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It has room for 5 people plus ample room for storage behind back seat.

I am 5'4' medium build. My vehicle is easy to get in and out of. It is comfortable and reliable. I live on an island and it floods often. My vehicle is just high enough to maneuver without any issues driving thru the flooded streets. It is also great in the snow. I am sure if I bought it new or from a dealer it would have less mechanical issues. I have a front end problem and I have had a new rear strut put in as well as a new set of tires. There is a lot of rust on the undercarriage, but runs like a champ. I would absolutely buy another one.

- Angela G

Comfortable, great on gas and road trips.

I haven't had any major problems over the last 12 years of having this vehicle. It has always been comfortable, reliable, and has down well on long road trips. Now that it's getting older though, and the mileage is over 100,000, it's starting to get run down. The gas gage is broken, it doesn't accelerate as well as it used to. I think that's just normal wear and tear though for how old the car is. I loved having it and would definitely consider buying another one in the future.

- Jamie G

07 Hyundai Tucson -- the rough beautiful ride.

I do really love my Hyundai. It's a small compact SUV, and very comfortable to drive. Because its older, I have had to do a lot of repairs to keep up with it at this point. Currently dealing with the ac unit going out... Not fun. I also had to replace the transmission once before. But over all, I do love my car and very much consider buying the new version of what I have.

- Christina T

Very good car, with just one minor issue.

It is a nice sized car; not too big and not too small. As a single person; it is wonderful because there is room for me and a couple friends. I have been in two minor accidents and I have suffered no injuries and the car itself is still in fantastic condition. The only thing is that it does ramp up to speed very fast; it takes some time for it to get up to speed.

- Natalie G

2007 white Hyundai Tucson.

I have owned this vehicle since 2010. The car has been almost perfect. The car was in shop for warranty repair one time. We do routine maintenance. The interior is cloth and no rips or wear marks. That is a lot since we have kids and dogs that ride in car. The car has 110,000 miles and still runs great. Just returned from 1200 mile round trip, all was well.

- Bill B

Compact, sleek SUV that is easy to drive, hard on gas

It's an SUV, so it's higher off the ground which I love, but it uses a lot more gas which isn't the bet thing in the world. I like how compact it is and easy to get in and out of parking spaces. I don't like that it takes a long time to accelerate and get going. There's plenty of room for things though, especially if I fold the seats down for anything big.

- Heather D

There is no Arizona -- at least where this Tucson is concerned.

I bought this as a used car. There is always something wrong with it. Frankly, it is a pos. From the batter always running down to the flashers going off at any random time, this car drives me nuts. I am strongly thinking of taking it back. I the only good thing is it is roomy to be a small car. You can fit a ton of groceries in the back.

- Gloria H

Hyundai Tucson, good choice for a family.

My car has been extremely reliable in the time that I have owned it. Only being 2wd I was worry out driving in the snow, but this SUV handles great and has never given me any issues. It is decent on gas and I feel safe driving my kids in it. Good affordable SUV. Big enough in the back for 2 car seats with good storage in the back as well.

- Natasha J

A small-medium SUV with a great paint job. Tires are 18". And it is a 4 cylinder.

The engine is acting up after many years. But the overall condition is still very great compared to how old it is. The only thing I ever had a consistent problem is with the brakes. I have gone to many people but it might've been just the people I chose because after the "right one" my car was able to stop a bit more quickly.

- Esther H

Hyundai Tucson review from owner of the vehicle

There is no major issue except for normal wear and tear on older vehicles. The performance is perfect, no major problems other than check engine light occasionally coming on. Very reliable and comfortable. I purchased this vehicle because I had twins on the way and it was a good deal. No extra features but just a good car.

- Elizabeth U

2007 Tucson Hyundai has many irritating problems not easily fixed.

Paint and trim have worn out fast. Tire pressure indicator faulty. Parts and repair work is expensive. Very noisy interior. Outside trim work falls off frequently. Bumper crumples easily with minimal impact. Paint chips easily, as does front windshield. Interior seat fabric very resistance to attempts at cleaning.

- Julia M

Good car but a little plain.

The car is too large for my comfort, but handles well and is very comfortable in a generic sort of way. It lacks personality, but has high functionality. I have heated seats, good headlights and fog lamps, heated windshield wipers, rear window defrosters, and 4WD. All make the vehicle great for winter conditions.

- Jenny M

It's still look like new . I always take care it.

Its a old one. But old is gold. Performance is better than new model on my view. It's really reliable. In percentage I give it 90%. I feel very comport with that.I always take care it its color I like so much. I add many extra item such as I attach with it back camera as well as new model gear and light shape.

- Ross M

Headlights and oil replacement

It's been a really good car and very realizable. It's comfortable to drive. The only thing that I've needed to do on the car is replace the headlight bulbs, as they seem to go out often. Also, it does seem to need to have oil added between oil changes, but that had only been later in the years that I had it.

- Anna V

The seats fold down great and the back holds a lot of groceries.

I thought since it is a small vehicle, that it would be good on gas but it really is not. The doorknobs and window is reachable to my two year old in her car seat, so I have to keep it on child lock and window locked. The paint is peeling. Good things: small, easy to clean, seats fold down easily.

- Danielle R

Comfortable and roomy SUV. Gas efficient too.

It is roomy four door SUV. It is good on gas. It is front wheel drive but very good in the snow. I bought it 3 years ago and had very little problems mechanically. It has good storage if you want to go on a trip or any sporting event. It has a CD player and radio. It is an automatic transmission.

- Shawn B

I enjoy its 4 wheel drive feature its great for New England snow.

My car has about 146, 00 miles on it and it performs very well for the amount of miles that it has on it. It's a nice size and gets about 19 miles per gallon highway which isn't bad. I really do enjoy my car. It fits just about anything you'd need. It also is very good in the snow! Handles well.

- Katie K

Our black 2007 Hyundai Tucson.

This is our 2nd Hyundai (4th in our immediate family) and the cars run great, last long and have an amazing warranty. Other than routine maintenance and aging of the vehicle we have had to spend little on the upkeep. I will seriously consider another Hyundai with my future vehicle purchases.

- Angela D

Safe reliable dependable just cost more money on gas and maintaining

Have had it for 5 years now and have not had any major problems. Safe. Comfort is not the greatest but I love it. Enough room for my small family for camping sport events gas isn't always the greatest. But not too bad it cost me 40 to fill it but. I get 312 miles or so on a full tank

- Rebecca S

Wonderful vehicle. Great for the money. Bought it new and have no complaints.

I don't have any problems. My Hyundai is very reliable. There is plenty of room for five people and there is enough room for shopping. I have a sunroof in my SUV and love it. I faithfully have the oil changed and maintenance done in a timely manner. In fact you can eat off my engine.

- Susan L

Familiar and reliable, but could be better.

It is comfy and spacious but not a mom mobile. The electronics do not like to work in the cold. It is not the best in extreme weather. But it is super reliable even at 140,000 miles. Would like a rear camera. I have used it to drive across the country multiple times and it is smooth.

- Adam T

Hyundai Tucson 07 - how’s it built?

The way the car is built makes it difficult to fix little things therefore the labor costs of a mechanic skyrocket. For example, I needed 3 little fuses fixed and the mechanic had to take out my entire engine to get to them. Parts cost under a dollar total, labor cost over $800.

- Erin M

Old Tucson, not attractive not even for tourists.

my car is very finicky and has had a list of various problems some temporary and some not so much. Cheaply made and everything goes out at the same time, this leads to massive repairs. The price of these repairs gets costly fast, so much so that one considers buying a new car.

- Wes S

I maintain my car fairly well - it may be slightly pampered.

I like the vehicle because it suits me and even after all these years still gets decent gas mileage. I have had really low maintenance on this vehicle. The best surprise on maintenance is that I still have the original battery. It is a nice looking car with nice windows.

- Carolyn R

Warranty on these vehicles are great.

I am not a fan of the color, but I like the warranty on this vehicle. I haven't had any real big problems with my vehicle either, when I purchase the vehicle it only had 1 owner and only 24,000 miles. Would definitely get another Hyundai. Possibly any style of this brand.

- Christine D

Very reliable, great first time car.

Bought used in good condition, extremely reliable. Almost 100,000 miles on it and has not needed any major work. Was able to change my headlight by myself which was a plus. My model does not have any fancy features but I do not need any. Great turn radius, great pick up.

- Anna C

Good, clean and reliable.

It is older there is no vents in the back but it is very reliable and clean. There has not been any issues with the way it runs. Both the interior and exterior were taken good care of. The only thing with the exterior is the hail damage on top but it can barely be seen.

- Amanda F

I wouldn't buy another Hyundai.

I have a 2007 Tucson and my mother has a 2009 Tucson. Both are prone to the same sort of issues. They do not drive smoothly, they're quite expensive to maintain. The comfort and features are okay, but seeing as it is an older model there is not anything fancy about it.

- Val E

The air conditioning will randomly turn on. This may be a defect with 2007 Hyundai's. If services are kept up with it will run forever.

Likes: very roomy, great for transporting people(lyft, uber, etc.) and goods. Cruise control makes long drives much nicer. As with my previous Hyundai, AC is ice cold. Dislike: has one extreme blind spot, hard to do manual maintenance on, gas mileage isn't the best

- Kevin P

This vehicle is very spacious and runs well.

The performance is decent. But we have had many problems after buying. The airbag light flickers on and off as well as the check engine light. It is an older car that wasn't taken care of before. It is comfortable and fits all of my families needs when traveling.

- Jessica P

Low mileage and one owner.

Nice car and reliable. Never been wrecked. Great quality inside and out. Mileage is low. A/c works great. Inside is clean. Brand new radiator and all maintenance is kept up as needed. New tires as needed. Steering wheel cover. One owner and still in great shape.

- Judy T

It's a good medium sized car, perfect for a small family.

My car is over 10 years old, but it has been pretty reliable despite its age. The physical features of the car (car, interior, etc.) have lasted a long time. The car performs very well in day to day travel, but it is not the best for long distance traveling.

- Cynthia L

A compact SUV that can hold a lot more than you'd think.

My car has been amazing so far! I love the storage space especially. Everything I've ever tried to fit in my car from bed frames to a recliner has always fit. I like the simple design of the exterior of the car and I find the interior very comfortable also.

- Allison P

I love my Hyundai it's a great vehicle and well worth the investment

I own this vehicle for 2 years and haven't really have any trouble. It's been a very good vehicle. When I first bought it I had to change the harmonic balancer and besides oil changes I haven't had to do anything else to the vehicle. I stand very satisfied

- stacy G

I love the back seats fold down

I have never had any issues with my vehicle! It's really roomy, gets great gas mileage on the interstate and it's just perfect for myself. I love that my back seats fold down and give me more trunk space. It's a crossover SUV so it's a really great size.

- Mal O

My car drives well and has held up with age.

Reliable comfortable and easy to drive. I have had the car for years and it is still in good shape. It gets good gas mileage and had held up well with age. I like the color. I like that it sirs high. It takes good size tires that are not too expensive.

- Beth S

It's a good quality car that I feel like my kids are safe in.

I have owned this vehicle for two years and really like it. It's not super roomy but it's the perfect size for our family of 4 in the city. Haven't had any major issues with it. Love the rear view camera and the way it drives-very smooth!

- Jessica K

Great quality and value - has lasted many years.

Good, reliable vehicle. Has lasted me many years and hopefully lasts a few more. I like the space I have and the 4wd for the bad weather. I don't like that I go through headlight bulbs quickly, but now I'm a pro at changing them.

- Elise N

NEEDS BETTER air conditioning to , accommodate pets, passengers and refrigerated groceries.

Compact for tight parking spaces. Sturdy and sturdy handling. Nice fold down second row seat for cargo space. BAD air conditioning because no air conditioning for second row passengers or pets riding in back seat and cargo area.

- mac m

As long as you take care of it, it will take care of you!

It has lasted me for almost 5 years and I bought it used. It now has over 200k miles on it and still going. Minor repairs here and there but overall great vehicle. It is a little small for my family but we make it work.

- missie s

I has giving me minimal issues in the 11 years I have owned it.

I bought my car new and have had it for 11 years and has not really giving me and problems. I like the it is a small truck live trunk space and it is good on gas mileage.i would definitely get another one some day

- Denise D

The brakes are really bad on it a lot of the times.

I love the Tucson! It runs well and is pretty nice. I love being high up, something about it makes me feel safer! I love all the features, although I wish it were never so I could have more and better features!

- Alexis S

It drives well for how many miles it has.

Like nearly everything, except it has slit if electrical problems. The windows no longer roll down and a fuse was draining the battery so had to be removed, so now I have no interior lights or clock.

- Julie B

It has a lot of space and can hold 5 passengers comfortably while still having enough cargo space

I have never had to do major repairs on my vehicle, the car has quality parts that do not wear out. My car is only 4 cylinders and doesn't have the power to accelerate, especially with the a/c on.

- Anthony P

It has a comfortable interior and is easy to drive,. It also has a fairly smooth ride.

My vehicle has a smooth ride, nice interior and has been fairly reliable. cools and heats nicely. has had to go back to dealer for three recalls which altho free are annoying and time consuming.

- Kat K

There's an option for manual shifting for better gas mileage.

Very spacious for a smaller sized vehicle. I love the way it drives (handles) and the option of manual shift really helps with highway gas efficiency. I don't have any dislikes about my vehicle.

- Cassandra B

That it might seem small, but it has a pretty good amount of power.

I think that it is a nice, small vehicle, but it also has decent space for storage. It handles quite well, and it takes turns with ease. It drives smooth and it's had little to no problems.

- Zachariah Y

It has great truck space and good gas mileage

I like the gas mileage I get on the car. I like that it is small SUV so it is easy to travel and shop with for truck space. I just wish I was able to afford a newer model


My Tucson, a comfortable, practical and economical vehicle.

Excellent vehicle, presents the minimum problems, consumption little gas, is quite comfortable and with the desired equipment. It's small, but the whole family goes.

- Ricardo L

This car watched my kids go from preschoolers to teens.

Has been a great car. Sits up high enough that I feel I can see well, but not too high, like a truck, that it makes it hard to get in to. Also, lots of storage.

- Kathryn D

It has 11 airbags so it is very safe.

The breaks are very sensitive which can be a bad thing. I like the cargo area. For a small suv is it pretty roomy and for a lower end suv it is comfortable

- Robyn A

It has lasted many years and many miles.

There have been several Hyundai vehicles in our family and we have been very satisfied in the performance and durability together with the warranty.

- Angela D

It is comfortable and dependable.

Like the size not to big or small. Like the gas mileage very good. Like the smoothness. Was used when bought it and it still has a nice ride to it.

- Becky M

It's been reliable up to now and it is a nice looking car.

I like the fact that it's a SUV. It's a 2007 and it's starting to break on me. It needs repairs and I'm getting to the point of wanting a new car.

- Jim H

It well maintained, drives like a six cylinder, but it's a 4 cylinder. When I first got it I thought it wouldn't keep up with other cars.

My vehicle I love it never had one problem out of it, keep up with the regular maintenance, tires, balance, rotation, fluid change when required.

- Sandra C

Very easy to control in any kind of weather.

My vehicle is easy to drive in and out of tight s. A gas hog.. The trunk raises up and is very heavy to shut. I enjoy the height of my vehicle.

- Cynthia S

My car is dependable and low maintenance.

My Tucson has been a dependable vehicle. It has required very few repairs. It's body has held up very well despite not being kept in a garage.

- Kathy E

It is a great deal for the money.

The ride is smooth. The interior is large and roomy, I'm able to fit both enough people and enough objects in my trunk. The steering is good.

- Katie M

The most important thing is that it is safe.

I like my car’s color, and that is high off the ground. I feel safe in it. I do not love the look of it, but I know it is an older car too.

- Madeline J

poor gas mileage. 4-wheel drive is OK, but not used often.

The size is good, but gas mileage is poor. Dash console is not user-friendly (too many electronic buttons to get to the right settings).

- Mar K

Gas mileage and how reliable it is.

I do not like the gasoline mileage I get. The tires wear out to quick. I like that I can see better cause I am up higher than a car.

- Walter R

Dependable vehicle. Holds up well.

Vehicle was going good. Now over 10 years old and over 100K on it so having more issues. Almost car payment. Would like newer model.

- Reba L

Reliable And Good Looking Car

Some of the features are outdated for example there is no aux cord and there is still a tape player but it is a pretty reliable car.

- Derrica A

It's great on gas. There is plenty of room to pack a lot of stuff in it.

Doesn't have a digital screen. There is no back up camera. I like that it is a smaller SUV. I don't like that there is an aux port.

- Vanessa T

It's good quality. Mechanically sound. There are no drive issues.

It has never had any issues mechanically. The seats are comfortable. It is easy to drive. I wish it had more storage and leg room

- Tracy B

It is great on gas even though it appears larger than regular cars.

I like the durability. I like the amount of space inside the vehicle. It gets great gas mileage. And overall I love how it looks.

- Jessica R

Many car is quite reliable.

I like my car and it is my first car. My car has been reliable over the years. My car is a good midsize car for what I need.

- Emily W

Hyundai Tuscon: Make it Powerful

I love the body of my car and how much room I have, but there is absolutely no speed. I wish it had a more powerful engine.

- Sara R

It has been reliable and has needed minimal maintenance over several years.

It is reliable and safe, but somewhat outdated in that it has no modern amenities like a back up camera or Bluetooth radio.

- Mikayla K

If you buy it, be prepared to spend money fixing parts.

Like: it is a nice looking car. Dislike: the car has too many technical issues. I have spend a lot of money on repairs.

- Ye N

It keeps us very safe and it is a very safe car to drive.

It drives very good nice and smooth it has a very nice ride and the tires are in good shape i really love this car.

- Laurie H

That it's a spacious, comfortable car, with air conditioning.

I love that it's a spacious, 4 door, with a sunroof and lots of cup holders. I do wish it had better gas mileage.

- Melodie M

Great in the snow! Also has a ton of room to haul anything you need.

I love how roomy and reliable my car is. I also like how it drives in the snow. I only wish it had heated seats.

- Samantha R

It is dependable, gets good gas mileage, and holds a lot.

The tire light comes on when nothing is wrong.The rattles a lot makes for work good. A loud ride. The CD player.

- Gary L

Great family sized suv...

Good gas mileage. Four wheel drive. Enough space. Good for small families and traveling. Parts are priced fair

- Parm M

light blue runs well and efficiently

An efficient cheap to fix car the runs smooth and lasts a long time. Mine has over 200k miles and runs well

- Michael D

2007 White Hyundai Tucson

Very reliable. I've had it more than 10 years and no major repairs needed other than tires and batteries.

- Jaime F

It last a long time and is very durable.

Does not have an a plug to plug in my phone. Has a lot of miles on it. Last very long. Very durable car.

- Chris A

It is low maintenance. I get the oil changed every 3 months or 3000 miles.

I like it cause it's good on gas. I don't like it cause I need something bigger. But has held up great.

- Danielle R

It is reliable. We've had very few problems with it and never anything major since we've owned it.

It's a nice looking vehicle. Always been reliable. It has aged well. Not really anything I dislike.

- Dan S

It has very good storage. Another thing is that the car smells very good.

I like that it lasts and is a reliable car. It has decent mileage and controls well.

- Tracy B

My car is very comfortable and spacious. I love the car overall but we purchased the car used so it's not in the best condition but it's still new to me.

That is spacious and very reliable on gas, car doesn't need much money put into it.

- Sydney J

Dependable vehicle. It is the greatest. Would purchase again.

Awesome vehicle. Works great. Buy these always. Hyundai are our vehicles of choice.

- markham s

es muy economica en conbustible es muy comoda y amplia y es un vehículo muy competente

me gusta su comodidad su confort muy economica ligera con muy buen espacio trasero

- Roselio A

It is a reliable vehicle that is inexpensive.

Has been reliable. Sort of loud in car have to turn the radio up high to hear.

- Cinnamon K

My car has aged well for an 11 year old car.

Bad on gas.Dependable. Good AC and heater. Could use a better sound system.

- David g

It's a decent vehicle for my basic needs. It gets good gas mileage, its reliable, fairly comfortable and had a fair amount of storage space

Its difficult to find replacement parts. I've had some transmission issues

- Rick M

It has been very reliable. I have owned mine for 11 years and had no problems.

I like that my car has been reliable. I only wish it was 4 wheel drive.

- Halli S

All of the seats other than driver seat fold flat.

It is a good size. The seats fold flat. And the color is what I like.

- Jake L

It makes an irritated noise when...

I love my car. It operates well. Gets me from place A to B.

- Victoria W

Good quality for the money. Dependable. Good safety record

Good quality. Has never broken down on me. Reasonable cost

- Lori Z

My car is dependable and has never failed to start. It is a 4 cylinder so it is underpowered. The gas mileage is ok. I have no blind spots and have very large windows.

Dependable car that won't cost a lot of money in repairs.

- Dorothy P

Dependable, well built, priced right

Has many features, has been dependable, well built.

- Chuck P