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Love my 4 wheel drive Dodge Durango.

I have never had any real issues with my vehicle. I do normal maintenance, oil changes etc.. The only work I have had to do is replace the shocks, brakes, and tires. All normal wear and tear stuff. It is very comfortable. I have 6 kids and with a family of 8 we can all fit. I love than the back seats can be put down to haul things. It's almost as good as having a truck. I have never found myself on the side of the road stuck because my car broke down. Its up to almost 300, 000 miles and it stills runs great. My only complaint would be the trim has come off and the plastic on either side of the windshield has detached so my airbags are exposed. All cosmetic which I am sure I could fix but does not affect how my vehicle works. I have the 4 wheel drive which is great because we like to be outdoors and find ourselves traveling dirt roads that can be quite muddy at times. The 4 wheel drive has gotten us out of many sticky situations.

- Jessica J

2008 Dodge Durango - reliable and sturdy.

I have had my Dodge Durango for 3+ years. When I got it, there were no issues. Over the past few years, it has needed some parts replaced, but nothing out of the ordinary for its age. The main problem I am experiencing, is the rust. Right now, it is only a cosmetic issue and not causing problems. Rust seems to be a common issue among Durango's. The performance has been great as long as I keep up with maintenance. I drive constantly between clients and attend school in a different town and my Durango has always gotten me there. The features are fine for a 2008, the radio is not Bluetooth and the CD player is outdated, but most of the functions still work after this time. These features are not as important however, and do not take away from the overall reliability of the vehicle.

- Erika C

We have a love-hate relationship with our Durango!

We love that it fits our large family of 6. But, because we are a large family we have to use the back seat for kiddos. That means we have very little cargo room, and we hate that! We have to use a roof bag to pack all our luggage for big trips. The shocks also seem to wear out super fast. But, even without 4wheel drive though, it handles bad weather great!

- Carly m

I think people should know that is drives well.

I like that it has 3 rows, but it still an SUV. I also like that the 3rd row can be folded down and you can leave 1 seat up with 1 down for more cargo space. I like the look in side and out. I would like better gas mileage and if the middle row was captain seats. I would also like to have a DVD screen in the back there is a player but no screen.

- Gen L

Durable and dependable for a vehicle of its age.

Its extremely comfortable to me. Sit up and straight and able to see out of all the windows. Able to haul multiple items in the back and has room in the back seat for a normal person's legs. Good on gas mileage and has 4WD. Only one of the vehicles I have had that I really do not every want to trade it in or hope that it dies.

- Dixie G

That it is not as much of a gas hog as you would think.

The Dodge Durango is a great truck at toys our boat wonderfully. The motor is a hemi and it is a very powerful motor. The major issues that I have with the Dodge Durango is that it is rusty the door jambs are rusted all the way through. Besides that the Durango is a good running vehicle.

- Dennis M

Dodge Durango- do not expect gas to be cheap.

When we bought this vehicle we needed one that was large enough for our family and traveling comfortably. Over the years it is need for space has declined. The gas mileage is awful (about 15 mpg on highway, city driving is worse). The body is starting to rust and have significant issues.

- Jennifer S

Which car to buy the dodge or the forester.

Bought it second hand and lasted a long time. Great to drive in the snow. Feel very comfortable and safe. Easy to drive. Well built SUV. I may want to buy another one. Have been thinking of a Subaru forester tho. A little more easy on the gas. Just depends where I get a better deal.

- Mary P

Reliable transportation to have.

The car is reliable, runs well, good on gas and a safe car to drive. I would recommend doge to anyone looking to get a new car I eventually would love to get the new doge next one hopefully with a CD player. Doge is a good brand 5 star rating always would go with a Durango.

- Charles J

Cannot make an old car do new things.

Shuts down while turning/ switching lanes. I have to kick a certain part of the car to get the ac on. There’s not much else I love the car. The seats are comfy they move smooth. It is not squeaky. Doors are heavy so when you slam them shut it makes a loud noise.

- Rebecca W

Reliable and comfortable, tight for car seats.

My vehicle has been very reliable and is so comfortable. The heated seats and the sunroof make this car the favorite I have had so far. The only drawback is the back seat is a little small for our car seat and the front seat has to be pushed forward quite a bit.

- Jane M

I wouldn't trade it for the world.

My truck is a 2008 and it only has a little over 47,000 I take extreme care of it and knock on wood never had a problem with it and I have own it since 2009. I technically am the original owner the performance is amazing and would not trade it for the world.

- Tara T

Still runs great at 240 thousand miles.

Car runs well, I haven't had any major issues, did replace alternator but that's it, sitting at 240 thousand miles and still runs like a champ. Kept current on oil changes and new tires. Only other annoyance was the bumpers, black but the have faded to much.

- Teresa K

It handles beautifully, manual transmission and all!.

I like the size because it is convenient for my family of 6. I like the hemi "sound". I like that it is pretty fast. What I do not like is how much gas it uses. It also has a lot more problems than the older car.

- Steven J

Dependable powerhouse but not without Its problems.

I love the size and dependability of my Durango. Something I do not like is my particular year has frequent Throttle Position Sensor issues, but luckily it is a easy part to replace. It also has poor gas mileage.

- Kayla M

That it's my family car and I need it to perform its best.

I like that it is sporty and has all wheel drive. It has pretty good gas mileage. I wish it had more trunk space without having to put back seats down since we are a large family and need all seat space.

- Crystal G

Its nice but I wouldn't buy another one.

It is large and has a comfortable interior but it has a lot of issues with the starter. Its an awkward height were anyone under 5 foot 8 has to climb in and anyone over 6 foot has to duck in.

- Molly H

Dependability! I've never had my car in the shop for more than a few hours. I drive a lot and I see newer cars broken down but mine is still running great.

I love my Durango! It's great on all types of pavement, wet, snow, etc.... It's easy to maneuver yet big enough to haul all my family and stuff around. I've had very few maintenance issues.

- Edie G

My car has a lot of seats to fit all of my kids in. It's perfect for our large family.

My favorite thing about my car is the third row seating. It's also my favorite color. The thing that I don't like is how much gas it uses and it's a little hard to see when backing up.

- Tiffany M

It can go 25 miles on empty.

While I love the versatility that comes from having an SUV the model has been changed and it is being increasingly difficult to find parts. I also wish it was a bit better on gas.

- Kimberly L

I love power control , power locks , I love the sunroof , the tire pressure high on dash

My vehicle is great no major problem with it been leasing for two years , it's reliable and trustworthy and comfortable . I recommend this car to anyone who has a big family

- Cindy S

The car will never fail you.

I like that it is roomy and has 3 rows of seats. It drives very smooth and have had very little maintenance. The sensors sometimes have issues. Over all, I really like it.

- Tanya H

It is dependable and good on gas.

I love how big my car is and I can carry a lot of items. I love how smoothly it still runs even though it is 10 years old. But sometimes it has issues with tire pressure.

- Juliana W

Sleek, shiny and smooth driving vehicle.

There are no problems and it runs great. One downside is it's 4 wheel drive so gas mileage is great but I love the vehicle and it's 4 wheel drive capability.

- Ronnie C

Very comfortable to drive. Feel safe driving alone at night

Bought this car used with 160,000 miles on it. So far we are very pleased with the purchase. Performs well, drives well, needs blinker assembly replaced.

- Lori H

Great car but had a couple costly repairs.

Had to replace the engine twice in the vehicle. First time when it was 8 years old and again a year later. Other than that no major issues with it.

- Ryan m

The car is very good for all kinds of tasks it has a lot of uses

It runs very well and big enough to hold a large family. The dodge gets ok gas mileage with flex fuel . It rids a little rough.

- Philip W

This car is not fancy but does its job by being good on gas.

It is roomy and quite comfortable. I do not like that the engine does not have a lot of oomph for an 8 cylinder.

- Sharon G

Gas mileage in the teens, to low.

Blower motor to loud. Needs to have better gas mileage. Love having Sirius radio onboard. GPS is very good.

- Ralph M

Great handling despite its size.

Reliable in cold or inclement weather. Ample space for outings. Great on rough terrain. Decent gas mileage.

- Chris M

Dodge only makes good sports/muscle and specialty cars their regular line up is terrible and has too many issues.

I dislike it too many problems. I will always be a Ford Girl and I prefer pickup trucks (diesel)

- Jackie H

Reliability is the best thing I can say about it. All the years I've had it I've put virtually no money into it.

No complaints at all about the car. It's been very good to me over the years.

- Maria K

I like to take great care of my vehicle and rarely have a problem with it.

Its reliable and safe for me and my family. It has been great for us.

- Kyle E

My dodge can seat 8 passengers

I love that my vehicle rarely breaks down very reliable..

- Anthony J

It is four wheel drive good in the snow and has lots of room

It has good power a lot of room and is four wheel drive

- Timothy B