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Not all bad but room for improvement. No resale value?

Console is not comfortable, paint has started to peel even with regular care, the fuzzy dash is hard to clean and comes off if rubbed, the back seat is very uncomfortable for longer than 30 minutes with weird vent inside. The reason for purchase was the gas mileage and after 5 years the mileage has dropped steady rate. Also the tires seem to wear faster on this car then any other we have even when buying from dealer. The one thing I can say is we have not had any major issues only minor. We do regular maintenance at dealer. The most annoying issue is the headlights, They constantly blew out and we got no answer, I have been researching online for few years hoping a bulletin would come out because dealer said they didn't know what issue was. Headlights are $40 as we had to replace at least once a month. Finally this last year a replace order came out and they replaced the wiring. We have still had to replace once since then but it's better. I would like if the blind spots on the front window were better I do not like my teenagers to drive it because of them.

- sarah S

Pros and Cons of a Prius owner.

I love the gas mileage on the vehicle, with that said, I do miss extra space in the hatch area. The back seat has a lot of legroom and the front is fairly comfortable until you look for a space to put your purse - on the floor on the passenger side. I wish I had a sunroof, but this model does not. It performs extremely well in all conditions just a bit slow off the line. I am not a fan of the fabric on the seats; not easy to clean. I have WeatherTech mats and they really help to keep the floor clean. It has an average stereo system. I also appreciate the beeping when backing up. The car is quiet, so you do have to be careful not to leave the car and leave it running. Overall the car is great on gas, rides smooth, has good seating space, but lacks cargo space. It is great for everyday use and a long trip for two people without a lot of luggage.

- Sharon N

Roominess. Cargo area. Gas savings. Well designed interior. Comfort.

I used to drive to/from work M-F and used to put a minimum of 350 miles per week on my car. Oh my gosh, has the Prius ever saved me gas money. This is my second Prius, the first was a 2006. I loved that car down to the cup holders. Now I am a full time artist (fine art) and large canvases, such as 3 ft. x 3 ft. and 30" x 40" fit into the hatchback when both seats are lowered. There's even room for these sizes when they are framed. You wouldn't believe what I've packed into my Prius. Once, for a tent art show, I packed all of my stainless steel display stands (for a 10' x 10' booth. Two 6' folding tables, tablecloths and hangers, and so much framed art measuring 20" x 24" and smaller. Even included two boxes of my images blank greeting cards.

- Joan T

Most reliable and fuel efficient car ever!

This car has proven to be the most reliable car I have ever owned. I haven't had any problems with it to date, I have only ever done general maintenance. The gas mileage is phenomenal. I have driven this car cross country and found it to be very comfortable for driving long distances. This model does not have a backup camera or Bluetooth, next time I will definitely get the model that has those features. The only complaint I have is there are some blind spots where the airbag is around the driver window, turning left sometimes pedestrians are hidden by the piece that is between the windshield and driver window. Besides that I would definitely recommend and buy another Prius in the future.

- Bonnie C

Reliable, good gas mileage!

This vehicle provides me with a reliable driving experience where I never have to worry about it breaking down or having other issues. I have a long commute to school and work, which makes the Prius perfect for saving money on gas- but this model also does not require the use of a charging station! The trunk area is really roomy and can pack quite a bit in it, and is good for travelling with bikes. The only problems I have run into would be the wiring for the tire pressure sensors (not really essential if you check your tire pressure regularly), and the view out of the sides and back of the vehicle are a little awkward to see out of (possible blind spots, but I am on the shorter side).

- Brittany W

The pros outweigh the cons in a Toyota Prius.

My 2011 Toyota Prius is fantastic in a lot of ways, let's start with the positive. 1. The Bluetooth connectivity keeps me safe and Focused when on the phone or listening to music. 2. The backup cam makes my life infinitely easier, especially living in the city. 3. The mpg are unbeatable, I love saving money on gas and not having to worry about filling up as much. 4. The heated seats mean that I am not freezing through the winter months that drag on in Maine. Cons. 1. Blind spots, the design of the vehicle means there are several spots where vehicles or pedestrians are hidden which is a negative. 2. The ride can be bumpy at times. 3. So low to the ground it sometimes bottoms out.

- Faye P

Prius is reliable, comfortable, and worth the extra bucks for the hybrid

Such a reliable vehicle! It drives smoothly, and still runs great even when it is almost 10 years old. Changing the headlights can be a bit of a pain, and in general there isn't a ton of work you can do yourself (due to the electric nature of the car), however there are very few major issues that have popped up, so it's worth the extra bucks for a few minor things such as oil changes and headlight changes. Features are nothing special (that may just be the trim of my vehicle), and I think it's a super comfortable car. Trunk is very spacious, and has lasted through several moves from various apartments!

- Olivia S

Prius = Tardis, bigger on the inside.

I love the gas mileage. That is the feature I was really looking for in a vehicle when I was initially shopping. I commute 50 miles a day, so a car that can do my commute on one gallon a day was really ideal. Bonus perks of this car was how much space I really have in the car. The Prius is somewhat like the Tardis, bigger on the inside. I have been able to fit major electronics purchases in the back of the hatchback with the back seats down. It always shocks the employees loading up the car. It drives nice a smooth. The breaks take some getting used too but once you do, it is an amazing car.

- Allie M

I love my gas-saving Prius!

I love my Toyota Prius. So far I have had no major issues with it (bought new in 2011). The only minor issue was a secondary battery that went bad, which was covered under the warranty. The acceleration is a bit slower than most combustible engine vehicles. That, of course, is the trade-off for significant gas savings. While it can and does save gas on the expressway, it's the around town driving where you really save money. While not suited for off-roading, the Prius handles very well in inclement weather as the electric engine already calibrated power to the wheels in standard driving.

- Andrew B

The Prius is a car built to last!

I have had my Prius for nearly 8 years and during that time have had no serious issues. This car has proven to be extremely reliable and the gas mileage is a huge added bonus. It costs me only a couple of dollars to travel several hours. I love my Prius so much and envision having one forever. Any time anything has gone even close to wrong, Toyota has been great to work with. And for a car if it's size, my Prius is surprisingly spacious. I highly recommend to anyone on the market looking for an affordable and reliable vehicle.

- Tara R

You start and park the car with the push of a button, no ignition key.

The car gets very good gas mileage, but not as good with high mileage. I have 184k miles on my Prius and it gets about 42 miles per gallon. I have owned the car for three years and had one major repair. The repair was made to the gas tank. I was told that ethanol fuel is what caused the gas tank to fail. This cost about 800 dollars to repair. Now I have to put premium fuel in the car. So I am starting to feel like the good gas mileage is not as much of a reality for an older, used Prius with higher mileage.

- Jenny F

Toyota Prius. Making your gas go longer.

We absolutely love the gas mileage we get with the Prius. A combination of City and highway never gets us less the 35mpg and on a longer run we will get nearly 50mph. The hatchback style body gives great load carrying for such a compact car and it always very smooth and easy to drive. It has been incredibly reliable and has barely cost us anything in maintenance in the two years we have owned it. Our next car will definitely be a Hybrid and maybe an SUV for better ground clearance and visibility.

- Michael W

My license plate is gs sipr.

Absolutely love this car. . . I can pass gas stations and drive. It is very nice looking and very roomy inside. My husband does not hit his head when he enters so I do not have to listen to him yelling. It gets 40 to 50 mph and the maintenance is basically an oil change once in awhile. It has really great leather seats which are heated for the winter. Very stable on the road. . Goes through snow with no problems and is great in the rain. I can park on the fuel efficient parking spots.

- Cindy K

What my Prius lacks in looks it makes up for in just about everything else.

In general my Prius works great. Comfortable seats, a nice ride, fantastic gas mileage (without ac or heat around 50 miles per gallon. ) Reliable. Haven't had any real problems with it. The few minor flaws: slow acceleration - a sports car it is not; i'd be happier with a better back window, this one is too narrow. Also, now and then I get a weird message on the dashboard about my key not being in the car when it is. But overall, this really is a satisfying car. I would buy it again.

- Inga P

Gas mileage is amazing but poor handling.

My vehicle is comfortable and gets great gas mileage, about 40 mpg. The visibility out the back is not great because the back window is divided into two windows creating a black plastic bar blocking some vision. The brakes are amazing I haven't had to change the brake pads in a long time and the synthetic oil lasts a long time. However in the snow the car does not perform well. It is hard to stop and will slide/spin out very easily on turns, so you have to be very careful.

- Blaze W

Prius: Driving on clouds with a hybrid.

So, the Toyota Prius is very good car. Comfort is amazing, it is built with the user in mind and user interface is great. The car is a hybrid therefore it gets great mileage. It is a high tech car, comes with an inbuilt rear view camera- it's a very strong and capable camera. The car also comes with an insanely good GPS. I have not had any problems with my car so far. It is extremely reliable and performs very well. Driving is very smooth and feels like driving on clouds.

- Muhammed B

Dependable - It's a Toyota after all!

Blind spots are a problem: the rear brake light bar that goes across the hatchback window, breaking it into two parts, makes it difficult to see vehicles & motorcycles close to my vehicle. I added bubble mirrors to my side mirrors, which seem to help a bit. The leather seats make it a bit more difficult to keep clean, and leather seats were the only option to get seat heaters (a big plus) in the year of the vehicle I purchased.

- Denise W

Very small and compact but actually moves well for its size and expectation.

Reliable thought not exactly stylish vehicle. Not the ugliest of hybrids either though. Service is cheap and has not given me much headaches. Good car with strong ac. Ev mode is great when you are cruising around parking lots or stuck in traffic and only want to use battery instead of gas. Unfortunately ev mode only lasts a limited amount of time before the gas engine is required to kick in and avoid power loss.

- Kyle L

A Prius is better than you expect!

Overall, I wasn't looking for a Prius, but once I was given the opportunity to test drive it, I fell in love. The car is a lot more spacious than it leads you to believe, it's a smooth ride, the handling is great, and of course the gas mileage is amazing. I always tell people to remove their stigmas of a Prius. It's a great family car, again considering the room you get. It's quite comfortable for long drives

- Austin H

The Toyota Prius does not harm the atmosphere with harmful emissions.

I received my red Prius for Valentine's Day in 2011. It was a surprise gift and I love it. I love that it gets great gas mileage and it costs no more than $25 to fill the tank. I also like that the battery has lasted all these years until just day before yesterday. That is longer than expected. I didn't like that we had no warning that the battery was going out. I really have no complaints about my car.

- simone c

Eco friendly gas saving Toyota Prius.

I love my Prius! I haven't had any problems with it. You only have to get the oil change every 10, 000 miles because it is a hybrid. It saves on gas! It is eco friendly, and it has a power button if you need to burn more gas. I only use that if I am on the interstate or going on a mountain. I would recommend this car to anybody who drives a lot of miles and needs something to save on gas.

- Jessica M

Blind spots abound in Prius.

I find that this car has really terrible blind spots. Between the weird split back window, which blocks the ability to see outside well, and the pillars in the back of the car, it is nearly impossible for me to see well out outside through the back. My partner, who is taller than me, does not have this issue but at 5 foot 6 I feel that this car is very difficult to see out of.

- Nicole B

I love how quiet the Prius runs.

I had never heard of a Prius until I was presented with one when I was car shopping. It was the perfect size & color. I love how quiet it runs. It's also a gas & money saver. I love the car feature of not locking if the car is still running. I've only had my Prius for 3 months & needless to say, I fall in love every time I see my car in the parking lot.

- Latina B

The best no maintenance car on the market.

My Toyota Prius is the best car I've ever owned. The mpg is amazing. It is easy and comfortable to drive. There is little to no maintenance needed on it. Just an oil change and tire rotation now and then. It does not ever need new brakes. I expect it to easily make to 200,000 miles. It is just over 100,000 now. The only negative is that it is loud on the freeway.

- Kelly G

Cute car with great mileage. Toyota really cares for their clients.

I love my little car. I love that it costs me nearly nothing to run it, ( less than $20 to fill the tank and I get 500 miles out of that) I bought my car used in 2015 from the local Toyota dealership, so I don't know it's history. It has developed a couple of problems, one of which was huge, buy Toyota took care of it and I am very happy. I only drive in town.

- Kelli C

This car has amazing gas mileage!

My Prius is a mini tank in the winter when I put studded winter tires on it! The traction control is amazing. Also, you can't beat the gas mileage, I get right around 40 miles per gallon in the summer and 35 in the winter! The bass in the Prius is fantastic and I would highly recommend this car to anyone who has a small family or has a long commute to work!

- Kristie B

Solar roof keeps the car cool in the hot Los Angeles climate

Air conditioner needed to be replaced, shocks are weak, many blind spots , scratches easy, low front end cause the front to bottom out on many driveways , parking lots. I would only recommend this car for in town grocery getter, short distance and a community with well kept roads. I wouldn't not purchase this car again not even a plug in model:(

- Robin A

Excellent hybrid car for the family. Buy it, you will love it.

Great vehicle. I wish I'd bought one sooner. It is comfortable and roomy and very economical. It is reliable. It is fun to drive. I can pack a load if items in it. I love the gas mileage. I bought it used and wouldn't hesitate to buy another used one. If I could trade the Hyundai Elantra even up for another Prius, I would do it in a heartbeat.

- Terry R

When I am on a long drive I do not need to stop for gas frequently.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle. In the time that I have had it I have needed to replace the 12 volt battery and the brake pads. Mileage is great, lots of room and comfortable on long drives. The added features such as solar panels ensures the car does not overheat on hot days and the heated seats are nice when the car is cold.

- Bree B

Happy Prius owner, repeat customer.

Love my car - no problems to report. Dependable and economical on gas. Drives smooth and is able to keep up. Will definitely purchase the same one just a newer model. Excellent audio system and display, love my sunroof. Have to be careful in parking lots since people do not hear the motor running and walk in front or behind it.

- Carol L

Prius: great mileage, comfortable, great size.

It's a very reliable car. I haven't had any issues with it. Great size, good size trunk. Very comfortable. Great gas mileage, I only fill my tank once a month. Only problem is now that my warranty is up I have to pay for all car services. The Prius is definitely price when it comes to car service rather than a non-hybrid car.

- Jean B




I love that we can put a car seat and 2 adults in the back!

We absolutely love our Prius! The hatchback is nice. It holds my husbands bowling things as well as our 3 month old's stroller. The backseat is roomy even with a rear facing car seat. We can still fit 2 grown adults in the backseat. The car gets great gas mileage. We can usually go over 2 weeks between gas fill ups.

- Megan S

Excellent fuel mileage. Great reliability. Will start in -20 degrees f.

Best fuel mileage, 46 mpg and it is almost 8 years old. Has 240, 000 miles and runs like a champ, great pick up. Now, the downfall is the price of full coverage insurance, very expensive, $2600. 00 a year. The tinny sound when slamming a door needs to be addressed. Fantastic in snow and on the ice, very sure footed. .

- Dora K

Great gas mileage, comfortably seats my whole family to include luggage for travel.

I love my Prius. It seats 4 comfortably with luggage or groceries in the back. I get an average of 44 mpg. My husband's truck only gets 15 mpg. We use my Prius for all of of longer trips as well as most day to day use. I bought my Prius manly for the gas mileage. It serves my needs well, plus it is paid off.

- Linda B

Gas mileage is the best feature of my car with price of gas especially.

My car is very reliable, with constant maintenance I have never had any problems. I get excellent gas mileage average about 40 miles to the gallon. Plenty of space seats 5 adults comfortably and enough trunk space to move small furniture. The car handles well responding to acceleration and breaking with no issues.

- Tora W

Overall I think it�s a great vehicle. Best for short trips.

The car is very Reliable so far but not comfortable for long trips. It gets Great gas mileage. It's Very quiet. I wish the steering wheel would extend out further, my arms have to reach so far to hold the steering wheel, add that to the uncomfortable non supportive seats, I get sore from driving after 40 minutes.

- Ashlee D

The gas mileage is great if you don't drive it like a race car. The center console/divider can be a little weird to get used to if you've never had one like it before.

I have owned this car for about 6 years now and the only major problem that I have with it is the fact that the glass roof prohibits me from attaching a roof rack. Not having the ability to fix a rack on the car limits what I can carry and do because the cargo space for the car is limited to about 1 surfboard.

- Kyle S

The Toyota Prius is a nice car that should be considered by all.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle. I love that it is a hybrid and it helps save money on gas. It is a very reliable car, and is a lot bigger on the inside than I initially thought it would be. There is a hidden trunk that you can lock which is nice when you have something that you want to hide.

- Natalia D

Awesome gas mileage but bad pickup.

It gets awesome gas mileage. The back seats are easy to lower in order to utilize the hatchback for hauling. But it has terrible pickup when you take off from a stop. Once going, there’s no problem. The other thing I do not like is how lightweight it is. When you shut the door, it sounds like a tin can.

- J K

Fantastic comfort and gas mileage!

I have had no problems and love getting 40-45 mpg! I usually fill up my tank every 4-6 weeks. My car is comfortable for multiple height passengers, including my large dog. The GPS is super convenient and easy to use. My car includes a camera for backing up which comes in handy going down long driveways.

- Sheryl W

Great car that retains its value

I love that it has retained its value well, and that it has been inexpensive to own and operate. I wish the interior fabrics and material finishes were a bit nicer - the console has seen a lot of wear, steering wheel has not held up. But overall, it's a great car that has served us well for many years.

- jill T

Toyota Prius you can talk it's like you have a phone in the car.

20 dollars enough for 1 month gas, has a signal your seatbelt is not in place or when driving, it's beautiful car, has light beautiful green color, it's not too light, love it shows speed, you can talk Bluetooth, it has a phone so you won't get distracted on a road, inside the car air conditioner.

- A A

Good car for long trips. Quiet and easy to drive.

Thee car rides smoothly and quietly. I like that the engine turns off when stopped. It is so quiet and nice sitting at a light in silence. The car gets an average 50 mph and has the ability to go all electric. I wish it had a better range for electric but it turns hybrid if speed exceeds 25 mph.

- James F

The Most PRIUS (Proper Ride In the United States)

My vehicle has been reliable from the start! I enjoy driving a car that never once required me spending more than $30 on a tank of gas. My favorite part of the car is that it is compact enough to fit into small spaces, yet big enough for a tall person like me (I'm 6'2") to drive comfortably.

- Matt L

That it's not mine, it's my moms car but I can use it whenever, so be respectful.

It's actually a Toyota Scion, but that wasn't available. It's great on gas, fun to drive. It's small, parks easily but the best thing about it is the back seat folds down. It can fit anything for such a tiny car, I've put bookcases in that back seat, you'd never think so by looking at it.

- Stephanie C

Gas efficiency and no problems is the vehicle for us.

No problems to this vehicle, great gas mileage and is energy efficient. Toyota is a very reliable brand, barely ever have any problems, to this specific model there has never been any problems or concerns. Would recommend this vehicle to anyone who travels a lot and drives long distance.

- Lansana D

Amazing mileage, wish acceleration was better.

The Toyota Prius has amazing mileage. Honestly gassing up is never more than $40 once every two weeks or so. Downside to my old-ish Prius is the fact that accelerating is a little difficult. It is pretty tough to accelerate but once up to speed the Prius maintains the speed fairly well.

- Em N

I love my Prius, and so do my passengers!

I love my Prius! I don't need to plug it in to charge it. It charges as I drive, so the battery literally never dies. Also, I can't lock my keys in! It has a ton of room, and leather seats! I drive rideshare, so having a car that gets good mileage is important. It is a really good car!

- Jennifer T

Why the Toyota Prius is awesome.

It is a wonderful car, perfect for college! Very reliable, I am it is second owner and it has no signs of having a first owner, no mechanical problems, super great on gas! There’s nothing I would change! This car is super reliable and drives very smoothly, even over terrible roads.

- Courtney Y

Excelente car, save a lot gas and very comfortable.

My Toyota Prius it is very comfortable, save a lot gas, I do not spend too much money for fixing, the color is beautiful green, it fit and any place for the size, the main battery do not change yet, the electric part do not need fixture, very silence, no to many electronic devices.

- Guadalupe P

Prius-fun to drive and easy on gas.

Prius is an excellent and reliable car. It is fun to drive and holds a lot of stuff. Comfortable and has more power than people give it credit for. I have even had a hitch placed on the car and frequently have a bike rack with bikes and it still has power to go up in the mountains.

- Joy S

Prius has awesome gas mileage, and it's a small car that fits your whole family - including their stuff!

Favorite thing is the hatchback. I can fit a ton of stuff back there. I also love the gas mileage and the fact that it is small but fits 4 people well. The biggest complaint is the acceleration pedal. It's kind of at a weird angle so it can cause leg pain if driving long distances.

- Rachael R

Quiet, dependable car with super gas mileage!

This is a one-owner car, purchased new in 2011. It has outstanding gasoline mileage, overall 50 miles per gallon. Ride is smooth and quiet. It is easy to drive and has enough head and leg space for my 6-foot, 230-pound spouse. Have not had any problems in 63, 000 miles of driving.

- Eleanor W

It's reliable, safe, and fuel efficient and handles road trips for our family of 4 very well

I wish it had a bit more headroom since my family is tall with long torsos. I love the fuel efficiency and roomy trunk and how I use way less gas than other vehicles. I also like the GPS and Bluetooth connectivity and backup camera as well as the standard suite of safety features.

- Jean H

The Toyota Prius offers great gas mileage!! I usually get 47 MPG in the city and 50 MPG on the highway.

I dislike the tiny storage pockets on the side doors. I also dislike the cheap plastic hub caps. I like the double glove compartments, the gas economy, the built-in GPS, the hatchback and rear fold-down seats. I would like Toyota to incorporate turn signals into the side mirrors.

- David C

The fuel efficiency of this car is great.

It is a fuel efficient car that it one of its best traits. Also it is compact and easy to drive for long and short commute. Because of its fuel efficiency it lacks in horsepower. It is definitely not a car to go off-roading with or I would recommend to avoid going up mountains.

- Esther S

Great reliable mode of transportation.

No serious issues. I have only been stuck in the snow once, and that was a record year for snowfall. Warms up really quick in the cold temperatures. It drives comfortably, smooth. It is really quiet. I love the 'swipe-to-lock' feature. I only fill it up with fuel once a month!

- Angela P

The big Prius road trip from CT to Texas.

Love my Prius drove from CT to Texas with my sister and 2 dogs and 3 cats was a memorable safe trip Prius was good on gas safe to drive Prius was comfortable we did have to fight the dog (butter) for the driver's seat. It's been a really great car and I hope it runs forever.

- Mary R

Great gas mileage, poor technology upgrades

Love my vehicle, other than my new iPhone (8) won't connect to it. I have to use my USB cord to connect and cannot play music over the bluetooth. My old iPhone 6 it worked perfectly, but not with the new iPhone. I'm guessing it's because my Prius is getting a little too old.

- Stacee H

Great gas mileage and easy to drive. It drives beautifully and is reliable.

I love my 2011 Prius. It is extremely reliable and has required no extra cost other than routine maintenance. I get fabulous mileage on it. I also really love the size and how easy and convenient it is to drive. I especially like it that I can park anywhere with no trouble.

- Karen S

It definitely saves a lot of money on gas and has great mileage.

I love that it saves gas/has great mileage. Despite being a small car, it has a surprisingly large trunk space. I dislike how low to the ground my car is because it keeps getting scraped if I am driving on a ramp or a bump. I also dislike how it lacks power on acceleration.

- Jane Q

Saving on gas is the best!

My Toyota Prius was one of my smartest purchases ever. I can go nearly 500 miles on one tank of gas! Compared to my other cars, I am hardly ever at the gas station. It may look like a small car, but it is really quite roomy on the inside! Plenty of legroom in the back seat!

- Laura S

It has been in 2 wrecks and still drive well it�s like a tank!

I have just maintained regular maintenance and have not had any issues with it 112,000 miles. Haven't had to change the brake pads yet but going to soon just because . MPG was not always at the to of 48 mpg but usually 39-42 mpg. It has handled well and continues to do so.

- Levi D

Great gas mileage Comfortable fits 4 adults Lots of small spaces Cup holders

I really like the gas mileage. It comfortable seats 4 adults. I like that it has a place about the rear view mirror where you can put something small such as a pair of sunglasses. I like that it is compact enough to fit into small spaces but yet it has enough leg room.

- Sonia E

Great commuter car with roomy interior.

The car if very comfortable. It has not blind spots. The seats conform to your body. The battery seems to last a long time. The paint holds up well. There are plenty of cup holders that fit the drinks nicely. The clot interior does not seems to stain like other cars do.

- Sarah L

Great gas mileage for a higher cost.

The Toyota Prius is a great car. The drawback is how the maintenance of the vehicle is more expensive than most. If the main electric battery for the car goes out. It cost several thousands of dollars to buy a new one. They are only under warranty for a 100, 000 miles.

- Diana G

Priuses get great gas mileage!

The gas mileage is amazing! I can fill up pretty much once a week and do all my normal errands. Having to get synthetic oil changes can be a bit costly and annoying but it's a beautiful car that holds up during car accidents and gets me where I need to go efficiently

- Cassandra H

Prius: great on gas with little maintenance.

The Prius is great for mileage and actually provides good performance. It can pick up speed when needed. However, I wouldn't say it is one of the more comfortable rides. The features are pretty minimal but what you would expect from a car that it is not a luxury car.

- Christine M

Prius is a great all around car.

The car is very reliable. The car never has a problem, . The car runs great. The car drives great in the snow. The car is fast. The car has good gas mileage. The car hold a lot of stuff. The car is great for moving. The cars pick up is good. The car stops on a dime.

- Beth M

Prius perks and why you should buy.

It has great gas mileage and little maintenance issues. It's very reliable has decent comfort and good style for the cost. It helps the environment and lowers my carbon footprint. I think it's a smart choice for the way the world is going and I help climate change.

- michael S

Prius is a good car I like it and you will too.

Great car runs well always starts Prius and you can look good today I like my car it looks good and it is pretty cool ac works heat does too it is a good car and it is not to slow do not know what else to write have a great weekend and enjoy your Prius drive safe.

- Mary C

best low maintenance car Toyota is good

Toyota is best its low maintenance car and very good smooth and works really good. Not too much expensive and not too much expensive Toyota parts are really good in value not too expensive and nice hybrid car. Very nice in my family everyone have Toyota car only.

- Name S

The best car. The electric engine is quiet and so quiet, superb.

The performance is amazing and the gas saving is phenomenal. I would recommend this brand and model of car to anyone. I love my hybrid. It is comfortable driving, plenty of legroom, headroom and cargo space is exceptional. It is truly the best car I ever owned.

- Doug C

The amazing Prius sound system.

I love the speaker system in the car. It is really great as it fills the car with sound, from music, to podcasts, radio, recordings, and more. I love being able to have such clear and pristine sound in my vehicle. It really helps make long car drives easier.

- Ellie E

Love my Prius country or city life.

Love the car, great gas mileage, low maintenance. Great color. Lots of trunk access and room for pets and shopping. Great low gas mileage and it takes little money to fill up the car. Great for city and country lifestyle. Great features and nice interior.

- Chloe C

This car is great for families and anyone looking for high efficiency

Only one cup holder for driver, great gas mileage, holds a lot of cargo, goes really fast when you need it to, comfortable, good ratings, fold down seats are easy to use, leather interior is nice but center console material is beginning to slightly crack

- Betsy R

More than enough room for the whole family and GREAT on gas!

Was in the very small minority of Prius owners who had to get their hybrid battery replaced under 100k miles and it's covered by the manufacturer's warranty under 100k so even though it was bought used from Carmax Toyota still saved the day in the end!

- James J

I did not buy the car to save the planet - I bought it to save me a lot in gas! It succeeds in this greatly.

My vehicle is reliable, roomy, and gets excellent gas mileage. I don't have to worry about it and maintenance is minimal. I have no complaints, this was a great investment back when gas was $4.00 a gallon and I drove 35 miles each way to work.

- Scott r

It's practically unkillable. I have never met anyone who ever said, "I wish I had never bought that Prius."

This car has taken me almost 200,000 miles with minimal trouble and never less than 42 miles per gallon. I wish the oil changes and other maintenance were less expensive, but it almost evens out there because of the long life and reliability.

- Glenda B

My all time favorite family vehicle.

Great gas mileage. lots of room, back seat is comfortable for kids and adults. terrible blind spot due to area behind back seat next to rear window. cloth seats stain terribly (mine is full of water spots and sweat stains). reasonably priced.

- brandi j

It's a hybrid and runs on gas and an electricity!!

I love my Prius. The gas mileage is fantastic. It's a very smooth driving car. I feel environmentally conscious and it makes me want to get an entirely electric car. It feels like a grown up responsible car that I'm very proud to drive.

- Cat S

great gas mileage of 52 miles per gallon using unleaded fuel

I like that I get 52 miles per gallon, which means I gas up less than once a week. I have good acceleration, good maneuverability, good car features such radio, luggage carrying capability. There is nothing that I can complain about.

- irwin M

This is a electric hybrid, so you get 10 miles per charge and a california carpool sticker. This expires in 2019.

The reliability is always good. I have had no problems with the vehicle and it always feels very safe. It is fairly comfortable and has decent features. There are not any power seats. It drives just fine, but speeding up is slow.

- San L

I only need to fill up my 10 gallon gas tank once every two weeks or so.

I love my Prius. It was a fantastic purchase and has sold me on buying another one when the times comes to purchase a car for my family. It's been reliable and gets amazing gas mileage which are both important factors for me.

- Jacob N

My Prius gets great gas mileage which is important as gas prices increase.

I like that my Toyota Prius gets good gas mileage. It has a lot of room in the Hatchback/trunk ares. I dislike that the front bumper is very low to the ground. I personally have trouble seeing the front bumper when parking.

- Julie M

It is safe and fun to drive. The fuel efficiency is awesome.

I like the exterior appearance of my car. I think the inside is roomy enough for our family. It is sleek and simple on the inside and I appreciate that. I wish the back were slightly smaller to accommodate one more car seat.

- Samantha K

pros and cons of toyota prius

good mpg and isnt expensive to fill up because it doesn't have a big tank but I get 400+ miles on a 27 dollar fill up. Issues: had to replace headlight (the whole she bang because it is prone to leaks not great with snow

- anj p

It's smart. It's durable, and it's not finicky. Two hours on the road doesn't mean three in the shop. It's very practical.

Very easy on gas. It's very comfortable. It's roomy. It's not beautiful, but then, it doesn't have to be. I traded in the car that went 160 mph and only seated two people for something practical. It does not disappoint.

- Jay D

It drives great, so why shouldn't they save gas & money by driving one.

It gets great gas mileage. I always say if you are going spend so much on a car you might as well get a car that is efficient. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is hard to see out the rear view mirror.

- Kevin L

We're a Toyota 3 Prius family!

I love my Toyota Prius! It has a sporty look, great pickup, and very good mileage. It is also quite comfortable. I decided to get mine after driving my husband’s. My son also recently bought a Prius! Great car!

- Margaret O

It is extremely fuel efficient and needs little maintenance

Our Prius is a hybrid that gets over 50 miles per gallon which is great. It is very reliable and with regular maintenance has not given us any trouble. My only complaint is that the trunk is a little small.

- Anna Z

The most important thing to know about my car is how great the mileage is and how environmentally friendly that is.

I love the mileage that I get on my vehicle and low maintenance costs. I also like how surprising roomy it is for a small car. My only complaints is that I wish it were a bit more comfortable seating.

- Rob C

Toyota Prius Hybrid is Reliable

Very reliable and quite comfortable. It is a hybrid so gas mileage is exceptionable. Currently experiencing rear end alignment and AC issues after 78,000 milers so likely to be normal wear and tear.

- David L

Small form factor, bigger on the inside!

It has awesome gas mileage, though I've heard the later models have even better now. It's a small car so it fits easily in places most cars can't, and it can fit a lot more inside than you'd expect.

- Meagan B

Comfortable but underpowered

It has more legroom than you would think. It is very heavy for its size, and it doesn't have a gasoline engine appropriate for its weight. This means it is underpowered and it has poor acceleration.

- Tim E

It is very low to the ground.

It beeps when you backup and Its very low to the ground, those are the only problems. It drives very smooth it just takes a little bit to really pick up. Its very spacious so Its very comfortable.

- Zachary S

Good car for family with a drive to work.

It fits a lot more in the trunk than expected. It seats 5 comfortably. Gas mileage is about 45, I wish it was a little better. I have owned this car for two years and haven't had any major issues.

- Jason M

It's a good car to have in southern california, but the electric mode is really not a great contribution to the environment or provide any cost-savings

It's got great gas mileage and has a carpool sticker so that I can drive in the carpool lane even without another person. However, the electric charge only lasts 10 miles, which is NOTHING at all.

- Shirley l

It saves a lot on gas. I can save from $20-$30 a week

I love my prius due to the gas it gets per gallon. I drive back and forth from work and don't have to worry about getting gas. I only don't like how small it is. But worth it to say gas.

- Yolanda R

Fuel-efficient, but not without some cons

The air conditioning is weak, even after being serviced. Strong rear bumper. Easy to clean. Front bumper, however, is so low it scrapes every angled curb it approaches at a slight down-angle.


Very low maintenance and excellent gas mileage. Very reliable car.

It gets great gas mileage, and it's very low maintenance, but it has a small oil leak. It's very common in this car, but the manufacturer has not recalled them to fix it like they should.

- Della S

it is very low to the ground, it makes a beeping noise when in reverse, and it has NO spare tire

The Prius gets absolutely great gas, Avg 45 Mph, it is very spacious on the inside providing a comfortable seating for all people in the vehicle, it rarely has any problems if not ever.

- Keontae S

Great Gas Mileage Every Single Day

I love that my vehicle gets wonderful gas mileage. It is comfortable and fits my lifestyle. I love that I can get where I need to go with a car that always works and always works well.

- Dave M

My Toyota Prius gets the best gas mileage out of any car I've ever owned. If you like to drive a lot, this is the best car for it.

I love the excellent gas mileage my car gets, the "backing-up" camera, and how quiet the engine is. I do, however, wish there was more "trunk" space, & it'd be nice to have a sunroof.

- Jaime D

The first time you stop at a light you will notice your car will change from gas to battery power, which makes it even quieter than normal. Most people cannot hear your car as you drive by.

I love that when I am traveling within town that it uses battery instead of gas. I like that I am able to money on gas. I have never had any trouble with my car. I have no complaints.

- Sue S

Eco friendly car that saves you money

I love that it is an electric car. It has great gas mileage. The one thing I don't like is there is not much pep because it is an older model electric, and the A/C is weak as well.

- Garabed D

Fuel efficiency - it saves gas money.

I like the fuel efficiency aspect of Prius. It save me gas money overseas time. I don't like their air-conditioning, it's very loud and noisy during summer time. The heater is fine.

- Keiw K

The Prius is reliable and has good storage space for a family of three.

It's been a very reliable vehicle. It gets great gas mileage. I don't like that it beeps when in reverse. And it seems to slip a lot when there's a good amount of rain on the road

- Melissa F

The gas mileage is great and very few repairs needed.

Love the mileage and lack of maintenance issues. Like that it is considered a safe car. Vehicle is small inside. . . Feels like I am riding in a go cart. Car is noisy inside.

- Nancy P

It's worth it being a little more expensive! I love it and it helps the environment.

I love the gas efficiency. I also love how well made it is. I had a Nissan before that fell apart multiple times and it was a nightmare. I really do not have any complaints.

- Amanda H

It is one of the most fuel efficient vehicles.

I like the fuel efficiency. I easily get 40-50 miles per gallon. I also like the way the car runs. It is smooth. I do not like the way that the car looks from the outside.

- Jacob L

This car has new technology. If any of this technology goes bad while not being under warranty i don't know how expensive the repairs will be. I have 8 years of warranty for this.

First the car gives great gas mileage. Second it has been mechanically sound. Never needed any repair as yet. It's been a fun car to drive. Don't have any dislikes yet.

- susan k

It's been in our family for 7 years, has 100, 000 miles without any major defects.

What more can be said about a Prius. It is a reliable car with incredible gas mileage, plenty of seating space, and an all around solid structural Toyota quality build.

- Riley C

The amount of money I have saved on gas is amazing!

I love the gas mileage I get. The car is very roomy and can hold a large amount of cargo. It can be a bit slow off the line but once it gets going it is a smooth ride.

- adam b

That it gets great gas mileage and is comfortable to drive

I love the way that it feels. It feels very sturdy and safe. It gets great gas mileage and is comfortable. The hatch is a great size. It doesn't have a great radio,

- Lisa E

150K miles and still love my Prius.

Very reliable and comfortable. Gas mileage not quite as good as advertised. More like 42-44 MPG than the 50 they claim. Have over 150,000 miles and no major problems.

- John P

Although you wouldn't expect it, it is actually quite powerful in getting up to speed.

I like that I don't have to get gas frequently. I like that it has great safety ratings. I like that it is easy to drive. I wish the interior had a bit less plastic.

- Sarah S

Excellent gas mileage! Extremely reliable! Stylish!

My Toyota Prius is extremely reliable. It gets amazing gas mileage and has little is any road noise. I love it! My next vehicle will definitely be another Prius.

- Cristy M

Reliable and sporty smallish SUV.

I love the fuel efficiency and the carrying capacity. I like that it is a hatchback. I dislike that it lacks Bluetooth capability. I dislike the low clearance.

- Elena K

Learn how to fix the temperature in your car.

I love the gas mileage as well as the sleek design. One downside is that it is hard to accelerate. In addition it is a little quiet and people make fun of it.

- Emily N


I love my prius. Love the smooth ride and that I get 45 miles to the gallon! It has 130M and has had no problems! I have always owned Toyota's and trust them!


The one most important thing about my car is that it is fuel efficient which is important to me.

I like that my car is fuel efficient. It is also very comfortable to drive. I wish it was s different color though. But overall I am very pleased with my car.

- Scott E

My Prius.. When stopped in traffic or at stoplight the hybrid motor runs rather than using gas.

Very classy looking and comfortable inside. Leather seats and lots of room. Love that it's a hatchback. Gets great gas mileage and environmental friendly.

- Cindy T

How cheap it is on gas usage. It has a 10 gallon tank, but gets great mileage on that 10 gallons

I really love my car. It is a hybrid, so easy on the gas. For me I can fill my car once a month and not have to get gas again. It is a very comfortable ride.

- LeNora R

Fuel efficient. 50 mpg and battery l.

No problems whatsoever. Very fuel efficient and easy to park. Needs a backup camera like our previous Prius had. All around great vehicle. Highly recommend.

- Cd R

That it is a great family car. Also that it is super cheap which is great for a growing family.

My car is very reliable and has been a great family car. We have had very few problems. Great things about our car is that it is cheap and fuel efficient.

- sidney b

It is keyless. No need for a key to start the car. The control panel is all for pressing (the keypad).

Toyota Prius is a hybrid vehicle. It uses less gas/ uses gas efficiently. Good for city driving. It requires little maintenance. The engine is very quiet.

- Fung A

It is very reliable and great gas mileage.

It has been very reliable, needing only regular maintenance. It gets great gas mileage, yet also has great pickup. It navigates well, even in the rain.

- Terri R

It gets great gas mileage as long as you don't drive too fast all the time.

It's very efficient, so I'm able to drive long distances without using much gas. Since it's small, it's easy to maneuver. But it isn't a very sturdy car.

- Mary S

Five all the way! You can't go wrong.

I have had no issues with my vehicle. Great gas mileage. Room for 5 but I would say 4 is a better number. I can actually get a lot in it when I need to.

- Ann B


I love the fact that our prius gets over 50 miles to a gallon of gas. It is reliable and easy to drive. My only complaint is the trunk is very small.

- Anna Z

It is a very gas efficient, comfortable and safe vehicle.

I love that I do not have to go to the gas station every other day. My car is so comfy I like to relax on my lunch hr. And my seats lay back perfectly.

- Jeanette M

It is very reliable and great miles per gallon. That helps on my wallet.

I like the reliability of my car. I love the miles per gallon. The size is great. Wish it had just a little more power when we use the air conditioner.

- Laura B

Great gas efficiency, saves money and the environment.

We have a red toyota prius. We love the fuel efficiency and that we don't have to put a lot of gas in. It's small so it's easy to maneuver around town.

- Jeff W

The car is a hybrid and you need to drive at reasonable speed and keep car in eco mode to gain full benefits of mpg savings

I like the mpg and positive environmental impact. I like the low overall cost of operation and quality of car. I dislike the rear window visibility.

- Dave N

very good on gas, very comfortable Seats 5 people without being on top one another. smooth, quiet ride with a great navsat system.

It is a pleasure to drive in both city and highway, low gas mileage and very comfortable. Has both head and leg room, I am 5'8' and my husband is 6'.

- Elaine W

Great performance and mileage and fun to boot!

I have had no problems at all. It has great gas mileage, is a comfortable ride, and is fun. I love that I'm driving a car with low emissions too.

- Margaret T

It is small which is perfect when I have limited room to park.

I love the way my Prius drives. The brakes are a little sensitive but it is easy to maneuver. It is small enough that you could park it anywhere.

- Jessica W

Good gas mileage and roomy inside because of the hatchback

I like my vehicle overall, especially the hatchback and fuel economy. I don't like the look of the hatchback even though I like it's function.

- Dee L

I think everyone should know that this car gets Great gas mileage.

It is comfortable and gets excellent gas mileage. Also, it's very reliable. My only problem is that repairs and maintenance are very expensive.

- Sheri W

Great Gas mileage! This car gets better than 50 mpg most of the time.

I love the fuel mileage, but dislike the road noise. There is also no bluetooth. Reliability has been excellent, and maintenance is minimal.

- Ken K

You can drive for two weeks without filling up.

I love my Prius because it is so reliable. It has wonderful gas mileage. The headroom for my husband is great as well.No complaints for us.

- Gloria C

It is very fuel efficient.

It has great safety features, and gas mileage. It is rather spacious for a smaller sedan. It is a hybrid, so it is good for the environment.

- Bridget P

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it gets great gas mileage!

I like that my vehicle gets great gas mileage! I also like its size. One thing I don't like is that it doesn't have heated or cooled seats.

- Nicole P

I is very good on fuel. The battery will kick in at a stop or if your just parked and waiting to conserve fuel.

I travel back and forth to Jacksonville, FL to Mayo Clinic and I get 48 to 50 miles per gallon. I love it. Just wish it was a bit bigger.

- Judith T

Great gas mileage for in city driving.

It gets great gas mileage and is a zippy car for city driving. I like that it is small. It can fit in to any parking space. No complaints.

- Judy P

That even though it is a Prius it gets slightly lower gas mileage than a standard Prius because it is a higher end model with additional weight.

It has great gas mileage. I have heated leather seats for the winter. It does not breakdown. All my kids fit into it. No complaints yet.

- Brian H

That it doesn't make noise when someone is driving it

It's getting older and mileage is high, so things are breaking more. But so far it has been an excellent, very reliable little car.

- Steve P

The Prius is surprisingly roomy for a smaller car.

The car has been trouble free for the most part and has over 200,000 miles on it. I would absolutely recommend the Prius to someone.

- Khira R

Fuel-efficient spaceship!

We love having such a fuel-efficient vehicle! Interior is comfortable and ride is smooth. Our children think it is like a spaceship!

- Roberta L

Dependable, I've never had any mechanical issues with the car whatsoever!

It's very dependable. It is also wonderfully fuel efficient and meets my needs for transporting me and my two children around town.

- Jennifer K

It has great gasoline mileage. It gets about 50 miles to the gallon.

It is a little low to the ground and can get scraped on the undercarriage. And I wish I was a little more off the ground for views.

- Victoria P

Easy upkeep and great gas mileage.

It has great gas mileage. It can fit a lot in the hatch back. However, it is small and hard to put more than four people inside.

- Beth T

Toyota is the best car regardless of price.

Like: top quality and reliability with top mileage. Dislike: lightweight body panels dent easily. I highly recommend this car!

- Charles G

It gets 50 miles to the gallon in town. This is a plus in today's gas market where prices go up alot.

I like the Prius because it gets great gas mileage. It is a hybrid. It drives very nicely and has the room I need in a car.

- Debbie S

Environmentally responsible.

Fuel efficient. Environment friendly. Quiet. Relatively low maintenance. Sleek design. Relatively light vehicle. Ample space.

- Summer S

Great mileage. I love that it's keyless.

It's cute and easy to handle. I love the gas mileage. It has a decent acceleration. I only wish it had a little more room.

- Jerome B

The mileage it gets and the car's reliability.

I like the mileage. I like the ride and the Bluetooth. I dislike the sound. I would like the radio to be a better upgrade.

- Michael U

Fuel saver and low pollution.

I hate the way they break in snow. Brakes are not secured for winter. Also when is raining not good, but overall is fine.

- Pavel P

It's VERY economical and dependable and better than any gas-driven vehicle I have previously owned.

No complaints, it has saved me a lot of money. Also on repairs and gas with its current technology. It is a joy to drive

- Michael W

It's a cost effective, safe, and reliable car. You'll love it.

I like it. Reliable, great fuel mileage, comfortable. It's the best car I've ever owned. It also wasn't super expensive.

- Laz K

More bang for your buck because it saves you gas

Very reliable. Low in maintenance. Miles per gallon is awesome. Easy to drive. Easy to work on because I am a mechanic.

- Levy T

The Prius' have great gas mileage and are very easy to drive. Very comfortable car.

Easy to drive and gets great mileage. Perfect for us as older individuals. We would buy another of this model again.

- Walter S

Great gas mileage--50 mpg overall.

Outstanding gas mileage; quiet operation; heat/air take long time to be effective; plenty of room for four passengers.

- Eleanor S

the amount of money I have saved on gas is amazing

The best mileage I have ever gotten out of a car. It has been very reliable and has required very little maintenance.

- jane s

Affordable, roomy, great on gas.

This vehicle is roomy, affordable on gas, and has so many storage and hauling capabilities. It is a great family car.

- Jason F

It is super on gas consumption.

I like the gas mileage that my Prius gets. It is easy to park and drive. I enjoy the midnight blue color of the car.

- Bonnie H

This car has great gas mileage.

Great gas mileage, always above 50 mpg. It's comfortable enough. Has been a very reliable car, no problems at all.

- Severin F

It is a very fuel efficient vehicle

I like the fuel economy. I like the keyless entry. It's A little slow to get moving. I like the speedometer screen

- Nathan A

Maintenance Free and Cost Effective Prius

I have had no problems with my Prius is the 5 years I've had it. I commute far for work and like the gas mileage.

- Tara F

It is very light and could crush easily if in a crash.

I like the fact that my car is quiet. I also like that it is spacious. I do not like that it is very see-through.

- Katy C

This car has awesome gas mileage.

I love the great gas mileage. We save so much money. I do not like that they were cheap on the features inside.

- Wanda S

Check the oil often runs out of oil fast.

I like that it's good on gas. I like the color of the car. I hate that its kinda small. It's really a good car.

- Will A

very reliable and good quality

Prius is very reliable. My car is an used car. It is 2011 Prius. I bought it in 2017. It had about 70000 miles.

- kai l

The Toyota Prius is good for the environment because it uses less gas and doesn't emit any harsh gases.

I really love my car. It is quiet and is great on gas. I like that it is energy efficient and helps me commute.

- Sherry T

Great gas mileage! City/Highway mpg of about 45 miles.

Very good gas mileage of about 45 mpg of mixed city/Highway driving. Comfortable ride but can be a bit noisy.

- Shady B

Even though the car looks small there is excellent legroom.

It has great gas mileage. Even though it looks small there is a lot of legroom... I dislike the color is blue.

- Ed L

I get 50 mpg most of the time.

Love the gas mileage 50 mpg. It only cost me $25 to fill up the tank. I dislike that you can hear road noises.

- Renee S

it runs great and saves on gas. It is a dream of a car

I love it. Not only does it save on gas. It has given almost no trouble and has driven great all these years

- jill k

It has very low gas mileage.

It has low gas mileage. It is used. It has low mileage. It is fun to drive. Dislike reverse constant beeping.

- Diane F

The gas mileage is amazing.

So good on gas! Comfortable to drive and I love the way the dashboard is set up. Tons of room for passengers.

- Kate F

Good on gas so I do not have to go to the gas station that much.

I like gas mileage, and it has a smooth ride and I like the navigation, I don't really care for the battery.

- Linda C

It is green and it helping the environment n using less fossil fuels

I like the fact that it gets good gas mileage and serves my basic need of getting from one place to another.

- Michael E

Fuel efficiency, but bumper scrapes.

Air conditioner is weak. Bumper scrapes often. Easy to keep clean. Great fuel efficiency. Comfortable seats.

- Simon H

Great car with great gas mileage.

Nothing. It is a great car. I would highly recommend this car to anyone that can drive. It is a great car.

- Harry P

2011 toyota prius is a good car

2011 prius is a really good car. The car gets good gas mileage and is also low maintenance. I recommend.

- Ross T

It's eco-friendly and saves on gas. Safe and durable.

I love the mileage you can get on one tank of gas. I love that my whole family can so comfortable in it.

- Casey J

It does not drive like other cars, hybrids are different.

I have never had a problem. It runs perfectly. The seats are very comfortable and the mileage is great.

- Michelle W

Great gas mileage and easy maintenance.

Great on gas; easy to drive and very versatile; comfortable seats front and back; maintenance is easy.

- Karen S

it is a hybrid that is very good on gas mileage

it is a good and reliable car that get great gas mileage, but the size of the car is too small for me

- max g

It save me a lot of money on gas

I like the fuel efficiency of it. It has big cargo space, and the back seat has plenty of space too.

- Keiw P

Gets great mileage and low emissions

I love the gas mileage. I like how roomy it is. I dislike the turning radius, it's not tight enough.

- Stacy B

That it gets really good gas mileage and I've never had any problems with it.

I like that my car get good gas mileage and that I have enough room to store stuff for long trips.

- Kris H

It's very efficient, but it is cheaply made. Thin paint and no undercoating on car to protect from rust.

Like fuel efficiency. Dislike thin paint job. Dislike lack of undercoating on car. Dislike price.

- Nancy H

It's been dependable and easy to drive. I just don't feel safe driving it in bad weather.

I like the gas mileage and the trunk space. I do not like how it drives in snow or wet pavement.

- Angela R

The main question I got when I first got my car was about the battery. I haven't had any issues with the battery.

I love my car! I get great gas mileage and I haven't had any issues with it since I've had it.

- chris h

The most important thing about my car Is that it is a hybrid, eco-friendly and very economical.

It' has great mileage and is s hybrid. Eco-friendly. There is nothing I dislike about my car

- Debra P

Gas mileage is good but you have to make sure to take care of the battery.

Great gas mileage. My car is fun to drive. Easy to maintain. Parts are not very expensive.

- Mike H

It is roomier than people think. I regularly go kayak camping with it.

I love the carrying capacity. And the mileage. It is the most affordable car on the road.

- Dave D

It keeps on performing day after day.

I love the gas mileage. The car has plenty of get up and go. It ride like a dream.

- Gene h

It's a hybrid that run on battery and gas. It's fun to drive

I like the gas mileage. The way you boot up the not started it. Comfort and space.

- Harry B

The gas mileage is incredible and the car is surprisingly fun to drive!

I love the milage and the fact that I am doing something to help the environment

- Lisa F

Excellent gas mileage. Low maintenance. Comfortable.

Has great mileage. It is comfortable. Runs smooth and gets me from point a to b.

- bhupinder s

They should know that it gets around 47 MPG

I like the gas mileage. I normally get 47 MPG. I do not like it's acceleration.

- Tom E

My car gets fantastic gas mileage and is extremely reliable! My only complaint is that the radio goes out sometimes.

The fantastic gas mileage! I fill up my tank about once per month for $20.

- Shannon V

It gets up to 500 miles per tank of gas, and there are chargers all over the place if you look.

Its feeling a bit sluggish, and I wish that I got more mileage per charge.

- Sreya S

great gas mileage. You don't have to fill up on gas a lot. Can get you where you're going with less gas.

I love the mileage. It is great on gas. surprisingly roomy. fun to drive.

- riya g

It is better for the environment than most cars are.

The gas is great. The size was good while in NY. We are a fan of Toyotas

- Karlee W

It drives quiet it has great gas mileage nice design roomy

Great gas mileage oil changes are once a year or every 5 thousand miles

- Hayley S

It gets great mileage, about 40 mpg, has good pick-up, and is comfortable on long trips.

I love my Prius! It gets good mileage, is comfortable and looks good.

- Lucille W

That it is fuel efficient.

I lie the hybrid. It gets good gas mileage. There is nothing I dislike

- Peter S

Well it certainly is good on gas for one thing . It's got plenty of room, it's a quiet ride and it's great to get into parking spots that are small. I say I get about 50 mpg or a little more on the road and in town I get about 40 mpg give or take a few miles.

Very Affordable and great on fuel. Very attractive and a smooth ride.

- Beverly S

The car handles great and rides comfortably even on long trips.

Handles great. Comfortable even on long trips Economical to operate

- Leah B

it is very easy to use and it is a cute little car

great little car very few problems and it gets great gas mileage

- Liz U

It gets Great gas mileage.

Love the gas mileage. Hate that it doesn't have 4 wheel drive.

- Alyce D

This is a good car and I love the gas mileage I get from it. I also really like the hatchback trunk it is very helpful and spacious. My complaint is that the seats get dirty easily.

This is a great car with great mileage and great trunk space!

- Diana R

Can really only seat 4 comfortably , and only certain places will work on even just oil change

Love gas mileage, and ease of driving.Dislike hard to repair

- Melanie M

It gets great gas mileage to help keep fuel costs down. Could use more storage space and it's tight fitting 2 car seats in the back seat.

Great gas mileage in city traffic for commuting to work.

- Jill M

great mileage low cost to operate love driving it. Good for freeway driving

love milage,easy to drive and park. don't hate anything

- Susan B

It's a gas/electric hybrid. It's in great shape for a seven year old car

Great car. Love the gas mileage. Comfortable Reliable

- L B

It is very roomy.it holds 4 people very well. Great cargo room

Great gas mileage. Very quiet. Low maintenance costs.

- Dean H

I like my car, its reliable and good on gas

I love my car. There is nothing that i dislike on it.

- Mariana M

The mileage is unbeatable and has surprising storage space.

Outstanding gas mileage. Convenient in car storage

- Sandy G

Great gas mileage. It is dependable. Still looks new. Easy to drive.

It is economical and should last a very long time.

- Charlotte V

Hybrid...more mileage and less maintenance

Nice car with fuel efficiency and compact in size

- Srinivas W

50 mpg normal in city even after 6 years

Smooth, enough power and very economical.

- Tom M