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All around a good vehicle.

It is a very smooth drive and it is heater works great. The ac is ok if it is only you and you point the vents at yourself, but with multiple people it is better to just roll down the windows. The driver window has an auto-down feature which is nice, but no auto-up feature. It is mpg is alright, but definitely could be better. The seats are comfortable and easily adjustable. Lots of storage space in the back, I went through a whole move with it and the only thing I had that didn't fit inside of it was my full size bed. I put my dresser my desk and all sorts of thing in it. Although it was multiple trips I didn't have to rent a U-Haul or anything. Altogether an enjoyable vehicle.

- Robert B

The vehicle is excellent all around I wouldn't change anything about it

Its an excellent vehicle, love the leather seats, the sunroof is awesome as well. Nice SUV also a gas saver. Child friendly easy to clean. This vehicle is also long-lasting. Hatchback is a an excellent size for this type of vehicle. Cup holders are on every door even the back doors. Tires aren't as expensive as you would think. Oil changes aren't as expensive as I would have thought

- Regina B

Reliable, comfortable, safe vehicle overall

Great on gas, had more than enough mechanical problems, has over 200,000 miles. Most of the problems were electronic and sensors. Doesn't give me a problem in inclement weather. Overall it is reliable means of transportation. The interior is kind of plain and simple. Comfortably seats 5, for being a 13 year old vehicle I must say I am surprised that it's still in running condition

- Cody L

Why I love my Tucson so much

I got my car used, second owner, and it has been very reliable. The biggest annoyance was a battery problem, always running down. My mechanic traced it down to an aftermarket installation put in by the original owner. Once he disable it, no more problems. I'm a short woman, so being higher up is lovely. I can see better. I doubt I'll ever drive a sedan again.

- June G

The handling of the vehicle is great.

I purchased my Tucson as a previously leased vehicle. For it being 12 years old now, I would say I have had a standard amount of problems. Brake lines had to be replaced, and a few other problems costing less than $200 per fix. The major problem was the replacement of the catalytic converter. The handling is very well and I enjoy this mid size SUV.

- Brittany O

Hyundai good car is grey and black good trim and tinted windows.

Idea Tucson 2006 4 door good mileage fast car cold ac good brakes brand new front alignment power steering 8 airbags brand new seat belts brand new tires old model car for 2006 it has a sunroof a new stereo system and it is very fast and you can adjust steering wheel seats and lay down back seats for carrying groceries traveling bags or whatever.

- Jim W

It moves well. I always feel good, comfortable & on top of the world inside of it.

I love this car of mine. The shade of the car I love it. Its very quiet. I prefer to have for women. It moves well. I look good and gorgeous in the car. Not expensive to maintain. I love the color I got. Its champagne gold. People do come to me and ask questions about it and I give a good recommendations on the car. .

- A A

One of the best small to medium sized SUVs made.

It comfortably fits my family, it is great on gas. Has plenty of storage in the back of the vehicle. The seats are comfortable. The air conditioning and heater work amazing. I have a silver one so it does not show much dirt. I have had this vehicle a year now and still love it. I feel it is the perfect family vehicle.

- Ashlee S

Reliable facts of Hyundai Tucson 2006.

Honesty never had any major problems. I keep up with maintenance. Had to replace timing belt and water pump two times but it does have 170,000 miles. CD player has went out. Other than that perfect car. The limited trim package offers fog lights, sun roof, luggage rack, leather seats, heated seats, and keyless entry.

- Jennifer K

Dependable and fun to drive.

The only problem is the limited front seat adjustments. The gas mileage is good and the maintenance is minimal. But it did need a few things at purchase, the side front axle being one, which is based on normal wear and tear on an older vehicle. Otherwise, it is comfortable and can fit into small spots if needed.

- Erica B

Reliable car for years, issues as mileage gets high in poorly maintained vehicle.

Reliable, lasted a while few problems, wasn't kept by previous owner still runs pretty good but getting old and high in mileage. Performance is as expected out of a v6. The seat are kind of hard so comfort leaves a little to be desired but there is plenty of head and leg room in the front and rear seats.

- Ashley M

My Hyundai Tucson is reliable and roomy.

I bought the car brand new in 2006 and have had no major problems at all. Its comfortable, good on gas, roomy and a smooth ride. It is an older model so it doesn't have all the newer features but besides that I have only had to have basic maintenance done on it. I am very happy I purchased this vehicle.

- Susan X

Really great first SUV for someone.

I have had no maintenance issues. The car handles decent in the snow for a 2 wheel drive and I feel it gets ok gas mileage. I love how much storage it has and how flat the seats fold down. I also love how tight the SUV handles. The turn radius is really tight. I wish it handled better when towing.

- Steve H

Hyundai Tucson is the best.

My car is very reliable. This is my second Hyundai SUV, the first one was just as reliable. My repair bills have been almost none, which is very important to me. It is good on gas and a very comfortable vehicle. The ride is very smooth and handles like a dream. I highly recommend Hyundai vehicles.

- Ann L

If you are looking for a first time SUV I would choose a Tucson.

I have only had the vehicle for a year so far and knock on wood no major problems. It is the perfect size for my growing family, and ideal for traveling. It is the first SUV I have owned and I am completely satisfied with it. With it being a four cylinder it makes the gas mileage go a long way.

- Jasmine C

Reliable vehicle with decent gas mileage.

I like that I have over 120,000 miles on the car and still feel that it is reliable. It is showing signs of its age, but that is ok. My only dislike is when I have had to take it to the dealership, I do not feel they were honest with me and suggested work to be performed that was unnecessary.

- Shannon C

Good car drives well. Love the car.

The only problems I have is with the alternator and the battery. The fuse blow out quite a bit. The car is great for a small family. Wish it was a bit more update. Car runs great other than that. There is much work that needs to be done. The car is great would recommend to many people.

- Gloria C

Great car with everything that we were looking for.

It is a great vehicle for many reasons. It is reliable, comfortable, very roomy. Plenty of legroom in back seat, which is a huge plus. Also it is great on gas. We enjoy the Tucson so much that when we are going to be buying another vehicle, we will definitely be looking at another.

- Pamela H

White, doesn't show dirt to much. Gary interior. Easy to keep clean.

Midsize SUV. Haven't had any major problems with it. Good gas mileage. Great for long distance traveling. Could use a little more leg room for taller people. It's not too big or too small. Just the right size. Nice retail price. Holds value. Nice to drive in busy cities.

- Dee S

Family 5 star, comfortable, safe, and reliable. Tucson is what's happening.

This car has almost 200,000 miles on it. Runs good and safety is great. I would recommend this vehicle to anybody especially with families. I would rate it a 5-star vehicle. Gas mileage is good even with this amount of miles. I would recommend this vehicle to everybody.

- Brandy F

Older than 10 years old, silver Hyundai Tucson.

Very reliable car, I have had it for a long time. It has issues here and there but only because it is so old. I have problems with the radio and sometimes the air, but not too often. Overall, I love this car and I will keep it as long as it will last. It is great.

- Brooke B

Comfortable, economic, safe and reliable.

My car is small, economic, very good for a small family. It is comfortable and reliable and the most important is safe and it does not spend much gas. The only problem is that in the winter because it is not 4WD. I love Hyundai and I probably will buy it again.

- Maria O

2006 Tucson, oldie but goodie.

My 2006 Hyundai Tucson is a great commuter car. The interior is pretty spacious and comfortable. The 4 Wheel drive is pretty strong and I have no problems in snow mode or offloading. My one major complaint is the car has core pick up when trying to accelerate.

- Tom S

Didn't get the gas mileage I thought I would get kind of a let down.

Overall, it has been reliable and repairs have been minimal. Mileage varies from 18-25 mile per gallon. Starting to rust in front grill area. I have seen other of the same car rusts in that same location. Over a 150, 000 miles and still going strong since 2008.

- Ron M

It is a 5 passenger with a roomy back. Has a v6 engine. Auto windows and locks.

It is very comfortable. It is rugged like your driving a truck. It is very reliable and have only had to replace normal wear and tear. It has a v6 so it has the power to reach high speeds quickly for the highway. I would definitely but another one someday.

- Melissa B

Good small SUV with plenty of power and storage.

Good sized small SUV with plenty of storage space, good powered vb6 engine. Passenger space carries five people with still planet of cargo space. Gas mileage is ok but not great at eighteen miles per gallon. Issues include the suspension being a bit bumpy.

- Scott C

Cool SUV will fit all of your needs.

My vehicle is very reliable. It gets me from point A to point B with minimal problems. I love the seat warmer because it feels amazing on my butt. It is extremely comfortable. I would definitely recommend this car for anyone who wants a small, comfy SUV.

- Andrew M

Anti Lock brakes make it easy to drive in all kinds of weather.

I love my car because of the all wheel drive feature in the winter time. I enjoy the open space, and the ability to put my seats down flat in the back. But I do not like the engine troubles it has, or how it gets pushed around easily in the wind.

- Gabrielle G

2006 baby blue Hyundai Tucson.

Car is very comfortable and roomy. It takes a second for it to get up to the speed you might need to go. Air conditioning is great at times but sometimes it feels too warm. Great to drive long distances and just a good starter car for teenagers.

- Heidi R

It has a lot of storage in the back .

Right now it is mostly because the car is getting old. The Ac is starting to go out on it, and I was in a small accident last year that damaged my passenger side door so it does not seal well anymore. This is not really the cars fault though

- Dan D

It has low mileage, and in good condition.

It rides very nice in all types of traffic. Great in the snow. Good amount of storage. It is comfortable to drive and ride in. I like that the trunk window opens along with the trunk door. Decent gas mileage for long distant highway travel.

- Jennifer C

Gas mileage is not the greatest.

Car works good. Have been driving it for about two years. No major issues. Not the best on gas unless you are on the interstate. I use it to commute to school and it gets the job done! Love the four wheel drive. Overall, would recommend.

- Abby F

Comfort, speed and power.

The vehicle has comfort and power. Handles great in all weather. 4WD is great in the snow and plow through the biggest snow drift at the end of a driveway. Heated mirrors and heated seated great for comfort for long winter drives.

- Ronald E

lots of space, easy to drive and easy to maintain without a lot of cost.

Easy to drive - manual transmission. I am just over 5ft tall and I have to put the seat up so my knee touches the steering column in order to get my foot to depress the clutch pedal enough to change gear... so not that comfortable

- Maureen c

Always Old faithful from the very beginning

The vehicle is very reliable. It is an older vehicle. Until last year there has never been a major issue. The issue was with the sensor in the passenger window. Other than that I have been very satisfied with the performance.

- Marsh Y

It is a useful car for getting around, having passengers, and hauling things.

I like how my car looks. I do not like that it does not quite fit me as I am quite tall. I also do wish that the gas mileage was better. I like how the car handles, the power of the engine, and the ability to haul stuff.

- Meredith D

If you take care of the necessary maintenance, this car will last.

My vehicle is reliable and sturdy. The drive is very smooth, and for a bigger vehicle it turns on a dime. It definitely will not be the car first off the line, but it will be the car that could drive the longest.

- Amber W

This suv has been pretty reliable and I've done a lot of driving in harsh weather and landscapes.

I enjoy this suv I just wish that it got better gas mileage. I also wish that they had an upgraded version when I bought this due to the fact that I would like to have leather seats and other better options.

- Laura Q

Really like the 8 airbag safety system. It is the best.

This has been a very safe and reliable vehicle. The on demand -wheel drive has kept me moving no matter the conditions or terrain. It has great cargo space to hold everything I need or for my shopping.

- Jay K

It's been a good car. Has always run well and has over 100,000 miles.

It was more comfortable in the back seats for our children when they were younger- not so comfortable for them as adults now. My car is wearing out now-CD player no longer works, seats look ratty.

- Lea D

Used Hyundai; major rust problem

I got my vehicle from Wisconsin and living in Florida, the bottom has completely rusted. Almost every long trip I take something major breaks down. I find the trunk a bit small. Has few features.

- Becky S

2006 Hyundai tucson Spacious trunk

It is such an amazing vehicle, we couldn't be happier to have such a wonderful car. It is spacious for our family and we recommend a hyundai tuscon to any small family needing a reliable car

- Michaela F

Great for everyday use and some heavy duty!

I love this car. Its is practical for many uses from going to concerts with people, to hauling camping gear. There's lots of storage space and even the ability to attach a trailer hitch!

- Jessica R

Good on gas for a bigger cat

I like that it has a four wheel drive and that is has a decent amount of space. I don't like that it is an older model. I also do not like the trunk space it is not as big as I want.

- Mariah w

Check exhaust/wiring system before purchasing used.

Several recalls have been issued for the 2006 Tucson including wiring issues (rare) and the exhaust system (more common). However, the 2.7 engine is a dream when taken care of.

- Gordon H

Good utility vehicle. Lots of space for the size.

There are relatively few issues. The suspension has had wear and needs maintenance but that is to be expected. A few regular maintenance issues is all I have had to deal with.

- Scott C

It's a solid vehicle and not very expensive compared to other vehicles in its category.

It has lots of space for hauling items (such as groceries). It has pretty good handling in all weather conditions. Also has decent gas mileage for a vehicle of its size.

- Mike C

Low Maintenance and a very dependable vehicle.

I love my Tucson. It is spacious and good on gas. I have had it for awhile now and all I have had to do it regular maintenance on it. Would definitely buy another one.

- Dylan C

Hyundai Tucson Found Exceedingly Dependable Over Time

I like how dependable my vehicle has been over the past decade and more. I like the good MPG rating for the Hyundai. I wish that manual windows could be installed.

- Kegan M

Safe, smooth ride for multiple passengers. Large, versatile interior space

Car has a smooth, quiet ride. The 4WD capabilities are a big plus to the vehicle. Fold down back seats allow for quick and easy maneuverability of interior layout.

- Justin M

The seats fold back, has lots of room to haul big items, great on gas

It breaks down continually, we've had so many problems sine from a week after buying door handle fell off, handles above seat fell off knobs on heater fell off

- Dean R

Great Midsize Hyundai SUV

It's 12 years old. It's great. I've kept up on the regular maintenance, and never had any significant issues with it. It rides well and holds up to 5 people.

- William M

It is a great family size car or car for a college student.

I like my car a lot. It is the perfect size for me and it drives well. My only complaint is that an icon "ESC OFF" turns on and off without my doing anything.

- Lynn F

Great family car. Lots of legroom. The back seats are roomy and comfortable. Plenty of space in the trunk.

I love the size, and the way it handles. However the air conditioner has given me problems over the years. The air system has broken down more than once.

- Geraldine B

The car has a long life span.

I like how many miles per gallon of gas I get and the leg room. The vehicle is big enough for multiple uses and still a good size car to easily handle.

- Rosemary K

That it is affordable, and a joy to drive.

It is a slightly un economical car but nonetheless. It holds up well considering it is a cheap beater car, still chugging along nicely and everything.

- Daniel W

Four wheel drive, great on gas, small SUV.

I like that it has four wheel drive and that it is an SUV. I do not like the small trunk space, or how crammed it sometimes feel in the back seats.

- Mariah S

The inside cargo room; is large enough to haul items from my local Home Depot with the seats down, and when the seats are up it's large enough to haul 5 people comfortably.

I inherited my sister's vehicle, and haven't had any issues - the car is 12 years old and I've only put 54,500 miles on it. Runs like a champ!

- Paula J

It has plenty of storage space.

I like the size and the way it drives, it is a reliable vehicle and it is easy to operate. I also like the interior and exterior of the car.

- Meghan W

Your passengers will be very comfortable.

I like the compact size. I also like the color selection, and how smooth it drives. I dislike the gas mileage, and feel it could be higher.

- Lauren S

this car is not worth buying

no ac right bumper is messed up right headlight being held up with wire so it will stay in place the whole car shakes when it sits still

- Katie M

2006 Hyundai Tucson four wheel drive heated leather seats.

My 2006 Hyundai Tucson has lot of room. It has good gas mileages. It has heated seats and it has four wheel drive. It is leather seats.

- Kelsey R

It is very reasonable to maintain,Great on gas as well

The Hyundai Tucson is a great car,Runs great,Good on gas and very reliable.I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a vehicle

- Brian L

The brakes are terrible. Watch out you don't rearend someone.

My vehicle is pre owned and banged up pretty bad. Overheats a lot. Cracked windshield. Missing passenger mirror. Need to clean it.

- Marla w

Good for a while - then too many repairs

I now have 156,000 miles on my car, and about every 6 to 8 months I have had to had significant repairs on it to keep it running.

- Heidi F

Great mileage do not have to fill the tank as much.

It is very reliable. It has good gas mileage. I like driving a SUV. Has not needed any repairs. It is very comfortable to drive.

- Mary S

It is comfortable for a family of four.

I love that it is rugged and powerful. Plus, that it is 4 wheel drive. It has power windows and locks. Roomy. I like the style.

- Melissa A

Price, affordable and easy to maintain. A good warranty is also a plus.

None I have not had any issues with my car. I have maintained oil changes and regular maintenance and it is been a great car.

- Christin K

gets great gas mileage, long laying reliable vehicle

Very comfortable, roomy, no blind spots. Drives great. No major problems. Replaced door handles when they broke. Cheap fix

- Jennifer F

It has lasted a long time.

I love the size of the vehicle. I also like how the vehicle drives. I like that the vehicle does not have to many gadgets.

- Taylor S

It's a safe and very reliable Sport Utility Vehicle

I like that it's an SUV and that it's six cylinder. I hate that the paint is stripping and the check engine light stays on

- leslie r

It is comfortable for the driver as well as passengers

This car is very reliable. The should system is very good. It is comfortable and easy to use. I have not had any problems.

- Jamie P

It's a good car for a family and very spacious.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive. I dislike that it's not good on gas. I like that it is roomy. I like the way it looks.

- Austin B

It is dependable and cheap to maintain.

It is very dependable. It drives smoothly. The interior is nice. The interior is a little smaller than I would like.

- Jami H

Plenty of space. Very roomy and lots of space in back.

I like that it is a SUV but gas mileage could be better. It has plenty of space and easy to drive. Beautiful color.

- bonnie H

Good value for money. Has been very reliable with no repairs other than routine maintenance items.

Great vehicle. Easy to drive, good turning radius, lots of storage. Good gas mileage. Has been very reliable.

- Ken C

It is a Great value for the cost. My car has never let me down.

My Tucson is very reliable. It is easy and fun to drive and very gas conservative. It is also very comfortable.

- Margaret W

As it wears down more and more, it does not accelerate quickly.

My car is very old. In the past year I have had to get work done on the car, worth over $1, 000 in repairs.

- Hanna Y

Very reliable and dependable!

Very reliable, no mechanical issues, drives great, no loud engine, ac and heat work, dependable and sturdy.

- Victor S

It's a really good car, I like the size of it a lot because it's not too bulky. Although sometimes I wish it was at least a 3.0 engine instead of a 2.7.

It's not too bad on gas, it's a really good size and I like that the back seats can lay down fairly easily.

- Katie M

It can have very good mileage. This car is for life.

I love my car. The one complaint I have is that it takes a while for the air conditioning to get going.

- Gaby N

It is a nice SUV for family

It's a nice car for me that it's a small SUV that I can transport my children and their stuff around

- George B

The most important thing is that is very comfy for the driver

I like my car because it takes wherever I wanna go. Is very good in the winter with good snow tires

- Barbara C

Nothing really that I can think of.Maybe just the lack of cargo room.

Could use more cargo room . Some vision issues.Could use a little more power off the line.

- Nicholas K

There is no AC in the car so it is extremely hot to drive, especially in traffic.

It has had problems the last year. The oil leaks. The air conditioner doesn't work either.

- Emily R

Dependable and if maintenance is kept up, few repairs expenses.

Not too big, nor too small. Handles well on the road. Good on gas mileage.no complaints.

- Angela T

It gets me where I need to go whenever I need to go.

It gets great gas mileage. Has enough room to carry things. Small and easy to park.

- Mike S

It is a safe SUV. Has dual airbags. And good fast brakes.

It is a small SUV. Very easy to drive and park. It is very cute and great on gas.

- Whitney S

Low maintenance and good mileage. Would definitely recommend

Love my vehicle. I have had no major problems with it since I purchased it.

- Tonya G

Needs a lot of improvements

Had to replace transmission already. Steering wheel is chipping.

- Angie H

It drives good.I like that it mini truck. I love the way it takes to the highway.

Great family car. Good to take on trips. Good on gas mileage.

- Janet D

Its dependable, not particularly powerful but it gets the job done.

it does exactly what I bought it to do, transport my family

- Yajaira M

It is cute and it is paid for and that's what matters!

I love being up higher. I love heated seats. I love 4wd

- Michelle D

It is very reliable if you keep up the oil changes and service regularly.

Higher than a sedan. Has been a very reliable vehicle.

- Mary R

Plenty of space to haul things and enough power to pull

Right sized suv. Plenty of space. Has good power.

- S C

I'm not sure if depends on what you need

It's comfortable cute and just the right size

- Michelle W