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The stock parts for this vehicle are overpriced.

It is mainly electric, the battery died once. As a result, the electrical system began to malfunction. The radio is outdated. It is harder to find a mechanic because it is a foreign car. I dislike the ventilation options. There is no way to blow air from dash vents and floor once. I do like that there a lot of legroom for driver and passengers. If you desire your seat can set you low or you can manually pump it up high ( if you are short). I absolutely love the position of the speaker on the doors. It looks sleek, could pass for an Audi. I do wish it had a sunroof. I dislike that there is not a lot of "stash spots". . . There's virtually no place to put personal effects. And let's just say I like to be prepared (tissues, Clorox wipes, chapstick, etc. ). The trunk is awesome. There is a lot of trunk space. The car is sturdily built. Nothing is falling off or chipping and I have a seven year old son who will do anything to keep busy while I am driving. The mirrors are a little hard to position but this is an overall good car.

- La W

The VW Jetta is good option to buy.

Hello my name is David I am own a VW Jetta 2012. I am very happy with my car for several reasons. First, it is super fast, I think is one of the best sedan in response that you ever find. Second, is very friendly. You have space for all the things you need in the road. I own the car about 2 years and never have any machining problems, change the oil, tires and brakes is all you needed. The car it is very nice to see, is super pretty. The car interior is amazing, my car have leather and is very comfortable. The fuel economy is not good but I own the 2.5 liters, it have 5 cylinders I hope the otters model improve this section. For the great locking, fast response and all the futures, I think the VW Jetta is a great offer to reconsider.

- David D

Cool little reliable car, interesting color brown with tan and black interior.

This vehicle has been very solid. The vehicle came from somewhere up north so it had some things that needed to be replaced involving the axle, but it was still worth the purchase. It is a 5-cylinder engine and is very reliable. It is pretty good on gas roughly averaging around 25 miles per gallon for me, but it could be better. I love the look and feel of the car, but I would like if it was slightly more upgraded on the audio system and technology. My only other complaint was that I wish it was a little faster, there are fast cars with turbo engines that get better gas mileage. Otherwise, this car really made me want to purchase another Volkswagen and upgrade to a nicer faster model.

- Casey C

Good on gas.. Looks nice, still.

I must say I have always loved VW's.. It has been reliable, however in my 4th year the battery died and was not able to use the standard die hard, and thus was a bit more expensive to replace. . Another issue...The following year I noticed an issue with the ignition. I experienced the key getting stuck. A major problem because I couldn't get the key to turn and thus it would not turn off! I had to leave my key in the ignition for hours. Fortunately, I was able to get it to a dealer (as this was a 'dealer only' repair)...But even more amazing the job cost $700!! A year later the motor for the windshield wipers no longer works, and back brakes are needed.

- Barbara P

I love German cars, and I believe Volkswagens last forever!

I love my Jetta! Its sleek looking inside and outside. It drives smoothly! I think it is one of the smartest cars that I have ever had. My cars features include, heated mirrors, satellite radio, auxiliary audio, input USB w/ external media control. Just some of the features that I really enjoy on my car. I am pretty good about keeping up on the maintenance on my vehicle, so I won't have to worry about any issues in the future. Currently I have none to report. The reliability is excellent have taken it out of town several times. The ride for my family and myself have been comfortable and smooth.

- Jennifer H

The 2012 Jetta, great car, with lots of imperfections.

The car has challenges about it is tires, axle, transmission, and starter. This particular model is also required to take high performance fuel which is an expense that I was not planning on when I purchased the car. In addition, it has a safety feature that you cannot open the fuel door if you have locked the car. So to get the fuel door open, you have to leave the car unlocked which is not always safe at gas stations. The look of the car is very nice, and the seats are somewhat comfortable. I like that the seat as multiple adjustment options. And, the steering wheel is comfortable.

- Jennifer M

Reliable, Efficient, Very Few Issues

For the price the car was a great deal! It's at 67k miles and the only issues the car has had is an issue with a heat sensor for the engine, and a faulty windshield wiper blade. Aside from that the car has really proved to be reliable and it gets excellent gas mileage. The one thing I'd like to see improved is a more accurate reading for when gas is running out, it indicates fuel is EMPTY, but the car can still be driven about 50 miles, so it's deceptive. But that must be a safeguard so you don't get stranded. It's a good car that you can count on and that's all that really matters.

- Hayley S

Will fill all your needs, but not your wants!

My car has not had a lot of problems that has taken it into the shop (knock on wood) and has been safe overall, which is most important! It also has quite a bit of space for a sedan, especially with the back seats down so you can access the trunk from the front. There are not a ton of bells and whistles to make it comfortable, but that wasn't in my budget at the time. For instance, I hate being a passenger in my car because I despise the passenger seat. It is uncomfortable and horrible for long rides. Same with the backseat - it does not get ac very well.

- Eliza A

Volkswagen's are excellent and reliable and comfortable cars.

Very nice leather interior. Easy to clean up any mess. But gets hot in the summer. The moon roof is very enjoyable for nice days. The heated seats are amazing in fall and especially winter. Bluetooth allows to play music from my phone and make hands free phone calls. Not many problems with the car, as long as you keep up with oil changes, and keep gas tank filled. Volkswagen repairs can be very expensive. Adequate trunk space to fit many things. The back seats go down to allow more room.

- Lindsay W

This is a very economic ride. Great gas mileage comfy seats, lots of extras.

I have a 2012 Jetta SportWagen. Its silver and sleek. It gets 43 mpg on the highway. I do a lot of travelling so that's great. It comes with a turbo boost that lags when kicking in. This is only a 4 cylinder engine so that's a problem. Also there is no USB plugin although you can use the cigarette lighter port. This year does not come with an electric auto start. Installed an aftermarket put in by dealership. No problems yet. Love this car though.

- Michelle B

VW 2012 Jetta electrical problems.

My 2012 VW Jetta is easily a low maintenance car with few problems in the 5 years I've owned it. Other than regular oil changes I've had little mechanical problems. Although it does have wiring problems etc. Headlights burn out quick and turn signals. Also the drivers side master switch for windows is faulty. Have changed 2 times in the past 5 years but again it's costed about $100 to fix. I consider these problems very minor.

- Morgan R

It potentially could be a great car. I want to love it.

Had issues with the tires. The key broke from the fob. Could be an excellent car, but there’s seems to always be something wrong. Battery has had to be changed many of times, brakes will squeak right after being adjusted. Power socket inside blew without reasoning. Honestly want to love my car. The design and interior are amazing, but there seems to always be something wrong. Maybe I just got one from a bad batch.

- James P

Solid vehicle worth the repair expenses.

Primary issue is cost of repairs. While maintenance problems rarely occur, they usually are severe enough to cost over $500 dollars per repair visit. For the 2012 jetta, primary issue has been quality of engine which has resulted in two repairs not covered by warranty leading to around $2000 in out of pocket costs. In terms of benefits, it is a safe, reliable car that did not break the bank in purchasing.

- Joseph D

What I would like for others to know about my car is that you don't spend so much gas.

What I like about my vehicle is that it has a touch screen and leather seats. It's very well taken care and looks like a year car. Pretty much upgraded but needs a little bit more. What I dislike is just the color and that it doesn't have an AC access for the back passengers. Plus my AC doesn't work quite much and since its summer time still, I sweat like crazy due to the lack of cool air.

- Cindy F

Tornado red Volkswagen Jetta.

I have had many problems with the engine and have had to have many things replaced. The vacuum pump, map sensor, and many other things have had to be replaced. However, the car is very comfortable and reliable. It is good on gas and lasts for a long time. Mine is still going and just broke 127,000 miles. I am seriously considering buying another one once this one gives out.

- Caitlin R

Drives great, when the door shuts!

I love driving the Jetta. Currently having difficulty where the drivers door is not closing properly at different times. The door will shut but the sensor will continue to beep at times the door will not shut and I have to manually lock the car. Other than this issue I have not had any other issues with the vehicle it is a comfortable ride that feels classy but accessible.

- Danielle A

Faster than you'd expect, and fun to drive.

My 2012 Jetta se seems to have transmission issues. It has less than seamless gear shifts. I do not know if it is a hardware problem or a software problem but it worries me. Also, for the size of the vehicle, the fuel economy is less than ideal. If you plan on doing your own maintenance, do not get this vehicle, you need five different tools just to change your own oil.

- Andrew O

TDI is fabulous, the auto industry should be focusing on producing more of these instead of hybrids.

My Jetta is the TDI version and I love it. It gets great mileage (about 40 mpg) and has great power for acceleration with the turbo. I love the leather seats that it has. The only drawbacks that I see are that it is black, a color I don't care for, and gets VERY hot in warm weather, and it is just a touch small- I will probably go for the passat next time around.

- Zachary S

VW Jetta- beautiful paint, nice interior, runs smoothly.

I've had my VW Jetta for a little more than a year. I haven't had many issues with it within the entire year I am just now having to replace the spark plugs. It doesn't scratch easily and I had a truck run into my bumper as well and no scratched paint just was dented in. Which was easily fixed. The interior is nice, it is easy to clean and stays clean easily.

- Jessica J

The color red , speed and acceleration, .sporty drive, reliable, great gas mileage

My 2012 VW Jetta SE is a great car to own. It is a 5 cylinder that was designed by the same engineers at Masarati who use a V10. It has a very sporty feel and has great gas mileage. I enjoy Having Sirius XM, and the car has all options in it. Living in Florida, the AC system is critical and the Jetta keeps me cool. Will be buying a new one in the next 3 years

- Keith B

VW Jetta - perfect for a single person.

The biggest issue is the cost of maintenance. It was something that I was unprepared for when I purchased the vehicle, but that I have learned to budget for. The car is perfect for a single person - a family would want more space, especially if there are children in the family, as they get older. It has a comfortable interior, and gives a smooth ride.

- Lauren P

Volkswagen, still a winner!

No problems with my car. Gas mileage could be a bit better. I believe in part that due to my style of driving is why the gas mileage is what it is. I love my car. I have no other complaints or issues with my Jetta. I don't think it is right that you require me to write minimum 250 characters when it is not necessary to get my information across.

- Lynda M

I love that my car is a manual.

A Volkswagen Jetta is a very safe and comfortable car. It gets good gas mileage and even better highway miles. I don't like that the tire pressure light does not go off once I fix the issue. It is the same way with my check engine light. However, I have had to replace my brakes three times in the past 2 years. So that is kind of inconvenient.

- Savannah C

A smooth ride to get from a to b.

The Volkswagen Jetta is sturdy when it comes to how it steers and drives on the road, and is a nice mid-range sedan in terms of aesthetic. It strikes a good balance between form and function, all within a price range that is not unreasonable up front. The only thing to note is that maintenance is costly over the course of the car's lifetime.

- William C

Getting a Jetta is worth it.

I love our Volkswagen Jetta. It is spacious and has decent gas mileage. We didn't get it fully loaded but it still has been great! We have driven it all across the united states. We haven't had one problem after these long trips. The ride is smooth. We enjoy this car very much! If you are looking for a 4 door sedan, you should get a Jetta.

- Brittany G

Great gas mileage, kid and pet friendly, smooth riding vehicle.

I love my Jetta. Very reliable and great on gas! Minimal maintenance.. Sometimes German parts can be hard to find and expensive though. Sometimes the dealerships can be costly and it is better to get car repaired in a private shop. But, this is the second Jetta I have owned and overall I would recommend this car to those looking to buy.

- Kelley H

Great running around town car!

Very small and compact car that gets excellent gas mileage. Is great for running around town and saving money on gas. That is a huge help with the price of gas so high. I would like for it to be a little bigger but definitely suits all of my needs at this time. The price was also right for the vehicle I was getting!

- Krystal J

Easy drive just not in snow.

Comfortable drive, good turning radius, reliable, so far I have had little problems. Only need oil changes every 10,000 miles which is nice for busy people. My areas of problem are the "leather" seats are not easy to wipe down with a dog/mess. There are not electric seat controls and does not drive the best in snow.

- Jenna P

Love my 35 mpg diesel wagon.

I have a 2012 Jetta sportwagen tdi. I love that I was able to buy a 6 year old car as a cpo and that it is covered by a 2 year/24k mile warranty. Has all of the space I need, has good pick up with the turbo, gets 35 mpg average, and goes over 400 miles on a tank. Wish VW could still sell their tdis in the us new.

- Jen V

Moonroof. Drop down back seats. Satellite radio. Multi disc radio.

Have no problems with my vehicle. It is very reliable, comfortable and is great on gas. I have had the car for 5 years now. I am thinking of making my Volkswagen my next purchase again. Volkswagen is excellent with service there vehicles. Would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a great affordable car.

- Jennifer C

It is very expensive to maintain over its lifetime. Be prepared to pay for premium repair costs and services.

The Volkswagen Jetta is a fun car to drive, but you have to be very disciplined in maintaining it. One of its major drawbacks is that when the car needs repairs, it is very expensive for parts and often you must find a Volkswagen repair shop because you need someone who is familiar with Volkswagens specifically.

- Crysta Z

Pricy maintenance, but a good vehicle for a single person.

The biggest problem is the cost of maintenance. Oil changes are over $100 each since it is full synthetic oil that is being used, and I wasn't used to that coming from a conventional oil change before. It is comfortable for a single person, but not for a family. I enjoy the color of the interior lights the most.

- Lauren S

VW Jetta zooms very smoothly-.

Totally love my VW Jetta- it has plenty of room and gets the best gas mileage- only complaint is the quality of glass used in windows that shows way too many imperfections for this model and cost- also needs a review wiper for the rainy weather- you can be sure I pay attention to both when I purchase again-.

- Debbie W

Reliability of a 2012 Volkswagen Jetta.

I have experienced little to no issues with my vehicle, it is going on now 3 years with my car and it is still going strong. I intend to have this car throughout my collegiate career, it is very well worth the dollar you spend. I have no regrets for my decision in the purchase of my 2012 Volkswagen Jetta.

- Austin A

Great car.

The locking system is not conducive to having back seat passengers. Also not able to lock the car if the car is not running unless you use key fob. There is a strange smell from the ac and hear especially when you are in between seasons and switching back and forth between heat and air in the same week!

- Audrey C

It runs smoothly even after a few years.

It runs quite smoothly, I have had it for about 5 years now and I honestly love it! The only downside is that the windshield wipers have been quite annoying, we've had to replace them up to twice a year, the brakes are decent, another downside is that we've had our windshield crack twice in one year!

- Lauren C

Very basic car that allows you to feel connected to the engine and the road.

I like the size of the car -- lots of legroom in the front and back. The trunk is also very good. This model of the Jetta also looks a lot better than the last. I enjoy the 5-speed manual transmission but the engine (2.0) is under-powered. I also miss the blue back-light that I had in my 2002 Jetta.

- Alexander P

A very decent car that is very reliable.

It has good acceleration, and seat warmers for the driver and front passenger. It runs good on gas, and it is very reliable, especially since it was below 100, 000 miles when it was purchased, which was good find in my opinion. I would recommend this kind of car to anybody that wants a Volkswagen.

- Jordan B

The Volkswagen Jetta is a really nice car inside and outside . It is very "pretty" and classy I'd say . I love showing up to places with my car.

I choose my car because of the amazing safety features I was told about when I first got it . I like how it is shaped as I am very picky . I also love how much room it has inside even the trunk is huge! I don't dislike anything about it , I've had it for 3 years and it has not given me any issues

- Karina R

My vehicle is very interesting.

Well I really want to help car buyers so I really need to hit this two hundred fifty word count. I just really like this car and I think buyers would also really like this car. It is a very good car, with lots of good features. I would like to think that I would recommend this car to my friends.

- Jeff R

I would recommended to everyone who wants a cheap car and reliable.

I really haven't had any problems with the vehicle, I have been using it for two years now and nothing has been affected, the only downside tat I see in this vehicle is that the acceleration when I get in the freeway is slow and I need more space than usual cars to go to the posted speed limit.

- Guillermo E

2012 Jetta sel New England.

I have not had any major issues with the Jetta. I have almost 160k miles on it, and have kept up with maintenance, oil changes, tune ups and services. The only thing I wish it had more of was space. I have 2 dogs and we do not have enough space. I do like the way it drives and the gas mileage.

- Erika W

A Volkswagen Jetta review.

Family friendly car used mostly for work and daily errands. Drives very well. Good gas mileage. Oil changes and regular maintenance a bit higher than average but not terrible. I personally haven't had any major problems and hardly any minor issues. Take care of it and it'll take care of you.

- Tiffany F

It gets great gas mileage especially on long trips.

My jetta is pretty reliable. I did have an issue with the windshield wiper motor failing and needing replaced. But otherwise it has been normal wear and tear. The radio has a search feature that tells you when a song comes on so you can go to it. The car is comfortable and a nice size.

- Christine B

I like the safety features of showing when tires are low on pressure.

It is a great car. Has room for 4 regular sized men. Although I have had two 6'5" guys in it. They were not super comfortable. The trunk is very spacious and included Velcro holders, so things don't move around. The engine will get up and go when you need it to. Gas mileage is average.

- Julie R

Windshields small, but car runs good.

The front and back windshields are hard to see out of, which makes backing up difficult. Owning a Volkswagen can be expensive, especially when something breaks; you have to go to a Volkswagen dealer to get it fixed. Otherwise the car generally runs great and has lasted a while.

- Alaska L

There is a reset button in the glovebox that resets the tire light on dash.

My car is really reliable. It has been a good car. A very good compact car and gas saver car. The only problem I do have with the car is the ac it does not work. I have had it checked and they replaced a fuse and relay. But it still do not work. So not sure if it is electrical.

- Amy W

Volkswagen Jetta - perfect car.

I love my Jetta. It is a smaller car but it feels like a real car - like a sports car. It does not feel like you are driving air. The gas mileage I get is pretty good too - about 32/33 mpg on highway. It is very reliable and is a nice car I am not embarrassed to have people in.

- Andrea C

It is a foreign car, German.

I don't like the radio because it does not have Bluetooth. It drives hard, really got to ease into that take off. I like that it uses kilometers (makes me feel smart). It has a perfect space for my sunglasses. The trunk has a lot of space. Really, roomy inside (I am 6ft 1in).

- La W

Sherry the cherry red Jetta.

Sunroof broken and is too costly to fix. Car door locks broke once. Performance is great, gas mileage is great as well. I like the color and look of my car. Leather interior is nice and has good Bluetooth features. Navigation could be improved. Great fender speaker system.

- Ginny S

The Volkswagen Jetta is an incredibly spacious car that is still very compact.

My car is extremely reliable and I haven't ever had serious issues with it. It's surprisingly spacious and I've been able to pack it fully on several roadtrips. Because I got the base model, I have no special features; I do wish I'd gotten one with rear windshield wipers.

- Hillary T

The best reliable car under 15 thousand dollars.

This is the perfect car. No bells and whistles. Drives smooth. Has the get up you need. The seats are comfortable. The style is classic. Easy to work on. I have not had any issues with it as of yet. Probably the most reliable car I have owned. You cannot go wrong with VW.

- Eddie M

My car does great with mpg fuel.

I like that my vehicle is reliable and has good gas mileage. The inside is modern and clean and I like that has an ox cord and a radio. The only complaint I would have are that I wish the radio system was slightly more updated as well as the other electronics in the car.

- Olivia L

The car is a good car it runs great.

It's a small car and saves a lot on gas better than a bigger car and it gets around town easier and it doesn't get into accidents it's easier to drive on the road and it is easy to maintain and it drives smoothly and drives nicely I don't know what else to say about it.

- Elizabeth M

Gas. Interior features. Mechanical issues.

The all new interior boasts everything, easy to use digital features. It ride smooth with a good grip on the road. Gas usage is good and this enable you to have a high gas mileage. The car has not shown any mechanical issues yet which is a good sign for a 5yr old car.

- Hillary G

This car is not as practical or as flawless as it was advertised.

Overall, a good vehicle, but had a few minor fixes that are design flaws. One fix was covered under extended warranty, but the other costs $1,000 to fix and the problem was corrected on newer models. I just wish repairs and services for this car weren't so expensive.

- Kelley G

It's a decent car but not worth the price or reputation.

My Jetta seats are extremely uncomfortable, since the day I bought the car I was unhappy with it is performance. I couldn't go more than 3 months without changing the bulbs in the car. The tires are always low and the check engine light always comes on for no reason.

- Carla N

The reliable Volkswagen Jetta.

It is very comfortable. Drives well, except it hydroplanes in inclement weather pretty bad. It is a smaller car, so that was to be expected. The gas mileage is very good and I usually go through a tank of gas every three weeks and I have a 20 minute commute to work.

- Jo C

It has great safety features.

I have had a few problems with it but the thing I like most are the safety features. It drives and handles well. My ignition went out and cost 800. 00 to fix. A bit steep if you ask me. I have had a couple of wiring problems tail lights wouldn't work. Burnt wire.

- Melinda M

Only had to get new brakes. Amazing car with no major issues in 5 years.

It has been a very reliable car. We have put a lot of miles on it and it still runs great! We have had it for 5 years and the only major cost has been new brakes. It is a very standard version, so if I bought it again I would get cruise control and heated seats.

- Amber R

It gets great gas mileage and is a great car for everyday use!

I love that it gets great gas mileage and is compact enough to park easily. But is large enough to easily hold five people. It is also large enough to transport furniture and is overall a great car! I have had it since 2012 and have not had any major issues.

- Victorria D

The most reliable car on the road.

I have had my Jetta for 6 years and it is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. The gas mileage is incredible and it is very comfortable and easy to drive. I highly recommend this vehicle it you are looking for a quality car you can always count on.

- Julia P

It's very durable and comfortable. I love that its known but still stands out

I like that it is very comfortable and has a nice ride. We got the sport style so it has two tone leather seats which makes it stand out. I do not like that the front bumper is low, when I leave parking lots it hits the ground and is starting to fall off.

- Rachael A

It is very low maintenance. I have had no major issues with it and just keep up on routine things like oil changes. It still drives like it did the day I got it.

I really enjoy my Volkswagen Jetta. It has great gas mileage and I haven't had any major problems with it. I just keep up on routine things like oil changes and replace air filter. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a good quality car.

- Brittany C

Hoping for better gas mileage.

This car is my daily driver for work. I drive 67 miles one way and was purchased as a gas saver in comparison to my SUV. The vehicle does okay for its intended purpose. I wish the mpg was a bit better. It ranges from 24-27 realistically on the highway.

- Michelle S

White 4 door Volkswagen Jetta.

I have a white Volkswagen Jetta with tan interior. I love this car and it rarely has issues with it and it drives great. It has a place to charge my phone as well as an AUX to play music. It has enough room for 4 other people and I never feel squished.

- Lauren H

Valles gen are star bets cars ever.

The bluest car ever, I haven't had no problem since I have it. The brakes, lights doors everything in perfect conditions is great irony have any complains, is good to do maintenance every year, also change the oil. The Volkswagen dealer is really good.

- Rosa V

It could be a fantastic car. I truly would love it.

I personally have had many issues with my car. Keep separating from the gob. Car not starting with gas in it and everything. Tires falling off, literally. I believe I just got a bad one. I love the design and interior just have had bad luck with mine.

- DaMani P

It is fun to drive and the boot to bonnet maintenance plan is completely worth it.

I drive the manual transmission variant of the car and I love it... It is fun to drive and take it up the canyon slopes.. It is not too difficult to work and it has a 10,000 mile service interval. Now that something i'll not spend a lot of money on..

- Roger M

Very reliable, spacious, seats 5.

My vehicle is very reliable 4 door, good on gas, comfortable seats very roomy, has a nice spacious trunk, leather interior, just needs a few newer updates on features, has a 5 speed manual and automatic, seats about 5 people speakers are pretty loud,

- Maria V

It works - it gets me from point A to point B with as little fuss as possible.

My Jetta is great, but it has had a lot of problems. The brakes tend to build up gunk, especially during the winter, making a groaning, scratching noise. I have had a lot of problems with oil leaking throughout the years I have had this car.

- Julia N

My Jetta has been very reliable

Overall I love it. It has 120k miles on it and I haven't really had any problems with it. Only drawbacks are it's doesn't have many bells and whistles, as it's the base model, and the seats aren't the most comfortable for longer journeys

- Michelle P

This car has great gas mileage and has never broken down.

I have the standard model and i wish i had more upgrades like cruise control. I also would like more information on my dashboard about my cars condition. Overall this has been a really reliable and comfortable car for me.

- Sadie D

It gets great gas mileage and handles well on long trips.

I like how it handles and drives. The features of the car are nice. I don't like that I have to manually turn on my head lights. I also don't like that the headlights seems to go out more frequently than on other cars.

- Jessica C

All around though it runs great.

Well it is not my car it is my husband's but he got it around this time last year. It runs great everything works great on it except the passenger side window does not go up or down and it is at like 98, 000 miles.

- Crystal C

It's reliable and will get where you need to go in style.

Wonderful car with great gas mileage, fun to drive and comfortable. I've driven it across the country and many trips up and down the east coast. I've never had an issue to where I was stranded alongside the road.

- Dustin M

It is German and known for being reliable.

Electrical issues. There is always something with a glitch. The car had been dependable but repairs and maintenance are costly. Seats are uncomfortable and not electronic. The car does not get great gas mileage.

- Taylor S

Great car for a decent price but hybrid system sometimes isn't worth it.

About once a year there is an error with the hybrid system, only Volkswagen can deal with the issue so it's often expensive to get fixed. Also for a hybrid I wish the MPG was better (mine is average 30-35 MPG).

- Summer B

It is very reliable and very good on gas.

I have no real complaints. My care has been very good to me. The only thing I would complain about it the auto lock every time I get out the car but that is probably a feature I could turn off. . I love my car.

- Raquel F

Super great and reliable car that will get you where you need to go for years.

I like that my Jetta gets really great gas mileage. For being a 2012, it still runs like a charm and I've never had a problem with it. The only dislike I have about it is that the headlights are not automatic.

- Laurel K

Reliability is the most important thing. It always starts and drives well.

I love my vehicle. I have a Jetta Sportwagen TDI that was part of the recall. I have never had any issues and never intended to turn it in. I have had the car for 7 years with only minor maintenance required.

- Lara J

The important thing others should know is that is saves a lot of money on gas.

I love that my vehicle goes fast. I also love that it is really economic on gas, I save a lot. It's really smooth, not many problems with it. The only thing I dislike about it is it not having cruise control.

- Ross R

It's reliable, service is expensive. The vehicle looks nice it's just a tad overpriced.

I like that my vehicle looks nice. Volkswagens hold their value which is also nice. I don't like the cost of service on the vehicle. The required routine maintenance is also a deterrent for future purchases

- K S

It has great safety ratings and air bag systems throughout.

This car is very reliable, quiet from the inside. It has limited road noise and great gas mileage as well. My only complaint would be that maintenance on a German car seems more expensive that other cars.

- Alyssa M

Very economical. Smooth ride even though its 6 years old.

I have had minimal problems with it. Only thing I can think of really was a headlight that was out and it was only the fuse that needed replaced. Love the fact that a tank of gas will last 2 full weeks.

- Mari R

The VW Jetta is a great car for a first time car owner.

My VW Jetta is great, really reliable and has everything I could ever wish for in a car. It has very good stock speakers and I get nice mileage in the city, which is important being a college student.

- Grant S

Windows go down if you hold the key!

Has a really cool window feature when you put the key In the door. And great gas mileage. It was supposed to be my husband's car so that's probably the only reason I don't like it as much as I could.


A great size for smaller individuals.

For a small person, I love how it is a smaller vehicle. I love how I feel comfortable and can see while reversing. I absolutely dislike the fact that squirrels keep making nests in the front engine.

- Emily G

Good and reliable car, but not without its problems

It's been a good and reliable car. I am currently having an issue with an ac valve that keeps the ac from working all the time and the "leatherette" vinyl seats are splitting on the driver's side.

- Winston D

It has had no major repair issues so far.

I like my vehicle because it gets me from point A to point B, it is paid in full, and it has had no major issues so far. I dislike that it does not have some of the luxury features I would like.

- Brianna B

It's very comfortable and nice to drive. It also is very modern.

I like that it's a newer vehicle and has modern features. I don't like that it costs more money to repair it (it's a used car) because parts are more expensive for Volkswagen than other brands.

- Sasha T

It gets great gas mileage and can be used in many ways. It's a car but can transport many items. I've had 3 dogs, 2 kids and 2 adults and everyone had space.

I love my car, it's a Jetta Sportwagen. It drives like a sports car, but has the room of a small suv. It transports my dog, kids, equipment so well. I absolutely LOVE the panoramic sunroof.

- Heather s

nice, stylish plus comfortable seating with warming quality

very stylish, very comfortable, nice panel, not good in stereo, not so economical in term of gas, great stay and start in uphill or downhill. no reason why the ignition starter didn't work

- steven c

It is a very safe and reliable car.

The Volkswagen Jetta is an amazing car. I love how I can go almost three weeks on a tank of gas. Now working on my car can be a pain but it is all worth it because it has a smooth ride.

- Ariel B

It is spacious. There is a lot of storage. All four tires can fit in the trunk space.

My car is a smooth ride. The trunk is absolutely huge. Gas mileage is great without giving up power. However, I now live on top of a mountain where we get snow and need all wheel drive.

- Laura C

You need to drive it with more "attention" than other cars, like Hondas or Toyotas!

I like my car because it's reliable and handles really well. However, it's an older model with no Bluetooth capabilities. I've also had a few minor issues over the last couple of years

- Yvonne K

The value has decreased rapidly since purchasing it.

I like how reliable it is. I have never had any major problems. I dislike how everything is difficult to do yourself. I dislike how you need a special tool just to change the brakes.

- Evan P

Volkswagens are very reliable and safe cars.

I love my vehicle because it is very easy to maintain. I have almost 100k miles on my vehicle and have never had any issues. I have only had to spend money on regular wear and tear.

- Krystal B

The heated seats and the steering controls

I bought the car new and have never had a problem it has been very reliable. It has heated seats and mirrors very easy to operate. I think it is the best value I could have found .

- Jackie B

The Jetta never disappoints.

I do not have any complaints about my Jetta. It handles great, has lots of space, and is a good family car. I feel safe in it and I love the way it looks. Very nice looking model.

- Hannah P

Troubles with a Volkswagen Jetta

Sometimes the wheel locks and I have to shake it in order to turn the key in the ignition. Sometimes the sunroof knob doesn't work and it takes me a while to get it open or shut.

- Courtney K

It is a very reliable car that has a smooth ride.

I like that the VW has a solid body/frame that feels very sturdy. The car tends to be very reliable, gets good gas mileage, and has a smooth ride. I do not have any complaints.

- Kyle H

Comfortable car with good gas mileage.

It is a basic vehicle with a few frills. It is fairly reliable. It has had a few issues, but we bought the extended warranty so they were fixed. It is a comfortable ride.

- katrina w

It is dependable and great on gas.

I like the color, the comfort, the gas mileage and the 2. 5 turbo sound. It is dependable and stylish. It looks new even though it is 2012. It is a nice family vehicle.

- Leslie E

economical and low maintenance, easy to clean and soft to manage

A Volkswagen is really good car, gasoline economical, low maintenance, good speed, easy manage, some problem with roof fabric.. it is weak and I have to replace it.

- Giancarlo S

It is very basic and you shouldn't expect anything fancy.

I love my car because it has very few issues. I have had to do regular repairs due to wear and tear but nothing more. I have no complaints about my car whatsoever.

- Abbie E

My car has great gas mileage, drives good, and still runs great after 6 years.

I like the look of my car. I dislike how I have to take my car to the VW dealership every time I need something fixed. I like the gas mileage I get with my car.

- Jordan M

It has a good get up and go.

I love how my Jetta drives. The interior is very well put together and easy to clean as well. As a growing family I dislike that it is too compact sometimes.

- Kelsey P

Check all window seals very well as it has a tendency of the seals going bad and flooding the car.

I like the style. It looks sporty. I don't like that it has a bad leak in a rear window right now so it is tarped and not being used until I can get it fixed

- Cindy D

This is my car and it gets my around and it's good on gas.

I'd had my car since 2013. I like to drive long distances. The only complaint is that the inside of my windshield often freezes/frosts up during cold months.

- Joe D

Dependable, good on gas, has all the bells and whistles.

I just love my car it is amazing and the only thing I dislike is the oil change is very expensive overall vw is very good I recommend this model to anyone.

- Rosa P

Its quality for the price one has to pay. I've owned a Honda, ridden in Toyotas. They do not compare.

I like the SEAT COMFORT. I dislike the POWER LEVEL (acceleration) of the vehicle. I dislike the RADIO, etc as one is DISTRACTED using it....too complex.

- Al R

It is a fun car to own but can be expensive to fix.

I like my vehicle because it is a 5-speed standard transmission. I also like it because it is a quick car. I do not like how easily it can break though.

- Beck G

Volkswagens are great dependable cars.

Like the dependability, the features and the great gas mileage, style, and it is fun to drive. Dislike expensive repairs, wish it was all wheel drive.

- Amanda S

It is very safe and fits all of my needs without being over the top.

I have complaints because my vehicle is a German vehicle. . . So if I do get into an accident or something it is expensive to replace/fix something.

- Kelsey H

It's reliable and dependable and haven't had any issues with it.

I like that it's paid off and I bought it brand new. I like the leather seats, heated seats, and bluetooth. I don't like that it doesn't have GPS.

- Dawn D

Sports edition 2012 Jetta

My car is a sports edition of the Jetta class. My Jetta is fast it has a dual ignition, black leather interior, and silver metallic exterior paint.

- Leigh A

Be prepared to deal with things falling off such as logos and the rubber seals on the doors.

I like the leg room and it's speed. I dislike the fact the sensors are faulty and little things are falling apart. I can't wait to get it paid off.

- Nick S

Great car for commuting or running my kids around.

I love my car! It's great for my small family. I wish it were easier to get work done on it. Without having to go directly to the dealershipS

- Kimberly H

Well made and minor maintenance is needed to upkeep the car

I like that it is a stick shift that runs well. It has given me no problems and runs well. It is well made and has needed minimal maintenance.

- Darren S

Love my VW Jetta. Reliable and Comfortable.

Comfortable and reliable vehicle. The heated seats are the best for the winter. Acceleration is smooth and never feel any sudden acceleration.

- Joan L

The car has solid German engineering behind it. reliable and affordable with minimum maintenance.

The car is well finished both interior and exterior. Reliable mechanically. Basic electronics and solid performance with minimum maintenance.

- Mario C

Pretty decent on gas and easy to maintain.

Great car, decent on gas. Easy routine maintenance and fairly cheap to keep up with. A little sporty for a car without the price tag of one.

- Emily P

It is an expensive car to maintain.

It gets me from point "a" to point "b", it is good on gas, it is spacious, moves swiftly. However the parts are rather expensive to replace.

- Chelsea C

It's a solid and reliable car that gets you where you need to be without trouble.

I like it a lot. It has a sturdy frame and is very reliable. Gas mileage is pretty good and the interior is nice. It also is fairly stylish

- Kyle E

Affordable and stylish option

It is a simple car but has been very reliable and affordable to keep on the road. The are flashier models but the base model suits my needs.

- Justin D

The car is a bit dirty on the inside, but it gets great gas mileage and gas been very reliable.

The car has four doors, and while it is aging it has been a reliable vehicle. Very few repairs needed over the time that I've had the car.

- Dale R

It us great on gas, only requires fill up once every week and a half two weeks.

The car is compact and comfortable. Big enough for us as a family. We can go grocery shopping together. Wish air conditioner was stronger.

- Rochelle H

Overall it is a reliable car and looks nice.

I like the heated seats and the overall look of the car. I do not like the AC doesn't work well. Also, I would like better gas mileage.


It's a car that doesn't give issues.

I like that is very economic, it has the sports option and its big, low maintenance. I don't like that is not that modern-electronic.

- Lisa F

Get diesel gas because it will run more efficient.

I liked it a lot in the beginning. There is a lot of upkeep because it is a German car. However I like the radio and color of my car.

- Shay B

It is great and has and surprisingly spacious.

I like that it is great on gas and is a car that lasts. I rarely have issues with it. I dislike that there are not a lot of features.

- Sara T

It is easy car to fill if you dont make alot of money. I only spend about 20 bucks every 2 weeks.

I like that is a small car. I also like that it doesn't take alot of gas to fill. i dislike how it drives in the snow and icy roads.

- Shannon G

It is easy and safe to drive.

I like the reliability and safety of the vehicle. Do not like the size it's a bit small. I also dislike that it is costly to repair.

- Jennifer W

Excellent mileage and handles well. Looks classy and finely crafted but unpretentious. The interior is also a plus as it features heated leather seats and great easy to use features.

I like the look it is classy without being overly pretentious. It gets good mileage and I love the leather interior and heated seats

- Laurie L

Alloy wheels that hold tight gripping tires. Headlights have VW symbol.

My vehicle is described as an Audi because it moves as quickly and as swiftly as an Audi even though it is a Jetta wagon tdi diesel.

- Derek H

The old 2012 Jetta: just enough to get by

The Jetta gets her done. Nothing special, just a real basic car. Enough to get by and usually get to and from. Plenty of issues.

- Jamie K

It's incredibly reliable and safe. It is also fun to ride around in and looks great.

I love my Jetta! It's exceptionally reliable and safe. Definitely will repurchase another Volkswagen. 100 percent would recommend.

- trent s

It has been problematic. Wasn't at all what I expected comfort and style is there but the basics are not

Purchase the car for safety and dependability however it's had electrical problems Nixon problems it's just had a lot of problems

- Mylinda M

I would advise others not to get a car from outside the country because it makes upkeep more complicated for parts/oil/etc.

It has had a lot of problems mechanically. I like the way it looks. However, I don't think it will last as long as I want it to.

- Anna S

It's a rock!! Got hit in the back, hardly a starch! Safety is also top notch.

I think the Jetta is a good quality vehicle and runs without issue. The seats are bucket and small and the radio is not good.

- Vince N

Very economical and great mileage to the gallon.

I enjoy driving my Jetta. It gives great mileage and It's a smooth ride. It also had a great price and low monthly payments.

- Myriam P

It is made by a trusted and reliable country. It feels like you are actually driving something with some power to it.

it is a well made, sturdy vehicle. It's high quality, and I've had it for 6 years with little - minimum mechanical issues.

- Jena M

Performance has been excellent as well as reliability. The seats are made out of leather so depending on the person you may find them to be uncomfortable. I like the sound system it comes with because it fits all types of music even a little of bass. No problems other than a dead battery but that was probably due from the previous owner

The lights for rain or at night are not automatic so you might not want to forget them on or they will drain your battery.

- Johan B

Slides on ice, but perfect in good weather.

It does not do well on snow/ice and even struggles in rain sometimes. Other than this it has been a very reliable vehicle.

- Alyse C

The Most Beautiful Vehicle

It has a comfortable interior, a good amount of horsepower, handling is kinda rough but not that much over all a good car.

- Bob J

It is very fast and it has a speed mode.

It is a very nice car. It is very fast have a speed mode and it has leather seats. The only downside is when it get hot.

- Raymond J

Great Gas Mileage and Reliability

No problems. Very reliable and comfortable. It is the base model and a stick shift but I love it. Gas mileage is great.

- Robin M

It is a safe vehicle, that is very important for me.

I love my heated seats and sunroof but I do not like how the breaks are and how many blind spots there are on the car.

- Victoria G

For having a small engine it still picks up the pace well.

Very smooth ride. It is easy to park when going into the city. Gets great gas mileage. The price was very exceptional.

- Amanda M

That it's amazing and good gas mileage and pretty spacious

I love it and the gas mileage is amazing and using synthetic oil means annual oil changes, I love that. N it's so cute

- Teresa F

The Bluetooth capability.

I love the Bluetooth calling and music. I love the color. I like the brand. I love the sleekness. I like the interior.

- Hayley D

The handling is awesome up here in new england. You can change radio from wheel.

Very serviceable and not so fancy that I worry about.It.. 70,000 miles without problem.. Reasonably good gas mileage.

- Lynn P

It feels safe to drive, especially in Oregon where it rains a lot.

It's red! I feel safe when I drive it. It's not too big, so I don't feel like I'm parking a boat. The A/C works well!

- Missy K

handles well drives great geared towards safety

I have had some problems with the electrical however the car drives grain handles great and has great safety features

- Mylinda M

That they are not driving it because that is my main way of getting to and from.

I love how nicely it is designed and the upkeep. I do not like the way it drives or that vw cheated on their testing.

- Mary C

It takes a while to accelerate.

I like that it is solid and quiet. No complaints. The seats are spacious and it has lots of windows and storage.

- Pamela T

The most unreliable vehicle.

This car is not reliable as it has a lot of problems due to wiring and engine. It breaks down every other week.

- Brittany U

Vw are super user friendly and great car

Vw are great cars. Powerful, you hit the gas and the car goes smoothly. It has nice features and seats are good

- Kann K

It rides great and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I like the interior look of my car. I like the exterior look. I wish it had a backup camera. It is good on gas.

- Danielle R

VW is awesome and makes cars I'm proud to drive!

I love the comfort of my car and the sportiness of it. It hasn't had any major issues. I feel good driving it.

- Erin R

Volkswagen Jetta- White 2012

super comfortable, smooth ride, heavy doors, no problems with engine, sunroof, heated seats, bluetooth radio

- Michele H

Was very reasonably priced against comparable vehicles

Dependable. No major problems in 6 years. Comfortable enough. Heated seats, sunroof make it more special

- Francis P

Quick starter with a turbo type engine.

My car has a good kick as it is a 2. 5 Jetta and takes off faster from the stop sign than others normally.

- Ira D

It does not have the original audio system.

I don't really have any complaints about my car. I wish our got better mileage. I do love my radio system.

- Erin H

Performance and the look of the car is the most important thing that others should know about my car.

So far faced no problems. The performance of the car is pretty good and it seems so reliable and comfort.

- Arthur G

It's had issues with the Ac and other small issues

Dislike how expensive it is to fix small things and how it needs software updates. I like the gas mileage

- Jordane K

If something stops working on the car, it is expensive to fix.

I love my Volkswagen Jetta because it is a Sport and it saves me gas commuting to work five days a week.

- Anna T

Volkswagen Jetta 2012 White

My Volkswagen Jetta 2012 is white and has sport mode. It is comfortable and rides smooth. Very reliable

- Taylor W

it is incredible! the miles per gallon is clutch. only issue is when lights come on the dash but nothing is actually wrong so it is deceiving

it's a great standard vehicle for first time drivers. safe super comfortable and reliable smooth drives

- Angelica C

It's a great commuter car. Spacious

I love that it gets great gas mileage. It is low maintenance. I don't like that it isn't 4 wheel drive

- kimberly H

2012 VW Jetta is a very reliable vehicle

I've had my Jetta for 2 years and have had no problems with it at all. It is a very reliable vehicle.

- Bobbie J

Super easy to drive and park.

I like my car but now that I have 2 children it is cramped. I do like how it drives and how it looks.

- Sophia T

Affordable and good quality.

Reliable, good on gas, sporty, fun to drive. Comfortable. Big trunk. I look cute in it. Easy to park.

- Pam G

Powerful and Affordable. Safe and Reliable. A great sedan.

Great mileage and speed. Has a unique 5-cylinder engine model. Easy maintenance. Very spacious trunk

- Grant M

This car is great for everyday use and for long road trips

I love the comfort, feel, gas mileage, and dependability. I don't really dislike anything about it.

- Jay L

It's a reliable car that I feel safe having my family in .

It a great family car. Very reliable with good safety features. I just wish I had more trunk space.

- Kristy S

Que es muuuy agradable al manejo y muy ahorrador de gasolina, confortable

Todo me gusta , más la gasolina,muy ahorrador, no me gusta mucho el color, todo lo demás muy bien

- Luis F

For the price of the car, it is a good car. It's especially good as a first car.

I like the amenities and look of it. I don't like how it easily dents and the way the brakes work.

- Gabby M

It's a lot faster than it appears to be. On the down side, the fuel low indicator lies - comes on with 35 miles left then quickly drops down to zero within about 10 miles.

Good acceleration, Good amount of tech for an affordable price. Tight steering and transmission.

- Ian S

It is a well priced car that can last a good amount of time.

I really like this vehicle. It has been incredibly reliable and gets great gas mileage.

- Emily U

Very good warranty and service. Drives well and is great on gas mileage.

Good mileage, looks nice, compact but roomy inside. Dislike it is not all wheel drive.

- Jennifer E

My car is a chick magnet. Truly.

I love how solid my car is and feels. It is like a tank and I feel safe and secure.

- Kurt W

It's has good gas mileage and is reliable for driving everyday.

I like that is has good gas mileage, but I wish the electronics were more updated.

- Olivia P

It is rusty, but it is still running. It is over six years old.

My car always runs. It has about 20000 on it. However, it is beginning to rust.

- Tanjrina A

Excellent Handling...Great Mileage

I love my vehicle's handling and gas mileage. I wish my car had a sunroof.

- Ken P

It gets great fuel to mileage. Also the car is fun to drive

I like the size and look of the car. The interior parts seem cheap though

- Jen E

my Jetta is very reliable and works great

just the right size for me needs Safe sturdy reliable Ac could be better

- margie S

it is very reliable. I enjoy driving it. It is very fuel efficient.

the reliability is great. the gas mileage is great the car is dependable

- M P

That to save money and the earth to go to electric bikes.

It gets me places. But need a lot of fixing. It was a decent price.

- Alma H

It's a keyless car with all the bells and whistles from that year.

It's reliable. I can get to places quickly. The car runs smoothly.

- Dee P

Handles great on all kinds of roads

I like most everything, but a little more headroom would be great

- Mary B

have had the same problem to repair more than once

like the size, have had the same problem to repair 2 times now

- laura t

We bought the car used at a reasonable price. I'm happy with the purchase as well as the service vw dealerships provide. Reliable, comfortable and sporty.

They are known to be built to last and have a great warranty.

- Melissa C

That it is prone to rust but is covered under warranty

My car has been very reliable, with minor issues.

- Dale G