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Style and speed in one cute little package!

First off, the Tiguan is really fun to drive. It is quick and has great maneuverability. You can also put it in sport mode, if you really need to feel that rush. It also has the option to manually switch gears. Driving the Tiguan is a fun experience! The styling is also great. I love the tan leatherette seats - which are heated, a must have. The interior is clean and chic. My Tiguan is navy blue, my favorite color, and looks so sleek. Even though the 2018 model got a refresh, my 2016 still looks modern and stylish. The infotainment center stack is clean and easy to read. This is my first car with a touch screen and I may never go back buttons again. I love the Bluetooth integration as well as the USB port so I can play my music or take calls hands free. This is also my first car with a backup camera. What a great feature! I love being able to see what’s behind me as I reverse or back into a parking spot. I have named her veronica, and she is such a pleasure to zoom around town in. Really happy with my decision to go with VW!

- Houston M

2016 Volkswagen tiguan fully loaded from heated seats to panoramic roof.

My Volkswagen is a 4 cylinder with turbo and uses premium gas (91 if you can find it, if not a 93). I love the panoramic roof, heated seats, back-up camera, and stereo system(phenomenal) which is factory. I wish the trunk was bigger, but my car also comes with a spare tire which is in the trunk not underneath. I love that at night when I go to turn you get an extra light that comes on so you can see the curb(how awesome!). There is heated side view mirrors for the snow days in the winter and it is AWD, which I definitely need and absolutely love. You can also add a hitch too(which I plan on doing in the upcoming months). The back seats fold forward in case you need the extra room for moving things and leather seats which makes cleanup easy.

- Jessica C

VW Tiguan is perfect for me.

I just bought my car about 6 weeks ago so it is still new to me. I like the outside appearance, it is the r-line edition. I like that it connects to my phone and displays my apps on the screen. I like the size, it is not too big or too small. I like that the back seat and passenger seat folds down so if I needed to purchase something that is large then I would have more room. I like that the inside is two toned, black and tan and the lights are red. The windshield wipers have a sensor mode that is spot on so that is convenient. The fan in the motor runs a little loud but other than that I do not really have any complaints.

- Callie B

Perfect size for a small family.

Overall, the VW Tiguan is a very efficient car. As far as crossovers go, it has the room and strength needed to be practical for a family while still having the power you want to go places. One big drawback this car does have, however, is that you can feel it switching gears. This means that sometimes, it takes quite a while to reach the desired speed or match others. It is a very comfortable car with all the needed amenities, and has many modern features.

- Jasmin S

Since it is a European car, it is quite sturdy and cannot be easily damaged.

It is easy to drive because, even though it is considered an SUV, it is pretty short (lengthwise) and can make fairly tight turns it also has a backup camera, which is good for me because I am not the best at parking, and it is very sturdy and difficult to damage. The trunk space is also not bad. I wish the gas mileage was better though. . . I am a student and whenever I drive long distances it really kills my wallet.

- Felicia L

Comfortable ride with personality

Very comfy ride, seats feel more luxurious than my previous vehicle which was a Rav4. Although cargo space is smaller, the stylish features and greater road handling is worth having a slightly smaller trunk space. Leg room is decent and can comfortably fit four taller sized adults. It's not as roomy as a minivan, but when you see how easy it is to maneuver into parallel parking spaces, you won't regret it.

- Heidi B

My Volkswagen Tiguan is a beautiful cherry red and has a tan and black interior.

I love my Tiguan! It drives great and I feel super safe on the road. My previous vehicle was a Chevrolet Cruze and I found myself hydroplaning often. I love that I never have to worry about that in my Tiguan. The interior is black and tan while the outside is a beautiful cherry red. I would recommend this car to anyone and I am hoping to hold onto it for a long time!

- Sophie B

It is sport and has great gas mileage. It's comfortable. I feel very safe in it. I've had two accidents since I've had the car and I was completely fine and the car was very minimally damaged.

It is a great car. The perfect size for a person who has an active job and needs to transport things. My only complaint is that it was sold to me with a faulty gas door. When it broke and I was stranded with no gas in my car, they said "oh yeah this happens all the time." I couldn't believe they knew it was an issue and didn't fix it before i took the car home.

- Laura B

Volkswagen vehicle annoyances.

I do not like that remote start cannot be installed in their cars. I also am not a fan of the way the windshield wipers do not allow you to easily pull them up and off the windshield when snow is in the forecast- you have to turn the wipers on and turn the car off while the wipers are in mid use in order to then pull them up off the windshield.

- Lauren R

It has heated leather seats and turbo.

There is not much trunk space, and the car is a little sensitive when stepping on the gas and rough to handle the steering wheel. The rear view mirror is kind of rough to adjust as well. I like the look of the car and how quiet it is and a lot of the technology features are cool. I wish I would have come with apple carplay and also as a diesel.

- Jamie A

Great car from Volkswagen really love it.

Car is really good runs really well and the interior is nice I really like to drive it and use the radio which has some really nice features. Air conditioner is really good in the summer. Heated seats in the winter are really helpful as well. Haven't had any problems yet and have had the car for a year definitely a fan of the Volkswagen brand.

- Arianna H

Great and fun car to drive.

Very nice smooth ride, great car if you are short, the car gets okay mileage but I wish it was better. The one problem I had was the fake antenna thing on the roof was allowing water the leak into the vehicle but that got fixed. The keyless feature is great it is nice to not lock my keys in the car. Overall fantastic, fun, car.

- gretchen B

Looks and Smells Brand New; one of a kind model.

2016 Sport Limited Tiguan with turbo V6 Engine; running boards, pirelli tires, 17" inch rims, fully automatic, all leather seating, Navigation system, plenty legroom for all, excellent turn ratio, automatic cover in cargo area, great for traveling, excellent gas mileage and is comfortable for driver and passengers.

- Audrey P

I am in love with my Tiguan.

I love the size of my Tiguan because it is a crossover SUV that has plenty of room when we travel but is not too big. I do not like driving really big SUVs. I really like the way it drives and it is very comfortable. It is comfortable and spacious enough for my husband and I and our 2 kids.

- Andrea H

Found my absolute best car for me, it even shows my spunky side.

After a lot of research, this is the perfect car for mem. Far exceeded my expectations! From the keyless entry to the push button start, there is as always something new and exciting waiting for me on my next trip to the grocery store or to pick up the kids. Love this car so much!

- Melissa T

It's a cheaper version of a Mercedes. I highly suggest anyone to buy it that has a good taste for modern cars

I like the fact that there's a touchscreen navigation built inside the car, as well as the interior of the car as it's very comfortable. I also think it's a very easy drive. One complaint I have is the stop the car has, as every time the car stops fully, it turns itself off.

- Cameron G

It drives very smooth and is a very safe car especially for teenagers.

I really like the back up camera, as well as the touch screen radio I have installed. I also really like the safety features that it provides. The only issue I have, and that others have had, is that the steering wheel has had issues which led to airbag errors.

- Kylie K

Spacious for kids and great Bluetooth options.

I love my Tiguan. The pepper grey color is beautiful. It is a great midsize SUV. I love the large truck as it fits a stroller and other items easily. The back seat it spacious and comfortable. I enjoy the use of the backup camera and the Bluetooth options.

- Laura S

Amazing car! Wouldn't want anything else.

There is nothing wrong with the vehicle. Everything about it is amazing. Volkswagen is doing everything right. It has everything you could ask for. Turbo with all wheel drive. I love it and I do not want anything else. I would recommend it to anyone else.

- Scott R

The Volkswagen Tiguan lacks in term of safety features and has poor gas mileage.

The Volkswagen Tiguan is a good example of a crossover, but it lacks a lot in terms of trunk space and has poor gas mileage. It has excellent acceleration for a crossover, but it seems wasted as its sporty, but its too large to be used like a sports car.

- Austin M

For me, it is a safe vehicle for my family that handles great on the road.

It is a small sized SUV perfect for family travel around town. It is comfy, has great pick up speed (when needed) and handles great. My only issue with it is the lack of storage space for things like coins, or other items.

- Kevin M

It's a great compact SUV. Just don't expect a lot of room.

I do like it a lot it's a comfortable SUV and a smooth ride. What I don't like is that it is a lot smaller than I realized. With 2 kids it can be a snug fit. My trunk doesn't have room for groceries with my stroller in it.

- Laura E

It's a very fun car to drive for someone who wants a small SUV. It's very practical.

I like the compact size of the SUV. It's got enough room for me without being so big and bulky. It's got a nice zip to it. I do wish that it were more technologically advanced. No Apple Carplay or power seats.

- Maria H

Let me tell you why I love my Tiguan!

This is the 2nd Tiguan that I have owned and I love it. It is fun to drive and always reliable. It provides a safe ride at an affordable and attractive price. My next car will be a VW Tiguan!!

- Colleen K

It's just the right size for a compact SUV, not too big not too small. Perfect for small families.

I like that it's a compact SUV. I do not like that it has such expensive parts. I like that it comes in a wide range of models such as base, se, R. I like that I could have purchased it in AWD.

- Alexis M

It is a very reliable vehicle.

The windshield wipers, in the winter I like to pull them up off the windshield, but the positioning does not let me do so. And the fact that I cannot get remote start installed in the car.

- Lauren R

Good small SUV to own or lease.

Volkswagen Tiguan is a good small crossover SUV with good amount of horsepower. Plenty of interior space and comes well equipped. It is lacking in gas mileage.

- Konstantin L

The tires do not stick to the ground as much as I'd like.

I like how much value you get for your buck. The car has failed me a few times. The engine died after just one year and I have had problems with the gas tank.

- Rochelle A

Great for driving, perfect for families with one or two kids.

I love the handling and maneuverability of the car. It has a lot of pick up and features. I don't like the lack of space in the trunk and narrow backseat.

- Arianna G

Spacious but sleek SUV. Tons of interior room with a luxury feel.

Absolutely love my Tiguan. Roomy, comfortable, and luxurious for being a base model. Had Bluetooth, heated leather, and comes in to bunch of great colors.

- Jessica D

Nothing better for your family than a VW

I love this compact suv. It's low like a car and specious as an suv. It's reliable and easy to maneuver. Wish had longer manufacturing warranty

- Clara M

Good looking automobile not so great on gas mileage

Poor gas mileage and not enough power. Even though it has a turbo charge it is only 4 cylinders. Just does not have the power to pick up speed

- Douglas S

Compact & fun zippy suv for city driving

Compact and easy for city driving. Always reliable but definitely find it hard to shift into higher gear when trying to get up steep hills

- Leah G

economic compared to others SUV and nice the drive. VW warranty is excellent

great car. the engine is robust and offer the pleasure of driving. the new version has more tech and more space. nice for small families

- Rafael S

It is just a cute small SUV

I love my Tiguan it is the perfect size. Seats 5 fine. Have had no problems. It starts every morning. No mechanical problems at all

- Doris S

It is a very nice ride very comfortable. It is extremely safe.

I love my car no problems at all. I would love a little more room inside, leg room in the back a more room for passengers.

- Lyn R

The all wheel drive helps the car drive in the snow.

The Tiguan I have is the R-Line. It is an all wheel drive that handles great in the snow. I feel safe when I drive this.

- Pamela D

Features: heated seats, the automatic wipers and the aftermarket navigation.

Mileage, comfort, features, reliability. I enjoy the heated seats, the automatic wipers and the fuel mileage the most.

- Stephanie P

spacious but looks very nice outside

Comfortable, Spacious and looks nice. We never had any problem with it. In the back you can fit a mattress for camping

- cgh4 G

It's been a reliable vehicle.

I dislike some quirks about the vehicle such as the doors automatically unlocking when I put the vehicle in park.

- Jill E

Guarantee that it will run for a good amount of time after it is purchased and last

I love my car. Only problem is that when I put it in park it makes a weird sound. I love everything else about it

- Lacey W

It is easy to drive and get in and out of parking spaces.

It is easy to drive and park. It gets good gas mileage. It is a safe vehicle. It is a little on the small side.

- Joni C

It is a well-made dependable vehicle. Easy to drive and nice looking.

I like the look and feel of the car but it does not have a very powerful engine.. Good on gas.. Easy to drive..

- Merle B

The car is not as big as it looks.

The car has bad gas mileage. The car has good safety features. The car is economical. The car drives well.

- Andrew H

My car is great on gas mileage. I love it alot!!!!!!!

Compact but large enough to accomodate my needs. Sporty and good looking. Good on gas. Peppy and quick.

- Melissa D

Great to drive and fun to drive

Drives great, handles great and very comfortable and reliable. Biggest drawback is lack of storage space.

- Bob S

great in bad weather but not a lot of storage space

the car runs nice - no problems. i like the 4 wheel drive. only complaint is not enough trunk space

- julie m

It is very reliable. I've not had any major issues with it.

I love the get up and go it has. The back seat is big. The storage is good. It's been very reliable.

- Kristen S

Great example of German engineering. Safe, dependable and well designed.

It is very comfortable, easy to drive, great mileage. Very dependable, well built and very safe.

- Henry Z

Gas Mileage Average and repairs are good. Easy to drive . Great in the snow. Seats are comfortable.

Good on gas would like more room. It does not require a lot of repairs. Comfortable to drive.

- Paul M

CarPlay is generally good but can be a little buggy

All black tiguan. Gets pretty decent gas mileage. Interface with phone can be a little buggy

- Armen B

It is turbo charged. You hit the gas and she will go.

I like the safety of my Tiguan. I like the turbo charged engine. I don't like gas mileage.

- Bennett T

don't have much technology that other cars

I like the selling price is fair for an european car. I dislike the fuel usage was high

- sze c

it's a great car and rides very smoothly

I like the 4 wheel drive. It's reliable. The panoramic sunroof is great

- Jason B

The Handling is great on it so the performance is good

It handles well. not super good gas mileage. Heated seats and peppy

- Paula K

All wheel drive vehicles require you to replace all four tires when one needs to be replaced.

Upkeep is too pricey. Doesn't cool down fast enough in the summer.

- Diane W

A lots of user friendly tech, very comfortable to sit in, also it is pretty reliable, and has good cargo space

Big enough for family use and not too big for parking

- Shirley C