family.

Environmentally friendly hybrid vehicle. Great fuel mileage.

- Kevin H

I love the mileage it gets. It doesn't have enough cup holders, and nowhere to put the driver's purse.

It gets great mileage, and handles very easily and smoothly.

- Julie S

Great gas mileage and a nice looking car. Nice ride

Great gas mileage. Plenty of room Smooth ride. No complaints

- Linda P

It's my 2nd Prius and I had my first one for 10 years. Good, reliable car!

Likes: roomy. great gas mileage. comfortable. NO DISLIKES

- Nan K

it's super nice looking car and new efficient design.

quiet and fuel efficient but slow and unreliable sometimes.

- ning f

Gas milestones is excellent but it's not good in bad weather

Gas mileage is excellent but it's not good in bad weather.

- Kim H

This is our second Prius. The gas efficiency and low maintenance are the main reasons we love it.

It has great gas mileage and small tank so uses less fuel.

- Deb R

Comfortable and reliable vehicle at a reasonable price

Fuel mileage is great. Reliable car. Quiet and smooth ride

- M M

Excellent mileage, 45-50 miles per gallon, can use cheap gas.

Great mileage, reliable, comfortable, good on long trips.

- Maura B

It is the second Prius I have purchased because they are so good.

It is reliable and comfortable and helps the environment

- Jessica K

I have had no problems with my car. I get around 46-47 miles per gallon. There is a lot of road noise, but I find that is true in almost every car in this price range.

I get Great Gas Mileage, around 46-47 miles per gallon.

- Linda C

the maintenance cost is a lot than what I had expected

mileage is good but don't like cost to maintain vehicle

- Jan T

Fuel economy and the dependability of the car.

Like the gas economy. Like to ride. Like the quality.

- Peter D

Great gas mileage. Quick in traffic. Loud road noise but worth it because you can drown out the road with the radio

Expensive but pays for itself with the gas money saved

- Cater L

It is half hybrid, so it uses less gas, which saves you lots of money.

Uses less gas. It last longer. Good for environment.

- Henna G

My car is excellent, i have a drive to city with my family enjoying

yellow blue black green gray white red orange purple

- Ramon P

to me the most important feature is the mileage I can get with gas

I love my car. It is economical. It is comfortable.


It is very fuel efficient.

I love it because It's fuel cost is low. Affordable.

- Guangheng W

i love the high fuel mileage. I enjoy the quietness. I like that I can sleep in the car if I wish. I wish it had a cassette player so I could play my old cassettes.

How fuel efficient it is and how comfortable it is.

- Barbara C




comfortable safe and very fuel efficient

great car love the mileage car fits my personality

- j w

Do not let it idle, runs battery down.

Gas use great! Easy handling. Smooth driving.

- Billie L

good mileage reliable car

no complaints good mileage reliable runs

- d C