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Or Cadillac srx all in all we love the ride, comfort and look of our car.

We really like the size and comfort of our 2013 Cadillac srx. We had a hitch installed along with an electric brake, bought a 17 ft camping trailer new and use the Cadillac to tow it in the summer months. We installed anti sway bars and do not even know the trailer is behind us..The inside of the Cadillac is very roomy and is a perfect size for me and my wife and little dog. The only issue we have had is the paint in a small area on the front of the hood is bubbling up and we were told that it is because the hood in aluminum and its a reaction with the paint and that they will do nothing about it. I have 60 thousand miles on it and just replaced the front brakes and rotors along with a fresh oil change and filter.

- Walter E

Pros and Cons Cadillac SRX

The Cadillac Cue system Haptic touch screen goes out easily and doesn't last. The Nav system has never worked and the seat memory will not work. The transmission doesn't feel right, it jumps and is sluggish. The stopping/brakes are not good. The hatchback struts go out all of the time. The headlights are terribly dim. All Chevy headlights (the same) were recalled but Cadillac's were not. The SUV is made for my body though. I'm short and all of the other vehicles were terribly uncomfortable. I can't see over the hood, etc. in the others.

- Tina M

The comfort and convenience of a Cadillac srx.

Overall, my Cadillac is a reliable and smooth car to drive and one of my absolute favorites. The leather seats prevent any spills or stains from settling which comes in handy for large families or those who have young children. On cold days, the seat warmer replaces the need for a blanket and lessens the amount of clutter in your vehicle. As far as problems, the car itself seems to have a few sensor malfunctions but overall works fine with few trips to the mechanic and/or electrician.

- Beth M

Lots of storage room. Rides very smoothly.

For the most part we have been very happy with this vehicle. Have not had any major problems. Have had to replace the touch screen radio/GPS/ driver information center. Unable to use the touch screen. Has been annoying and costly. Speedometer goes weird on long drives. The needle goes all the way around to fastest speed. Looks like you are doing 170mph, when you are doing 60 per the digital. Otherwise no complaints.

- Daryl Ann J

In line with my previous statement, know that if you purchase a Cadillac, you should take comfort in knowing that your vehicle will be cared for during periodic services.

I am happy with the comfort and reliability of my Cadillac. The service department is probably one of the best I've encountered over the past 30 years of owning a car. That said however, I purchased the car used. I did not do my due diligence when considering this particular vehicle. I did not discover until 8 months of owning the vehicle that there was no spare tire/spare tire compartment for the car.

- Hubert B

2013 Cadillac srx luxury.

The Cadillac srx is a luxury vehicle. The motor in it is amazing speed is great quality & the features are awesome. As well as the open space in the back seats lay down & you have even more space. The TV screen is not so great it's ran by touch & stopped working about a year after I purchased the car. Tried the factory reset option and it did nothing to correct the issue. Touch screen still is not working.

- Kayla L

Great gas mileage but missing the mark on a few things for a mom on the go!

Although my vehicle has great mileage, I don't like that there aren't enough cup holders! Yes, that's what's important to me. Love my panoramic sunroof as well. I only wish that the media connection from my smartphone was easier to do. Another thing I wish it had was that actual mileage I had left once my fuel tank was on empty. Other than that, I love the features and it's enough room for me.

- Shelby G

Some of the best features are the ones you never knew you needed.

The SUV is very spacious and comfortable. The lumbar support and adaptive cruise control are great for long car rides. Heated seats and steering wheel are also great for the winter time. Gas mileage isn't great, but isn't terrible either. Overall a very reliable and trustworthy car. Easy to handle in all weather conditions. Plus Cadillac themselves are great to work with.

- Alexandra K

Great and reliable everyday car!

I really like my car. It's pretty good on gas, in the last year I didn't have to do anything to it other than regular maintenance and it offers me a really nice ride. I love the huge sun/moonroof and the comfortable seats. It has a great interior and the dashboard is very practical and looks great. It has 2 hidden compartments that I find really cool!

- Juliet G

Riding in style with Cadillac.

I have had my car two years with little to no repairs needed. Performance is great. It is a very comfortable ride. I love the Bluetooth connectivity, cue system and high end features like the hand stitched leather and wood grain. I have driven the newer version of this car and I feel as though Cadillac downgraded the quality of its features.

- Ashley W

Great car but bad fuel economy

I love the heated seats and steering wheel. The air conditioned seats are great as well. The size of my sunroof is more than I ever expected! There are only 2 things that I feel need improvement. Talking to the car for phone and radio takes forever and it has a hard time understanding me. Gas mileage! This thing can guzzle gas!!

- Lisa M

Vehicle that has everything you need.

Great looks. Easy handling. Smooth ride. Roomy. Nice color. Great fuel mileage. Interior very nice. Great technology with duper sounding radio speakers. Love the oversized sunroof and no blocked vision problems. Have had no me mechanical issues at all and also has a great back up camera with great backing protection.

- Brenda L

Overall this is a good vehicle

The vehicle has a smooth drive. However, parts normally cost above average. Gas mileage is mediocre. I purchased it off a lease so it was kept up, but still pricey for being 3 years old. It is nice that the seats lay down for lots of storage room. The leather seats are easily torn and are costly to replace.

- Heather N

Great luxury car but uses gas like a tank!

The only complaint I have is that it uses too much gas. The seats are comfortable, leather, all electric. With heat! The stereo is Bose. So that is awesome! Great for road trips. The console keeps everything close. And the touch screen controls everything from navigation to radio, CD and am/Sirius radio.

- Ashley V

It rides nice and has lots of storage

Rides very nice. Has lots of good safety features. Only complaint is the GPS can't understand me and costs over $100 to update whereas it should come with lifetime updates. When I try to put an address into the GPS, the space bar does not work so I can't enter an address and it doesn't understand us,

- Gar Z

Low maintenance, Sturdy, reliable, and smooth ride.

I love my Cadillac SRX, the level of comfort is unmatchable! The eco always me to burn less gas which is beneficial for when I drive to work since I'm driving 50 miles per day. The screen is very sleek that controls all the radio, call and other technology features. This car has been my Best Buy yet!!

- Carolyn J

Overall a great car that is reliable.

Overall a great car. It is dependable and does well in the snow. The Bose speakers sound great and add a nice touch to the interior. The safety features are super helpful, especially the rearview camera. I like how I can close the trunk with a push of a button. Great looking car with awesome features!

- Vanessa S

Summary of my caddy; great features and safety

My vehicle is Reliable and comfortable. It has Low mileage and safe. It has good safety features. Good tires. Good audio speakers. Heated seats. Heated steering wheel. Automatic remote start. Four door and front wheel drive. Got a sunroof. Installed a hitch so I can hook up a semi trailer on it.

- Jon P

Perfect for the frequent traveler

The Cadillac SRX is a very comfortable vehicle to drive. The adjustments to the seats are great. Quiet ride, hands free phone, awesome stereo. Lots of room for packages, or hauling your personal stuff. I loaded my car with plenty of boxes when moving. Fold down back seats for those long objects

- Denise O

I love the touch screen radio.

The headlights allow moisture in on the model I have so my low beams do not work. Other than that I really have no complaints regarding my car. There are things I wish it had. Such as a sunroof and heated seats. I also wish it had a button in the back so that the door closed on its own.

- Stephanie P

Love the OnStar feature, makes me feel safer.

I live this car because it is so dependable, also if something goes wrong it is so easy to fix. Also love the look of this car. This car drives very smoothly and I feel safe in this car, it actually drives well in the winter. There are quite a few extra features that come with this car.

- Pam S

Very smooth ride, luxurious feel to it.

It is a reliable car, only issues really is the touch screen had to be replaced twice, and the seat heater no longer works. Smooth ride, strong, fast, safe. It takes regular gas, it is a 6 cylinder engine, can fit 5 but 4 is most comfortable. Ample trunk space for a vehicle this size.

- anthony L

The car has impeccable braking, faster than any I have seen.

I love the braking system for my car. It can stop very quickly and smoothly, no jerking or pulling. The car has a very quiet and smooth ride and has good vision everywhere. The car uses regular gasoline and gets good mileage in the city and open road. Great sound system.

- Ed K

The vehicle isn't for someone looking to save gas mileage or the environment. It was built to be a big comfortable tank.

I enjoy the comfort and luxury of the vehicle. However, when it comes time for regular checkups and even repairs it must be taken to only an authorized dealer as other mechanics say it is to difficult to work on or they don't the equipment for this type of vehicle.

- kathryn m

The repairs are very expensive at the dealership.

I like the sleek style. I like the heated leather seats and Bose radio. I like that it is a very comfortable ride, smooth and quiet. I dislike Cadillac's customer service and the cost of repairs. The broken touch screen is a common issue and there is not a recall.

- Amy B

Good running car to have!

The Cadillac srx is a great car to have with all the features. As far as indicators to let you know if there is vehicles next to you. The backup cameras of essential. All the hands free system is a great feature to have specially when you are driving in traffic.

- Edward M

It's an incredibly comfortable vehicle and its crafted with quality all the way through.

I love the software suite on the Cadillac's. The comfort of the Vehicle is amazing as well. Great power for a crossover vehicle. Good looking vehicle and my favorite of the crossover vehicle looks. Navigation is a little slow to activate is my only complaint.

- Matthew B

Classy car with lots of options.

I haven't had any issues with my car. I love it. It is a smooth ride, easy to handle. It has every option you could want. , including heated seats, double moon roof, cooled glove compartment, navigation, etc. It looks very classy and is very dependable.

- Amanda R

Comfortable to drive short and long distance.

Blind spot on front passenger seat near windshield. Touch screen will probably need to be replaced after 5-6 years. Comfortable seating in front, back seat can be small if front seats are pushed back all the way. Cargo space is sufficient for hauling.

- Sharon C

Not bad however not a winner

Crossover has good engine with great pick-up speed however has a lot of blind spots. Drivers seat is comfortable with electric controls to adjust but the passenger is manual. For a Cadillac it should all be electrical. Size is good for mid-size too.

- Tracee W

Takes a long time to pick up speed.

I feel like it does not pick up speed quickly other than that the car is nice. to maintain upkeep is really costly especially when you take it to the dealership. I have found out that everyone can not work on cadillac.

- Nicole K

Sturdiness and reliable. Having 2 small children and knowing my SRX will keep us safe is a plus.

I love the size, not to large and not too small. It's high enough above the ground. The only thing I don't like are the lights. VERY dim even after changing them to HID lights. Gas mileage is average but still ok.

- Connie V

It's comfortable and I like driving it around town and to and from work.

I love the luxury of the vehicle, very comfortable, very quiet and smooth riding on the road, however I wish it was more energy efficient and had better gas mileage as most of my driving is short-term commutes

- Wendy D

Flex-fuel makes a difference.

My car has so many great features. It has a smooth ride. The luxury of a Cadillac is distinct from others. Good on gas as I have a flex-fuel model. The SUV style allows for comfort both front and back.

- Mari E

It is so easy to drive with all of it is features.

My car is really great it has amazing features such as rear view camera which comes in handy for backing up. It also has easy controls and hands free system I love the Bluetooth connection.

- Alex A

It rides like "butta". The ride is smooth. It is very quiet. I waited a long time to be able to purchase a Cadillac and I have not been disappointed.

I love my SRX. The luxury is beyond words. The heated seats in the winter is such a luxury. I feel spoiled. We had issues with the back up camera, but it has since been resolved.

- kim c

There is a blind spot on the passenger side.

Some blind areas when checking on traffic on the passenger side. Touch screen had to be replaced after 4 years, driver seat motor had to be replaced after 3 years.

- Sharon E

It's got a blind spot in the front left side due to a wide pillar.

I like the comfort of the ride on the highway, but not so much on streets. Gas mileage at 24 mpg is a good thing. I enjoy the comforts and amenities in the car

- Steven M

Driving is great, heated seats and the map feature.

I like the comfort, style of vehicle, gas mileage, and all the extras. I dislike that the radio shorted out the electronic panel and the size of the vehicle.

- Debbie J

Handles very well on the road excellent on gas mileage.

Very comfortable, fairly good gas mileage. Great interior room nice heated seats and steering wheel. Good headroom. I dislike that the steering is stiff.

- Kathy D

it's very safe and drives very smooth no issues whatsoever

I love my car no issues runs great smooth ride love the color dealership was awesome no problems with them at all will drive my car for a few more years

- lynn a

It's a CADDY. I especially like that the car is heavy. I don't want to feel like I would be squashed like a bug if hit by another vehicle.

I love my car. It has no problems. It is fun to drive, the screen on the dash is quite large and easy to see. There is plenty of room in the trunk.

- Georgia G

my Cadillac srx is a great automobile that has a great bose audio system and easy road handling

m car has a great braking system that allows extra quick stops. It has great acceleration and yet gets excellent gasoline mileage

- Edward K

The brakes are great and react quickly and smoothly.

I like the way it rides and responds. I also like that it uses regular gasoline. The ride is smooth and it handles potholes well.

- ED K

Dependable, reliable, great gas mileage, family car, sporty.

Drives smooth/need more room/love the leather seats, style, color, XM radio, moonroof, type, gas mileage, quietness, classy.

- Lindsay A

I absolutely love my Cadillac.

Comfortable seats, nice leather, carpet, amenities wood accents electronic features back up camera sound system wheels rims.

- Deb D

Rides great, gas mileage is manageable

rides nicely, seats could be more comfortable & I don't care for the cue system that operates the radio ,heat etc

- steph h

I am in my 50's it is easy to get in and out of this car

No problems with my car. I love my Cadillac i would recommend this car to anybody. Smooth ride and lots of room

- Sherrie G

Modern, luxury Sporty family car with nice amenities

Likes: luxury interior, sunroof, seat comfort, exterior design. Dislikes: faulty operating system, no headroom.

- Ashley O

Touch screen radio with Sirius radio

Leather interior, four doors, on star capable, serviced regularly, smooth ride, good gas mileage, looks smart

- Linda D

Its four door great on gas and totally a beast.

No complaints. At all the ride is very smooth.. Gas consumption is adequate.. The ride is very comfortable.

- Stuart S

It is very luxurious and the best vehicle I have ever had

Had Mercedes and Bmws now first Cadillac and it is the best. Would never go back to any other vehicle.

- Ron S

It's stylish & rides smooth. I love how well it handles.

I love how my Cadillac rides. I feel important & comfortable in it. It makes my ride very enjoyable

- Ann C

It's a luxury ride with enough space for a family and luggage as well

I love my vehicle. It's so luxurious and easy to handle. Smooth ride with just enough space

- April M

It's pricey but very luxurious but also worth the price.

No complaints. Very sporty and easy to maneuver. Gas mileage is okay.

- Molly M

Sporty not granny, comfortable, quiet on the road, safe, well made. I wish there was just a little more room in the back seat.

How to properly start and turn off the car. Can be a learning curve.

- Brittany C

Nice look and nice features, very comfortable in a long distance drive. I like all the electronics.

It drives great. Nice features. Very safe vehicle. Looks great

- Ronald S

Lots of awesome bells & whistles. Comfortable and classy look

Quality vehicle. Ride is smooth and roomy. Very nice to drive

- Carrie H

I purchased it mainly as my family vehicle with children in mind. It is not child friendly. The space inside the vehicle is too tight of a space, my son's car seat barely fits and I have to scoot my seat ridiculously to the front in order for my son to have adequate space for his feet not to hit the back of my seat. The middle section of the back seats doesn't accommodate to a car seat. The clasps are too far apart for my sons seat to be secured in the middle. I also dislike that a rearview camera isn't standard. I purchased the basic SRX, and I am constantly questioned why not even the basic SRX has the rearview camera installed if the simple Honda's all have it standard.

It is a good quality made car and it ranks high in safety.

- Yoana P

It's a luxury car. I like the way it handles. Like the tires

It sits up higher. Very comfortable. I like the color.

- Steven V