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Reliable transportation at a price you can afford.

My Volkswagen Jetta is a reliable mid size sedan. Its affordable and drives smoothly. It gets great gas mileage 35 to 40 mpg on the highway, and 30 to 35 in every day traffic. It has helpful electronic features such as Bluetooth and letting me know exactly how many miles I have left on my tank of gas. I never have to worry about running out of gas! It even has service features that come on automatically to let you know when to change the oil, which is every 10, 000 miles! Not the 3, 000 to 5, 000 miles recommended for other vehicles. Its an affordable mid size vehicle that looks like a luxury sedan. Great for first time car buyers or those who want reliable transportation on a budget.

- Dennis M

Pretty car but has some issues.

The Volkswagen Jetta is a pretty car although it is not very consistent with the acceleration with gas and brake pedals. Sometimes it will not take off or accelerate very fast then other times it is the complete opposite and will jump when you take off. Same as the brake, sometimes it will stop fast, sometimes it will be perfect, and other times it is very slow at stopping. So it kind of scares me because I never know what it will be like that day or moment. The lights are kind of dim, some blind spots, bogs down going up hills a lot. But I guess other than that it is alright.

- Mckenna T

Most dependable of all, Volkswagen Jetta.

This vehicle is very reliable. It gets great gas mileage, drives smoothly, and is very comfortable. If you are looking for a car that can get you from point A to point B with absolutely no trouble, I definitely recommend the Volkswagen Jetta. It has a spacious interior, and beautiful exterior, making the cars overall aesthetic very pleasing. On top of the looks, it is a highly functional and dependable vehicle. I myself have never had an issue with it in the two and a half years that I have been driving it, if you treat it well, it will treat you well.

- Jamie G

Great car, safe and no problems. Comfortable, affordable and reliable.

This car was bought new for the reason being I would not have to deal with worrying about any repairs or problems with the vehicle. So far I have had no problems. I have a blue 2015 Volkswagen Jetta and I absolutely love everything about it. The outside color is great and inside the features are wonderful as well. The ac heating and cooling works great and one of my favorite features is the Bluetooth in the car. I find that it is very convenient to be able to connect your phone wirelessly and I also find that is helpful with safety aspects too.

- Shay A

Ease of handling my Jetta.

I have had no problems with the car. Everything works as was described when I bought the vehicle. It handles well in all kinds of weather. The seats are comfortable and easy to adjust. I enjoy the Bluetooth features in the car as well. I can talk hands free, listen to Sirius radio, hear and see directions when I am traveling. The heater and air conditioner work quickly and efficiently. The gas mileage is good as well. Traveling I get approx 30-35 miles per hour. What can I say. I really do love my car. It is a nice looking car and economical.

- Donna P

Jetta positive review with one flaw.

The Jetta is very comfortable. The sound system is great and the bass sounds like the speakers are top notch. It gets amazing gas mileage and I can get up to 500 miles on one tank of gas. It is cute and small and good for a working girl. I feel very safe in the Jetta. Problems include that sometimes the seatbelt sign will beep for the passenger seat when no one is sitting there, so I'll have to buckle an empty seat. Other than that, the car is pretty great. It is very fuel efficient and has a lot of room in the trunk.

- Kathryn R

The Jetta s runs great and is reliable. It has basic features.

It runs great and is reliable. I like that when it was under warranty, Volkswagen would do the oil changes only every 10, 000 miles. I have had trouble with the headlights and now may have to replace one entirely. They seem to short out and stop working. The Jetta s is great, but does not have any cool features other than Bluetooth. I really wish it came with something more such as a rear view camera or heated seats. It does have great gas mileage though which is perfect for road trips and vacations.

- Ashley L

Volkswagen - Jetta. Reliable and safe.

I had this car for 3 years and did not experience problems. It is very reliable and fuel efficient. Drives well. Roomy enough for my small family. Safe and has good traction on rainy days. I like the wide open screen which offers excellent visibility. I am very happy with it and would recommend this car. The only downside is that VWs drop in value. So if you are planning on renewing car in a few years it is not recommended. However if you plan to maintain and use it for a long time it is a good buy.

- Lina D

Great features, great gas mileage, great car!

It runs nicely and has had no problems in the two years since I bought it. There's a nice amount of space for what I currently need. If you have kids it might be too small but it's perfect for two to four people. There's plenty of space in the trunk for stuff. It's Bluetooth compatible which is nice for music, phone calls, etc. It also still has a CD player which I know some newer cars have done away with. It runs great, has had no problems, plenty of space and gets good gas mileage.

- Rebecca E

It is a smooth ride, whether on surface streets or on the expressway.

It is a 4 door sedan; for the most part we have not had any problems that I can recall. My hubby attends to those matters, so for the most part I am clueless. I had to go find the bill with the information about make & model & year. It drives very nice and smoothly; ac keeps us cool in this triple degree weather in az. The car can fit 5 people: 2 in front, 3 in back. Overall, I really like it a lot. Wish we owned it instead of leasing it.

- Debra B

Back- up camera is great!

I love my Jetta! However, like all cars, there are some downsides. Gas mileage is not that great and there have been a lot of recalls on the Jetta. Luckily, the recalls are taken care of by Volkswagen so you shouldn't have to come out of pocket for anything. The car rides smoothly. In my car, I put 93 gas because it lasts a lot longer. My car came with a standard backup camera, which comes in handy. The camera is clear and accurate.

- Courtney L

Fun sporty diesel sedan with sunroof and heated leather seats.

My 2015 Volkswagen Jetta is a diesel car and I absolutely love that about this car, it gives me around 560 miles a gallon. It's a pretty comfortable ride other then having toddler car seats. I have a 1 year old that still rides rear facing and it's a very tight fight even with the passenger seat pulled all the way up. Its a leather car with heated seats with a sunroof and I love all those features.

- Cecilia H

2015 Jetta remote start battery.

I haven't had any real issues with my car. I do regular maintenance on it and take good care of it. The only irritation I have had just happened yesterday. It is a push button start and if the battery goes out in the remote you cannot start the car. I was able to do a reset but now I do not know if it just needed that or if the battery is really going dead. Carrying my extra set with me for awhile.

- Liz C

Grey Volkswagen tdi, the diesel car.

Car that I own is a Volkswagen Jetta tdi, the gas mileage for having. Diesel car is amazing. Unfortunately this was the last year of this kind of vehicle due to emission regulations. Comfortable to drive, pretty good torque no lag in driving. The seat material is great is it almost like a canvas type cloth. I don't like the extra fluid that you have to add to your vehicle to make emissions better.

- Brittany W

Sporty yet very reliable fun car.

Great gas mileage, comfortable, roomy, sporty, accelerates quickly, never had any issues, I am 4 ft 11 inches and I find it easy to see out of. On some sedans I sit so low I can't see over dash, but this dashboard height is just right. With short legs too, seat adjusts well for me yet its big enough for a tall person to sit in as well. You don't feel cramped regardless of how big or small you are.

- Heather K

Toffee brown color and potential to customize for car enthusiasts.

My 2015 Volkswagen Jetta has been a very reliable car for 4 years now. I have had no issues with it and love the look of it as well. It is a 2.0l model and is fairly quick for a non turbo model. Color is toffee brown and tan and black interior. Very nice color combination in my opinion. It is used daily and I have car seat with my 7 month old baby and I couldn't feel safer with him.

- Ruben H

An ok car; comfortable to drive, but amenities and performance are lacking.

It performs fairly well - there are some issues with the brakes grabbing and now something is leaking, causing water to stay in the car and create mold. It is comfortable to be in and to drive, but other than that, I do not really like the car. The Audio/stereo and Bluetooth could use a lot of upgrades, my previous VW had a better system than the Jetta and it was older by 3 years.

- Christina M

Reliable from one coast to the other.

The Volkswagen Jetta compact car has been a reliable vehicle for our family of 5. Dependable on gas mileage and maintenance. Its extremely economic for trips around town and just the basic necessities. However, for long road trips we find it a little uncomfortable but we sacrifice a bit of space for reliance as its never given us any problems driving from one coast to the other.

- Kiley A

The review of the Volkswagen Jetta.

My vehicle is very comfortable, safe and very efficient. Driving the Jetta is very safe and it does not waste a lot of gas. I really recommend this car because of it is advanced features and it is amount of power. The features in this car are absolutely spectacular, heated seats wonderful stereo. Bluetooth features are also very cool you can connect your phone into the system.

- Sophia M

Jetta is a push start. Sports mode after drive trick system so can be shifted.

Electric control module trunk do not open with switch does not lock an clicks while driving. Very reliable vehicle though, great gas mileage, very roomy, fits the family perfectly, does great in the winter hooks to Bluetooth for phone and media, and expensive to fix, payment is high, and so is the insurance due to it having a turbo and considered a sports car.

- Stevie A

Volkswagen Jetta: quality vehicle for an affordable price.

The Volkswagen Jetta is a quality vehicle for an affordable price. It has a simple, yet sleek, look and runs well. The seats are comfortable, the trunk provides an ample amount of room for storage, and the dashboard is easy to read. The downside to this car is being slow to gain speed when driving after being stopped. Overall, I would recommend this vehicle.

- Rachel S

Smooth and enjoyable driving.

My vehicle has ran great. I am a light driver with only 19k miles and 4 years. I have had absolutely no issues just normal oil changes and tire issues. My vehicle is extremely comfortable and easy to drive. Road trips have been a breeze. I love being able to call people just from clicking my steering wheel and then talking to the car and calling who I want.

- Brittany S

Awesome gas mileage on highway 40+ mpg.

I love the little features and design of the Jetta. Items like the sunglasses holder, the smart stick, I loved that it came with a Velcro first aid kit, and trunk organizers. The pick up on the road is pretty good, although it could be a hair better. The seats, front and back are all comfortable. And I love the additional control over seat height and angle.

- Jennifer H

VW Jetta - not a comfy ride.

It's not a very comfortable vehicle. I have trouble reaching the pedals and seeing over the steering wheel. I have never had this problem with a car. I can only reach the tip of the pedals. If I make my seat higher to see over the wheel, it is even harder to reach the pedals. Also it is not that smooth of a ride. A little bumpy and not great acceleration.

- Jack D

Comfortable drive, attractive interior, gas efficient

It's got a very nice interior and exterior, drives smoothly and is gas efficient. Heating/cooling are quick to get to temperature and it's comfortable to drive. Quickly and effortlessly syncs via Bluetooth with my phone. The only thing is that it takes time to accelerate and lacks power when going from a stopped position, but once up to speed its good.

- Tom M

In love with this car. It is perfect!

The vehicle has survive long road trips. 4 years after and it does not heat up or stop working. I actually have no complains about the car. The Bluetooth and every features keeps working like the same day I bought it. If you are a person that is looking for a comfortable car that it is also cheap on gas then this car is the best choice you can make!

- Ashley C

Interior and exterior are posh. Eye appealing on a high-end luxury car level.

Needed new spark plus 3 years into having my car. Overall it drives well but maintain the car is expensive. Like the look and interior. Comfortable but could use more leg space for taller passengers. Brought the Jetta based on safety ratings. I am satisfied but will probably looking into a different make that is cheaper to maintain in the long run.

- Brenna G

Great on gas reliable perfect for a couple starting a family.

It runs smooth, great on gas, only real problems are if you damage the bumper it messes up the sensor for the a/c, and the clutch gets stuck after extended use, other than that it's a great car, I would urge everybody to get a Jetta if you travel a lot, it's reliable and safe if you have kids aboard, and its has a lot of back seat and trunk space.

- Joshua M

I like how surprisingly fast it gets.

I think the car is nice. Next time I will buy a BMW. It is very reliable, the performance/engine is durable. It is very comfortable. If there is anything I would say is that it takes a while for the car to cool down or heat up. I also feel that the car can overheat. The car is good on gas. I would like to expand on the digital uses of the car.

- Nicole W

The VW Jetta is a really great car, perfect for families living in the suburbs.

I really like the interior of my car. The seat warmers are great in the winter and the ac is amazing in summer. The battery did die on me once but that was an easy fix. We have gotten it through terrain its not advertised to be able to go over but it did a great job doing it, I am not advising to do it though. It was really dangerous to do.

- Savanna O

I love my reliable and comfortable Jetta.

I drive a 2015 Volkswagen Jetta. It is a four-door sedan. My vehicle is great on gas, and mileage. It is reliable, and comfortable. It also fits my style. It is black on black interior with leather seats. I also have a sunroof and heated seats. The sunroof is perfect for the summer months, and the heated seats keep me warm all winter long.

- Taylor M

2015 base model Jetta review.

Spark plugs went out. I used to have an older sports edition Jetta and it ran much smoother. This one is the base model and does not include many features even though it is newer. It does not have cruise control which bothers me the most. It drives great and turns on a dime, but I have had more engine trouble than with the previous model.

- Bay S

New stick shift is a transition for me.

I bought my car used just a few months ago. So far it has been great. It was an adjustment for me because I went from an automatic to manual transmission but I am feeling good about it now. It is comfortable to drive and has simple heating a radio features but they work well and I like simplicity because things are less likely to break.

- Kim W

This is not worth 10 measly points, this is a waste of time.

No issues, I already did this survey, you must not keep track very well. Car is fine, I like it lots of power. It's what I can afford. It is comfortable this is taking longer than 10 minutes. This is ridiculous this should take long if people want to buy a VW they will, it does not matter what I say. This is not worth 10 points.

- Stacey S

Excellent vehicle for the price.

The 2015 Jetta s model was my first car purchase, and I absolutely love it. The car rides smooth and offers minimal cabin noise. Although it is the base model, the vehicle's interior cloth is not cheap and gives the car a high-value feeling. The Jetta handles well, is responsive on the road, and offers a smooth and sleek ride.

- Alyssa W

Black, four door, simple sedan.

Great vehicle, great on gas! Seat warmers are perfect and the car heats up super fast. Only problem is the ac breaking during the summer and the compressor being broken which is the cause of that, other than that, great car. Connects to Bluetooth fast and pretty reasonable sound system. A deeper bass would be great as well.

- Dexter W

It is a great car that gets us to many desired places safely.

It is a used car (purchased in 2018 for a car assembled in 2015). The car was fine after purchase but there was no spare tire given by the dealer. There was also no guarantee on other parts such as battery. Few months after purchase, problems started to happen including blown headlight, damaged spark plug and dead battery.


Jetta is truly outstanding and good for any type of driver.

No problems, reliability has been fantastic- only issue I have had was a battery which is a normal issue. Love that my vehicle has a sunroof and touch screen radio. Love most that the Jetta fit a driver anywhere from 4’9 to 6’6 comfortably. I highly recommend the Jetta to anyone looking for a reasonable priced 4 door.

- Abby W

Dependable and reliable car.

The only problem is sometimes the seat belt indicator beeps when no one is in the passenger seat. The seats are leather which is nice. I have Sirius radio to get more channels. However the radio button were made cheaply. For the most part the car is reliable to get me to my destinations. I have a sunroof which I like.

- Michelle B

It gets good gas mileage and you can take trips without stopping often

Has good mileage and has been pretty reliable. The tires were recalled, and they make noise when I drive. I know it is a smaller car than I was used to, but I think it is noisy especially in the rain. I mean vibration and exterior road noise. The AC dial doesn't have an option for floor and dash vents at the same time

- Susan K

Using gas to make our electric power.

It is reliable and economical. The only problem is on hills when you stop. It is hard to get it started and it wants to roll back. This can be a problem for drivers in San Francisco. It is both electric and gas so that we do not have to plug it in and use power from the grid. We make our own power with gas.

- Catherine E

One of the greatest German made cars.

Its German engineered, reliable, its drives well on the road, it's great on gas, it looks premium, the Volkswagen brand is synonymous with quality and cosmetic perfection, two of my children own one as well. We are a family of Jetta owners.Only other brand we would consider is also German which is Mercedes.

- Caisse G

It's a push-start so it's up to date.

Well the vehicle is a very nice vehicle it is a push-start so that's good and it's really good on gas. I am not selling it due to the fact it was just brought but it has Bluetooth, you can use an aux cord, and it also has satellite. You also have to pay for that but I do recommend that you get yourself one.

- Karen P

Just an average vehicle. Nothing special.

Not super comfortable. I have trouble reaching the pedals, seeing over the dashboard, and getting in and out. The ride is not very smooth and hits bumps hard. Does not feel very safe in rain or snow. Slips and slides a lot. The features are not the most current, considering it is only a couple years old.

- Jackie D

I love my 2015 VW Jetta! It has so many great features!

My 2015 VW Jetta runs smoothly. I love it's turn radius and the size of the car. It's extremely comfortable and gets warm or cold quick whichever you need. The tdi makes it get extremely good gas mileage. I fill my tank up working Tuesday-Friday 20 mins away once every two weeks to two and a half weeks.

- Cristina M

The body style and drivetrain.

No problems at all, the vehicle is a fun vehicle with a good amount of speed and torque. I wouldn't replace my Volkswagen Jetta gli 2.0t for anything. The interior is beautiful and the body build is awesome! I love driving down the mountains and viewing my surroundings. This car overall is a great car.

- Michael C

VW Jetta, nice affordable car

Very reliable, good gas mileage, bluetooth, smooth ride, spacious trunk, safe, affordable, backseat has plenty of legroom as does the front. Lots of cup holders, USB ports. Ideal for small family as a car seat in the middle takes up a lot of space to the side seats are better suited for small children

- Amanda H

Reliable 2015 Volkswagen Jetta

I like my Volkswagen Jetta because it's reliable and has all of the comfort features I was looking for in a car. I haven't had any issues after having it for 3 years. I especially feel safe driving this car. Given the price of this car, I feel that it is excellent quality compared to other vehicles.

- Kathrine C

Great mpg and amazing amount of room.

Comfortable, reliable. High gas mpg on the highway makes trips a lot more affordable. I love the smart stick as well for moments of slick roads. There is tons of room, and made several large hauls while moving in it that really surprised most people. The ride is relatively quiet, and pretty smooth.

- Jennifer H

Chrysler pacifica touring.

The Chrysler pacifica is a great ride. However we have had endless issues with the DVD (entertainment system) not working. It is a sporadic issue with no specific reason. Gas mileage has been as expected and it is a very smooth ride. The stow and go seats are very beneficial for our family of four.

- Daniel C

It is fairly inexpensive and reliable.

My vehicle is good for commuting, which is why I bought it. It is good on gas and drives really well. However, it is a basic package with not many options as I was trying to be economical. One thing I really dislike is the tech/audio system. The worst audio system I have ever had in a vehicle.

- timothy J

Great car! Amazing sound system.

Comfort is great, looks are great. Gas mileage is not what I thought. Battery has died on me a few times. But sound system is awesome, it is a big upgrade from Corolla, which I always used to drive. The gas mileage is the only issue, highway is great but city gas mileage is less than I expected.

- Ash M

Amazing car for the price and gets good gas mileage.

Never had an issue so far. I have owned it for almost a year now. 6000 miles with no issues. Love the feel of the car, and the low end torque is great. Mine is an automatic trans, no sunroof or fancy touchscreen. Just a basic se 1.8t. Currently has 53000 miles and it looks and feels brand new.

- Jacob V

Reliable and Efficient car for Good Price

handling and acceleration are fantastic, interior is nice, and for a relatively cheap car all of the parts feel quality. only issue I have is that it is difficult to figure out how to change the display settings including the clock without having to look through the manual or search the web.

- William W

Sporty look, roomy feeling.

It is a very reliable car, the seats are not that comfortable but they do the job obviously. Performance is absolutely great, you can feel the sporty on this car. I will say that for daily commute is a nice car, also very roomy, so if you are looking for a family car it will not disappoint.

- Jose E

Save yourself. Pass by this one.

I really do not like this car. It seems to require a lot of maintenance and has low durability. The inside sits five comfortable and the trunk is an okay size. The features on the car are okay but for a 2015 I feel like they could be better. The only major plus is I get great gas mileage.

- Amanda P

Overall the Jetta is a great car. I have had minimal issues.

All around the Jetta is great. They only thing that I am not to fond of is how larger cars lights are always right in my rear view mirror messing with my vision at night. I have also had some issues with the rear view camera not working randomly and the light sensors are always going off.

- Cassandra M

Fuel efficient and great for commuter.

Its is reliable and fuel efficient. It's a great vehicle for commuting to work and actually handles snow well. The only downside is the fact it is a VW it is expensive to repair and maintain. I live in a small town and there is not a mechanic that has equipment to maintain or repair it.

- Melinda O

Great Vehicle! It has all the standard equipment

It has great gas mileage, and is more than comfortable, I've had no issues with it and I've had it for a year and a half. It is the perfect size for a single person. It drives really smooth and is also really affordable. I would most definitely buy the Jetta again if I ever needed to.

- Allison M

Great, reliable, and fun vehicle!

Smooth, quiet drive. Reliable. Comfortable with heated seats. A few issues I have noticed is the leather seats get very hot in the summer. The dashboard alert lights come on when there are no issues. The gas cap light comes on without a real issue. Gas mileage is great. Love this car!

- J B

Fun to drive. Comfortable and sporty at the same time.

Blind spots, diesel what else can I say. Comfort driving, good music system. Stick shift great to handle. Color black would not chose that anymore you see a lot of dirt on the car. VW has a great service but is really expensive. Easy to handle the car good size and short turn radios.

- Daniel E

The paint is white. The interior is black. It bumps. Great car.

Very reliable, it is a nice ride without being a lot on gas. I always feel like I have a home when I am in my car. The air conditioning is top notch and o feel cool in my car. It is super sweet! I would recommend buying this car as a young adult. Great first car purchase as an adult.

- Anthony M

A great first car without too much trim.

A little plastic-y but for a base model sedan it is quite nice. Great turning radius. Smaller car but does not feel too small. Average to higher average mpg, stereo is quite nice. Back seats are not extremely roomy but not cramped. A great first car with a good balance of trim.

- Andrew S

Great small car with a few glitches

My vehicle is very good on gas. It is a small car but not too cramped with plenty of trunk space. It runs well but it doesn't have much horsepower hence the savings on the gas. My only complaint would be the ignition switch gets stuck which seems to happen a lot in Volkswagen cars.

- Adrian A

Make sure you take it to someone who knows VWs.

I have had this car and I have had no problems with it at all. Any challenge I have had has been related to bad roads. The only downside is that my maintenance and requiring full synthetic oil can be a bit pricey- but I'll take that over constantly having things break/malfunction!

- Hannah W

A simple elegant and clean car.

Wish it had an option for heated seats and a rear view camera but other than that it is a beautiful well running car. Would also be nice to have ac vents in the back seats. The Audio sound system is great and it's a simple clean interface. The middle compartment is very spacious.

- Sara E

Comfortable with amazing features!

I love this car. It is comfortable, stylish, and sporty. The fender stereo system and heated seats are new must haves for me. I also love the steering wheel controls and independent temperature controls for the driver's and passenger's seats. The turbo engine is also excellent!

- Jordan M

I've never had to do any real maintenance on the vehicle, unlike my friends and their non-Jetta cars.

The 2015 Jetta is a great vehicle for small city driving. Compared to previous Jettas I've driven, this improves in all of the obvious ways by adding interaction with phone, heated seats, etc. Only real complaint is the air conditioning gets bad if you need to run it for hours.

- Corbin G

Sporty, fast and great on gas!

No problems other than my windshield cracked from road dirt. Manual trans. Comfortable ride. Big trunk. Fast for a 4 cyl. Great on gas. Low maintenance costs. Very comfortable seats. Love the smooth and quiet ride. Paint is still new looking. Will buy another one in the future.

- Lynne B

The keyless ignition and the key fob can cause issues with this car.

The only issue I have with the car is the keyless ignition. It cost me $250 to replace the key job. The car gets excellent gas mileage. Very comfortable ride. It has a lot of zip for the engine size. Passengers are comfortable in the back seat. I really enjoy the heated seats.

- Madge L

2015 Volkswagen Jetta tsi.

This car has been very reliable. I originally purchased the vehicle in phoenix, az. I then drove it all the back to my hometown in Wisconsin. It didn't give me a single problem on the way back! It also got really good gas mileage I believe I only spent a total of $127 in gas.

- Rachael E

I have sat. Radio I love it.

Love my Jetta, it is fuel efficient it alerts me to any issues with my car for example if I need air in a tire it will alert me, it informs me of the outside temp how many total miles I can drive with remaining gas. Its small and very comfortable pretty roomy great traveling.

- Rhonda C

My favorite part about the car is the sport mode.

The car was purchased used and has been great besides one of the engine fans breaking ($75 repair if you can do it yourself) and the timing chain replacement which was about $600. The oil changes are a little more costly than a domestic car but it runs great and is reliable.

- Haley S

The oil only has to be changed in it once a year.

I love my little Jetta. It gets very good gas mileage. It will get up and go when needed. It is high maintenance but well worth it. I've had it almost a year and haven't had to do anything to it but regular oil changes. It has a backup camera, a sunroof and many more extras.

- Diana B

A great car for busy people.

My car gets great gas mileage, while also having a lot of torque and quick acceleration. It is comfortable for long trips. I love the Velcro modules in the trunk for keeping groceries in place. The only problem is the tires that came on it weren't so great in rain and snow.

- Katie M

Awesome car to drive and own.

No problems high reliability it is an incredibly comfortable vehicle with many modern features. . . I haven't had to service it yet. . . It is also very good on gas and gets great mileage. . . It is a very comfortable car to drive, too. . . Very good in the snow and rain.

- Michele B

2015 vim Jetta is a great catch.

My car is wonderful. I absolutely love it, I have had it almost two years and never had a problem with it. It is very comfortable, and has every feature possible. I could go on and on about how great it is. This is my very first VW and I will never own anything different.

- Kimberly E

VW Jetta affordable and comfortable.

Love my car! Great on gas. Comfortable ride. Has some power even though it is a smaller car. Road noise can be loud. Big enough trunk to fit a large stroller and groceries. Comfortable ride of children. Car seats fit great in it. Like that it has a sports mode to shift.

- Katie A

It is more affordable than I thought it would be.

I love my 2015 VW Jetta so far. I have only had it for 6 months so far, but everything has been great. It drives smoothly and I couldn't ask more of it. I spend about $35 to fill up my tank every week which is reasonable seeing that I drive about 40 miles per day.

- Angel M

Sleek and Sporty design; Great for young adult

The Volkswagen Jetta is a great car for young adults who want to keep a little bit of sport in their lives but accommodate their growing families. The interior is beautiful and the Bluetooth capability is amazing! I love being able to go hands-free and feel safe!

- Amanda M

It is reliable and does not require much maintenance.

I bought my Jetta when it was about one year old. It has been a good car, not needing much repair and pretty reliable. I am really not that particular about the type of car I drove except that it must be able to remain in working condition without much attention.

- Melanie W

My Jetta my best car ever!

My Volkswagen Jetta is very reliable, fun and easy to drive. I enjoy the fact it is a 4 door sedan, it provides easy loading and unloading. The trunk is spacious. My Jetta is fuel efficient. It handles both city driving and freeway driving smoothly and with ease.

- Diane M

2015 Jetta - dependable and sporty.

The car is a great value. It is super reliable and relatively fuel efficient so I do not have to fill up the tank very often. Great for around town and longer trips. The extra room added to the Jetta over the years really helps this feel like a more grown up car.

- Ann V

Great car to get around town!

I truly enjoy my Jetta! It is cute and zippy, and has everything I need. Great for everyday commuting and driving around town. There is plenty of trunk space for groceries, and the gas mileage is good. The sound system is great as well, the volume really cranks.

- Amy H

Long-time, loyal Jetta owner.

I have owned six Jetta over the years, and this is probably my least favorite. I do not care for how it accelerates. It will not prevent me from getting another one, however. I have had a lot of good luck with Volkswagen in general and Jetta in particular.

- Barbara G

Bluetooth is spotty, but its the smoothest riding car I have driven.

This is the smoothest driving car I have ever owned. It has been perfectly reliable. The Bluetooth connection sometimes gets glitchy, which is annoying, but with an AUX cord I can easily ignore that. The a/c is incredible and cools down almost immediately.

- Elizabeth E

The car drives smooth on the road.

The vehicle has problems with the volume and radio buttons on the steering wheel. Every time I want to change the station with the buttons on the steering wheel they either don't go to the station and turn the volume or don't do anything at all.

- Monica P

It's got a lot of extra features on the steering wheel to make it easier when driving.

I love my Volkswagen Jetta. It's very good on gas and a comfortable car. This is my first car i ever owned . I drove minivans and suvs before, so i am really surprised how much i enjoy driving it. It's reliable and the i love the heated seats.

- Joann T

They fuel mileage that I get

I love my TDI VW Jetta it has pretty good little power. The drivers cockpit and windshield are set up very convenient for the driver. It gets up to 60 MPH on road trips. The only thing I dislike is no cup holders in rear seats for the kids

- Rene D

It is nice and fun to drive.

I like the turbo and everything except that it will drive away without the key in the vehicle. If you start it and take the key away it will still drive. Also I do not like the back seats do not fold down for easy access to the trunk.

- Ashley E

Very comfortable ride, with plenty of space.

Bought my car used, it was great a first, comfortable, enough space for legroom in the back for the kids. Performance is great. 60k miles the ac broke down, and the entire steering column quit working ( horn, cruise control, etc.).

- Morgan W

Reliable and fast! Never fails to get you where you need to go and can race any other car on the road.

It's peppy! It has great "get up and go." And it let's me sync bluetooth to the car so I can talk on the phone hands-free and listen to my own music. Gas mileage is great. Maintenance has been easy. No complaints, no regrets!

- Andrea N

Love my Jetta and the push button start who knew driving could be so easy?

My car is extremely reliable, comfortable to drive and very roomy inside. My car usually get over 30 miles per gallon in town and 35 on the highway. I love the push button start. I only wish it was a remote keyless start.

- Brandy H

It is highly fuel efficient and you can drive 5 hours on a full tank of gas.

I love that my car is great on gas mileage. It also has served me well traveling from city to city, state to state. It does take a long time for the air conditioner to cool down quickly when it is very hot outside though.

- Leslie T

My car goes far on fuel yet has zippy acceleration and a fun feel.

My little red Jetta is a zippy, fun car to drive, while it's also comfortable and feels safe. I named her "Suzy Q" because I love her so....there is nothing to dislike so far, though I haven't had her in the winter yet.

- Amy K

For the money it was a great deal.

I have had no problems with my Volkswagen Jetta whatsoever. It wasn't my first choice it was the best price vehicle for the money. It turned out it has great paint really nice inside it is a really reliable pretty car.

- Cheryl B

Great mileage, superior performance, and an affordable alternative to pricey luxury/sport models!

The premium package from volkswagen really sets the bar high. The turbo diesel gets great mileage without sacrificing performance. The fender audio system is perfect for road trips, or that annoying commute to work.

- Nick H

The most important fact is that this automobile is made using German technology, highly sophisticated and accurate. Being a model from a German design would give you peace of mind.

I like the fact that is very efficient in gasoline consumption. I do like that is compact and it is very convenient for parking in small spaces. I dislike the fact that no more than 5 occupants could fit inside.

- Amador K

Volkswagen Jetta fun and reliable car.

Jetta TDI gets really good gas mileage and the maintenance on the vehicle is every 10,000 miles for a oil change . The car is reliable and has great safety features. I would recommend this car to everyone.

- Michele N

It is an efficient and strong German made car which looks classy

The Jetta rides nicely and smoothly. The comfort of the seats are great and the overall look of the car is classy. The only issue I have with my car is during the winter it is harder to maneuver or drive.

- Jagjit K

It will last for at least 100,000 and requires little maintenance.

This is my second Jetta and I feel like the first one was better built and sturdier. I am also one of the people who traded in right before the whole diesel scandal - my first one was diesel. Not cool.

- allison c

The maintenance schedule is very impound you should only take it for service with mechanics that are familiar with Volkswagen.

It gets good gas mileage and it handles snow well. It's cute and sporty looking too. However, it accelerates very slowly, it has no pick up so cars behind me get frustrated when the light turns green.

- Melody K

That it is one of my favorite cars I have ever owned.

I love the handling and the pace of the car. The design is great. The interior "neon" lighting is great. My one "minor" complaint is that it can be a little noisy due to its proximity to the ground.

- Bruce G

The Volkswagen Jetta is still a good car to have either for one self or to transport the family around

A compact car that has great gas efficiency. The Volkswagen brand is a trustworthy purchase. Only drawback is price to keep maintenance on, but that is to be expected with the advances in technology

- Darryl M

Its reliable and has a large trunk.

Its travels well and gets good mileage. I love the back up camera and Bluetooth/CD features but just recently a random issue came up and was costly to repair. I wish it had a sunroof.

- Brittany P

I live in the middle of nowhere so it is extremely important to me.

I like the comfort and mileage. I do not like that the hood prevents me from lifting the drivers side wiper. Also the low wiper fluid light does not come on till I am completely out.

- Emily T

This car is a awesome, fast vehicle, and has everything I need!

The vehicle is a very reliable vehicle but I just learned that there was recall on th model I have. Other than that issue, I really don't have any issues yet and I've had it a year.

- Kira H

It is a great vehicle to drive.

The Jetta is a very comfortable vehicle to drive. It rides smoothly and is very responsive. The vehicle has lots of trunk space and is capable of enduring long cross country trips.

- Nicole G

It's simple. It's not flashy or expensive, but it has everything you need for a good price.

It's an automatic Volkswagen Jetta. I like it because it's simple and has relatively good gas mileage. I've had the car for 3 years and I've run into very little problems with it.

- Libby H

Great. Could be better but overall gets the job done.

It is a great car but the acceleration is a bit weak. Could be quicker like the Tesla. Also gas is very bad with the mileage. I love this car but I want more for our environment.

- Michael L

Best VW car out there!!!!

Love my 2015 VW Jetta. I bought it used with only 30000 miles on it. Interior is sleek and comfortable. Easy to clean, lot of room and drives beautifully. My favorite car so far

- Gina D

It is such a money saver because it is a diesel car.

I love the black leather interior. It's sleek and simple. It is a diesel so it is very fuel efficient. The only complaint I have is that my tire pressure signal keeps coming on.

- Sasha S

Very good for single, very reliable, enjoyable to drive.

I love my Jetta. There haven't been any major problems with it except for one time when my battery died but that was probably the worst of all and the car is very reliably.

- Gustavo P

The gas mileage is great in a diesel. I am not sure about traditional gasoline models.

It is a diesel vehicles so I get excellent gas mileage considering I drive an hour to work each day. It is a comfortable and spacious car. There is nothing that I dislike.

- Carla M

Good car but with higher maintenance costs

It is a good car. The slapstick transmission made me originally think it had transmission issues. High cost for an oil change and other maintenance since it is an import.

- Michael S

Best value and bang for buck

This Jetta packs a lot of torque into a small(ish) package. A sedan is nice for the city because one does not have to worry about break ins when you can trunk valuables.

- Max C

If i can only pick one thing, I'd say that it gets amazing gas mileage!

I really enjoy the gas mileage the vehicle gets. When compared to my last vehicle, I hardly ever need to go to the gas station to fill it up. I also love how it handles.

- Rowland G

Jetta is the way to go for your next car purchase.

I purchased my Jetta 2 years ago and have enjoyed driving it every day! I would recommend this vehicle for anyone looking for a cool, comfortable, and affordable sedan.

- Jaycee R

Push to start and standard seat warmers are a nice touch.

2105 VW Jetta 1. 8l tsi pzev. Fast, zippy little car with great gas mileage. Truly a drivers car! Does not have a lot of bells and whistles but it is very fun to drive.

- David S

It seems very reliable and runs very well.

We just got the Volkswagen Jetta very recently but have not experienced any issues or problems so far. It seems to be a very nice and reliable vehicle and we love it.

- Alyssa M

We love the sunroof. It goes the whole length of the car.

I love our car it's actually a sport wagon. It's great for a family that is active. We love to kayak and it is easier to put them on top of a Woonsocket than a truck.

- Jona A

The great gas mileage and how inexpensive it is to fill it up.

I love my Jetta because it has been very reliable and I get amazing gas mileage. I have to fill my car up once every 3-4 weeks and it only costs me around $35. 00.

- Molly C

the jetta is roomy and comfortable to ride in . interior features are easy to read and give all the information I would need to drive safely.

This car is good on gas mileage,and runs quiet, tires are smooth and not too much bouncing . key entry is nice. reliable starting and stopping. Brakes are good.

- Christine H

An interesting detail is it's a TDI model.

I love my jetta. It has heated seats, a touch screen, a sunroof, leather seats, and much more. I have the TDI model which also means it does very good on gas.

- Rachel V

The car is really old so the handles and stuff are fragile.

I like how small it is, it is easy to park, gets good mileage and is comfortable. I do not like how the blinker does not automatically turn off after turning.

- Hannah F

It has a huge trunk, which I didn't expect. Much bigger than the passat.

I like that the car is small, compact, and sporty. It has a very large trunk but also leg room. It drives fast and accelerates quickly. I have no complaints.

- Sarah K

It have velcro things in the back that enable me to keep grocery safely secure while in transit.

I own a silver VW Jetta and I love it. It runs so smoothly, and when I want I can put in it sports mode and feel like a race car driver while only going 45.

- Katie C

As far as driving goes, it's amazing!

I love my car. I stream music through the stereo and I can't change the song with the radio, I have to do it on my phone. And I wish I had a back up camera.

- Jade m

The technology in my car is one of the best and is good to have them

It's one of the best vehicles I have driven in the past. It's a beautiful sedan which has all the required features. I love my vehicle than anything else

- Binny A

It is a Jetta sport and sports mode is really fun.

It is perfect size. Room in the back seat and in front seat. I love the back up camera and heated seats. I wish the navigation in the car worked better.

- Cj P

An amazing vehicle, worth buying.

The 2015 Volkswagen Jetta is an amazing car. I love the way it looks, the seats are nice, the car is easy to use, and have not had any problems with it.

- Blake B

It's German engineered for perfection! It gets great mileage and runs like a dream!

It's the newest year model ice ever owned. It has German engineering and the interior lights are red which is easier on my eyes than the typical green.

- Jeremy P

It is a button start - you must keep up with the key fob.

I like the room it provides. I like the 4 door sedan style. I think it could probably get better gas mileage. Overall I think it is a really nice car.

- Judy S

It is fast. It is a sport. Good on gas.

None at all. Love it, it is a good car. It works for now. No complaints. New car off the lot. I love my car so far I just got its works fine for now.

- Regina M

It is a solid small car with some weight to it, and should be good in snow.

The car is a little smaller than I would have liked, but the price was right. The car is beautiful and I love everything except the size sometimes.

- Beth L

It is reliable - it always functions well.

Good pickup and smooth ride, like it is look also. We have owned several bold wagons over the years, and find them very reliable, with few repairs.

- Eileen B

It's fun to drive because of the handling and size.

I really like the handling and look of the car. It has a fairly quiet ride. I would like to have a slightly better pickup. Gas mileage isn't bad.

- Robert G

This car has great features and makes a great beginner car.

This car is reliable and efficient car to get you to your destination. It has nice features and looks appealing which was a selling point for me.

- Merlyndia B

Comfortable to drive and leg room in the back seat

I like the comfort of the seats. The only thing I don't like is when i raise the seat the next time I get in the car I have to raise it again

- Gail C

It fits me perfectly. It has everything I need in a car.

My vehicle has the technology package. I like that I can use Bluetooth to listen to music in my phone. I think it looks cool when I drive it.

- Crystal B

Volkswagen Jetta: It's the Fuel Efficient Car of the Year!

It's a grey Volkswagen Jetta. It is in good shape after having it for 3 years. Doesn't have any fancy features but it's a good, reliable car.

- Elle H

The one thing others should know about my car is It's design and miles per hour.

I like my VW Jetta because it is smooth to drive and interior designs are innovative. The technology are advanced and great value for money.

- Sreenithya B

That its very fuel efficient.

What I like about my car is that it is fuel efficient and what I dislike is that its too small, not as comfortable and not smooth driving.

- Samantha T

It is safe, fun to drive, problem free.

I love how practical it is. The size is perfect. The car feels very safe and solid. My dislike is for the underpowered 2. 0 liter engine.

- Jeremiah B

The car has numerous Blind spots and is hard to see out of. People who buy the car should get the video technology that allows you to see put the back

The car is very reliable and steady. I don't like the air conditioner and it has a lot of blind spots. But overall it's been a good car.

- Brian C

2015 Volkswagen Jetta diesel gets great mileage

My Jetta is a diesel and I love it because it gets great gas mileage. It has great pickup for a 4 cylinder and has been very reliable.

- Derek B

Love My Volkswagen! Get one for yourself and you will love it too!

Great gas mileage and all of the bells and whistles you can ask for. With the scandal VW had several years ago, got a great price too!

- Paul T

I sit very close. Beware if you are driving my car.

I like that it is fast, comfortable and fuel efficient. I wish it was sportier. I like the sun roof. I dislike the low profile tires.

- Andrea W



- Oleg G

I like the reliability of my Jetta. The back up camera is a big help so I don't run over anybody.

Love the roominess of the back seat, plenty of cup holders. Love my backup camera. Its very reliable and has plenty of pick up.

- Janice D

I think it is a well built car of good quality even though Volkswagen had some issues not long ago.

In General, I don't like the warning lights and messages that appear to change the oil, etc. that are now in all late model cars.

- Paul M

Amazing performance and reliability

This is a great car. I love the miles per gallon and its reliability I've had it now for 2 years and have had no problem with it.

- Wendy R

Its a diesel, so its gets great gas mileage.

It's an expensive car once in awhile but it a gem. I love her, every 40000 miles you drop about a grand but it will run forever.

- Brittany S

Fun and responsive. Pretty snappy for the SE model. Stay away from the base model

I like it is one of the few cars still offering a manual transmission. Hate that the 2015 dropped the lumbar support on the SE.

- mike G

It is my car and not a taxi!!.

Parts are too expensive. A/c went out 2 weeks after buying it. Parts are hard to replace (front lights). Oil changes are pricy.

- Mike L

It is extremely reliable and gets incredible gas mileage.

I absolutely love how great of gas mileage it gets. It is reliable, never had any issues. I dislike that there is not rear ac.

- Brooke D

Sleek and Stylish car for a great price

Great gas mileage, I like the interior design as well as the way the car drives and performs. It is very comfortable to drive.

- Nicole C

Great gas mileage, great a/c and heat.

Safest car, easy to operate, back seat could be bigger for car seats, nice trunk space, roomie front seat, great gas mileage.

- Jessica B

It defines my personality.

It is my second Volkswagen. I will only buy Volkswagens in the future. I think that Volkswagen is the best car on the road.

- Brian P

That dollar for dollar the Jetta is a great value and I'll stick with VW for awhile

We love the turbo. It has a great sound system. It gets great gas mileage, is very easy to drive and is very comfortable

- Pam B

It is a very sturdy make and can take lots of bumps.

I love it aesthetically, it is beautiful. I love the easy drive it gives. And I love the mileage I get with this vehicle.

- Laura Z

Its fuel efficient and very dependable.

I like the gas mileage I hate driving it in the snow because it slides and loses traction, comfortable and daily driver.

- Dagan P

This is not a luxury car. Is a great smaller car that's good on gas and gets you where you need to be.

Car very nice, Good on gas. No problems as of yet. Very pleased. Great factory stereo. Very smooth ride and quiet motor.


It is simple and I will use it until it does not run anymore.

I like it because it is simple, compact and looks good. I do not like the gas mileage. I have to fill up way too often.

- Kathryn L

I like the comfort of the car. I do not like that the seat can not be adjusted up because I am short, so part of vision is blocked by the steering wheel. I like ease of operating everything in the car.

It is a family friendly car. It comfortably seats me at 5'2" and my husband at 6'7". Problems with the car are rare.

- Megan M

Don't buy from Volkswagen. Their cars are not reliable.

This is the worst car I have ever owned. The diesel scandal and constant breakdowns have made me never trust VW again

- Robert G

It's a great car and I am sure everyone will fall in love if they use it.

I love the model and color.. I like its interior design and space and its functionality.. I do not dislike anything.

- Alia B

Reliable and comfortable.. Good road car..

I like how smooth it drives. I like the color and I like that the seats are leather. I like the mileage it receives.

- Anne O

It drives very well and feels well put together.

I like my car because it is good on gas. Very reliable and easy to park. Lots of trunk space. Also it has Bluetooth.

- Kylie S

Handles great on the road.

I love the way it handles on the road but I hate the cost to repair or perform maintenance on any part of the car.

- Barb L

It is a stick shift which means it is different to drive.

It is newer which makes me nervous to drive it. It is a stick which is new to me so it is taking some adjustment.

- Kim W

2015 Jetta, smooth and reliable

My 2015 volkswagen Jetta is a great car. Drives very smooth and is comfortable to be in for long periods of time.

- Nicholas R

It has great gas mileage.

I like that it's stick shift and the color. It drives well and has great gas mileage. The trunk space is huge

- Kyle s

It looks sleek and fashionable. It is fast but I do not go over 50 anyways.

It is a smooth ride. Could use some more space in the back. Trunk is roomy and is able to fit all my storage.

- Samantha P

It is a turbo engine. It is more powerful than the normal engine.

I enjoy the pickup turbo aspect. The interior is beautiful. It is smooth riding car. Great stereo system to.

- Savanna G

It has a lot of space inside and gets great mileage.

Gets good mileage. The connectivity is a little difficult to use. Lots of space for people and other things.

- Tony R

Space, great on gas, great in snow

I absolutely love my Volkswagen Jetta, very roomy, Excellent on gas, no issues with the car at all so far.

- Toa S

It is great on gas. You can drive for 5 hours and still have enough gas to last.

Nothing is wrong with it. The Jetta is in great condition, new tires, letter white seats, extra legroom.

- Jacqueline W

My Recent Volkswagen Car Purchase

So far, I've owned it for about 3 months, regular gas engine (not a diesel). It runs very well for now.

- William J

2015 Volkswagen Jetta S 1.8L

I think that the car has a weak and inefficient engine which makes the car hard on gas mileage as well.

- Erin M

Great reliable family vehicle

No major problems, reliable, great on gas, great size, great features, great trunk space, easy to drive

- Jenna Z

It has very good gas mileage.

I really like the look of the car. I enjoy the nice features it has. I dislike the seating in the back.

- Brandon L

I love my car. It is safe and reliable, while also being attractive and fun to drive. It's a diesel so the fuel mileage is insane. Great all around car. Plenty of room for a family.

It is extremely economical. The fuel mileage is great, insurance is low, and the price was reasonable.

- Cristin A

Handles great and gas mileage is good.

No power seats, but good fuel consumption, stable car on the road, no navigation, good sound of music.

- Cristina B

Great on gas when traveling on highways.

I like the mpg which is great on traveling. I like the style of the vehicle. Also the features it has.

- Trisha B

Good gas mileage on long trips. I pay $90 an oil change.

The ac is messed up and blows hot air sometimes. The charger port does not work in the front and back.

- Rachel D

The car is reliable and has some good features.

Car lacks a back up camera and the steering wheel is too stiff but over all the car is very reliable.

- Isabella S

Good interior space and trunk capacity

The car has great interior space. I like the trunk space. The nitrofill for the tires is a challenge.

- Sonja w

Gas mileage! It gets great gas mileage on the highway and it's not that bad in town.

It gets great gas mileage and it's the perfect size. Just don't like how long it takes to accelerate.

- Kat W

The xl it is worth the extra room for road trips and 3rd row seating.

Cute and fast. It is the tsi model very sporty and bright red. Mileage pretty good. Maintenance low.

- Joanne W

It gets great gas mileage and is also sort of fast.

My car is amazing. Has had zero problems. Rides great. Looks great. Women love it cuz it looks dope.

- Ronald W

very dependable and great gas mileage, would recommend this car

i love my car I have has a jetta before and had great luck with it. Volkswagen is a great product.

- chris w

that is safe, it drives well an kids friendly for those who have kids.

no complaints. i very much like my car, it drives well, is safe and I feel comfortable driving it.

- Pam R

It is blue and not a cool blue

Small inside, engine has low horsepower and not great on gas. It is overpriced for what you get.

- Daniel K

It is expensive to fix things on it when it breaks and you have to go to certain people to fix it because not everyone knows how to work on foreign cars

It is small and compact. It is expensive to fix. It has gotten me to where I need to be

- Jas D

The gas mileage is great and the amenities are very safe.

It's spunky and easy to drive. Air conditioning and comfort level could be better.

- Pamw W

It's been a good car, but need better quality

Car could use more power but it is base model. Already have to get seat belt fixed.

- Kay S

How comfortable it is inside

I love my car, it handles great, gets good gas mileage, I think it looks sharp.

- Nancy O

It gets great gas mileage and still has enough horsepower to get in the fast lane and go.

It is a great car. Has power, speed and gets great gas mileage. No complaints.

- Kevin S

car has been very reliable. There has been minimal mechanical issues. the seat are comfortable with good leg space. the only criticism is the mpg could be better

the car has been reliable with mechanical issues thus far after 100,000 miles

- robert b

It's fine for getting me from point A to point B safely

I like how cheap it is, I don't like how it doesn't have special options.

- Matthew S

It's mine, lol the mileage makes the car. Would buy it again just for that

Love the gas mileage, loved the trunk space, back seat sucks for let room

- Delilah D

No problems whatsoever with current Jetta or previous Passat. Dealership treated us fairly, would consider a 2nd Volkswagen.

It's fun to drive, reliable, economical and lasts a long time.

- Stephen H

Great gas mileage and easy to park in small spaces.

I love the it. The size is perfect. It's very comfortable.

- Jessica E

My VW Jetta great gas mileage and is my 6th volkswagen!

My Volkswagen is very reliable and has great gas mileage

- Kim S

The bluetooth feature is very useful but it will sometimes automatically turn the bluetooth on on your phone which can kill the battery

I'm kind of short and driving it can be kind of cramped

- Christa L

My Jetta gets great gas mileage but maintenance has been very expensive. I have had quite a few issues and I haven't even reached 50,000 miles

VW Jettas are a not great for everyday use. Run fast!

- Amanda P

The car is so spacious for a smaller vehicle.

- Amber M

Reasons to love a Volkswagen Jetta.

- Antonio G