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Toyota sienna: a wise financial choice.

My vehicle has been extremely reliable and durable. We have three children who have put it to the test. I purchased it barely used in January 2011. It had 15000 miles on it at time of purchase. Almost eight years later it is still going strong. We have kept up with the required maintenance. Besides a couple of recalls, which the manufacturer has expediently and efficiently resolved, we have never had any major issue with the car, only normal wear and tear. Truly the only reason I rated it a bit lower is because I don't really want to drive a minivan. They are unwieldy to park and, honestly, just not as much fun to drive. My current stage in life requires a minivan. While I am in this stage, this van has been a great choice: dependable and cost efficient. If we needed to purchase this kind of car again, I am confident we would go with a sienna. We only purchase Toyotas and usually keep them until they are close to 300, 000 miles before we buy a new car. Even then, every car we have had has been going strong.

- Joy V

Versatility in a manageable size.

It is spacious and great for road trips. The climate control works very well in various regions of the car and it had separate front and back seat controls. It came with run flat tires which are nice but rather pricey and it does not have a spare tire which could potentially put me in quite a jam. Easy to drive, powerful enough and peppy, with reasonable gas mileage. The inside of the front windshield is difficult for me to clean or for a car wash to clean, because it is so large and slopes a lot to the front, so it is hard to reach. Have never ever used the roof rack. The folding third row seats offer a lot of versatility. I had to take out the second row seats once to move something and they are incredibly heavy and very difficult to get back in, I was out there struggling and cussing.

- Heather A

The Toyota Sienna is a fantastic family vehicle.

Our family has been very pleased with our Toyota Sienna. We have had a couple of recall items on the van, but other than the recalls we have had no problems. Our van has been on several family vacations and it hold all four of our family members and also room for our two dogs and their cages. There is plenty of cargo area for suitcases and we also hang a bar up for hanging up our clothing. The interior of the van has held up very well and still looks pretty new. The exterior color is silver and it also looks new and does not show dirt, so car washes have been minimal. The gas mileage is great and we have a local mechanic service our vehicle to keep the costs low for repairs.

- Cindy A

A superb people mover that fits multiple needs!

I love the Toyota sienna because the interior width seems to be larger than other minivans. I have not liked the recalls that have happened. I have found that it is better to pay higher costs and have the car maintained at Toyota. Otherwise, you risk getting non-Toyota parts that can cause problems with your car. I have the 8 passenger option and I love it for carpooling and field trips. The auto lift for the trunk would be worth the price. I would get this on my next minivan. I love that we have many cup holders-12 or 14 if you do not have the third seat placed in the 2nd row. I would definitely purchase another sienna and I would upgrade to the xle from the le.

- Gina C

My Sienna has plenty of space for travel.

I love my Toyota Sienna. The seating is perfect for my family of 5. Especially when we travel. The seating is perfect. We can remove one of the middle seats so my kids have space from each other. My Sienna is reliable. It runs beautifully. We were hit from behind last year and the Sienna did exactly what it was built to do. My kids and I were spared any major injury. We also love the storage. We have cup holders and compartments for everything. Lastly, I like to get where I am going quickly, my Sienna handles is fast and handles curves like nobody's business. It is a great minivan. I recommend it to anyone starting a family.

- Turner G

It's very spacious with lots of foot room and my kids don't feel squished in the back.

I love my minivan. It has all the space for my three kids plus room for their friends and their soccer gear. The only issue I have with the vehicle is that when I roll down the windows, sometimes the black lining comes down with the window, preventing me from being able to roll the window back up. I then have to put the lining back into the frame of the door while rolling up the window and hope that it doesn't break while the window is going up. I took it in to a Toyota dealership and they told me it was fixed but a couple months later later, it was still doing it.

- Ashley D

This is a great vehicle for driving, short or long trips.

My Toyota Sienna is a comfortably sized van, seating up to 8 people, with cargo room in the rear and on top. The van drives and rides very smoothly and quietly with a V6 engine that gives it the power when needed. The bucket seating in front are the most comfortable, then the mid section seating, also bucket seats are also comfortable. The back seating is a bench seat and at times the leg room can be tight. It is difficult to see when backing up or changing lanes, but we use the mirrors and the rear view camera to help with that.

- Kay P

Roomy interior on the sienna!

The sienna is a very comfortable ride. The interior is roomy, but I feel very comfortable and in control with the size. It is sleeker than other minivans. The seating is great. Flexible, you can add a third seat into the second row. It is easy to fold the chairs down if you want to transport large items, like furniture, bags mulch, groceries, etc. The heating and cooling systems are fantastic and customizable to individual passengers. The drive is smooth. I love it. The safety ratings are really good. Would recommend to anyone.

- Lorraine H

It has way over 100,000 miles and no signs of slowing down! Love it!

I like the power in the engine, but there are some definite blind spots that you need to be aware of and check more than once. I really like how much room it has, and that it's a Toyota so it's been extremely reliable, but the back captains chairs are pretty difficult to get out of the car. The middle seat that connects the captains chairs if necessary is genius, and we've used it many times. It's great we can put it away if necessary too. The van has a better turning radius than my husbands subaru, which is pretty funny!

- Tracy T

The most important thing is that it has power sliding doors!

There are so many things I love about my car! The sliding doors, the stow and go seats, all the room, the power liftgate! There are only a couple things I do not like. I don't like that when one door is open all the doors are unlocked. I have small children and it takes a few minutes for me to get them in and buckled and I don't like that someone could open any of the other doors and get in my car. I also don't like that you can't remove or fold down the captains chairs, they can only slide front to back.

- Tory S

Toyota sienna: spacious and comfortable ride.

My sienna handles exceptionally well for a minivan. It drives smoothly and has a fairly quiet inside cabin. It has plenty of room for my entire family (and I have five children, including two car seats). We like that we can move around inside as our cars tend to be like “homes on wheels” for us. The truck space is nice and deep and holds our exceptionally bulky and heavy double stroller along with kids’ sports equipment and other items.

- Christina S

We love our Toyota Sienna—it is our lifetime family van! Best purchase!

I love how my van is efficient! I can seat up to 8, it has a great trunk! I have space for my kids, a jogging stroller, and groceries! It is great on gas and has given us no issues! We have only had to do oil changes and replace air filters. The 8th seat is removable and stores easily in the back. Our van does not come with a DVD player, but we like that. Our automatic doors are a lifesaver! We also enjoy the window lock features.

- Cindi D

Spacious and comfortable!

We have owned our 2011 Sienna for 8 months and have been out of state with it 3 times. Twice with 2 kids (the on board entertainment system kept them occupied for 8 hours each way!) And once with 4 adults (the spacious back and adjustable second row impressed quite a few). When closing the automatic sliding doors make sure little fingers are out of the way. It takes a significant amount of force to stop it from closing on them.

- Rachael M

I Love Sienna's Roominess!

I can't say enough about the Sienna. It has wonderful safety features. I bought it the week I had my 3rd child because I had 3 children in car seats and a sedan was no longer optimal. I just had my 4th child this summer and am still in love with he Sienna. The automatic sliding doors are great! The best thing I like about it is the amount of storage space and extra room it has, even with a family of six in it!

- Macalyn G

You can fit a family of 8 in it. It's roomy and comfortable to fit everyone.

I love that it has enough seats to fit myself and my 7 kids. I love how it rides and we are comfortable in it. I especially like that the 3rd row seats fold down into the floor. The storage space once all the seats have been removed is large enough to fit a full size couch. I do wish that my middle row bucket seats folded into the floor. It's hard to pull those out. The larger one weighs like 80lbs.

- Loretta B

It's reliable and safe. To me, those are the most important factors.

I love the size for my family. It has a built in GPS and Bluetooth which are helpful. I love that it had stow and go seats and a removable seat in the second row. It has a good safety rating. It's very reliable. I like the passenger and back have their own temperature controls. I really don't like the car seat anchors in the back row. This year model doesn't have anchors for two seats, only one.

- Toni P

I can fit a lot of people comfortably and still have room for luggage or stuff.

Love my minivan, it provides lots of space for hauling stuff and groceries and people. I like sitting up high, not low like a sedan. I also like its size as I feel safer than driving a small car. I like the fact that the third set of seats do not have to be taken out to make more storage. They recess into the car itself. In my old van, you had to physically remove them and they were very heavy.

- Cheryl L

An awesome family vehicle.

The vehicle drives smooth. There have been a couple of recalls but they have been handle efficiently by the dealer at no cost. They even put you in a rental. I love the 8 person seating with the removable seat. I have televisions in the vehicle but do not like the setup that all the TVs do not connect to the main DVD player. Overall, I love my Toyota sienna and dodge the calls to trade it in.

- Melissa J

My van is incredibly reliable. Even if it died today I would still feel it had done very well....but I hope it doesn't die anytime soon!

My van has over 225,000 miles on it and it is still in excellent shape. It is very comfortable and roomy. I love it! The only thing I am not thrilled with is that the ride feels somewhat touch like at times. I'm sure it is probably because you are sitting up so high in it. I definitely wouldn't want to give up any of the clearance under the vehicle though to bring it down lower.

- Elizabeth D

Best comfort vehicle I have owned.

I love the space of this vehicle. It is comfortable size wise with a bigger family. The trunk space is great. The back bench seats recline which is nice for road trips. I enjoy the heated seats. I like how the rear bench seats fold down into the trunk space. It gives you so much space if needing to haul something large. I also really like the 4 cup holder feature in the front.

- April T

I like the easy fold down seat options in the back to make room for big objects.

This vehicle has been great, this is my first sienna and I couldn't be happier. There is plenty of space for hauling things and or people. I basically moved my entire household from a storage unit to our home with just his van. The recommendation is to use higher brand oil so the oil changes can be a bit expensive but I only have to do them once about every five months.

- Rob M

It is the most reliable minivan and has been rated #1 mini van by Consumer Reports.

The Toyota Sienna is great mini-van for any larger family. With middle row bucket seats and easy fold down seats, it combines room with versatility. It is a quiet, comfortable ride that any car buyer can appreciate. The trunk space is larger than any other vehicle in its class. It is competitively priced and offers the reliability you would come to expect with Toyota.

- Alicia R

An excellent family vehicle.

I bought my 2011 sienna used in 2016 with 108k miles. It is an excellent vehicle and still runs very well. It has a Bluetooth compatible stereo and navigation system, remote sliding doors, and keyless entry. My only problem is the elongated nose and windshield which limits peripheral visibility somewhat at makes it difficult to judge where the nose is when parking.

- James P

The Toyota sienna is the perfect family vehicle; comfortable for adults and entertaining for the children.

As a stay at home mom, I love the convenience of my sienna minivan. The sliding doors and the low entry point for children is fantastic. The split screen DVD player in the back is excellent for long trips. One child can play video games and the other child can watch a movie. They wireless headphones are such a nice feature. The captains chairs are so comfortable.

- Andrea W

Love the space, but do not love that it is a van.

I like the size of my vehicle because many times we have extra kids with us. Also, we like to travel, and we have plenty of room for what we packed, plus for our kids to bring friends. I do not love that it is a van, but oh well. The tracks on the inside can get jammed at times, which is annoying. If I could get it detailed, it would probably help quite a bit, .

- Sarah P

It has been a very reliable vehicle.

My vehicle is a great size for my family. We have taken several trips together in our vehicle, which saves us on parking fees, gas, etc. It has over 100,000 miles on it. Some vans seem to get transmission problems, but ours has not. The manufacturer was a little slow getting the fix done for the air bag, but I expect other manufacturers were just as slow.

- Rose J

Initial quality not up to par but still love my Sienna,

Owned a 200 Toyota Sienna that had much better initial quality than my current 2011 Toyota Sienna. Tires, brakes and some interior molding and seat issues on my 2011 Sienna were issues early on. Items either broke or didn't last as long as anticipated. Overall though still like the versatility of the 2011 Sienna and how smooth and peppy it drives.

- Paul V

How convenient and practical it is. Anyone with kids would benefit by having a vehicle where you can open the doors with the touch of a button and not dent the cars next to you by swinging the doors open.

I have four children under the age of 9 so I really enjoy the practicality of a van. It is very spacious, allows the kids to open and close doors with a button and tows our tent trailer. It gets good gas mileage and has been a reliable vehicle. The only down side, for me, is towing capacity. It tows our trailer but I get nervous every time I tow.

- Jaren C

I love my spacious, zippy sienna!

There is so much room. I love that I can separate my kids when they are not getting along. There's enough space to haul my kids, their friends and all their gear. It also has excellent acceleration, it zips right up the on ramps. One of my favorite things is the dual temperature controls in the front and the separate controls in the back.

- Christina B

It's a good quality van that runs well as well as having plenty of space.

It has Bluetooth connectivity which is wonderful. I also love the backup camera, and all the cubbies. I wish it had heated seats like my old Subaru. Also my feet don't reach the pedals as well as they did in my Subaru (I have short legs so moving the seat far enough forward for my feet to reach means I'm too close to the steering wheel.)

- Stephanie R

Versatility and reliability.

It is a Toyota so we knew it would be reliable and it really is! It is very comfortable to ride and perfect for road trips and getting groceries. Parking is easy and I love that I am sitting higher up but not so high that I have to jump to get out. The gas mileage is also really great for a minivan which pleasantly surprised me.

- Laurie D

Great family van for a non-van man!

I never pictured myself in a mini-van, but I love my Sienna. There is plenty room for the family on short trips. Long trip with tons of storage are a breeze. We have made a couple of trips with family to Florida and it was amazing. I would never switch back to a sport utility vehicle after owning my Toyota Sienna.

- Kelly V

It can fit the whole family, including pets and everything you could possibly need for a week long trip with room to spare!

I like how much space there is in this vehicle - I feel like a could fit anything I would ever need to transport while still fitting my family comfortably. It also feels very safe, which is so wonderful when driving around toddlers. I wish there was a hook for a trash bag like the year older model had.

- Sarah R

Spacious minivan with plenty of room for 7 people.

Great van. Drives smooth. Comfy. Side windows roll down. Seats fold down. Good gas mileage. Reliable in a snow storm. Has never left me stranded. I feel safe and secure on long car rides. Plenty of room for the whole family. Kids stuff fits good. Huge amount of cargo space. Nice look to van. Roomy.

- Des E

Great family car for large families.

Love my sienna, drives great, roomie for all my kids, my tall husband fits in the car, power doors are the best with kids. Dislike hate the light gray interior and there should be 3 sets of anchors in the last back seat and not so big cup holders and storage, so car seats can fit better back there.

- Angela W

Drive with comfort, safe and warm. You can talk free hand.

Toyota sienna XLE, has many options. Leather seats, DVD, GPS, moonroof, power doors, Bluetooth, heating front seats, etc. You can reach easily to your drinks. Very comfortable. Smooth driving but using more gas. You can get a big loading area touching with your finger by laying down the back seats.

- Fatma Y

The best family van. Spacious and convenient for the whole family!

I absolutely love my van! Super convenient with two kids and automatic doors. Rides smooth. Low maintenance. Had 100,000+ miles and still like new. Would recommend synthetic oil for your engine! Power windows and comfortable captain chairs. Would recommend the Sienna to any growing family!

- Sara A

Comfort is very good. If you have a big family it is a very good mini van.

It is really awesome vehicle,performance is really well, We like the car very much. It is reliable, confort is very good. Features are very good too. Rear camera screen should be a little larger, which is not available in 2011 model. But it is present in the cars that are released in recent years.

- Ziri K

It is very reliable and will last a long time.

Very reliable car, we have well over 100k miles and still going strong. Great for kids who can get in and out with ease, and awesome for travel because you can fit so much in! Lots of room in the back for kids books, toys, etc. Easy to drive, and great pickup. I never feel like I am driving a van.

- Heather M

The dependability. Other than 1 flat tire, it has never left me stranded.

The quality and ride are great! Other than tires and a battery, I have no issues. There was one recall for the spare tire mount which on the undercarriage. Toyota repaired that with no problem. The gas mileage average about 18 miles per gallon in the city and about 23 miles per gallon on a trip.

- Frank W

6 passengers & a large appliance? No problem!

Great gas mileage, runs so smoothly we call it "the cloud", super spacious lots of storage space, love that we can customize the layout of the seats to accommodate extra passengers or for transporting large items, we were able to bring home our new clothes dryer with our 4 kids in the van too!

- Jessie Z

Extra removable seat in the middle row adds capacity for one more person.

I love this van, but I have had several significant recalls for airbag issues an door latch issues. Drives well, great back up camera, and I like the body style. We really like the extra seat between the bucket seats in the middle row, which takes it from a 7 passenger to 8 passenger vehicle.

- Julie L

Comfortable carry all car.

Great turning radius. Comfortable interior layout. Additional seat can be put in to carry 7 passengers. Blind spot on the passenger side. Comfortable for driving long distances. Lots of storage space. I transported a full size mattress in the back with seats folded down but not even removed!

- Ellie C

Good dependable Toyota sienna.

It is very reliable and dependable. I just do not love driving a minivan. It is difficult to park and maneuver. Also, even with brand new tires, I feel like I often slide on wet roads, especially when a take off from a stop light. It is been a good car, I am just ready for a smaller vehicle.

- Joy S

Great for people with children. You can fit a lot of passengers and on long trips you can pack up everything you need without sacrificing space and comfort.

The size. I love that the seats can fold down and it opens up the back to carry whatever load you need. We have used that feature many times. The seats are comfortable. I like how you can adjust the music to be heard from the front or back. Automatic doors. Built in car seat clips.

- T C

Family Van- great for kids!

I Love our van! It is perfect for kids and families with manual sliding doors (No dings in the parking lot) Tons of great storage so we can fit all of us and all our sports gear. Nice bucket seats in the back and AIR in the back seats. Love the Stow and go for hauling large things.

- Layne S

AWD van great for family life!

Lots of room for family, pets, and luggage. Only minivan with AWD on the market. Super reliable car not many issues. Power sliding doors are awesome for the kids to get in and out easily. Comfortable seats, great captain set up in the rear. Generously large seats in the front.

- Andrea C

Great family car, needs more storage.

It fits my larger family without any problems. No major maintenance issues. Super reliable and we plan on keeping the vehicle for several years still. The only thing I do not like is that I wish it had a little more storage for the junk that my kids like to bring in the car.

- Shannon T

This vehicle is perfect for families of all shapes and sizes.

I love how spacious the vehicle is. I have room for 3 kids in car seats, and can still go to the store and load up with groceries. The automatic sliding doors are also a great feature. In addition, this vehicle gets amazing gas mileage and gets around great in the snow.

- Jessica R

When new I titled the van, "Mimi's sparkling ice cream truck".

Plenty of room and comfortable. High enough off-road, drives well, handles well in snow even though not a four wheel drive. Gas mileage could be better. I have had two major problems with airbags and sliding doors. Wish sliding door stopped closing when person was in way.

- Patti M

Dual sliding doors and large trunk.

The sliding door came off track. It used to be nice to have dual sliding doors until it stopped working after only 2 months. Do like the eco part of the engine that says it helps with gas mileage. Lots of space to bring a lot of people, 8 passengers. Lots of room in trunk.

- Kim E

My swagger wagon, reference to an online commercial for sienna.

My Toyota sienna has been a reliable car with only minor issues, such as a recall on the automatic doors. We have plenty of space for our three kids and their friends. The eighth seat is easy to put in or take out. I have front wheel drive and it is not great in the snow.

- Jane Y

2011 Toyota Sienna good and the bad.

The back sliding doors motors die easy and cost a lot to replace. The tire size is not great it is very hard to find tires sometimes in a good price range. And the sliding doors sometimes open and close on their own. It has a good sound system my kids love the sunroof.

- Amanda H

Good condition minivan for families.

It is very comfortable. Drives smooth. Holds large families. Easy to install car seats. DVD player very helpful for my small children. Cloth seats don't get too hot or cold depending on the weather. Radio easy to understand. AUX cord adaptable. Adjustable driver seat.

- Lily H

Reliable and great amount of space!

This is a great vehicle for anyone needing lots of space and excellent reliability. I love the captains chairs in the middle row with the removable middle seat for easy access to the back row. And there is still plenty of storage space in the back for all your stuff.

- Jen G

A nice family friendly vehicle with lots of perks.

The rear seats fold down in 2 pieces which is nice when you are traveling for a week with 3 children. It's always a smooth ride. The sound system is clear. The safety automatic doors help when my children are getting in and out of the car so they do not get injured.

- Sarah L

Cars brands my car is in a good condition run good personal or business.

I have 4 years with the car and I don't have a lot problem as long you take care oil break tire and maintained in good condition and check every 6 months basic the car don't going to have major problems my car is good I love how it run and Toyotas are a good brand.

- Lindsey O

It's very reliable and it holds 8 passengers. It also gets good gas mileage for a van.

I love my Sienna because it is very reliable. Other than regular maintenance, I haven't had any major issues with it. I love that is holds 8 passengers. The only thing I don't like about it is that is becoming outdated but that's just because it's get older.

- Amy L

Great traveling and personal use car.

This has been an extremely reliable vehicle. We have comfortably and smoothly traveled on several long trips and vacations and found the on dash GPS very helpful for navigation. The kids love the DVD/tv. I love the heated seats, keyless entry and power doors.

- Cam A

Our vehicle is perfect for our family both in style and functionality. Toyota is an incredible car brand.

I love all the space in our van, we can fit our whole family and all our luggage for trips with no issues. We did buy the vehicle used so there was some animal hair but the vehicle inside has help up very well to the children. The vehicle is durable and safe.

- Jordyn D

Roomy, comfy and right-sized.

The sienna is roomy, has a lot of cargo space, especially if you put down the third seats. It is big enough and high enough to be able to see traffic ahead of you without being too big. The electric sliding side doors are convenient when carrying packages.

- Patrice H

My vehicle is great because it has enough seats for my family.

The only problems that my vehicle has is the air conditioning. The back works but the air conditioning in the front does not work. Other than that its is a very reliable vehicle. It has not given me any other issues. The Bluetooth is great to have as well.

- Rosa A

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is very comfortable with plenty of room.

My vehicle is comfortable and has a smooth ride with enough room for our entire family of five and a friend . It's great for long trips and has adequate gas mileage. The only aspect I dislike is the fact that it is a minivan and it is not "cool" to drive.

- Janetta C

It is a wonderful family vehicle and great for long trips.

This is a great vehicle to put big items in and have a family in. The seats are easy to put down and get back up. It has DVD player which comes in handy on long trips and a disc changer. The navigation system is great and love that it has lots of outlets.

- Holly P

It is very comfortable to drive. I like the fact that it is a little higher than the compact cars but not as high as a regular SUV. It is roomy.

I love my Sienna because it is just the right size for my family. I like the rear view camera which helps me with my blind spots when I am backing up. I find it hard to park in tight spaces but I think the parking lots are made of too many small spaces.

- Kheuakham R

Convenient and roomy. Minivans are great family cars.

A lot of recalls have been made on the vehicle. I have had the car for a long time and my children are getting older. I no longer feel like I need a minivan. It is a great car for families. Convenient and roomy. 8 passengers so it fits kids and friends.

- Marianna D

Best Gas Mileage of Our Minivans

Our Toyota Sienna is a great vehicle for our family of 7. It is roomier than our last minivan. It sits higher and almost feels like a tank when you are driving. It also gets excellent gas mileage. Our Sienna was one of the best purchases we have made.

- Stephanie R

It is easy to handle and drives smoothly.

I love my Toyota Sienna! I have a large family and we can all travel together comfortably. We have the 8th seat option that works wells when we have an extra person. I love that the seats can fold into the floor when I have large items to haul.

- Rachel T

It's versatile, going from family car to traveling zoo in moments.

I love the versatility. We can use it to travel, transporting multiple animals and people, or around town. We can put down or take out seats to accommodate large objects. My only two complaints are the gas mileage and how low the clearance is.

- Kristina P

The van drives well and rides smoothly. The seating is comfortable and it is easy to get in and out of. I really love the auto door opener.

My vehicle has been reliable during the entire time I have owned it. Normal things have gone wrong, but it has held up very well. I is both functional and comfortable. When I have to replace it I am hoping the newer model is just as good.

- Jenn R

The safety features on the car.

It is easy to bump the switch that allows inside lights to turn on when entering the car. I have had a few problems with the hands free phone feature but can be resolved when phone is unpaired and then paired again. Otherwise no complaints.

- Carrie A

My swagger wagon is awesome. I do not need a van anymore, but I am keeping it!

I love this van. Plenty of room. Seats fold down for storage and up for more seating very easily. Good audio, sensible dashboard setup, good heating and cooling. Seats are comfortable and easy to change. Very reliable engine and features.

- Janet W

For a minivan, it's easy to drive.

The handling is great, I can make right turns, with ease. The size is just right, we can fit adults and kids comfortably, and plenty of luggage for long trips. I do wish the rear hatch went up higher, I have bumped my head several times.

- Kimberly A

Comfort driving with better road handling in any weather.

It Toyota and one of the most reliable vehicle on the road. Its handles road very smoothly and has very comfortable ride with lot of room spaces. Has all the new features you need from high quality radio system to best navigation system.

- Kumar R

XLE, heated seats, USB charging ports, 8th person jump seat.

Love the size of the van and the added jump seat to carry 8 people. Drives well and has great pickup! Don't like sliding on the leather seats when taking a turn. Also don't like needing to be in back seat to work the t.v. for the kids.

- Rachel B

It comfortably fits 5. It can seat 8 but the back row is cramped. Gas mileage pretty good too.

The van is perfect for my family. Plenty of space. When traveling our things fit well and everyone is still comfortable and has their own space. I do have the basic model which is fine with me although I do with it had Bluetooth.

- Lynnette B

The great space and gas mileage that we get from a van.

There is so much room in the van that it makes it comfortable to travel. I like the way that the back seat can fold into the floor. The sienna gives us great gas mileage we can in a van. Overall, this has been a great family van.

- Karen R

It's a safe vehicle that can fit a lot of people and a variety of lifestyles

I love how much space there is in the car, but the size does make it kinda difficult to maneuver sometimes. Love how you can fold down the back seats, makes it super easy when helping people move. Gets pretty good mileage too.

- Katherine K

A Toyota Sienna minivan that I own is capable of Towing my boat.

The Toyota minivan that I have meets the needs in my family and is suitable in size and capability. My children enjoy the seating and the entertainment system that's in the van, and it is rated as a top safety ranked vehicle.

- Claude T

It is very dependable and great for a family.

I like my vehicle because it is dependable. We haven't had any major problems with it. It gets us where we need to be. Plus the inside is very forgiving with dirt and the messes that come along with kiddos. No complaints.

- Michelle H

It's a minivan, but it handles great, much better than you might expect from a minivan.

I like the way it handles, the two sliding doors, the capacity with all the seats in place as well as the capacity when everything is maximized. I like everything, EXCEPT . . . I want a newer model with more items.

- Jerry A

Family vehicle that will meets your needs

This Toyota Sienna is very reliable and excellent if you have children. It seats seven and the three seats in the back can be put down for extra space. It has very good mileage and is a smooth drive. A lot of space.

- Yesenia G

Reliable and comfortable family car. Plenty of room

I enjoy the room between seats. The third row of seats folding flat for storage. There has been 2 recalls for airbags and sliding doors. I have also had problems with wear on tires, specifically back drivers side.


The 2nd row seats are adjustable and that is the feature that sold me the car.

I love my Sienna. With two kids and multiple friends it's great for carpooling to sports, the park and everyday activities. The extra seat is removable when not in use for extra leg room in the third row.

- Kim B

The brand. Toyota make good, long lasting, smooth running vehicles. The van is roomy inside and although not stylish, is easy on the eyes on the outside.

I like the versatility of it. I can carry one person or 7 people. I can remove the seats. The gas Mileage is not bad. I like that it is very dependable, no major problems in the years I've had the vehicle.

- Gustavo C

The most important is that it is very comfortable for a family of 8.

I love the turning radius this van has. It seats 8 passengers and has lots of space in the inside. Great for traveling as well. This van is good on gas and better for long distance travel and comfort!

- Tiffany T

It is paid off and still running almost as well as the day that I bought it.

My van is very comfortable and roomy. I have packed it for vacations, moved a dorm room and hauled tons of furniture. When we go out, I can fit 8 people in the van which means fewer cars on the road!

- Karen B

The best thing about my car is that the sliding doors make it very easy to get kids in and out quickly.

I love that my minivan is spacious for both passengers and cargo. I love that it has been very dependable and reliable. When it is time for a new vehicle I would love to have a new Toyota Sienna.

- Lori C

Toyota Sienna--awesome people hauler!

I have had my Sienna for almost 5 years now. It has been a great car. It has had no problems at all. It is very reliable. My favorite feature is the automatic sliding doors. They are the best!

- Ally m

You can open the doors with the push of a button from inside your house. It's the single best feature of this car. That and the backup camera is pretty nice, too.

I love the room in the Sienna as well as the versatility to seat 8 or put some seats down in the back for larger trunk space. My favorite feature is being able to open the doors using the key fob.

- Laura B

Toyota Sienna is great for a family vehicle

Great vehicle with smooth ride, nice features and very roomy interior. The adjustability of the seats is nice and the only wish we have is that the middle row seats would have a stow away feature

- Kari L

It is good for family, but it might wear tire quickly.

Toyota Sienna is a minivan which is good for my family and friends to go anywhere with many people. It is easy to drive and convenient for us. Some of the stuffs are not strong that is my concern.

- Jenny J

It is a great car for a larger family.

The vehicle is comfortable and large enough to hold my entire family. The vehicle has spacious storage for all my electronics and personal items up front. The vehicle is smooth and easy to drive.

- Jennifer G

It's held up very well to hard use by our family of 6.

Remote activated doors and liftgate are priceless. The Sienna's turning radius is better than any sedan I've driven. For a minivan it gets reasonable gas mileage and doesn't require premium gas.

- Stephanie W

Everytime I turn left, the trunk sensor beeps at me and the dash cam says the trunk is open, when it's not. The sensor is broken and it's almost a thousand dollars to replace.

Love it so much, everything is automated, which makes getting the kids out for car circle so easy! It does have an airbag recall though, but if you take to your dealer they will replace the bag.

- Anna C

My car is low maintenance. It's easy to take care of.

I like that it's low maintenance and that it runs on synthetic oil so oil changes are less frequent. I like that it has a lot of space. I dislike how HUGE it is. Other than that, no complaints.

- Shena B

Others should know that there is a button that slides the back doors open and closed to make it easy to load children and groceries without hitting the vehicle next to you.

I like that it is easy to get my children in and out. I also like the trunk space and third row for added room. It is very convenient to take for a vacation due to its room and ease of driving.

- Kristen S

Toyota Siennas are dependable, reliable, and last a long time if taken care of maintenance-wise.

My Toyota Sienna is very dependable and reliable. It rarely ever needs repair beyond regular maintenance. It has great seating capacity and great cargo room. It is a versatile automobile.

- kim b

It drives well in winter and wet weather.

Too many fuses, lights go out frequently. Doesn't heat/cool well. It does hold 9 people fairly well, decent gas mileage. It is hard for one person to remove and insert the removable seat.

- Sky W

It is a great people-mover, well suited to families with kids.

I love the sliding side doors. They are great for the kids. The car drives well and I love the backup camera. I dislike the angle of the front hood, as I cannot see the end of the car.

- Mel S

Love my Toyota Sienna - I'll never buy anything else!

I love the smooth ride and handling. It has fantastic reliability. For a big vehicle, it has a very tight turn radius. One downside: the heat and air conditioning are slow to get going.

- Jan H

The Sienna is a safe and reliable minivan great for families.

The Sienna is a reliable, safe minivan. It has a lot of space inside both for passengers and for cargo. It gets reasonably good gas mileage, but tires tend to be expensive to replace.

- Lori P

Very smooth ride. Lots of space for passengers and luggage.

I have not ever had any major issues with my minivan. I keep up on the routine maintenance and it seems to be helping a lot I bought this van brand new and have love it from day one.

- Ashley F

Others should note that it is a very heavy duty vehicle

I like the size and overall look of the van on the outside. I do not like the excessive noise it produces when going against the wind. I wish the seats had more distance adjustment

- Jenny B

The thing I like most is the automatic doors and hatch.

I absolutely love my Toyota sienna. It seats 8 passengers, has a sunroof, and automatic doors, windows and hatchback. The very back seat can lay down to make the trunk space bigger.

- Kate G

This specific year and model are dependable and appear to not have had many mechanical issues.

I really like the dependability of this vehicle. We bought it used and it has been a very reliable vehicle with very few problems. Also, the size is suitable for my family of 8.

- James C

It is a vehicle that has a long life if kept proper service.

I like this vehicle because over the years that I have had it I have had no major problems. I have low mileage on this vehicle. It drives like a new vehicle. A great vehicle.

- Charles m

I needed the room to fit 3 carseats on the second row.

The Sienna is perfect for my family because we have 3 kids in carseats. The sliding doors are a Godsend getting everyone loaded in our garage with my husband's SUV next to mine.

- Amy E

It is reliable. I love getting in it and it starting right up.

I like that it is reliable, roomy, and red! I dislike that my kids make a mess in it and the floor mats in the back are hard to get back in after taking them out to clean them.

- Rebecca R

It is safe to drive and very spacious to transport a large family!

The Toyota Sienna is very spacious with seating up to 8 people and if you do not have 8 people the seats are removable and there is very much room to hall things around also

- Annette C

Toyota Sienna is perfect for families who need flexibility for persons and cargo.

I like that it has a lot of flexibility for my family. There is a foldable seat in the middle row. The back seats are also able to be lowered to improve the cargo capacity.

- Wolfgang S

It is a vehicle with dependability.

I like it because it is dependable. I dislike it because it is rough riding on the highway and also it is hard to park. Then too, the backup camera screen is very small.

- Durward L

It is a family car with 8 seats. Lots of trunk space

Overall I like the vehicle and how it drives, except for how it handles in the snow. I bought it because we needed an 8 seater. My next vehicle will have all wheel drive.

- Rebekah W

It will last. We put a lot of miles on our cars, and know that we can still count on it even after 175,000 miles.

We have had many Toyota cars. We know that they are reliable, and we have never had major issues. We feel very safe and feel like the dealerships always treat us fair.

- Amy M

Great family van. Very reliable and well built.

We bought this car brand new 8 years ago. It has been a fantastic, safe and reliable family van. It hasn't required any maintenance other than normal wear and tear.

- Blair P

People should know to go easy on the breaks because they aren't very durable.

My vehicle is a reliable Toyota Sienna but I have a few problems with it. I have taken it to get fixed many times for this but it has no air conditioning or heating.

- Ele H

It's really easy to put the back row of seats down and back up to increase or decrease the amount of cargo space.

I like the amount of cargo space. I like the amount of seating. I like the sun shades on the middle row windows. I don't like all the recalls that keep coming up.

- Tara s

That it lasts for a long time compared to other vehicles in the same class and is worth the money.

My vehicle is a basic model, but runs very well. I've just had a few maintenance things to fix on it since I purchased it in 2014. So far, I'm very pleased with it.

- Laura Y

Easy to drive and comfortable!

I love everything about my minivan. So far no problems at all, comfortable, reliable. The only thing I don't like is how sensitive the control for tire pressure is.

- Andrea M

Toyota's have really had staying power. I have to drive a lot of miles and they have not let me down.

I really love my Sienna. It is reliable and runs smoothly. We have an entertainment package for my kids and it has plenty of space for my family of 5(plus 2 dogs).

- Tim M

My vehicle has been reliable. I bought it used but have had no problems with it.

I love my van because it provides a quiet comfortable ride. There is plenty of head room and leg space. I really like the extra seat that allows for 7 passengers.

- Mary E

Perfect family car with lots of people and cargo space

I love how easy is is to drive, has great turning radius. It seats 8 people, which is perfect for this active family who frequently adds extra kids into the mix.

- Kate S

It is a minivan and it had seating for 8.

I love the space in the vehicle. Love the fact that the back seats go down into the trunk. I wish the middle seating would fold down or go into the car as well.

- Cassie M

One of the best cars that I have owned.

The Sienna is comfortable, handles easily, and provides a lot of cargo space when traveling. It has been maintained consistently and has had no major problems.

- Kathy S

Smooth rider, best wheels ride so smoothly!

I love this car because it rides smoothly, gasoline lasts and I use premium! Sits my family of 5 very comfortably and is overall the best vehicle I have owned.

- Daphne A

It is dependable and roomy.

I love that is has a lot of room to haul kids and other things you need, it has the DVD player to keep the kids busy and the jump seat to fit an extra person.

- Holly C

It can fit a lot of passengers.

I love the roominess and how easy it is to maneuver for a large vehicle. I also love the deep well in the trunk that provides lots of extra space for storage.

- Jennifer W

Its dependable on all types of roadways.

I like that it is big enough to carry up to 7 people and luggage. I like the sliding doors. I do not like the fact that I am over 60 and still driving a van.

- Joseph M

It can hold seven or eight people with added seat.

I really like the ability to carry several people. I like that we can add a seat in the middle row to hold 8. Sliding doors are nice in school drop off line.

- Chelynnel L

I feel safe driving, riding in the vehicle.

I like that it's roomy and comfortable. I don't like that I'm having problems with the small things like the window seals, the gas tank door got worn out.

- Michelle P

It is a great car for families who travel a lot. If you are not using it with your family it is probably too big.

I like that it is spacious (room for 7 people). It also is easy to drive, particularly for a minivan. It is difficult to park and not the most stylish car.

- Anna W

My car makes a weird noise sometimes when I put it in reverse.

It is a special van that has a ramp for a wheelchair. It has the middle seat taken out. I like that is is very good on gas. I dislike that it is so large.

- Madison P

How convenient it is to take my kids around. And I have plenty of space for our things with room to spare.

I love how much is stores and how easily I can tote our stuff around. Plenty of seats but it's hard for an adult to get to the back seats with the layout.

- Ashley B

It is a great family vehicle. I is user friendly. Kids can easily open and shut doors.

I like the room it has for all the kids. I like the removable middle seats. I cannot fit 3 booster seats in the back row. Takes a lot of gas to fill tank.

- Sarah T

It is a good option for families.

It is easy to drive, drives smoothly, is good for families, and has lots of space. It is difficult to park and is not the most attractive or stylish car.

- Anna W

It is a great, dependable vehicle made by a great company.

It is the most reliable minivan that I have owned. It runs great. Never a problem thus far. Will definitely buy another Toyota minivan in the future.

- Lisa A

Honesty I feel like I can pretty much do anything with it!

Removable 2 row middle seat, great for just my 3 kids or pop it in and they each can fit a friend in! Plenty of storage and room. Great gas mileage.

- Jennifer R

I love the backup rear-view camera to assist with parking and the pop down video screen kept the kids entertained during long road trips. It accelerates quickly and smoothly and also stops on a dime.

It is very convenient for large families and road trips. There are many technical difficulties with the power windows but that is my only complaint.

- Nicole S

Toyotas are the most reliable vehicles.

I like that it drives easily. It turns on a dime. I like that it is reliable. I like it's spaciousness. I wish the captains seats came out easier.

- Sam W

It comfortably fits 8 people, which makes it a great family vehicle.

I really enjoy driving my van. It is comfortable and reliable. I just wish we could figure out why it shakes and could fix all of the sensors.

- Annalese H

The biggest thing people should know that it has issues that are costly to fix and are major things, like oils spewing all over the place.

The car is roomy and drives well. I don't lie the maintenance. We have had several things go bad that are expensive and exclusive to toyota

- Debbie O

When buying a minivan get a Toyota.

It's a minivan I always like minivans what I dislike about it the price of this minivan. It holds 8 people or a lot of cargo and ice cold ac.

- Jaime J

The Toyota Sienna is a Great Family Car. We can fit four car seats or boosters comfortably.

It's big enough for my family. There are a couple of quirks like the electric doors don't always work and the bluetooth connect is not great.

- Melissa P

It has so many family friendly features that make it easier to get around with my kids.

I love the space in the van and the way it handles. It's comfortable for our long car rides. The only thing I wish was better is the mileage.

- Amy C

A great vehicle for the whole family.

The van is a little wider than other vans so it is roomer. It has an 8th seat that is nice. It drives nice. The stowable seats are great.

- Jay R

It's a good value overall.

It has great cargo capacity. We can drive others along with our family of 4. It gets reasonable gas mileage. And maintenance is minimal.

- Mike M

Stow and go seats and price, main reason I chose this over a Honda.

Rides smoothly. Seats family comfortably. Decent gas mileage. Plenty of cargo space. Auto doors and trunk. Large video screen for kids.

- Suzanne T

It's a great family car. It has plenty of room and for a large family.

The air conditioner is constantly breaking and the doors are too. They are always getting stuck and it's hard to keep them maintained.

- Rosa A

I love the backlights of the sienna

What I love about my sienna is it doesn't feel or look like your average minivan. It's more of a sporty version and it fits 8 people.

- Jessica L

That it has plenty of room for a family of 5.

I like the room and dependability of it. We have not had any issues. I would love leather seats but otherwise I have no complaints.

- Tessa M

Dependable. Seats are very comfortable. Plenty of space to pack for vacations.

Very comfortable. Rides smoothly on trips. Never had any problems with it. Love the heated seats. Only complaint is tires lose air.

- Joanne H

It handles very well on the highway & on sides roads

I love how it rides & handles it is very roomy the seats are very comfortable I don't like how hard it is to get into the very back

- Karen D

It is comfortable and very useful inside city and highway

Big space for family or friends Very useful for traveling between cities Comfortable and nice performance I love this car so much

- Ahmed S

I just keep it maintained properly and I have had no problems.

I have never had an issue and it has over 200, 00 miles on it. It is durable and utilitarian. The front moonroof component broke.

- Shelly P

Safety , i feel safe travelling with my kids in this vehicle. Great vacation trips transportation is a big plus

Very reliable, comfortable and a lot of space. I traded my venza in for a minivan as my kids were kicking me. No more back kicks

- Tracy B

It's the perfect family vehicle.

I wish we would have gotten thus vehicle much earlier, it is the best vehicle I've ever driven. It's safe, stylish and durable.

- Trevor F

It's is safe and convenient for a mom. The sliding doors are the best.

I've never had problems with it. I bet it will last till 300k miles. I will always buy from Toyota because they are the best!

- Erin H

the transmission guy said the transmission is too small for that size vehicle

72000 miles and the transmission went out. 7 years old. I expected Toyota to be more reliable than that. No warning signs.

- vicky a

It is very affordable because gas mileage and care has been a very minimum.

I like all the room and that it has room for 8 people. Gas mileage is fair and has been low maintenance in repairs and care.

- Ella C

Very comfortable when traveling -. Even with a full car.

It is big enough to hold my daughters wheelchair - wish it was a new model but is very comfortable - not too many dislikes.

- Sherry C

Very easy with kids. Very convenient and makes life easier.

I like the automatic doors. I like the room. But do not like that it is not a remote start. I love that it drives smooth.

- Hayley S

One of important thing to me is its safety features. It has so many airbags.

My Toyota Sienna is a very comfortable, reliable, and safe vehicle. We selected this vehicle due to its safety features.

- Trena F

It's perfect for families because it is very spacious.

It's easy to get kids in and out of the car. It provides a lot of space for my family. It has DVD players for the kids.

- Angela K

The third row folds down so easily even my preteen can do it.

I love that it has a entertainment package for the kids. I was thrilled that it has a sunroof and a navigation system.

- Audrey L

They'll love it and wonder why they didn't already own a van.

I like the room. It is reliable and holds the family. It drives well and is comfortable. I do not have any complaints.

- Amanda P

It's a great car. I would say the safety features of multiple airbags is #1

It's roomy and comfortable. I do not like the seats being on a track system it's hard to clean and to find floor mats

- Suzanne M

It is reliable, even for a previously owned car.

I like that it is reliable, it seats my whole family... Do not like that the back does not have an automatic opener..

- Danielle P

Perfect for families. You will love it. Easy to maintain

love the space and everything. Dependable. family friendly. Lots of fun. Great features, sunroof, dvd player, storage

- Skyar M

I wish the second row of seats were the ones that could hide into the floor instead of (or in addition to) the back row of seats.

I like my van, but I would like to downgrade to a smaller vehicle since my kids are growing up and going to college.

- Jen D

Reliable and safe. Comfortable

Comfortable and spacious. A little hard to clean once my kids have been in it. Drives well and long trips are great.

- Angela S

it's very roomy and spacious. It can sit 8, and even then I think everyone would be comfy.

I love that it's loaded and looks super pretty. It does everything I want in a car and more! Perfect for our family.

- v r

It adjusts the air and heat for you.

I dislike that I bought used and did not check it out enough I like Toyota because they are dependable and reliable.

- Robert J

That Siennas have issues that are unlike other cars.

I like the amount of room in the van. It runs well. I do not like all the work that needs to be done. Very pricey

- Deb O

It's very reliable and dependable. It's smooth to drive.

The Toyota Sienna has been a fabulous mini-van. I have over 70,000 miles and have had no major mechanical issues!

- Amy G

It runs fantastically and is super easy to put the seats up and down

I like that is enough room for my kids and luggage. The back up camera is really small and I wish I had a sunroof

- Coletta K

It is a very comfortable ride, the front end is very large.

Fully loaded with lots of things for the kids. It is 4 wheel drive as well which most vans do not typically have.

- Bryan S

It is easy to drive even though it is a large vehicle.

I like that it fits my three kids comfortably. It is a very safe car. It is easy to drive. It is fuel efficient.

- Rachel M

Very reliable. Plenty of room for more than 3 car seats

Lots of room for seating and storage. Very comfy seats in the front row and even the back row. Lots of headroom

- Erin S

The multiple sunroofs and large media viewable by all passengers in the rear.

Enjoy the Toyota sienna van because it has a robust power plant and is comfortable and spaces for my children.

- Claude D

The Toyota Sienna has amazing Safety features. I know when I'm driving my family is safe.

I like that it can seat all my family. I like that it is built in quality. I like that it has a backup camera

- Libby M

This is a good van for any family

performance to good, very comfortable and I love that the door open and close with the bottom, lots of space

- tamara k

Great reliable family transportation. I love having the 8th seat for kids to have friends join along. Perfect vehicle for large families.

It is 7 years old and aside from regular maintenance (brakes, oil change etc.) I have had no issues with it.

- Crystal S

That it is very reliable!.

Love the room, the good gas mileage, the adaptability of being able to stow the back row to make more room!.

- Crystal K

It has a tv, handsfree calling

It's reliable and runs great! It's comfortable and the whole family fits in it. It's a great family minivan.

- Connie P

Quality vehicle you can depend on with low maintenance

Love everything about my vehicle except for the fact that it only has 3 LATCH/Tether locations. Needs more

- Breanna C

Great, reliable family van.

Plenty of room, lots of nice accessories, and reliable running. Moon roofs, and DVD player make kids happy.

- Amanda B

The most recommended minivan

Reliable, performance is good. Comfortable for a minivan. It is worth the the money. Highly recommended.

- Ivan I

It's a keeper and I wouldn't trade it in.

I don't have any bad to say about it. It runs very well it's good on gas and it has enough power for me.

- Jim B

It is big enough to seat eight people comfortably.

I love my van because it seats 8 and has plenty of room for everyone. It drives smooth. It is reliable.

- Brittani H

Back up camera helps with parking.

No problems with reliability. Very reliable car. Big to park, but a great carpooling or travel vehicle.

- Susan P

It's a very great family car.

Very comfortable ride. Holds my whole family for long trips. it has very little required maintenance.

- Jim o

Comfort and safety for long distance travel.

Spacious and comfortable ride Easy to get in and out of with slider door. Backing up is challenging.

- Jo L

It's rated high for safety and can hold up to 8 people.

I like how many people it can hold. The storage is good. It's nice looking. I have more blind spots.

- Sarah S

Amazing vehicle! You will love it!

I love this little van! Great get-up and go, great gas mileage. Would definitely buy another sienna!

- Leah G

It's an all over great van.

I love my Sienna. It has plenty of room for kids. Back Seats also go into floor for extra storage.

- Kimberly C

It is a quality vehicle. I have not had to spend too much on repairs

The van is a little long. It does not handle like my last sienna(2006). It has more space though.

- Jay T

My Toyota Sienna is spacious and very responsive and easy to drive.

It is a reliable vehicle. There is enough seating for my family and still plenty of cargo space.

- L L

I love this van, it's roomie and has storage pockets.

I like the power doors. The cable did however break on it leaving the door stuck open one time.

- Sharon V

People should know it's dependable and sturdy.

I like the room and power. The safety features are also very good. I like the dependability.

- Tom K

the all wheel drive is awesome in the snow. That is what i wanted primarily in a vehicle.

I love the all wheel drive for the minivan. it's very roomy. i love the power doors.

- susmita f

It's very reliable - and the sliding doors are a game changer for any family.

I love my Toyota Sienna. It has great sliding doors. Tons of space and very reliable!

- Kim L

It is a very dependable and practical car that provides reliable transportation.

I like that it is reliable and dependable. It is also the right size for my family.

- amanda m

Overall quality and reliability.

Very nice; handles well; color; comfort. Dislikes: fabric tearing; transmission.

- Stephanie P

I love that it seats 8 people. It rides smoothly and is comfortable for long trips. I don't like how low it is to the ground and as my kids have gotten older they are running out of leg room.

It has had very little mechanical issues in the years I've owned it. Solid vehicle.

- Cole R

Easy to put car seats in and take them out. Seats move easily.

Fits my family perfectly. Easy to haul things. Lots of storage and cup holders.

- Heather W

The large capacity for human, animals, or other stuff.

I love the room. It handles nicely. There are many cup holders which is a bonus.

- Lisa W

Toyota Sienna is a a great, safe, family van. It will provide ample space for everyone in the vehicle.

I love the space it has. I like the way it feels when I drive. I love the style.

- Nicole K

Easy to drive with great handling and very good turning radius

Minivan that can fit our family. Its practical but was not my first choice

- Ja H

The van fits 8 people. You can bring a lot of people on trips compared to a car

Love the backup camera. The sliding door already jammed and does not work

- Kimberly E

Good for carrying a lot of passengers and cargo. Decent gas mileage

Great for carrying a lot of passengers and cargo. Decent gas mileage.

- Deborah G

Fits any size family perfectly

Love the space it provides for our big family. Runs smooth. No issues.

- Becka J

It's very easy to drive and has a lot of room.

Love the room. Also love the way it drives. Nothing that I dislike.

- Ash M

It has never broken down. We keep up with routine maintenance.

It is a good, dependable vehicle. It is beginning to show Its age.

- Melanie S

It drives like a car not a van

It can hold 8 passengers. Has plenty of room. Holds a ton of cargo

- Karen G

It is a beast and very safe. She drives smooth and has enough space for anything and everything

I love the smoothness of driving and spaciousness for my children

- Ape T

My family has a 2011 Toyota Sienna van. It is white and is large enough for our large family. I like that it has all the necessities (seat belts, A/C, windows that work properly, etc.), but I dislike that is isn't as smooth a ride as some vehicles.

It is generally considered safe, it is large, and it is white.

- Courtney P

It doesn't have a DVD player or automatic hatch, which would be handy

It is a good van for children, spacious with room for storage.

- Megan H

I love the space that the Sienna provides. The stow away seats are wonderful! The only things I would add are the upgrades that didn't come with our basic model.

It gets very good gas mileage and has so much storage space.

- Amanda K

Awesome people and stuff hauler, it is reliable too.

Reliable Toyota. Very functional. Safe for the family.

- Walt C

I like that my van is super low maintenance. I only have to buy tires and oil changes. I like that the name is known for quality. I also like that even though the car is technically foreign it is made in the USA and puts Americans to work. My only complaint would be that it is expensive, but in this case you get what you pay for.

The Toyota Sienna is very reliable and low maintenance.

- Jenny C

it's comfortable to ride in and feels like car with the safety of an suv

easy to get into. wish it had a touchless back door

- rachel a

It is economical and reliable. It is spacious and seats 8.

It is very reliable and maintenance costs are low.

- Franz D

It is a gray vehicle, minivan, sliding side doors with power windows. I am not happy with the recalls of the vehicle and taking too long for problem to be fixed. Overall, it keeps clean and runs great.

It runs great and cleans great and keeps me happy.

- frances b