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The automatic doors make it the perfect car to load up and at drop off kids.

2006 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited

I would purchase this car again! I consistently take the car in for it regular service when required. I have taken long trips with my family and I have always felt safe and worry free. It is the perfect family and kids sports traveling car ( I am usually the person her picks up my kids friends). I have gone to Costco to purchase large furniture and the people loading the item(s) are always shocked that it fits. My most favorite feature is the automatic side doors and rear door. Kids and adults alike are surprised by that as well. I am always receiving positive comments. I am sad to say that I was in a car accident and after that the automatic door and locking system has had issues, but I do not hold that against Toyota. 13 years later I still have complete trust in my car. I know there is a point and time when a car must be retired and I will have to purchase another. When that day comes, I am sure Toyota will be my first stop!

- Diane P

Others should know that this car is perfect for new drivers. This car is safe, optimal for parking, great on mileage, long suffering and great for taking small excursions.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I am currently really high on mileage for my vehicle. Despite the loud muffler that my parents refuse to allow me to get repaired or repair, she has really hung in there. My mom purchased her used in 2012 and she's been fighting the good fight ever since. Air conditioner does not work, but I am working on that. I am proud to drive my Toyota Sienna; I have learned a lot of hard lessons about car ownership and maintenance. I love that there is so much space between seats and the trunk space is perfect. The space between seats and the doors is great. The placement of all the buttons is pretty awesome too. I do not like that the seat does not raise up very high. I am a shorter person, and sometimes drivers can't see me.

- Devyn N

Flexible seating and cargo space makes the Toyota Sienna a versatile choice

2006 Toyota Sienna

Our Toyota Sienna has served us well for the past 12 years. When we first bought it, we still had kids at home, and the minivan was handy for family vacations, transporting the kids and their friends to school events, etc. It has plenty of cargo space, with the option of seating up to 7 people. Now that the kids are out of the house, we probably don't need a minivan. We could probably get something more fuel-efficient, but the Sienna is still running reliably and is useful for trips, stock-up shopping, etc., and the gas mileage isn't a lot worse than our old sedan, so we're not in a hurry to replace it.

- Michelle C

Toyota sienna is reliable and a pleasure to drive.

2006 Toyota Sienna

My minivan has been extremely reliable. I have had no mechanical failures on this car at all. I have kept up with the necessary routine maintenance and have never had any problems with my vehicle. Additionally, the van is very comfortable. The seating features plenty of support and leg room. The van has over a dozen conveniently located drink holders. The van also handles well. It is easy to drive on the highway, city, and curvy mountain roads. The car accelerates well when needed. Visibility while driving is excellent. The car is safe and easily visible to other drivers.

- Barbara H

It is very reliable. It is 12 years old and over 100k miles and still drives smoothly.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I just purchased my 2006 Sienna this past January, as we were expecting our 3rd child. I love the amount of space in my van. I especially like the split bench as the 3rd row seat. This still allows us to have our oldest child's car seat in the back row, but also be able to fold down the other part of the seat to fit the stroller or other items. Even though the van is 12 years old, it runs great. Also, I LOVE all of the extra compartments! I do wish that both of my sliding doors and the back door were push button, but I know the newer models have that option.

- Miranda P

Toyota Sienna are great family cars!

2006 Toyota Sienna CE

Problems: check engine light comes on more than usual so the O2 sensors have to keep getting fixed. Now I have to get the catalytic converter fixed which is thousands of dollars. Just had a recall in 2017 with the gear shift being loose. Sometimes the sliding doors won't lock into place upon opening. It's a great family car. The kids will love the space. It performs pretty well. The driving handles are good. There's a CD player, Aux cable input, A/C controls for front and rear. You can fade the radio to front or rear. There is a place for a garage opener.

- Sasha B

Love the special features!

2006 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited

It has a ton of space. We have room for 3 large car seats and stuff for 3 kids and 2 adults for a week vacation. The van runs smooth and hasn't had any problems in the year we've owned it; just routine oil changes and such (done easily by my husband). The wheel wells are slowly deteriorating and will need to be replaced soon. That's about the only thing we've had a problem with. The all wheel drive is awesome for a snowy area. The extra features such as built in sun shades for the windows, DVD, and backup camera are very helpful!

- Megan F

I have had my Toyota Sienna for over 10 years. I love it now as much as I did when I first got it. I always feel safe driving near and far because it has been so reliable.

2006 Toyota Sienna

My Toyota Sienna is reliable and has been free from any problems. I love the convenience of being able to load small children into the van without the strain and stretching required by other automobiles. Now that my kids are older, I love that there is still enough room for all 4 of them, plus my husband and me, to ride comfortably and have space. This minivan can transport 7 people and all of their cargo with plenty of space. I love that it holds a lot, but doesn't feel like I'm driving a gigantic automobile.

- Heidi M

If you are planning to go on a trip, that car is perfect.

2006 Toyota Sienna

The Toyota sienna, has been one of the most comfortable vehicles that our family has had, has a smooth handling response, is perfect for trips, since its space is very wide, and one of our favorite features is that it is electric, you can open the doors with a single click on the keychain, which facilitates access if you carry something in your hands, and as for the engine, it does not give you any problems, it has been designed to last, even if you have to take care of it, now our family is happy with the car.

- Hector J

The Toyota sienna is a very comfortable and reliable minivan.

2006 Toyota Sienna

The Toyota sienna is a very reliable, the only repair has been a steering wheel pump, it is very comfortable to drive with power adjustable heated seats and comfortable seating for 7 people. Great gas mileage at about 18 mpg. It has adjustable heat and air conditioning for front and back passengers. Built in shades on back windows makes a very comfortable ride. Power doors are very convenient when you have small children and you hand are full. Pressing a button to open a door is great when your hands are full.

- Char B


2006 Toyota Sienna CE

The Toyota I own starts up every morning faithfully. I like all the extras such as cruise control, auto side doors, I can reach the air conditioner filter without too much trouble. The car manual is very informative and easy to read. I also like the small mirror to see my great grandson sitting in the back. I like the way the back seats fold into the floor, this gives me much more room for groceries. The van is very roomy inside, I don't feel confined., there is plenty of elbow room.

- Lorraine P

Good experience with Toyota sienna.

2006 Toyota Sienna LE

I love my car. Even we plan to buy a newer model this year for domestic travels, we decided to keep it. We bought it as used car. The car had a bad smell by the time we bought it due to water flooding. So, it was in excellent condition but we spent only $3000 on it because of that smell that we know how to remove. We bought it in 2016 and it is 2019 now and we have no issues at all with our car. We take good care of it though. We drove it for more than 100k since the day we bought it.

- Salma A

The Best Investment EVER!!

2006 Toyota Sienna

My Sienna is 10 + years old and it still runs smooth and starts up quietly. There are numerous days where I am idling and I forget that I already started my car. It is THAT quiet! In addition, the seats are comfy and durable. Maintenance on the car has been minimal. As long as you keep up with the normal oil changes, milestone updates and tire changes every so often, Sienna will last you a LONG time! My car just recently hit 200,000 miles and it is still running with no issues!

- Ami Y

Twelve years old, and still a great car!

2006 Toyota Sienna

The car itself has had very few problems in its 12 years of use, which is no surprise considering that it is a Toyota. Not the funnest to drive, but it does not claim to be sporty. It is super reliable and Versatile. The space is great. Whether you need to carry a lot of people or you have to haul tons of equipment, there is space for that. For a mini can, gas prices are not awful. Overall, it is a great family/business vehicle that still has a lot of life in it.

- Sarah D

Cup holders and space galore!

2006 Toyota Sienna LE

I love my Toyota Sienna. It is a wonderful van that allows my family to go on vacations and road trips without worrying if we will make it. We love the amount of cup holders, the roominess and the ability to fold down every area and remove the seats. We can carry a lot of items in the car when needed and haul big items as well. The features of the sliding door adds to one less hassle for me as the driver since my kids can get out on their own when needed.

- Sarah A

It is really an amazing van that looks stylish.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I really like my sienna van. It gets great gas mileage, it drives very nice, the heat and air conditioning are amazing. I love how the windows on both of the sliding doors roll down to let air flow throughout the van. There is plenty of seating as well as storage. I have the automatic sliding door feature which is accessible by my remote. I push 1 button and know what degree it is outside, my mph, and how many miles I have until my gasoline tank is empty.

- Shelly M

The fact that it has a button you can push to open and close the back door. And that the seats are very easily removed and replaced.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I absolutely love my minivan! All of the seats are able to be removed, easily. Which give you a ton of space inside if you need to transport things. most other vehicles I've seen is extremely difficult to remove and replace the seats, but that's not the case with my minivan. I also have a button I can push which opens and closes the driver side back door. The only downside is that I wish there was a button for the other side back door.

- Emmalee W

The best car we've picked so far

2006 Toyota Sienna LE

I love my sienna, the only problems we've had has been caused by rodents here in the desert, so insurance luckily covered it. It's comfortable, roomy, and safe. We have a one year old who has plenty of room in the backseat, and she has a larger car seat. There's more than plenty cup holders, which is great when we have several people with us. The paint has began to chip but what can you expect with an older car in the AZ sun

- Erin M

Extremely reliable! Except for the airbag, we have not spent much money on repairs.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love that my vehicle is so reliable, very few problems in 10 years. One thing that I don't like about my vehicle is that the transmission is very jerky, it jerks when accelerating. Another problem we had a few years after we got it was that the airbags had to be replaced throughout the vehicle, which was extremely expensive and it somehow messed up the indoor lights, so that the fuse for the indoor lights keeps blowing.

- Emily D

Toyota Sienna, the family vehicle

2006 Toyota Sienna CE

It's a very reliable car. I can't remember the last time it broke down, on or off a road trip. We've taken it on interstate excursions. The 2006 Toyota Sienna is the exemplary family vehicle, seating 7, with a spacious interior. Ours is driving strong, enduring two concurrent childhoods. Compartment doors took a beating, and the ceiling fabric took some staining, but such wear pairs well with 13 years of age.

- Steven T

Rumi for people and a lot of compartments to store items in.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I have only had it for a short time, but I like the way it handles and drives. It has a short turning radius and it has a lot of extra room inside along with compartments to store items. The ride is smooth and comfortable. There is even quite a bit of room in the backseat making a capable to seat three small adults in the back. The gas mileage is not bad, especially since it is an older model.

- Julie N

Expensive parks that's not take a lot out of your pocket drives excellent

2006 Toyota Sienna Base

My vehicle is very reliable I have no problems with my vehicle is excellent on gas oil very inexpensive to take care of some parts hours very inexpensive are those are somewhat expensive it has plenty of room is a 6 passenger van very comfortable as long as no one that is extremely tall sits in the back that will be a comfortable excellent for family trips lunch great on the expressway

- Elsie C

Great Family Road Trip Vehicle

2006 Toyota Sienna XLE

This is our 2nd Toyota Sienna, it is a great vehicle. The seats are very comfortable, I would like to see a button to save the seat memory for multiple drivers. It is a good road trip car, we've made many trips. The maintenance has been average. The things that are supposed to wear out have at the correct time. Gas mileage is average. I highly recommend this type of vehicle.

- Kristin C

Vehicle is overall in good working conditions. Low maintenance car.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Problems are sliding doors. If pulled on while on automatic then the button to open the door doesn't work and you have to manually click the door handle and give it a little push for the door to close while in automatic mode. If you put in drive while the door is closing the door will swing open until you put in park. Good on performance, reliability, comfort, and features.

- Lisa X

It is a very reliable car. We have had no mechanical issues other than one window problem in over 11 years.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I have had our Toyota minivan for over 11 years and we love it. It has had no mechanical issues except for one window that didn't work and was easy to fix. It has ample space for our family of 5, plus lots of great storage area for luggage when we travel. It is easy to haul large items when we have helped others move. It is functional, reliable, and safe. We love it.

- Tamara N

Toyota Sienna Ce, a reliable and enjoyable mini-van.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I've had few problems with my vehicle. The alternator needed replacing shortly after I got it, I feel that being a demo was the reason for that. It has had three recall items: dashboard replacement, spare tire cable replacement and an item where improper lubrication could let it jump out of park. Otherwise it has been very reliable, easy to maintain and comfortable.

- David V

Toyota Sienna Highlights!

2006 Toyota Sienna CE

This vehicle has ran great for the past few years. There have been a few problems that have came about such as; power door not working, power door sliding off rail, and some seatbelt problems. All of which are fixable and don't weigh you down too much. All around this vehicle is great and should be a go to for anybody that needs the space or a nice family vehicle.

- Hagen D

The Sienna is a Great family car

2006 Toyota Sienna XLE

We love our sienna. It comfortably fits 4 car seats and with a little shuffling we can fit 5. It ride smoothly and it comfortable for long road trips. We have had it for a few years now and have had no major issues except the power mechanism for the sliding doors failed and needed to be replaced but it was under warranty. We are very happy with our minivan

- Robyn H

A very comfortable van that still runs great after so many miles.

2006 Toyota Sienna

My 2006 Toyota Sienna runs great with 161500 miles on it. When you do the recommended maintenance on the van it will run well. The automatic sliding door stopped working 5 years ago there is still no recall. I am very disappointed in that. Toyota is great to send you mailings to let you know if there are any recalls. the van is overall comfortable.

- Elizabeth T

Minivans are perfect for a family with kids. However, if you start having trouble with one, trade it because it can become a money pit. There are always lemons even with the best brands.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love that it is a minivan! However, it is in desperate need of some repairs. It is being worked on for the brakes going out yesterday, needs new brake lights, needs a belt replaced, tires are wearing. Also backed into something and have a dent in the back as well as the sliding doors no longer being automatic and one not working well at all.

- Andrea P

It is good for a long time but then it starts to break down.

2006 Toyota Sienna

The car is really nice for most of the time that I have owned the vehicle. The car (Toyota sienna) had lasted at least 13 years because it was bought in 2006. However, as it got old, as any car does it started to perform less well. Now acceleration is kind of difficult and sometimes the car has trouble speeding up and it will take some time.

- Yo W

It is tremendously comfortable to drive or be a passenger in.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I absolutely love my minivan. My mom is disabled and it is the easiest vehicle we own for her to get into. I love that I can do bulk shopping for two households in the back just fine. Heck, I can haul 4x8 plywood when needed. There are enough seats for all of us to go and still room for my mom's wheelchair and other stuff we might need to haul.

- Megan R

Toyota Sienna 2006 is a good fit for someone who is new to driving.

2006 Toyota Sienna LE

This car has been a little old and I don't own it, but it's my primary because I drive it sometimes. It performs quite well and is very durable - it works fine after 10 years! So I'd say it's very reliable. Seats could be more comfortable - no leather. Features include a touchscreen, radio, and air conditioning, just the basics. Nothing else.

- Eddy Z

Lots of space for a growing family

2006 Toyota Sienna CE

Perfect for our family of 5. Easy to stow seats. Great space for moving large items. Out 3 teenagers fit perfectly and lots of space for them to bring a friend along. Have not had any issues with vehicle since we purchased it used from a dealership. Would definitely recommend this vehicle to another family and will definitely purchase again

- Jeanne N

Great vehicle for comfort, space and ride!

2006 Toyota Sienna XLE

Great vehicle all around. No problems with this van other than normal wear and tear. Regular maintenance always performed as suggested. Leather seats, sunroof and DVD player are a plus. Great gas mileage great and very reliable. Seats seven comfortably. Drives and rides very nice. Overall a very good looking vehicle inside and outside.

- Kim W

It feels safe to drive. Safety is number one especially with my kids in the car.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love having a van! It's very convenient with my kids, it's comfortable for us. The best part is the DVD player, it's a godsend. The 2 things I dislike are the driver seat and front seat passenger seat, they're uncomfortable and then there's the interior it's just a hideous color. Other than that, I absolutely love my vehicle.

- Jenn B

It seats 8 people. This is great having 3 kids because they can each take a friend with us somewhere and still have room for my husband and I. There is a decent amount of storage in the back for luggage as well.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love the space in my minivan. I think we got somewhat of a lemon because we have had transmission trouble, the brakes are constantly going out, the automatic sliding doors quit working, the door handle is broken, and it has a crack in the dash. Overall would love to replace the vehicle I have for a newer, better version.

- Andrea P

Great van for someone who likes them.

2006 Toyota Sienna XLE

There isn't any problems with the van. The van itself is great, very reliable. Plenty of room for the kids. Took it on a road trip to Iowa, and Wisconsin from Florida, and had no problems. The DVD was a plus. I am just not a vain person so I do not like the vehicle, it's more of a preference then anything wrong with the car.

- Sam P

Very reliable and a smooth ride if maintained.

2006 Toyota Sienna

The van operates well if you take care of it some of the time it can be temperamental but if you treat it with respect it can take you far. It has been a very reliable vehicle for the use of the household it's not very speedy but can get you to point a and b with not too much of a problem just remember to keep it maintained.

- Justin R

Great for a growing family

2006 Toyota Sienna LE

Great family vehicle. Seats 7 comfortable. Reliable. Great gas mileage. Power everything (windows, locks and even a slider door on the passenger side) great trunk/storage space. Table tray that folds down in the middle between the passenger and driver seat makes for a great easy space to store things. Plenty of cup holders.

- Ta B

The ultimate soccer dad van

2006 Toyota Sienna LE

The only problem is the color, but besides that the performance of the car is really good, my family have had this car for 13 years and it's still keeping up with us and don't let me get started on the how incredibly comfortable this car is, seats are adjustable and the seats are like this soft material that's pretty chill.

- An N

Review of 2006 Toyota sienna.

2006 Toyota Sienna

The van rides very quietly. No problem the back seat folds down into the floor and the second row seat folds up which leaves a lot of room for storage. There is plenty of storage as well as cup holders. The options include an CD player, am/FM radio, it has a place for outside temps, sliding power doors on both sides.

- Joan J

Toyota sienna. Best family car ever!

2006 Toyota Sienna

One of the best cars ever! It runs smoothly, and is also very comfortable. The best feature in my opinion is the spaciousness of this car. A very long drive feels enjoyable because of the amount of legs space. A must buy! If you have less than 6 children, the Toyota sienna is one of the best family cars to own.

- Yves P

It's my home wherever I go.

2006 Toyota Sienna XLE

It's amazing. Like a rolling living room. Great turning circle improvement over our previous model. All the amenities but none over the top or will leave you with a brick when it fails. Fits all 4 kids with room for backpacks and gear. I sometimes hang out in there because it's just a peaceful, quiet place to go.

- Richard W

Toyota minivans are the best. This is the only car I will buy.

2006 Toyota Sienna

This is the best car I have ever owned. Very reliable! My minivan currently has 198, 000 on it and it still starts every time I turn that ignition. This van has never failed me. It gets me & my family to where need to go and it is a safe vehicle. Toyota has proven itself time and time again for me and my family.

- Michele C

The Toyota Sienna is a very comfortable car.

2006 Toyota Sienna

The only problem with this car, really, is that it is quite large. When I first bought it, I was not sure I thought the driver's seat was as comfortable as it could be, but now it seems very comfortable. There's lots of cargo space and it seats seven quite comfortably. Handles well and is good on snow and ice.

- Marian C

A family minivan I love.

2006 Toyota Sienna XLE

I love my sienna. It hold my kids and their friends and groceries. I love the seat warmers in the winter and the rear ac in the summer. It has been reliable though, it has some ongoing problem with warning lights that won't go out. The dealer was unable to diagnose it. But the car runs well. It is very safe.

- Marina S

My back windows rolled down and a minivan, I love it

2006 Toyota Sienna XLE

I am a one time owner of the van, runs very well never had any major issues with the van, it is a very reliable van witch has 260k miles on it, very quiet . It's very comfortable and roomy. Great for dogs and kids, road trips and around the city trips. Easy to keep clean and maintain with mechanical issues

- Jacob I

Durability of Toyota cars

2006 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited

Is good car. But actually the parts for the car are very expensive. I bought it from a buyer who never told me the batteries was almost death. Now need to replace the battery. But I kind it because it still drives good and it is very resistant. You can drive a Toyota car even when the check light is on

- Roma K

Low miles and plenty of legroom for a family of 5 with long legs

2006 Toyota Sienna LE

Bought vehicle recently and I'm really enjoying the low miles. We lucked into trading our 2004 sienna with 240,000 miles for the 2006 with only 75,000. We don't have to worry about maintenance. Everything works on it. Drives great. There is a popping sound that we can't figure out but it works great

- Julie G

It is my favorite color blues, and I count at least 13 cup holders.

2006 Toyota Sienna

My vehicle has 250, 000 plus miles and runs great. It is loaded with everything possible in 2006, so has more features than I will probably discover and use. It will need some work in 10, 000 miles or so, but that is to be expected. It is very comfortable, with plenty of room for my grandchildren.

- Sherry P

Excellent reliable minivan.

2006 Toyota Sienna LE

This minivan has been a great purchase. I have not had any major repairs others than a muffler. Basic maintenance is cost effective. It drives great in the snow. Or is very comfortable and seats 7 people. The seats go completely flat in the back offering a huge area for groceries, moving or trips.

- Pamela C

2006 Toyota Sienna van review

2006 Toyota Sienna CE

I love my Sienna. I love being higher on the road. Wish I had drivers side door open remotely open like R side door though. The middle seats kind of hard to remove from the van. Wish that the little compartment in upper part by windshield with mirror was a sunglasses holder. It's useless.

- Linda W

Jeep Cherokee best deal around.

2006 Toyota Sienna

We bought our 2003 Jeep Cherokee as a first car for our son. It has been very dependable. The gas. Miles are not so good. The car is solid and does really well on the ice and snow. This is my 3rd Jeep Cherokee and it's a nice color blue. 188000 miles on it. We replaced the stereo very easily.

- Lisa W

Our repairs we did on our old faithful van

2006 Toyota Sienna CE

Other then notorious brake problems, we replaced the power steering line, battery every 2-4 years, tires twice, water pump, and timing belt, and another piece. Just overheated at the 13th year mark. Needs thermostat. Never before. I love the room, that I can have 7 others ride aboard. .


We love our Toyota sienna!

2006 Toyota Sienna

Very reliable. Have had no problems since we've bought it. Make sure all required maintenance is done and it will last a long time. . Very roomy! Comfortable for a family of 5 especially on long road trips. Even when carrying 7 passengers it has plenty of room and everyone sits comfortably.

- A T

Very reliable for the long haul... great family vehicle!

2006 Toyota Sienna CE

Power door stopped working, but overall performance has been excellent. Great investment! Very reliable for my 5 children and I. We have owned this vehicle for 13 years, it has 200,000 miles on it, and it is still very reliable and runs great. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone!

- Lisa G

Toyota makes Great Vehicles!

2006 Toyota Sienna XLE

We have had no problems in the 12 years we have owned our Sienna. It's very reliable, comfortable, and roomy. We love it! We have only owned Toyota made vehicles, and even though they're old, they last. I'm sure when we need to purchase another vehicle, we will highly consider Toyota.

- Name E

It's not just a mommy car! There is so much space, but it drives just like a sedan!

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love that I'm sitting up higher than in many vehicles. I thought I wouldn't like a minivan, but it's just like driving a car but with so much space inside! I like the manual doors, rather than automatic as well! I'm at 175.000 miles and plan on continuing for a long time to come!

- Sherri m

We have the limited AWD model and love it!

2006 Toyota Sienna

We love our sienna! We drove an Odyssey before and didn't think we would like any other minivan. The sienna is not as peppy as the odyssey, but it is such a smooth, comfortable ride. The sienna is very roomy. Our sienna is the limited edition, so we really enjoy the DVD & navigation.

- Missy H

She Has Her Problems, But Still Functions.

2006 Toyota Sienna LE

It's just a bit old so it's kind of ran its course. It still functions fairly well but has a few issues, such as the air conditioning not working, some problems with the engine, and sometimes the brakes have issues. However, it still runs well enough to get me to where I need to go.

- Hannah S

Great family vehicle, highly recommended.

2006 Toyota Sienna CE

I would recommend this vehicle to friends and family who are looking for a family car. Lots of space but still gets pretty good gas mileage. Also runs smooth and is not too loud. My family has had this van for many years and it is reliable and makes me feel like my family is safe.

- Emily M

About my car it is red and drives good. The tired are black.

2006 Toyota Sienna CE

there isn't much to tell about my vehicle. Just that it is a very two door car and drives really smooth. I don't have any problems with my vehicle at all. The tires on my car do feel small but there is nothing that can't be fixed. I try to keep it clean. My car is red.

- marie T

Sturdy, reliable, and long lasting

2006 Toyota Sienna LE

If you are looking for a family car that will last 10+ years, this is it. Very reliable and does not break often. I like it a lot and have no regrets. It is a big and heavy vehicle, smooth, and quiet. It is a very safe car for very safe drivers. A nice car overall.

- Maxwell T

I can fit all my friends and all their luggage/things to go on exciting trips!

2006 Toyota Sienna

The check engine light comes on and sometimes nothing will be wrong. The car will sometimes hydroplane with very little water on the road. There is only a cassette player and a CD player, no available place for an AUX cord. The automatic door does not always work.

- Ej G

An review of the 2006 Toyota Sienna.

2006 Toyota Sienna

My vehicle is an 2006 Toyota Sienna minivan. It has sliding doors on both side of the van. Other features includes, an am FM radio with CD player. Back rows seats that fold down, the van seats 7 people very comfortably. It accelerates rapidly. The ride is smooth.

- Joan J

Comfortable for big family!

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love our Toyota sienna. We are a family of 5 and it is very comfortable whether driving around town or on long road trips. We have had no major problems and feel that we will be able to drive this car for many years to come! Would definitely buy another one!

- Rebecca M

Good van with slight fixable problems

2006 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited

The air conditioner only works only for a few minutes and then it goes hot. There is noise coming from the DVD port Every time the car is turned on. A scary noise comes on if you try to turn the air conditioner on in the rear, then cuts off after a minute.

- Lynn M

It is extremely reliable and drives super smoothly.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I really enjoy driving a Toyota Sienna. It has been one of the smoothest vans I have ever driven. I appreciate the LE Style as we have power windows for 4 out of the 6 in the van, really good air conditioning, an amazing CD player, and wonderful storage.

- Emily L

Great car!! Would recommend to any family.

2006 Toyota Sienna

No problems at all with this car. Over 200, 000 miles and counting. Best car I have ever owned. Never has left me stranded. Owned it for 3 years and have only needed to replace the battery. Fits many people with comfort and car seats for great as well. .

- Tiffany C

It handles great and cost for upkeep low.

2006 Toyota Sienna LE

My vehicle has 225000 miles on it and has had very little upkeep. The things that have went wrong have been low in cost. The only issue is some parts still have to be ordered because local places still do not have the parts and it is over 10 years old.

- Nicole P

It has been very reliable!

2006 Toyota Sienna

Very reliable car for the nine years that we have owned it--great family car for toting kids & their friends--back seats can fold down for storage--fun features like plenty of beverage holders, storage spots for magazines, etc. --gas a bit pricey.

- Ann S

It has been reliable put to heavy use 7 days a week for more than 10 years.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It has served us very well for 10+ years with very few problems and we bought it used. I used it as a both a work vehicle hauling newspapers and as a family vehicle when we were tight on money and could not be happier with how it has held up.

- Ronald S

Good car and would buy another

2006 Toyota Sienna

Comfortable seats. Like the adjustable armrests on the front seats. Very happy with the different compartments in the dash. Radio not great. The AM has quit working and the reception on the FM doesn't work as long a range as other cars.

- Hope C

Sienna: Reliable and Comfortable.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I really love my Toyota Sienna. It has been tremendously reliable. The ride is very smooth and quite quiet. I will definitely try to get another one when this one needs to be replaced. Which might be a while, since it's running so well.

- Jeff V

Good overall visibility from driver's seat

2006 Toyota Sienna

reliable, good cargo area, comfortable ride Good all around family auto for hauling pets, garden supplies, groceries, etc. Easy to get in and out of, no bending down. Good gas mileage for size of vehicle, reliable, low maintenance.

- Patricia T

We've had this van for almost 12 years, and it is still a solid, reliable vehicle.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love the convenience of a minivan combined with the reliability of a Toyota. I love the sliding doors, the flexibility in folding down the rear seats, and the extras offered such as heated seats and multiple heating/cooling zones.

- Katie H

I have a 2006 Toyota Sienna and I like a lot. I used to have Dodge Caravan and I really miss all the places to put things. My Toyota has great longevity without many problems and it has over 200000 miles and still run great.

2006 Toyota Sienna

My Toyota Sienna is very dependable. I have rarely had any problems with it. Brakes and tires are what I have had to the most on. I have two 3 year olds and my Sienna has taken a beating but still looks good when cleaned up.

- Rosa A

Very dependable , known for lasting long turn. Will always purchase a Toyota any future car. Have referred my family and friends to buy Toyota's brand cars.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Very dependable, hardly any concerns. It still drives smooth with over 125,000 miles. We go on lots of road trips and there is plenty of room for luggage and items we buy. Love our vehicle, Toyota's are great brand of cars.

- Robin W

Other than oil changes, tires, and wiper blades, this car cost nothing to maintain for 12 years. Since 100,000 miles, it has cost $5000. Still drives great though at 110,000 miles.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Bought it in 2008 to do craft shows and to carry display and products. It's been a good car, reliable, and big enough without being too big. Ten years old now, thinking about replacing since I'm not doing shows anymore.

- Susan F

It has fuel and oil and might be a uncomfortable ride. It is a older minivan now. The mileage is not reliable.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It is very old and contains plenty of miles. Have storage space and runs alright. It has used leather seats and a 7-passenger vehicle. A problem will be how I can manage to buy me another car and get rid of that one.

- Adrian G

This is a great family car. It can seat 8 people without being too crowded. It has tons of cup holders, space in the back, etc. Plus it is easy to convert the seats if you need more cargo space.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love the handling of my vehicle. It has plenty of space for my family. The only thing I don't like about it is that the back windows have a very dark tint, and this makes it hard to see when backing up at night.

- Amy T

A minivan is a great value and is a safe vehicle as far as cars go.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It has had a very minimal amount of problems. It fits our family as far as being able to transport kids to sporting events and now to college. It is decent on gas mileage. Very comfortable to ride in and drive!

- Cynthia T

Best minivan according to consumer reports for years.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I enjoy having room for my whole family (4kids). Heated front seats is a nice added feature. Love having a DVD player built in the car for long road trips. Appreciate the cargo space in the back of the vehicle.

- Amanda R

My sienna offers lots of transportation options.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love all the features of my Toyota sienna axle limited. The side and backup sensors provide safety that I will not hit a person or a car. The back seats are adjustable allowing for varied transport options.

- Annette R

I drives really well and can hold 7 people

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love that I can move the middle two bucket seats to any spot in the middle row. I love how the back row seats fold down to create floor space or up and leave room for a trunk. I like the way it drives.

- sarah B

After 12 years still runs very good, with regular maintenance and replace a belt.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like the size, has enough space for a scooter in the second row. Is a seven passenger minivan for family and friends. Four cylinder saves gas, good miles per gallon, I am very happy no complaints.

- maria g

It's 12 years old, has over 140K miles and is still running great!

2006 Toyota Sienna

It drives like a car, has the best turning radius of any minivan I've driven, and I LOVE the heated seats. It fits all 8 of the people in my family, as well. Oh, and it has plenty of cup holders. :)

- DL C

It get reasonable gas mileage and is comfortable to ride in.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Only problem we have had is the passenger sliding door not wanting to close all the time. It gets reasonable gas mileage for its size. It also has plenty of room for 2 greyhounds and a border collie.

- Andrea C

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it is great for families. Our kids love riding in it because there is space and it is a smooth ride.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like the color (silver), but the best thing is that it has an entertainment package in it. The screen and DVD player make road trips fantastic. I also like that it has many charging stations in it.

- Thomas R

That it is comfortable and has seats that can lay down or be removed.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like the height I am at while sitting in the driver's seat. I do not like being in cars that sit low on the road. I like the space in my vehicle. There is plenty of room for my family and my cargo.

- Natasha R

The Toyota sienna will be reliable for a least 200, 000 miles!

2006 Toyota Sienna

Our Toyota sienna has been an extremely reliable family vehicle. There's plenty of space for children as well as for adults. We love the ability to fold down the rest row of seats for extra storage.

- Olivia A

The ride is smooth and overall is a comfortable car.

2006 Toyota Sienna

The ride is very smooth and comfortable. Love the fold down seats. We are always moving furniture or hauling things from the Home Store. Have 196,000 miles and am sorry to have to replace soon.

- Jeanine D

Very dependable. Will last a long time.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like my van because it is reliable. It has not needed much work. It is very dependable. We have owned it for more than 10 years without major issues. I dislike that it does not have bluetooth.

- cathy b

That it is old, but pretty reliable.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Even though I never thought I would drive a minivan, I do like how much room they have. I don't like that they had recalls for it though. I wish that there hadn't been so many issues with it.

- Serena P

The Toyota sienna is the dream vehicle for moms

2006 Toyota Sienna

I enjoy driving my Toyota sienna. Its reliable, seats 7 passengers safely and comfortably. There are 5 Latch systems to secure infant car seats. The automatic sliding doors make my life easier.

- Brit C

Very reliable car! Minimal maintenance, lots of cargo room.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like that my vehicle has been very reliable. I also like that it is very roomy. I like that it is comfortable. I do not like that the seats do not move much to accommodate longer legs

- E M

It's a very reliable minivan.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It is a great car. It has had no major work done to it. Is only had to have a power steering pump replaced. It has 193,000 miles on it. The exterior and interior have held up excellent.

- Heather C

My mini van can take up to eight persons.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like my vehicle because it's big and I can take my family out together with one car. I dislike about my vehicle is the gas mileage is kind of low therefore need more money to fill up.

- Lisa T

Very reliable minivan that seats eight or you can stow the seats and have plenty of room.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love that it seats 8!! Dislike, the sliding door cable snapped and it is ridiculous to pay for fixing so we live without using it. Biggest complaint would be lack of safety ratings.

- Charlene N


2006 Toyota Sienna

The Sienna has always performed well. It is a good, all-around vehicle for everyday use. However, for long drives, we prefer our Mercedes S430,and for off-roading, we like our Jeep.

- Robert M

It's a good ride and pretty roomy, a nice family minivan.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love how smooth it rides. Steering is great. I enjoy being higher above the ground. I like that the middle seats can be repositioned. I wish it had one more seat instead, though.

- Chelsea H

It is a minivan so it is great for a family vacation with many people.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Very old car. It is a great family car because it is a minivan. Great for moving and big shopping. Does not use a lot of gas as long as you do not accelerate at a ridiculous pace.

- Taylor M

It allows for so much versatility in hauling people and things.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love the fact that it can carry my children plus their friends. The ability to adjust the seats for more storage is amazing. I also greatly appreciate the safety features.

- Catherine W

The Toyota sienna is very dependable.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Better than average gas mileage for a van. Lots of space! Automatic side door is a lifesaver as well as the DVD player on long trips. Barely ever needs work. . Very dependable.

- Maria L

Excellent & reliable family van

2006 Toyota Sienna

This car works really well for being 12 years old. It is very reliable & will run as long as it is taken care of. There is plenty of room for carseats & space for everybody.

- Tessa H

We've never had anything major go wrong with it in the almost 12 years we've owned it.

2006 Toyota Sienna

We bought our van new and have had it for over 11 years now. It's been a great purchase. It holds all of our family and has a couple of extra seats for friends or cousins.

- Anne E

It rides really smooth and has been dependable. I feel like it was a very good purchase and I've never been disappointed in it.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love the room in it. I also like that it has more power than any other vehicle that we've owned. I'm not crazy on the style of the headlights, but other than love it.

- Jeanette F

It has over 275,000 miles on it.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love that it is very dependable. It has over 275,000 miles on it. I also love that it holds up to 8 people. We can take our whole family plus a couple if needed.

- Bryan I

Toyota makes good quality cars that are built to last.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like the way it drives. It has so much storage. I don't like some of the seatbelts because they are in weird places. The automatic doors are sometimes problematic.

- Kathy k

Comfort, roominess and leg room in the third row.

2006 Toyota Sienna

My vehicle has been very reliable. It is very comfortable to ride in, especially on trips. There is a great deal of storage room, it is deceiving how much there is.

- Carol S

Wheelchair accessible. Dual air control. Cruise control.

2006 Toyota Sienna

My Toyota Sienna is a wheelchair accessible van. It is spacious, it has a back seat, room for 3. A regular van would have a middle that would be for 2 more people.

- Kathy B

It is extremely reliable.

2006 Toyota Sienna

My van is very spacious and perfect for a large family. It has all the important features that I need, and has lasted a long time with minimal maintenance needed.

- Hayley A

Made very well for protection in an accident. I've experienced this first hand. A very sturdy vehicle!

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love the car. It feels very safe & drives very well & comfortably. My only dislike is the hatch. It's VERY hard to open & close & there's no automatic opener

- Bonnie R

The tires are also very strong but be sure to keep an extra tire just in case.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like how the design is very sophisticated. It looks very simple yet it's a very detailed car. The interior is very nice too and it's a well functioning car.

- Sunda S

It's an awesome minivan and I love it. It ha a lot of storage which is great for my weekly grocery shopping.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love the storage that my minivan offers. I love sitting up higher than other cars so I can see a lot better. I don't have any complaints about my minivan.

- Bethany F

The Toyota Sienna is an excellent quality vehicle and is relatively low maintenance.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It's fun to drive, for a minivan. Very good acceleration and drives well on the highway. Gas mileage is acceptable and it has been a great family vehicle.

- Michael S

It is used. Has been well-maintained and is great for a family car

2006 Toyota Sienna

It was in good shape when we go it. I don't like how it does not have a DVD player for kids. I like how it can handle a lot of miles b/c we drive it a lot.

- Gina B

As an older van, it needs a lot of care and maintenance. It needs to have everything checked monthly.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I hate that it has lots of tics, like the radio goes in and out. It is roomy which is nice. I like that it is grey inside so doesn't overheat too quickly.

- Sarah Y

My car is decent and reliable.

2006 Toyota Sienna

The Toyota sienna has been extremely reliable. It has required very few repairs in over 200,000 miles.. I do wish the center console had compartments..

- Jill R

It's reliable and comfortable. It easily seats seven people. It gets us where we are going.

2006 Toyota Sienna

This Toyota Sienna has been a reliable van for us for the last 7 years. We've only had a few repairs to do and it's approaching 300,000 miles. Love it.

- Marie D

We just recently purchased this vehicle, and we are very pleased with its performance. My one complaint is that only one of the sliding doors is automatic. I have found this more irritating than I thought it would be as sometimes my hands are full when I need to close the door and that can be quite tricky. However, we love how roomy it is! It has eight seats and our children, who keep getting taller, and very pleased with the amount of legroom that they have.

2006 Toyota Sienna

This care seems very reliable, and our mechanic told us that it should last us until our kids graduate from high school, which will be about 11 years.

- Shawna H

Toyota sienna 06 review great car

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love my Toyota I have a 06 sienna and it is amazing has a aux cord placement and has great volume I love the way the car looks as well very updated

- Rebekah A

Comfortable Family Minivan

2006 Toyota Sienna

Purchased used to replace a vehicle lost in an accident, this minivan is comfortable, reliable, and roomy enough to transport 7 people around easily.

- tina v

This van is perfect for a family or someone who wants a vehicle with a lot of space that is reliable.

2006 Toyota Sienna

My vehicle is a nice shade of blue. The best part about it is that I have only had to put maintenance into it, and it has not broken down whatsoever.

- Hayley V

It's a pretty good car for people who need to drive others around like soccer moms or something.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like the amount of seats it has, so I can always put a lot of stuff in it. I don't like however that some things in it have degraded over time.

- Gabriel M

It has never left me stranded. I have made a lot of trips.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like the dependability, bells and whistles and looks as well as how it has held up over the years. I have had no complaints about this vehicle.

- Joyce R

This vehicle is extremely reliable.

2006 Toyota Sienna

My car has been very dependable for as long as I have had it. At this point, it has a lot of miles but I am hoping it will last a few more years.

- Lisa S

This car is great for families. It fits eight people. It is comfortable and reliable.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It is great for getting me and my family where we need to go. However, it has more than 200000 miles and it starting to have some minor problems.

- Allie S

Comfortable ride, spacious, and reliable even at 12 years old.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Has been reliable with expected maintenance. Comfortable ride. Plenty of room for a family. Lots of room for groceries, in the back/trunk area.

- Mich S

It's a ramp van that was specifically modified for a disabled person.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like the size, and space of this vehicle. Also, its a disability vehicle with a ramp so my husbands wheelchair can easily be rolled into it.

- Carolyn S

It runs. It might not be beautiful, but it is mine and paid for.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like everything about it except that it's a minivan. I like how it drives and turns on a dime. It is comfortable. It has been very reliable.

- Heather C

seats 8 doesn't have great gas mileage

2006 Toyota Sienna

It's great for transporting people and cargo. Nice wide seats. It seats 8 comfortably. I just don't like trying to find parking spots for it

- Nehama M

The most important thing that someone should know about my car is that it is very mom and family friendly.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love that the seats can be easily folded down. I love that it looks nice and gets me wherever I need to. It is a pretty reliable vehicle.

- Alaina L

That it can hold 8 people comfortably.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It is a smooth ride and can hold 8 people. It has taken us everywhere we need to go, whether it be camping, sports events or school events.

- Laura C

I have never had a major problem and it has never left me stranded on the road.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love the bells and whistles it has. I love the reliability. I feel very safe in my van. I love how well it has held up over the years.

- Joyce G

The motor has a tilt which makes it burn oil and makes a sludge in your motor.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I dislike the problem it has with motor tilt. It makes a sludge in motor. The sludge burns off at times and makes a nasty smell and smoke.

- Laney J

Even though it looks small it is very spacious and great on gas.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It drives nice and good gas mileage. Roomy also use it for hauling. I have a dent on the door I hate. It's on the rear drivers side door.

- Victor A

It has lots of functionality, great for carrying vacation stuff, can hold furniture and building material. It's convenient that the seats fold down.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like that it has a lot of room, decent fuel economy, is reliable, and enduring. I dislike that it is old, and the tires wear unevenly.

- Robin G

It works for my family and I love that I can count on it.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Great van...fits all my kids and junk. I like the slide door so I just press a button and the door opens. Gas mileage is not that good

- Shelley J

It is reliable and handles well in many situations. It gets decent gas mileage for a van.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love the seat adjustability. I love the automatic door. I love the visibility I have while driving. I wish cars weren't so expensive

- Vicki B

Great for a family!!!!!!!

2006 Toyota Sienna

It has enough space to lug 3 kids and all their stuff around. We have had no major issues with the vehicle and it is aging gracefully.

- Lucas J

I bought it used, six months ago. It drives like a dream, has been trouble-free, is spacious, easily carries large items or multiple passengers, and I love the stow-and-go third row.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Toyotas hold their value, and a properly maintained Toyota should easily last many years, or at least a couple hundred thousand miles.

- Maryann F

If you buy used have a mechanic check it out thoroughly before you buy it.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I don't like that the wheel sensors are too sensitive and it seems like as soon as we hit 120,000 miles everything started breaking.

- Amy W

It handles very well, even in the snow.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I have no problems with my vehicle. It is comfortable, has plenty of room, a/c, CD player, automatic transmission, electric windows.

- Kim C

It is very reliable and continues to be so even after 12 years.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love how reliable my car is. It has been a great car for 12 years with very few problems. It is easy and comfortable to drive.

- Andrea D

It's vital to my independence. It's reliable, trustworthy, and functional.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It's beautiful, well cared for, stylish, roomy, and comfortable. It cost a bit more than we wanted to spend, but we'll worth it.

- Shelly T

It is the perfect minivan, and great for anyone who has children.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love my minivan. It has spacious and comfortable seating. It also has enough room in the cargo area, and is easy to drive.

- Christilynn W

It is very dependable. The van is comfortable and feels great to drive.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I have no complaints at all. This is the best vehicle I ever owned. It has over 178k on it and I hope to drive it many years.

- Kelly P

it is very dependable and it is owned outright by us

2006 Toyota Sienna

Has plenty of room, drives fairly smooth, madewell, great for traveling, carries lots of items for traveling, very dependable

- D'Ann S

All power sunroof, doors, seats and tailgate. Leather interior.

2006 Toyota Sienna

185000 miles and still running strong. love my Toyota Sienna! It's 12 years old and I'm going to drive it until it dies.

- Clint S

It's comfortable to drive in, it does take a lot of gas though

2006 Toyota Sienna

i like that It's family friendly, but i wish i could upgrade to a better car. mines is old now and i want something fancy

- iman T

. It is just a simple minivan and can 'transport my sons wheelchair.

2006 Toyota Sienna

No complaints. It's a vehicle gets me where I'm going. Holds my family. And is comfortable for road trips for everyone.

- Tanya B

You have to push the brakes hard but I think that is because it is old

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like it's storage capacity but at the same time I don't like how big it is. I love that I have very few blind spots.

- Lauren O

This is an extremely comfortable and spacious vehicle.

2006 Toyota Sienna

My car is very comfortable and has a smooth drive. My car is very spacious. The cd stopped working about a year ago.

- Ilene H

It is the only source of travel we have so we make sure to maintain it properly.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like it because it is dependable. As it gets older needs more repairs but is still cheaper than buying another car.

- Elizabeth G

Well built! Built to last a long time with routine maintenance.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Our van has been very reliable. It's a comfortable ride. The seats are easy to fold down. There's a lot of storage.

- Diane M

It has lasted for over ten years and held up really well.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It's a nice car. It holds up to seven people, which is nice for trips and has lots of trunk space. Drives smoothly.

- Chandler P

I like the 8 seater for family trips

2006 Toyota Sienna

It is a reliable, comfortable, and premium quality vehicle, fits 8 people, mpg is average, getting worse over time.

- david w

Rides nicely, lots of storage.

2006 Toyota Sienna

The van handles and turns well. There are a lot of compartments for storage. It is comfortable and sits up higher.

- Kim N


2006 Toyota Sienna

reliable, roomy, safe, performance, features added, drivetrain, options to choose from when purchasing, BRAND NAME

- nikki r

Rear seats fold completely.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Love the sliding doors and automatic trunk open and close. It has lots of room for my family. Love the ac zoning.

- Beth R

Pretty reliable but need regular maintenance and plenty of space

2006 Toyota Sienna

The Sienna minivan is pretty reliable,comfortable with regular maintenance etc.Plenty room for moving boxes etc.

- Mary N

It is reliable and very roomy for up to 7 people!.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love the roominess of the van. I love the affordable maintenance as well. Great choice for our family of 5!.

- Angela T

Very smooth and comfortable drive. The space inside is very great.

2006 Toyota Sienna

The very best car I have ever had in my life. I love the space I love the design I love the comfortable seats.

- Alyson H

The most reliable car!!!!

2006 Toyota Sienna

The most reliable vehicle I have owned. Economic, inexpensive to maintain and I've never had any major issues.

- Ana H

Expense of repairs, gas and maintenance.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It is not fuel economical. It looks good, but it is expensive. And the car is discontinued which is not good.

- Mike L

I has great safety features, including curtain airbags.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Love the van. It's biggest draw backers is the shocks. Also their automatic doors stick. I wish it was newer.

- larry t

The vehicle has been crashed numerous times by my disabled mother who can no longer drive. It has taken a beating but still works good

2006 Toyota Sienna

I have not had any major problems with the van. I would have liked it to be more economical being a Toyota.

- Jennifer O

Seats fold flat for easy hauling

2006 Toyota Sienna

It's a great car, easy to drive, reliable and easy to maintain. Lots of room for hauling people and stuff.

- Liz T

It has a DVD player in it that entertains my children

2006 Toyota Sienna

It's better than all the other cars I have had not to may problems I bought it from my granny 3 years back

- Casey B

It is for big households only.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Like: the rear-view camera is a fabulous feature. Dislike: the bulk, and the difficulty adjusting mirrors.

- Rachel D

It is very reliable. We plan to keep it for a very long time.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love my Toyota van. It is very comfortable. It has given us no problems at all. It is very reliable.

- M R

I love the auto opening/closing door. It's great for kids getting in and out of their own. I also love how big the trunk area is. I have a double and single stroller and they both fit. I dislike that the middle seats are so hard to take in and out.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It's perfect for anyone with more than 2 car seats or an older kid that can't fit between 2 car seats!

- Tina L

Nice Toyota Sienna that is comfortable

2006 Toyota Sienna

My Toyota Sienna is Nice, comfortable. Very handy for long trips and to fit all the family in one car.

- Mariela G

This car will last for a long time; it will be dependable.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like the sliding doors. I like that it has room for my family. I like the safety and reliability.

- Bobby T

Runs great even after 12 years. Has great longevity.

2006 Toyota Sienna

The only thing I really dislike about the car is that it is old. I would love to have a newer model.

- Emi C

other cars should be as safe as mine

2006 Toyota Sienna

The vehicle rides comfortable It is very reliable no mechanical problems The vehicle is very secure

- rafael f

It can haul 5 family members (3 daughters) for 12 years and 250,000 miles and still be going strong!

2006 Toyota Sienna

LOVE: Storage, Cup holders, Comfort, Legroom, Smoothness on the road, reliability, low maintenance

- Angela W

I have had no mechanical problems with my car. The car is 12 years old and has 240,000 miles on it.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It has been a very reliable car. It now has 240,000 miles. And I hope it makes another 50,000.

- Gale S

The amount of gas it goes through.

2006 Toyota Sienna

The sliding door doesnt work sometimes. Only one sliding door is automatic. Horrible on gas.

- Jessica a

Spacious for medium to larger family. Priced right and reliable.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Plenty of room when traveling with a family. Van is comfortable and was reasonable priced

- Tammy S

The vehicle is very reliable. Has a lot of room for people.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It is very reliable. It has over 220,000 miles on the vehicle and it still runs great.

- Brianna B

That it has a lot of room. It's got a lot of power for a van.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like that it's got a lot of room. I like the bucket seats. I like the way it looks.

- Amanda C

very reliable and comfortable. state could be easier to get in and out, but we comfortably fit our family.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love because my wife loves it. It has served us well....189k miles and counting.

- Dan S

My car has over 187,000 miles on it. We bought it in 2008 as a used car. It has lasted over 10 years and has been a dependable car/

2006 Toyota Sienna

For sale, I need a new car. Its reliable and will get you to where you need to go.

- cathy k

It's very reliable and low maintenance. Great gas mileage.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Love the space and the reliability. Lots of room for our children. No complaints.

- Nat H

Fits well with my family and lifestyle. Reliable and safe.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Great family car. Older model, so missing some key/nice to have newer features.

- Jeremy R

it is reliable and a lot of trunk space and space for people

2006 Toyota Sienna

it is good for me. it has a good sound system. it is good on gas. it is roomy

- Julia A

Toyota Sienna is a huge big car, which is unnecessary if you are a single person

2006 Toyota Sienna

This is a very old car, but has decent features and looks decent from outside

- Nixon F

I love the reliability overall I love the space the only issues I have had is with the door handles.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It is very reliable and very comfortable we love the how much room there is

- Steve W

this car runs good....it is comfortable for 8 people

2006 Toyota Sienna

like the gas mileage. like that all my 7 grandkids can ride in it with me.

- glenda o

It is very reliable. It will take you from a to b.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like that it has a lot of room. I dislike the brakes. It is convenient.

- Chelsea D

It runs great. If I floor the gas I can outrun a lot of cars even sport cars.

2006 Toyota Sienna

I love my vehicle. It is a stable van that gets me to where I want to go.

- Jill G

Excellent Running Vehicle With Leather Seating For 7 People

2006 Toyota Sienna

I like that the van runs perfectly. It's very comfortable. It's too old.

- Lisa S

is easy way and the maintenance is cheaper than other car

2006 Toyota Sienna

i don't have any complaints is a very good care and maintenance is easy

- aquiles V

easy to use and economic also

2006 Toyota Sienna

It is convenient. It is easy to use It was easy to modify for the ramp

- William n

That it is reliable. That it has good storage space. It can seat many people.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It has great gas mileage. It suits my needs well. It's very reliable.

- Kira D

Very low maintenance vehicle. Great gas mileage. Very dependable.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It gets great gas mileage. Very dependable vehicle. Low maintenance.

- Tammy I

I love how this car has lasted more than 10 years. I do, however, hate the fact that I have to repair it a few times a year. The door automatic door keeps breaking.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Other people should know that the automatic door is easily broken.

- Julian C

it lasts a long time you don't need to get a new car often

2006 Toyota Sienna

it has taken us to florida and back so many times without problems

- Caroline F

It runs well and is easy to maintain. We haven't had any problems with it.

2006 Toyota Sienna

It is easy to drive. It is spacious. It is perfect for my family.

- Megan S

Very little maintenance on the van. All we needed to do was change to timing belt and a small problem with the airbags

2006 Toyota Sienna

Air bags all around. Smooth drive. Lots of room. No complaints.

- Lynn H

Awesome vehicle with great features. I love my car!

2006 Toyota Sienna

Wish it had power door for the rear. Love my vehicle otherwise

- Sherri D

Seats 7 very comfortable. Has heated seats in the front.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Good ride and has a lot of extras. Easy to drive. Looks great.

- Donald W

Reliability and ease of driving, confident, relax and safety.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Smooth driving. So relax. Reliability from point A to point B.

- Ephraim C

very reliable, I have had to do very little maintenance during my ownership

2006 Toyota Sienna

perfect amount of room. a great ride good looking for a van

- Maureen T


2006 Toyota Sienna


- SAM m

It has good Mileage and has plenty of room also great options and handles well

2006 Toyota Sienna

It's very comfortable It's great in snow Its rides smooth

- William A

it is reliable and comfortable

2006 Toyota Sienna

7 passenger vehicle is convenient for parents as well.

- david J