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Comfort in a smaller truck

I bought this car used. I have never had any serious issues with it. A few times there has been a dealer recall and Toyota has fixed the 'problem'. I get regular oil changes and now that my truck has over 100,000 miles, I get the synthetic oil change. I just recently had to change the something with the brakes. There is plenty of spacious room in the vehicle with the four door model. I put a tool box in the back and the bed is still big enough for me for simple day to day tasks. I have changed the tires twice in the 8 years I've had it. I am 5'2' and I can drive this truck easily. My 6'2' husband has some difficulty driving due to space. He's much more comfortable sitting in the passenger seat. I am very happy with this truck and I would definitely buy a newer model when this one stops running, which I doubt will be any time soon.

- Catlin C

Snowy days will not stop this Tacoma! Bring on the snowmen..

The Tacoma we own has been very dependable and easy to drive. We love the way it looks and the way it sounds. We always have people complement us on how nice of a truck it is! The only thing I wish was different would be that we had gotten the 4 door. The backseat is not exactly cross-country material. It has upholstery seats, power everything, CD player, cruise control, fog lights, and 4 wheel drive. There have been many times over the years when the snow came and people couldn't get out but it was never an issue with our Tacoma, and that is an awesome feeling. The maintenance is pretty standard and gas mileage is favorable for a truck.

- Abby N

Love my Tacoma! Better than a sedan, and higher up.

Had transmission rebuilt at 100, 000 mi. Had frame, shocks, and springs replaced by dealer. Engine has been great - give regular oil changes. Driver's seat cover needed cover added. I was doing paper routes so was sliding into and out of seat 50 - 60 times every morning. Drive and ride both smooth, much like driving a comfortable sedan. Turning radius is excellent. Now has 163, 000 mi on it, and I hate the thought of ever giving it up for another vehicle 1.

- Jacqui C

My Tacoma is my all time favorite vehicle.

I have a prerunner Tacoma and I have very much enjoyed it. I bought off of a dealership and the previous owner had upgraded it extensively. It had subwoofers, all-terrain tires, and aftermarket steroid and speakers. The exterior does like to show wear and tear quite easily though. In my opinion, however, I have taken well care of it and am greatly satisfied with the performance and physique of my truck and continue to be every day I drive it.

- Spencer W

Very good car. Great sync feature. Good gas mileage. Great body style.

I really like my car. It gets pretty good gas mileage and it's very reliable. I would definitely recommend my car type to others. I also really like the body style and that I can, turn on my Bluetooth on the cell phone and it connects straight to my vehicle. I think that's actually the nearest feature on it so I can be fully hands free when it comes to phone calls and just listening to my fave music playlist.

- Holly B

My ownership story My truck seems to triple the life of anything that came on it.

This truck has had a few recalls but the local Ford dealer always gets it right in. This is the best truck we have ever had, and we have had 5 or 6. It is reliable and it seems like things last a long time on it. We just bought a new battery this year to replace the one that came with the truck. The paint looks brand new, no rust. A lit has to do with our care, but you need a good vehicle to start with.

- Stephanie F

Overview of Base model 2007 Toyota Tacoma

It does not come with any bells or whistles, to the point that the windows are crank operated and there are no automatic locks either. It has been a very dependable vehicle, but does need weight in the back during the winter season. It does not have a lot of carrying capability, or very much space in the back. If you are looking for a high clearance two wheel drive vehicle, this is a good truck for you.

- Jacob R

Solid, Reliability Toyota Tacoma

We purchased our 2007 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 new off the lot and have been driving it for 11 years with 285,000 miles on it so far. We change the oil, replace the tires and do basic maintenance but have never encountered any major issues. It's a solid, reliable vehicle and I would replace it with a new one once it becomes apparent that we need to do so ~ which hasn't happened yet!


red Tacoma with good looking side steps

my tacoma runs good and very reliably it does have a wind noise problem very comfortably ride access cab is a little hard to get into. radio works good ac and heater works good leafs do get caught in the door frame performance could be better tailgate works great and tie down connectors are really nice paint job looks good and when I added step bars the tacoma looks great

- Gene H

Wrong on one account: the Toyota Tacoma is a well built vehicle, I am very happy.

I have a used 2007 Toyota Tacoma, I was not happy with it initially, because it seemed to be built rather cheaply, it felt as if there was no weight to it, , well I was wrong on the first, this truck is put together very well, accelerates like a bat out of hell, but as for the weight, I do get blown around out here in the CA desert, winds are brutal.

- Nelson T

Mazda a car that keeps it is looking good with little changes since 2007.

I have had very few problems I love this car. It rides well and is not loud for a convertible I take it in for it is check ups and the Mazda dealer is close they look out for me and let me know if there is something we should take care of. A great car if you want to have fun and a car that you know will take you where you need to go.

- Robin J

Cute car, too expensive...

The gas is so expensive and frequent. I have to fill it up once a week and it costs about sixty dollars. I love the car and am happy to have it but I would not buy again. Not ideal for a college student. If the gas wasn't so much to deal with I would want the car anyway if the week. Such a cute fun car but a big investment for sure.

- Megan H

The Tacoma is a good investment.

This truck has been amazing for the last 10 years. It is never broken down with proper maintenance and tune ups. The only issue we've had is with the paint on the hood and roof fading and peeling in some places but we have some acidic tree pollen in the spring that could be the culprit. We do not park our vehicles under cover.

- Jessica M

Great truck for weekend getaways with your loved one and dog companions.

The truck is very durable. It has last over 10 year with no major problems. Would love to have more room in the back seat. It is a great truck to use for camping and/or off reading. Features are pretty standard (automatic windows, CD player, air conditioning and heat). Seats in back are great for dogs.

- Kelly H

It is durable and will last you a long time at low cost.

It is great and really durable. Good on gas for a pickup truck. They hold up well with not too many if any issues and I have over 100, 000 miles on it. So they're pretty cheap to maintain as well. Good sound system. Any minor problems I have had I have been able to repair myself for very little cost.

- Barbara I

My sweet purring baby girl that I can depend on to get me through my travels.

Drives great but does have a report of radio failing and possible frame rust. There has been a report made of accelerator sticking but results showed only because of an issue with the carpet getting stuck under it. I would love it if they came without the carpet inside and weathertech instead.

- Lisa M

Easiest car I've ever driven

The turning is very easy to handle. Manual roll down windows. Bench seat. Easy to handle sized truck. Good size cab. Good height. Good on gas. Comfortable seats. Bench seat can be an issue with bigger people and with larger numbers of people. Reliable easy for anyone to drive, easy to adjust.

- Theodora P

Great truck, very dependable.

Very dependable, never any problems. Comfortable, has a backseat and short bed. Able to do everything I need a truck to do. Could get better gas mileage, but that's okay, the other features make it worthwhile. I keep it tuned up so it will maintain its resale value for sure.

- Laurie K

Manual transmission single cab Toyota Tacoma with base trim.

My car does everything I want. I has minimum trim and a manual transmission, so there are fewer parts to break. It has yet to break down. It has a small efficient engine. I only wish it didn't have a bench seat, so passengers could adjust their seat independently of me.

- L W

Reliable vehicle that will last and hold value

Very reliable, excellent performance, never have any maintenance issues. I have put over 50,000 miles on it and it is around 130,000. It has not needed a single bit of non-routine maintenance for anything. It is a good size inside the crew cab and drives smoothly.

- Daniel M

My truck is more valuable to me than it is worth price wise. I use my truck for everything.

My vehicle has been one of the best investments I've made. I love that I can haul stuff in the back without having to ask for help. I've had minimal vehicle maintenance issues since I bought it. Toyota is a company I will more than likely purchase from again.

- Sam W

It's the perfect size because it's not small like a car and not overly large like a full size truck.

My Tacoma provides a comfortable and safe ride for me. It allows me the convenience of having a vehicle I can move big items that might not fit in a car. It is great for travel and is not too bad on gas. I love it and will only replace it with a newer model.

- Maria V

Great durability, few repairs rubs on the fuel.

I would say the 2007 Tacoma is well built and if a repair was need, perhaps I neglected certain warning. Still gets 22/23 mpg. Body is strong and paint is super. Tires last 80-90k with little problems. Price paid was good and others wish to buy this truck.

- Rich G

Toyota Tacomas age very well and hold their value as long as they are properly maintained.

I love the size. It is not a full size truck, but I am still able to fit plenty of stuff in the bed of the truck and back seat. I do have some issues with the radio, but that is only minor. It is easy to steer and has good visibility out of all windows.

- Mary S

Great quality and reliability.

Love it overall. The gas mileage is my only complaint since it is a smaller truck and only gets 19 mpg. It is a very good size, being slightly smaller than most trucks on the market. I've spent very little on repairs, just normal maintenance.

- Robert S

Great deal for the money spent

Purchased my truck used five years ago & just made my last payment; it was a great deal & I will probably keep this vehicle for many years to come. Runs great, good gas mileage, low maintenance, just like a Toyota!


The paint quality is no good, I purchased the extra guard that warrants the paint and the dealership did no honor.

I would need a very dependable car that could take me to very far places. My car would have to be extremely reliable in my type of job. Is would also need a gas saving car on the destinations I go to usually.

- Brian Q

It's reliable! Won't let you down

It's a very good truck. I've had it since 2015, even though I already put over 100,000 miles on it still in good running condition. It's been through rough roads and mud and still no problem.

- Thomas T

It runs very well for having almost 250,000 miles.

What i really enjoy about this truck is the power windows and doors. Also, the back window slides open. Ride is moderately comfortable. Dislike the power, as it is only a 4 cylinder.

- Chris F

It's reliable and gets the job done that I want it to.

It's a silver Toyota Tacoma access cab. I love it that I can transport pretty much anything. I like the room it has, but wish it was comfier and a tad bigger in the cab area.

- Chris M

It is very reliable, it has been hit and beaten up but is still hanging on.

I like my truck because it is very reliable and comes in handy when I need to move stuff. What I do not like as a fact that the gas mileage is not that great could be better.

- Jose R

It is silver with a 2 inch lift kit with halo lights

It is great has really good gas mileage for a truck and has ran a long time with few minor problems. I like the looks of it it's not to big and not to small it's just right.

- James L

It doesn't break, it always works! The durability is legendary.

I love it for many reasons - durability is prime. Over 155000 miles and only repaired once, the rest just scheduled maintenance. Very comfortable to drive, roomy cab.

- Curtis S

This truck is great it's more than lived up to my expectations will purchase again

I love my truck it's reliable decent on gas mileage and has stood up to whatever I can throw at it I will be buying another Tacoma when I'm ready to let go of this one

- Ryan H

Well made, reliable vehicle.

Solid performing truck. Safe, reliable and looks good. It is comfortable on long trips. Gets reasonable gas mileage. Powerful engine. It is a well made vehicle.

- Richard U

Excellent value and minimal repairs. Would buy another Toyota again!

I love that it can accommodate my height, I'm about 6ft tall. It meets all of my needs as a passenger vehicle, yet allows me to move things since it's a truck.

- Rachel S

This car is an excellent size for those who are not previously used to driving trucks and SUVs.

I like the smooth ride and all the room in the cab. The bed of the truck is an excellent size. However, I have not found a convenient cover for the bed.

- Ellie J

It is so easy to drive and the AC works fast.

I like the great quality. It is very reliable and requires no maintenance other than oil changes. My only downside is it could do better on gas mileage.

- Robert V

Has always been a reliable and easy to drive truck.

Reliable truck. Used alot for moving large furniture and helping friends move. Has been on several road trips and has never had any major problems

- Chris S

The truck gets done what it needs to get done. It can drive me to work & school, and help carry large things in the back of it if need be. I haven't many problems with it, other than the fact that the seats can be rather uncomfortable for my back if I sit in them for too long.

It bounces around like crazy. If you have some sort of disablement that makes it so you shouldn't bounce around in cars, this one isn't for you.

- Tristan D

Comfortable and good looking.

Cargo space and family space is perfect. Ok mileage. It needs to have many of the newer technical updates that cars of today come standard with.

- Hiro I

Works great and good on gas

My vehicle is 11 years old...other than basic wear and tear,it runs great..a little rust showing but engine in great shape..wish I had a camera

- Brian P

It is very reliable and haven't had a problem out of my truck.

Great truck all around. Great for off-road, haven't got stuck in it at all. I have the v6, and it has plenty of power. Pulls a trailer easily.

- Kody H

It is very relabeled. Make sure to perform the needed maintenance and stability of the truck will remain for as long as you take good care of it.

I love it for it reliably. I wish the cab had more room for a baby car seat and I which the cab was more sound proof due to engine noise.

- cornelis A

Low mileage, well taken care of for the past 11 years. It has served me well over the years.

I have had my truck 11 years and getting ready to buy a new car as replacement. Truck has been wonderful, dependable and worth while!

- Laury H

Reliable and durable, economical driving and low maintenance fee.

Good reliable and durable, almost maintenance free with good value and room for transportation. Economical use with less insurance.

- Timothy P

Reliable, dependable, love it!

Never breaks down, rarely have high bill costs. Reliable, love it! I've had it since 2007 and I don't think I will ever sell it.

- micah j

It does not use that much gas and it is a great vehicle.

I love having a truck but the roof is rusted now and the vehicle is not in good working condition in comparison to previous years.

- Stacy Summer M

It's a highly reliable vehicle that will be used for years to come.

The truck offers a smooth ride and decent power for towing and pulling cargo. My only complaint is the off feeling of the clutch.

- Axel A

Tacoma is where it's at for quality.

Fun to drive super reliable, high quality vehicle. Perfect for driving long distance while still having off-road capabilities.

- Brad D

Very dependable and comfortable.

Tacoma is very dependable. Riding at pioneer makes me feel safe. I also feel like it is built very well. Long lasting miracle.

- Gail S

Red Tacoma with a great ride

My truck is very reliable and comfortable. It rides very well and is very easy to drive. The short bed makes it easy to park

- Kristen W

It is a reliable car that gets ok gas mileage. The paint is rusting however.

Love the crew cab.. Dislike the blind stops... Dislike that it is not easy to back up.. Wish it had a better sound system..

- Jen K

It is a workhorse. It goes and goes and goes.

I love my truck, I wish it got better gas mileage, however I would buy it again if you told me it got worse gas mileage.

- Amanda S

To take the battery out you have to take other parts off first.

It is great! Good mpg, drives like new with 110,000 miles on it, does not ride like a truck. I do not dislike anything.

- Amy C

This is a midsize truck with decent gas mileage.

It's a fine truck I haven't had any problems with it in the years I've owned it. I would recommend a tundra to others.

- Eva S




Toyota makes the best quality vehicle you can buy. I have owned 4 different models and have loved every one of them.

It is very dependable. In the 9 years I have owned it and have only had to replace tires, battery, and brakes.

- dale c

My Tacoma is black, 4 doors, easy to take the dog in.

The breaks squeak when backing up, they have been looked at and the break pads replaced but it will not stop.

- Katie M

It is durability and cost. Paid for its mpg.

Like durability color no payment. Mpg like the ride construction an mpg. Like color. Like cost. Like seats.

- Richard G

It's a great vehicle that does what I.need

It runs and performs on demand. The size is large and comfortable for my family There is room to grow

- Anonymous B

Just a good looking and reliable vehicle to operate

Looks good even after they have updated the model. Very reliable. Plenty room and comfortable.

- Marcw W

Realiliable truck never had a major issue in 10 years

Love that it is realilibable. Like color and style. Like that it has 4 doors to fit family.

- Krey J

It's reliability in all weather. Good or bad. Never let me down

Never any engine trouble. Comfortable and roomy for a family. Stylish one of a kind look

- Melanie R

It's very reliable and dependable. It will maintain Its value.

I like the quality. I like the durability. I like the gas mileage. I have no complaints.

- Chris P

Frame rust out and the manufacturers denial.

Like the size. Like the fuel economy. Dislike the treatment of me for frame rust out.

- Carl M

That it is built to last. Has 190,000 miles and still runs great.

Like that my truck is reliable. My truck is well built. I dislike all the scratches.

- Jeremy S

Good gas mileage, service provided by Toyota is outstanding.

Never had problems with it. Gets good gas mileage. Service at Toyota is excellent.

- Gerald A

It is a quality vehicle and very versatile.

It is very dependable. My vehicle is low maintenance. It suits my lifestyle.

- Adam B

My vehicle is good on gas and has a lot of room / spacious

I like my vehicle because of the room it has. My vehicle is also good on gas

- tammy s

Dependable well made and safe

Very reliable and trustworthy low maintenance costs and great in the snow

- Frank V

Love my Toyota Tacoma... I have had no big problems since I bought

My truck is large enough to haul whatever I want and easy to drive

- Pat F

It get me to work everyday and never has any problems

Very reliable and dependable and i will only drive Toyota vehicles


It has lots of power. It looks great. It has lasted a long time.

Great to drive. Looks great. Classy. Powerful. fWD when needed.

- Brian Y

It's paid for and it's reliable. It's a good vehicle, because Toyota makes reliable vehicles. Would buy it again.

It's Reliability and dependability. Good vehicle. That's all.

- Bridget M

It is affordable and get good mileage and is dependable

It is affordable and it gets good mileage and it is reliable.

- Joe A

durable, great for moving bigger things. no complaints

it's very reliable. i have never had any trouble with it.

- josh g

It's very reliable. I feel like my truck will last forever.

It's very reliable. High resale value. Decent on gas.

- Joshua M

built well, low maintenance

like a timex, keeps on ticking, very low maintenance

- j H

it is a comfortable truck for travel

I like that there is a lot of room for passengers

- Pat F