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My 2012 Expedition is as pretty and comfortable as when it was new.

I actually really love my truck, I bought it used a couple of years ago and the only issues I've had with it have been mechanical, that I believe are a result of a previous owners lack of care. The passenger window motor and auto step rails have been malfunctioning, but I'm sure it will be good as new once repaired. The technology is a little behind the times, but I did buy a 6 year old car and even the latest bells and whistles become obsolete quick, and still I have all the features and comfort of newer cars such as push button lift gate, auto locks and keyless entry, optional satellite radio, leather seats, heated front and back seats, cooling front seats, sunroof, dual air control in front, separate air control in back, 3rd row seat. AC/DC plug and outlets all over.

- Nicole P

Expedition is reliable and fun to drive.

In the past 6 years that I have owned this vehicle I haven't had any major issues. One issue I have had regularly is with the controls on the steering wheel controlling the radio and volume. It often does the opposite like when I try to turn the volume down, it goes up. Also, sync often gives me problems where it does not do what its supposed to. The car drives very well and has a smooth ride. Service has been very reliable. The seats are somewhat comfortable. One thing I do not care for is how light the interior is. It is very difficult to keep clean, so I have added seat covers and my own car mats. The ones that came with the vehicle were very cheap. I have really enjoyed driving the expedition and would definitely consider buying another one when the time comes.

- Jen L

2012 Expedition - use that warranty!

I bought it used about six months ago at around 90k miles. After a long road trip from Texas to California and back, I had to replace the left valve gasket cover, which was stuck open. As a result, fuel fouled all of my spark plugs, so all of the plugs and boots had to be replaced. The VVT solenoid also had to be replaced. Make sure that you get major maintenance done before the warranty runs out. The car is roomy and comfortable for my family of 6...we just had to put some big money into repairs unexpectedly.


I find the Expedition to be very study and well made in America.

I love my Expedition. It was bought hastily as my previous vehicle, a Toyota 4Runner was critically damaged. The Expedition is bigger, and was harder for me to park at first, but I am used to it now and find it to be the perfect truck for our many excursions and road trips. There is ample room for the family, including pets and no one is cramped on the longer adventures. I have no complaints, it's a well made, dependable, study vehicle. I highly recommend it to those needed a larger SUV.

- Robyn T

Manly and rugged family ride.

This vehicle is a great choice for those we need a family vehicle but do not want to drive a minivan. I can haul my family of 7 and pull my 33ft camper at the same time. It is very dependable and fun to drive. It has added options such as leather interior, 3rd row bench seating, sunroof, power seats, windows and trunk hatch. We drove it on a 2000 mile family vacation with 5 kids and it was completely comfortable. Highly recommended this vehicle.

- Alan T

Review of the 2012 Ford Expedition XLT

This vehicle has been very reliable for our family. With general maintenance it has served us well. We have gone on several long trips with no problems. The inside is comfortable with leather seats, heated and cooled seats, captains chairs in middle row and plenty of legroom. I really like the backup camera and front and rear sensors for safety. This is a great family vehicle except for the amount of gas it uses.

- Angie H

It's better than a Suburban!

We have the EL Limited 4x4. It's great for a large family or if you need a lot of cargo space and want an SUV. The third row seat has more legroom than a Suburban. We love having heated seats in the second row. Gas mileage could be better, but overall this was a great buy for our family. With 94,000+ miles, we have had no problems and have only needed to do regular maintenance.

- Ellen S

The paint looks nice, it has a nice gleam and shine to it.

It is great, but the steering feels disconnected. The paint is nice, the interior is nice, but it feels and drives like a boat. The gas mileage is pretty good for it being a big car though. The sound system tends to be lacking a bit to, but that is to be expected as it is not. Performance vehicle. The suspensions feels average, but it will do.

- Louis D

My vehicle is my comfort zone.

Besides having two vehicles I like to drive my 2012 Ford expedition the most because it is real smooth to drive. It also has a great capacity to do many errands with my children with me. It is also real efficient whenever we go to vacations for the holidays because our luggage fits comfortably and we get to expand our seats for a long drive.

- Lorena C

Root beer colored expedition.

The expedition is a great vehicle for large families. It has plenty of room. 3rd row seating can be put away to give you more trunk space. It also has a great sound system and DVD player with back of headrest screens. One of the main issues I have had is the ac cutting off when a cord is jostled under the dash. But overall a great vehicle.

- Taylor J

I love my Ford expedition el.

I love my Ford expedition. I have the extended version. I also have 4×4. The ride is very smooth. During the winter time is when I enjoy it most. I am able to pull myself through almost everything. My family and I love camping. We are able to grab all of our necessities and comfort items. My next vehicle will be another Ford expedition.

- Steve P

It's mostly a good vehicle. I really enjoy it and feel safe in it.

I mostly love it. It drives well, I love the sound/navigation system, and I like the size. I do not like the design of the fold down seats in the back row. There is no well to keep my groceries from rolling all over the place, including out of the back when I open the liftgate. Not a great design and needs to be rethought.

- Kristen P

It is affordable compared to other large sized SUVs, and has a lot of space.

I love the amount of room it has. I like the captains chairs in the second row as it allows for easier navigation for the people who need to ride in the third row seats. There's plenty of "trunk" space even with the third row up. It has all the bells and whistles I was looking for in a vehicle and is decent on gas mileage.

- Whitney W

Dependable luxury in a tough SUV where you feel safe while driving.

It is reliable. I wish it got better mpg though. It did have an exhaust leak and the rear wiper motor burned out both require service. I feel safe in this car and love the heated and cooled seats. The truth toed our twenty two foot travel trailer very easily but the mpg drops to about seven or eight miles a gallon.

- Diane B

Comfortable sports hauling moms ride.

Have problems with front sensors going off in the rain, DVD headrests have been replaced 3 times as the DVD gets stuck and headsets run thru batteries like crazy. Very comfortable ride, amenities galore. Navigation and phone features are user friendly. Very reliable still rolling along with minimal to no problems.

- Kathy P

My car gives a great ride it's like a luxury vehicle

I Love my Ford expedition it is nice and roomy and his leather seats it's everything I want I live in North Dakota it's got four-wheel-drive's for the mud in the summer and the snow in the winter I do wish he got better gas mileage but I'm willing to sacrifice some mileage because of the great ride I get

- Barb M

It is horrible and not a car anyone should have.

I have a 2004 Hyundai Santa fe and it is about to fall apart I have not ac at all. My wheel shakes when going over 50, my miles are about to reach 300, 000 which is way to much for a car. Everything is going wrong with it and I really just need a new car but I do not have the money to afford one right now.

- Chloe P

Family-friendly interior, but limited storage space.

The storage space is really limited; however, the interior is roomy. It fits our three five-point harness car seats + 2 booster seats. It is easy to get to the back row (the middle row has two bucket seats). The vehicle has been reliable, and the fuel efficiency is as expected for this size of vehicle.

- Hannah T

Easy to maneuver for a vehicle as large as a full size pickup truck as it has a small turning radius.

Just bought it a few months ago. I love the automatic back liftgate and the power running boards. I have the navigation system. It is as far from intuitive as you can get. The clock numbers need to be bigger too. It drives like a dream. Is more maneuverable than smaller vehicles I've driven.

- Patty N

Fantastic vehicle love all the features and everything about it.

I have had no issues with my vehicle. It's very dependable drives great and is very comfortable. It seats 7 people and the back seat lays down for extra room if needed for travel. Its fully loaded has Bluetooth backup camera sensors on the front and back. Seats have heat and cool settings.

- Shannon K

How I love my newer car! I got my money's worth!

There really is no problem other than little issues like it dings if forget seatbelt that's good but annoying and no cigarette ashtray other than that it runs smooth I love it! So far no really big issues I would definitely recommend it to others! I want another one in a couple of years!

- Lisa M

Lots of space for hauling.

Love the hauling capability of my car. I can fit a lot inside and tow behind anything I need. It is a strong vehicle with comfort and all the gadgets and bells and whistles I expected when I was car shopping. My husband also loves to drive it because it rides smoother than his truck.

- Abby B

Ford Expedition 2012 review.

I really enjoy my vehicle. Right now I have to get my "door ajar" sensor fixed, but that seems to be a pretty common issue with the expeditions. I also need to update my navigation system, but other than that, I love the roominess inside, drives really smooth, almost no blind spots.

- Stephanie L

It is a smooth ride for a big SUV.

Very roomy, hold a lot people and other things. For being a bigger vehicle the drive is very smooth. You do not get jostled around while driving on the highways or with in the city. The tires cost about 800 bucks but that is typical tire cost. Routine maintenance is not bad either.

- Laura B

Best SUV for large families.

I love my expedition because it has tons of room and features. My favorite feature is the heated and cooled seats. It also has heated seats in the back which is convenient for kids. The only downfall would be the gas mileage, but with any large SUV gas mileage is going to be low.

- Jessica D

Dependable especially in bad winter climates

Four wheel drive which is very helpful for I live in a state that has very bad winters and a good dependable truck as the one I own is very helpful when your dealing with a lot of snow for weeks at a time. It has never let me down and is surprisingly good on gas for its size.

- Jeff H

2012 ford expedition color black. 200,020 miles. For sale.

My vehicle is a 2012 and it now has 220,000 miles on it the only thing that has gone wrong was the hood latch. The hood would not open. It ended up just being the rusted and corroded. Overall a very good running vehicle it is been through a lot and it still running great.

- Christine H

That it has a lot of safety features that some other vehicles don't have.

I dislike how sometimes the lights on the running board don't turn off. Other than that I really do like my expedition. I like that it's higher up than a lot of the other vehicles that I have had. I also like how much room it has in it.

- Amanda Z

The Expedition does not the best gas mileage, but the extra length is worth it.

The extended vehicle has been a lifesaver on numerous occasions. The performance has been good for 5 years, only having typical maintenance. It is difficult to see out of when the 3rd set is up and I have a full crew load.

- Diane K

Comfort doesn't come cheap. This is an expensive vehicle with a lot of "options" that will require maintenance. And tires are very expensive.

I love the room and comfort. It has heated and cooled leather seats, built-in DVD players, and enough room for my whole family. The only thing I dislike is the low gas mileage. I only get 11 miles a gallon.

- Kiley B

The size is great the mpg is poor but the car has been remarkably reliable.

The size with three kids is awesome. There is tons of room for groceries as well as 5 kids and 2 adults. The only downside is that I wish I had leather seats, it is very hard to keep the cloth seats clean.

- Sam R

Ford Expedition is a Gas Guzzler but fits a large family

I like sitting up high on the road. I also like that it uses flex fuel. I hate that it costs so much money to fill up with gas. I also hate that it has a bench seat in the middle and not captain seats.

- Bethany C

It's very comfortable and roomy

There is nothing I dislike about my SUV. I like the size, the drivers area is perfect for me.the rear storage area holds everything I want to carry and then some. The back seat is perfect for my dog.

- chip P

The Ford expedition is a very dependable and reliable vehicle and is great in for adverse driving conditions such as winter weather.

It is a beast great off road and it has been very durable and reliable. The only downside is that during road trips it it a little hard on gas. It is without a doubt the best vehicle i have owned.

- scott k

It is dependable! I bought this car used, and I have never had any trouble!.

It is a good strong vehicle. But I am ready for a hybrid or electric car. It is way to big for me. The kids are grown so I no longer need to fit a bunch of children in it and drive around time.

- Marie N

It's big! Hard to park. Not fun in heavy traffic.

We got this vehicle because we needed something that would fit our family and pull a trailer, this car does both. It has not had any problems. It drives nice. It's comfortable.

- Ross F

It fits my family and has one extra seat. I have a large family so that is important

I like the extra room for my 5 kids, I have the extended back so extra room for my things. Shopping is a lot easier. It is a pain sometimes to park since it's so long.

- Kristal O

It has a Ford F150 motor in it so it is a tough durable engine

IT is very roomy . This vehicle is easy to work on if needed. I have done repairs on it myself easily. It has maintained well and is absolutely reliable.

- marie n

It really takes a lot of gas to use on an everyday basis.

I love my expedition because I have 4 kids and they all fit comfortable in there. I dislike the fact it guzzles so much gas but it's a really good truck.

- Alyssa H

It seats 7 people total, not 8.

My truck is easy on gas and gets good mileage. I like the way it is built and I like the color. It has a great sound system and it is a great work truck.

- Michael A

It rides very comfortably and the seats lay down flat to haul things.

Our expedition rides very comfortably. We like our the seats can be folded down flat for hauling things. It gets good gas mileage for the size of it.

- Dan l

Transmission and computer issues

A lot of recent problems with transmission, computer sensors, and spark plugs. Vehicle hesitates around 2 rpm, then battery light comes on.

- Amanda P

That it is safe and handles really well.

I like the roominess and the size. I like how it handles and accelerates. I do not like that it costs a fortune to get gas and fill it up.

- Nicole D

I love the button on my controller for the trunk.

I have a backup camera, heated and cooled seats, lots of space, cruise control, Bluetooth. I get pretty good gas mileage for the size.

- Kelly R

My husband loves it and he wouldn't trade it for nothing.

I like all the options it has I do not like how many miles it has. I like my vehicle. I have no complaints about my vehicle.

- Tammy F

The better SUV to purchase- the most space for lesser money.

Very reliable vehicle with all the space that you need and enough horsepower if you need to pass slower moving vehicles.

- Gabrielle M

It provides enough room for a family to travel in comfort.

I like the roominess of my truck. I like the gas mileage my truck provides. Also I like the durability my truck has.

- Maurice M

My vehicle is reliable. It can pretty much anywhere because its a 4x4

I like how my vehicle handles. I like the versatility of it, since it's a big SUV. I like the color of it too.

- Otto B



- Faith D

Reliability, cost to maintain, l.

I love my car. The space, cargo, holds 7 passengers. Comfort, long trips, reliable, moderate maintenance fees.

- Shelley L

Seats 8 people comfortably.

Love that it sits up high and roomy. Wish there was more storage space. Love the backup camera. Great vehicle!

- Jacqueline W

That the vehicle is very reliable.

I love that it has a lot of room, good family car but I hate that it takes up a lot of gas. Breaks down easy.

- Cheyenne Graham A

It's a throwback to the old days of soccer moms but a truck that commands the road.

Big strong and comfortable. Entertainment on the go for the kids in the back. Love towing the boat with it.

- adrian w

That it uses a lot of gas.

The only complaint would be the gas usage. I understand it is a large vehicle so I do not mind too much.

- Steven S

My vehicle is easy to drive.

My vehicle drives well. My vehicle holds enough passengers. I haven't had any trouble with my vehicle.

- Rhonda H

Great family vehicle! Great for long trips with kids

Smooth drive! Great for long trips with kids! Very spacious and comfortable! Definitely a family car!

- Jessie W

I have confidence it will come out well in an accident

It rides well. It's very roomy. It has had an excellent repair record. It gets poor gas mileage

- Robert T

How smooth it drives and rides. Out of all my vehicles I have driven this one has been my favorite. I will def. get another.

The ease of driving the vehicle, it drives/rides smooth. Good gas mileage. Easy maintenance.

- Crystal B

safety is the most important thing for me. also milage is pretty decent.

it's great for a growing family. it's great for family trips and plenty of room for pets too

- sjan t




I think safety is the most important thing to look at.

It is comfortable. It is roomy.It sits up high. I don't like the amount of gas it uses.

- Katherine T

Its roomy and nice rides well wish had better fuel mileage but the size is worth it

Love the size. Can haul lots of people. Wish it had remote start and a dvd player.

- rachelle d

I love my Ford Expedition XL. It is roomy for our family of 6. The extra cargo space is great when we have to grocery shop for our large family. It also makes me feel safe on the road. We have no problem navigating our long backroad in the snow and mud.

It has room for 8 passengers and can haul everything we need for our large family.

- Alexis S

My Ford Expedition is always reliable. I've never had any mechanical issues.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. It is comfortable, spacious, and reliable.

- Lori R

The Ford Expedition is a very large and safe vehicle to own.

My expedition is very roomy. My vehicle is large and safe. My vehicle is white.

- Anita B

We have no issues with our vehicle. It fits our needs for our family, is comfortable, and very roomy. We love traveling in it.

This vehicle is very reliable and has lots of room for passengers.

- Laura C

reliable car to drive from place to place in traffic

I like my car. it gets me place to place. it gets good gas mileage

- bob j

COmfortable ride with lots of room. Kids and drivers can ride comfortably.

It's roomy. Kids can sit comfortably in it. It's easy to drive.

- Janeil J

Love my car! I have owed 2 expeditions so far and would like to have a 3rd someday.

Plenty of room for all the kids and the stuff they carry.

- Tracy B

I like how roomy it is. I don't like how much it costs to fill the tank tho.

It's important to know that it is a great tow vehicle.

- Otto B