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To summarize this is a well built truck with a full size bed.

My tundra pickup is very dependable never had a problem with starting it and it gets good gas mileage highway or city. It is very comfortable on long drives on the highway and even though it is not a 4 wheel drive pickup it can handle out road driving with little effort due to the high ground clearance. The truck did not come with fog lights since it is a base model to install the fog light system was not hard at all and you only need a few hand tools to complete the job. The ignition system is a constant fire system so you don't have to change plugs that often. Overall I am very impressed and satisfied with the service that I have gotten over the last 4 years that I have had this truck.

- Johnny L

Drives great! Dependable and comfortable. Looks like a beater!

We've had the Toyota tundra for a long time now and it continues to drive superbly! It is comfortable and easy. I appreciate the 8 cylinders except come time to refill at the gas station. It only gets about 17 mpg, but it does get that consistently. The one other issue is that although the body still looks great, with no accidents, it was of the year when they were using a very cheap grade of paint so the paint job makes the Toyota tundra look like a beater!! I can have no pride in the way it looks! And due to age and income, cannot afford a new paint!

- Noma S

2001 Toyota Tundra well over 300k miles and still running

I got my Toyota Tundra V6 extended cab brand new in 2001. I've put well over 300k miles on this truck without having to do much maintenance other than brakes, master cylinder, sensors, etc. No high cost engine problems. I am still driving it today and plan on driving it until it will no longer run. I wouldn't be surprised if it makes 500k miles without major engine problems. It's been a great truck.

- Brandon J

The Toyota tundra is a great truck for hauling because of its v8 engine.

I love my Toyota Tundra. It has a v8 and how plenty of power to get what I need done. My 2001 Toyota Tundra is very stylish for the year model. I love that my Toyota Tundra has leather seats. My Toyota Tundra is the limited edition which is very nice. My Toyota Tundra has 2 half doors on both sides. The Toyota Tundra gets decent gas mileage since it v8. It gets 14 to 16 miles per gallon.

- Mike S

My Toyota tundra has over 164000 miles without a breakdown.

The truck is very reliable, we have never had a breakdown. The truck has over 164,000 miles on it. We keep up on the oil changes and general upkeep. The truck is comfortable to ride in, leather seats, tilt wheel and cruise control, extended cab for lots of room. I will replace this truck with another Toyota vehicle, perhaps a rav. My son has an Avalon and is also very happy with his car.

- Alan S

My tundra. The truck I always wanted.

Mi pickup is tan with cloth interior. It is a good running truck. I bought it used with the following problems. 4wd does not work the electric button needs replacing. It needs a steering box and a front end alignment. It is comfortable to be driving in the truck. It has a four-door and use the backseat and the trunk has a velcro roll top on it which is nice and I love it.

- Linda P

Excellent condition! I have had strangers ask me if I want to sell it.

I bought my truck used and have had it 5 years. I have only had one thing go wrong with it. I ended up with a leak in my power steering. This could have been much worse. This truck has been wonderful. I use it daily. I have friends constantly asking if they can borrow it to haul items. My truck is in such good condition I have had several strangers ask to buy it.

- Andrea C

My 2001 Toyota Tundra has been a very good used truck for me the past 5 years.

This has been a very good truck for me in the 5 years I have owned it. Th truck has a little over 110, 000 miles on it and I have only had to change the starter and several coil packs. That is about it. I really like the smaller size of the truck, it makes it much easier for city driving. I would highly recommend this as a used vehicle.

- Jason H

The tundra is an all around great truck and a good fit.

It's a great truck. Runs like a tank, has all the power I need in a v8 engine. Pulled multiple people out of ditches. Mpg is about 12 in the city and 18 on the highway. 4 wheel drive works great for the mud and the snow. The truck bed has plenty of room to fit loads, and enough space in truck to seat 6 people.

- Tim F

The tundra: the best truck of the early 2000s.

My Toyota is very dependable, has very high miles but still has no problems. Interior is immaculate if kept in shape. Gas mileage isn't the best out there but still not the worst either. 10/10 would recommend this truck to anyone! Like I said before, it is a high mile truck but still runs fantastic.

- Noah C

Great product runs great nice interior package and exterior design.

Very dependable, low maintenance. Bought this truck new in 2001. It has provided years of great service and still runs great. I would recommend this make and model and would buy another one when I am ready for a new purchase. So if you are in the market for a new truck or car Toyota makes the best.

- Charles B

Old-school tundra, nice ride.

Overall, the truck has been quite reliable. It is a 2001 with 210, 000 miles on it. Maintenance costs are high on the 8 cylinder engine. Gas is also an issue, as mileage is not great. The cargo capacity and passenger space is good, better than most vehicles of its size.

- Evan P

This is a strong running truck.

This truck runs good and is reliable. It's a strong truck with a sound motor. The maintenance is easy to do yourself if you want and the exterior looks good too. Lots of available options for this truck as well. I would buy this truck again if I had it to do over again.

- Josh D

It runs well for an old car

The performance is great it runs smoothly and it is a great car. Air conditioning works great and it's seats are nice. The seat are a little small in the back but it's fine. Parking brake is weird but you get used to it. Good for up to four people. It's great

- Mike F

My vehicle is not high maintenance.

I really like my truck. It is a short wheel base and does not need a whole lot of space. I enjoy how it rides and drives. It is not a high maintenance vehicle. I would definitely purchase another one.

- Amy S

It is still working very well after 17 years and a whole lot of miles.

I like that it is made by a reliable company and still works after so many years. I dislike that it is getting older and I'm having to pay more for upkeep. I also dislike the gas mileage.

- Katie B

Keep up good maintenance. Frequent oil changes, etc.

Great dependable vehicle. Bought it new. Low maintenance cost. Would buy another one of the same. It has 250, 000 miles on it and still run and drives as good as the I bought it.

- Chuck B

It has a leveling kit with tinted windows

My truck has a leveling kit a stereo system tinted windows led headlights led reverse lights runs good cold ac maintenance up to date registration and safety up to date

- Alexandrina C

That it can withstand anything at this point.

I love this truck, we have been having it in the family since 2001. We haven't had any major issues with the truck. I do not dislike anything about it.

- Martha O

This is my dream vehicle there is nothing else I would want to drive.

4 wheel drive lift capability to go anywhere and do anything. Toyota has the best track record. I like having reliability and joy in my driving.

- Craig B

It is not the best on gas, not economical especially with gas prices.

It is older, I would like something more new and modern. Would also like something better on gas. Something with more room. Maybe a car.

- Danny N

That the car no matter that it is pretty old the car still runs well.

It's a great drive, the brakes work great and the drive is pretty smooth. It still works great even after this long.

- Chris J

It is extremely reliable and resilient. It will get you from one place to another for a long time.

I like how reliable my truck is. I dislike how poor the gas mileage is. I also dislike how loud it is and large.

- Wylie S

That it's been a reliable vehicle.

I love my truck. I like the looks, i like the room and it way it handles. I don't like the gas mileage it gets.

- Teresa G

the gas mileage is excellent for those long drives

I love the gas mileage and and size. I wish had new tires and that front and back doors would open separately

- jen w

Reliable and great performance.

I love my truck. It is very reliable and comfy. I have had no problems with it, luv it's performance.

- Christle K

It is reliable and parts are easily obtainable everywhere.

No complaints as this vehicle is bullet proof mechanically. Good suspension too.

- Glenn K