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Volkswagen Jettas: great with long trips.

Even though the car is a couple of years old now, it has a lot of features that were incredibly helpful on a long road trip that same year. It has the ability to connect with your phone via android auto and whatever the apple app would be to access a GPS, pandora/spotify, or playlists on your phone. You do not need to stop one screen in order to access something else; no stopping your music to access maps or anything like that. Any issues are warned through the car itself: there's no generic "check engine" light and all of the symbols are detailed in the user manual from low air pressure in tires to when something is actually wrong with the car. Other features are USB ports for your phones, seat warmers for the front seats, and very comfortable seats. On a long trip (8+ hours) I stayed comfortable driving and even more so in the passenger's seat. The newer models have more features, and our car is the more "basic" out of the Jetta line.

- Stacy Q

Decent sized sedan with great room inside. Nice and stylish reliable car.

I have always been interested in Jettas and VW tends to have a cult following, so I went to their dealership first. We ended up leasing a 2016 Jetta. Grey in color. I really like driving it. It is got some get up and go. It is roomy. I had an issue with my a/c blowing cold then warm so I had it looked at. Come to find out the piece I needed was $400, which upset me to have something break on a newer car. I lucked out and had it replaced for free thankfully. The car has been pretty good and the lease is almost up. I do not know if I am going to keep it because I know that VW are more expensive to upkeep if something were to go wrong.

- Amanda C

Poor snow performance, even with a dusting of snow.

I don't have an real complaints about the 2016 VW Jetta. The model that I currently own is fully loaded, currently I don't utilize all the features to their full advantage. Initially I loved the navigation feature but with road construction and traffic flow changes in the area I find that my navigation is not as useful as it once was, were as my cell phone GPS is up to date. I can use the GPS through apple play which is great. I love the backup camera and probably cannot drive a vehicle without one now. Black leather will have to be a no go for me on my next vehicle as it is scorching hot in the summer.

- Adrian C

My vehicle is a black, small, compact car.

My car for the most part runs great. There are times in which the middle screen will go blank and then a faint green line appears. This will usually last for about 2-3 days until the line goes away. I do love the apple car-play. I drive to different locations for work, so that feature is very helpful for me when I need to route myself to a client. I also really love that my seats go down and I can put items that are large in my truck and into the car. For the most part my car is very reliable. The factory did die within the first 2 years of buying the car, which is a little ridiculous.

- Dorian J

Tough Skin Keeps You Safe

When I first got it, I loved it. It's comfortable, reliable, and I love how quiet it is when I drive. I enjoy the bluetooth feature also. However, I think I got a lemon because I had lots of problems with the check engine light and some other small things in the car, but the dealer wasn't very helpful in fixing those. I do want to note that I have been hit a few times pretty hard, and the doors are so heavy! Yes, it's annoying to get out because they could swing back at you, but they really keep me safe. My car has suffered very little damage from the accidents. It's built tough.

- Aubrey B

Good vehicle, travel buddy.

Only real complaint I have with my 2016 Jetta sel is it does not perform well in the snow, but I assume that can easily be fixed with different tires, whether they're all season tires or actual snow tires. I really enjoyed the navigation system when I first leased the vehicle but now that traffic flow has changed in places I travel I notice that it is much easier to use the apple play feature and just use the GPS on my phone, which still shows up on the screen. Overall I like the Jetta, and I plan on trading for a newer model but less bells and whistles.

- Adrian C

The 2016 Jetta, comfort and class rolled into one.

The 2016 Jetta is a rather comfortable vehicle and serves as a fantastic daily driver. The gas mileage it gets is fantastic and I fill up once maybe every two weeks and with that the price is far cheaper than my truck. In the specific model that I own the satellite radio and Bluetooth features allow for a great musical variety that lets me not only listen to my own library but discover new music add free. All-in-all this would serve has a great daily driver or even a great first vehicle since it handles very well.

- George W

Wonderful and Safe Car, Great Performance

I love my VW Jetta. It drives extremely well, and the engine purrs. The top speed is 160 mph, which is more than enough. It has a wonderful gas mileage, about 200 mpg. My only problem with it is that the brakes aren't the best, so I have to be very cautious with braking and specifically shortstops. It has performed well so far, but at 32k miles the right rear wheel speed sensor stopped working and had to be replaced; However, VW comes with wonderful warranties so it only cost me $54 to fix.

- Sage T

Jetta se for the average buyer.

My Jetta is very reliable. Though it does not have the most advanced settings (automatic headlights, automatic seat adjustment), it is very well made and does everything I need. I have the se model which comes with a sunroof that I love, heated seats (perfect for cold Chicago weather), and a backup camera. There's a few things I wish it had, like more comprehensive notifications instead of just lights turning on the dashboard, but I just have to look them up the old fashioned way.

- Sam J

The adventures of my Jetta and me!!

The Jetta is a great and reliable vehicle. I drive around all day and enjoy being in it. The location of the windshield wipers makes it impossible to prop upwards when preparing for snow or ice. The wipers also seem to direct rain/windshield wiper fluid right to the window so you have to make sure it is rolled all the way up. I prefer cars with manual transmissions, the 5-speed Jetta is a blast to drive and has pretty decent suspension.

- Kelli-marie K

Overall, a very nice vehicle.

I love my Jetta, its a sport edition. It's a very comfortable car. The car is very good on gas mileage. It fits 4 people comfortably. It has a nice smooth ride. I have a 5-speed and the clutch is just like a pillow. I love the built in radio and love that I can easily connect my phone. Only thing wrong is the horn stopped working a year after I got it, had to replace the fuse and about 6 months after that it stopped again.

- Casey L

This is my mom-mobile, that does not make me feel so old!

I love my Jetta. It has had some minor issues, but nothing that wasn't an easy fix. I have three little ones in car seats. It is a little bit of a tight squeeze in the back seat, but I could probably find smaller car seats too. The only issues we've had was a burnt out tail light and when we bought it, one of the seatbelts in the back seat wasn't working. The dealer fixed the seatbelt and we've had no problems since then.

- Katie S

This is a great car! Highly recommend.

I love this car. I used to have a regular Jetta (not a gli) and it bothered me because I felt like it wouldn't accelerate well and had a hard time up hills. With the gli, driving is so easy and it can really handle hills and anything else. It also is a great upgrade from the regular Jetta on the interior with the leather seats and red trim as well as the standard tech package. I feel very safe in this car as well.

- Laura A

My car is super sleek, user friendly and handles great.

I love my car. It is user friendly, comfortably seats 5, plenty of trunk room. The car handles great! The tire pressure sensor is sensitive (almost too sensitive at times) but I'd rather know when my tire pressure is a little off than not know at all. The handle to adjust the driver side seat does not work (I also had this problem on a previous Jetta I owned) but that is the only thing I do not like about my car.

- Kaitlyn A

Now a Volkswagen guy for life

I have owned the Volkswagen Jetta turbo for several months now. I love how the car handles and has the get up and go when needed. The gas mileage on this car is phenomenal gets well over 30 mpg on highway. It has a comfortable spacious interior with heated seats. On the steering wheel controls. The in car radio system is great with Bluetooth functionality and a back up camera. I am now a Volkswagen guy for life.

- Thomas C

The maintenance is not as expensive as people think.

I really love my car! I have leased a Tiguan and two Jetta's, and I have loved all of them, but especially my Jetta's. They drive extremely well and fit all of my needs. They are roomy, comfortable, and drive well in the snow. They are fuel efficient around town and on long trips too! My only complaint would be that mine has leather seats, but that was due to the fact it has a sunroof, which was a must for me.

- Catherine L

I love the back up camera on my car. It left me park easy and without worry.

I am very happy with my Volkswagen Jetta. Since I bought it I haven't had any major problems. I make sure my car gets its monthly maintenance. The car drives smooth and performs great or rainy or snowy days because we do get those a lot in Missouri. My vehicle is very comfortable to sit in even for a long period of time. It has many features as GPS . CD player , backup camera and I am very happy with it

- Elvira F

2016 Jetta se- great car for a decent price!

The 2016 Volkswagen Jetta se has been a very reliable car. I have never had any mechanical issue since starting my 3 year lease. It runs very well and provides a smooth ride. The turbo is great for quick starts at green lights! The speaker/sound system is decent and sounds great at louder volume. Apple carplay is a great feature making hands free interaction easier and safer. Love this car!

- La Ray H

Se or sel- navigation, a sunroof, and leather seats. The keys are also cool.

This is my third Jetta (prior 2002 and 2012), I like the Jetta it is a pretty good car and reliable. They have nice extras/features. Very similar to luxury cars without the price. Although they do seem to have some weird electrical corks. They are a fun car to drive, mostly because I had the 2002 turbo and then I always get the five cylinder now. They pick up pretty quick and drive well.

- Stephanie D

I love this car! Reliable, comfortable, and so good on gas mileage!

It is great on gas mileage, reliable, and very comfortable. The car just feels safe and sturdy. It is also big enough to fit my dad who is a very large man. For extra passengers the back seat is huge as well as the trunk. The only problem I have encountered is when I try to start the car before the spark plugs are warmed up. You just have to let it sit and warm up for about 5 minutes.

- Jordan B

It drives really smooth and has amazing gas mileage.

My Jetta is amazing, I haven't had any issues with it other than the following: last January during a snow storm, my chains snapped the abs lines. It is likely my roommate put them on wrong, but just in case, I am mentioning it. The other thing is, even though it is a 2016 and I live in Oregon and rarely use the ac, it stopped working. I have yet to get it checked out/fixed.

- Stefani A

2016 Jetta 1.4 se tsi quick review.

No problems so far. Performance is eh...Lots of torque early on, but straight line is not its strength. Seems reliable. No issues yet! Maintenance intervals are every 10k miles. Very comfortable and surprisingly roomy interior. The features are great. Love the apple play and the sport and manual shift modes on my automatic. Good sound system and great looks.

- Kyle L

2016 VW Jetta black originally purchased in Johnson City, TN.

Love the vehicle only 1 problem had to have horn replaced at 27,000 miles. The VW warranty covered the repair with no out of pocket expense. Great on gas mileage, plenty of storage room and engine has spunky power. The VW emergency repair kit provided with the car is of quality products, the emergency roadside service provided on the VW product allows you peace of mind.

- Debra A

Reliable. This car could definitely last a long time, which makes the price good.

Very reliable. Nice looking. Average priced. Not the best features. Very comfortable. No major problems. I would definitely buy this car for a younger driver, since it this model is one of the most safest cars in the market at the moment. The price is reasonable and a little on the pricey side considering the other used car prices, but definitely worth the price.

- Jenna Z

My Volkswagen Jetta is Midnight Black and shines in the moonlight.

The VW Jetta is an amazing car in my opinion. I have had no problems with the performance or reliability of this Vehicle. I am very pleased as the vehicle does have built in navigation systems, a very good sound system, cd player, and very comfortable seating which is easy to adjust with the power adjustment features for positioning, heat, and firmness of the seats.

- Joshua W

Features of the Jetta sport.

I love the two tone leather seating the standard is fun to drive although I am not sure yet how it will perform in the winter weather. The windows fog up a lot and I would like to see a Jetta sport made with a back windshield wiper. The only downside to this car is the maintenance, replacing the clutch is something that wouldn't be a problem in another model.

- Macy F

The best small sedan at a great price.

No problems at all. I love my car and am thinking of buying it when my lease expires. I live in New England and it is great in the snow. I have the special lights package which included fog lights, plus I have a sunroof. It is very comfortable and great on gas mileage. Back seat is a little small but I really never have anyone back there.

- Vicky N

Needs to be bigger, but the electronic aspect of the car itself is amazing.

I love how it feels when driven, I love the backup camera, the speakers and the color. I would love to not ever trade this car in, but unfortunately it is too small. If it were bigger I'd love it. Otherwise- I do recommend it. It is great for a couple without children, and pets since even animals in there would feel super cramped in.

- Gigi P

Spacious and good to travel in.

Very cute, love all the features the car has. The trunk is very spacious sn accommodates well all my needs including stroller and bags. The back seat is spacious for a sedan. It fits 2 car seats and a person in the middle. I travel to and from work on a daily basis and it is very good on gas and has given me minimal to no problems.

- Charlotte S

The car is a nice car, at a reasonable price.

The car performs well, gets solid gas mileage, and pretty low maintenance. Do not have any major complaints or issues with the car as an everyday vehicle. It is pretty up to date on technology as well and gives the driver a lot of options such as OnStar assistance or XM satellite radio and apple carplay or Bluetooth connectivity.

- Saul W

All-around great performance.

The Volkswagen Jetta is a super reliable car, I have never had any issues with it. The drive is super smooth and the breaks are very responsive. It is comfortable during long road trips, and also has great gas mileage. I really like having the seat warmers and the Bluetooth is very clear and easy to use for phone calls and music.

- Sabrina A

A quick rundown of a Jetta.

Seat warmers for the front seats, USB ports for phone charging, an in-car touch screen for music, GPS maps, and voice-to-text for a hands-free texting if you have android auto on your phone and synced with the car. The many features of this car are good ones, and 2 years with the car there have not been any problems repair-wise.

- Stacy Q

Good gas mileage and handles well on long distance drives.

I have 2 kids & it is too small. After the stroller goes in the trunk there’s no space for anything else. Their car seats take up the back row & the front seat have to go forward to accommodate their seats. I do not think this is made for a family. It does get great gas mileage & can go into sport which is fun for my husband.

- Summer L

Reliable everyday car - the Volkswagen Jetta.

For an everyday car I love my Volkswagen Jetta. It has been very reliable with no problems for the last several years. I bought my Jetta as a new car and l make sure I keep current with oil changes and suggested service. The car is relatively comfortable for the type of vehicle it is and there is plenty of space in the trunk.

- Jodi Y

The app you download to connect to the car and see your car anytime.

First let me start out by saying this is a great car. I get this car brand new in 2016 and he has an app where you can unlock your car without using the key. Also the inside just won me over with the black and white interior. Absolutely beautiful. The details on the outside from the rims to the white color was a good hit.

- Brittany J

Why the Jetta is a great car choice.

Easy to use. Compatible with iPhone displaying apps on the screen. Safety camera when car is in reverse. Easy maintenance. Smooth driving. My Jetta is great on gas mileage. It is good to have a car that will alarm you for low tire pressure. Handbook for the car is easy to understand and makes troubleshooting easy as well.

- Carla C

Pros and cons of the Jetta hybrid

It's a hybrid, and it doesn't get the mileage I as advertised. Winter/summer I average about 32 mph, spring/fall maybe 40. Also, the defogger is not very good. I do like the tight turning 'curve' (there is a better word), and it's a pretty color blue, and it feels like a real car, not all electronic, which I also like

- Ann W

I like the Jetta. It's a very reliable car so far.

I've had zero issues with this car. It's a decent size with a large trunk. It always runs smoothly and my basic package has just enough electronics. I would lease it again and like Volkswagen so far. I use it for basic commute but I would feel comfortable taking it on longer trips. I've had no problems since 2016.

- Laurie F

Great gas mileage, stylish, and reliable.

It gets good gas mileage, has the feature where I can connect my iPhone to my car and has a touch screen. I wish it had as panoramic sunroof but sadly it does not. The seats and rims are two tone which looks cool. I have had minimal problems with it as well and only routine things have needed to be done to my car.

- Haley B

Spunky, Sporty, the Jetta has it all,

The Jetta Sport tSi is sleek, sporty and an all around fun car to drive. Having come from a BMW 328i, I expected to feel the decrease in power and comfort, but honestly, it's highly comparable. The sport trim provides two-tone leather, great stereo system, backup camera, and a great dual-transmission drive option.

- Amber H

Handles well in car wrecks .

This car is very well built. My boyfriend and I flipped numerous times off the freeway and landed upside-down.Thank goodness we had our seatbelts on. We crawled out and just had minor injuries as opposed to what I think I would have been like for such a severe crash. The car was totaled, but it kept us safe.

- kate c

Sporty and fun and reliable to boot.

I love my Jetta and look forward to driving it for years to come. I always keep up with the scheduled maintenance and have had no issues with the car since purchasing it nearly 3 years ago. It is a comfortable riding car, sporty, fun to drive, very attractive. By far the most reliable car I have ever owned.

- Lisa G

My car is very safe, it has a strong frame and will save your life in a crash It's also great on gas

I love the way it drowns out sounds while driving because it helps kids to fall asleep even while on the highway. I dislike that there is no navigation system in the car because it makes me need a car mount for my phone but I like that it has bluetooth connection so I can hear directions though my car.

- Gia C

Number one Jetta fan! Love the whole package!

I love my Jetta! I have become a VW fan since owning my car! I have experienced no issues at all! Love the look of it as well! I have owned Audi's in the past and I must say that this is a very similar ride for a fraction of the cost! My car is equipped with heated seats that are a must for MN winters!

- Kari S

It is reliable. The fender speakers make it great for listening to music.

I think my car is very easy and comfortable to drive. I like the speakers, the butt warmers, the Bluetooth/technology, and the sunroof. The gas mileage is pretty great too. The biggest problem is that the quality is not that good. Things break and need repairs (I. E., the visor and volume control).

- Jennifer K

2016 VW Jetta, small horsepower turbo. Backup camera, touch screen inside.

The best thing about this car is the rear view backup camera, it's accurate and clear. The seats are nice and firm, great for long car rides and vacations. I have never had any problems with my car, I trust it to go anywhere. The steering is amazing and the breaks are amazing. Clean car all around.

- Mall S

I enjoy Apple carplay, hands free, and leather seats.

Just as any vehicle has its issues or ups and downs, I have seen that with my car one of the things that I have seen are issues with my tires. I have had a few tire blowouts to my front tires that are pretty severe. I do however like the way the car drives and some of the things and perks it has.

- Sc X

My care provides me a reliable means of transportation.

I really like the way it drives and the gas mileage it gets. I really do not have a problem with anything in this car. It is really reliable and has nice features. The technology in this car is also very nice and up to date. The car provides me with everything I need. Nothing more, nothing less.

- Madison L

You can control the temperature how you like it!

Tires and rims easily damage from being low profile. Ride is smooth. Interior features of parking help, heated seats, leather seats, sun room, dual gears. Good trunk room, trunk can be reached from back seat. Fast and reliable as well. Individual climate control. Very bad in pot holes though.

- Jennifer G

It looks amazingly hip and has an aggressive style.

I love my Jetta, it saves gas and is so comfortable. Easy to handle and looks great. I get very many compliments on my Jetta. I have not had any maintenance issues as of yet. I mainly use my vehicle for clients in my husband's construction company and personal use. It is so easy to maintain.

- Catherine M

My dream car that keeps me moving

The Jetta I drive has great gas mileage, it's easy to take care of and there's plenty of room for people and furniture. I traveled from Missouri to Michigan along with many other states with no problems, and in complete comfort. I can't picture myself driving any other make or model of car.

- Ann M

Sleek and reliable: the Jetta.

My Volkswagen Jetta has great gas mileage for a regular gas car. I go to school and work and is perfect in getting me where I need. It is an extremely reliable car. It is very sleek and visually appealing as well. Have had it for 3 years and runs great. Low maintenance and keeps its value.

- Amanda B

Smooth ride, appealing to look at, very fast.

I love my Volkswagen, when I was looking at purchasing it I was skeptical at first because of it being a foreign car and all but I looked past all of that and got it anyway. It is great on gas, I can fill it up and my gas lasts about 12-13 days! Smooth ride, and very appealing to look at.

- Erica M

My car is great with gas mileage and it performs well.

I love my car. It performs well with fuel mileage. My car is reliable and dependable. I feel very comfortable when I am driving in it, the seats the leg room and position of the features. I enjoy the many features that my model offers. I'm glad that this is the car that I am driving.

- Donna C

Great vehicle for any climate, city, and age range!

This car is awesome. The interior features are awesome. Apple CarPlay and a touch screen on the dash makes driving and controlling the music great. I have had more flat tires that I have had with other vehicles, but that could have something to do with the aftermarket wheels I put on it.

- Allie S

Great compact car with Turbo engine

My Volkswagen Jetta is very easy to drive. Love the turbo engine. With the turbo engine it makes it very easy to get into the highway. It is very reliable. It is a perfect size. The seats are comfortable. Great gas mileage. The downside is the fact that it is very costly for repairs.

- Stephanie R

Luxury for a small price.

I've always been a huge fan of VW and this car doesn't disappoint. It drives and looks like a luxury car and it's great on gas mileage. The inside of the car is very nice and gives off an expensive feel. The sound system in the car is great and I love the big touch screen in the car.

- Juan V

My 2005 mercury sable in her prime.

My 2005 mercury sable has obviously been around for some time now. Great gas mileage. Still gets me from point A to point B. The speakers are great as well. The only thing I do not like about my car is that it is just not updated! But it does everything it is supposed to do as a car.

- Megan H

For a small vehicle it drives great in the snow.

The car is very dependable, easy to drive, could use more comfortable interior seating, but the mechanics of the vehicle are sound, never any garage visits, except oil change, tires, a little confused on why everything is electric or auto but does not have sensors for the headlight..

- Kathy C

Stylish but practical work car.

This is a great commuter car, good gas mileage, stylish, roomy for a sedan, very sporty, but not a luxury car. It is suitable for a family, due to the roomy truck for a small stroller and shopping bags. It also handles very well and is understated but offers a clean classic style.

- Kate I

Drive a great jazzy Jetta.

I love my Jetta sport. It is responsive, and stylish. It is sporty to drive and gets great gas mileage. The heated seats, navigation and satellite radio are the best features. And I also love the push start and rear view camera. It was definitely an upgrade from previous vehicles.

- Martin J

2016 VW Jetta Sport. An interesting detail to be known is the faster you drive for an extended period time the quicker oil will be consumed. So. when on the road driving fast for a few hours be sure and check the oil often.

Have not experienced any unexpected problems with this vehicle. It's a little less roomy than my 2007 VW Jetta but the 1.5 four cylinder turbo engine is just as quick and even quicker than the 2.5 four cylinder 2007 Jetta. The gas mileage is very good and it looks and runs great.

- Gary C

Peppy commuter car with good gas mileage.

Good mileage, peppy and good sound system. Ride is a little bumpy and long drives are uncomfortable. Good commuter car. Easy to keep clean and fills up quick on gas. The car has good acceleration and is small and easy to get through traffic. The first battery died within a year.

- Jon D

Fantastic car with style and purpose.

Great car with a fantastic pick-up (turbo). Always a smooth ride with perfect handling. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone looking for a compact vehicle with great fuel economy and a cool, almost sporty design. These are great cars that are made to last a long time.

- Michael G

CarPlay is my favorite feature!

The car feels safe and it rides comfortably. I really enjoy the connectivity package and having the ability to connect my iPhone through CarPlay. The vehicle gets great gas mileage as well. The only complaint I have is that the car does not block out sound when on the highway.

- Alyssa B

The Jetta is an extremely comfortable care with a very smooth ride.

This car is extremely comfortable for the passenger and driver. Plenty of room in the backseat and seats are very comfortable. The technology is very up to date and includes CarPlay. Safety features are great too. This car drives extremely smooth and gets great gas mileage.

- Katie S

You can still get them in standard, which was a selling point for me.

I love my car! It handles well, and looks nice from the outside. People mistaken it for a BMW all the time! The only thing I would change is that i wish I had leather interior, a sunroof and more tech options. But I did ask for the base model, so it's my own fault.

- Julie M

Go buy a Volkswagen Jetta.

So far I have had no issues with my Volkswagen Jetta. It drives extremely smooth, has tons of cool features (touch screen, backup camera, Bluetooth, Apple play), and very comfortable seats. The car is also great on gas. I like that oil changes are every 10, 000 miles too.

- Brooke C

It is fun to drive and I am a lifelong driver.

For a smaller sized sedan, it is very rooney. It has all the features you would want without having features you do not need. Everything is user friendly. It is easy to drive, smooth and fast. I have driven several Jettas and I think I always will. They're super-reliable.

- Martha B

It is very cute looking and has a good get up and go.

The car is not good on the snow. Also, it is very small inside. It is a very cute car and is good on gas mileage. The car is very comfortable and has great steering. I do not know about the springs recall but my car seems to be doing very well. I very much enjoy this car.

- Kelsey L

2016 VW Jetta, my best car yet

It's my favorite car so far. It gets amazing gas mileage (I average about 40 mpg), super easy to maintain (every 10k miles and minimal is needed), super comfortable and reliable. For the amount of features that come by default in a Jetta it would cost you more elsewhere.

- Luke B

I love my Jetta! Very reliable car that will get you anywhere safely.

My vehicle is extremely reliable, I have never had any issues with it. Gas mileage is great, the only small issue I have had is when it rains and my windshield tends to fog up much easier than some other vehicles. Otherwise I will continue to shop at VW for another car!

- Sarah K

Gas efficiency difference between city and highway.

I really love the gas mileage I get on the highway, but I live in a small town, and every time I drive, even if it is less than 5 miles, my gas tank goes down by five miles. I would rather drive for an hour without having to fill up or drive my car ten times one mile.

- Maddie B

Jetta Volkswagen Steering wheel is the best part of the entire vehicle

One of my favorite parts of the car is the steering wheel. It nice and big to allow a lot of grip. It creates nice and smooth turns. One thing I have a problem with is how light the brake it and how long it takes to accelerate. Other than that this is a perfect car.

- Emily B

has modern features, heated seats, screen.

love my car everything is modern with heated seats and screen radio, but wish it had a sunroof. Car has an interior or black and white which is perfect for me. Easily to drive. Good car first car or just a car for anyone. The price of a Volkswagen Jetta is good too.

- Jen C

My Volkswagen Jetta is wonderful.

No problems whatsoever. It has a lot of power for being a turbo. This is my second Jetta and would definitely purchase more in the future you grey and has stock wheels. A killer stereo system and the interior is well put together along with being very comfortable.

- Sean G

Jetta - decent car but nothing over the top special.

I don't have any issues really just the seats the material is already ripping. . That is unacceptable. Overall I like the car. . It's just basic and sort of boring actually. Nothing too special. The warranty is not so great, it is very short it needs to be longer.

- Jennifer C

2016 VW Jetta 1.8 sport tsi, all the modern upgrades at a very reasonable price.

A great car for the price! Comes with all the modern upgrades you'd expect from a luxury brand car. Avoid any and all extended warranties and additional services offered by Volkswagen. They unfortunately are a waste of money and offer no real or helpful services.

- Zachary C

The car is white but the side mirrors are black which is annoying.

There is a touch screen in the car but there is no backup camera. There is no sunroof, but the car does have Bluetooth in it. The car we a rental car before I bought it. Someone had hit my car while it was parked but it was only a huge scratch so nothing too big.

- Estrella M

It runs great and would offer it to anyone.

I had no problems and the performance of the car is great. Never had any issues with it and it is very reliable. Never broke down on me and it is very comforting. It has a Bluetooth and AUX cord. This car is great and had nothing bad to say about it. that's all.

- Susan A

It drives really well and feels good to drive. Also, I love that I can lock and unlock the car without needing the keys in my hands.

I like the engine in my car, and I like how it drives and responds. However, I do not like the headrests (in the front and the back) because they are uncomfortable and block my view. I also feel that this car has blind spots that my previous car did not have.

- Cindy S

Cost of service- foreign car.

I love the car overall, just hate the maintenance part of it. Since it is a foreign car, there are only certain places that you can go for services and such. Parts tend to be a little bit more expensive as well as oil changes since you can only use synthetic.

- Julie L

I have a grey VW jetta, 2016. Basic se model.

It really with car as much as customer service, when you go in it always takes way longer than they tell you and don't seem to keep that in mind. . My windshield wipers make a weird noise when they are being used. Also, they do not fully wipe the water away.

- Hannah R

Reliable, conservative sedan.

I like the German engineering, the weight and handling of the vehicle. I dislike the head room and leg room since my husband and I are tall people. I'm glad it doesn't have a CVT transmission because I just had bad experience with a Sentra that has one.

- Gayle B

It performs well and gets great gas mileage. Great value for the money.

I love the look of the car. It's sleek, and looks far more expensive than it actually was. I opted for a cheaper interior (no sunroof, no leather), but it still feels comfortable. Love the display consoles as well. Car handles well and gets good mileage.

- Morgan H

I love that I can connect my phone via Bluetooth technology.

I love the digital features, touch screen, and extended warranty. I love the speed of the car as well as the gas per mileage and overall durability. It is a very comfortable car, compact but also roomy enough for 4 people to fit nicely. Nice size trunk.

- Carolyn L

I love my car! It drives so smooth. In addition, I love the leather seating.

The only problem I have encountered is a fault tire sensor. Which, was very annoying because the cause is German, so it took awhile for the issue to get resolved. Also, Volkswagen required full synthetic oil so your oil changes will be quite pricey. .

- Emily R

Blue, not too big, sunroof, backup camera.

I love it. I have no issues with my car and I recommend it if you like nice cars that are worth your money!:) it is a nice color, beautiful interior, and runs like a dream. Like I said, it is an absolutely wonderful, beautiful dream car that I adore.

- Holly J

I really don't know what to say about my vehicle because there aren't many words to describe it.

My vehicle is extremely comfortable and super reliable. It has so many features that I love such as apple carplay and a turbo. The vehicle is wonderful for long trips for it is good on gas and has comfortable back seats along with heated front seats.

- Alexia W

Before buying this car, test out the speakers thoroughly and take it for a test drive

The only complaint that I have of this vehicle is the faulty volume wheel and the speakers that start to give out as the music gets louder. Great mpg, love the hp, powered steering, ac/heat, smooth at high speeds, tires are squeaky but work well.

- Jared G

It is sleek, low to the ground. It gets impressive gas mileage.

I love my car, the radio works great, the leather does not get to hot. It has CarPlay. It works with apple and android, I have had very few issues out of the car. I love the dealership and taking it in to get fixed. They give you a loaner car.

- Heather H

This model is fun to drive and roomy. It's a similar size as the bigger car class from other manufacturers.

The Jetta is really fun to drive for a "compact" car. One of the unexpected benefits is the huge trunk space which makes getting to and from our hobbies much easier. It also gets good gas mileage and we haven't had any mechanical problems.

- Amanda G

It is a gas engine not a diesel engine, that is peppy and economical at the same time.

I like how it looks sleek, and the european interior is magnificent. The white and black leather on the 1.8 turbo is a nice touch. If there is one thing I will like the interior plastics to be a better quality. Overall I love the car.

- Juan H

It's a Volkswagen - never do business with Volkswagen.

The car is fine, it's a basic sedan. It's far too small for my tall husband and son to be comfortable. Most importantly, I will never ever do business with VW again, after they scammed me with their EPA diesel "defeat device."

- Michelle H

It was cheap and gets decent gas mileage, probably the two most important factors when considering the purchase of a daily driver. Also it is a manual transmission, which not many people know how to drive these days.

Vehicle gets good gas mileage but feels underpowered compared to my previous vehicle. Additionally the clutch let off isn't very smooth and the engine doesn't rev up and down quickly, the flywheel is probably not light enough.

- Michael C

The vehicle does not do well when a car door hits it (in parking lot) a slight nudge will create a serious ding. poor body strength

Easy to park and comfortable for short excursions. The driver's seat and front passenger side is comfortable. Vehicle has good gas mileage. Maint cost is too high and the vehicle dings too easily. back seats too uncomfortable

- fred k

Simple easy car especially for young drivers

Simple no frills handy vehicle, great speed and easy handling. Comfortable too. But the doors don't stay open when you open them, they keep swinging back so you have to be careful. Also acceleration can be buggy

- Tosin I

Poor design but great performance.

Like that car has a lot of room especially the trunk space. Love the gas mileage. Hate the cup holder design in console as accidentally put cup in hard and now broken and cannot replace without removing console.

- Skye P

It is reliable and in great condition.

This is my fourth Jetta that I have had. Volkswagen is a great company and I have loved all my cars. They are easy to drive and enough room on the inside. They are pretty good in the snow and not bad on gas.

- Laura G

a good vehicle, in the market

the performance is good, the normal reliability, comfort if it is comfortable, is a car with which I can transport my family, and meets expectations, but I am interested in changing vehicles for a newer one

- mason j

Modern, sleek and youthful.

I have always been pretty loyal to the Volkswagen brand. My first car was a Golf, now I have a Jetta. The performance has always been great, and the features inside the car have always been very modern.

- John P

Since it has a turbo engine it is very easy for you to kick it in and eat up all your gas.

My Volkswagen Jetta is amazing. The seats are very comfortable it drives very smoothly. I have had it for almost 2 years now and I don't have many complaints other than it not getting good gas mileage.

- Rebekah K

Volkswagen Jetta 2016 is a perfect solution to a modern young family.

Sleek design, beautiful leather seats. Plenty of room for car seats in the back. All electronics are easy to use and very accessible. The headlights are a great color, makes it easy to see at night.

- Lauren S

It has great gas mileage and it comes in a manual shift. The air conditioner and heater is always to hot or too cold.

I love the way it drives, it feels very solid. I wish it had more cup holders and the seats were more comfortable. It is a base model and has no thrills and has old electronic technology for 2016.

- John R

The most important thing is safety for me.

I like the Jetta because it has a comfortable ride. The trunk is very large and has handled anything I have needed to put in it. I feel safe driving my 3 grand daughters to their sports activities.

- Sharon B

Really reliable car. best bang for your buck.

No major problems or issues. Pretty reliable. The plastic leather seats gets really hot, especially since i live in Houston, Texas. gas mileage is around 34 highway so i can't complain about that.

- Luis G

It's a great WELL-ROUNDED car. It drives well, looks great, and is safe.

It is a powerful little vehicle that is super easy to drive and park. I love how sleek it looks and I love the colors it comes in. It is also durable, and I have never gotten hurt in a crash.

- Christina T

That my car has great gas mileage and was not expensive to buy used

I like the gas mileage most of all, but I think it is also a good looking car. It has the ability to project my phone screen on the car screen and a rear view camera. I don't the maintenance.

- Julia D

Energy and cost efficient vehicle

My vehicle is very reliable and affordable. In the two years that I've had it I've had almost zero problems and maintenance costs have been minimal. I find my car comfortable and convenient.

- Travis D

I love my Jetta! Great car but very little technology.

Drives very well, the break and gas are very sensitive. Good for older drivers. Has very little technology/ park assist so if the driver is used to that, this would be a hard adjustment.

- Savannah P

It is a nice car and you will not be disappointed in its performance on the road.

My 2016 Volkswagen Jetta gets good mileage per gallon and is not expensive. I like the style and nice leather interior. It drives smoothly and fits five normal size adults comfortably.

- Cynthia P

It's comfortable and gets great gas mileage while traveling.

My Volkswagen Jetta is very reliable and good on gas mileage. It has the very handy feature of the bluetooth telephone connection. It is very comfortable and handles well on the road.

- Hope H

If you have the extra money to spend make sure it has a sunroof.

The Jetta is a great car. I save so much money on gas. And I havent had issues, knock on wood, traveling anywhere. As long as you do your research on the dealership you should be okay

- Angelica L

Do not buy VW's they are good for the first 16 months or so.

We are having issues with tire pressure and the starter on one of our cars. While it has a "turbo engine" it seems like I have to floor it to go from stop to go (like at a stop sign).

- Lisa K

It is a reliable car but small

It has been a good car and very reliable. The only problem is that for the area we live in it can be difficult to get places in the winter and I would like something a little larger.

- Jade K

The best car with the best style and technology.

I absolutely love my Jetta. It is gets great gas mileage and a smooth ride. The upkeep is also simple and fairly inexpensive. This has truly been the best vehicle I have ever owned.

- Amy M

The Volkswagen Jetta is a great, safe, and reliable car

The car is very reliable - I have owned the car for two years and had no problems with it. For a sedan, it is very spacious and comfortable for the driver and all the passengers.

- Stephanie V

An amazing vehicle. The Volkswagen Jetta is an amazing vehicle.

I have not had any problems with my Jetta. The performance of it is truly awesome. It has Bluetooth connection, cruise control, fob, w/trunk to open button. It is very reliable.

- Carolyn G

I searched for months for this specific car.

I love my car. It is very reliable and is always ready for a road trip. It has very luxurious features such as heated seats, backup camera, Bluetooth and push to start button.

- Ally H

Comfort with some blind spots.

Diesel issue, a lot of blind spots, not enough cup holders, through security no way to get in to the back of the vehicle when you lock your key in their. Comfortable driving,

- Danielle E

5 speed manual VW Jetta, 2 years after purchase I'm still in love!

The car gets excellent gas mileage. There has been no issues at any of the regularly scheduled inspections. The knob to turn on the rear passenger lights fell off easily.

- Danielle T

Volkswagen Jetta: trifecta of comfort, style, and dependability

I find the jetta to be a very reliable car. It has never broken down or had any issues and I have had it for almost 3 years now. It's great on gas and handles well.

- Alexandra D

The safety features are great and high quality.

I love that I feel safe in this car. It feel solid and has excellent safety features for my family. I think it was very affordable and I love the style and look.

- Brian C

It is a well running car other than the ac issues.

I generally like my vehicle. My only complaint is that it has ac issues that keeps it in and out of the shop. For a brand new car I find this really aggravating.

- Sarah A

The design of the 2016 model and its sleek color

It's a European car that looks really exotic, the issue I have about this type of vehicle is that it cost a lot to fix it. As well as the parts are expensive

- Natalie T

It's a pretty fuel efficient car.

The car is easy to maneuver, and J like the access it allows me to listen satellite radio. It's a small car, and the rude is not very comfortable, though.

- Deborah B

It is a great car. . . I think it is earning it is keep??.

I he safe had no problems. . Gets great gas mileage. . . I currently owned a 2014 of the same kind it have new no problems. . . Over all a great vehicles.

- Carol F

The Volkswagen Jetta is a great car!

I'm loving my Jetta! It's a smooth ride with great pick up and gets very good gas mileage. And with a 5 star safety rating, I feel safe on my new commute.

- Lori M

The gas mileage is great.

The car comes with turbo. The engine is small yet very fast. It is amazing on gas. It is very comfortable to drive and the sound system is impeccable.

- Dom L

My Jetta is extremely fast and great on gas.

My Jetta is my baby. It's extremely fast. I only have to get 1 oil change a year and have never had any problems mechanically. It's also great on gas.

- Diana R

Reliability is the most important feature.

My 1916 Volkswagen Jetta has excellent road feel besides the following: gas mileage (37 mpg), comfortable seats, excellent brakes and a backup camera.

- Philip C

It is affordable it drives great it just a great little car all the way around.

It is cute. I like the look. I like it has a backup camera. I like the Bluetooth. It is small; good on gas. There is nothing I do not like about it.

- Jennifer R

Jetta drives just as well as it is luxury upscale Audio does.

Air conditioning problem, but drives well and does well on gas. Minimal fixes. Battery and tires replaced but is a very comfortable drive not shaky.

- Christine H

It has great fuel economy and is very reliable. The look of the car is very nice and is also very comfortable.

I really like the Jetta. One of my favorite features is the dashboard display. I also love the fact that the on board navigation is always updated.

- amanda S

Big power affordable price

This car is amazing. It's like driving a fancy European high priced sports car. The speed and agility is phenomenal. The gas mileage second to none

- Raymundo S

Love my car because of these reasons.

It is really good on gas. It also has the backup camera that is an awesome thing to have. Very comfortable and spacious. The trunk is a good size.

- Angie L

It comes with OnStar, which you can activate if you like.

I love the look of the car. It is very sleek. I also love the technical aspect of vehicle. It seems as though the brakes need to be checked soon.

- Christina J

That it drives very smoothly, and is very reliable

I like that my vehicle has smooth driving. It also has bluetooth capabilities which is amazing. I wish that it had a navigation system built in

- Allesha M

It is a dependable vehicle and has very little issues.

I like that gas is cheap and it gets me where I need to go. I do not like how low to the ground it is. I think it is a pretty dependable car.

- Julia C

It's a good quality car for the price and it handles like a dream.

I wish the car had more power. As well I wish that the seats were leather. And that I had a better stereo. And i wish the pick up was better.

- Jeff M

Affordable abs good on gas and space.

It's a simple care with good features. Gets good gas mileage and has been reliable on long trips. It also is spacious for loading it up.

- Chris S

It has a 5 year warranty on it.

Good gas mileage, the color, economical. it's a newer car so its up to date. The miles are low. It is current without being over the top.

- Pamela D

The VW Jetta is Fast, smooth, easy on the eyes and wallet.

Smooth ride gives stability on the road. Easy to maneuver. Good braking system. The car is well designed, comfortable and low maintenance

- Thomas M

It is fun to drive. It is sporty with nice pickup.

It is the perfect size. I love the nav system. I like the vinyl seats. It has nice pickup, but also gets good gas mileage. No complaints.

- Mary R

Mileage and performance issues if any, also how much does it cost to maintain it in working order

No problems with the Jetta, extremely reliable, good performance, comfortable enough, not a lot of fancy features but good enough for me

- Anon A

If the car were a little bigger for passenger comfort, it would go along way.

The car is uncomfortable for long trips, otherwise it a fine car. The gas mileage is good. Acceleration and road handling are very good.

- Pedro C

That it is the car that gets me up for work in the morning.

I really like how it rides on the highway, very little bumps. I enjoy the color of it as well as the shine it has in the right light.

- Brandon J

It has decent gas mileage for not being a hybrid car

It drives well on curvy roads. The breaks aren't super sensitive. It accelerates quickly. It has a good turn radius and a nice trunk

- Yesenia J

My Jetta is Fast and Fun Yay

My Jetta is fast, fun and entertaining. I use it all the time to drive especially to drive. Driving is so fun when you have a Jetta.

- Gwyn H

All of the maintenance lines up with every 10000 miles.

Every now and again the door makes a clicking noise when opened. I have to use a star screwdriver to tighten a nut then it stops.

- Adam V

It is good on gas and it really does not give me too many problems.

It is too small. However I like that it look like a luxury vehicle and comes fully loaded. I always like that it is good on gas.

- Courtney S

The best car to buy - a great deal.

I love my car. It is reliable, dependable and I have not had any major problems with it. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

- Michele B

VW Jettas are a great reliable car. I am able to use it and feel safe when driving

I love this car because it is very reliable! I am able to park it and drive it anywhere in the city. It gets great gas mileage.

- Brittany W

Volkswagen why would you need a garage!

This car is truly remarkable. The comfort and ease of driving it never wants me to stop. Great gas mileage and great stability.

- Ray S

Handles well in all weather. Great family car. Most Bang for your buck.

I really like my car. I haven't had any major mechanical problems. It handles very well in the snow. The trunk is a nice size.

- Lee G

How safe it is and reliable it is.

I love the compact design. I love how safe it is. I like the boxy look. I do not like that people think its a college age car.

- Tracey K

It is German made, good reliable engineering.

Looks great. Good on gas. Sophisticated interior. Good acceleration. Reliable. Agile. I recommend the leather interior. Fast.

- Judy M

Great gas mileage. Great pickup enjoy how big the trunk is for such a small car.

Cup holder design in console broke and poor design prohibit repair without replacing the entire console at significant cost.

- Laura H

Fuel economy is great. 40 plus miles per gallon is the way to go

I like that I get 40 plus miles per gallon fuel economy. It is comfortable for my hour commute twice a day. It is affordable

- Randy P

Sometimes it feels like the it takes a while to get up to the speed i want to go.

I like having the back up camera. I like the technology package. I like the color. I also like the great gas mileage I get.

- Ashlyn H

Jetta are great reliable car.

Well I always wanted a car and searching years for a car I truly found it a Volkswagen no complaints which I am satisfied.

- John S

One of the most important things about my car is dependable.

I love the power that my vow Jetta has. I love all the features that it came with however, I wish it had more to no space.

- Helene E

Really good to have Jetta. Good security and speed control.

good with performance, but sometimes may hear rattling noise may be from doors. Good control on high speed. Good comfort

- navneet B

It is extremely safe and reliable. I feel VW is a very good brand.

I like the turbo boost in the engine. I like the size of the vehicle. I dislike that the headlights are not automatic.

- Jennifer D

It is a safe car and good on gas.

It is an attractive car. Good quality of sound. Smooth safe driving. Could have better speakers but overall a good car.

- Cassidy B

Maintaining it is key to life.

It is reliable and stylish. It is also good on fuel economy. It is easy to maintain. The upkeep cost is relatively low.

- Mark K

Best used vehicle feels like a luxury car!

I love my car. It handles well. I had snow tires put on and was able to get around a snowy Minnesota winter with ease.

- Alison G

It's very safe and affordable.

I love the compact size. I love the fact that it's great on gas. I love the color and style. I love the way it drives.


It is a reliable vehicle.

It is safe and reliable. The price was fair and the features included are perfect. It also looks good. No complaints.

- Jennifer C

It is has a great safety rating and good for transporting families and animals.

It is easy to drive. Very economical and fuel efficient. It is spacious and has plenty of cup holders and amenities.

- James P

It is cheaper than most cars and very lightweight.

I like that it is lightweight. However, the amount of space between the front two seats and the back are too small.

- Jessica L

Continuous to be smooth and swift even after couple of years

I like the shape of the body and pickup is good. Moonroof really gives good look . In build navigator very helpful

- Kiruthika R

It is fuel efficient and easy to navigate.

I like that my car is up to date on technology. I also like that it drives nice. I also like the look of it.

- Marissa M

Good in gas plus is very comfortable.

It's a great car, comfortable m, has a lot better f space in the trunk. It is really good in gas. I love it.

- Tatiana C

My Volkswagen is fun and reliable!

Great gas mileage ! Very comfortable and Fun to ride in. I also like the aesthetic appeal of my Volkswagen!

- Mariah S

Turbo commuting vehicle with great gas mileage

Drives great, very reliable, and performs well on highways. One of the best commuting vehicles I've owned.

- Erik M

It is great on fuel, great on the highways and handles well

I love the way it handles, the turbo boost, the great looking car it is. I feel safe driving this vehicle

- susan G

The safety features are very important to me. I have a family so it is very important.

I like the size. I like that there is air conditioning and heating. I like the color. I like the interior.

- Sarah G

It is a white car with black interior

It is super nice and dependable. Drives well and I feel safe in it. It is very comfortable and spacious.

- Morgan T

I love the Jetta, the gas mileage is amazing on it I basically never have to fill my tank up. I travel regularly to Boston and I get there on using half a tank then drive home on the rest. The ride is great it is very smooth and the steering is great as well. overall great car and very happy that I purchased it.

It has carplay so you can plug in your iPhone or other device instead of getting the navigation upgrade.

- Victoria D

volkswagens are reliable, I never have to worry when driving it.

i love that it is small and good on gas. it is easy to drive. I have not had any problems with it.

- kim S

How well it handles in the rain/snow. Also it holds up very well in an accident!

I love my Jetta. It is the perfect sized car for me. I especially love how it handles in the rain/snow.

- Judy K

It gets great gas mileage.

I like everything about my car except that it does not handle well in snow and gets stuck very easily.

- Leah T

VW Jetta - Reliable vehicle

Had issues with AC after two years. Comfortable and reliable. Good features. Great on gas and mileage.

- Irina W

Upgraded performance. LED headlights

I have a GLI model with a dual clutch transmission. It's a smooth ride with some performance upgrades

- Patrick M

It is dependable to drive and easy to care for. And there are great features.

That it's easy to care for. It's fun to drive. It's attractive. The dealership is great to deal with.

- TB G

It should always be shiny and very clean.

I love how smooth it drives. Also like that it gets 35 mpg. And I absolutely love the backup camera.

- Brittany O

It is dependable and I've not had any problems with it

dependable, attractive, perfect for work. I like the back-up camera and the 6-CD loaded system

- Liza G

I like how it looks. It is comfortable to drive. It is affordable to keep maintained.

It is affordable to maintain. It is easy to drive and looks nice. It also has great features.

- Mekia H

The car is affordable, very reliable and it handles great.

I like the comfort and handling. The affordability is great! I have absolutely no complaints.

- Stacey D

It's safe and reliable. It drives great and is an amazing car

I love the gas mileage and my automatic doors. I love how much space I have in the trunk.

- Vicky L

It gets 40 mpg on traveling the road and 32 in town.

I love the gas mileage! It is very comfortable and has a nice big trunk. No complaints.

- Shirley S

Well, I don't pay a lot of attention on what others think about my car. It is my vehicle to meet my transportation needs and that's it

I like the brand and everything it means. Safety, gas consumption, external look, etc

- Alvaro Z

It has heated seats and they are wonderful in the winter

It is all leather . Controlled temperature .Onboard navigation system . Heated seats.

- JoAnn J

I love my little Jetta. It handles well. Good gas mileage. Great sound system and the car play gives me life!!!

I practically live in that car because of traffic and fine it incredibly comfortable.

- Maggie O

it is easy and fairly inexpensive to maintain the car

it is a white four door. i like the gas mileage i get and the look of the interior

- megan v

It is a fast and sleek looking car, with luxury features.

I like that it is compact. It has great power. And the look of the car is sleek.

- John L

It's convenient and easy to drive. It's not as luxurious as my other cars, though. I like the access to satellite radio that the car provides.

It's good if you're looking for a smaller car that gets reasonably good mileage.

- Renee H

My favorite part is how solid the vehicle feels. I also like the backup camera. It makes backing out easy and reassures you that you aren't going to hit a child.

The features available make it feel like a high end car for a reasonable price

- Amanda A

jetta is more heavy than others same size car, get much better control driving, more saver

powerful and smooth, fun to drive. also get higher gas mileage, save money

- Xiaodong W

it is great to drive, it is faster than you would think

Very good on gas, is very nice to drive and never had any problems with it

- Molly M

Turbo is very quick. Transmission has a sport feature that allows for quick acceleration and gas a manual transmission feature.

Excellent gas mileage, sporty design, ample features and fun to drive.

- Alex S

It has amazing gas mileage - excellent for people who drive a lot.

I like that it has excellent gas mileage. I wish it had heated seats.

- C W

It's a fast car and fuel efficient at the same time

It's the perfect size, fast, safe and comfortable for my everyday use

- Grecia S

Just because it's a German car doesn't mean it's difficult or expensive to fix when broken

The car is very cute, not expensive and doesn't give me any trouble

- Sheree T

I like the technology on my car aka Bluetooth and the buttons on the steering wheel. I love how it drives. My only complaint is that I do like a bigger car and it is a small one.

The sport mode has a lot of pickup and go with the accelerator.

- Anna S

Economical. Sage. Roomy. Stylish. Great color and size.

I love to drive it on trips. Luxurious. Economical. Stylish.

- Jack M




the car work really well. the gas is great. it has extra power to it.

i have no complaints or any dislike. it is a good car.

- mild t

Good gas mileage to get around the city in and for taking long country rides plus it's fun to drive

Good gas mileage it's stylish small to get around in

- Carol K

The Volkswagen Jetta has good interior space and trunk capacity. It also gets decent gas mileage. The nitrogen for the tires is odd and unnecessary.

Decent size compact car, with good interior capacity

- Sonja J

I love my car! It has great gas mileage and is fun to drive. It's easy to drive as well. It is just as nice as others in the same category and not as expensive.

It is fun and has great performance. I love it!!!!!!

- Cassie A

I love how quickly heat or air conditioning turns on and how back and front passengers are usually comfortable. However on the defrost sometimes it's tricky to work well. I love the huge trunk and it responds well to brake and needing to speed. It responds very well to driver.

comfortable for ALL passengers and easy to operate

- Katrine S

It gets me from place to place.

Low maintenance. Drives well. I love VW.

- Carin W

The acceleration when merging into traffic on the highway is great.

- Ray S