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No need to choose--Volvo xc60 fits the bill for me.

The fact that this is my fifth Volvo and second xc60 should be evidence that I am pleased with both Volvos and this particular model. For me the xc60 is a good size--large enough for everything I need to have with me for my two jobs and my leisure activities of hiking and swimming but small enough to fit in most urban parking areas. I get 27-28 mpg on this model, but I kinda miss the performance of the t6 I had before (hurricane Matthew totaled my previous xc60 and I was in a rush to find a good previously-owned (never buy them new) version.

- Ginny K

Volvo xc60 fun, fast and safe.

I drive a 2012 Volvo xc60. I have thoroughly enjoyed this vehicle. I have over 150,000 miles on it and it is running great right now. I have had any issues with this vehicle. The performance is more than satisfactory. It has a 3. 2l engine. Definitely has pick-up. Handles great!

- Amanda B

Great car to buy. Very reliable vehicle.

Very reliable car. Have not had any complaints about this car. Has lots of power when needed. Ride is very good compared to others in this class of vehicles. Was a little weary about this car before I test drive it. Was really surprised about the overall design of this vehicle.

- William M

Volvo xc60: stylish comfortable and safe.

Vehicle is safe, reliable and comfortable. It is peppy and agile. It is not a gas guzzler either. Because of the age features like Bluetooth and navigation are slow. I should have purchased the top of the line with all the features given I'll drive the car 6+ years.

- Monica D

Wouldn't have any other vehicle.

I bought this vehicle because of the high safety rating. It is a smooth ride, gets good gas mileage, 20 in town and 26 on highway. It has nice leather interior, good radio and GPS. It has plenty of space in the rear seats and good storage space. I love driving it.

- Tina D

It is safe and dependable.

My vehicle is very safe and reliable. My only criticism is that it was very hard to judge the distance at first. The vehicle is very comfortable and is very spacious considering its size. I love and enjoy my truck.

- Brenda J

It's a very safe vehicle, and it's worth getting.

I love everything about my car, except that I should have bought the XC90 (for the 3rd row seating). I love the safety benefits of my car, and the handling. I feel very comfortable driving it.

- Karen B

Dependable car, solid construction. I would buy this car again.

A very dependable car. Has plenty of power for driving. Comfortable seats. Nice interior. I have had no significant issues with it. It is a bit expensive when it comes to regular maintenance.

- Dirk P

it's a high performing vehicle and is highly recommended for its class

I like the roominess of the vehicle and the seated comfort. I like the bluetooth connection, and the sleek interior. I do not like that it looks like a soccer mom car.

- Angelica H

It is reliable and good on gas.

No complaints I love everything about my car. It is fast reliable safe it drives smooth. Best of all it is great on gas and drives beautiful on long trips.

- Elizabeth R

My children are in it at least 80% of the time I'm driving, so please pay attention to the road!

I like that I feel safe. I don't like the blind spots, especially on the drivers side. I don't like the placement of the bottoms on the steering wheel.

- Jessica M

Reasonably priced compared to similar.

Rides very smooth.. Heavy solid.. Drives smooth.. Feel very secure.. Easy to use.. Leather inside has all the bells and whistles.

- Bonnie L

It is really easy to drive and drives very smooth.

It is very comfortable and easy to drive. It is durable and I've had it for a long time. It can fit a lot of things in the trunk.

- Sarah L

Safety features are hard to beat. In addition to comfort with back problems.

Performance is top of the line, without sacrificing comfort and safety. One of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned.

- Vanessa S

It is a classy very safe car!

My car makes me feel very safe. It performs excellent in all types of weather. It has a wonderful look also.

- Judith A

it is not very reliable and requires lot of yearly maintenance.

It is not very reliable, requires lot of maintenance, so you will end up spending a lot of money per year

- sindhu k

It's roomy and rides nicely. Dealing with Volvo dealerships is a little, meh.

I like the looks. I like the safety that Volvo's are known for. I also like the size.

- Allison T

Safety But does not sacrifice style.

Safe and very comfortable to ride. Beautiful yet practical designed.

- Claire R