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Toyota Sienna is the best minivan out there!

I absolutely LOVE my Toyota Sienna. It comfortably seats 6 grown ups but can seat 8 people total. It has a seat that is removable so if it's not necessary you have additional room. The seats are very comfortable. The cargo space in the back is huge and fits large items such as dressers, or a ton of groceries. The back seats completely lay flat as well so if you have an even bigger item to move, you have that additional room as well. The captains seats are removable in the middle so if you are taking a couple of grown ups who require more leg room you could remove those for their added comfort. There are multiple cup holders in front and back as well as a USB port in front and power ports in the back and front. The automatic sliding doors are super convenient, especially if you have small children and have your hands full often. The gas mileage is pretty good and comparable to other vans. The power is amazing as well and the ride is super smooth. The air conditioning and heater are great for such a large space to cool or heat because it has rear control as well as front. I think that the Sienna is one of the sleekest looking minivans available so it doesn't FEEL like you're driving a minivan. I truly love my van for all the space, power and look of the vehicle. I would recommend it to anyone looking to purchase a larger vehicle for their family or dogs.

- Mindy A

Automatic way to get back seats to go down? Remote for drivers?

It has great gas mileage. Love the ample cargo space and the ability to take seats in the back down for more storage space. The back out feature with live video is my favorite part of the minivan. The one thing we had problem with is our battery. It died when we only had 7, 000 miles on it. I was told there was a mechanical issue. Also, there was a recall with the sliding doors. I wish there was a better safety feature to make sure they will not shut on me or my kids when closing the doors. I had a couple of close calls when the doors almost closed on me while putting my kids in their car seats. Also, the seats are pretty heavy and difficult to get down to add more storage space. If there was a way to get to the seats to go down smoother and the seats lighter for us moms who have to constantly move them out to get more trunk space. Maybe an automatic way for the seats to go down instead of manually? Is there a way to get a remote for the driver to lower volume TV?

- Eileen L

Toyota Sienna is for every parent!

The Toyota Sienna XLE is very comfortable, safe, and reliable. My favorite aspect is that I can open and close the doors without requiring a key when the van is locked and I am standing next to it. Also I can start the car and leave it running, but take the key with me so I feel safe leaving it running in the driveway to warm up or cool down before a trip. I also like that the 3rd row seats fold all the way down to the floor, and when they are not stowed, there is ample room in the trunk area for storage even when the 3rd row is utilized. Having Bluetooth connectivity is also very convenient, and I utilize that daily. Lastly, some of the safety features like blind spot sensors and rear camera have made me a safer driver and given me confidence to drive places I would not have been comfortable to drive to before with such a large vehicle. Also having AWD gives me confidence to drive in snowy conditions.

- Erin B

My AWD Minivan - Comfort and Style

I always drive SUVs and never thought I would buy a minivan. Then I saw that Toyota Sienna makes an AWD minivan and decided to test it. I really like the AWD feature, that's a must for me in the snow, but also the sliding doors, the roomy third row seat, the comfort of the front seat, everything is well thought out for comfort. I'm so used to the comfort that it's hard to drive other cars now (for example, I lean on the handle on the driver's seat, and miss it when it's not there), everything is really roomy up front. I can close the side doors from the front. I like the lights on the side mirrors that alert to vehicles in the blind spot. One drawback is that it's not a performance car...it's good to drive but not exceptional for accelerating/passing people/showing off. For me, the comfort is more important.

- Julia L

Toyota Sienna reliable minivan for a family on the go!

Overall would highly recommend this van. Since buying in 7/2016 we have been pleased with reliability only needing regular maintenance performed. After taking a trip using a rental van through a competitor (Dodge and Kia) we particularly notice how smooth ours drives and the seats are much more comfortable. The interior space is wonderful and we have been able to move car seats around and still haul several large items of furniture and pack suitcases and strollers for vacations. At times the middle seats seem a little more difficult to slide back and forth with a car seat in them and the track it slides on could be easier to clean. The third row of seats are very easy to stow and change positions. Would highly recommend van especially for families.

- Elizabeth M

Comfortable, quiet and durable

I have a 2016 Toyota Sienna XLE 7 passenger AWD van. I absolutely love this vehicle! It is extremely comfortable. The ride is very quiet. The integrated Navigation is great. The app suite is not very user friendly and some features are not necessary. I have 66k miles on this van and am just going to have to replace the factory breaks this summer. The major change I would make is to put power supplies in the middle seating area. I don't like cords running from the front of the van and being a family vehicle, the kids need power ports. The van is very spacious and can fit a lot in the back especially with the seats down. I highly recommend this vehicle!!

- Kris B

My cozy, comfortable, rocking van.

My Toyota is very roomy and comfortable. As the driver, I am sitting above the traffic, allowing for larger views of the roadways in all directions. My dashboard includes a navigation system, a Bluetooth connection, and a cell phone connection that allows me to talk on the phone hands-free. There is plenty of cargo space, especially when I fold down the third row of seats. The middle row of seats can slide forward and backward to increase legroom. Front and rear temperature controls allow everyone to be cozy in their own space. Very smooth ride with excellent gas mileage, about 26+ miles to the gallon on the highway.

- Marcia P

Driver and passengers top priority.

Features keyless entry helps drivers access entry without searching for keys. Back up sensor sense movement and alerts you with visual and audible. Also helps with merging lanes. Has tri climate control for driver, passenger front and rear passenger providing ideal versatility. Has a big backup navigation screen and guided drive lines. Great Toyota Entune app that syncs your phone contacts/text. Love the live weather forecast at current locations. The safety feature when attention is needed for navigation input is a plus. It truly has the driver and passenger safety as priority. I will highly recommend.

- Johnny M

This vehicle is roomy and spacious for a family to travel.

When I first leased my Toyota Sienna it was something to get used to. The first year I had problems with the passenger side sliding door opening, especially when the temperature dropped very low. Then I received a letter in regards to a recall and had that fixed. I have traveled to the south and the ride was very smooth and comfortable. The vehicle has good traction when traveling in snow and rain, as long as you are driving with care. I travel at least once a month to the mountains and not ever has a problem with this vehicle. It has great space for a family and roomy when traveling long distance.

- Teresa D

Plenty of space. I love the amount of space we have in the sienna.

I love the look and ease of driving it. I wear dresses and skirts. It is easy to get in and out of wearing these items to stay modest. The side doors can be opened just pushing a button from the front seat. I can also open them just barely pulling the handle and they will slide back. The key pod is also very handy. There is plenty of room inside. Going on trips can be tricky. My husband is on oxygen and carries 10-12 bottles of oxygen. He also has sleep apnea. We have his big machine that must go with us. There's plenty of room for all of that and his service dog too.

- Theresa W

The space is absolutely amazing.

I have had no problems with my vehicle. I love the comfort of having tons of space and the ride of this car is amazing. It's so comfortable driving it. Not to big and definitely not small! Perfect for a family vehicle. I will drive anything but a van the rest of my motherhood. The gas mileage isn't horrible either. Many have different features but mine is perfect for me, nothing fancy. I like the shifter on the dash. I love the amazing center counsel and the amount of cup holders. The trunk is huge! And I can also carry luggage on top of the van!

- Amanda F

The perfect family vehicle.

I love my vehicle. It is very comfortable and spacious. I love that I do not have to worry about my kids opening the doors around other cars. I love the bucket seats and that we can go on road trips and have plenty of space for luggage and comfort. I like the fact that my van looks less like a van and more stylish. I love the leather seats, it makes for easy clean up with 4 children there are lots of clean ups. I love the back up sensors and camera. I feel saver backing up with again lots of kids around. This vehicle is perfect for my family!

- Michelle S

Perfect vehicle for families and for traveling!

The Toyota sienna is by far my favorite minivan we have owned. It is an extremely reliable vehicle. The sienna offers both spacious room and comfort throughout. The sienna offers many features such as power sliding doors, power windows, additional 8th seat, seated front seats, air & radio controls for the back, and a spacious back end that comes in handy for traveling or even local errands & hauling. The sienna van rides perfectly in both city & highway traffic, and I feel safe in it with the safety features/airbags.

- Leann V

I absolutely love that I have an all wheel drive minivan.

I just bought my Sienna about a month ago. I love the fact that there is so much room and you can adjust the two middle seats to go all the way up or back depending on who is riding in the vehicle. My van is AWD so makes me able to get around in bad weather if needed. The back also has a lot of space and back seats go completely into the floor. My only complaint is that because it is AWD it does not come with a spare tire. It has run flat tires which I am not comfortable with living in the country and on a dirt road.

- Dylan C

Safe, 4 wheel drive vehicle with sliding doors! What more could you ask for!?!

I absolutely love my vehicle! It is reliable, 4 wheel drive, seats 7 passengers and is safe on the streets. I feel safe in my minivan in the summer, when there are lots of tourists on the roads and in the winters when the roads are icy and unpredictable. My kids also love the minivan because it is roomy and has sliding doors! The can just jump in and out w/o having to worry about banging the car parked next to us. We also get great and reliable customer survive.

- Lindsay D

Great vehicle with many options at a very reasonable price.

This is my 3rd Toyota sienna van that I have owned. They have a comfortable ride, nice inside features and handle well on the road. All of them have required very little maintenance even with high mileage. I love Toyota products and when I am ready to purchase another new vehicle, I plan on buying another new Toyota. Personally I have owned other makes of vehicles, but Toyota by far has been the best one I have ever owned.

- Sandra H

I love the power doors and hatch. I don't have to worry about someone's hand or fingers getting pinched because it closes slowly and will open back up if it senses anything in the track.

We really love our vehicle. The 3rd row seats fold completely down, and provide a huge area for loading groceries, strollers, or whatever you need for the day. We can add in the middle seat in the 2nd row if we need to, but it can be stored in the back of the van to allow easy passage to the 3rd row for people climbing in and out. My favorite part of the vehicle, is the power sliding doors for the kids.

- christina s

It has all the functionality I need for my family while providing the extra space I want when traveling.

I have two small children so we like having the spacious interior of the Toyota Sienna. It has a lot of cargo space when we travel on vacation. I love that I can put the third row of seats down to store things for long trips or when I go to home improvement stores and need to transport things. I like the third row for when we are on vacation so others can travel with us in one car.

- Richard M

How great is the Toyota Sienna!?!

I absolutely love my Toyota Sienna. It is very spacious and comfortable to travel in, especially for long trips. My kids absolutely love riding in the car. It rides smoothly and I feel very safe in it. I have the car for a while and haven't had to have any repairs other than the typical oil change. The only thing that would make it better would if it were better with gas mileage.

- Emily K

My vehicle is a stylish minivan! It has 8 kids which I love about this van!

Having a mini van with 3 kids is the best thing! This car drives very smooth and lots of room for the road trips. I love how you just pull the door handle and it opens. Super easy for the kids to get in and out. My van had the 8th seat which is amazing when you have 3 kids. They each can bring a friend and I still have enough room to bring a stroller and bags for all the kids.

- Carri W

The Sienna offers families loads of space with style.

The Sienna is a great family vehicle. Interior is spacious with seating for eight people. The middle seat, in the middle row comes out, which is great for an aisle and walking into the back row. The van has a convenient storage spot in the trunk. The look of the van isn't your typical, run of the mill, mini van style. It has a beautiful body with low rims and stylish spoiler.

- Ashlee L

The perfect family car. Not only perfect for the kids, but you as well.

This car has everything I need. Plenty of space as well as Bluetooth and multiple charger outlets which makes it great for road trips. Does not require too much maintenance and it runs very smoothly. The hand free features in the car allow me to drive safely and use my phone. Easy to clean and comes with an adjustable eight seat if you are expecting an extra person.

- Gabriel M

Comfortable and spacious and perfect for tall drivers

Our whole family absolutely loves this minivan! It is comfortable- The seats can adjust in so many ways making long trips a breeze. It is very spacious and my husband and I who are both close to 6 feet tall, never feel tight or squished. It's performance is also very good - It can turn sharp corners with ease, and it's very natural to navigate.

- Katie G

My car fits all aspects of my life and I'm thankful for it.

I can't believe that my sienna xle does NOT show the speedometer digitally. It almost seems as if toyota went backwards in the times by not having this feature. I also do not like that it doesn't show the tire pressure amounts for each tire. I like how it drives. i like the mirror blinks for vehicles next to me, as well as beeps when backing up.

- deann m

I love the safety feature of the back up camera. I feel confident when driving.

I love my van. It has all the luxuries of a car, but is big enough to fit my large family. (5 kids, including all there stuff. I especially love the automated doors and back-up camera. I love the extra safety features. Gas mileage is awesome, saves us money compared to the vehicle we had previously. I would definitely buy a sienna minivan again.

- Amy L

Great family car convenient with kids.

Very convenient with the kids. Large so we drive it on road trips and have room for all our stuff. Like the way the additional sets fold up and when they are up there is a hole for stuff. Like the sliding doors in the back seats. Like the way the driver seat adjusts but would have liked to have a 2 position switch for settings for 2 drivers.

- Monica P

Light blue Toyota sienna le.

Such an amazing van. This van has wonderful room and storage space for all our needs. Great for going on long trips. Back up camera is an awesome feature and I love that I can connect my phone via Bluetooth. I usually have leather seats and this van has cloth. I thought I would hate it but it is so great and super easy to clean!

- Alex I

Love the body of the car and features.

Smooth and no problems. Looks nice and stylish too. Very high tech as well. Has DVD player, navigation, and Bluetooth hook up to your phone. Very spacious on the inside. Kids does not have to climb over to get to the back seats anymore. Love the sliding doors. Kids will not be hitting others cars parked next to us anymore.

- Mao V

The doors open/shut at the push of a button.

This is actually a really great vehicle. It's roomy, gets pretty decent gas mileage, and is user-friendly. The AWD is also a great feature - we use it to go cut down Christmas trees. In 3 years, we've had no trouble with it, and all we've had to do is regular maintenance/upkeep. I highly recommend this to larger families.

- Chelsea C

It is kid friendly and convenient for long road trips by using the DVD player.

I love this car because it is big enough for a family, and it is a kid friendly car. My daughter can close the door with a button. It also has a DVD player in it which help for long road trips. I had no problems with it. It is super a reliable car, because it gives me comfort to know that everything works perfectly.

- Breanna J

7 passenger, which helps since I have 6 grandkids.

I really cannot complain about anything on this van. I have had 2 rear end collisions ( I have been hit) 1 of them being a big dually truck pulling a loaded fifth wheel horse trailer. No injuries to anyone in my van. The main injury to the van was the rear bumper. Toyota has built in shock absorbers by rear fender.

- Rhonda N

A pretty good overall vehicle.

Love the sync with my phone, that it can read my texts to me and can make hands free calls. Seats are comfortable. Lots of space. All wheel drive, which did not find on other brands. Fuel efficiency is pretty good. Back up camera very handy. Tires and wipers that came with it do not seem to be of the best quality.

- Tricia L

It has lots of cargo space which is very good for all the groceries and other items I haul around on a regular basis.

Love my Minivan, it is just perfect for transporting all the Grandchildren and car seats,and luggage. I love the deep cargo area to put all the groceries. I do not love the automatic sliding doors, they close very slowly and make a lot of noise. The seats are not as comfortable as my 2003 Toyota Sienna van.

- Deb H

Family vehicle that offers convenience and plenty of space.

The vehicle has plenty of space and can fit a ton of people and cargo. It also drives nicely and is convenient with the slide opening doors. There are plenty of seats available in the van and also the seating is removable so you can load more cargo. This vehicle is recommended for people with large families.

- Steve H

Space of the Toyota sienna le.

Basic package. Sienna le. Cloth seats, no DVD player or anything like that. however, I have 4 kids and this is by far the best decision we ever made for our family. Seats are easy to clean and we have plenty of room. We love this vehicle!! We even have an extra seat that we can put up to have more space!

- Kristen P

Toyota Sienna XLE 2016 review

I bought this car three months ago and it has worked extremely well. The drive is smooth and quiet. It has been reliable and a very functional car. The amount of space is unmatched and the ability to easily fold down the back seats flat is amazing. The leather interior is very nice as well

- Brett G

It has all wheel drive (is the only mini van to have it) and in Michigan that is a wonderful thing to have!!

I love my Sienna minivan. It's comfortable to drive and sit in. It has plenty of room and can be set up in various ways for seating and storage. It has many cup holders. I love the heated seats, navigation system and backup camera. The only thing I don't love is the expensive tires!!

- Monica D

Options are wonderful varied and wonderful.

I haven't had any problems. I love how it drives. I like how the second seat can be together or split. Nice storage room. Turning radius is really good. Really good gas mileage. Enjoy the leather. I really like the push button starter. I like how doors will not lock when key is inside.

- Brenda H

Large carrying capacity and interior roominess.

I love that my vehicle fits 8 people and that if I need to haul building materials or other large objects, I can remove the seats and gain 8 feet of space lengthwise. I also like that there is a built in GPS and that the sliding doors are automatic and can be controlled by the driver.

- Michelle P

The one most important thing people should know about my car is that I feel very safe in it. The Sienna offers a rear-view mirror which makes things like backing up and parking a lot more easy. I don't have any issues backing into my driveway or need to worry about safety when I'm dropping off or picking up at school.

I love the room in my vehicle. We have three teenagers and there is plenty of space for everyone to move around. I also like the technology features that are available. We have both an outlet for an auxiliary cord and a cell phone. I also like how my vehicle handles on the freeway.

- Tara F

Toyota sienna 2016 is the best vehicle I have ever purchased!

I have zero problems with my sienna! I loved Toyota care which covered all maintenance for the first two years for no charge. I love the safety features of this van - especially blind spot detectors, back up camera and it is structurally sound. Very comfortable and quiet ride!

- Christine L

Loving our Toyota sienna.

This is a reliable car. It has required very little to keep it running. No unexpected repairs. . It is comfortable, especially the front seats. Lots of cargo space. . Safe. It has withstood a couple fender benders. . It could be better with mileage. Especially in town.

- Sandy L

The best of the 2016 Toyota sienna.

I love the Toyota sienna. It is great for bigger families that travel often and the price is not bad at all. I like the style of the interior and the exterior. The Bluetooth works great and it is a smooth drive. The seats are comfortable and the heat and ac work great!

- Julia R

Comfy family car but extra expenses.

Expensive run flat tires need to be replaced frequently. Otherwise we like the vehicle. We haven't had any problems with it. Have only had to do normal maintenance. It is comfortable for both us and the kids. The third row seat is great when transporting their friends.

- Amy E

Room for everyone to travel

This Toyota has a very smooth and quiet ride. Engine performance is good. The cabin features is what you would expect in a minivan. Plenty of room with ample cup holders. The third row seating position changes are very quick and easy to do. The sound system is good.

- Talma M

Safe, reliable, fun, and trendy mommy van!

Love my sienna! It drives smooth like a sedan but you sit higher so you feel in control of the vehicle. The features are great, and the reliability of the Sienna is unmatched. It handles better than its competitors. It is a safe vehicle for families with children.

- Alene P

That it is extremely functional for a family with small children.

Honestly I didn't think I was going to like my van—we knew we needed the room though with our kids. I have ended up loving my van! I cannot imagine driving anything else in this season of our lives with small children. It has been perfect for our family needs!

- Melissa J

Great family vehicle for traveling.

We did have electrical problems once and had to have it towed to the garage for repairs. Apparently there was a computer problem. The ride is smooth and comfortable. Plenty of storage room on long trips. The gas mileage is 18 mpg which, is less than desirable.

- Forrest H

I am able to connect my phone to the vehicle to make phone calls, play music, use the gps, etc.

There is only one thing I would complain about my van. It is awful at turning into parking spots. The back end doesn't like to line up with the front when turning, so usually the back wheels are over the parking spot lines. Other than that I love the vehicle.

- Sharon O

Nicest minivan on the market and the only minivan with AWD as an option.

Never thought I'd own a minivan but my family and I love this vehicle. Plenty of space, well appointed. It is a Toyota so it is built to last. One problem is that the AWD model only comes with run flat tires which create a harsh ride and higher noise levels.

- James G

It has tons of open space.

I have had no issues with my car. It works for my family and all of our needs between running errands locally or traveling far away. We have owned a few of the same van because our family loves it so much. There is enough space for us plus more for friends.

- Megan B

Modern technology and very spacious

I haven't experienced any problems with the car. The Bluetooth technology is very useful and I like how it signals cars in the blind spots. There are lots of seats and it's comfortably spaced. Lots of stuff can fit in the trunk so it's useful for groceries.

- Chelsea C

Toyota Sienna great family vehicle

This is a great van. Very spacious! Enough room for my husband, our 4 children and myself plus room for 1 more. Surprisingly has a lot of trunk space! Love the second row pilot seats, very comfortable. I love how the windows in the middle can roll down.

- Daniel P

It is a mini van with more current technology in for example touch screen and cameras.

I like that it has many seats so I can fit a large amount of people and fit large items or groceries. I like that it has a camera in the back to help me see in places I can't see if i do a head check. I do not like that it often needs me to do a check.

- jessica b

Perfect for families on the go!

We love our Sienna for our growing family. It is perfect for our 3 small kids. I don't know what I would do without the rear camera. I wish it was equipped with some of the newer features like blind spot alert, but other than that I am very satisfied.

- Brenda A

Toyota sienna the perfect family car

The Toyota sienna is a very nice vehicle that has a very quiet and smooth ride. It offers plenty of space and seating for both children and grown-ups. The convenience of the fold flat seats in the back especially helpful for having a large cargo area.

- Carole M

Not as good as it seems. Test drive for longer than 5 minutes.

Uncomfortable for driving. Leg pain. Nice features. Kids enjoy. Rides well. Good radio and DVD player. Have had difficulty with factory recalls. Waited months to get factory warranty. Expensive oil changes. Poor factory tires. Skidding from beginning.

- Kristen D

Our third Sienna, and it won't be our last!

Extremely reliable, comfortable, and I feel safe driving around my three children in this car. I have an earlier Sienna, 2006, which has 210,000 miles on it and is still going strong -- but we love the updated safety measures of the 2016.

- Sarah S

The one thing they should know about the sienna is that you will get spoiled with all the room. Legroom, headroom, cargo space, it's all about creature comfort. This is the best vehicle for family road trips. No more being squashed into a cramped vehicle.

I love my sienna. It feels like I am gliding down the road. Smooth ride. The most roomy vehicle I've ever owned. I would buy it again without hesitation and I recommend it to everyone. It's well made and I expect it to be very reliable

- Kay C

Very comfortable ride, especially on long trips (over 4 hours). This is very important if you drive very often on long rides.

I love the slide by doors so the kids cannot hit any vehicles parked beside it. I love the built-in entertainment system to entertain the kids on long rides (over an hour). I wish there were more compartments in the floor.

- Amanda B

Comfortable, quiet and great for families with multiple children!

We purchased the vehicle as used. It was the base model but still very good for our family's needs! The overall comfort of the vehicle leaves little to be desired and we feel as if it's just a really reliable vehicle.

- Stephanie W

It is super safe. I have plenty of airbags to keep me safe.

I love my Sienna! It drives very smooth. I have many bells and whistles. I have an awesome sound system. I have plenty of space. Only complaint is I wish there was an electrical plug in the car. My last van had one.

- Christine R

It is extremely reliable and I consider it to be very safe for my family.

Love the ease of maintenance and reliability. Easy to reconfigure seats for family.... Dislikes a few. Mostly the crevices and cracks in interior seats and support rails in which crumbs and larger items get stuck in.

- Stephanie C

Great family car with awesome features for safety and entertainment, smooth ride and actually has some pickup!

It's a minivan, such a great family car. We got the highest model so it has all the bells and whistles. Great safety and entertainment features. Only downside is that sometimes it just seems too big to maneuver.

- Stephanie M

Is a safe family car , also economic very very economical

I love my car , especially with a very extended family . I feel safe in this car for it stability and how easy is to control everything. A very spacious car , very comfortable to drive. The visibility is great

- Sylvia G

My vehicle drives good for now.

Drives nice and smooth. The seats are very comfortable. I had wished to have phone charger at the back seats. It is difficult when riding at the back seats. I do not have any major problem with the car so far.

- Prince N

Great family car, lots of space for everything you need.

This car has been so great for our family of four, and almost five. I didn't realize before how much I would appreciate having a minivan, but it has made almost everything about traveling with kids better.

- Betty C

The value of the vehicle depreciates quickly.

It is extremely comfortable to sit in for hours on end.. It is extremely reliable always ready to go when I am.. It handles beautifully, hugs the road reassuringly.. It has plenty of hauling space..

- Karen O

It has a lot of room inside and in the trunk. It runs very smoothly.

I like that it's reliable and good on gas. It has a lot of room. Unfortunately I don't like the wheel alignment, I find that I have to get it realigned often and it's making me waste money on tires

- Jorge G

was in an accident with last car and hit 3 times and was only two weeks old and totaled but it held up pretty good

comfortable ride plenty of room but have had a few problems with side doors not closing on their own and then all of a sudden they do has been fixed once already for a recall for side door problems

- jean d

Comfortable, drives like a car, lots of room,

Lots of room and very comfortable for the kids. We have had no problems with this vehicle. One down side is the tires that come on the new van are terrible and will only last about 30,000 miles.

- Debbie S

It's a good family car and I would recommend it to anyone.

It's big enough to carry my 2 kids around. Super nice to take on a long trip. Everything fits, including extra people when needed. It doesn't feel big (I'm pretty short) and it's easy to drive.

- Amy S

My van is the perfect family car. There is plenty of room in the back and with it being a 3 row car, plenty of room for people to sit.

I love how much space it has in it. Everyone can sit comfortably in it and there is plenty room for 2 car seats in the second row. I also love the gas mileage. I have no complaints with my van.

- Gwyne W

Great Family Vehicle. If you plan to have/grow your family, this vehicle is for you!

8 passenger van with the option of removing the middle seat; folding down the back row and has a deep trunk. plenty of room inside for the whole family and everything we need to take with us.

- Andrew S

The Toyota Sienna in a great van for busy families.

The Sienna is spacious enough for my children. The backup camera helps out a lot when running errands during busy times. It doesn't have too many extra features that would just be in the way.

- gabby s

I feel like it's a safe car. I feel confident that it would protect my whole family.

I like the size of my van, it's fits the whole family with plenty of space for everyone. I like the storage space in the back as well. It's be enough to put our luggage into while traveling.

- Johanna S

that it is a safe and sturdy vehicle and we love our Sienna

it is a minivan that safely transports my family to school, work and vacations; it is reliable and sturdy and safe; thus far I don't have any complaints except that it is not self washing

- Norovirus R

The most important thing to know is that our family likes to have fun and the van gets us to our fun.

I love the pick up this van has. It's not sluggish at all. I also like the musical features including the aux cord. Finally I love the rear view camera. It is so much easier to back up.

- Figurski T

Decent gas mileage and lots of great features, but one of the safest vehicles around.

It has many features like the Bluetooth for your phone, easy access to call out. Along with a backup camera and automatic doors. The only feature we do not have is an automatic trunk.

- Jennifer M

It is roomy and safe, it has plenty of room for my whole family and it is comfortable.

I love the size of my minivan. I love how it has two bucket seats and a row seat for my kids. I love that it has been reliable and safe for my family. I wish it had a sunroof.

- Corinne H

A minivan may not be cool but it sure is convenient.

I love my van for it's sliding automatic doors which make taking kids places so easy. It also stores so much. I only complain because it is bigger to drive than I was used to.

- Jennifer R

It is comfortable, yet convenient.

It's a great, comfortable minivan that is terrific for transporting the family and friends. The van drives well, and it's great to have the ability to seat 7 or 8 passengers.

- Craig V

It is safe for my family. It handles well and serves the purpose of making me feel confident driving my family

I like the room and storage. I like the style of the vehicle and luxurious feel. I dislike that in order to have awd I can only sit 7. I dislike no vacuum cleaner or cooler

- Jenn S

It's very comfortable for a large family and is very dependable.

I love the roominess for passengers and the removable seats. The cargo area has a massive amount of storage area. It gets great gas mileage on the highway for a minivan.

- kathy s

It has been a great vehicle

We love this vehicle. It is roomy handles extremely well and performs well. The gas mileage is not very good, but it is a large and heavy vehicle. It is our third sienna.

- Wayne W

This is the best, sportiest, most functional and comfortable family van you can have.

I love the comfort of driving my van. I love the space for me and my kids. I dislike that it does not have a tv in it. I also dislike that the doors are not automatic.

- Rob A

Others should know that the Sienna has recently failed safety tests in regard to collisions.

I like the roominess and comfort of the Sienna, as well as how it handles. I am distressed to find out it recently failed safety tests concerning front end collisions.

- Margaret W

Have not had mechanical problems with Toyota's over the years.

I like my van as it is comfortable to ride in. I have plenty of space to put things when shopping, traveling. I like being up higher than a coupe or sedan would allow.

- Marilyn R

There's not bad about the car. It drive nicely & holds 7-8 people. It holds its power on the drive with the AC on.

I like the roomy space. I don't like the automatic light, not keeping the dashboard light lit. Getting a certified used car seems to be over rate for the its price.

- Eva C

Our Toyota has been worth the money.

We have had no problems with our Toyota. It is super comfortable. It also has a lot of room between the front and back seat. The back up system is also beneficial.

- Cindy N

It has a lot of space, runs smoothly, and perfect for a family!

I like how it drives smoothly, DVD player for the kids, and a lot of space. There are sometimes issues with the sliding doors. I do wish it had a hands free trunk.

- Aly R

It is an extremely dependable car!

I rarely have any issues with the Sienna needing to get service. The seats are very comfortable. It is roomy (hauls a lot of STUFF!). It gets great gas mileage.


It is a workhorse. I use it to haul people as well as cargo. It is a great travel companion.

I love that it is comfortable to drive. I also enjoy how much I can carry. The seats are removable or stow away and I am able to put in 4 adult bikes for trips.

- Michella P

It's very practical for a family. The gas mileage is good.

I like the amount of room it gives my family. I love that it has Bluetooth. It drives very nice. My husband is very tall and he is comfortable driving it too.

- Jennifer T

Great vehicle for families with little children.

I love the technology package! Sienna's have always been very thoughtfully designed and I really enjoy the way they design the can to make the best use of space.

- Rachel Z

Very dependable van. Large and roomy for my kids and their friends.

I have owned a sienna before, which is why I purchased another one. My owner my previous van for 14 years with close to 200k miles on it with minimal problems.

- Lisa Y

it is comfortable and spacious for a larger sized family

Like the spacious feel, cargo space, comfortable seating and leg space. dislike the tray for center console. too shallow. would like front bumper camera

- Lisa Z

Sienna is a good, family size car, with rooms for legs and more people.

Toyota is a good car, perform nicely, with navigation and well maintained. Customer service is excellent the service are in time and in good performance.

- Rose M

It is dependable, looks good, but get barely average mileage.

Love hands free interface, blindside monitors, safety features.... Gps poor, not as accurate as google maps. Hands free not as efficient as it could be..

- Becky H

It is the only van that has All Wheel Drive. Super important for winter weather where we live.

Very spacious and a great drive. Ample room for storage on long trips. Love the roof rack. Only thing I dislike is that it only gets fewer than 20 mpgs.

- Nick L

The ideal family van for a family with multiple young children

It works awesome as a family vehicle. Especially love the trunk space as it is able to hold coolers, 10x10 tent and chairs for our sons' soccer games.

- Ann E

It drives very smoothly and gets great gas mileage.

I love that my vehicle fits my whole family, plus has plenty of storage. The backup camera is a great bonus. It also gets good gas mileage for a van.

- Hanna T

We do not have blind spot cameras.

Love the gps and comfort as well as the driving. I enjoy the different temperature controls between passengers and driver. I like the sound system.

- Miriam W

Maintenance is relatively inexpensive. Car has lots of air bags.

I love the van but I don't like the heating system. In the winter it takes a long time to get warm. Love the sunroof. Don't like the road noise.

- Cathy K

It gets the job done. If I didn't have kids I wouldn't be driving it!!

It is Reliable. It allows me to carry a lot of cargo. I think some parts wear out to fast. The emissions system on the vans is problematic.

- Tim T

The most important thing is safety and reliability.

I like the automatic sliding doors and the way the back seats fold in to create more storage. I am not totally happy with the look of the car.

- Alexis B

there's a lot of things good but also wrong about is car.

it's so overused and a lot of people have it so when you complain it doesn't really go through. it's very versatile. it get dirty really easy.

- April N

It's dependable. For a mini van with t gets excellent gas mileage.

I believe the Toyota Sienna is the perfect vehicle. I've been on several vacations in this vehicle and it's roomy, luxurious, and practical.

- Tahlie E

To access the third row, the kids have to step on/ over the center cup holder. Annoying to clean!

The ride is smooth. The driver's area is intelligently laid out. For a new vehicle, the power adaptors should work perfectly and they don't!

- Carrie G

It is a great vehicle for families with young kids.

I love the convenience with sliding doors with remote access. I appreciate the number of seats it has. I dislike how it handles in the snow.

- Lindsay Y

Excellent safety rating. Good gas mileage. Roomy interior. Handles great during all weather conditions. Entertainment package loved by kids.

Great for regular commute and travel. Fits all our kiddos, there friends, great space for luggage and other things for daily use or travel.

- Rae S

Rides great. Very safe. Economical.

Love the car. Roomy cabin, holds up to 7 people. Holds all my stuff. Rear camera help me to see. No dislikes. Rides great. Good gas mileage.

- Terrie L

It has plenty of space for all of your things. You will have so much room for your kids and all of their sports equipment.

I like my vehicle because it is reliable and has plenty of room for my family. I do not have any complaints about it. It is perfect for us.

- Jennifer B

It is a very comfortable travel car for families.

It has a great smooth ride. The interior is beautiful. Dislike the connection with the phone. Occasionally my radio system will shut down.

- Tina V

The backseats folds flat with the floor which makes it very easy to load big stuff.

The van is roomy. Very nicely equipped. I love the gray colors of the interior. I wish the red color of the exterior was a little lighter.

- Mira G

Minivans are Great Family Cars!

The Sienna is fantastic and has great features for families! The automatic doors and DVD player are perfect for daily life or road trips!

- Deanna R

It drives well and is relatively maintenance free.

I like the way it drives and the number of passengers it fits. I do not like that the middle seats do not fold down like the back seats.

- Jennifer S

It is comfortably and easy to drive.

It super comfy. My kids and my kids friends love it. They all fit comfortably. Super easy to drive and the back camera is just awesome.

- Silvia I

It's a great family vehicle for each and every family!

I love the sliding power doors! I love that there's room for kids and their friends and all their stuff. I love that it's comfortable.

- Carolyn P

Roomy vehicle to travel in!

We really like our Toyota. The only problem I have is that it there are a lot of blind spots. Also, doesn't get great gas mileage.

- angel a

It is a very dependable vehicle.

My minivan is very easy to drive and gets great mileage. I consider it stylish and roomy. The camera and power doors are wonderful.

- Melissa M

It's a form of transportation to get me between two places.

Love how roomy it is. Can fit four people, the dog and all the gear to go on vacation. Ample cargo area. Hate the gas mileage.

- Robin H

It has the luxurious feel of a small car and drives very smooth

I like the van alot. It drives like a car, its not bulky. Its comfortable and spacious. Back seats are very roomy for the kids.

- Rachel B

Great Family Car! You'll love it for your growing family, and toting around town.

It's roomy, modern, and comfortable. It has great safety features and is very convenient for lots of kids. I love having it!

- Megan P

Great Family Van! Nothing soccer mom about it!

Great car for the family! Roomy seat, plenty of storage space, and is a smooth ride. Very pleased with overall performance!

- Victoria V

This vehicle is very reliable and its gets great gas mileage especially on the interstate. It is comfortable too.

Our Toyota Sienna is so comfortable and fits up to eight people with the extra seat! We love its reliability and low cost.

- Tiffany R

That it's comfortable and works well despite being a van

I love my vehicle because the color is beautiful and it also has great space for my whole family to enjoy fun summer trips

- Wanda C

It's been through a lot through the years but it still runs great.

It's comfortable and has spacious seating in all rows. Has a large cargo area for a minivan. It perfect for road trips.

- Jonquil C

It has Bluetooth connection.

This car is really spacious and the chairs are great. You can also call with Bluetooth connection which makes it cool.

- Ngoc L

The most important thing is that it is a spacious vehicle.

I like that it seats 7 people comfortably. I wish I had automatic doors. It handles well considering it is a minivan.

- Megan W

It has comfortable seating because there is plenty of room. Even if you have a passenger you can not change anything with gps navigation system ex location or different address.

I like the amount of room in my Sienna. I do not like the navigation/ radio system. It is not user friendly at all.

- Kelly G

The price of the sienna is cheaper but better quality then the odyssey.

I like how high it is. The smoothness of the speed transitions and most of all the space. It is nice for all my kids.

- Ally p

Toyota Sienna is very family friendly! Perfect for families on the go, and also perfect for families with kids with special needs.

It gets really good gas mileage, and it's large enough to fit our family and all of the gear we need to take with us.

- Carrie V

That I like it and find it to be very reliable.

I like the screen and navigation features. I wish it had more charging ports throughout the van. I like heated seats.

- Sheri E

It is very spacious. The space inside is incredible.

I love that it is so spacious. I can fit so many things inside. I can do grocery shopping very easily. I love it!

- Mary H

It's well built by people who care. Plenty of features to choose from

It's great. Has power when needed. Runs good. Has plenty of seating for all the kids. With plenty of storage space.

- Reed B

It's a family van and I absolutely like that we all fit in it comfortably, not to mention the ample leg room. I love the privacy of tinted windows and the reliable navigation system. Complaints are the automatic doors don't last and the very low bumper.

It can sync with your smartphone Bluetooth which makes it easy to use your phone while both hands are on the wheel.

- Jessica A

Great van for families like ours.

I love my van. It is awesome. It runs well and is very safe and fits in our family and all of our family's things.

- Caaa P

Good enough for one, best for 8

Like the Bluetooth and large screen. Like the separate climate controls. Wish the way back windows were automatic.

- Sarah R

It's good for big families.

It's great however sometimes the power on the doors is bad. Its comfy many seats and drives well seems very safe.

- Melissa L

The most important thing about the car is it has a lot of safety features. I was rear ended, there was a lot of damage to the back bumper , but all 5 passengers, including 3 children, were not injured.

It's a great family car. I can easily fit 2 car seats. I like the built in tv, and convenience of sliding doors.

- Leah H

It's a great make. It has great features and fits our needs.

It is the perfect size for our family and we can grow into it. It is comfortable. We got it for a good price.

- Vanessa S

It's so roomy, and comfortable for everyone involved that is traveling with you.

I love my van. It is great for traveling with two toddlers and both of our dogs. We have room for EVERYTHING.

- Emilee M

My Toyota sienna is a great safe vehicle.

I like that my Toyota sienna has so much space. I like the gas mileage. I like the fold in seats in the back.

- Natalie S

automatic passenger doors are really helpful with little kids.

it's a solid, reliable "mom car" - very roomy, easy to maintain. Completely uninspiring and lacks excitement.

- anna u

It is fast not that expense e when it comes to gasoline.

It is very comfortable love this car it is super family friendly and convenient I highly recommend this car.

- Andrea R

Love my sienna, all wheel drive makes it special!

Love everything about my van. Only thing I'd fix is the navigation is kinda creep crappy so I use my phone.


It's a great car and I recommend it.

My vehicle has lots of room can carry entire family. Has sat nav great for road trips. Does great on gas.

- John A

Awesome van highly recommend

I LOVE my Van! It has plenty of room for all my kids. It drives smooth and gets really good gas mileage!

- Megan D

That it is a customized ramp van for transporting people in wheelchairs

A quality made product that's very reliable. I like that it comes with reasonable amount of luxury items

- Mark P

It fits my family and all their gear comfortably.

I love most everything but the headlights could be brighter. The dash lights could be brighter as well.

- Katie J

My family is comfortable and safe in it! I feel like we are protected

I love how convenient my van is. There's plenty of space and storage. The sliding doors are amazing!

- Michaela W

Comfortable and reliable vehicle.

Great reliable vehicle with laundry of space. The third row can fold down which is helpful at times.

- Drew S

The car is reliable and has a lot of great features

Love how spacious it is. It's a smooth ride and I can fit a lot of people because of the third row

- Michele V

They will love it. It is comfortable and the best for road trips.

I love how roomy it is. Nobody feels crowded. It looks nice also. It has a very smooth ride too

- Kay g

Quality as well as how good it would work in the long run

My vehicle is a pretty color and it works really well so far I haven't had any problems with it

- Josue G

It is so roomy and comfortable ride. It's great for traveling.

It is so comfortable. It's extremely roomy. It's good on gas mileage. Great car for traveling.

- Laura B

It is good for a big family along with traveling !

It is very handy for a big family. It has plenty of moving room. It's quality holds the value

- Shawna M

The interior is sweet. It has a huge tv screen in the back.

I like that it is roomy. I like the huge tv screen in the back. It gets nice gas mileage.

- Thomas E

Good for families. Plenty of space for passengers.

Plenty of space, good amount of storage. Love sunroof and leather seats. Good gas mileage.

- Trish B

reliable comfortable looks great and has excellent gas mileage

Easy access for my paralyzed wife. Great comfort. Room for everything including our dogs.

- Michael G

Very spacious, allows easy access with side doors. It also has smooth driving and handling.

It is very easy to use with kids. Side doors make it simple. Plenty of space for sitting.

- Scott J

There is lots of room and space for multiple people and luggage, sports equipment, and/or groceries.

I love the automatic doors, space, cupholders. I don't like how low the front bumper is.

- Michele M

Like the All Wheel Drive. Ride is comfortable. Wish it got better gas mileage.

The most important thing others should know about this car is that it is very reliable.

- Kenny K

It is safe and has a lot of seats that can be stowed away for extra storage.

It doesn't require much maintenance. It is very roomy inside. I prefer an SUV.

- Brittany A

They should know that it is a safe vehicle and convenient for transporting children.

I like the space. I dislike the lower gas mileage that a van requires.

- Allen R

mileage is 18 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the freeway. engine is V6 and all wheel drive. very roomy and spacious.

safety and comfort. has to have no prior accidents and drives smoothly

- lynne l

It's a family vehicle and its from a very recognizable brand.

Well I like it because its spacious and it's from a well know brand.

- Agustin M

This van provides a nice smooth ride. I like the camera for backing up and blind spot detectors. The only thing I don't like is the flat area between the driver and passenger seats. I was used to placing things there in my last van and here they just slide right off into the back.

This car provides a smooth ride with plenty of safety features.

- Stacy W

I love the space. Fits my family comfortably. It drives like a car and doesn't feel big. I have no complaints

It's simply amazing. It's stylish. I love it. And it's so cute

- Aleeya A

This is a good vehicle for transporting children and gets good gas mileage for the vehicle type.

I have been pleased with the space and the performance.

- Allen R

It is reliable and safe, soccer mom friendly it has a lot of room for travel and groceries

I love my van but wish it had dvds and a better camera

- Amy W

all overall comfort ist excellent very good very good

nothing, i like all of my car is excellent very good

- luis g