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My truck lasted 272, 000 miles before needed a new frame. (under warranty).

I bought this truck in early 2006, with 5000 miles on it. Everything else looked new. I changed oil every 3000 for the first 150, 000 miles and then every 5000 miles or so after that. I have 273, 000 miles now and I have had very few problems. 'Toyota gave me a new frame on my third try, and the dealership apologized because I should have gotten one on my first try. . Someone was trying to buy me truck and sell me another one. I changed power steering line and the rear brake seals only. Everything else is still original equipment. Even the muffler lasted until I had 270, 000 miles. Rock solid dependable.

- Joe A

A reliable vehicle from a trusted brand.

Vehicle has been very durable. Has a lot of mileage on it and I would say that there have not been any unexpected flaws to it. The maintenance of the vehicle has been mainly due to the age and wear and tear of the truck. My Tacoma is a two wheel drive, four door, and has been very versatile for me and my family as I can use it for work, for transporting the kids, or just for your basic commute to and from work. I would highly recommend this vehicle, and I have held the belief that Toyota is a trusted brand and customers can expect to get a high quality car or truck.

- Mark B

I do not know what to say there's plenty of room.

My husband and my husband and I bought our Toyota 2 years ago we had one recall on something that the dealership fixed otherwise we have had no problems whatsoever with this pickup. My husband and I think is in love with his pickup he said he will never buy another one he's going to keep this one forever he said he is 63 years old I am 70. Actually it may be the last pickup we ever buy it was a good choice it is a good running pick up general maintenance is all we've had to do with it next my husband has to get the oil changed the engine is perfect and it starts every time.

- Arlene R

Use the Toyota off-road rear in differential it works amazingly well.

I love my Tacoma. It is a off-road package truck, and when you put the lock in rear differential it works tremendously well. I believe it is almost as good as having four-wheel-drive. I don't use it very often but when I do it is amazing. I don't have any issues with my truck I highly recommend this vehicle. Especially to someone who uses it off-road wise it is good on gas but yet it’ll go through the mud rock rough terrain beautifully. It runs perfectly fine I have never had any issues mechanically wise the only thing I have ever had wrong with my truck is a flat tire.

- Courtney J

Very reliable and fun to drive.

I love my Toyota Tacoma prerunner. I bought it used 3 years ago. It is very dependable easy to drive low maintenance and my son and all of his friends love it. I have traveled on vacations in it, loaded up building materials in it, and I drive all the neighborhood kids home in the back when it is dark at night and they love it. As a single mother this is a great all in one vehicle. I have the extended cab so I can fit myself and four kids in the truck. It gets fantastic gas mileage. And again it is easy maintenance in a very reliable vehicle.

- Melissa F

Reliable but big gas guzzler.

With regular and general upkeep, the Toyota Tacoma is a very reliable and durable truck. After 13 years and over 190, 000 miles, it runs in near perfect condition. At this point I need to purchase and install a few new parts such as; new pads and rotors, alignment, tires, etc. The only major issue I have had with maintenance on the vehicle, was the replacement of the head gasket and some other fluids and hoses. This is a wonderful vehicle, but it is not affordable with the amount you will spend on gas.

- Dana R

Toyota Tacoma - the all around town and beyond truck.

The Toyota Tacoma is the best truck I have owned. It has traveled from California to Massachusetts. I haven't had any problems at all. It is very reliable and dependable. It has been in dry heat and humid weather. It has been in rain and snow. I love my Tacoma and would recommend it for any size family. It has room for a pet, and the bed is large enough for all my camping equipment, and for things to bring home from the home improvement store. I think you would love it too!

- Linda R

300, 000 Miles, sill runs like new.

Has 300, 000 miles on it and still runs like the day I bought it. Had a bunch of recalls over the years, it ended up getting a new frame among other parts replaced at no cost. It is a pretty basic truck, manual transmission, no power locks or windows, bench seat with no center console (I'd recommend purchasing a console for an armrest/storage). It drives like a beast in the snow, still 14 years later. Best purchase I'd ever made, hands down.

- Gabriel S

My vehicle is dependable and comfortable.

I love that my truck feels like and drives like a comfortable car and that is also has the convenience of a truck for hauling large to small items. I am a Toyota fan this is my third Toyota. I had an older truck and a forerunner and they were both great. I keep my vehicles for many years and Toyota has been very good for durability with few occasions where I had to spend a lot of money to keep it in good order.

- Viki L

Great vehicle for the long term.

Good, sturdy vehicle. Very reliable long term. Good value. Too many recall issues over the years. Always have problems with wheel balancing. Also, Toyota paint jobs do not last very long under exposure. Hood and roof paint/clear coat went first. The truck itself has a very smooth ride for a truck. As it is an older model, it does not have very many bells and whistles (camera, Bluetooth, etc. ).

- Karen C

Small truck with a big truck attitude.

The Toyota Tacoma is reliable, durable and easy on the wallet. It lasts forever and maintenance is not too expensive. It rides smooth and has great control. Even though it has such a small body, it can haul decent sized loads, and because it is a smaller pickup truck, it can easily fit into apartment lot parking or on small urban and residential streets and driveways.

- Eric K

not too good on gas, perfect for camping trips and carrying large loads.

Allows me to carry many things in the trunk. Good for camping and off roading. Feel safe in bigger truck. Inside is not too spacious for those in the backseat but it does include some pockets from the back seat for any type of storage whether it be for notebooks or anything. Mine includes a trunk top so it keeps everything safe in the back, all locked up.

- Mary K

Versatility of driving of truck.

Excellent, reliable performance. Versatility of use from hauling to picking up kids from school. Inside cab is very comfortable and visibility is great. Gas mileage is good. The back seats can fold down to provide a level area for storage. The only problems stem from the manufacturer updates, which they are more than willing to fix.

- Judy L

Even though the truck is only a V6, it uses huge amounts of gas. Very expensive to maintain.

It's a very reliable vehicle. I purchased the truck around 130,000 thousand, by then it need a new head gasket and multiple other leaks fixed. After I got those things fixed at the shop, I have no doubts that it will continue running smoothly for a very long time. The only downside to this truck is the terrible gas mileage.

- Dana R

It is an extremely well built and reliable truck. The styling of it looks like it could have been made recently instead of 13 years ago.

I have never had anything major go wrong in the 13 years that I've owned it. I don't drive much so it still looks new. The one thing I don't like is that now that I've developed some arthritis it is hard for me to get into as it is higher than a car. This never bothered me until the last year or so however.

- Nancy M

Good truck for hauling and picking things that you cannot normally do with a car.

Best truck, never have any problems with it so far. It was given to me by my father. All I do is get the oil changed out on a regular basis. I have only had to replace the battery in the truck. Get me around town really well. Gas mileage is very good. I use it a lot to haul around stuff.

- Barbara C

A strong reliable, high performance and long lasting pickup.

My Toyota Tacoma has 180 thousand plus miles on it and is still going strong. It has the get up and go has when I first got it. I have the extended cab that is enough room for two adults and three children. Great for camping. The reliability and performance out does any other pickup.

- Judith L

It is very spacious for our four person family. It also is very comfortable.

I enjoy the comfort of my truck. The truck rides very well and is spacious. The biggest dislike is we need something to haul a large RV trailer. The extra long bed is large enough for all our home improvement projects. Maintenance at the Toyota dealership is amazing as well.

- Nicole F

Tacoma trd rough and rugged reliable and dependable.

I absolutely love my Tacoma. I have had it for about three years now and it needs very little upkeep. It could use some work on the suspension, but ideally it's perfect for my everyday use. I do the yearly tune up of course but I couldn't ask for a more reliable vehicle.

- Rebecca C

Towing capacity, performance overall review

Great truck. No problems. Would buy again. Reliable, comfortable. Plenty of room. Truck is sporty yet can carry anything you need. Have towed with it and had no problems. I would recommend this truck to everybody looking for a midsize truck. Definitely would buy again.

- Leo M

Good truck, low maintenance, great look

My truck is very reliable. The weather trim around the doors is wearing and pulling apart, otherwise I have no complaint. Gas mileage is also good without needless waste, low maintenance for the engine. The speakers could be better with a better music player.

- Ruben A

Survey question for money.

My paint is peeling on the roof but I think that may have been because my vehicle was egged. I haven't had to get anything fixed on it so I consider that it is 15 years old and is very reliable. If you happen to be a fatty though it may be a little cramped.

- Nick B

It is a very practical vehicle. Great for weekend road trips and doing chores.

Digital direction and temp indicator broke shortly after warranty expired, sun visors on both driver and passenger sides broke, other than those two items all other issues on vehicle were regular maintenance items such as new tires, battery, oil changes.

- David S

How much gas the car runs on. How long does the gas tank last. How much it's worth. How often to check motor oil and engine. How big the car is to suite them. Whether is it good for a family or yourself.

I love it because its a vehicle that has been in my life for a very long time. It can carry trailers, boats, etc, and runs very well. It never fails on me, even if it wastes more gas than regular cars, its powerful and beautiful.

- Giselle A

4 door TRD sport package edition

The Tacoma is a V6 4 door TRD sport package edition. It has aftermarket rims and tires on it and includes a 6 foot bed versus the traditional 5 foot bed. It does have some minor dents and repairs that need to be done to it.

- Jordan K

That I'm proud to drive the vehicle that I do and it's important that it's kept looking nice both outside and in.

My truck is comfortable inside and it's reliable. It has never broken down and Toyota is a brand I trust. You might pay more, but having such a good quality vehicle is worth it! I just wish pickups got better gas mileage.

- Jaclyn K

It has an overdrive transmission that will save you a lot of gas.

I bought several years ago and it is about what I was looking for. It has a manual transmission with overdrive. It has a small engine so it does not burn to much gas. It is not an American truck. I wish it were.

- Juan R

My car has a lot of torque. Other drivers would be surprised at how fast it can speed up.

I like that my truck is easy to maintain. I've heard Tacomas can be driven hundreds of thousands of miles. So far, my only complaint is that the gas tank is made of plastic and warps with high temperatures.

- Jennifer E

Very fun and an all around good truck

It is a great little truck it has 195,000 miles on it and i've only had to get new tires once i've had the clutch replaced once and then ac stopped working for a while but otherwise it's a fantastic truck

- Gavin A

Buy used! Great for at least 300, 000 miles.

Toyotas are the most reliable car you can buy. I plan to drive my truck well over 300, 000 miles. They don't have to many bells and whistles which end up breaking. Love Toyota and will never buy another.

- Tammy M

Good gas mileage. Very trustworthy as far as the brand goes.

No complaints, I love the gas mileage and how it drives. It is got style and very comfortable. It does very well on long road trips for vacations. Had it for a long time and very durable. Kid friendly.

- Kimberly C

I had it for 13 years and It is a most reliable vehicle I have ever owned!

I've had this Tacoma since November, 2004. It has been a dream to own. Maintenance for this vehicle has been minimum. It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned and it still looks brand new!

- Richard R

Extremely reliable, easy to maintain and durable truck

The only thing I do not like about my truck is the paint is really faded. Other than that, my truck is pretty awesome. It has been extremely reliable and the maintenance is extremely easy.

- Jennifer P

It's a dependable vehicle, for the most part. some of the electronics have given up but not the ones that keep it road worthy.

I like my Tacoma because it is reliable, however it is getting older now and is starting to have a few things go wrong with it. It has never left me stranded but has had a few problems.

- Lloyd K

The Tacoma gets the job done

It gets the job done and I have not had any major issues with it in the 13 years I have had it so far. It is a little dated in features but most of which I would not need or use.

- Albet S

Double cab holds plenty of passengers and still haul whatever you need in truck bed. Plenty of room for everything.

Toyota Tacoma is an excellent vehicle. It gets the best gas mileage of any truck and is comfortable, reliable and safe. Recalls are taken care of quickly giving extra quality.

- Linda K

Durable and reliable. I would recommend it to anyone.

Runs great and does everything I have ever needed it to do. Toyota did a recall where they had to spray undercoat protection on the frame but otherwise it's been great.

- Jay T

It's dependable & runs all the time. I'd buy another when needed

I love that I can haul lots of different things-wood,boat,tree limbs,trash,ect. It runs great with little upkeep. I did get a new frame put on a couple years ago.

- wayne N

Its very popular. A day doesn't go by that I don't see a truck just like it.

It's been very reliable. There has been very few issues with it (knock on wood). It still looks good and sounds good. It's still a pleasure to drive 13 years later.

- Brent W

The most important item about our truck is that it is reliable & comfortable.

We love our Toyota Tacoma as it is reliable, comfortable, safe, & affordable. It has served us well with over 100, 000 miles on it with normal maintenance repairs.

- Debbie P

The truck is dependable and looks nice. Has a lot of room in the cab for three people and is very easy to drive and park.

I bought my truck new and I like how I set up higher from the ground and not low. I can carry what I want in the bed of the truck and can travel off road in it.

- Carla P

Toyota Tacoma's Great Qualities

The Toyota Tacoma is one of the most reliable vehicles I've ever owned! It also has great gas mileage and having a truck is always useful for moving big items.

- Gloria L

That it is very well taken care of. And the seats are comfortable.

It does all that I want except the suspension could be better. Gas mileage could be better as well. Would like to have more performance out of the engine.

- Tim L

The initial cost was higher than the competition but the truck is worth more those makes now.

The truck has been great! I bought it used from CarMax and I have had no repair expenses. Regular maintenance items only. It does what I bought it to do.

- Martin B

It has over 200, 000 miles on it and still runs perfectly.

Have never had a problem with any Toyota we have owned, very reliably. The motor is strong, handling is good, and there is plenty of room inside.

- Tracy Z

It's never needed any major repair.

It has been very reliable and fun to drive. The gas mileage is not the greatest but its the trade off for having a truck. No complaints.

- Jason R

2005 Toyota Tacoma double Cab TRD off-road.

Best truck in the whole world. Toyotas are known for having low maintenance costs and tend to last for over 200k miles with proper care.

- Taylor K

reliable and dependable, rugged, solid, never lets me down.

great for hauling things, great in bad weather and for work. i don't like the gas mileage, would like a newer truck with a stick shift

- Bryan S

It is very durable and reliable!

Great vehicle! I have had this vehicle for many years and have had no problems whatsoever! I definitely recommend Toyota to everyone!

- Haley W

So dependable that I never worry about getting to work!

Very reliable. 4 wheel drive. Good gas mileage. Strong and tough nice looking. Comfortable and good sound radio and heat and air.

- Diane M

It's got a level kit so sits higher than normal. You need to take corners slower.

I love how reliable the vehicle is. There is little to no maintenance required. The fuel mileage isn't too terrible either.

- Jake F

It is a very reliable vehicle.

It is a extremely reliable vehicle. It gets great gas mileage, it is very comfortable and has lost of storage room.

- Bernard H

The shocks seem to be very reliable and sturdy.

Long run performance; good. Very comfortable. Features stock but clean look overall. Never had real major problems.

- Brandon A

Toyota makes trucks that last and last.

I have not spent any money, besides tires and gas, on this vehicle until it showed 271,0000 miles on the odometer.

- Joseph A

It handles really well and is a manual transmission which I prefer

I like the smooth ride and it's decent on gas mileage. I don't like how small the cab is. I feel cramped in it.

- Raylene T

Trucks and cars will perform for years when taken care of right.

So far no problems, reliability has been great, performance is great due to regular oil changes and check-ups.

- Char R

Truck has been something I can count on.

Does not break down, good gas mileage, hauls items I need hauled, comfortable to ride in. Nothing to dislike.

- Ruby T

Me and my Truck,,,,.......

No problems. It rides like a truck, pretty good gas mileage, everything works well. I would buy another one.

- Gene F

It is a standard. It has 6 speeds.

It is perfect for my active lifestyle. It is my third Toyota pickup. I'll drive until the wheels fall off.

- Tobin S

It is very reliable and I am sure that it has good customer ratings.

It is a pick up truck. i have plenty of room. It runs really well. There isn't anything that I dislike.


It is very reliable and very fuel efficient vehicle

My Tacoma is a very reliable vehicle. It gets good gas mileage and is very comfortable and spacious.

- Bernard H

I can count on my Tacoma every day with just normal maintenance

I like performance, dependability and durability. I regret I didn't get a few more accessories.

- Randy P

It is a stick shift. It is blue.

Like it is plain and inexpensive. Do not like the bench seat or lack of cruise control.

- Russell t




Reliable and strong it has a Toyota emblem and not built by unions.

Strong and dependable. Good looking and its white and black. It has 4 tires.

- Gary S

That it is a dependable vehicle.

I like it is a pickup. I can haul stuff. I can take it off road.

- pete P

it is a long lasting truck

the engine has never had a problem, however, the paint was fading

- mike r

Really like my Tacoma. I think it is kind of high priced.

It is a long lasting and very reliable vehicle....

- Chad Y