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Family-Friendly Vehicle with lots of room to grow!

My Durango has been a great family vehicle with plenty of room for our family of 5. Being an older model, it does not have the technological features of more modern cars, but in looking to purchase a newer car, I know many features are available today. I do wish there was more ease in using the third row, both getting to it and raising and lowering their seat. I haven't had any major issues with the Durango, however there have been several small issues that upon researching, I found were common with Durango's; issues with the radiator, small holes forming on the upper fuel line at the gas tank opening, and the EGR valve. It was also recalled for both the driver and passenger side airbags, but those were replaced at no cost at our local dealership. Overall, this has been a quality car that I would consider purchasing a newer model of, especially for the size and availability of a 3rd row.

- Emily R

Review of my Dodge vehicle: 32 years of owning Dodge vehicles: happy customer.

I love my Dodge Durango it is a very reliable and roomy SUV with 3rd row seating that is folding up and down so when your not using it you have the extra room for storage to use for moving things or shopping. The car vehicle has not nickel and dimed me in repairs, I have always purchased doge vehicles for their reliability. The only problem I have found with particular model is that for some reason fumes seem to leak out near the gas tanks and all 2006 Durango’s that I have seen have rusting near the gas tank and reviews that I read online state the same complaint but other than that I am always completely happy with all my service with my local Dodge dealers sales and service with my Dodge Chrysler vehicles.

- Roxanne J

Good, reliable vehicle with size and comfort just right for you.

It is a good reliable vehicle. It is a good size for what I need it do with can be anything from taking road trips with friends to swinging into town to get feed. It is comfortable with adjustable seats and temperature controls that can be controlled by driver or passengers in the back seats. It is my first vehicle and I am very happy with it. There does tend to be some sensor issues and occasional minor maintenance especially with the age the vehicle. There might have been one major issue over the 3 years I have owned it. Gas mileage is ok. It has 2 rows of back row seats that are easy to fold down. Overall a very nice vehicle to own.

- Kari Y

2006 dodge Durango slt 4x4 3rd row seating and DVD player.

My 2006 dodge Durango slt 4x4 is an amazing vehicle for my family. It has 3rd row seating which is extremely handy for transporting the 8 people in my family! I wish it had top tether anchors in the 3rd row to accommodate forward facing car seats however it is not a deal breaker as we still rear face 2 of 4 car seats. The built in DVD player is an absolute lifesaver with the older kids! Overall it is a very safe family vehicle it works well for our family and has held up well against the 8 of us. The heat and air conditioning reaches even the 3rd row pretty well. It is a spacious great family vehicle. I love my Durango!!

- Casey F

Plenty of room for the whole family!

I love that my family of 4 can fit comfortably in it, and if I have my nephews we can pull the 3rd row seat up and have plenty of room! The temp controls are easy to use and the rear of the truck has its own controls to ensure everyone is comfortable. In the cargo area there is a hidden compartment to hold tools and other necessary items. The only problem I have had is my check engine light comes on occasionally and when we get it diagnosed it indicates that there is a problem with the passenger airbag. We have had this looked at by a mechanic and the problem is not resolved.

- Jessica F

A surprising long life of a dodge Durango.

I have only had two annoying issues with my truck. While in reverse, if I turn my wheels too tight the engine will shut off and I cannot fill the gas tank, the gas hose does not register it is full. She has been a good vehicle. She has not been kind to her but she can handle road trips, kayaking trips, and camping excursions without breaking down or getting stuck in the mud. I didn't realize until last year that the spark plugs had never, ever, been changed. Surprised she didn't die but she definitely ran better. Fyi, she was bought used in 2012.

- Kate M

Love my 2006 dodge Durango!

When you fill the gas tank, it shoots fuel out at you for no reason. This then causes a rusting issue beneath the gas cap. Overall I love my dodge Durango. It is a smooth ride, gas mileage is not terrible for the size of the vehicle and super comfy. I am able to comfortably fit 3 adults and a large car seat and load the trunk with the third row down stuffed to the max. Highly recommended though around 175,000 miles we are noticing the transmission is starting to slip. Be wary of high mileage and transmission issues.

- Rebecca M

One great thing about my SUV is the radio. The speakers are amazing.

My SUV rides smooth. It seats 8 people and has a third row seat. It drives great I have not had any problems out of it. Everything seems to work on it ,air conditioning works ,heater works has very good air .I haven't really tested the heater yet . Seems to be reliable very with comfortable seating and good cushioning. Has Good shock absorption. The only problem that I had with it is it rattles a little bit when you first start it for like 2 seconds and then it stops By far the Durango is my favorite vehicle.

- Katrina B

The only thing. They need to make it for country driving and safer.

There is blind spots it might be ok for taller people but short people I do not recommend this vehicle I live on a gravel road and the washboards that we call them is dangerous because you hit them the back end of the vehicle wants to sway to the ditch winter time is really bad the transmission we are having trouble with the comfort is not that great there is a lot of room that is the only good part I hope this is ok I just hate this vehicle and it also needs running boards.

- Esther F

My road buddy. He's been good and faithful.

Problems were due to normal wear and tear as we use our car quite a lot. Pretty reliable and comfortable. With regular oil changes and tune ups we are still enjoying our 2006 Durango. Making sure to check the tires, and brakes helps keep our Durango running very well and quite smoothly. I like the roominess of our trunk space, and of course we put the back seats down for extra room for storage or when transporting coolers and BBQ food stuffs for family picnics.

- Liz L

The engine is amazing. It is powerful and runs very smooth.

My Durango has been extremely reliable. It always performs well and needs minimum maintenance. The air conditioning always keeps it cool in the summer and the heat always keeps it warm in the winter. The 4 wheel and all wheel drive options are reliable and have never let me down. It handles well and is very comfortable to ride in on a long drive. This has been my favorite vehicle so far and I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to anyone looking for a vehicle.

- Matt S

Our Durango is clean inside and output

The Durango is a wonderful vehicle. We have yet to experience real problem with it even tho we have it for two years. The cars only downside is had consumption. I dislike the fact that we spend so much money on just gas. Only routine maintenance and oil changes have needed to be done. The size is perfect for my family and the seats are wonderfully comfortable. The sound system is superb and the engine is strong and gets up to sites very fast

- Amber B

The awesome motor under the hood.

Love that it has a Hemi motor and has lots of get-up-and-go power under the hood. Enjoy the heated seats but think you could install a heated steering wheel. Like that the four back seats fold down completely for lots of cargo space. Would be cool if rear hatch window would roll down. Passengers enjoy the DVD player but could use some upgrades such as a back seat charging stations, heated seats, ashtrays & bigger cup holders.

- Nicole F

Over 100,000 Mike's and still no serious problem

My Durango has a little bit over 100,000 miles on it, and it still runs like a champ. I haven't had to do much besides of course a few tune ups and oil changes. I travel back in forth from Sacramento to San Francisco a few times a week for work, and I have never had any serious problems with it. Wonderful family car for trips to a vacation or in our case, very spacious for our grocery shopping. Amazing car overall.

- Elizabeth C

Smooth and comfortable ride

Very smooth ride and comfortable on long trips. Kids enjoy the DVD player and they can control the temperature in the back. We love our heated and powered leather seats. We also love the 3rd row seating and still has some room for luggage in the back. Love how the cargo door opens with a touch of a button. Makes unloading or loading so much easier. Pulls our enclosed trailer with no problems.

- Joni D

Dodge Durango Recall of faulty gas tank indicator

The mechanism that shuts off the gas pump when the tank is full is faulty. The body around where you put the gas in is rusted out. Upon further research, it was discovered that there was an unpublicized recall to fix the problem. However most Dodge dealerships don't know about it and you won't be reimbursed for the body damaged incurred due to the gas overflow

- Diane H

My dodge Durango is a gas hog.

It goes through a lot of gas, needs a tune up, and the ac and heater don't work great. It has plenty of room for my big family to be comfortable. My kids love how easy the seats go down. Besides being a gas hog it's really nice vehicle but driving from Tulsa to Afton every other week takes $40 in gas each trip when my Honda civic would only take $20 in gas.

- Jennifer S

Reliable 2006 Dodge Durango

There seems to be a rust issue around the trim of the back tires, I've noticed this on a lot of Durangos with this same body type. Not the best on gas mileage. Runs really well, very reliable. I never have to worry about it not starting up, even in cold weather. As long as you keep up on the regular maintenance, it doesn't give me too many problems at all.

- April B

The back windshield wiper and the big windshield.

My Dodge Durango is for me it runs great I love it if I have to trade for like to get something like it. It is reliable I have had some recalls on it the airbag and something to do with the steering it is gray I like the color I like the back windshield has the windshield wiper the front windshield is nice and pig I can see the whole front of the car.

- Pamela R

Love my Dodge Durango. . . Hemi’s for life.

I absolutely love my Durango. We bought it used with 40, 000 miles and we have kept up with the maintenance on it. This has been one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. It is reliable, roomy, easy to drive and just plain amazing! We can travel with our family of five to anywhere, you can tow, carry luggage on top or even add to the hitch.

- Rachel N

Great family car with minor issues.

My Durango had been very reliable. I have not had an major issues with it. Only the usual wear and tear. There is a lot of space for a large family. There are some issues with the gas tank. I cannot top off at a gas station without gas spraying out because there is no sensor. I heard this is common for that year although there is no recall.

- Sam N

Dodge Durango power truck.

Vehicle very reliable and spacious. Great 4 wheel drive and a strong vehicle. Not great on gas. Great traveling truck. No touch screen but has a TV for the kids. Overall this is a great family truck. Plenty of room for storage and powerful. Got good pick up and can pull a thon. Four out of five. I would consider purchasing a new one.

- Ruben R

Reliable Beast, no issues but I command a presence on road and easily seen.

Still rides nicely and I have had absolutely no issues with major repairs necessary. Only normal wear such as tires and battery. The size is impressive and makes me feel safe, but it is quite a gas guzzler. The inside is a little tight. It's more utilitarian than a luxurious comfortable ride but still comfortable enough for travel.

- Christi P

My Durango- was made for me and my personality.

This vehicle rides very comfortable and is good on gas and I can seat up to 6 passengers easily with plenty of legroom and still have space for luggage and grocery it is good for long distance trips gas mileage is very good interior is beautiful exterior is a beautiful gray shade I also have technology with a stereo with remote.

- Althea F

2006 Dodge Durango: gas hog.

It's a gas hog! I do like its ability in cold snowy weather. It's a very safe feeling drive. It is just way too expensive to fill with gas every week. I have to fill it an average of once a week in town. I do like the hatchback and the 3rd row seating option. Overall, I love the vehicle but just almost can't afford to drive it.

- Madison C

Lots of seating and storage space!

I love everything about my 2006 Dodge Durango. Not only does it comfortably seat 8, but both the second and third rows fold down for more than ample loading space. My V8 hemi also comes with cylinder deactivation, making my Durango also very reasonable on gas mileage. I would only trade my Durango in for another Durango!

- Michelle P

The transmission slips when going into 3rd.

It is a V8 it is a gas hog, 3rd row seating, has rust but a good body besides the rockers. Loves going offloading. Got a couple dents in hood from ice falling on it with previous owner. Rear hatch does not open, not sure why, we bought it like that. All 4 new tires. New struts. Needs an oil change. It is an overall tank.

- Chelsea H

Longest car I have ever owned.

I have had my Dodge Durango since ‘06, bought it when it only had 6 miles on it-currently it has over $200k! We have maintained it very well, always done oil changes and suggested mileage maintenance. Did have to replace the transmission last year, but it has been a solid car for our family all of these years.

- Lindsey N

My Dodge Durango. A fun SUV to drive!

I love the third row seating for my family trips so everyone has room. I love the heated seats. I love that the second row seats have its own air conditioning settings. The stereo is awesome. It's super fun to drive! The only thing I hate is the gas mileage! Terrible gas mileage because it has a v8 hemi motor.

- Sarah O

2006 Dodge Durango Review!

My Durango is great!! It's old so I have had a couple of problems with the check engine light coming on, battery problems, and temperature of my engine but it has been all fixed and good now! Great car and very spacious!! It has 8 seats and I chose the Durango with a hemi 5.7 L engine so it's got some get up.

- Katrina K

I think it is safe. I was in a serious accident where the ther drive T boned my car on the drivers side door and I was relatively not injured.

I like that it has a third row of seating. It is also nice that the third row seats stow away so I can still use it for cargo space. I like the features of my car, but it is starting to show its age. It doesn't have new features, including the ability to connect to a smart device for phone calls or music.

- Donna G

The Big Red Machine and All of Its Problems

Had the previous owners not treated the car so poorly, I would have nothing bad to say about it. My check engine light goes on and off all the time for no reason, my weather stripping won't stay on, and sometimes the entire control panel stops working unless you turn the car off and back on.

- Emma L

A very comfortable and reliable car

My 2006 Dodge is a fantastic car that I have had for years. It is a very comfortable car with wonderful seats that can be adjusted. The screen on the car is also great as it can be used very easily to change stations and also make calls. Overall it is a great car and it's very reliable.

- Misty W

Dependable transportation

I have not had any serious problems with this Durango. There have been and currently have one issue with it. I need to have the catalytic converter replaced to it will pass emissions and I had to replace the ignition switch some years ago. Other than that it has been a very good vehicle

- Reginal T

Dodge Durango is bad on gas.

My 2006 Dodge Durango is terrible on gas. I have to drive a half hour to school and a half hour back twice a week. Plus work, driving my brothers around & running errands & sometimes I am putting up to $80 if not more a week worth of gas in my car. It is not good on my bank account.

- Nicole M

2006 Dodge Durango updates. My 2006 Dodge Durango has a new a/c compressor.

My SUV is a 3 seat vehicle. I just added an compression and it is running great. Plus, I am really thinking about signing up with car shield. My SUV does have over hundred thousand mile, but I make sure that it is up to date in it's mechanical. Finally, I purchase 4 brand new tires.

- Felicia W

Our favorite part of this vehicle would definitely have to be the DVD player.

My vehicle is a 2006 black dodge Durango, with tinted windows, heated seats, and also a DVD player that my kiddos enjoy! It does not get the greatest gas mileage, however it suits our large and growing family. We all love our family vehicle and hope that have it for years to come!

- Sierra S

It is fully loaded with 76, 00 miles. It is family friendly and a good investment.

We have a Dodge Durango 2006. It is a v8 with excellent performance. We purchased it used for under 5, 000. It is fully loaded with DVD player. It has 3 row seating with fits our family perfect. It is a pretty blue color and very attractive SUV. It has 76, 00 miles when purchased.

- Shelly B

Best Durango. Family Oriented and powerful

Great on Gas, spacious runs great. The DVD player keeps the kids busy while on the road. Great handling very minor drawbacks. Pleather seats, front and back air conditioning. Power driver seat. Easy tuck away back seat and back seats. Power option on the back. And hitch install.

- Tomas L

It is a gas hog but is comfortable to ride in.

It is a gas hog. It is very roomy and very comfortable. There’s a sensor in the gas tank that makes the check engine light stay on but does not need to be replaced to keep the vehicle running well. Very reliable. Nice spacious hatch for hauling or everyday grocery shopping.

- Brooke S

The Durango, something to look forward to

My Durango has had a jingling sound and a loud whine coming from the front Tires. Plus I have a evaporation code that keeps popping up, yet can't be found. It is 2 wheel, 4 wheel drive. The gas mileage could be better. And it goes through lower ball joints every 6 months.

- John J

my car has extra tires and adjustable seats

my car runs good but has minor fixing up. It is 6 cylinder & drives smooth. check engine lights on but not much to fix the problem. I absolutely love that it has 7 seating and cool a/c in this sunny state. I recommend to buy this car because it is such a great car.

- Ashley D

Great strong vehicle with lots of room

Great vehicle. Mine has over 100,000 miles & still runs great. Only replacement I've had to make is the AC compressor as it was locking up and causing the car to stutter while at idle. Other than that, no problems. I change the oil every 3,000 miles. Great vehicle.

- Christie F

Why I love my Dodge Durango.

My Dodge Durango is an XLT 2006 model. It has 175, 000 miles and has been a great car. It still rides beautiful and I love the all-wheel drive. I also love the size of the car. It is big enough to carry up to 8 people but I can also carry multiple things in the back.

- Annette J

Dodge Durango: ruler of the road.

It is a Dodge Durango 2006 v8. The car is in excellent condition with 76, 000 miles. It is dark blue with leather seats. It is fully loaded with a DVD player and heated seats. It has two previous owners. The cost was 76, 000. It has Goodyear tires and runs excellent.

- Shelly B

Dodge Durango are the way to go.

It drives good comfortable seating it seats 8 people it's a great family car its ok on gas if you fill it up I would recommend car to anyone with a big family or starting a family it has electric windows and locks be great for family vacations and to buy groceries.

- Noel P

Dodge Durango is a wonderful family car.

My Dodge Durango has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It is comfortable and has room for my entire family. I love the third row seat that can be folded down for more storage room. I have had very little repair work and the maintenance is pain free.

- Sherry B

Dodge Durango is great for whole family.

My Dodge Durango is a very reliable vehicle. Gas mileage could be better. It has enough room for the whole family and it great for all types of weather. Maintaining the vehicle is fairly simple. Tires may be a little pricey due to the size of the tires and SUV.

- Rachel W

It has a hemi which makes it have lots of power and 4×4.

I love my Dodge Durango even though it is a gas hog. It has lots of room for if you have kids. It's got 6 CD changer and sunroof which is my favorite for the summer time. It also has a DVD player with flip down screen for the back which is also great for kids.

- Nicole A

2006 Durango is a wonderful vehicle, whether it's for work or family.

My Durango is very roomy and spacious even though I'm over 6 feet tall, as well as my boyfriend. It gets decent gas mileage for it being a six cylinder. The one I have features a DVD player and TV screen in the back that will be helpful when we have children.

- Elizabeth W

My awesome, dependable, reliable Durango

It's hard on tires and struts. I love the 4 wheel drive I never get stuck anywhere. It's really good on gas. I think it is a very dependable vehicles built to last. The third row seating is awesome as I haul around my 4 grandchildren and there's room for all

- Georgette G

It's a very good family car.

I like the design of the interior, and I like the reliability on the road. What I dislike is the small storage space in the trunk/back because I have to put down the third row of seats, which means I have to limit the number of people I can have in my car.

- Elizabeth F

Gas tank sensor issues resulting in erosion.

I had a recall for the passenger side airbag. There is no sensor in the gas tank so when l am at a gas station I cannot top up because the gas just sprays out all over. This also resulted in a large spot under the gas cap where the metal is eroded away.

- Sara K

The design is nice if I had a smaller family and more money to repair.

It is not large enough. It has many problems. It started to rust very easily. I am a father of five and it will not comfortable fit all of my family inside. There are far too many repairs to do on a regular basis. I wish I would of never bought a Dodge.

- Andre C

A love/hate relationship with her.

There have been a few recalls. I am also currently experiencing failure in one of the heads of the engine which is going to be expensive to fix. The gas mileage leaves a lot to be desired, especially as the car ages. Other than that, I love my Durango!

- Amanda W

Town and country worthy, the Dodge Durango has it all!

My vehicle is perfect for the New Mexico terrain! It handles city streets and rural areas with ease; it is great on gas and has required very little maintenance over the years. I'd highly recommend this SUV to anyone looking for a reliable and run car!

- Danny M

2006 Dodge Durango and I do not know.

There's not much room for storage. It is nice and roomy otherwise there's third row seating heat and air conditioning works drives nicely. I have no issues with this vehicle bought it used. I have had it for 3 months will get another one in the future.

- Jennifer G

That it's great for families, seating for 8. Plenty of room in back to haul large items.

I have driven my Durango for 10 years, I really love it. It's very roomy and most times my daughters and two grandkids are with me, so there is seating for 8, which is a must for us. Been on many trips with the family and always been pretty reliable.

- Pam W

Durango problem with maintenance light.

Big, spacious and very powerful. There is a nagging vehicle maintenance light that will not go off. Our mechanic explained it was common for the Durango and it had to do with whatever causes it to change from 6 to 4 cylinder when ok n the highway.

- Paul S

It is not the most reliable for everything except the engine. Engine works great, everything else is iffy.

I like the size of the car. It meets my needs for transportation. The 3rd row seating has come in handy a few times. However, the gas mileage is horrible and for the age and the mileage it has, I shouldn't be having the issues that I am with it.

- Jessica R

It is a great family vehicle with plenty of space.

I like the third row seating and the roominess of the vehicle. It is big enough to transport my children and other passengers comfortably. I also like how easy it is to change the steering wheel and seat positions after my husband changes them

- Shera A

Great value and very dependable.

I appreciate the reliability, stability and great handling of my vehicle. It is spacious and has sufficient seating capacity. I like the flexibility of the seating positions and the large cargo area. It is a very dependable vehicle.

- Shelly K

Very dependable and easy to drive. Few blind spots.

I love the versatility of the space, 7 passengers or large hatchback area. I also love the ease of travel on Michigan winter roads. I dislike the doors do not all unlock once the drive is completed and the vehicle is placed in park.

- Ann T

It's 4 wheel drive is great for winter driving. Great traction.

I love my 2006 Dodge Durango. It is very roomy and fits my family well. My husband is tall and fits very comfortably. I like driving a larger vehicle. It is great for winter driving. Downside it is a bit of a gas guzzler.

- Carrie A

Great reliable ride in town and fun to take in the mountains.

It's not a bad vehicle to get from point A to point B. It is great for camping, however be prepared because it does use ballot of gas. Other than that it's a pretty good ride for around town and to go up the mountain.

- Cassidy A

It is a great car but after a few years it deteriorates a fast rate.

It is a great vehicle and lasts a good time. However now it sucks up more gas the longer I have it. Check engine light comes on for no reason, recall on parts as well as issues with lights that only work sometimes.

- Crystal K

It is spacious enough to fit five children comfortably and it does well enough on gas too not make me worry

I like that it is big enough to fit my whole family. It is very spacious for going on vacations and does fairly well on gas. I've been having problems with the transmission but I guess that's expected for It's age

- Genevieve P

It's so spacious. The third row seat that folds flat for storage is a huge plus.

I love that it seats 8 people because I have a large family. I love that it's still going strong when it's 12 years old. My children love the DVD player for long trips. I do wish it had more charging stations.

- Lisa P

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it runs, just not as well as I would like.

I dislike that cars nowadays are not made to last. My car has suited my needs thus far but is beginning to show signs of wear and tear. New cars are expensive, but used cars don't last as long as I would like.

- Sarah T

My car is dependable My car drives smoothly and it is a comfortable ride.

I love that my vehicle has navigation and a 6 disc cd changer. I also like that it has a dvd player and it is a hemi. I do not like that I can not drive it right now because it is out of inspection.

- Mimi Z

Mid size SUV with third row seating. It includes a rear DVD player which is great for long car rides with kids.

Very reliable vehicle. I have owned my vehicle for 6 years with no mechanical issues. The third row is very helpful however, it would be nice if the last row of seats folded completely flat.

- Kelly S

We've had to get repairs done because our Durango is older, but after repairs were made it runs like a champ. Overall this makes it a good deal of a car for my family.

It fits my family of 5. It does all right on gas. The only complaint really is that I wish it fit more than 5 people so we could take friends and extended family with us when needed.

- Becky H

The Dodge Durango is reliable in any situation you can throw at it! You can peace of mind knowing it will never let you down!

I love my Dodge Durango! It's always been reliable and never left me in a lurch. I would definitely buy another durango again if this one ever dies but it's still running strong!

- kenzy k

Power for days. Great acceleration,and third row seating

I will start by saying that it has unbelievable power, and acceleration. The only problem i have had work it,was the fuel pump going out. It doesn't very great gas mileage.

- Curtiss K

It is spacious, you can fit a lot inside this vehicle. It also seems easy to handle with a pretty smooth ride.

This Durango has been pretty reliable after all it took us from WV to AZ on a five day trip with no problems. But recently we are having trouble with it leaking antifreeze.

- Renee D

It's a great long lasting vehicle

I like that it has been dependable for 9 almost 10 years. Have only had to do minor fixes to it. I dislike that the radio has failed me and that it uses quite a bit of gas

- Tammy B

It is a powerful vehicle but highway mpg is 18 or less.

I like the comfortable ride the heated seats and the power of hemi. My only dislike would be the mpg. Overall vehicle has been very dependable and low maintenance.

- Danny S

It is power when you press on the gas.

I like the size. I like the color. I like the power. I do not like the door dings. I do not like the gas it uses. I do not like the small little rust spot.

- Jane S

The gas tank will overflow and the repair is over $300

I like the size of the vehicle. I love how much I can fit whether it be the kids or groceries. I do not like that the gas tank would overflow when filling.

- virginia h

Others should know that it has great space.

I love the space it has in the back. Love the seating. Love the back air conditioning. Hate how it gets bad gas mileage and gas prices to keep a full tank.

- Matt R

It has the ability to get up and go, which means when I put my foot on the gas, it does what it's supposed to.

The vehicle is adequate in size and power. I like the look of it and the features included. I don't like the mileage but what do you expect from a SUV.

- Tanee M

It take a lot of gas with gas price it take about 40 $ a week for me to go back and forth 20 miles

My truck is good reliable vehicle it just uses a lot of gas in the city. it parts are not not cheap to fix anything on it . i have 20 inches tires.

- amanda m

Very dependable has no problems.

That it is paid off. That its big. That it has room. And that Dodge has always taken care of it. I have never had a problem with it is a great car.

- Heather W

It's very roomy and very dependable! We have not had to do any major repairs other than a cracked windshield

I have had minimal problems with this vehicle! Love the room, mileage is good and dependability is great! Will most likely always have a Durango!

- Susan W

The room it has with the back seats down.Wow, we go camping and everything we need fits in the back and still have room for extras.

My VEHICLE is very comfortable.Very roomy and reliable. has A LOT WAY MORE ROOM Than other trucks. I wouldn't trade for any other vehicle,period.


It is not all wheel drive.

I love that it fits my whole family. I love that it handles well. I dislike that it takes so much gas, but that is not really my Durango's fault.

- Karen K

It handles very well in the snow, I live in Michigan so good winter transportation is important.

I love that it's AWD/4WD. It has enough room for my family and room to haul things in the cargo area. I love that it sits up higher than cars.

- Stacey L

Heated seats are wonderful.

It has been a very reliable vehicle. Have not had much repair work to it. Like sitting up high and is very comfortable enjoy the heated seats.

- J H

It is a great multi-purpose vehicle. You can use it just about anything. Better than a pickup as it is enclosed.

I love my Caravan. It is a little noisy because of the stow N go seating. I have add more issues with this caravan than others I have owned.

- linda h

How to use the adaptive cruise control.

I like the room inside.. I dislike all the things falling apart (like the plastic bottom of the seats cracking and the radio not working).

- Dana S

The most important thing is that it has plenty of legroom and third row seating.

Great vehicle its has three rows of seats so plenty of people can sit in the car. Plenty of feet room and plenty of room for your luggage.

- Chris D

I feel safe in my durango. It's very spacious and you can put a lot of stuff in the back.

To purchase new wheels, it's expensive. It's very dependable though. It has a hemi engine that has power, but its not necessary for me.

- Randi J

It is dependable to get me where i need to go.

I love the leg room. The comfortable seats. The 4 wheel drive. The upgrade stereo/cd player system. The room for luggage/groceries etc.

- Helen P

It has performed better than expected.

I love that it is big enough for my family with 3rd row seating. It has enough power to pull what we need from trailers to the camper.

- Valerie L

It is the perfect size for my needs.

I love the size and storage capacity. It holds my big family and is easy to park. I wish I could replace it with the same only newer.

- Tana H

For some reason it says the cylinder.

My car is great to be and I love that that is the third row seating which I really like could carry all of my grandchildren at once.

- Pamela R

The amount of space you have. My partner is 6’5 and he fits in nicely. ’.

I like my vehicle because of the space. It is easy to fit my family comfortably. I always feel safer being higher up in my truck.

- Lauren F

It needs an oil change and when it rains, water gets in and the carpet gets wet.

I love my car. It's a very powerful vehicle. Never turned off on me or gave me any problems. Comfortable seats, plenty of space.

- Elizabeth M

It has a very powerful engine.

Has a powerful engine, all-wheel drive, it is not Bluetooth capable, CD player skips a lot. The engine knocks until it warms up.

- James H

Bad gas mileage it is too expensive to drive a lot

I love how much room it has to carry passengers and cargo. I wish the gas mileage was better cost an arm and a leg to drive ut.

- Jamie B

Great vehicle that can last you many years.

Great vehicle with a great durability. Drive it everyday with minimal maintenance. Maintained properly will last you for years.

- Max P

Lots of room between all 3 rows, no worries about leg room

I bought it with less than 45,000 miles have drove it 9 years and got 280,000 on it with no problems just routine maintenance

- Jamie S

Handles well in snow and plenty of cargo and passenger room.

Like how it rides. I like how well it handles in snow. Now that I have hit 150,000 there seems to be a lot of costly repairs.

- Michelle T

It makes a great family car just don't need all the room now.

I liked it and first but now wanting a newer suv. Starting to have to invest money in it. Things are breaking down on it.

- Jamie C

My truck is very roomy and spacious.

Its real good on road trips. Roomy third row seat. Good with maintenance. Great on gas. Charge outlets in both back rows.

- Cheryl D

Nothing really to know. It's a car. Nothing important or special.

Very reliable at over 300, 000 miles but very poor gas mileage. Also uses a ton of oil but no leak-it just drinks up oil.

- Lisa B

Very roomy interior with 3rd row seating.

Very roomy interior with 3rd row seating with tough and durable exterior. Great for pulling anything with lots of power.

- Valerie L

Dodge Durango Good Family Car

It's roomy and drives well. Good family car. Handles easily in severe weather, safe and reliable. Does have some rust.

- Meg F

Perks of a Durango: rugged and sleek.

The hatch rusts if you use the rear wiper too much. Basic radio. Plenty of room. Brakes needed replaced way too early.

- Stephen W

There is a recall on airbags of select vehicles right now.

I like the way it drives i like the color. i like the how it sits up off the road giving me a better view of the road.

- Richard L

My car can hold a lot of people.

I love the space. I love that it has a cd player/radio. The ability to go 4 wheel drive. Able to fit 7 passengers.

- Nicole H

Fast. 0 to sixty in 4. 1 secs. Good brakes.

None. No problems. Good truck. A/c. Dual pipes hemi powered automatic trans. Not a 4×4. Tinted windows. All 4.

- Aaron B

Transmission issues and oil leaks

Low gas mileage kinda sucks but it was mostly reliable. Recently having transmission issues and computer issues

- Erik R

It has a hemi and pulls great

It meets all our needs and has great pulling power.the only thing I dislike is it doesn't have keyless entry.

- Delores M

High performance vehicle that drives well in every season.

High performance SUV that drives very well in all weather conditions. Its spacious and comfortable to drive.

- Darrick G

Watch the gas tank. Keep it filled and never go under l/4 left.

Nothing to do with the fact that I dislike or like the vehicle is fine. I think it just needs more leg room.

- Jeremy S

The vehicle is undependable and will be a constant burden on your finances.

It is not dependable. I have had to have repairs done about 4 times a year. i don't feel safe driving it.

- Jason P

It will last you over a decade with minimal problems.

It operates very smoothly. It is affordable and runs really well for its price. It is extremely durable.

- Michael L

It's paid for and it keeps on going

good for hauling things, haas a very tight turning radius. just wish the gas mileage was a little better

- jim g

Great vehicles okay gas mileage

It's a good vehicle... Nothing wrong... Gas could be better but overall well made.... It's good priced.

- Allison B

It's a workhorse but rides and drives like a stallion.

I Love my SUV. It tows our boat and camper with ease. It's comfortable to travel in and drives well.

- Elizabeth E

Our Durango is amazingly comfortable for our bunch

Our red Dodge Durango Finish is peeling on hood/front bump,cruise control. Electronic Driver's seat.

- Lydia J

great family SUV. Very roomy, handles well in any type of weather.

I love how much room it has with the third row seating. I like how it drives. I like the style.


It does well in snow and is very reliable never had any problems with it

It goes through tires like crazy. Never have had any major problems with it yet. Very reliable.

- Jessica S

That I love using it to help others get where they need to go

I love the roominess for passengers and the durability. I don't like the small trunk space.

- Nicolle I

It's big and heavy, drives more like a truck than a car

I love my car. It had 3 rows. I live the size, and I live how it drives.

- Heather B

It is dependable to drive.

It holds a lot of people. I dislike the small amount of storage space.

- markeeta F

the it's our vehicle and we can use it in many different ways and works excellent

I like how it drives and hauls and we hate having to make payments

- delores m

So far it has been very dependable. Took us on five-day trip across country with no problems.

Very dependable truck. Very spacious. Get done what we need it to.

- Renee D

dodges run strong and last long

all dodges are good vehicles get recalls junk mail cost gas

- samantha B

It's a very safe vehicle. It has been dependable and the size is great.

It's roomy and runs great. It's big and heavy to drive.

- Jennifer N

Its old but works well. No plans of getting rid of it.

Its drives well and it's great in all types of weather

- Karen F

That it has a lot of space (3 rows of seats to be exact) and it gets me to point A to B.

It has a lot of space and it gets me to point A and B

- Lee W

Great mechanics. good mileage

Big enough for my family. Good on gas. Easy to fix.

- Bridget C