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I am totally in love with my Buick LaCrosse!

I love my Buick LaCrosse. Very reliable. The performance I outstanding. Very comfortable to drive it handles like a dream. There is no outside noise. And the stereo kicks. Large truck.leather seats sits comfortable.stereo controls on steering wheel along with cruise control. Sunroof adds to the well defined look along with the wheels. This car is sharp. This was my first Buick and the lacrosse has made my decision for my next car to be the same. Although that will be many years as I am still in love with my first.

- Cheryl S

The title of my review is: I love my Buick.

I like my car mainly because of the size. The back seat folds down and I can put large items through the trunk into the back seat. I also love it because it rides so smoothly. It has great accelerating speed. It has not so far needed a lot of repairs. I keep to the maintenance schedule. I also love the interior, which is leather and does not need a lot of upkeep.

- Terry L

Want a sports car but don't want to pay for sport car insurance?

Has some nice horse power but also very quiet. A sports car that isn't a sport car if that makes sense. Riding on the highway is nice and smooth. Easy to take care of and has a great style to it. Regular wear and tear at least I think so. I've never really had a lot of problems just a wheel bearing and some false sensor readings.

- Greg M

The Buick LaCrosse Comfortable, drives smooth and is enjoyable to drive.

I purchased it used loved it but as soon as I paid it off the transmission went out and numerous things began to go wrong. Most of the issues now are small oil leak, lights easily taken care of issues. I have mostly enjoyed the car.. It has all the things you need, leather seats, is very comfortable nice to take on long trips.

- Cindy D

Roomy interior & truck:).

4 door sedan, power seats, doors, side mirrors & windows, driver seat has lumbar support, ample leg & head room ( I have tall loved ones, over 6 feet in height. They are able to sit anywhere in my car comfortably). Large trunk space. Very reliable; no major repairs. I live in a mid- Atlantic state- car handles well in snow.

- Joan M

Headlights are costumed made and looks very pretty when lit.

So far I have had no problems, it is a great running vehicle, and is really great on gas, the radio plays louis and awesome and it's just so beautiful to me I love the color, the seats and my rims and everything about it, if I had to choose 1000 more cars I would honestly pick all of the 2007 Buick lacrosse they really rock.

- Sabrina S

Riding in luxury. I love the wood like trim on the console.

I think the car is comfortable for the people who are in the front seat but for the people that sit in the back there does not seem to be very much leg room hardly much at all to really sit and be comfortable for a long period of time. The leather interior is comfortable and the heat and air work great with no problem.

- Laurie A

Features compared to missing features.

It is very nice to be gently used. It does not have any of the latest features but it does have am & FM radio along with a CD player. The other features will alert you to when something is wrong and could cause more damage to the vehicle. It has power windows & locks as well as alarm system to prevent theft.

- Erica S

Low maintenance and dependable.

I love my Buick lacrosse. I get about 25 miles per gallon of gas. I have the oil changed about every 4000 miles or when the oil light goes on. It is a heavier car that I like to drive and it is very quiet. It feels like you are just floating on the highway. It is very maintenance free and very dependable.

- Virginia M

Buick Lacrosse Grey and grey interior Drives like a dream and is a great car to bring your grandchildren all over town

I love this car. It gets great gas mileage!! I am a grandma and it fits 3 car seats in the back seat. The trunk is very big which is awesome. The car rides great, so smooth! So comfort to drive in it or ride in it. We have had this car for a long time and have always got the oil changes and also tune ups.

- Dianne N

What makes this car great.

It is cute and comfortable, it gets me to and from places quickly. I recommend it for anyone looking for a car and do not know where to start. It is really reliable and can suit many people. So all in all, if your looking for a car then look into this one because this might be the one for you my guy.

- Ben F

My vehicle. And it dependability.

I have no problems with my vehicle. It however has a great deal of miles, but it is a very reliable vehicle. I rarely have to take it in for any issues. I love it however and do not think I will be departing with it anytime soon. If I do however get a new vehicle I will keep my current vehicle.

- Marcus S

It is black with sunroof with black tires.

Well first off it is 11 years old. It wasn't kept up from the previous owner so I had a lot of fixing up to do alternator, fuel pump battery and that is just to name a few. But it runs and gets me to work so I am forever grateful for that but the next car I do purchase will not be so old.

- Brian P

Buick lacrosse 2007 review of ownership.

This vehicle gets pretty good gas mileage and is very comfortable to drive and for taking long trips. I also have to get the oil changed every 3000 miles are the engine starts running really to rough. Overall this is a good and reliable transportation and would recommend to others.

- Bea L

The inside feels like home..

It belongs to my husband and he really treat that car like a person...( baby). It rides nice, the road is not problem for this car. Went to Chicago and Florida twice.. No problems at all treat the car good and you'll have no problem. Proper oil changes and things should run smooth.

- janice L

Love the vehicle. Few features bother me.

Very comfortable, love the lighting in the car, wish there was an aux cord & back windshield wiper, but nonetheless, I'm satisfied. It runs great & I have experienced little issues with the car. The seats are beige & although beautiful, it is hard to keep them clean.

- Samantha S

My Buick lacrosse 2007 review.

My car had great pep and reliability. It also offers a very smooth ride. It has had some minor electrical problems and issues with the defrost system. The gas mileage is also not great for city driving. The trunk offers a lot of storage. Leg room in the back is pretty tight.

- Joanne S

My 2007 Buick lacrosse review.

My car has a comfort ride and pep. However gas mileage is not the greatest and it is been prone to some electrical and air conditioning issues. It has a large trunk and quite a bit of room in the back seats. It is also pretty aerodynamic. The engine is also very reliable.

- Joanne S

It is a good vehicle and never had problems as of yet.

My vehicle has a good area for viewing other vehicles. It has a great heater/ air conditioner. Has great mileage so I do not need to fill it up but once a month. It has moveable steering wheel to fit it for different heights and comfort. The car seats are comfortable.

- Jae R

This vehicle gets the job done

Buick LaCrosse was a great car but now that is 12 years old I had to replace the power steering, all four tires, various light bulbs, windshield wipers, fuses, and battery. It's good on gas. Very spacious.I would recommend this car for buyers. It has served me well.

- Karla F

Smooth and reliable ride!!??.

The color of it is gold. It has tan cloth interior. Ac and heat works great with dual controls. Power seats and windows. Engine is very quiet. Haven't ever had any problems. Do not use any oil. Radio has a CD player. This car is very reliable and very smooth ride.

- Darvin D

The vehicle's seats are comfortable to an extent.

Vehicle gets good gas mileage the car is of decent size the front seats are comfortable but they wear down quickly the back seats are fairly comfortable over the road long distance trips gets great gas mileage overall the car is a great addition to our family.

- Alicia R

For the best ride. Drive a Buick!

Buick lacrosse have a smooth ride and comfortable interior. There is plenty of legroom in the back seat. They have all the bells and whistles as far as accessories go. The trunk is fairly large. Once you buy a Buick, you will always want to drive a Buick!

- Louise M

Thumbs up. This car has great comfort.

My first four door. Comfortable. Reliable. I don't have any unusual problems with this car. Its roomy, but not too big. I never imagined that I would be comfortable in a large car. I was wrong. I am really surprised about how great the stock stereo is.

- Teresa S

My Buick LaCrosse is safe - dependable - good on gas and has excellent trunk diminutions. You don't have to stand on your head to access your groceries!

Like: My Buick LaCrosse has the best grocery shopping trunk ever made. The dimensions are perfect! It's reasonable on gas. I haven't had any major repair issues. Dislike: It could be just a little bit more "roomier".

- Beth P

It is a very versatile car. It does not cost very much money in upkeep. It provides modern technology in a cheap price.

I enjoy my car because it was very affordable and came at updated technology. I was able to receive leather seats, heated seats, moon roof, controlled air conditioner, etc.. I would say it holds gas pretty averagely.

- Abby A

Remember to open the trunk before walking around to access!

Super comfortable, automatic windows and doors, one key hole safety(not even the trunk has a keyhole). Cruise control smooth driving for sure! Auto tilt seats, a must have! My favorite vehicle I have owned by far.

- Kara D

Buick Lacrosse 2007 It runs well. It is reliable with only routine maintenance costs

My vehicle has given me very few problems. It has been primarily maintenance care. It rides comfortably. I've had no major problems with it. It could use more cup holders. For the most part it os very dependable

- Penny W

That you can put oversize items in the trunk,

I like that it is very good on gas. In addition, it is a large car and I can carry 5 passengers. I like that the back seat fold down and I can put oversize items in the trunk that extends into the back seat.

- Terri M

The Buick Lacrosse is both very spacious and comfortable!

I love the color (dark blue). It is very comfortable, which is fantastic. The cabin and trunk are both spacious. However, I wish that it got better gas mileage. Also, the cabin could be quieter.

- Charles P

230K miles and still runs like a champ!

I've never owned a Buick before now but I am pleased with the overall smooth performance and great options my 2007 Lacrosse has. With over 230K miles on it it still drives and performs well!

- shawnis f

The Buick lacrosse offers a smooth ride.

This vehicle offers a really smooth ride, even with age. It also has a really strong and reliable engine. The interior is comfortable and has a lot of features. Overall, great car.

- Ethan H

I can get to where I need to go in it and that is the best I can ask for.

I like that it is durable and long-lasting. I like that I can depend on it to run reasonably well. I do not like that it is kind of ugly looking.But at least it gets the job done.

- Jason b

2007 buick lacrosse all power, luxury interior, low mileage, ,kept indoors.

Large 4 door buick.All power windows and doors.many extras such as control of everything on the steering wheel.Heated seats,air conditioning, power seat truck and windows.

- Walter R

If you treat your vehicle well it will serve you for many years.

My vehicle runs smooth and gets me where I want to go. I have had no major repairs done to my car. It has served me well and I like to keep the inside and outside clean.

- Margaret B

It gets great gas mileage! And it is the most comfortable car that i have ever owned.

I love my Buick Lacrosse and can't wait until I get to purchase my next Buick. I like the fact that it is an affordable luxury car. I also like the gas mileage I get.

- Shonna S

It has a very smooth ride.

There's nothing I dislike about it. The engine is powerful. I've several had any major problems with the vehicle. The lacrosse has a very smooth ride. Car is roomy.

- Stacy R

Great Car for Daily Driver

Very comfortable to drive. Great gas mileage. It looks like an old people car but I don't care. I drive long distance to work and it has been a great vehicle.

- christy w

It is good on gas. Has a good air conditioner and heater. Leather seats.

It is very comfortable and drives great. The only problem we have is it is so low my husband has a problem getting out of it. But overall I am satisfied.

- Norma J

It drives pretty fast. Or kids love it.

It is very comfortable, made to seat 6 people, it has OnStar, drives great, good family car. Very reliable. Love it. Great to drive lengthy trips.

- Elizabeth W

Has remote start, individual environment settings, heated seats.

Has a lot of high-end features. Runs smoothly and gets good gas mileage. Wish it had an aux or USB port input for the audio system.

- Julie l

Reliable, very little repair need.

Have loved it from the start, the Buicks are reliable cars. Love driving long trips now great car! When I buy it will be a Buick.

- Carol A

Safety features are awesome.

Dependable. Love the color. Drives nice comfortable can drive long distances and feel safe. Know to be a good. Dependable car.

- Carol W

It is reliable and can be counted on for a smooth ride.

The ride is smooth and it has held up well for many, many years. The paint job has worn well and it gets good gas mileage.

- Karen S

It has a feature that says what is wrong with it.

It is reliable, comfortable and spacious. It has 250, 000 miles on it and still runs well in the rain and snow as well.

- Laura P

Gas mileage. Type of make and model.

It gets good gas mileage but it does not always run the best. I have to change oil every 3000 miles or it will miss.

- Jay R

Buick 2007 is a very smooth ride an very comfortable for long road trips.

It is a great car and drives great I would have people try for themselves they will enjoy this car as much as we do.

- Sheila S

Very pleased with my vehicle. I will definitely buy another Buick.

No problems. Change oil, fill gas and you are done. I get 20-25 miles per gallon and rides smooth. Like a Cadillac.

- Virginia M

It has been mostly maintenance free and dependable

It handles very nicely. It has a lot of pep and responds quickly. It has been very dependable and comfortable.

- Carol M

It does have a smooth ride.

Rides smoothly. Gas mileage could be better. Needs to be realigned often or else the tires wear unevenly.

- michael M

The vehicle is nice and effective for a small family or an individual

The vehicle is very smooth in general; but it does have a less sensitive steering wheel than I am used to.

- William H

very comfortable. Spacious trunk

very reliable.very comfortable. easy to get parts. Easy to find capable mechanics when necessary. smooth

- tom c

It is sturdy and drives smoothly.It is well designed

Good drive. It is the second one I bought. Problems with the air conditioning. Otherwise, very leased

- vic m

It is a great all around car and it is comfortable and powerful.

Like the V6 3.8 liter engine and the extremely comfortable seats. Dislike body styling and poor mpg.

- Joshua C

It's very dependable and safe on the road. I keep it well maintained

Very smooth ride and comfortable. Well made with v6 engine. Nice looking design.

- Stacy L

It has all the bells and whistles. the BIG 3.something engine gets me away from lights fast. Has a big trunk, comfy. Still has the CD player. Complaints, the sensors go and it is more expensive to fix than a smaller car. The chrome wheel covers pit and need to be filed and sealed.

The one thing........I drive it. It looks great, is comfortable and drives well.

- Mar G

It is attractive and easy to drive and people compliment me on it

I like the style and size of it! I have some trouble with using the cd player

- Lesley W

That it is American made and is a high quality and appeal

Luxury feel to it at a more affordable cost to own or buy

- Charlie A