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Volkswagen Passat review. This vehicle appears on the outside to look high end.

It is broken down several times in the five years I have had it. I bought it used. The engine failed and without having a warranty it would've cost $9000 dollars to replace and the vehicle used only cost $11, 000. It does not get good gas mileage and the air-conditioner does not work well. I would not recommend this car.

- Ashley H

don't buy this car, it'll give you more problems than good.

Always something to fix every couple months. The maintenance is pretty expensive given its in the shop 4-6 times a year with some type of issue. I've had my engine that's needed to be repaired to my electric control panel that been shot. The windshield has leaked before leaving my car with a terrible smell.

- Andrew G

She is plain but, quite peppy.

Great car for the price. Plenty of pep. Does not have Bluetooth connectivity which would be an added benefit. Having issues with the transmission cooling line leaking. Also, has a recall on something to do with the fuel pump. Other than that, we are satisfied with the overall performance of the vehicle.

- Amy E

Not a good value for the money.

I have had a lot of engine issues specifically a lot of issues with fuel system, windows link headliner comes off, requires premium gas or risk damaging fuel injectors not a great investment as a vehicle purchase for the amount I paid for it. Wish I had paid more and bought a BMW or Mercedes.

- Chris F

Amazing horse power and sport mode is amazing.

My personal hot is very reliable good warranty good gas mileage amazing surround sound amazing horse power durable has a sunroof little to no maintenance air conditioner radio middle console CT sport mode three cylinders 735 form pulling down sing-along being gone build protection.

- Erik C

A reliable car for a first time car owner.

I love my car its good on gas and a comfort to drive. Its efficient for me and very reliable. It's not too complicated to understand and I love the interior of my car and I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a first time car...It would be a great choice.

- Elaine J

Small comforts make for enjoyable ride.

Sometimes the noise from the tires is too loud and the ride is not smooth enough. Also the air conditioner does not sufficiently cool down the cabin of the car. But it does get great gas mileage, it is more comfortable than most cars, and it has seat warmers! Woohoo!

- Olivia N

Reliable Volkswagen Passat

This vehicle has been very reliable for me. I've had a few issues, including a couple of recalls, but it hasn't had a lot of mechanical issues until recently. Since the car is getting so old now I'm not surprised that additional issues are starting to pop up.

- Mark F

It is comfortable and spacious.

There are too many engine issues that I have had to pay out of pocket even when I had an extended warranty. Several recalls were issued and it still not been serviced by the manufacturer. However, when its not having issues, it rides well and is spacious.

- Dan S

Volkswagen passat is worth it!

I love my car. I travel for work and it has endured the miles well. I bought this car in North Carolina and it has travelled with me to wa state and driven me to Illinois and back. Still runs well. Great car! Never had a Volkswagen that I didn't love.

- Sarah P

Roomy and comfortable, great for everyday use, simple to work with.

Always has engine light on, breaks often, burns too much oil so I constantly have to add more. Things kind of break often, like the most recent was my sun-blocking thing and air. Other than that it is a very good vehicle and it works just fine.

- Mary M

It is very dependable. No major problem in all the years I have had it.

Thee car is extremely dependable and while not new has very few problems. It has great pick up and a very smooth ride. It is just not my type of car as it is a wagon and a little big at this stage of my life.

- Barbara K

My car is unique and luxury.

I like the comfort and reliability of my car. It is unique, and I like that not everyone has one. However, it is expensive to maintain, requiring premium gas and fully synthetic oil changes.

- Ryan P

How dependable and low cost for fuel and maintenance.

Very dependable and easy on gas. I have very little repairs and use daily. My only dislike is how low it sits making it harder to get in and out of for those of us who have knee problems

- Stella J

Mid-size car. Drives well.

The vehicle performs very well in wintry conditions. It is very responsive and gets modest gas mileage. It rides very smoothly and is fun to drive. It also looks very stylish.

- Elizabeth T

It is a keeper. Has all the features necessary for me.

This car has lots of good qualities: excellent gas mileage; comfortable to drive; it is roomy with a large trunk; and possess all the features I need in a car.

- Gerald H

It's luxurious on the inside and drives very smoothly.

I love the interior leather, the sunroof, and the glossy paint coat. I don't like that it requires premium fuel and isn't particularly fuel efficient.

- Lindsey A

The check engine light is on a lot.

No complaints about my car. It is a good car. I like how it drives, the sunroof and the touch screen and navigation, not to mention the seats.

- Frank S

It isn't overly priced just because it's a Volkswagen.

I like the Volkswagen customer service. I enjoy the heated seats. The gas mileage could be better, but then it is an older model.

- Crissy N

Only put premium gas in vehicle which isn't friendly on the budget.

I like the smooth ride. Good gas mileage and great AC. I like how comfortable it is. Only downfall is it takes premium gas.

- MaryKate V

It's a fine car for getting from point A to point B but is just average in the snow.

My vehicle is old and has started to show its age. The ceiling fabric began to uncling and the paint is beginning to chip.

- Robert R

It takes premium gas is something everyone should remember.

I like the smooth, comfortable ride. I like the gas mileage although have using premium gas. But overall a great car.

- Mary V

It is a sports car and has all wheel drive.

Very comfortable and fast, however is a bit small. The brakes work very well and it is a nice style!

- Medina C

It is a very comfortable car that is easy to drive.

I like most everything about it. It is very comfortable and rides smooth. I like the way it is made.

- Debbie W