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My Sienna is a great car for my life with my children.

It's a great vehicle for kids. I have 3 kids, whose ages are 3, 6, & 8. They are all boys and they all play sports. The van has plenty of space to fit them and all their sports gear. It also has plenty of space to fit extra kids, as I am usually bringing their friends home a lot of the time. I have had my car for over 5 years and have not had any problems with it. The sliding doors are great to have with my kids. They can easily get in and out of the car without me worrying about them possibly smashing their fingers in the car door. That is a safety feature in my opinion. The car is very reliable and has always worked well, I have not had any problems with it. It's very comfortable to drive. It is high up enough to see clearly what is ahead of me, while at the same time not being too high off the ground, making it easier to drive. I have the LE model, which has the backup camera. It has been very helpful with backing up. I do wish I would of gotten the model that came with a DVD player, so I may have one installed in the future. I have often contemplated trading in my van for an SUV, but any SUV I have looked into just cannot compare to the space and comfort I have with the Sienna. I also love that the car came with run flats as tires. It makes me feel like the tires are very reliable as well.

- Erica C

2013 Toyota sienna conversion van.

My 2013 Toyota sienna is a handicapped conversion van that I inherited from my dad. I absolutely love it. It is one of the most comfortable vehicles I have ever driven. The ergonomics of the cabin are perfect. The van is large but drives like a much smaller vehicle. The interior cloth is super easy to clean and the ground effects make this vehicle look very different from the average minivan. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone, but especially anyone with a large family or anyone who has special needs physically. When my dad was in the market for his conversion, we test drove every vehicle available in 2013 that could be converted for wheelchair use. The Toyota sienna outshined them all in every way. It has been well worth every penny he spent on it. The only change I would have made to this sienna is the backup camera. It is very small and should be replaced with a larger, touch-screen version.

- Michele F

Love the sienna minivan xterras.

We love Toyota cars. We drive our cars for a long time and we get lots of miles out of our Toyota cars. They hold up well, and usually only have regular maintenance done on them. I like how I can hook my garage door opener to the car wirelessly which saves on a garage door opener. I like how the car runs quietly. The accessories like Bluetooth, temperature, direction, rear view tc, and rearview magnifying mirror are also nice options. The trunk is really deep which gives me lots of room back there for sports equipment and even a wagon and folding lawn chairs. We love that the 2nd row doors both open and the automatic locks are helpful. The basic radio is nice and includes a CD player. Our minivan fits 8 with a stowaway extra seat which is a nice addition when you have a full crew. We prefer to buy Toyota as I get pretty good gas mileage with my Toyota minivan too.

- Donna B

Excellent minivan with lots of cargo space

So comfortable. It has nice power, has been extremely reliable (no major mechanical problems), and has nicely tinted windows to protect us against the fierce Florida sun. With that, however, the air conditioning power isn't the most impressive. I don't know if that's a Toyota thing or a Sienna thing - I've driven 3 other Siennas that had the same AC, but haven't been in any other Toyota's to compare. If you are driving with a lot of stuff, the middle row of seats is completely removable and the third row of seats fold down making a nice flat surface. I wish there was another option for these middle seats. Newer Dodge Caravans have a nice fold- down option (like the third row) so you don't need to worry about putting seats in your garage or losing precious packing space to the seats resting against the front row. This would make the Sienna almost perfect.

- Victoria A

Comfort, convenience and necessity for up to 8

The best features of my Toyota Sienna are comfort and space. It is not only a necessity for a family with more than one kid but also a great convenience for group outings. I often find myself driving 8 people to an event or out to dinner. For family road trips, the Sienna has been wonderful for our growing children. We bought it when the girls were in elementary school and it was great to have the extra storage space for kid gear and tons of luggage, snacks, etc. Great the way the middle seats adjust to add more storage room in back and move back for plenty of foot room and far enough from the front seats to avoid kids kicking the driver's seat. Also, auto-closing back doors from the press of a button from the front or back seats is very convenient. The DVD player with headphones is also a great feature for long trips.

- Tara S

Decent but needs fine tuning of the amenities.

Problems with the backup camera not always engaging when the vehicle is put in reverse. Tires do not last. Sliding doors are sluggish to respond. Navigation system is terrible! Even when it was new the navigation system couldn't compare to others available. Now that it is several years old it is basically obsolete and we rely more on our phones for navigation rather than the system that came with the car. Other than those issues the vehicle is good - it is roomy, great for traveling with our dog, it is comfortable and is good for hauling materials we've needed for various home improvement products. The last row, however, is very cramped and we almost never utilize the 8th seat option that we have as it is tiny and makes it almost impossible to get in / out of the back row.

- Amy K

Style, Safety, and Reliability..Toyota Sienna

My vehicle (2013 Toyota Sienna) stands true to the Toyota brand, high quality, low maintenance, and 99.9% reliable. It's safety features, like the video backup and safety sense increase my confidence in backing up and gauging when to pass vehicles. It's like giving you another set of eyes. The car is practical and stylish. It handles well and is a very comfortable ride. When traveling with children, the DVD player is an amenity that makes family trips more enjoyable. What I have loved most is that when Toyota finds a defect it promptly notifies the consumer with its recalls-at no cost to me as the consumer. Safe, dependable, made for family, and comfortable road trips...This is what I love most about my vehicle.

- Sabrina T

Extremely reliable, easy to maneuver minivan.

I switched from driving a Chrysler minivan to the Toyota Sienna. The Toyota is a much better ride hands down. My Toyota has a small turning radius making u-turns easy. I have never had an issue with the automatic sliding doors. The original battery in my Sienna lasted five years in the desert heat which is great. In the three years I have owned my Toyota Sienna, the only "work" it has needed is new brakes and oil changes. The one complaint I have is the gas pedal is too sensitive. When accelerating from a complete stop, my minivan has a tendency to lurch forward like I'm trying to win a race when I am barely using the gas. Once the vehicle is up to speed, the gas pedal sensitivity seems to be a none issue.

- Janet C

Reliable with plenty of space for passengers and cargo.

My Toyota sienna has not given me any problems in the 5 and a half years that I have owned it. Besides regular oil changes, new tires, and new breaks at the 5 year mark, my sienna has not required any servicing. It is reliable and comfortable. There is more than enough head room for everyone in our family. There is ample leg room even when accommodating 8 passengers. When the center seat is removed from the center row, there is even more room and easier to move in and out of the van. The automatic side doors open and close with a touch of a button from either the center row passenger or the driver. The back storage is incredible and deep. The back seats can be laid flat to provide even more storage space.

- Christina R

Mom�s minivan-the perfect mode of transportation for a family on the go!

I love my minivan. It is not glamorous or stylish but it is perfect for our family of five. The Toyota has been extremely reliable. We do the recommended maintenance but have had no other problems. We're on about 90,000 miles currently. . The car is spacious. It fits our family of 5 comfortably and even allows space for our kids friends and carpooling. It is also great for loading with stuff. Perfect for big shopping trips or vacations with lots of luggage. . The car is quite comfortable. Really drives nice. As I said, it is not a fancy or stylish car but it really has everything we need and want in a car.

- Tracey R

2013 Toyota Sienna-Amazing comfort and storage.

We have had a couple of recalls since owning the vehicle regarding the sliding doors and airbags, which is concerning. We've never had engine problems; fingers crossed. Very reliable car. Having driven the car for almost 6 years... we would buy again. We enjoy the large amounts of seating and storage space. We also enjoy automatic doors. If we were to buy again, we would spring for a 4-wheel drive and for more comfortable features inside the car. We would switch from buying the vehicle with the small 'jump seat' to create an 8th seat and just go for the 7 seater.

- Elizabeth C

It has lots of room for people and their belongings

I have a Toyota van it has 7 seats. The seats recline. There is air vent for each person so that they can decide if the want air and there is different temps tire setting for the driver, passenger and the rear. My van is AWD. The only problem I have is when it rains a lot very quickly and it is standing in the road if you are running the AC it will kick off because the belt slips and then the windows fog up. Other wise no problems with my van I love it. And I wish it had a better warranty since I drive a lot. My warranty ran out the 1st year I owned it.

- Ashley T

It drives smoothly and is dependable.

I love the way it drives and that it is dependable. The technology though is even more dated than my old 2005 honda. The on board screen is impossible to navigate. It only allows for two bluetooth devices and it does not connect to them automatically. There are also no memory seats. For a family car! The windows in the rear do open--nice feature and I love the fact that I have a jump seat for the middle if needed. Like being able to fold down the rear seats. Lots of space. But again, the technology or backward technology drives me up a wall!

- mh A

Family friendly van for the modern family.

We love our sienna. My favorite part is you can add the seat between the middle bucket seats to make it 8 passenger. Then store it in the trunk when it is not needed in a special compartment. The third row seats are so easy to stow away and lay totally flat as well as set them back up. This van was well thought out. We have two small kids with car seats and they clip in and out with ease. There are built in shades on the rear window doors that are perfect for the kids. And the windows on the door roll down which is great.

- Kimberly R

Family Sized Fun and Reliability

The Toyota Sienna is a perfect family vehicle. It fits seven comfortably. We even took a road trip with our family of 5 ' 2000 miles round trip and everyone had their own space. It handles well. Steering and braking are responsive. And we have spent very little time 'in the shop' - just routine maintenance! We have the 2013 model with stow away rear seats which allows for more cargo room. I've never had a problem with groceries or sports gear! As family cars go, I don't think there is a better one out there!

- Stacy M

Second time purchase of Sienna van - love it!

I love my 2013 Toyota Sienna van! In fact, I love it so much that this is the second one I purchased. I gave my 2010 van to my son and it has over 300, 000 miles on it and still running great. No significant issues with either model. I use it for hauling the grandkids and in between - hauling gardening supplies and plants. I can put a ton of stuff in there - even 6 foot tall bookcase with the seats folded down. Usually it is loaded with grandkids, beach toys and suitcases, food, and toys for trips to the beach.

- Janet W

Perks of the mom van: The advantages of the sienna from a working mom.

I haven't had any major problems with my vehicle as I keep up with the suggested maintenance. I like that it can fit 8 people in the car which is convenient for school age children and carpooling. The sliding doors are wonderful for carpooling. The comfortable seats also allow me to drive my older relatives with ease. I like the heated front seats. I also appreciate the ability to take out the seats to utilize the car as more of a van for traveling or moving furniture, etc.

- Kelly C

Toyota Sienna great vehicle.

Unique color was new for 2013. Reliable have only had regular maintenance cost. Replace the tires last year. New battery last month. Love the leather seats. The rear seats fold into floor-love that feature. The back seats are removable also so minivan becomes a cargo van. Really like the GPS built in the dashboard. Like the rear view camera. Has a great sound system. The rear view mirrors have defrosters & vehicle also has blind side detector which is a great feature.

- Mk B

It's a comfortable fit for a large number of people.

It fits out whole family of seven. I love that there is still a lot of space for groceries or luggage in the back. One thing that is minor that I do not like is that the space where the 8th seat goes gets really dirty when that seat is not in place. There are many nooks and crannies where dirt falls from kids stepping over that space. I wish there was a plastic cover to go over it. I also wish that the backup screen was larger.

- Amy G

It is very comfortable and dependable. It is highly rated by Consumer Reports.

It feels like you are flying an airplane, very spacious and comfortable. I like the heated, leather seats and the ability to adjust the lumbar support. There is ample legroom for passengers in the second row. Love the dual climate control in the front row and the additional climate control in the back. There are many other features to list, but I am running out of room. The only negatives are no spare tire and the van is too long.

- pamela m

I love my Toyota sienna!!

This is by far my favorite vehicle I've ever owned. Its sits 8 people which is wonderful with kids. Also its very comfortable for everyone. We have 3 car seats and they are very easy to work with in the van. The seats in the middle row can move all the way forward towards the front seats or all the way back towards the back seat. This is a nice feature for us as we have a big dog so it gives him more room! I highly recommend it!

- Nicole L

The best all around family vehicle.

I love my sienna. It is a wonderful family car. Unlike other minivans, the sienna feels bigger when you are riding up front. The ease of use for children getting in and out is unmatched in other vehicle types. I love having the 8th seat the conveniently stores in the trunk when not in use. I get great gas mileage and can still fit a lot of people. The 3rd row is also very comfortable. I am 6'1' and can ride in the back.

- Christy S

Versatile seating options.

I love the extra seat option with the jump seat and that it is easily stored in the back. Tons of storage space for groceries and strollers. Right now we have the captain seat taken out for easy loading. I love the versatility of it. The leather seats is a must have for kids. Haven't had any issues with it. Do wish there were more car seat hookup options in the back but it is a small downside.

- Ben S

Nice spacious and reliable and practical car but takes a lot of gas.

Toyota sienna is a very practical car. It has a lot of space so many people can ride in it and you can also use it to transport large items such as furniture's. It is relatively reliable and runs well. Con about the vehicle is that it takes a lot of gas and my car happens to have problems with the automatic sliding side door. I have had problems twice with the door so I had it get it repaired.

- Sal L

With all the bells and whistles, It comes very close to a luxury vehicle with a very smooth ride that is comfortable.

Well, if you have to drive a minivan, this is the one I would drive! I absolutely love the turn radius for a larger vehicle and the ability to completely put the back seats down. Sliding doors are wonderful, but probably come with problems. Love the blind spot device....I will not be able to own another car without this feature. Smooth ride and for a minivan, I have no complaints.

- Diane E

The amazing Toyota Sienna van is dependable, reliable, comfortable, and smooth.

I absolutely love my Toyota Sienna minivan. I have great gas mileage. The ride is smooth. Sliding doors on the sides help facilitate my children entering and exiting the vehicle. I have a rear camera to help with backing out and looking behind me. The leather seats are very comfortable. The vehicle service has been great. It is over 100, 000 miles and running great.

- Nan E

Very well equipped for the money.

The car is really well equipped for being a lower model. It is so reliable and I have never had any issues with it. I do a lot of city driving so the gas mileage is not that great though. It is very comfortable on longer trips as well. The heating system could be a little better. On very cold days it does take a little long to warm up the interior of the van.

- Lisa T

2013 Toyota Sienna. Great van

Great van. Lots of space. Could use extra places to plug in your phone or device in back seats. Runs very well. Very comfortable. Glove box is a little hard to reach from drivers side. Back seats fold down giving you extra room in back. Very handy for long travel. Can fit 8 people. Riding in the very back can make you a bit queasy as you can feel everything.

- Jessica A

Details make the difference!

The Toyota Sienna is roomy and drives smoothly. The middle row has a removable seat, allowing you to use it as a bench seat or captain's chairs. The second row windows roll down, which is not always the case in a minivan. The middle and back rows are able to control their own heat and A/C. The Toyota Sienna has been a reliable vehicle for our family!

- Tammy H

The greatness of the Toyota van. A great product.

My van is very reliable. My husband and I both love the comfort and room in the van. We have not had any major problems. The van is perfect for family trips and traveling. Toyota has great features on the van it is fully loaded. The features on the van give you warning to keep your van updated and up to part. The van is a great choice and I love it. !!

- Karen W

Good reliable, comfortable, family vehicle.

The Toyota sienna is reliable, very comfortable on trips and good on gas for a vehicle of its size. It is good for getting large items home. The GPS failed once but the extended warranty covered it and gave us a free update. The only downside is there is a blind spot on the left on occasion design on the highway but no accidents because of this to date.

- Marilyn W

Safe, reliable, family pleasing.

I really like the Toyota Sienna. It is a safe and reliable vehicle. It meets my needs as a mother of two young boys. Holds up to the messes they create and holds all the things I need to haul around for them. The headphone feature is useful on long trips. They can watch their videos and listen using their headphones, while I can listen to my music.

- Stephanie W

Room to breathe and relax.

The vehicle performs well. Have owned for two years with no mechanical issues. Gas mileage is good. Like all the space. Lots of room for kids and for stowing items. Can even use it to sleep in on camping trips as you can remove all the back seats and fit a blow up bed in it. Like the heated seats in winter really makes for a comfortable ride.

- Catherine R

My 2013 Toyota Sienna is very roomy and comfortable to drive.

There are many things that I like about my 2013 Toyota Sienna. It is very comfortable to drive. The cabin temperature is very easy to adjust and maintain. There is plenty of space in the back to carry cargo. I enjoy the Sirius/XM radio. I really don't "dislike" anything about it but it would be nice if it had an automatic door on the back.

- Karl L




Toyota sienna drives like a tank.

The Toyota sienna minivan is like driving a tank. It is heavy, though nimble, and uses a lot of gas compared to a compact car. It is also more safe. You can transport small items, but it is not a real van. It is for multiple passengers, not cargo. It looks like it has more interior room than it actually has. It is very dependable.

- Michelle B

Toyota is cut above with rest with style and quality.

I love his car have had it for 5 years. I am very impressed with the quality and durability of this vehicle. I have a big family I so in purchasing this car I am able to haul big loads and still ride with comfort and style. I am not mechanically inclined so I fell the van is has user friendly features that make driving enjoyable.

- Marsha W

We love our Toyota's and will continue to buy them!

We haven't had any issues mechanically. We keep it maintained with oil changes and suggested services. Our only issues have been flat tires and that doesn't have anything to do with the car workings itself, that is driver errors. If properly maintained the Sienna should be a great car mechanically. We love our Toyota's

- Emily G

It fits our family of six very comfortably with room to spare.

We just bought the van last weekend so there's still the novelty of it but I love that it's spacious. I like the option for an 8th seat. It handles well, has a lot of get up and go (doesn't feel sluggish). I wish it had similar options to the stow and go and a cool box would be cool. Overall we're very happy with it.

- Corrianne C

Excellent vehicle for family and work.

I love this van. It has great handling, very comfortable ride, tons of room for passengers and cargo. It seats 8, which is great for family outings. It's easy to get in and out of the 3rd row. The seats fold down easily to make room for cargo. It's very quiet and has a smooth ride. This is the 2nd Sienna I've owned.

- Christine C

Spacious, love the sun roofs, the heated seats work phonemical!

I haven't had really any issues with this particular vehicle. It has some recalls on it but those are being taken care of. It’s spacious and comfortable! I love my van!! I have only had my van for about a year and a half. I have had to replace all 4 tires within a month of each other and we are looking into that.

- Lori G

Great family car...especially for people with young kids!

My family of 5 loves our Toyota Sienna! It is spacious, and can fit all of our various needs when toting around small children. Think coach diaper bags etc. my children can easily climb into the car themselves which makes life so much easier. We have driven this thing everywhere and it's performance cannot he beat;)

- Aimee K

Great spacious and comfy van!

Comfortable to ride in. There is lots of space. Back seats are easy to fold down. I wish the back door had an automatic open to it. Side doors have automatic open with key fob. Middle seat in middle row comes out easily and has a nice space in the back for it that doesn't take away your packing space in the back.

- Brandy J

The Toyota Sienna is a safe, reliable family car and a good value for your money!

The Toyota Sienna is a great family vehicle. It seats up to 8 passengers very comfortably, including multiple car seats and booster seats. Despite begging a minivan, it feels very spacious with lots of legroom. Performance wise, it is extremely dependable. After 5 years, there have been no major problems!

- Elizabeth M

The space is key factor for choosing it.

I have this car for years by now. I have travelled 5 different states using it. The performance and durability is great. I love the fact it has v6 engine that helps in cold weather. As a family person, space is really important for me. It gives us 5 members enough space with a lot of space of luggage in back.

- Bob S

Toyota Sienna reliable, refined family comfort.

My Sienna has been reliable and fun to drive. The ride is quiet and comfortable. We chose the Sienna over the Odyssey because of reliability problems on the Odyssey. Our Honda required 2 transmission replacements. The only problem we have experienced is a squeaky 3rd row seat. I would purchase another Sienna.

- Andy S

The Toyota Sienna is the perfect family vehicle for in town or long trips.

I love my vehicle because it is comfortable and drives well. I am able to fit my family and a few extra friends in it, if needed. I love that it is easy to take all of the necessary gear on a long road trip and still have plenty of room. I like having modern amenities such as a Bluetooth link for my phone.

- Miki W

Stylish and comfortable minivan

The Sienna is very spacious and comfortable. The features are great - the rear captains chairs are movable and recline, making it comfortable for long trips. The rear seats, when folded down allow for a lot of space for larger items to be stored or transported. Easy to drive, with great acceleration.

- Gail O

It drives great and is comfortable.

We have loved this vehicle. It has had some factory recalls but we were notified and the local dealer took care of them. This has been such a great car for our family of 6. It is easy to get in and out of, there’s room in the trunk/back for road trips and groceries. We would highly recommend this car.

- Tammy S

My minivan is the best because it fits my lifestyle as a working mom, making my life easier!

I love how much room I have in it, which comes in very handy with kids. I love that I have sliding doors, making it easy to get them in and out. I love how comfortable of a ride it is, perfect for long road trips. The only thing I wish was different about it was I wish that it got better gas mileage.

- Jennifer R

The Toyota sienna se. Great family van.

The sienna is super reliable. Hauls the kids with ease, and has better performance than many sports sedans. Great family vehicle. I have owned it since it was new and have not had any major problems. Gas mileage is great as well. I can't say enough good things about this van. I recommend it to anyone.

- Kurt F

Reliable and comfortable Toyota sienna.

I love my Sienna because it is reliable and comfortable. It gets good gas mileage for a van and can seat 6 comfortably and 8 tightly. It turns easily and handles the road well. I have never experienced a breakdown with my vehicle. It is a reliable vehicle that I feel safe transporting my children in.

- Elizabeth W

This vehicle has a ton of space for whatever you may need space for.

I have had jo performance problems with my sienna. Its comfortable and seats my family of 4 comfortably with lots of extra room. My vehicle came with leather seats and seat warmers. There is also a DVD player with headphones that connect wirelessly so we don't have to hear what is playing on the TV.

- Megan S

Automatic car doors are amazing!

I absolutely love my Toyota Sienna. I am a mom of two kids and with the automatic car doors that can be opened with the key fab, front the front seat or at the door is extremely convenient. The van also gets amazing gas mileage and has stow and go seating that can easily seat 8 people comfortably!

- Caitlin S

The seat warmers are clutch in the winter.

My vehicle is spacious and drives smoothly. It is a minivan that seats up to 8. The third row seat folds down easily. The eighth seats sits in between the middle row and. Is easy to install and remove. It also has a TV. It is a good vehicle and has many uses. It also has navigation, Bluetooth etc.

- Kate D

It is very reliable, I would recommend it to a friend.

There are a lot of cup holders, it is a good family car, it is reliable, has a rear view camera that really helps when backing up, the sound system is good, the car is high so if you have kids you might want to add the attachment that adds another step so they can get in easier if they are small.

- Felicia T

It has lots of room and is reliable. It has all wheel drive for the harsh winters

I like that it has a lot of space, and is reliable. I have three kids so it is very convenient to go places and bring lots of things. I have room to change the baby's diaper while the other two don't have to sit in their car seats. It has all wheel drive which is helpful in the Wisconsin winters

- Kate H

The most reliable and comfortable van

I have not had any problems with my van. It has been great and reliable.. it is very roomy I dude and comfortable.. It is perfect if you have kids. It has built in DVD player which is perfect on those long trips. The back seat folds down if you need extra storage space for those vacation trips.

- Tammy C

Comfortable, good looking, great traveling vehicle.

The Toyota Sienna is roomy, comfortable to drive, easy to fit several children, an animal and all of our stuff. We have taken it in several trips and appreciated all the room, the great gas mileage and the comfortable drive. The doors open easily, the van is quiet and a good looking vehicle.

- Danielle P

I looks great, it is extremely comfortable, and the ride it is really smooth.

Owning a Toyota sienna has been a great experience, I absolutely love it. The van is very reliable, comfortable and drives really smooth. The fact that I can take my family in any long or short ride in a safe vehicle and on top comfortable makes it well worth it. I will re omens owning one.

- Bertha A

Nice safe family vehicle.

I like my van. It is comfortable and sturdy. I like the heating cooling system and its versatility (especially the heated seats). The van has a lot of safety features. I especially like the side airbags. I feel comfortable letting my children drive it. I think the van handles very well.

- Ann M

Toyota sienna is a good family minivan.

It is comfortable, very spacious, smooth ride, big space in trunk for everything for a trip. The parts for it are not to expensive. Great for big families and for road trips even better. It is a seven passenger vehicle. Engine is good. Road and highway driving is a breeze. Love it!

- Gloria A

The sienna is the perfect family vehicle. Any family with children would benefit from its enormous cargo space.

I love my minivan! I especially love the driver's seat as I like to sit up high when I drive. The cargo space is perfect for my family and all of the stuff we need whenever we go anywhere. The only thing I don't like is that the rear vent windows are not power open and close.

- Fran J

Love my Toyota Sienna van.

I have no complaints with my van. I love my Toyota Sienna. It is comfortable, powerful, there have been no maintenance issues and it has worn well. The interior and exterior look new even after five years of wear. The price is fair and trade in value is usually pretty good.

- Martha D

It is a very Versatile family car!

It is a great vehicle for families, shopping and going on vacation. It gets pretty good gas mileage too. It is a very comfortable ride. We've gone on long road trips and we are very happy with it is performance. It also looks very nice and love that it has lots of storage.

- Laurie D

Toyota sienna a reliable van for all.

Very reliable, no issues, comfortable seating, plenty of room for passengers, automatic doors and windows, sunshades for all rear passengers, plenty of trunk space, DVD player with headphones, CD player, great gas mileage, great for road trips, latch system for car seats.

- Holly P

Fantastic family car you should own.

It is very stable on highway, comfortable with spacious seats. It is considered quite gas saving for 8 seaters car. I like the feature with Bluetooth. It is very reliable and easy to maintain when come to car service. It is good for family vacation with long hours drive.

- Chun L

My second sienna, I liked the old one better.

I love the leather seats and sliding doors. We have had minimal maintenance requirements in the three years we've owned the minivan. The eighth seat has been super helpful with carpooling. My only complaint is that the DVD screen is huge and blocks the drivers rear view.

- Carla S

This is the only minivan that offers an All Wheel Drive option!

I love the room, and I think it handles really well. I love that it has AWD for our snowy winters. I really dislike the navigation system and the general "flow" of the display of the radio/nav. I also hate that I can't see the backup camera at all if it's sunny outside.

- Michelle H

That it fit's a family of five and is versatile to many needs.

I really like that we can fit everything we need in the van. The size and versatility is very helpful to our family's needs. I love the automatic doors and the amount of cup holders. I also like the ease of transitions the back row. I wish it got better fuel efficiency.

- Kay t

Toyota Sienna, the love of my life.

I have loved everything about this van so far. The only complaint are all the recalls. Everything runs just fine and the only problem we have had is the passengers side middle seat belt stopped retracting so we had to have it replaced. Other than that, I love this van.

- April G

Great car, the best I have ever had

the vehicle I currently use is a very good car. It holds many people and is very comfortable. It has a/c controls for the different rows. There's no actual problems except an annual oil change each year. It's a very reliable car and I love the brand. This car is great

- Kell R

Be mindful when using the cruise control to not suddenly brake without first disengaging the control.

It is a multi-functional vehicle. We carry passengers and cargo with ease. It is easy to drive. I have an issue with when cruise control is engaged, if the brakes are applied suddenly, the driver can lose control. It causes the front tires to over react when steering.

- Rebecca F

I love my sienna and have nothing bad to say about it.

I love my car. The sliding doors are so convenient for loading my kids in and out. It drives well, we feel safe and it is got fairly good gas mileage. I have nothing bad to say about this car. All the controls are writhing reach and the backup camera helps immensely.

- Tara C

Safe and Convenient Family Car

My favorite parts of the vehicle are the automatic doors and the rear view camera. The automatic doors are so handy with young children. The can open them easily and get buckled while I load things in the car. The rear view camera is an excellent safety feature.

- Jennifer S

It is a very reliable vehicle. In the 4 years we've owned it we have not had to do anything but routine maintenance.

I love how reliable it is. In the 4 years we've owned it we have only had to handle routine maintenance. The back has wonderful storage and I love how the back seats stow for more room. I love that it can be 8 passengers. I do wish the middle row also stowed away.

- Emily G

Toyota Sienna: Comfortable, Functional, and Reliable

It is comfortable, functional, and reliable. It rides well and serves the varied functions I need it for. It looks nice, and I have not had any major mechanical difficulty with it. I fully expect to keep using this van until it has at least 250,000 miles on it.

- Daniel B

Automatic doors, spacious leg room, sliding seats.

Vehicle is comfortable and very reliable. The only thing is it does not get around well in the snow. Has lots of room when seats are down to haul needs. With seats up you still have space for groceries. This vehicle would be great in mild weather conditions.

- Stacy B

Great, roomy, safe family car!

Very reliable, very roomy with plenty of room for my kids! It handles well in the bad weather also. I love the details in the dashboard. I also love how the sienna gets good gas mileage as we take many road trips. I would recommend it as a great family car.

- Heidi E

Excellent vehicle, highly recommend

Great minivan. Lots of room. Love the automatic doors. Easily fits all of our things as family of 5. Have not had any issues. Gets about 23 miles per gallon Hwy. Around 19 mpg in town. Has a deep trunk area and stow and go seating which is very convenient.

- Kirsten B

Easy to drive.Little to no downtime because of repairs.

I love the turning radius of the minivan, I can get into parking spaces easier with this vehicle then my tiny one. I also love the room for the passengers in the car. Plus hauling a kids belongings is no problem with this car. Everything fits no problem.

- Debbie H

Safe and comfortable, especially while traveling.

My van is very convenient and safe. We purchased the van after the birth of our 3rd baby and it's been amazing. The safety features, smoothness of the ride and we have never had any issues with it. It has been the best vehicle we have purchased.

- Celina S

Durable, and easy to drive. Seats are comfortable and have many adjustments.

I like the size, I can get lots of stuff in it. The ride is comfortable and it is easy to get in and out of. The controls for wipers and things are different from last vehicle owned and what I drive for work so have to hunt for them at times.

- Camilla M

The safety reports show the Sienna to be one of the safest minivans on the market, and that's a top priority for me.

I like the amount of space in the seating area of my van - plenty of legroom in all seats. It gets good gas mileage. It's a quiet ride without much noise from the road. It's a safe vehicle, judging by the safety reports that I've read.

- Carrie V

More levels on the steering wheel

Great on gas. Very roomy and comfy. Rides great. Lots of room in the trunk. Fits 5 people very nicely. Wish the steering wheel had more levels of height to choose from. Ours doesn't have a direction light on it and I wish it did.

- Deb D

Toyota Sienna wins on convenience and reliability.

I really like my minivan for the convenience. I cannot even fit my whole family in a car, and it is so much easier to get my kids and all of their stuff in and out of than an SUV. I also like that my Sienna is very reliable.

- Melanie H

Comfortable and adequate seating

Great and reliable vehicle. I love the seating arrangements as I have 2 caption seat then full back row, so plenty of room for adults to travel in back and also has a cigarette lighter for all the electronics in the back.

- Maribel R

It is reliable and will last a very long time as long as you do basic maintenance on a regular schedule.

I like that it is a reliable vehicle, I know if we maintain it well it will last well past 100,000 miles. There is nothing in particular that I dislike about the vehicle, we have two vehicles of the same make and model.

- Kimberly H

Space is best feature for sienna

I love toyotas in general. Too many bad experiences with others. I like the room the sienna provides for kids and hauling their friends around. I don't like that the car is 6 years old and worried about problems coming.

- chris g

It's the only minivan that has AWD.

It is the fanciest vehicle we have ever owned! The seats are very comfortable. It holds all 6 family members. It is the ultimate road trip vehicle! We all love it! My only complaint is it could get better gas mileage.

- Danielle n

While it may be a type of vehicle that people poke fun at, it is incredibly practical for a family with young children.

The thing I love most about my van is how much space there is inside. We are about to have a third child and needed the third row seating. The aisle in the middle making all seats easily accessible is great as well.

- Ashley N

Service is good and drive is smooth.

I like this car. It is comfortable. Color is good size is big enough to fit in family of 8 luggage space is good I don't have any issue with engine or stuff just wanted it to be a four wheeler. This is a must buy.

- Fay M

The Sienna is very roomy and very comfortable.

My Sienna is very reliable, has a great ride, is comfortable & very roomy. The only complaint I have is with the sliding doors & they creak while driving, making it feel a bit cheap... which the van was NOT cheap!

- Beth B

Toyota Sienna is a great travel vehicle.

The backup screen is a nice size. The bluetooth is great. It's very roomy in both head and leg room. I appreciate the deepness of the hatch storage area. The only thing I wish it had is automatic hatch opening.

- Jaylene H

The most important thing about my car are the safety features.

I like everything about my vehicle. It drives very smooth. Every time we went on long road trips I am the only one driving and I have never feel tired of drive. I do not have any complaints on my Toyota sienna.

- Mari R

Great family size vehicle but to much gas.

I like that it is big enough for family comfortable on trips but I dislike a big vehicle always afraid of hitting something while backing up dislike it takes more gas and also makes me feel like an older mom.

- Brandy M

This is a big, room vehicle that will be able to handle a big families needs.

The best thing about this vehicle is that it is big enough for all my kids. I like the big trunk and enough room inside. Gas mileage seems to be decent and we have not had to have any repairs yet.

- Carly N

Often times it is dirty from the kids leaving their rubbish in the 3rd row.

I love the space the sienna offers, enough for 3 kids. I love the sliding doors, I don't have to worry about kids hitting the doors on another car. I don't like washing the car because it is so big.

- Mitzi I

It is reliable and much better than our old Ford Windstar

I like the reliability and smooth ride of the Sienna. I don't like how it takes scratches and dings. It gets pretty good gas mileage.. It's good at handling passengers as well as carrying cargo

- Ken A

Toyota Sienna: A vehicle for families and all of their stuff!

I love the space in it and the way it fits all of our family and stuff. I love the extra features (such as automatic doors and windows, and heated seats). I don't like all of the scratches on it.

- Rachel B

It drives very smoothly and I enjoy driving it.

I really like the automatic doors. I love the captain seats. I wish the 3rd row seats were a little more comfortable. I do not need a lot of bells and whistles and this car doesn't have too many.

- Mary D

Toyota sienna perfect for a large family.

Amazing car for a family. Love the seating arrangements and the room. Very reliable and safe. Good on trips. Bluetooth is a little tricky to figure out but other than that no complaints.

- Jen T

Minivan: Love it and hate it

It's reliable and I'm used to it but it gets dirty easily and is hard to park in narrow parking spots. Great for hauling kids but not attractive or stylish or environmentally friendly.

- Peggy C

It is a very reliable car for travel and will last a long time with good maintenance.

I love that it is so reliable and had needed no repairs. It is too large, though and has bad blind spots. I like that it is large enough enough for my family and all my hauling needs.

- Laura V

Plenty of room for your family and all the groceries.

The van is comfortable and to test this I drove it from Washington to San Diego California this summer, best road trip ever. My daughter loved the entertainment with the DVD player.

- Sean C

It will last forever, it's my second one, and I'll be sad when I will no longer have a need for a Sienna.

I have the EX version, which has all the bells and whistles and it's luxurious for a minivan. It drives like a car, has so much room for my large family, and is totally reliable.

- Danielle D

It is a great family car even when it is all adults. There is plenty of legroom.

I love the roominess of the vehicle. I like that I am able to lay down the back seats and use that for cargo. It gets great mileage for where I go. It has a very smooth ride.

- Susan C

Reliable transportation: good for around town errands or long trips.

It's just set up with basic features. It's been reliable as far as performance. I tend to drive a lot around town and make frequent day trips and occasionally take long trips.

- Monica B

It's amazing for a large family.

I like that it feels like a solid vehicle. It feels heavy and sturdy. I don't like how easily the exterior gets dings from small things hitting it, like rocks while driving.

- Brooke C

It's extremely comfortable and practical. Great value.

Like leather, power doors, Bluetooth, trunk size, ease of sliding seats. Dislike middle seat in center row (too small). Would like to have a 12 passenger van for extra room.

- Jeannette L

Roomy and smooth driving vehicle.

My vehicle is very comfortable. It looks like a compact car but is very roomy on the inside. It is very good on gas mileage. Haven't had hardly any problems with this car.

- Laura S

Features I like and dislike

I really like our van. I wish it had more spots for tethering of car seats. Would give more versatility for use. I like that the middle seats can completely come out.

- Hannah D

It is a very safe, family friendly vehicle that offers a comfortable ride.

I like the power sliding doors for letting kids in and out. I also really like how it drives and is a smooth ride. just wish we had the model with remote trunk opening.

- Angela S

It has extra entertainment like a DVD to put movies to children.

It is a good truck, with large spaces for when you have more than two children, especially if you are already big, but you spend a lot of gasoline, and it is very long,

- Munoz M

Great for toting around lots of people and things.

I love the extra space with three small kids after being squashed in a four door sedan. There's plenty of space for all their seats and whatever friends we have along.

- sarah B

Flexible and reliable vehicle

Qe love the flexibility of the sliding seats and the big back for storage. We have had fantastic service and no mechanical problems in the 4 years we've owned our van.

- Katie G

Very practical comfortable car.

I love it and have had no issues, seats up to 8 passengers, good on gas backup camera,very comfortable car, hands free, lots of cup holders and storage compartments.

- Farrah M

It's the family car, it's family oriented.

It's a minivan that gets driven a lot. We use it for running errands and commuting for work. It also gets used a lot in the weekends and holidays for family visits.

- Ian O

Great on gas no major issues very reliable. Back seats fold down easily

I love my Sienna very roomy I can seat 7 people. Also great for moving I moved my whole apartment in baan great on gas no major issues runs great. Very reliable.

- Marva M

Great Family Car and no need for extra vehicles since this Sunday necan do it all

The capacity and flexibility of seat adjustment. The ability to haul large items and maneuver into spaces. I don't like that I match almost every other vehicle

- Kim S

Lots of room for everyone even other adults are comfortable in the middle row.

I love that my kids can get easily in and out of the van and close the doors with a button. I hate the colors available and they still look so soccer mom-ish.

- Shelley S

The amount of space is the number one selling point for us on our car.

I like the amount of room in the seating area and the storage space. I like the comfortable seating. I do not like how difficult it is to get in the 3rd row.

- Brandy C

The car is very reliable and gets very good gas mileage. It has plenty of space for trips of any length.

The minivan has not had any issues outside of normal wear and tear. Of the few times I have had to take it into the dealership for work was due to a recall.

- Nick D

Great vehicle that is easy to drive and gets good mileage.

The amount of room and drivability are likes. Wish the center seats were stow and go so I could fit 4 dog crates in. Other than that, the vehicle is great!

- Edna M

This is one of the Best Minivans out there, it makes taking your family out an easy task especially if you have young ones.

I like that is reliable and fun to drive. I like that has room for my family and all their stuff. It's also very family-friendly with lots of cup holders.

- Jason A

Comfortable and economic vehicle

I love my car is very comfortable for the family, it has a lot of space inside the car. It's also very economic, I don't have to spend a fortune in gas.

- Natali F

You won't regret it. You will love this van. It's the best decision.

I like how easy it is to drive and how much you can store in it. I don't like not having side mirrors that fold in and a trunk that automatically opens.

- Tess S

Spacious and reliable but can be expensive.

The sienna is very spacious so you can have many people in it and it can transport large items but it takes a lot of gas. It is reliable and consistent.

- Sal L

It's spacious and very comfortable. I love driving it and have no complaints!

I love it! It fits my kids, their friends, any gear they may have for sports, etc. And it's very smooth to drive and comfortable. Great extras as well.

- Kl N

It is great if you need to go far distance because it s good on gas

I think that the Toyota sienna is a great car. It is a great car because there is so much space. I also think it is great because it is so comfortable.

- john D

That it drives very well and back up camera.

Love that it has enough room for my family plus anybody else we want to drive around. Love that it has 8 seats. Dislike the quality of the Bluetooth.

- Jean L

Toyota sienna review- very nice car for a big family.

My car is good it has soft seats and a good ac and radio. It has high miles there are really no problems with it is a really nice car a large family.

- Leo F

It is a very smooth ride. The height of the vehicle makes it easy to see other cars.

I love my van. I like that I can rearrange the seats in different ways. I like that I can control the doors, locks, temp, etc from the driver's seat

- Deanna S

Toyota Sienna: It's safe and comfortable for families

I love that it has space for us and our things. I wish that it had a hitch. I love the automatic doors and that it's easy for getting things loaded.

- Rachel B

I do not have a lot of maintenance issues.

My minivan is comfortable and roomy. It fits my needs well. It accommodates a wheelchair.... I am tired of driving a minivan but I have no choice..

- Rhonda S

has space and isn't just for the soccer mom, it is for anyone.

I would like to have auto noise cancelation for the radio. I like the heated seats and navigation system. Has great storage and great turn radius

- Allyson M

It usually has kids inside.

Great vehicle to have with kids. Auto closing doors and trunk are a necessity. Built in tv is great. It is reliable and has plenty of room inside

- M D

It is perfect for a growing family and really safe.

Love the space, how it drives, the foldable and removable seats. Do not like the Bluetooth setup, do not like how it runs on gas and guzzles gas.

- Jen K

It is a reliable vehicle that can be counted on to last beyond 100,000 miles and still perform well.

The Toyota Sienna is very reliable, as long as I keep up with regular maintenance I never have problems and it has never stranded me somewhere.

- Kim H

It is so user friendly with the sliding doors and TV for the kids!

I love that my whole family can fit! I love how comfortable it is. And I love how much easier it makes my life with little kids! No complaints!

- Kat D

It has a lot of room for families.

I like my Toyota sienna because it has a lot of room for my family and it also has good gas mileage and we put a lot of miles on our vehicles.

- Sarah W

It is a family car, room for plenty of seating and plenty of storage.

I like that I can fit three car seats in the back very comfortably. I also love my dvd player to entertain my children. It rides very smooth.

- Lisa S

it's a minivan and is very comfortable for my three kids

I love the mechanical door that opens and closes with the push of a button. I like the space inside the car is very spacious and comfortable

- Elizabeth F

Great van -- easiest van to drive that you can find and gets great gas mileage!

My Toyota mini van is very easy to drive. One of the main reasons I selected this van was because it maneuvers so well despite being a van.

- Barbara A

Everyone should know that it is a very reliable car and I have had no problems with it. Great service from Toyota as well.

It is a very reliable car and I haven't had any problems with it at all. It has all the features I need even 5 years after I purchased it.

- Teresa W

The Toyota sienna holds its value better than any other vehicle in its class.

Runs great after 5 years- no major repairs needed. Plenty of leg room and storage capacity. Fantastic customer service at the dealership.

- Christina R

This car is more for people with children or just larger families. It's a lot of fun for road trips.

My Toyota Sienna Gold is an 8 seater van. It's good for things like family trips. It has a very good feel to it when driving , as well.

- Naomi K

It's very comfortable and spacious with a limited package.

Love the blind side monitoring, DVD player and other things included in the limited package. I hate the run flat tires and no spare.

- Kim A

It is very spacious in the back for passengers and family friendly.

I like the height of the bucket seats. The easy movement of the seats are very convenient. The hatch storage is spacious and nice.

- Kimberly B

Good value for the money. Top performing vehicle in all weather.

Awesome vehicle. Good all weather vehicle. Low mileage consumption. Good performance and quality. Long lasting. Nothing to dislike

- Ram R

Comfort. Handles very well. Seats 8.

I love my sienna. I do wish I could adjust the back side windows from the dash. It currently has 2 recalls I have to have checked.

- Carla G

The perfect family minivan.

We love every aspect of our sienna. It is perfect for our family. Lots of room for storage, great for road trips and handles well.

- Sidney K

It is a great family car, with plenty of room for 7.

Good leg room in middle and back seats. Seven seats, plenty of trunk room, drives great, sliding doors. Dislike. . . Gas mileage.

- Kimberly P

It is the perfect family vehicle with great safety features.

I love that is has a lot of room for storage, the ease of opening the side doors from your keys, and it is good on gas mileage.

- Tara M

Comfortable and reliable. A family car with roomy interior.

It's a minivan. Nothing wrong with it, but I would rather drive something cooler. I really have no complaints, it does its job.

- Ann M

This van is very reliable!

It drives nicely. It's very reliable, which is great for a family. With 5 of us, we are cramped for space on long road trips.

- Emily C

Where the kill switch is if you come to a sudden stop like in a snow drift.

I have always loved a van. It has a lot of room and features. I wish the sunroof was bigger and it could have more USB ports.

- Dianne C

It's the best car I have of yet owned. Like I mentioned before, very spacious for my family of 5!

I love how spacious it is and rides very smoothly! Enough room to bring home groceries. Overall, it's perfect for the family.

- Daphnee A

That it gets good gas mileage and has a great sound system.

It drives quietly. Made for a wheelchair passenger. It does not have any smart driving features. It has a small cargo space.

- Dan M

My car has 7 seat and I have 6 people in my family so that means I have one seat.

I have no vehicle problems because it is almost brand new and I have a big family but the brakes sometime don't even work.

- Alessandro F

My van has a very high security rating. It has a ton of extras and my whole family loves it!

I love my van because it has many amenities. My children love going places now. I do NOT like the way the sunroof opens.

- Cindi H

I am 7’1 and I have more space and headroom of any SUV.

There is nothing I dislike about my sienna. I love that it is AWD. It has room for 8. The color we chose is spectacular.

- Patrick W

Very easy to drive and park. So much room and there are 18 cup holders.

I love the backup camera and all of the space and safety features. I like the easy open and close doors for my children.

- Mollie W

That it is a safe and reliable vehicle that I love for my large family

I like the space it provides my large family. I like that it has shades on the windows and that the doors are automatic

- Kayla R

It is very reliable and economical.

I love my minivan. It is comfortable, pretty and saves gas. If I need to buy another car, I buy another Toyota sienna.

- Maria L

They get good gas mileage. They also handle very nice.

It is more compact than a full size van. We like it most of the time. The seats are not comfortable for long trips.

- Glenni G

It's super roomy and comfortable for long car rides

WE love our minivan! It's a smooth drive, leather seats, very comfortable and quiet on the highway. and super roomy!

- Lucy S

Automatic windows, mirrors and doors.

Spacious, smooth ride, ability to put seats down and sunroof. Automatic doors and sunroof. Heated seats and windows.

- Lisa M

It is a smooth ride and great for families.

I like the space for kids. I like the navigation system. I like the air conditioning. I like the automatic doors.

- Shannon S

Safety, kept everyone is the vehicle safe during an accident.

It's very safe. It's very comfortable. It's our second sienna, we had one before that got totaled in an accident

- Cinthya F

Toyota offers Flexible seating for 8 with requiring a storage unit.

I like the size and ability to add an additional seat or additional storage areas. I don't like the gas mileage.

- Sheila A

Great quality car. Safe and reliable.

Nice car. Great quality. And have good resale price. I would recommend this car for my friends. No worries car.

- Roman O

for me the most important thing is that the car has been comfortable and very reliable

The toyota sienna has been so helpful for the whole family. It's also reliable because it has never let us down

- Abraham A

Great car in all weather, very roomy and handles well!

Great performance in bad weather, including snow and ice. Very roomy, perfect for kids. Great storage capacity.

- Heidi E

very roomy and handles well, and is very dependable. No repairs needed so far and always started

very dependable has lots of room fair gas mileage Lack of power going up hills uses lots of gas going uphill

- William A

We love our van, it perfect for our family of five.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle. It's the perfect size for my family. We love all the features!

- Melissa W

Toyota is a reliable manufacturer.

I dislike that it is a minivan. That's embarrassing. I like having automatic doors and seats that fold down.

- Carla S

I LOvE IT! I will never have another vehicle. There is plenty of room for everyone and the dvd player is great!

I have three kids and love my van!!! It has a lot of room and rides good. Good gas mileage. Easy to maintain

- Kalynn R

It's very affordable and comfort car for family

Car with enough space to accomodate 8 people. Comfortable and reliable for family car. Stable on the highway

- Chun L

The Toyota Sienna drives like a regular sized car and not like a larger car.

I love how my Toyota Sienna drives like a car and does not feel large. The whole family has plenty of room.

- A S

Toyotas in general are reliable.

I love the reliability, it is very comfortable to drive, and versatile as far as room and loading things.

- Andrea S

Large families will love this.

Love this van. It has so much leg room, storage, cup holders and space in the back for luggage/groceries.

- chr b

Perfect car for busy moms.

It sounds like I am driving in a tin can. The captain chairs take up a lot of the room for the third row.

- Beth D

It holds all my kids and groceries.

I like it, but it has problems closing the sliding door. It has decent speed, but terrible acceleration.

- Maria K

It's very dependable and is a smooth ride. It's a lot of fun to drive.

I love the room because we have three kids. It still drives like a new car. There is nothing I dislike.

- Bran F

Not worth the money we paid for the van. Maybe another model would be better

Front bumper way low. When it's hot out the door ajar light keeps beeping until vehicle is cool inside.

- Belinda M

Better price than the odyssey with the same features

Very reliable, lots of room and cargo space. Great safety rating Easy to maintain. Kid friendly

- Mike D

Minivans are more cool than I thought.

We never wanted a minivan. I LOVE ours. It's such as smooth ride. Everyone and everything fits now.

- Kira T

Good quality is one of the key features of this vehicle.

It has a smooth ride. It is loud, hard to hear people in the back. The seats are very comfortable.

- Ashley C

I like the power doors and cargo room. My favorite part of the vehicle is the xm radio.

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it does not have all wheel drive.

- Katie V

the reliability and how they perform in accidents. Also the fuel consumption

it is reliable - I use it often to take the children to their activities - it makes me feel safe

- carlo r

It is Very comfortable and drives very well. You will love it

Love the size and storage. Love the comfortable seats. In car navigation is difficult to use.

- Meredith M

It runs well despite being five years old and driven constantly.

I like the roominess and the lack of maintenance. I would like to have better gas mileage

- sarah h

It's big enough to fit our family of 5 comfortably. It is useful for long drives. I don't particularly enjoy driving such a large car though, it feels like a school bus.

The most important thing that you should know about the toyota sienna is that it's big.

- Jaime B

It is the most comfortable to drive car I have ever had

Comfortable, easy to drive, lots of room, dependable, fuel efficient. No complaints.

- Linda B

I don't care what other thinks about my car. The most important thing is that I like it

I like everything. No dislikes . It's roomy. Very comfortable. Very good acceleration

- Sabina D

I would recommend the Sienna to any family. So great on so many levels.

Super comfortable for everyone. Huge load capacity. Drives well in most conditions.

- Sid R

Comfortable available seating for 8.

Like having space for the kids. Like option for 3rd row seats or extra cargo space.

- Lawrence R

Easy to drive and rides well with ample room for passengers and items

Good ride. All wheel drive and other safety features. Good storage. 7 seats.

- Cathy K

It's dependable and fun to drive

It's durable It's dependable It's fuel efficient It was reasonably priced

- Jim T

It is a great all around vehicle. It is very spacious and rides very smoothly.

Love the leg room. Love the cargo capacity. has a great ride. No complaints

- kent g

A reliable vehicle with extra frills for comfortability.

I love how smoother the ride is. The sliding doors are great for children.

- Susan R

It's reliable, good resale value and good reputation.

wish it had more standard features, such as dvd players, power rear door

- S M

It is very reliable! I love it! I have no issues with my van

No complaints I love it very much my only wish was to get it sooner

- Shelly P

Safe, family friendly vehicle

I love the storage ability. It is roomy for my kids. It's safe.

- Holly K

It's very dependable and It's like driving your living room - comfy

Roomy, rides well, dependable, gas mileage is great for its size

- Thomas S

It's a dependable vehicle that runs in all seasons.

It's a good vehicle. Gets me from place to place. No complaints.

- Tasha O

You cannot change the seating from seven to 8 seats.

It is a great van, but I wish it could seat 8 rather than 7

- Debbie M

It is very roomy and comfortable to drive. As a passenger it is very roomy and there is plenty of room in the back. It is very reliable.

It is very reliable. Very comfortable to ride in on trips.

- sar d

The car has excellent storage in the back. I like the way the seat fold down if you need to put in large items

I like the space. I do not like the way the leather wore

- Robyn M

No complains at all, no mechanicals problems. Only change of tires and oil

It's durable, no damages causing by age or high mileage

- Giovana M

It is comfortable, able to carry 8 passengers if need be and lots of cargo

Comfortable and large enough for me and my Great Dane

- Diane H

I have had my Toyota for over three years and am very pleased with it. No issues with it and it has been very reliable.

Very roomy and comfortable, great on gas, reliable

- Jennifer W

It's great for kids!!!!!!!!

It is very convenient with kids and functional

- rach b

This car is just a+!! I will definitely buy another one.

- Heather L