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12 years old and still amazing!

Of all the cars I have owned my RAV4 is by far the best I have owned. It has been extremely dependable. I have kept up with my oil changes which is the only maintenance I have needed and I am over 100K miles and still going strong. The vehicle did have a lot of recalls in the beginning which was difficult. The car is bigger than you expect I was able to transport my son and his baseball teammates and all there gear lots of places including the big trip to Georgia. I also used the car for two moves and could fit so much in the car. I also have used the vehicle to do a lot of dump runs. The front seats are comfortable but the back are a little harder for long trips. The radio is hard to reach from the driver's seat and in my year there are no controls on the steering wheel. One difficult thing is that in the way back the sides actually taper so it is hard to fit in large items. I truly love my vehicle

- Janice S

12 year old Rav4: the best car ever

My Rav4 is 12 years old but does not have many miles on it. It's super reliable, works great in icy winter weather, and is so easy to drive. It is responsive and is a great size/provides height which I personally love. Although relatively primitive in comparison to today's high tech vehicles, it provides exactly what I need. It can hold five people comfortably. There's tons of trunk space for my dogs and I can play music of my choice because of the AUX attachment. The radio also functions very well. It heats up and cools down fast, and is generally super comfortable. I haven't had any issues with the car's function despite the years of wear and tear it has been through. Overall, an amazing car.

- Sydney A

Used RAV4: disappointing reliability.

I bought my car used, with 130, 000 miles on it, as my first vehicle because I'd heard Toyotas were super reliable. However, in the first 3 months of ownership I have had 2 significant problems with it (sunroof shattered, needed a new o2 sensor, and the coolant pipe came loose, causing all the coolant to leak out and the engine to overheat). So a low score on reliability! It also gets poor gas mileage. I live in the Rockies in co, and the 4 cylinder engine struggles to get the car over the steep mountain passes. However, the 4WD drives well in snow and it is comfortable and spacious. I do not hate it, but certainly have frustration with it considering how much I paid for a well-used car.

- Cassidy G

Comfortable and reliable!

My RAV4 is comfortable and reliable. Although the model I have is not fully loaded it has everything I need. I did have to have the air conditioning/heat control replaced and I have made some minor repairs. It does not have a rear back up camera or Bluetooth, so it is very basic. It does have a sunroof which I rarely use. I wish the headlights were “dummy proof” so they would beep if I accidentally left the lights. That is disappointing, but I have just gotten good at remembering to turn them off. I like the way the trunk opens, and I feel it is very good with gas/mileage. I have never owned a Toyota before, but I believe I would purchase another one in the future.

- Julie E

Purchase a reliable, comfortable rav4 and be assured of a safe, secure ride!

The Toyota rav4 is a great value! There is plenty of seating room and storage space in the rear of the car. The windows provide light and a clear, unobstructed view. The mileage one gets is very good and it's comfortable to drive and manage when parking in potentially tight spots. If it is taken care of regularly ( oil changes and new tires, for example, ) it will serve one well for a very long time. It performs very reliably in snowy, icy, and sleety weather conditions which gives a feeling of safety and security. This is my recommended vehicle!

- Susanne L

Reliable, Comfortable, Beautiful Car

The RAV4 is a great car. It's compact, fits 5 people and even groceries comfortably. I have never experienced many major problems besides the axel being a bit squeaky (loose screws by tires, small things) but that is mostly because of the road conditions that the car is put on. Rough winters and patchy roads. It comes with an aux cord plug in with multiple plug ins for USB and car chargers. It has a CD player and also radio. No Bluetooth. It doesn't have super gas mileage that's a negative to this car. Other than that I love my bluebird car!!

- Emily S

Toyota really is the most reliable.

It runs very well for being a decade old. Only ran into one problem being that when I turned the air conditioning on, the car would start this very loud noise that is only heard on the outside of the car. Had that fixed and it is fine now however the car is starting to make a similar sound just not too loud without the air being on. Aside from that it is doing well. The paint is peeling off in some areas of the car which I am guessing it is to be expected. For how old it is and considering it is never enclosed, I am not too surprised.

- Eddie O

Fell in love with my 10 year old rav4.

So far I have had minimal issues with my rav4. I thoroughly enjoy it and I believe that it is the last year that they made them with 3rd row seating. Having this extra space really allows me to independently haul small/medium size furniture with ease. It also allows tons of room for groceries and still comfortable for passengers. Being a single mom I feel like this is a perfect size car for anyone wanting to avoid the minivan. I have not driven it in the winter yet but I have heard great things about it being safe and reliable.

- Amanda P

Practical comfortable and low maintenance

Reliable car very few Maintenance issues. It is a really comfortable car and is great for long trips. You can haul a lot of stuff but the size is reasonable. We have a very small trailer so we really appreciate the storage space. It is quite large with the back seat down. It has many amenities including double sunroof leather seats and has automatic everything. It can tow-our trailer with a full cargo load. The gas mileage is decent especially for a six cylinder. We would most likely buy another when the time comes

- Joyce P

Rav4 delivers fun, reliability, and safety

I love the driving experience with my Rav4. We use it for work, recreation, and for towing a small tent trailer. the v-6 provides surprising performance, the 4 wheel drive provides excellent traction in snow and loose gravel. the seats are comfortable, and it now has 170k miles on it. On the down side, a 22 shell casing was jammed in the climate control system, and repair cost was nearly $3,000 because the $6.00 part was not available separately. overall, we really like this car. So we bought a second one for me.

- Dan n

2007 Toyota rav4. Looks great, runs like new, amazing performance.

Toyota rav4 is one of the best purchases I have made. This vehicle is amazing I have a 4 wheel drive which is used in upstate NY. Also on long trips going through mountains, I have a downhill control and it is also amazing. Very comfortable and plenty of room. I love the back door that swings sideways and has my spare tire on the door. I also have a tow package which I towed a trailer which was great. Plenty of cup holders, Bluetooth phone, dual air, or heat. I will keep this SUV until it doesn't go anymore.

- Lynne P

The car for an adventure: RAV4.

I have loved the Toyota RAV4. I originally drove the 2003 model and now drive the 2007 model. I hope to always stay driving the RAV4. I really enjoy being higher up in the car when I am driving, and I love the safety of the vehicle. The car is very reliable. The only problems I have ever encountered were with my 2003. We had to replace the catalytic converter as well as all the o2 sensors, but the car was also 15+ years old, so I am not surprised. The car comfortably seats 4 and is a great family car.

- Mackenzie W

Oil consumption is awful.

When I first bought my Toyota it was used. I had always heard that Toyotas were great vehicles. After about a month I had to add oil to it. I didn't think anything of it until the following week I had to add more. Every week since I have to add a quart a week. The piston rings were bad on the type of engine I had. I contacted Toyota and they said I was past my date to have them fix it. I still owe a lot on this car and I either have it fixed for a fortune or add a quart of oil per week.

- John A

Give me another 100,000 miles please.

Great gas mileage and very dependable. I feel safe driving my rav4 and would consider purchasing another one. My favorite features of the car are the full size spare tire, spacious interior, and the dependability. I would absolutely recommend the rav4 to my friends. I have only had one minor problem with my rav4's alternator going bad. However, on a 10+ year old car that is hardly an issue. Currently it has 175,000 miles and I am confident it will see at least another 100,000 more.

- Jeremiah T

Not that comfy, but super useful.

While this car has run really great for us I am never quite comfortable sitting it. The seats are super stiff and the lack of adjustable settings never let's me get the right fit in the driver's seat. The Utility part of the SUV is top notch. I have used it to haul everything from groceries to sheets of plywood up dirt roads to my mountain house. It always surprises me how much I can fit into this car on project days. I would buy another Rav4 any day.

- Jason M

That it is one of the best cars I have owned that is dependable and reliable.

I overall really love this car. I like the reliability and handling. I have had to get 3 recalls done which the dealer done at no cost to me. The only other problem is there is a popping noise in the steering which I learned is the intermediate shaft which is an annoyance but not something that affects the car otherwise. I would like to see a recall to fix that but if not I will deal with it because I don't want to spend $1000.00 to fix it.

- Michelle U

I love my Rav4 because it's everything I want!

My Rav4 is beautiful, has a great sound system, gets great gas mileage, has a comfortable and upscale interior. It is very dependable and requires little maintenance. It has plenty of power for passing and travels wonderfully down the highway. Of course Toyotas keep their value and will stay with you for the long haul. Whether it's to the beach. To the mountains or just running errands, it is a wonderful car to drive.

- Nancy N

In love with my RAV4!! <3

I am in love with my RAV4! It is spacious. There is plenty of room in the trunk and the seats fold down to allow for bigger items. I have a full size mattress pad I often put in the back for car-camping and it fits perfect with the back seats folded down! I can make it through all road conditions: snow, ice, mud, etc without issues and always feel safe. I have had no issues with my car and it has been extremely reliable.

- Alex L

2007 Toyota rav4 runs great for age and mileage.

This care has been wonderful to me. It has more than 150,000 miles on it and runs pretty great. Typical maintenance and parts replacement with a vehicle of this age such as air filters, spark plugs, and a new alternator. My only complaint is the level of sensor issues that seem to be occurring for the cars age. The sensors in the braking system have gone out frequently as well as the airbag sensor on the steering wheel.

- Blake M

Reliable and Room for more RAV4

I absolutely love my Toyota Rav4! First of all, it is the perfect size SUV. It comfortably fits 5 people but you can add a third row and fit 7. Without the third row there is plenty of trunk space for traveling. The roof rack provides an additional space for storage when going on vacation. This car has provided me with travel for over 90,000 miles. It is very reliable and I would buy a RAV4 again in a heartbeat!

- Sarah E

Even after all this time she still runs amazing.

My car is a somewhat old car. Therefore there have been simple problems that come up with every car, such as the breaks needing to be changed the oil having leakage and just little things here and there. Overall it runs great and only has few bumps and scratches. It has over 145000 miles on it, so it does need new things here and there, but if you keep it up to date on everything it runs perfectly.

- Kari D

Perfect until the warranty ran out then it became an oil burning money pit.

Once the warranty ran out, it started having problems. It burns oil so much that I have to fill it every thousand miles. There was a recall for the burning oil issue, but my car didn't qualify? They told me that it would be too expensive to fix so I should just keep putting oil in it. I just replaced the steering column which cost $2700! Now it is making a whining noise and it smells like burning.

- Angie W

It's a great car, not overly big, very easy to drive.

Great gas mileage, very reliable, very easy vehicle for dogs, has 4 wheel drive which is amazing for winter. Mine makes a weird noise at 60 mph but it doesn't seem to affect anything. Looks cute. The air works great but it would be nice to have air in the back seats too. Love having a V6 engine. Can hook up your phone through Bluetooth which is awesome but I haven't figured out how to use it yet.

- Kate T

The Toyota RAV4 4 is the perfect car.

My car is able to move the seat up for people who are short. The seats are comfortable for you back. I love the cloth seats. The drive is perfect, the car drives the down road just perfect. I love the steering wheel has buttons that you can change the radio station. When you are looking for car I would find a car that fits you perfectly. The kind of car you see driving throughout your life.

- Katie W

Safe, Reliable, and Comfortable

My car has held up so well for the past 9 years. We bought it used with about 30,000 miles on it. It now has over 100,000 miles on it and has never had any issues (knock on wood). She has managed weekly road trips, drives up to college, long periods of non-use, and a few hit and runs against her. It is a comfortable car, but most importantly it is a practical, safe, and reliable car.

- Carol A

The best add on this car has is the downhill button.

Even though the rav4 is a sport model, it is extremely comfortable to ride in. Long road trips have never been a problem. The gas mileage is not the best, but it gets you where you need to go. The air conditioning does not hold out very long. Repairs are costly like on any car. Trunk space is amazing and being able to lay the back seats down is beyond helpful when you need to haul.

- Natasha C

The cute little workhorse.

This vehicle currently has over 176, 000 miles on it. I bought it used. I have never had any mechanical problems whatsoever. Always starts, good brakes and mechanics, good gas mileage. Starts in all weather. I live in the country so this car has to go at least 30 miles distance to any activity like shopping, dining out, doctors etc.. It is easy to handle even in lots of rain.

- Stephanie K

My rav4 is easy to handle and very reliable.

My rav4 is the best car I have ever owned. It is comfortable driving or riding. I drive over 900 miles twice every three months and I am completely comfortable and never tired during the drive. I have had no major repairs on the car and the Toyota dealership is very professional and reliable. The car is equipped with front wheel and all wheel drive so it handles snow easily.

- Constance A

Hidden storage on older model

I have had no problems with my vehicle. The main complaint I have is that the vehicle has had numerous recalls. I did not have a problem with the issues involved in the recalls, Just a hassle to keep taking it back. Gets decent mileage (still) and I love the rack to put shopping in. My vehicle still has some hidden storage space which the new models don't have.

- Jean M

Great small SUV with lots of room.

Great car overall. Spacious and comfortable. Drive smooth with very little problems. Very reliable and gets good gas mileage. Would recommend to anyone. Great size for someone who needs a little extra room but does not want a huge vehicle. Haven't had to do any major repairs. Back seats fold down and the back door swings out instead of up. Love my RAV4.

- Rebecca V

The rav4 crazy sunroof woes.

The only issue I have ever had the entire time I had my vehicle was with my sunroof. It somehow came off of is track and began to flap while I was driving until one day it flew right off. The dealership said it was going to cost $2,500 to fix. I went through my insurance and paid only my $50 deductible. Other than that, it has been an amazing vehicle!

- Erin E

Best car ever. My favorite feature is how the back seats come down.

I love my car. It was passed to me from my grandmother when she passed away. The only problem I have with it is the aux port has a short so it doesn't work very well. It's a really good car and has gotten me everywhere I need to go. Best thing about her is the seats being able to come down. I've watched a lot of drive in movies in the back of her.

- Lindsey W

Best car I've ever bought!

I love my car! It is comfy and very spacious. An awesome vehicle for taking road trips or going out with friends without being squished. Is it also very economic and my car fills up with about $32! If you have pets they can easily fit no matter the size. Very smooth and not to difficult to maintain. Lasts years! Would recommend for anyone!!

- Vanessa F

Love my rav4.. Best running car I have owned thus far!

I absolutely love my car, and haven't had any major issues with it. The only repairs I have had to make was for normal wear and tear- such as new brakes, replacing tires, etc. 119, 000 miles and runs like a dream. Also drives so smoothly that I sometimes accidentally speed if cruise control is not on, because it just gets up and goes!

- Amber C

Toyota rav4 is a dependable, comfortable and amazing vehicle.

I love my Toyota rav4 sport edition. It is a very comfortable ride and seats up to 5 with lots of cargo space in the back. The seats lay down flat allowing you to pack in lots of stuff for moving. This vehicle has been very reliable only requiring regular basic maintenance of oil changes, new tires, brakes and the occasional battery.

- Jennifer D

Best Hidden compartment and trunk space

The performance is great, and reliability. Have had only a couple major items to fix on it, still keeps on going, at 170,000. Actually have had 2 people ask me if I'm interested in selling it because of the body style. Going to drive it till I can't anymore. Only thing I would change is the color, won't ever get a black car again.

- Dana L

Others should know that my car is an SUV and that it has very low mileage and is in good condition.

I like the feel of the vehicle and the way that it handles. I also like the convenience of having my own transportation and being able to get into the vehicle and go anywhere I desire and at any time I desire. I hate having to service the vehicle and the inconvenience involved in scheduling and taking the vehicle to be serviced.

- Robert A

Comfortable, spacious, great mileage for a crossover.

I love my Rav4, I've owned my used 2007 model for almost two years. It is reliable, comfortable, decent mileage & an amazing amount if space in the trunk for a crossover. I compared the Rav to several other comparable vehicles, did research on reliability and test drove them and was very confident in my decision to get a Rav4.

- Emily M

I Love My Navy Blue Rav4.

The size is just right for my family size of 4, not too small and too big, very spacious. I have been using it for 12 years now so far my only problem is it is burning gas. According to the dealer, it is mostly the problem with this type of vehicle. This does not consume much gas since this is only 4 cylinder, very economical.

- Ching D

Love my baby girl-my Rav4

Totally love this car. Over 180,000 miles with minimal work beyond the normal maintenance. Plan to drive it until it is not cost effective to keep it. Has great pick-up for interstate driving and I love my moon roof. The 60/40 split back seat that folds flat makes carrying odd sized items easier. Comfortable for long drives.

- Peggy G

Efficient SUV. Basic model. No major issues

Sometimes noisy but runs well. A lot of room for passengers and storage. Drives smooth. Takes a little while to speed up, but once it does it goes pretty fast. I don't like that I need to Hit Unlock button on remote 3 times to unlock passenger doors. Love being off the ground. Bigger car makes me feel safe driving.

- Paul O

The Perks and Disappointments of Having a RAV4

At first, I really enjoyed my car. It ran well, but as I started driving it more, I realized that it's not that great on gas. I tend to drive a lot for work so it might not be the best car for me, but I often finding myself filling up every 3-4 days. It's comfort level is nice, but there's not that many special features.

- Lynn H

This is an amazing family vehicle!

Very convenient vehicle. It gets pretty good fuel mileage and I love that the back opens and the back seats fold down. We have taken this vehicle on long trips and it's so comfortable and reliable! To car is so easy to clean and keep clean! Nothing is very expensive to replace on it. This is a perfect family car for us!

- Chelsea W

Toyota RAV4 - Runs well and great size!

Pros: Performs well in bad weather (ie. snow, ice and rain), Good size (extra seats in the back, that fold down! Great if you have dogs!). Cons: I've had quite a few maintenance issues with this car, which is unusual for Toyotas. I've had to replace cylinders, the serpentine belt, and so much more that I can't remember.

- Jaime K

Lightweight, reliable hatchback.

The car has good amount of space for passengers but also for moving or transporting items. However, not so big to be bulky. Very light weight and drives very well. I have had very minimal issues with maintenance. Brakes really well, never felt worried about stopping in time during traffic or other unexpected problems.

- Caitlin C

Great, trustworthy vehicle! It's made many extended road trips!

I purchased the Rav4 for its features; AWD, size, I can fit 5 comfortably, cargo space is more than adequate, fuel economy is ok, plus it is a V6, so I can tow a small trailer. Toyota is known for its quality. The body & interior have held up well. I would definitely buy another one. Maintenance has been a breeze.

- Linda N

Economic rav4, nimble and quick.

My rav4 runs great. It got 30 mpg completely loaded down on my move from TX to CA. It handled the stormy mountain passes without a bit of trouble. The handling is the best I have driven. It is very nimble with a sharp turning radius. After 4 years ownership new tires and oil changes are the only repairs I have done.

- Lawrence L

Drives great in the snow and never gets stuck

Reliable, gets pretty good gas mileage, handles great in the snow, easy to drive, comfortable seats, plenty of legroom, doesn't get stuck in the snow, fun to drive. Best car I've ever had. Toyota's are super reliable and you keep them forever. Mine is a 2007 and it still runs like a newer version of some other car

- Jesse E

It is a Toyota. They run forever as long as you do the regular maintenance.

Have never had any issues or problems with this car. We are big and tall people and there’s not much room in the front. There’s also not enough room for storage of things such as extra keys phones wallets etc. But there’s plenty of cargo space We've put tables and chairs and several other items in the back.

- Forrest H

The Toyota Rav4 from 2007 is absolutely a family car and has great gas mileage.

My husband and I have had our black Toyota Rav4 since 2008. It is still in excellent shape and has an amazing amount of space for us and our children. It has room in the back for groceries and even a large stroller. It has not failed us once. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone with a family of four.

- Savannah S

It's a great value for the price, spacious, 4-wheel drive, and is durable and lasts a long time.

This has been the best car that I've ever owned. I love the 4 wheel drive and how it can be activated from inside the car. It has also been very dependable and is lasting a long time. It's fun to drive too. Gas mileage is good for a car of It's kind but could be a bit better, other than that it's a dream car.

- Jessie M

Toyota Rav4 is a good car for travel with plenty of room for luggage

This car was part of a recall for to much oil consumption so Toyota rebuilt part of the motor. The car uses Much less oil now. The car is comfortable with all the basic amenities. I travel for work so this car has done well for me while traveling. I like my car but would like to upgrade in the near future

- Jam H

4 wheel drive is helpful but do not rely on it to save you when the snow gets more than 2 inches deep.

I have a toyota rav4 2007 model. So far it has run very well and is a reliable car. I have owned it for 2 years. We had to fix a few small things, but have not needed to do any major repair work. The 4 wheel drive works for the most part, but I have gotten stuck in snow twice even with the 4 wheel drive.

- Jenny F

the pros outweigh the cons in my opinion

I really like the size of the car- it is a perfect height, it is roomy inside, and the trunk is huge. The AC and heat also work great. I think the sound system is really good, and the bass is nice. I will mention that I have already needed a new transmission and breaks in the about 4 years I've had it.

- megan P

Fast car and comfortable for a family with kids.

So far my car has no problem at all. I love the way it looks and how fast it runs. Other people tell me to buy a recent year one but I rather stay with the one I want. I went to a dealer once and they even offer to buy it from me. I love this car so much I am thinking about keeping it for 3 more years.

- Ana A

This is one of the most reliable small SUVs on the market.

I like the easy access (not too low to the ground, but not too high). The cargo space is great (my husband uses a wheelchair and it is easy for me to load/unload). My RAV is mechanically very reliable. I love the Toyota brand—this was my third Toyota, and what I chose when I downsized from a minivan.

- Linda W

I take care of my things and make them last and I expect others that ride with me to take care of it too.

It is the first SUV I have ever owned and I really enjoy having a car with some ground clearance for the snow. It is comfortable but it could ride smoother. I suppose my biggest complaint would be that I'm not able to shift to 4 wheel drive myself I have to wait for the car to decide I need the help.

- Cheryl L

Our Toyota has good power.

I have had no problems with it. But it is small in the front seats. Of course we are very tall. There does not seem to be enough storage spots in the front either. Good luck eating and driving. Great cargo space!! And it is a Toyota as long as you change the oil regularly it’ll go forever.

- Forrest L

Hands down the best SUV I have ever owned.

The RAV4 is the best SUV I have ever had it's great in the snow never had any issues the brakes will need to get done soon. The air conditioning and the CD player is awesome, love my sunroof like I said hands down the best SUV I have ever owned definitely would recommend this SUV to anyone.

- Kathleen M

The Toyota Rav4 is a great car whether you drive alone or carry passengers. It gets great gas mileage and is comfortable for everyone.

I've had my Rav4 for over ten years and it has been perfect for me. It is the perfect size - large enough to carry supplies for DIY projects or a group of friends but small enough to feel comfortable. I've had very few maintenance issues. It gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable.

- Jessica S

Rav4 a great small SUV. Economical. Reliable. Easy to drive.

Highly reliable, great economy, comfortable even on long trips, hold a lot of stuff, a great safe car. I would recommend it to anyone interested in a small SUV that can do it all. This is a fun car, easy to drive, very low on maintenance and does everything you want in a small vehicle.

- Kerry S

Giving us problems and not starting.

The vehicle was previously owned by a person who kept the maintenance up. The ac had went out but simply needed the froing loaded. It also leaks in the windows on the front. The gas tank does not shut either or stay open have to prop it open so you can open the latch over the fuel cap.

- Pearl W

The rav4 has great trunk space and is great for travel.

My 2007 rav4 is great in bad weather, especially in snow. The car is the perfect size for moving in and out of university and moving furniture/large pieces. The complaint I have about this car is that it can be noisy to drive and the brakes are not as sensitive as I'd like them to be.

- Julie P

Dependable. Gas saver. Quality of the interior. Storage area.

My Toyota Rav4 is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. It is so dependable. It gets great gas mileage. The ac is always cold. The ride is very nice. The car makes little road noise. I love the room inside the RAV4 along with the extra storage for luggage to be attached on top.

- sean b

Comfortable, AWD, SUV, for kids and off-roading.

I love my car. It is cozy enough to take the kids to run errands but I can still turn around a go up the mountain and off-road a little. I love being able to drop the back seats and load up the back to move. It's wonderful for long drives, handles well and is comfortable to be in.

- Tee N

2007 rav4 2. 4 oil burner.

The motor is considered to be an oil burner and it just started. It is consuming about 1 quart of oil per 1000 miles. Other than that it works great it is a little on the stiff side and it creates some squeaks on the inside when it come to comfort, but overall a great little SUV.

- Trent J

A ton of storage in a very small package.

It is the perfect. Size. I rarely have problems with it and when I do it was something that was my own fault. Very reliable. Great space for storage and the third seat comes in handy and stows easily. I love this car! The backseat is also very spacious for my long-legged family.

- Katherine R

Toyota Rav4 checks all the boxes

Great performance and reliability. Very comfortable, and easy to maintain. A bargain. If I were to buy another car, it would be a 2020 Rav4 with more built-in options. Suspension has been reliable. Needed a new alternator at 65000 miles but other than that things have been great

- Robert C

The most important thing about my car is that it is safe and reliable.

I drive a Toyota RAV4, which I really like because it is a very safe and reliable car. It rarely breaks down and has continued to work well despite it being more than 10 years old. I like that I can depend on the car to get me to places without worrying about it breaking down.

- Xin C

The perfect SUV for me and my family!

I really love my rav4. I like the back door opens on the side instead of from the bottom. I also use the net in the back for when I take my dogs to the park. It's perfect! I always had a small car but I wanted something bigger without being too much of a shock. Its great size!

- Allison M

It's a good vehicle, practical, reliable, and efficient.

It is a Versatile and comfortable car. I have a lot of room to transport the things that I need to. I am able to tow a small trailer and participate in the outdoor activities that I enjoy. It is a little noisy and bumpy riding around. But overall it is a good reliable vehicle.

- Car C

The sight lines / blind spots when backing up and changing lanes.

I love the style of the car. It is very easy to drive. Comfortable. I like being a little higher up off so I can see better. The one thing I don't like is there are blind spots when you are looking in the rear view mirror you to change lanes or backing out of a parking spot.

- Jodi K

Comfortable and very spacious.

In my vehicle, the tire pressure light is on and will not turn off even when air was placed in it, a little shaky when driving, very spacious and comfortable however. Putting the second row seat down is a little difficult and the mirror adjustment was hard to find at first.

- Carla P

Very reliable, comfortable ride and pretty spacious.

Overall it is a nice car, only thing that bothers me is the blind spot in the front between the door and the windshield, if I am at a stop sign sometimes I do not see if anyone is to my left. It is an older car, I am not sure if they changed the design in the newer models.

- Kathy K

Toyota�s hold up really well.

Several recalls, but otherwise I enjoy the comfort & reliability. Not a lot of amenities, but I feel I have what I need. It has held up wonderfully for being 12 years old. The paint job has held up well, especially since I used to live on a gravel road/driveway.

- Debbie Y

First foreign car a complete winner.

Excellent performance. Have had vehicle 3 years now and no major repairs yet. The vehicle is very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Trouble with tires deflating but unsure yet if it is car defect. First foreign car ownership and am nothing but happy with purchase.

- Laurie S

Heavy on gasoline’s day has a moonroof.

It is too big and hard to see out of the back. It makes gurgling noises from the engine which I haven't been able to fix. It rides well though. I had to flush the transmission and replace the alternator. It has a sunroof, which is nice. It’s heavy on the gasoline.

- Debbie M

Great car, great price, long lasting

Very reliable, comfortable, and can take the weather. I've driven it all over the country and I haven't had a problem with it. The V6 is a bonus, I like the power it has. It carries a lot luggage and doesn't get scratched easily. Taking this on trips is very enjoyable.

- Allison B

The best car to have as a first car.

I love this car so much. It is a great car and has an amazing build. I have been hit in this car before and my car has held up just fine and I have made it out safe both times. The gas tank in this car is pretty big and does not take a lot of money to fill up either.

- alex A

Toyota RAV4 is strong, reliable, economical.

Toyota RAV4 is very strong, reliable, it is economical very comfortable. I never had any problems with it at all, I put one set of new tires on it and had oil changes and that was it. Comfortable, spacious, good turn radius, decent gas mileage and cute. 100% love it!

- Laury G

My rav4 mini review. Just my opinion

I Haven't had a problem with this vehicle and have owned it for 6 years. Nothing but routine maintenance. The only dislike I have for this vehicle is the handling is very sensitive and takes awhile to get used to. Other than that I am very satisfied and love Toyota

- Jim S

Love the way my Toyota rav handles the road.

Handles well on the road, easy to maintain, good gas mileage, great ac, power windows and locks. Power driver's seat, 3rd row seat, big backspace, good turning radius, hands free phone, seats 7, roof rack, air bags drivers and passengers side, and a lot of legroom.

- Dee B

My Toyota rav4. Fun to drive.

Only issue with my 07 rav4, has been the leak in the cooling system. It was discovered while in for a routine visit. Normal wear and tear have been only other issues. The vehicle is fun to drive. Comfortable for long drives and reliable. Gas mileage is very good.

- Ronald P

Very spacious, great for family trips.

The highlander is amazing! Has a lot of space, 3 rows and can put the last row down if needed. Rav 4 is good for a small family, very comfortable and has a lot of trunk space. Nissan titan is a great work truck, great space in cabin and good size space in the back.

- Jessica G

It's affordable, spacious and fits a family of 4-5 people plus the family pet comfortably.

It has great driving mileage. It fits my family and always makes me feel safe. It can fit my dog, two kids, myself, my dad and my grandma in it nicely along with our stuff. It does great on long distance travelling and has a great car rack which is very useful.

- Katrina S

Nice little small SUV and great on long trips.

It runs beautifully it has given me no problems I love it. Had an oil issue in the beginning but Toyota was very good about fixing it. Since then the car has been fantastic and has over 175, 000 miles and it is still going strong with being an 11-year-old car.

- Melissa R

Almost 200K miles and still going strong, looking for 300K.

I love how reliable my vehicle has been over the time that I've owned it and how it rides over long distances. I love how responsive it is when I'm driving it. I hate how the rear window catches all of the road spray from water on the road during a storm.

- Moira M

RAV4 has plenty of space in the back.

I love my RAV4, it has so much space I can helped people move I can pack a ton of stuff in there. Toyota vehicles are super reliable too, my rave is 11 years old bought used and I have only had 2 major fixes to do. Decent mileage, overall best vehicle ever.

- Kt L

I love my car and I have no issues.

Drives down the road good. Comfortable seats. Very nice color. The radio station has great sound and comes in nice. They are great in the snow and in corn fields. Very nice room in the car. The car is very reliability, safe for all new drivers. Very great.

- Katie E

Rav4 problems and benefits.

The only problem is the rings in the motor are bad and it is like that for a lot of the same models. It has good gas mileage. It is fun to drive but I have to put 4 quarts of oil in each month because of the rings being bad. All and all it is a good value.

- John A

Silver Money hole, has lead to lots of money being put into it for work

There always seems to be an issue with it. Whether it's the breaks, a leak in the oil, or a rattling noise. Other than issues, it's a really great car to drive, great size! It is great for families, new drivers, and anyone really. It's a great smaller SUV

- Britt G

Great family car. Great gas mileage.

Terrible road noise. Performance is great. Comfortable riding. Great family car and big enough for dogs as well. Will most definitely buy another Toyota rag 4. Would recommend for small families. I would add all additional features to receive full affect.

- Lee L

2007 Toyota RAV4 reviews and summarized qualities for today’s car shoppers!

This car is far most important to me, I can feel the quality of the performance when I drive this vehicle. I also love the small but roomy space it has, and the greatest gas miles. Comes with a style of it is own, that is why I give my car a rating of 5!

- Sherry T

The problems with my rav4.

Have had problems with engine burning oil. Had the brakes just go out one day. Needed a part. Car has had not average problems. It's ok on gas. Drives alright. Would not buy another one just because of the issues I've had and Toyota does nothing for it.

- Sylvia C

Toyota are good and reliable cars.

I have been driving a Toyota since I first own a car back in 2009. I love Toyota and never let me down. My car does not have any problem, I do usual oil change and tire rotation but everything else works perfectly. It is a comfortable car with leather.

- Son D

The Toyota RAV4 is a great mid-sized car.

It's got a nice medium-sized trunk and five seats. The air and heat work well, and it drives well in the snow. We drive it partially in town and partially on the freeway. It usually gets 21-24 mpg. It's comfortable and I like the design inside and out.

- Kyra S

My Rav4 is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

What I like about my Rav4 is that it has been very reliable. I bought it new in 2007 and it has almost 300,000 miles on it, but it keeps going like the Energizer Bunny. I also like that it is all wheel drive and handles well during winter weather.

- elaine s

Perfect vehicle for a weekend beach day or just everyday errands!

My car is 11 years old, but she runs great! Perfect size of SUV and sporty! It is roomy and the seats are comfortable. There’s lots of leg room and head space as well as trunk space; hidden compartment. It is great on gas and is very reliable!

- Kristina C

Most Reliable car I have ever owned, and comfortable.

I love my Rav4. It drives great and I really haven't had any major problem with it. Definitely a reliable car and has tons of room. I really have only good things to say about it, if the opportunity presents I would definitely buy another one.

- rhonda t

Still perfect after 300,000 miles!

I love my RAV4. It has almost 300,000 miles and has never been in the shop for mechanical trouble. I've kept the oil changed regularly and put new brakes, tires and batteries but that's it! The inside and the outside still look like new.

- Pam W

Toyota RAV4 is strong, reliable and economic.

The Toyota RAV4 is a strong car it is quite competitive in its class; either the 4 cylinder or v6 engine. The car is economic and reliable. The RAV4 is agile and roomy, rides comfortably and has a smooth drivetrain and a flexible interior.

- Lalo G

It's very roomy for a small and cost effective for a small SUV

My RAV4 is a very roomy, comfortable SUV. It gets good gas mileage and is a smooth ride. I would love it if there were better cup holders and USB the USB ports were in better places to use. Radio doesn't work effectively all the time

- Brenda H

Reliability and safety are two reasons I recommend this vehicle

This is a very reliable vehicle. It handles bad weather conditions exceptionally well. The size is very nice and comfortable for four people. This has been extremely well made and holds up for daily high traffic and weather situations

- Natalie M

That it is roomy & comfortable as a driver or passenger.

I am disabled so it is nice to have the extra room to put my scooter in. I like the sleek interior as well as the color (champagne). I also like the fact that it has a better viewing area around the car which is better than a sedan.

- Lynn B

Great family car and dependable.

The road noise is very noticeable. Performance is great. For a small SUV it has some power, great turn radius and spacious. I would definitely buy another Toyota rav4 with additional options. Also is great on gas. A must for me.

- Lou L

That it has been long lasting with very few.maintenance problems. This car has been well made and low maintenance. I love it!

I like that it is durable and has lasted for 11 years. I also like that it is all wheel drive and handles well during the winter snow. I can't really think of anything I do not like about it. this is my second Rav4.


It is very roomy and comfortable.

I love my RAV4. It is comfortable, spacious, and has good organization. My RAV4 has plenty of power. My problem is that my rave is burning a decent amount of oil. I would like to have a car with better gas mileage.

- Laura R

It is very reliable. I have driven it from Maine, to South Carolina, to Texas and back to Maine without any problems.

It gets good gas mileage. I like how much room there is for passengers as well as for luggage and gear. I like the radio controls on the steering wheel. The ride is comfortable and the road noise is reasonable.

- Peggy R

vehicle is a 2007 rav4, in silver

Car has been reliable, comfortable and easy to drive, the best part is that it is not too big nor too small, easy to transport items in the car, but not too big to fit in most garages. Gets okay gas mileage.

- barb b

Red Rav4: All around great vehicle

I have rarely had any issues with my Rav4. It has had a few recalls, but Toyota has always taken care of them. My car has 120,000 miles on it and it is a great travel car. I would recommend Rav4 to anyone.

- Holly S

It has a TV installed in the back to distract the kids.

The RAV4 is a very comfortable vehicle. However, it has motor issues among other issues its had in the past with its tires and brakes. It has had alignment issues and is currently burning through its oil.

- Paula R

This car is super reliable. It is not likely to break down and through It's lifespan you will have minimal issues.

I love that it is reliable! I love that it is compact and good on gas. I've never had many problems with it. It doesn't fit my family well though. This is a good car for a small family or single person!

- Aubrey Z

I love how my Toyota RAV4 handles the roads!

I love how it handles the road, the acceleration getting onto the freeway. It is comfortable and roomy. 3rd row seat and plenty of room to transport whatever I need (like pallets, tables and chairs).

- Dee B

This is a 2007 Toyota RAV4 Standard.

I have had this vehicle for almost three years. I have had a brake problem that I had fixed twice, but still the problem persists. I also had and electrical sensor issue i think was fixes correctly.

- Alan W

Has v6 engine with lots of power.

Great performance! V6 engine, power windows. High enough to see all other vehicles, small enough to fit any parking space. Rarely have problems. Keep changing oil. Fire engine red. She’s a beauty!

- Mary R

spacious car great for travel or everyday use

great car been running for 11 years just keep up to date with oil changes. if you take care of it then it will thank you in the long run. great size for other passengers and/or moving large items.

- Jennifer D

It's very good size for a family of 4, also perfect height for someone who is not very tall like me.

I like the storage space on the back of the trunk. The car is a bit too tight when putting two car seats for my both children, the middle seat would be too tight for a parent to sit between them

- Tong L

My Toyota Rav4 is great on gas mileage and it has quite a bit of get up and go!

The safety rating on my car isn't as good as I'd like it to be. Also, my paint is peeling really bad on the roof of the vehicle. MEchanically it seems pretty sound but it's not spacious enough.

- Cori B

RAV4 is like the Energizer Bunny — it just keeps going and going and going.

It's comfortable, reliable, easy to drive, great visibility, and plenty of cargo room. I've had it 11 years with zero problems, just regular maintenance. I hope to drive it for another 11 years.

- Ramona O

The car has a lot of storage space so it is good for transporting

Car recently had many parts replaced and so I will be getting a new car soon. My RAV4 has a ton of cargo space and passenger room. However it gets low mpg and is very loud when accelerating.

- Carli H

One of the most important thing others should know about my car is that it is reliable.

I like that my vehicle is a midsize car- it's not too big or too small. The inside of the car feels roomy and not cramped. However I have noticed that the car seems to consume a lot of oil.

- Rachel Y

It has been a very reliable car.

It is very roomy for a smaller SUV and I have had minimal mechanical issues with it. I dislike the seatbelt for the middle backseat, it is not comfortable for someone sitting in the middle.

- Tara G

It is a very dependable car.

I love my Toyota RAV4 and I hope to buy another one in the near future. It is very reliable and dependable. My teenage daughter drives it too and I know she will be safe in this vehicle.

- Anita H

Absolutely love the car!!!

It has a lot space for passengers. The back has a lot of cargo space I can fit just about anything I want to it. The only problem is the backseat middle seat belt placement is terrible.

- Mary C

It has a great engine and runs very well.

I love the way my car looks. It is the perfect size for me and my dog. It has great features and drives nicely. I love the way the back seats fold down for more space in the trunk area.

- Hannah S

Great snow driving and handles well in the rain as well

Love my car, super reliable. I used to drive it from State College, PA to Chesapeake, VA five or six times a year and its lasted very well. Just take for regular maintenance and its fab

- Caroline S

Comfortable ride and easy to get into small spots

I really love my car. i have had it 11 years and and have only did minor things like change battery and oil in it. i will definetly buy another one when it comes time to buy a new car.

- misty m

Buyers should know that the car goes through a lot of oil.

I really like the size of my car. It is not too big and not too small. I find the seats to be very comfortable and the steering to be great. However, the car does eat up a lot of oil.

- Sydney Y

The most important thing about my car is that it is extremely reliable and can last you many years without any major problems.

My car has gotten me through many years and has brought a lot of good memories. The only problem I have with it is that the AC smells bad if it isn't put into use for several months.

- Amy T

Awesome pick up...many many blind spots.

I love how fast it is and easy to maneuver. I absolutely hate all the blind spots it had...changing lanes and backing up can be nerve wracking. The back window is way too high up.

- Kathleen L

It is the perfect small suv!

I love the size of my car because it is not too big and not too small. I love the color white. I have never had any major problems with my car and it drives great in the winter

- Trisha W

The Toyota rav4 is a very versatile vehicle.

It's pretty much the perfect size. I can fit 5 people in it. I can fit a good amount of stuff in the back. It gets good gas mileage. It has been very reliable. I love my rav4.

- JoAnn F

The Toyota RAV4 may look small but it's still quite roomy!

I love my vehicle! I enjoy having the sunroof and all 4 windows open. It makes me feel like I'm riding my scooter. I also love how high up I am and the small but roomy size!

- Shari H

Fun to drive and reliable.

Only issue I have had is a coolant leak that did not involve the water pump. Usual wear and tear items. Handles and rides nice. Have made long drives and enjoy driving it.

- Ronald M

It has excellent gas mileage.

I love get great gas mileage, it is a four cylinder with a lot of power, it is a small SUV when you go on trips you have a lot of room for luggage and personal belongings.

- Sherry L

The reliability of a Toyota. My Toyota never breaks down.

I love my RAV4. This is the 4th one I have owned. My RAV4 never breaks down and never goes in the shop. I don't have any complaints. My sport utility is very dependable.

- Lori V

Do not allow a bike to fall on the windshield.

I like my rav4 because it is easy to drive and has a large capacity. I do not like how close the seats are to one another. I do not like how often it needs an oil change.

- Arnold B

Its EXTREMELY reliable! You just have to keep up with regular maintenance!

I like its size, I have plenty of room! I think for its year, it is great and wouldn't change anything. When we get another car it will have all the bells and whistles

- Ashley C

The 2007 model of the RAV4 rates out as one of the worst years for the model (along with the 2012 edition).

This vehicle has a lot of power and runs well, but it has had around 10 recalls. It has had some major brake problems too. But overall it fits my needs satisfactorily.

- Mike W

It is very reliable. It runs well, it is a good quality vehicle and long-lasting.

I like that it is a small SUV. I only have one child so I don't need anything huge, but I wanted something a little bigger than a sedan because we were cramped in it.

- Jordan C

The car is very reliable. I have not had any major issues with the car.

The car is self is starting to be a bit loud in the back seat. I have to clean out the sky roof because it is starting to leak. The gas mileage is starting to lower.

- Steve H

It is safe and reliable, good for college students.

The car runs very well and I do not have very many problems with it. One thing I do not like is the AUX cord function is not working. I like how reliable the car is.

- Lauren V

It's a Toyota and keeps on going. Keep up on routine maintenance and it will go forever!

It is the perfect size for my needs. It has everything within reach and is comfortable to drive. It is an older model, yet still drives like new. And it looks good.

- Michelle K

The moon roof without question makes the car.

Drive like a car but has the storage of an SUV. Gets decent gas mileage. It does have lingering squeaks from the back of the car which can be bothersome at times.

- Dave H

It is comfortable and roomy, yet small and fits in little spaces.

I love Toyota cars and feel like i can depend on them. We have put many miles on this car and never had anything major go wrong. Always a smooth ride and love it.

- Mary M

Great Family Car! Lots of room for kids and gear.

I love my RAV4. It has a roomy backseat and great cargo area in the back. It is a great car to drive around town - but rides a little rough down the interstate.

- Alex J

Miles per gallon Easy to find parking because it's compact

It's nice a nice crossover, I get a lot of miles per gallon. It's pretty basic I wish it had more features. But it's a 2007 I think I would need a newer model.

- Stephanie S

It is very dependable and easy to drive

It handles well. High gas mileage. It fits what I like to do well. I don't like that the tailgate swings open instead of rises up like the newer versions do.

- Jeff C

My car is reliable and comfortable to drive everyday. I think it will last a long time with normal wear and tear.

I like that my car is reliable even though it is 11 years old. I like that my car is a small SUV and sits high up. I like that my car is reasonably priced.

- Yvonne L

RAV4: The (mostly) good, bad and ugly

It's a great car, with terrific looks and above average features. My only criticisms are the many recalls that the vehicle has had, and subpar gas mileage.

- Russell C

It never stops working. Every time we get in it no matter what the weather is it just goes.

It's a really good and dependable vehicle. It does have many recalls but mostly for minor things. I would certainly purchase another one and plan to do so.

- David J

It is reliable and will run smoothly for a long time.

I have never had any major problems with it. It runs great. It has plenty of room to haul things and I can easily put my kayaks on top. I LOVE this car!

- Taylor M

It is reliable and last forever, love Toyotas.

M car has 183, 000 miles on it and I have had no major problems with it. I believe the tires wear more than they should but other than that no problems.

- Cindi Z

Good on gas and has great turning radius. I can see well especially at night.

I like it. I can see better in a SUV than a regular car. The only two things I don't like is it has a blind spot and there has been a lot of recalls.

- Mary F

Great value vehicle with options that make it feel near luxury level.

Great power and comfort. It's a crossover so it's not gigantic but does have enough room for 90% of what I need it for. Gets around great in the snow.

- Matt R

I feel safe driving it, and it is a very comfortable problem free car.

I love the way it handles the road, and the amount of storage features for a SUV of its size. Only thing I dislike is the gas/mileage could be better.

- Liana N

Good car, but short seats

The car gets decent gas mileage and requires little maintenance. The driver and passenger seats don't go very far back, which is a pain if you're tall

- Michael C

I'll drive it for my entire life!

It is a safe and spacious car. It can fit a family of four with lots of space for cargo in the back. It drives well and requires little maintenance.

- Melanie D

The RAV4 is a great multi-purpose vehicle

I love the sportiness of it. The all-wheel drive, roof racks, sunroof, and fully foldable seats were a huge draw for me. It gets decent gas mileage.

- Erika M

This car is so comfortable to drive.

I have had very few problems with this car. It is been wonderful. It runs perfectly and is really comfortable to drive for extended periods of time.

- Kate K

Super dependable, it has almost 200,000 miles and hasn't had any major problems.

My Rav4 is super dependable. It has almost 200,000 miles and really no major problems! I don't think I will ever buy a vehicle that is not toyota.

- Haley S

Great economy and very durable. Fabulous reputation

with over 200000 miles it has been an awesome car. AC totally went out and was expensive but all in all it is a fabulous car. Would buy it again

- Kerry S

It is an easy car to drive.

I like my vehicle because it has everything I want including heated seats, SUV, 4WD, sunroof, etc. It is red. It is a great traveling vehicle.

- Tammy B

That I love that it is mine and I bought it myself.

I love my car. I can fit everything I need for road trips and I can pack all my friends in it. I can see the road from up high and I enjoy that.

- daphne a

Well made car although there are a ton of safety recalls.

Good size, easy to park. Lots of cargo space. The back door swings opposite of the sidewalk when parallel parking. Makes it difficult to unload.

- Lisa O

It is a good and reliable car.

I love my car, it is the perfect size, visibility is good, drives well. Wish it was just a bit more up to date with a camera on the back, etc.

- Danielle C

Long lasting car that is just the right size

I like the size of the interior, not too small and not too big. I like the gas mileage. I like that it is a well made vehicle that will last.

- Laura E

It has such a great gas mileage that you can go for a long time with one tank

I have this car for 8 years and never had a major problem and get great mileage. The performance is better than expected from a 4 cylinder.

- Michael B

RAV4 will last a while, over 10 years.

The torque on the gas pedal. The ride is smooth. The gas mileage is decent. Needs more space inside of the car, seats are crammed together.

- Tim R

has a problem when it rains hard it gets water inside on the front passenger side

very reliable very comfortable to drive plenty of room the only thing is when it rains a lot it leaks water into the front passenger seat

- maria m

It has a six cylinder engine not a 4 cylinder.

Great gas mileage with good pick up and lots of cargo space. Back seat is not wide enough for 3 passengers when you have two car seats.

- Jackie L

The RAV4 is a safe and reliable vehicle and I would recommend it for a single person or as a family car.

The RAV4 is a very reliable vehicle. It seats 5 comfortably. The area for transporting packages, equipment, and our dog is adequate.

- Chester N

Great Mini SUV for hauling and moving

Love my Rav, it has great storage room. You can haul so much in the back. I've had a freezer and also moved two kids to college in it.

- Annette A

The great gas mileage without compromising speed.

Love my car! I really like the good gas mileage I get without compromising on speed. It is great for road trips and everyday driving.

- Annie G

It has lasted well over a long period of time with minimal cost on maintenance

My Rav4 is almost 12 years old. It has 125,000 miles and has had minimal repairs. It runs well and holds 4 kids with 4 hockey bags.

- Tracey B

It has a serious rear end suspension problem. It cannot be fixed because the original fix messed it up further

I like my car but its had more problems than I expected. It was "fixed" by the dealership which ultimately caused more problems

- Annah S

It's compact but effective. The size is great for all sizes but you can take the car anywhere

The size is great. It's spacious inside but small enough to parallel park in a city. And it's great on gas and good for travel

- Sarah E

Great family car and good for road trips. Decent gas mileage.

It is reliable. I like the crossover feel with lots of room. There were a few recalls but easy to get fixed at the dealer.

- Serina C

Rarely breaks down. Low cost of upkeep.

Good travel vehicle. Plenty of room for up to five people. Gets good gas mileage. Excellent durability with low maintenance.

- Bill H

That it is economic and is good on gas.

It is good on gas mileage. I do not have any complaints it has enough room for 5 adults and there is a lot of room in trunk.

- Shelly Y

Great vehicle, very reliable

I like the space it gives me. I also like that it has a four wheel drive option. I dislike that the tires are so expensive.

- Kaitie F

Good in snow. Overall a safe vehicle. Good size for family of 4

Good for a family of four. Would like a little more room. Transmission went, battery went had to replace both. Good in snow

- Katie H

Great for going out on long roads driving around for hours enjoying the scenery.

Like the cars size, gas mileage, how it handles on the road; dislike it is age at this time, gas cap cover broke off, etc.

- Dotty E

The gas mileage is good. I can go far with a far tank of gas.

The gas mileage is good. It rides well on the road. There's not a lot of space on the inside, it is more of a compact car.

- Tim R

Review of used Toyota Rav4

The car has eighty nine thousand miles and no notable issues. It doesn't have Bluetooth. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Abby S

It's small and easy to park

It's too big for me. I like to be closer to the ground. I actually primarily drive a 2008 Suzuki but that's not an option

- Alicia C

The quality of the Rav4 has been outstanding. With a ride that has not changed from the the day I purchased it.

A very reliable suv. One persistent problem has been the sensor for low tire pressure. Other than that a dependable suv.

- John C

Fun Versatile Vehicle for the woman on the go

My vehicle is a perfect fit for me. It's compact enough for good gas mileage but large enough to haul everything I need.

- Chris L

It is very reliable and functions well.

I like that it is reliable. I do not like the cloth seats. I do not like the gas mileage. It is a very good car though.

- Mary F

It is very reliable. Fun to drive on trips. I love my car.

Lots of room inside and easy to park. Gets an average 21 miles per gallon. It is reliable. It is very easy to maintain.

- Janet H

It has a lot of trunk space.

I have no complaints about my car. It has been reliable, with no major issues to date in the 11 years I have owned it.

- Sara R

Toyota rebuilt my engine for free because of a recall.

I like the amount of space that the car has to store things. I also like the gas mileage. It drives pretty well also.

- Matthew N

An incredible reliable car that won't fail on you as long as you do routine maintenance

Everyone knows the reliability of a Toyota engine so it's no surprise that after 10 years it is still running strong

- Hunter J

They don't really need much maintenance only the oil changes and everything thing else is just wear and tear

Toyota Rav4 is such a great gas saver it last you a very long time,they are also big on the inside for a family of 5

- Edith V

Perfect mid range vehicle for both around town and road trips.

Compact yet roomy. Great car for both around town and taking a road trip. Handles like a car but the size of a suv

- Jessica U

Toyota 4 dr Limited RAV4 2007

There are no major issues with the SUV. I have only had regular and major maintenance done. The SUV works great.

- Maggie T

There are some issues with the tires and muffler system.

I love the ability that I sit higher than a regular car. The extra room is great. I also like the storage on top.

- Molly D

It very reliable and easy to drive. It also gets very good gas mileage

I have no complaints about my vehicle. It runs great and I have never had any major mechanical problems with it

- Kathy L

How safe it is, a vehicle that will last.

Like - feel safe, economical on gas, sturdy, like being up higher than a car, good IN winter. Dislike - nothing.

- Susan S

It runs great and is very comfortable! Great gas mileage toi.

It is comfy and runs great!!! My exhaust is getting loud and needs some work. Also I seem to lose oil somewhere

- Becky G

It has been reliable except for needing work to keep it on the road.

The RAV4 handles well and is comfortable and roomy. However, it is 11 years old now and needs mechanical work.

- Elle S

It is a good run around town car.

It handles really well and is pretty good on gas mileage. The tire size is weird so tires are super expensive.

- Robert J

Extremely reliable and comfortable.

Very reliable vehicle. It gets 26 mpg on average. It's AWD. The factory spare tire cover is difficult to use.

- Rob L

That it has been reliable. That it gets good gas mileage.

It's comfortable and easy to drive. I get decent gas mileage. I've had very few mechanical problems with it.

- Sandra W

Over 10 years old and still running like it was a younger car.

Runs very well. Great in snow. Very reliable. Roomy, used it to move. I packed it with a lot. Like Toyotas.

- Julia A

good reliable car. Have no other problems. Those are only minor

I love it. The only complaints I have are it uses a lot of oil and the clock is not backlit during the day.

- b s

I love that my vehicle is all wheel drive all the time. I appreciate the cargo room in the trunk. I like the ease of installing car seats.

The Toyota RAV4 is an amazing car for transporting a decent amount of stuff with a small amount of people.

- Ashley M

it does very well in snow. I have no trouble going to work when it is a snow storm. All I have to do is put it in 2nd and it goes great!

It is reliable and safe. It has done great for over 10 years. i would recommend a toyota rav4 to everyone!

- debra b

It's quick when you step on the gas, so you have to be careful if you're not use to it.

It's great for vacations, and sits people well. I think I sit up well in it. I wish it did better on gas.

- Allie S

It is very reliable and decent on gas.

Car is a little too small.. Inexpensive... Slow pick up... This is ridiculous for a one minute survey.!.

- Susan F

I love my roomy Toyota Rav4.

Visibility is great. It is dying and easy too drive. The remote start is now a must for future vehicles.

- Sue S

It makes weird noises but it is honestly totally fine.

Used so lots of miles and transmission may be almost done. Lots of space and can go anywhere I want to.

- Aliya G

It is not a big car but it works for a small family.

It is very old and I do not like how it looks. I do like that it has a lot of space in the back though.

- Emily K

Good except for the use of oil, other than that a really good car

The only things I don't like is that it uses a lot of oil and during the day the clock is not backlit.

- barb s

Best car I ever owned. Economical. Four wheel drive.

I like my car drives nice. Uses oil though, especially on long trips. Easy on gas. Comfortable ride.

- Deb N

perfect for snow and rainy days

it's a very comfort vehicle. A very nice car use. interesting and very good drive. camera for safety

- ame o

Easy to get in to and still sporty looking.

I like its sporty look. It is lower to the ground, which is great. Good gas mileage. No complaints.

- Heidi W

Miles per gallon compared to square footage of space

I love the dependability. The room it has compare to gas mileage. It fits a family of 4 comfortably

- Curt F

Haven't had any issues with it other than regular maintenance

It goes well in the snow, gets pretty good gas mileage and has a large space in back to put things

- Lu B

Love the convenience of the vehicle. Lots of space for daily errands for shopping and misc hauling. Fold down seats and braces for thing down stuff. This year however has issues with lights in dash going on. Oil usage, and transmission issues. Not impressed with that.

Some issues with lights going on in dash-check engine, etc. It's an issue with this year (2007).

- Karen E

It's been a very dependable vehicle for over 10 years.

Reliable vehicle with good gas mileage. Adequate storage and seating. Very poor sound system.

- Lawrence D

It's actually really good on gas.

I like the size of my vehicle. But I don't like all of the recalls and issues I've had with it.

- Marissa f

It is very dependable. It holds it value too

I love my Rav4. The only complaint I have is the gas mileage. Would love to get a newer model

- Anita B

I think is safe, using a big car I feel more safe than using a small car

I like that it is big, ideal for family with children, and it is very economical using gasoline

- Doris f

Toyota's are very reliable and honestly seem to last forever.

I love the reliability of the Toyota. It is rugged and puts up with the heavy mileage I drive.

- Katrina W

I love that it is spacious enough to fit most things, whether I have people riding or I'm moving a bunch of stuff. It's been very reliable for many years. I would like if it had a 3rd row and the radio has some electrical issues. I also wish it had Bluetooth capabilities, but it's too old for that.

This is a dependable and spacious vehicle with a few features that are very unique to the Rav4

- Becca N

People should know that my car is reliable and dependable.

I dislike that it's old and missing features. I like the fact that it is roomy and reliable

- Emma M

That it gets good gas mileage

I don't like that it doesn't have automatic locks on my doors. I love how roomy it is.

- Rachel S

All Wheel/four wheel drive

Love the all wheel/4 wheel drive. Great space in back and easy to get in and out of

- mary Y

Since I've owned it it has needed very little mechanical work.

Rides smooth. Easy handling. Barely any mechanical work needed since I've owned it.

- Dominic H

Very common vehicle but very reliable and a good value

Very reliable. Plenty of storage space. Able to drive in all types of weather

- Robert N

It is reliable. It can carry a good number of people.

It runs smoothly. It has lasted a while. There is plenty of space in the back.

- Jaime S

Safety rating is high, has enough airbags and can handle impact

Safe, large and spacious. Old so needs a few repairs but still runs smoothly

- kelsy l

I love my car. The only thing is that I have to constantly check the oil

Its amazing and it has a lot of cool features its just missing a nav system

- Emely R

Great Performance for your money! I would recommend the toyota Rav4

I like that it is reliable and works great. I do not have any complaints

- Vicki L

Family size Reliable Fuel efficient Economic Tough 4 x 4

It is fun to ride, efficient, reliable, family size, winter friendly.

- Elmo V

good space and durability. the car also is the perfect size

the car had good size. also good on gas. and last long with no issues

- arielle s

I like my car. It was the first car i had. It is reliable

the CD player does not work and tire cover is hard to get off and on

- miranda t

Good quality construction and very dependable. Gas reasonable

Long lasting quality and rides comfortably in long distances.

- Amanda S

Good on gas. Great handling. Small SUV but it feels spacious.

Small SUV but feels spacious. Generally good on gas mileage.

- Sabrina K

My father gave me this vehicle right before he passed away. It provides a lot of great memories. I also like the way that it handles in all conditions

It has a lot of room and handles very well in all conditions

- Donna H

Mine is the best car, I like it very much, comfortable

Comfortable, dependable, economical in terms of gasoline.

- Rosario D

I like a car that is safe and has comfort and is specious

It's very comfortable and secure for the entire family

- C M

It is a reliable car and will get you from point A to point B.

The color is great! Brand is good. Never broken down.

- Tiffany B

It works great. It saves gas. My vehicle is reliable.

Over ten years old. It has high mileage. It is small.

- Eli P

She drives well and the ride us nice

I like the fact that we have no problems with the car

- Susan R

I love that my car is reliable, economical, and not extremely expensive when repairs are needed. My car is getting up there in miles (180,000+), but still running like a champ!

My car is reliable to get me from point A to point B

- Katie K

I have had virtually no mechanical issues with it. It gets great gas mileage. It still looks good. Very comfortable to drive.

Virtually no repairs if you do regular maintenance.

- Cathy B

Durable. It is very reliable car and if you take good care, only minor repairs.

It's economic, it's durable. Too much noise inside.

- Israel J

It will run forever and i love the design.

Very capable suv. Fun to drive and very dependable.

- jeremy C

I've driven it across the country and back on multiple occasions with no problems. Hands down most reliable car I've owned.

If you treat it well, it will treat you very well.

- Ben N

It actually has a good sized engine. Six cylinders 275 hp

It is the Perfect size for a small family

- Sam H