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Toyota Tacoma crushing the competition.

The 2015 Toyota Tacoma sport 4x4 is the most reliable vehicle I have owned. I have not had a single problem with the vehicle since I purchased it 2 years back. The vehicle has plenty of cab space as I purchased the double cab version. The bed is 5' in length, providing more than enough space to move what I need or for camping. The off-road capabilities are beyond my expectations. Four-wheel low is phenomenal but hardly ever needed to be honest. The normal 4 wheel drive has enough power to take you through most rough areas. The only complaints I have would be the Audio system which is incredibly weak. I have upgraded my sound system by adding a Nano box sub / receiver combo under the driver seat. Bass problem solved for about $200. There is no light ring to illuminate the ignition switch. Push-button would have been nice but that came in the later models. Seats are not the most comfortable for long drives, but I have become used to them. The truck has surpassed most of my expectations. I love the 24v outlet in the bed of the truck. Amazing for camping.

- Ryan M

Very reliable/efficient truck!

The base mode of my vehicle is very effective and efficient. I have owned the vehicle for about 2 years now, and I have never had any kind of problem. Maintenance is fairly easy, however oil changes are a bit pricey. It uses ow-20 synthetic oil, which is not cheap! But, it allows me to go longer periods of time without oil changes, considering I travel around a lot. The seats are very comfortable, and easy to clean. I am a big music fan, so I love that I can connect my iPod to either Bluetooth or USB. The backseat can be a little cramped at times, and it is not the most ideal vehicle for grocery shopping, but it is nothing that a little extra storage in the bed cannot fix!

- Taylor H

The Tacoma is the truck for everyone!

I love my truck! It drives very smoothly and I have never had any problems with the transmission or engine. It has 42,000 miles on it and is still running perfectly. I love that I can throw whatever I want into the truck bed and still have 5 comfortable seats for all of my passengers. The user interface is very easy to use and works well. I have had it stop working while driving, but I just have to restart the console (not the entire vehicle) to start it again. The heat and AC work very well and get the truck to a comfortable temperature very quickly. It is a small truck so it is maneuverable even on small streets and gets great gas mileage for its size.

- Laura H

It is useful for those in the construction field or tend to move heavy objects.

My Toyota Tacoma is durable and very useful when you need to carry big quantity and large object that wouldn't fit in a regular car. I wouldn't say this truck would be for a large size family. As it only has 5 seats, but it does have 5 cup holders. The ventilation is great for a hot day as it quick to blow cold air for the a/c. The seats are comfortable and adjustable. It provides Bluetooth to connect with your smartphone for calls and music. Also including the weather app that is on the screen to show the weather in your area.

- Nina L

Reliability and longevity.

I have the Tacoma manual, the reasons for selecting this vehicle was because of the 4 wheel drive electronic selection, also I prefer to drive with a manual gear change. My reasoning for this selection is based on my location on a steep hill in the my snowbelt. Reading reports by owners I realizes that the engine is especially reliable and has a long life. The only complaint I have is the driver's seat is to soft initially but over time there is much less cushion effect.

- Pete J

Love my Tacoma but not for baby.

This truck is very reliable and comfortable for its size. It looks small from the outside but from the inside it is pretty roomy. I have been in other mid size trucks and my siblings who are both 6 feet tall would not comfortably ride in the back seat, but in this truck it is not a problem. I love this truck but after the lease I will not be buying it since the only thing that does not fit well is the baby's car seat.

- Erika S

The Toyota Tacoma provides a roomy smooth ride, while also providing for transporting stuff, as a pickup should.

The seats are comfortable to sit in (I do use a lumbar support since I'm petite, but I'd want it in most vehicles). The bed is a nice size. We have the quad cab, so we can fit three extra people. Roomy-I don't feel squashed. I like that it sits up higher than a car does. It's smooth to drive once you get used to that it's bigger than a car. Had variety of options to add when buying and aftermarket.

- Andrea B

Good-looking, powerful pick-up, good for all occasions.

It is a wonderful vehicle. Performance-wise, I use it regularly for towing, which it has always gotten the job done. Plenty of power and stability for towing my flatbed trailer and dump trailer. The 4-wheel drive comes in really handy in the snow and on muddy job sites or dirt roads. The interior is comfortable and user friendly. All the displays are very clear and easy to read.

- Matt D

Perfect for island living!

The Toyota tacoma is perfect for hawaii living. I have the crew cab model and it's perfect when you need additional seating. The bed space is perfect to hold fishing gear or beach gear. The reliability is second to none and the 1st 2 years of oil changes are on them! I already have 98,000+ miles on the car for a 2015 model and no mechanical issues so far.

- Edgar L

I love my Toyota Tacoma. It is all I wanted.

I have had my Tacoma since may of 2015. It is the first pick-up truck I have purchased. It is a great and reliable vehicle for the price. It is big enough to haul stuff, but small enough to find street parking. Only issue I have had with it is if going over 70mph on the highway the wind going against it makes a squeaky sound that gets annoying.

- Katrina F

Reliable truck for everyday driver.

We have had our truck for less than a year and have had no problems so far. We purchased because the gas mileage was better than our larger truck. It is only a 4 cylinder yet has all the power we need. It is great for getting around our small town and towing our boat. My family has always owned Toyota’s because they are so reliable.

- Tina G

2015 Tacoma had radio is excellent.

I really like this truck. It is a 6 cylinder automatic 4x2. Gas mileage is average 16 locally, 21 on the highway. Cabin is roomy with plenty of storage. The radio is a am/fm/satellite hd. There are not many had stations around Tampa that I like so I do not get to enjoy that. It is one of the best radios I have had on a vehicle.

- Richard W

That is is awesome and reliable.

I like the fact that is is affordable and easy to maintain. I like the fact that it is reliable and gets me where I want to go. The only complaint is I can only have one passenger - when I brought the truck I was a loner but now that I am sober and in AA I have many friends and it is hard to only pick up or drop off one person.

- tony r

For those out there that don't need a truck for heavy duty lifting or driving, but love driving a truck, then the four cylinder Tacoma is for them. You get to enjoy driving a cool pick up and not have to worry spending too much money on gas like most other gas guzzlers.

I love the its four cylinder engine and how much gas it saves me as I move around my hometown. I love it Bluetooth that allows me to connect either my ipod or my phone so I can enjoy my podcasts. I especially love it's cruise control that makes traveling out of my hometown easy to drive and endure the road trip peacefully.

- Jess D

I love my 2015 Toyota Tundra

The 2015 Toyota tundra that I own is a really good reliable truck. Its beautiful inside out and drives really smooth. It has touch screen radio, bluetooth, aux cable, it has black cloth interior. It's a four door tundra. Mechanically its really good and drives great. I haven't had any mechanical problems with it yet.

- Diana a

Just a truck for getting around in.

The steering wheel should be close to the driver for better handling. Windows should be cleared for seeing oncoming cars. Should have good gas mileage and good warranty for them. Some people are unable to afford labor done on their cars. They want to be able to work on them their self. I have nothing else to say.

- Betty R

Dependable, sporty with good gas mileage.

I love the sporty look of my vehicle. It gets good gas mileage and is very dependable. My vehicle is also equipped with a back-up camera. Which is awesome to get into tight spots. It's also a safety feature in my view. You see things you wouldn't without. The size of my bed (5') was a big mistake. Too small.

- Robert B

My beautiful Toyota Tacoma.

The best vehicle I have ever owned. Comfortable seats front and rear. Travels well and you can easily see in all directions. Great on gas with great mileage per gallon. Can haul construction materials in bed easily without putting tail. Gate down. Also can easily transport 12 feet pieces of shoe trim.

- Lois B

Best truck for the economy.

Excellent fuel economy for a truck, great size for my basic needs. For a 3 year old truck, she still handles very well as though she were new. Resale value is good. Would encourage anyone to purchase a Toyota Tacoma. Great hauling power. Ideal for those who do not need a very large truck.

- Oliver A

It is very reliable, we have never had anything go wrong with it.

Fits our lifestyle, get around 20 mpg. Love the backup image. Our model did to have the leather seat option so we had to have leather seat covers made for it. Would like to have more safety features. Love the option on some other vehicles that automatically stops before an object is hit.

- Mary P

Toyota Tacoma. For the win.

I have actually had no issues. I make I do the regular maintenance including oil changes and tire rotations. The truck is extremely comfortable and rides very well. The back up camera has incredible Focus and detail. If you want a solid reliable truck then Toyota is definitely a winner.

- Roy G

Toyota Tacomas seen every day.

The Toyota Tacoma is a very popular vehicle. It seems like parts and accessories are very easy to obtain. I hear stories about how long these vehicles last. I see old models on the road. My neighbors have them as well so I can get advice if needed. They seem pretty rugged for a truck..

- William D

Great five star vehicle i recommend to anyone who asks.

Well its a Toyota so i expected it to hold up. When i first got it I wanted it as a second vehicle because i didn't want to 'wear out' my gorgeous truck. I loved it so much i drove it all the time. I am nearing 100000 miles and NEVER had it anywhere near a shop. Great car. Five stars

- Roger G

Mediocre gas mileage a 15 mpg.

I don't drive very often anymore. I cannot thing of any problems other than normal maintenance that has needs attention in the 1 & 1/2 years 30, 000+ miles since buying this vehicle pre-owned. I love Toyotas because they are typically low maintenance with fewer problems than most.

- Katherine M

Toyota Tacoma my new fave!

I love my Toyota Tacoma. Until last year, I had only driven economy cars. Then I found my truck. Not only does it have the same amount of interior room as a car, it also has the bed that can haul lots of things. I can honestly say it is the best driving vehicle I have ever owned.

- Lys C

Toyota Tacoma access cab space limited.

I drive a model with a crew cab and the extended bed. Space for storage within the cab is limited, and without a bed cover it can make it difficult to transport higher value items. It also makes it a bit tight if you want to carry more than one passenger if all are grown adults.

- Ross R

I use it with clients. . . It is the perfect truck but also "a business car".

Great truck, perfect for all activities. . . It is a Toyota so it never breaks. off-road is amazing, there is not anywhere this truck cannot reach. I use it for hunting, fishing, camping, and hauling absolutely everything. I will never own a truck that is not a Toyota Tacoma.

- Mike R

You can go pretty much anywhere you could ever want to in it.

I love my truck, I'm able to fit my whole family and also still can haul things in the bed. It is the first truck I have ever owned and I love the convenience. One thing I dislike is the back window that slides open. Our truck was stolen once and that is how they got in.

- Ali D

It whistles a lot when I go fast down the highway and it is extremely annoying.

Problems: Doors whistles in wind. Doors do not automatically lock when put in drive. No mileage until empty number shown in car. Not accurate temperature reading for outside. Pros: Good radio and speakers. Good bed in truck. Good storage. Good seats and comfort.

- Cameron G

Buying a Toyota Tacoma was the best decision I have made!

Very comfortable, drives very smoothly, never any issues, have driven out of state many times and it ran perfectly, has Bluetooth connection which is great for road trips, has many hidden compartments under seats for tools etc., seats fold down for dogs, furniture etc.

- Kerry M

Best truck of Toyota and all brands.

Nothing wrong Toyota Tacoma is a really good truck it works for everything travel, work, family etc.. I do not show not mechanic problems. Run really good. Very nice inside space full for the family. We can use it to go to the beach and load all the stuff we need.

- Andrea A

That it is low money to fix.

I like the fact that it is fuel friendly, which means it doesn't take a lot to fill it up. The car is also low maintenance due to the Toyota brand of keeping things relatively cheap. I don't like the exterior look of the truck but the mechanics work out just fine.

- Nicholas A

Take care of Toyota and it'll take care of you.

It is a great vehicle! I bought a Toyota based off of a recommendation from a friend that is a mechanic. He suggested the Toyota brand because working on a variety of cars. Toyota was the car he saw the least of. So I bought one and am not regretting my purchase.

- Matt C

Truck with luxury features.

Modern with all of the new technology for to drive safer. It has room for up to three car seats for transporting my grandsons and enough bed room for transporting my big 36 inch lawn mower. It is a comfortable and smooth ride. The best truck I have ever owned.

- John C

Wish it was American made.

Roomy, rides good, 4x4 when needed, looks sporty, has a wind noise that cannot figure out, sound system is stock and it is ok. Gets pretty good gas mileage, interior is cloth so no hot burning seats in the summer. Suitable for men or women to get around.

- J H

It does have a high standard of safety. Engines will run for close to 200,000 miles

No problems. Toyotas have long engine lives. I feel safe in the truck. However I always seem to adjust myself as I tend to slide down as I'm driving. The only downfall (didn't even think of this when buying) was that the rear window is a manual.

- sharon e

great truck I will definitely get another one

even though my toyota tacoma is a 4 cylinder it is great on hauling stuff in the bed. I don't recommend getting the basic model because that is what it is basic ,pretty comfortable not bad sound system, the biggest thing that they hold their value

- bruce g

It is very reliable and gets good gas mileage. Also cheap to up keep.

I love my truck. It's perfect for my lifestyle. I like to camp and travel and I can do all of this with it. It's also affordable to up keep and gets good gas mileage for a truck. However it is slow and could use a bit more room in the cab.

- Cody H

Tinted windows from the factory is great.

The mpg is not the best, but the v6 is very responsive and has enough power to run the a/c while running the truck. Having all of the extras is good, it makes it easy for shorter people to get into the truck. Also love the cruise control.

- Joseph S

It's a Very reliable vehicle that will outlast just about any other truck out there.

First off I have no complaints. I love the styling of my truck as well as all the built in features. The gas mileage is also a big plus considering the V6 it has. The reliability reputation was also a big factor in my purchase decision.

- Danny D

Gets you where you need to go, safely.

Smaller truck that allows me to haul everyday things without paying more for gas in a larger truck. Seems very safe and goes very well on the hazardous roads I travel. Has never let me down and currently looking at buying another.

- TJ S

It's a car that means a lot to me, I buy it with a lot of effort and dedication in my work.

It is a fierce, strong, beautiful and quality car, sometimes its size makes some things difficult and I feel that it lacks a more technological touch in it, but from the rest I feel that it represents my personality

- Hicks R

Toyota is a super brand and we are definitely a Toyota family.

I love my pickup. I would prefer for it to have better gas mileage being a 4-cylinder, but it looks great and I look great in it. I was iffy on buying a truck but my wife insisted and I am so glad that I listened.

- Lee V

It's awesome. Just be on time with servicing it, like oil changes

Love this truck. Got it new, paid for it outright and have never had any issues with it other than the time I landed on a large boulder while four wheeling and had to get a piece of the exhaust pipe repaired.

- Sara H

It's very dependable. It isn't terrible on gas and the drive is smooth.

I personally have no problems with my vehicle. It was the one I wanted but the price is somewhat high in comparison. Overall I'm happy with my purchase and will own it til it falls apart.

- Joshua C

One of the greatest, durable most trusted long-lasting trucks in its class!

Great mid-size durable reliable great looking truck. Can almost go anywhere. Holds its value. Not the best or worst on gas. I wish it had heated seats, but it's not an option I got.

- Erin H

It's a truck and it's a Toyota. Reliable, stylish.

I love the appearance and Toyotas reliable. I don't think it's a very smooth or comfortable ride though. I think a large car or crossover would be better suited as a family car.

- Jade H

While it does have a backup camera, there are blind spots one should be aware of.

The Tacoma has treated me very well. The Xtra Cab provides the space I need without being excessive. The engine and towing capacity are both very good. I have no complaints.

- Stephen T

All Toyota vehicles are very reliable. They will last a long time and the parts are easy to find when needs to be fixed

I love my Tacoma because it is comfortable and easy to drive. I am able to see all around the truck and no blind spots. I live trucks and a midsize truck is easier to drive

- Starra W

Backup camera,touch screen

There's no problems with my truck. The performance and outstanding I love everything about it.its gets me to and from work. The gas mileage is amazing. Its s comfortable

- Melissa B

Has low miles and is just a simple truck that runs good.

Bon is the best truck. I put a cap on the back and love driving this truck. I do not put a lot of miles on him (29000 so far) but use for errands and long trips.

- Diane S

it can handle most tasks. every once in awhile i need to borrow a truck to tow something heavy.

i love the tacoma. it is all around a great small truck. i wish it had more bells and whistles standard though. like heated seats, heated mirrors and back window.

- Thomas M

Reliability is key with owning a Toyota. If you take care of your vehicle it'll take care of you.

So far no problems, fingers crossed, other than minor things like flat tires and light bulbs going out. I bought the vehicle because of the reliability of Toyota.

- Matt C

It is fairly fuel efficient.

I like the styling, accessories and safety features. I also like the functionality of having a comfortable work type vehicle that I can use for everyday driving.

- Paul C

It is perfect for just driving around the town for errands or picking up supplies at Home Depot. Good gas mileage compared to larger trucks.

I like the look of a smaller type of truck. Toyota make very reliable vehicles and my Tacoma shows that. It handles well when driving and does everything I need.

- Clinton L

it is very reliable and comfortable

i like the way it drives and handles the curves. I like the fact that it doesn't break down, no trips to the mechanic in 50,00 miles. the seats are confey too

- lee t

This vehicles handles really well and gets about 23 miles to the gallon.

My truck has been a blessing when commuting to work. I work 25 miles from home and have had several instances where I had to use 4x4 to traverse ice and snow.

- Kelly J

It is very high quality vehicle.

I like the trunk space and quality of the car. I don't like the traction control the vehicle has. I am very satisfied with my car except for the traction.

- Rene G

Big and strong but comfortable.

It has a very comfortable interior. It drives nice, long distances are no problem with comfort. The radio isn't very good and frequently changes timber.

- dj P

The best truck I have ever had.

Crew cab with very nice interior. 4 wheel drive, nice wheels and chrome running boards. Dark grey exterior. Rear backup camera is a favored feature.

- Nick R

It's the most reliable and dependable vehicle I've ever owned

I love it's reliability. It looks great, and has never given me any trouble. It has lots of capacity, without being too big. Plenty of power too.

- James W

Why Tacoma's are better than their trucks.

It has the look of a truck but the drive of a regular car making it feel safe and reliable and gets much better gas mileage than a regular truck.

- Madison A

I love my truck. It goes well off road. It gets decent gas mileage. It is very handy for transporting stuff.

Toyotas are great automobiles. Always ask about warranties and specific information like vehicle inspections in the state you buy and live in.

- wayne h

I am not selling it. We just got it the beginning of the year.

My truck is very reliable. It is a smooth ride. Has four new tires. The air conditioners is very cold. Four doors. And a brand new bed liner.

- Tammy T

Toyota Tacoma - the truck you'll love to own.

This is a very good truck. It gives a super comfortable drive but has the power to pull my boat easily. It also gets decent miles per gallon.

- djm m

It is a tough overlander truck.

I like the size and 4wd. It takes me and my family to remote places to camp. I dislike the big touchscreen. I also dislike the fuel economy.

- Allison A

Runs very smooth and it's very reliable.

I been having this car for 2 years now and so far it's been great haven't had no problem with it yet really happy i purchased this vehicle.

- Jun M

Toyota's last a very long time, and I had my last toyota truck for 25 years before giving it to a close friend.

Like it is 4-wheel drive. Like the color. Like the 4-doors. Has a bit of room in the truck bed but wish it had more. Have no dislikes.

- Marc D

get the V-6 instead of the 4 cyl , you will be very happy that you did

more power , like a bigger 4 cyl better suspension , the hard bumps are smoothed out but little imperfections in the road you can feel

- ben m

The voice command sucks. It has trouble understanding.

I dislike the voice command system but I love the size. I love the comfort. I love the durability and the 4 wheel drive capabilities.

- Jordan F

It is a great truck for hauling things and helping friends move.

I got a good deal, and it is a functional vehicle. It could be better on gas mileage. It is also a bigger vehicle then I am used to.

- Seth B

Review of 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport

First Tacoma. Fun to drive. Ok power. Ok handling. Some squeaks from the front end ( rubber bushings ). Would probably buy again.

- paul z

It is reliable and comfortable.

I love that it is easy to drive. Good for road trips. I dislike the gas mileage. I can load a lot of supplies in the back.

- Alicia M

It's used. But that does not mean it's still not cool

I've always loved trucks. When I moved to Texas I had the opportunity to choose from a car and a truck, I love being tall

- Sarai W

Reliable, comfortable, Tacoma, perfect vehicle, handy

reliable solid handy truck, I love it, plenty of room, comfortable ride, use truck bed often, could not lIve without it

- Karen K

Great truck value, dependable.

Size value, dependable, space towing, great to drive. Hauling, 4 door, color, electronics, gps, lights, radio siriusxm.

- Robert D

Its smooth and easy to use especially the brand is really has a good reputation

Don't have any complaints because i'm connected with it it was smooth and easy to use so i don't have a problem with it


That I plan on keeping it until I die.It was my first choice when I decided to buy a new truck. It is easy to drive. When we have snow in this area I know I can go out if I need to. If any one my family needs to haul anything he know I have the vehicle to take care of it.

I like it because it is a truck. I like it because it gets good gas mileage. I really like it because it is paid for.

- Katrina A

The truck is reliable but the fuel economy is not great.

I like the off-road capability. The reliability is amazing as well. I don't like the gas mileage and the overall size.

- Saul Y

All back and all blacked out windows black tires and black rims

New black gray interior lifted big tires 60k miles blackout windows cold air intake new headlights and tail lights

- Corey B

Easy to drive, and rides smooth. Best car I have ever owned.

Love pickup trucks. Love that it has four seats but wish the truck bed was bigger. Could have better gas mileage.

- David P

My truck is very reliable and dependable for work and personal use.

i LIKE THAT MY TRUCK IS RELIABLE. mY TRUCK IS COMFORTABLE. My truck is appealing. My truck is efficient on fuel.


Its a truck!! What is there not to love! The extra room for storage is perfect.

I love the access cap and full bed. I also love the fact I can do my own oil changes without lifting the truck!!

- robert c

In a truck, you feel the bumps of the road and they are not the best on gas but they run great!

I like driving a truck because it rides high. My truck runs smoothly and sits very comfortable. No complaints.

- Georgia G

It is functional. It is great in the snow and we tow a trailer and it is great.

It wasn't my first choice. Can't fit a lot people with car seats I love the size and how it is off the ground.

- Megan R

The Toyota Tacoma has a very high resale value and it's very dependable

I like the dependability and look of the truck. It is also very sturdy and it's able to haul whatever I need.

- Gary L

It's a reliable family car that is not a gas guzzler. This truck is great if we need to make big purchases or have big stuff to haul!

I haven't had a problem with my truck! It's great and reliable. It's safe! I take my kids to school everyday

- Samantha F

It is very dependable, drives great & keeps me feeling safe.

I love my truck because I am high. I feel safe in my truck when I am driving. And Toyota is very dependable.


It make it easy to carry large items.

First of all I like the stile. I also like it's reliability. The one thing I don't like is that it is noisy.

- pat W

Reliable and drives well in any weather. Easy on wallet.

Its roomy inside so easy for me to get in. Easy to drive and get great gas mileage. Can carry whole family

- marianne p

Toyota brand vehicles are considered to be extremely reliable and my Tacoma has yet to be proven wrong.

Perfect size for a personal use truck. Small enough for daily use, but large enough for recreational use.

- Mario S

My truck has good resale value.

I love the room and options my truck gives me. My only dislike is that it has a terrible turning radius.

- Morgan P

It is very good and spacious, good design and it's for fun people

Three levels of TRD Sport and Off-road, 2.7 liter cylinders 160 HP and 180 lb-ft, 4.0-liter V6 236 HP

- Teodore P

How great of a mid-size truck it is for how much it was worth and how it holds its value

I like the size of the mid-size truck. I like it's capability and durability. I have no dislikes

- Lay T

The car is nice and new. The mileage is low. The gas is not very high.

I like the smoothness of the ride. I like that my vehicle is affordable. I like the color of it.

- Hannah V

It drives like a big toy, It's fun!

I like that it drives like a toy. It's big and feels safe. I enjoy the comfortability of it.

- Ali M

The Tacoma is very maneuverable and has great off road capabilities. I sometimes have issues with the cabin space and bed space however.

The most important thing for others to know about my car is that it has great longevity.

- Charlie S

Best truck in the market great value very comfortable

No complaints love it very useful and handy great for family and for work good gas

- Reynaldo A

It is a fantastic truck for the price you pay for it.

Midsize truck with a 5 foot bed. I love the interior and the way it is designed.

- Brad B

Super safe. Great gas mileage. Very roomy. 4 door truck.

No complaints. Love everything about my truck. Great gas mileage, super safe.

- Mathew G

good safety ratings. the back seat is a little small

it's a nice truck. It gets me where i need to go and it's good on gas

- sim t

It gets good gas mileage and handles well

I really like the durability of the truck and it has a smooth ride.

- Carl Z

It is the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned.

IT is quiet and comfortable. Dependable. Stylish. Easy to handle

- janis e

Dependable vehicle to drive. Gas mileage is good but not great.

I love it. It is a good size to drive. They are very dependable.

- Steve S

The Tacoma is the Perfect little truck for any lifestyle.

Versatility is perfect for my life. Good in snow. Perfect truck.

- Shan H

I like all the room I have. I like the gas mileage it gives me. I like all the miles I've put on it with no issues.

The gas mileage it gets and haven't had any internal issues

- Ashley C

4 wheel drive is fun to use. It is fun in the snow.

I like it. It is fun to drive but want better gas mileage.

- William S


i love everything about the tacoma so far very dependable

- joe S

It is a very smooth riding in this truck it makes you feel a little safer while riding in it

I love everything about it I am really satisfied with it

- Janice N

It's a 4x4 and has great dealership service incentives.

Very roomy. Plenty of power. Good gas mileage. 4 doors.

- Bryan S

Good quality and performance. Excellent storage. :)

There is many space in the truck bed for moving items.

- Rabbit L

Rides well for a truck. Gas mileage is not good. Initial cost is high. Reliability is great!

One of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned.

- Tim K