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Safety and beauty in one vehicle.

The Volvo product line are well made, tech advanced, and very comfortable vehicles and the XC60 is no exception. It is beautiful on the outside and inside. All the controls are easy to reach and operate. The ride is smooth. This SUV rides like a sedan. It's roomy enough for 4 adults. My only complaint is the price of service, however this is my fourth Volvo so I was aware of this issue. I feel protected and comfortable and have vowed to always have a Volvo in my garage.

- Kim T

It is a safe and reliable car, while in an accident less than 50 mph, my car did not move out of its lane into more traffic.

I like the safety features of the car, including the backup camera and blind spot monitoring. I like the power in the motor, it has the ability to get up and go real fast when you need it. The eco function is a little annoying, you can feel the car start and stop when its in use. This function could have been designed a bit better, I usually end up turning it off.

- Jess L

Love my xc60, but wish I had a third row.

I love my car xc60. The seats are very comfortable and it definitely feels like luxury. I really enjoy the heat warmers during the winter. I also have a 1 year old and I know were safe in our Volvo. If I had to pick again though, I might go with the xc90 as it has a third row. I found myself wishing I had that 3rd row more than once.

- Megan D

Xc60: if Subaru and BMW had a baby.

Very comfortable, great options and performance for the price and compared to other SUVs I looked at like the Jeep s, you get more for your money. Feels very safe driving and has great safety features. Does have poor gas mileage compared to other small SUVs like the CR-V. Low maintenance and good warranty.

- Sara N

I love how I can do everything by voice command.

Haven't had it very long but it is very comfortable, plenty of room and drives great. Hoping it will be good in the snow because I live on a hill. Has backup camera, heated seats, GPS and Bluetooth. It's nice to be able to answer the phone with a touch of a button and still be looking at the road.

- Barbara A

I wish the screen was a touchscreen.

My car is extremely comfortable. I love the adaptive cruise control, it makes long road trips much more bearable because my leg does not get sore and I can move around more while driving. It is the perfect size, I have room in the trunk for furniture or any other big items that I need to move.

- Erica D

Hot seat warmers, very good in cold weather.

My Volvo xc60 is very reliable and drives smoothly. The service folks are very pleasant and efficient. I rattles a bit in the back seat seatbelt area which is very annoying but otherwise is excellent. Best car I have driven, it heats up quickly I live in the north so this is important.

- Nannette P

It is one of the safest cars on the road with an incredible reputation and it will last a long time.

This is the first time I have driven the XC60. I've had two XC90's. It's a perfect car for me now that my 16 year old has his own. We have a new baby, and safety is all that matters. However, the car is fun to drive and looks great on the road. No complaints, so far......

- Candice M

It is more safe and durable than luxurious.

Great, safe family car, but no 3rd row and have dealt with ongoing computer glitches (sensors on tires and on lane change safety. ). Otherwise it drives great, wonderful in snow. Is safe. Mid level luxury- nice but not overly plush. Nice city car but yet rugged also.

- Sally F

Perfect crossover SUV. Size is perfect for shopping runs as well as road trips.

My Volvo has been a great car. The maintenance program is good and at almost 100k miles, the car has needed nothing outside of maintenance. It still runs great, very fast when I want to drive it fast and it has kept me and my family safe for years.


Want a car that's as safe as it is beautiful: choose Volvo!

I love pretty much everything about the car. It is super stylish and such a smooth drive. But mainly, the car is tremendously safe. I had a pretty bad car accident last year, and the car basically saved my life. I love, love, love it!

- Sabrina M

It is a safe and reliable car.

It is a safe and reliable brand. I love the color, the wheels, and rims. I got a great price with zero interest. It drives very well. The dealership provides great maintenance with a great showroom to wait.

- Elizabeth B

That it has passed several safety tests. It's a very safe car for children as well as adults

Love the Volvo feel very safe driving it. If I have to complain there's just 1 thing I don't like I don't like that the hatch back is not motorized

- Julie T

If the doors are unlocked you have to double click the handle to get out.

I like the style of the car and it's a smooth ride. It could use some more features and discard others. It's been a pretty good car so far.

- Priscill W

It is a very reliable and safe car.

It is a 4-door crossover SUV. I like its modern safety features. It is easy to drive in a fairly busy suburban area. It is very reliable.

- Frank V

Has a sporty style that is perfect for carpool, and has plenty of room for storage in the back.

It runs smoothly and still works. The interior and tinted windows are too dark for my taste. Though, I love the design.

- Loren N

The car is extremely safe.

The vehicle is very safe, comfortable and high quality. The interior leather is quality as is the sound system.

- Matt N

It is an extremely safe vehicle. If you want your family to travel safely, get a Volvo.

It is well made and comfortable. It has plenty of power. The gas mileage could be better. I have no complaints.

- Larry z

That it is good on gas and a comfortable ride.

Dislike the poor gas mileage. Like the safety. Like the all wheel drive. Like the safety features and options.

- Abigail G

Volvo XC60 - a great car!!

None, this is a great car. It always has a smooth ride, and it is very sturdy. Volvo is always reliable.

- Jenny K

Second Volvo I have owned. Highly recommend this manufacturer.

It is dependable and reliable. It is easy to drive. Also has plenty of room for carrying things.

- Mike P

Safety It holds Its value. Volvo's have a long life if taken care of properly

I love how safe it is. My family of 4 fits nicely. I love the way it looks!

- Mary a

Nothing, the car is 100% safe to drive and makes feel safe

The car is safe and is a nice looking car to drive and be in

- Steve N

Safe vehicle, reliable stylish, good gas mileage as well

Reliable, safe. Stylish. Good gas mileage. Dependable

- Terry M